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Arkansas City Traveler (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Arkansas City, Kansas One Hundredth year number 107 Arkansas City Kansas daily traveler saturday. December i1. 1970 fourteen pages Rifle fire quells Poland mobs Warsaw apr after quell ing mobs with Rifle fire in the nations biggest shipyards police and troops in Poland have placed another darkness curfew on the country a rebellious Northern cities. Rioting reportedly spread to a fifth City Friday but there were no confirmed reports of new violence today. Quoting newspaper accounts radio Gdansk reported Friday night that some of the thousands of rioters in the Gdynia shipyards fired on the troops and police. A there could have been Only one reply to this a a the broadcast said a a Resolute Gdansk Gdynia and Sopot clustered beside the Bay of Danzig were Tom by rebellious mobs Early in the week. The fighting spread to Szczecin 180 Miles to the West and outbreaks were reported Friday at Slupsky a City of Light Industry 60 Miles East of Szczecin. Authorities reportedly used tear Gas at Slupsky to restore order. The government says up to 20 persons have died in the confrontations and hundreds have been injured. Radio Warsaw said the polish news Agency Pap reported that a Calm prevailed in the whole of the triple cities today with welfare Reform plan dead Supply Trade and transportation working normally and 15 ships being loaded at the docks a a recent events disclosed the painful fact that Many people still see their own interest overshadowing the Public we shall have to revise our attitude toward our youth who proved they done to know How to behave. Many of the looted things Are being returned. Mothers have brought Back things stolen in the shops by their Southeast Kansas Santa Henry Krantz 68, a retired Coal Miner collects broken and battered toys and dolls year Roun with the help of friends and various organizations he repairs and paints them and his wife and other women dress the in i. F2 delis the oys t0 Hosp als and Homes in a wre photo 0mmunities throughout Southeast Kansas. A critics claim Bill could close Industry Washington a presi Dent Nixon has been handed a stringent ant pollution Bill its chief congressional sponsor says promises a clean air to breathe in the 1970s�?� and critics claim could shut Down the Auto Industry. The Compromise measure. Which passed both houses of Congress by a voice vote Friday sets Jan. 1,1975, As the target Date for dramatically reducing the level of harmful emissions from new car exhausts. Auto Industry executives say they can to meet the deadline. A House Senate conference committee included a Compromise provision allowing a one year Extension of the deadline if the Industry proves ifs trying to find the technology to make pollution free cars. There was no immediate indication if Nixon would sign the measure which also authorizes $1 billion to fight pollution Over the next three years and provides new Federal muscle against a variety of private and Public polluters. But before the Bill left the Senate there was discussion of a letter from Secretary of health Elliot l. Richardson which asked the conferees to Grant More time for the industries to improve their ant pollution technology. The Secretary will be responsible for deciding if the 1975 deadline will be extended. Sen. Thomas f. Eagleton d-mo., said the letter represented an Effort a to undercut the Strong Senate Bill and displayed a the administrations obvious sympathy with the Auto administration supporters defended the letter As a legitimate Effort by Richardson to present his views but the Bill a sponsor sen. Edmund s. Muskie a Maine said the letter did no to arrive until six weeks after the conference took up the Bill. The measure requires Auto makers to Cut Back by 90 per cent the amount of harmful emissions shooting out the tailpipes of 1970 Model cars. Muskie said he realizes a it is the used car population of this country that causes the problem a but said a if we Are to Deal with the used car problem we need the new car Kansas tax Bill work is completed Topeka apr the joint tax study committee of the Kansas legislature completed work Friday on its proposed Bill for liberalizing exemptions and deductions kansans May claim on their state income tax returns. For three years Kansas has been committed to conformity on its state income tax Law with that of the Federal government and the committee has been charged with drafting a plan to bring about that conformity. The proposal finalized Friday will be introduced in the 1971 session opening Jan. 12. The proposal would gradually raise the personal exemption ceiling from the present $600 to $750 by 1973 and raise the Standard deduction now at to per cent of adjusted Gross income or a maximum of $1,000 to 15 per cent and $2,000 by 1972. The changes Are aimed at giving families a tax break and helping taxpayers with their income tax paper work. Washington a Senate sources say the Nixon administration knows its welfare Reform plan is dead for this session of Congress but still is insisting on a Senate vote to test sentiment for the measure. This was the word from those attending a closed Senate meeting Friday at which leaders attempted to Settle some of the controversies which have tied the upper House in knots in the closing Days of the session. Backers of president Nixon a welfare Reform proposal the family assistance plan finally succeeded in getting it before the Senate As an amendment to a Bill raising social Security benefits. Through a parliamentary Man Euver the welfare plan displaced a measures also tied to the social Security proposal limiting shoe and textile imports. But there still is no indication the social Security hikes or the welfare plan will come to a vote before the 91st Congress expires Jan. 3. It was Learned the closed Senate session was told that even if the welfare plan were adopted it would be a meaningless gesture because the social Security Bill cannot be passed in the time remaining. A it is sheer hypocrisy for us to continue with this Bill when we know it is not going to become Law a said sen. John j. Williams a Del. A we hold out to the old people the Promise they Are going to get a to per cent increase in their social Security. We talk As if a new welfare plan is going to be adopted which will pay More Money and cover More people. A and we know All the time none of this is going to come to Wichita Bank is robbed Wichita apr the Central state Bank in East Wichita was robbed Friday afternoon and the Bandit escaped with approximately $2,000. The Bandit wearing a hooded sweatshirt entered the Bank and approached one of the four Teller windows. The Teller miss Cathy Plummer 20, told officers she looked up and saw the Man hand her a note and a sack. The Bandit indicated he had a gun in his sweatshirt pocket. The Handwritten note demanded a give me the the Man did not speak. Miss Plummer put the Cash into the sack and the Bandit left through a Halfway leading to a parking lot behind the building. Pass this year a Williams said. The final Straw was word from rep. Wilbur d. Mills d-ark., chairman of the House ways and Means committee that he would not cons Der the catch All social Security Bill with the amendments on foreign Trade welfare and numerous other matters even if it were to Clear the Senate. But there Are indications Senate leaders Are not about to Cut off debate on social Security and welfare. The reason apparently is that democratic Leader Mike Mansfield and Republican Leader Hugh Scott feel they have a commitment to Nixon to get a vote on family assistance. The administration wants this Senate vote it was understood As a precedent to help with a revived welfare plan in the new Congress convening next month. Entertainer says he is knocked out at White House gala Washington a presi Dent and mrs. Nixon gave the highlight social event of the Christmas season at the White House a warm program featuring British actor and television Star David Frost. Nixon not Only turned the spotlight Over to the popular performer during an hour Long four on yacht Are missing san Francisco a a former Steeple Jack who said he had logged More than 40,000 Miles with 85 women As crewmen hers was missing today with three Young women yacht mates on a Pacific voyage. The coast guard said a search started tuesday has failed to turn up any Trace of Lee Quinn 43, and the three women sailing the 48-foot neophyte too from Japan to san Francisco. Weather Kansas Cloudy. Chance of Light Snow. Highs in teens Northwest lows 30s Southeast. O Oklahoma Windy. Colder. Light rain Snow. Highs in 20s Panhandle sos Southeast. Temperature record since 3 . Yesterday 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 11 . .43 .41 .39 .35 .33 .32 .31 .29 .28 12 Midnight .27 i 26 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 11 . 12 noon .25 .24 .24 .24 .24 .23 .22 .23 .24 .26 .27 highest and lowest highest temperature for this Date in 44 years 67 degrees in 1941. Lowest i degrees in 1945. A Christmas evening at the White House show in the East room Friday night but helped recruit some officials for frosts interview show. Many of the 190 guests were longtime personal and political friends and key administration appointees of Nixon a who danced and had a late Buffet featuring what Nixon called appropriate liquid refreshments a eggnog and Champagne. Nixon was in a Jovial mood and Frost quipped a Christmas has come to the White House. Santa Claus came Down the Chimney and met Walter Hickel on his Way the president appeared delighted at his Choice for the Christmas social event. Nixon said the East room had seen Many memorable events but Frost provided a an evening that will be very hard to Nixon added an Impromptu special attraction a the Little Angels the touring South korean National Folk Ballet. The 30 Young girls aged 8-18, not Only serenaded the arriving guests for a half hour before Frost appeared but each kissed the president when their appearance was ended. A i was absolutely knocked out thrilled a Frost said of the evening at the executive mansion. Kansas City youth Dies in gang fight Kansas City ran. A police said a 17-year-old youth was shot to death Friday night in a fight Between rival gangs in the 1600 Block of Freeman Avenue. The victim was identified As George Mcfadden of Kansas City Kan. Officers said several other youths were injured in the fight. Riots in Poland picture shows tanks opposition. A wire photo from str. Lined up to break All kind of civil polish Skaan reportage Malmoe governor stalks out of to show new York a gov. Lester Maddox of Georgia termed himself a a a segregationist Friday night then stalked angrily out of the Dick Cavett television show Over the use of the word a a bigot to describe his supporters. The eruption came after another guest Black actor former pro football Star Jim Brown asked Maddox if he had encountered a any trouble with the White bigots because of All the things you did for a commercial break intervened before the governor could answer. When the show resumed Cavett picket up the question but phrased it a emr. Brown was asking whether any of your White admirers a Maddox angrily termed this a another example of How words Are twisted against me and demanded an apology a to the people of Cavett conceded he had inadvertently confused his wore and said a if i called any c your admirers bigots who Ai not bigots i refusing to accept this the governor walked out. During a ensuing break Cavett ran Atte him in the Street but the gov i nor refused to return. Earlier in the show Maddox had said a i am a segregationist. By that i mean a person who has enough racial Pride am wants to preserve it. A racist ii one who does no to care a ant pollution phosphate in soap is labelled As harmful Washington a the governments announcement that an ant pollution phosphate substitute in soap May be harmful has prompted its Developer to halt production. Officials of the Monsanto co. In St. Louis said Friday there is no More Market for the too million pounds of the detergent ingredient Nta it makes every year. Federal officials announced Friday they have persuaded the detergent Industry to quit using the chemical acid. At least 13 Wash products contain Nta As a partial substitute for phosphates officials said. Phosphates Are considered undesirable because they prom ote the rapid growth of algae and cause premature aging in some lakes and streams. The government acted after a Public health service Experiment showed that rats and mice fed Nta Mercury and cadmium were to times More Likely to have stillborn or deformed offspring. The Experiment showed that Nta combined with the two metals and carried the combination across the Placenta to the embryos. Since both Mercury and cadmium occur naturally As Poilu Tants the findings raised the possibility officials said tha pregnant women might by harmed. Exposure to the chemical could come from drinking Wate contaminated by sewer Runoff they said. Topeka youth killed in crash Topeka apr one Topeka youth was killed and four others seriously injured Early today in a collision interstate 70 just West of Topeka. The dead youth was identified at Stormont Vail Hospital Here As David Williams 17. He i dead on arrival at the Hospi the Hospital identified the Jared As Steven Blount 18, j bum Mark Rutherford n Topeka Jim Kaspar 24, Vav Erly and Helen Potter Tope fireman a kidnapped infant son found Safe unharmed new York apr Gregory Woods 3-m o n t h o i d infant snatched from his stroller in front of a Brooklyn store Friday afternoon was found in a subway station Early this morning apparently unharmed it was reported by the sister Elizabeth maternity Hospital. A Hospital spokesman said that the infant son of a Brooklyn fireman was found by two men at about 7 30 . In a Brooklyn subway station. A the baby looks Fine a the Hospital spokesman said. A she looks very Well taken care the baby smother was summoned to the maternity Hospital and broke Down in tears when she was reunited with the infant a Hospital spokesman said. A she was very very Happy a the spokesman added. Or. Edward Reilly the child a paediatrician examined him and said a a he a in to per cent excellent police said the infant was found on a stairway of the subway station. Someone had placed a piece of cardboard with the writing a Woods baby into his Blanket. The uniformed firefighters association offered a $1,000 Reward for information leading to the discovery of 3-month-old Gregory Woods son of John Woods a 28-year-old City fireman. Mayor John v. Lindsay also issued a personal Appeal to City residents to help in the search. Police said their Best clue was the description of a re haired woman who spoke to Angela Woods 24, a few minutes before she entered the store Friday with her older daughter Doreen 4. A is it a boy or a girl a the woman asked mrs. Woods and after looking at the baby declared a god bless when mrs. Woods and Doreen emerged from the store a few minutes later Gregory was gone. Three witnesses later told police they had seen the woman described As about 5-foot-l, 25 to 30 years old about 125 pounds and wearing a Green coat take the baby from the Carriage and carry him into a subway station. Joint Effort decorations decorating for Christmas is a favorite Holiday pastime for youngsters and if everyone pitches in things go a great Deal better. This mural in mrs. Donald Graham s first Grade class at Adams school a with the help of everybody to reconstruct Jolly old St. Annual Jaunt. Legg photo

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