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Arkansas City Traveler Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 1

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Arkansas City Traveler (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Arkansas City, Kansas Ninety fifth year number 102_ten pages a Arkansas City Kansas monday december13,l965 ten pages a a i Price in City 5 cents by associated press a greyhound in route to. Of Blanket wintry weather new Orleans went a Highway a Snow sleet and a during a rainstorm sunday near stretched continent killing four today. Persons injuring paralysed Par an air Canada four engine at. The Turbo prop Reed its engines Jyle Ern knocking out just before was to take off Back communications International air jf1 communities port in Chicago for Toronto Etc and without Power. Ont., sunday. The plane skidded i vftsvie4u 14 and fog snarled the runway and became a no huf and caused Many stuck in mud. The 71 passengers transferred to another a in the Battle South of Dan Butet and f4c phantom jets blasted a a my apparently became a my of Leaf Al fill m 75? i0gnear 1 i _ l _ _ i on the sixth to Ilfe w Suji Day Aras Lan Kaii 1c 11 lulled when his plane crashed. A j jul ill Jill in Snow fell on the ice coated a Iii aia Cam Eastern Section of North Dakota a a a since the fighting began new Date tor a Vess a Back m around a a 20 Sou a phone co. Said at least 20,000 Bir by % feb 4 a a # wire Breaks Vivere sported in my my a a Saigon. South Viet Nam gemini 6 a ssi Zyx to White House a it a task Force us a phone poles had snapped under it sri a it it Dps we Iii in ii Juv Rines and vietnamese troops. Of Mim 7 pm i. The ice loads. The company sent a Adf teamed against the Viet Cong in be mini / Roar 520 Yukers from four states to a Bufe a an intensive a five Day Battle South of a sets new Teresk company spokes round of major Nang estimated today ground Opace Kenora Man reported 40 per cent of the a fall a Quot t conference due and air strikes have Kiuei about space Center. Houston exchanges in the Fargo. N d., a Washington apr i 1000 of the red enemy. Action Tex. A the gemini 7 As District were out of order Sun bi2iiib it. 1 Hent s was Dwin dung. Tro nauts beat a smooth record Day night. A Ali a in a a a a White House priv Thov pm shattering Trail through space he said More Thart 80 North space rendezvous in the offing draw Kennedy Fla., for a rendezvous with gemini 7, left Inte vef of Sissy today with eyes on a wednesday Dakota towns1 ing illustrates the gemini 6, right moving up into now orbiting the Earth. This drawing is by a with foreign leaders final 1 3, nans. The leathernecks the new Yemc owned Kings of it would be West essay before space after its slated Blastoff wednesday from Cape artist John Carlton. A wire photo drawing pro it rations for the in budget a Susi ads manned space flight air Force service is Back to Normal. Near and More discus amp Ion of Viet lined it Marine spokesmen it Cess Snow is died off Aid Avo Niobie on germ Laden j0lr a pjs Harj we Astel pc Mas jr., sped nine Days deep into air traffic was stopped at 0 a 0 m go assessment forms Willil lug cell ranch near Johnson City Tex., Jar it their 14-Day journey dressed Friendship International Airport 0 m of m v my a 0 a in 24 is a relaxing Recupero Quot to of started Sld a the Only Way to Fly a in Noth in Baltimore for 12 hours Sun 0 i m film is persons seeking assistance or Aung from his oct. 8 operatic . Mar commander in Viet ing but underwear. Day is Hythe port of bal a 29&Quot&Quot&Quot a off Fly information relating to the new vwicf5. 3 ies of level Nam May Gen Lewis Wah Friendly target Etiole. Staining a Azle amp i a Forn Whf wer e com tz<2 a its Borman messaged Earth a a kit Hichwa travel 0 r r f pm c m through the mail May Call Quot c jew Yuill press Secretary Biu Moy re Der of a 22-Man Viet Cong after the . Sunday space a Riff Luck foe a a we w%uf0 i 2-9130. A Telephone has been vat Der aria to ers said staff work would Ocee platoon with 11 weapons to spectacular stalled in a Cloud of def3use 91 Quot a or. Installed for the Denuto a it uses it or new y0rk a it a health a pm much of the presidents time of the . 173rd airborne Ink tinted rocket exhaust. Freezing rain and get Douds and Light rain Are Likely to bring the inclement weather thormities in nearly a score of states today brigade at to Dat. 60 Miles the gemini 6 pilots Navy in j?011639 you Jor Kansas by tuesday the u. S but temperatures will remain hols located at the credit Are looking into reports that Plas Johnson had to make final Northeast of Saigon. Thev coun capt. Walter m. Schirra or. And state and .22 wites of Snow a weather Bureau said today and warm enough to avoid the Snow Bureau. Tic drink coolers imported from preparations far the arrival Ted the defection As a major air Force maj. Thomas p. Staf cumulated m Albany. Roads a forecast for Snow was cancelled it indicated. Hong Kong contain contaminated tuesday of president to achievement for . Intelli Ford saw their 103,000-mile were Slick but traffic accidents Arkansas City a High tempera High temperatures today were water. Hammed Ayub Khan of Paki sense and psychological War space Hunt and rendezvous with were Light. Ure Reading sunday was 49 de forecast for about 50 with lows i. A a sales of the coolers have been san Fot Davs of meetings fare experts and vietnamese gemini 7 foiled before they left ram fell i much of the South Grees and the overnight Low this tonight near 30 to 35. Winds will Lum 1113113 banned in six cities and three a b York Sun National police who negotiated the launch pad at Cape Kenne and Southeast. About .25 Inch morning was a Snappy ,27 degrees be in the Southwest and tuesday to la Al a a states. Many civic groups Selling arrived in no Ork Sun Render by Fla. A false signal shut off fell across Tennessee but tem a frontal system located in the May be slightly cooler. Re a he Nove tie to use funds spent prime minister Harold Wilson it was described As the big huh 3rea Eady t play was Duc highs sunday ranged from 38 us Day them Back Abs a stabs Gest Viet Coop defection s. Already urea launch Crews heavy Snow fell from Eastern f to w at in Urhin it in a / irom customers. I a Manv months worked Aroun Tiit oct Nevada into a Moor gains of. In. I i Barly morning lows today were f r com a. I inst of the la nor peace talks will be at the White in to Marine action the ftdr�?o.376 . Calf is attacked Tarn a at Hill our to 39 at is sunday a crop no of Ulylus Zaruy ssh a Wiy _ a a a us no. A Over to High wednesday. It can be fired As in kit in a Trina a 2-hour re Haa Pael Moro Olathe. ,. Thormities quarantined 500 boxes West German Chancellor Lud round near the Rice Jwan Jet of late As saturday i is g a it our by a Al Luck civic Winter wonderland comes a 0f the Novelty sets wig Erhard who wants for his que son. Air Force b52s from Borman and Lovell got orders Walt it Intermor r. A 1 a a i Jive Quot it Van us Day a u7 p a. Of no illness has been traced to country a role in the nuclear Guam pummelled the suspected to conserve fuel to insure them 4 a a re a a Quot so Quot police were seeking today in Piroh a ,ve3th .0-. With the ninth the Novelty coolers said a spokes defense of Western Europe will Lair of a communist regiment in enough Power to maintain their tent ram fell m los angles wounded dogs which might have lil lil co annual Luminaria display it Man for the communicable it arrive saturday for two or three the area 350 Miles Northeast of spacecrafts attitude toward the he temperature ranged be a a a was announced today by Frank senses Center of the . Public Days of conferences with John Saigon for the second time end of their space voyage. This tween 48 and 60. P Acci fight health service in Atlanta. Son. Since the opera on began last meant an abbreviated expert a a a a a Quot or Juc is a water filled the president and mrs. Jim wednesday ment schedule and much Drift #.111 1george Bay 1313 South sixth the spectacle according to plastic Ball or cube designed to son Are expected to return to Walt said the attempt to ening flight. A remit la died st., told police he was awakened three persons were injured a a a a Gas. Will draw the largest Chin drinks. The ranch a few Days before Circle and wipe out the Force of Light conversation flowed be i about 1 30 of clock by Barking dogs two from this City a in a traffic number of viewers of any pre Christmas for a Holiday stay 2.000 hard Core communist tween the spacecraft and Earth the fire department went to the he went outside carrying a re Accident about 9 30 of clock Sun Vous year when 5.200 candles tha Mav continue into january troops had been launched to As ground controllers attempted w. B. Mayfield residence 1002 n. Volver and found a pack of dogs Day morning eight Miles South of own m Racks line the Yards a maj my a while in Washington Johnson forestall an attack on the to w the spacemen a spirits 10th st. At 10 35 of clock this morn attacking a calf. He emptied the Udall trooper Waine Jones of Mes and buildings along the Dion Clodile Al 11 Havit we efts eeb dih a at Chu Lai after the sudden scrub of the tug. A water Heater prompted the gun and the dogs turned on him. The Highway patrol said today. Quot it a a a. To to us a l it the is Tad 52 Miles Southeast of a nans. Gemini 6 launch. J alarm. The fire was out on a so he returned to the House. The a car driven by Ralph Allison to be i Ere pail Iudin decision in on How _ a spacecraft radio was tuned Val. Calf was injured. M no fifth st. All a Fanel truck j?5_ a were to. \a7 b Tsettos of to sunday afternoon profession driven by William near. Udall. F�?~v6, Quot a week part it society programs in di-llen1 kit a is been for Cool sex commendations await Lar was taken to a win fold to Quot the special events he said Quot Quot and a quota of 250 pints is set for acted this year officials Dis Dottle Nurt Niit second decisions by _. Of10 of we Hope to make this years Dis the two Day Bloodmobile visit in closed Friday that curbs have n Schrita and Stafford in the face ii a of the Collar towjonessaid0 Plain. A in Mure Beautiful and the vow memorial building on been ordered to help offset sex 011131106 of potential danger and m he Al i mrs Allison a a Senger instr Worth a Hole than m former thursday and Friday dec. 16 and petted outlays m Viet Nam. maybe death the Chance at a i i vhf i two i j husband s car was Brou it to years17, in Arkansas City. In add flon the presiden a repeat attempt would have Van Memoria so spill hours sunday 1 to 6 15 faces pm Decus a i on vie tows a a a o _ 1 a a. I i said Allison also was to Havo a. 5. Famuie8 parti ., and Friday 9 . To 2 15 Nam and that subject certain a a they re cleared for Takeoff in Jaq t a tip checkup. Both vehicles were dam tilf3 m the decorative Effort Persons wishing to donate to take up much of his time. Womb Ell England Apt Mission control advised Gerry in a valid l i i i i Liz aged. Ii a h i and is. Are blood Are asked to Contact the there will be ii,1 Marjorie Fowler 21 plans to Fly 7 passing overhead shortly Betly leu lighted and placed in sacks of an Kirin Rod Cross Nofiro w 9. Ties too a the lighting of the a p a fore the 9 54 . Liftoff time. / \ k i i a another Accident Early Sun Sand making a Semi Transl 0600 or i 2-0601 for appointments nationa1 Christmas tree behind j.0-000 a Les t0 control told Schirra far Day morning a car driven by War cent gleam As the sacks placed s the White House on Friday aft be suitor who found her in a and Stafford. I of l i of la of f Ren we Lac it it Xen 1124 e. Central on roof tops and on Borders of Ana add Mona information. Erno0n and a presidential party bottle right on schedule the count a Quot v Tell v/111c ave. Was damaged when it left Yards provide the Only illumine to be a 1s 3 Patt Cularik Arsent hat night for White House pm Marjorie put a a please write Dawn proceeded. Us-160 seven Miles West of win Tion in the fairyland area. Or registered nurses to As it me message in a bottle she was a a. .5. 4, 3, 2, 1, Norfolk a. Apr the a helicopter plucked from the Field and overturned coming to Sist with this Bloodmobile the _ packing at the Glass factory exhaust boiled from beneath aircraft Carrier Independence Ocean a crewman who had test on its wheels according to workers for the Luminaria e Ltd Rass said it and any Avail where she works. A 26-year-old the mighty vehicle but the came Home from w a today to leaped from the flight deck to Harper Sthole Deputy sheriff. Vent will have sunday at Able rns not already contacted disc mph pharmacist in Perth. Australia rocket did no to move. An emotional Welcome that be escape the flames and an officer the officer said Willcoxen drove 2 in the enrage of or and Are being asked to Call the red in Ilia a Laicu John settler found the message a Quot Quot la Quot spoke Pride in her Mission and in the phantom who had ejected the car for some distance after mrs Preston Wright. 1331 n. Oss or mrs Brian cd one at a can Kun inc Cha and rep Ioctl m Iaian tiap offered Solace for her losses. From the plane a i orders of the Accident an then left it and seventh st., As final preparation i 2-5154. Of Fum def Hujo id the correspondence flourished. Tii6 a a cot incr she tied up in the rain and Pilot who thought the Craft was cume onto 136 c1, for the event Are arranged. Cof _. And John suggested that Marjorie a a a a a a a a fog at Hor naval base pier minus afire. B Khz rescued men were new a be served that evening _ t. Moscow a it a Ine soviet fit out to meet him. He Forward Chou diner i 18 men and 16 planes that had unhurt and the put flew safely Csc i _ at 7 ., in the Home of or. am Union in its Blu test tirade against 450 pounds $1,260 for the plane sailed with her to Viet Nam on one engine to Oceania. 0,0nt for Soham Ond mrs. Frank Wilgus 1105 n. Or.,m communist China since Premier fare. Ss2r-r-Rar mrs Piffl Man h a a Quot Essl be w at 7 rejected by gop Nikita s. Khrushchev ouster h with northerly win i. Of ,.it. L ?. A Mageo of ban renewal administration nor Arlt Sarp in in apr months ago says peking has Sab w a _11 _ a a Oto h a. Ski a. The of he a so Hom a a my a cd .�.,m w of on her arrival at Norfolk the East my Iai Park a Burn Minim Quot a Quot of to a thru Hon a Xian advising party Mem communism in Viet Nam of cd Fata b set and tuesday scattered showers North the ships return All but blanked carriers Crew and members of sen Lames b Pear on a Kan he no 9vhg�raii, so v z Bers to reject membership a in any the soviet communist party Impi we mini 2fl,1ilhs5 afternoon a Quot Tetuo to and danced 10 1 Agency will Burn until probably mid Radical or extremist organization a Independence. To. A Wanner most Section. The co Piej 3 w re9erved a addition $1,631,000 night a Wilgus stated. Be measure did not name the police said today a 19-year weat tuesday after Moa. Low toni it tank of a plane leaving the car . Waldemar Wendt Deputy for a loan and Grant for he a _ John Birch society. Lungs regime deliberately ret sea a u u 4. High tuesday �7 to a. Rier for its Shore base spewed a commander in chief of the nroj<5t the Republican coordinating to take joint action with the soviet it Outlin mls do a at five by forecast Sheet of flame along the flight Atlantic Fleet. Meet in Winfield committee acted swiftly to in Union and other communist coun ,rt1uj a it a Quot Vav Jitich Filleti Kashas tuesday through saturday. Deck on orders of Secretary of the Dorse the stand of gop National tries against american ag0its _ she inv 17 Kan. T.7w rms. A n2sv��?~ tse just before the tallies Board Navy Paul Nitze Wendt was to pertinent lesson officials will meet again chairman Ray c. Bliss. My in vtan1fhh sad Sas Chy. A Here sunday night to la 40 Normal Low near is Northwest de the ship an official Wel Cote present to the ship and her air tonight to discuss a master Planin a do a Ai eco in Tel 10to a Rich Rrt Hall to u Mut cast. tuesday was extended by naval state Wing the Navy unit commend Heywood. England apr for Strother Field. This meeting a nor to Al peace who was minted he Nolice to a cd City officials who had land Tion for exceptionally Merito thieves broke into a sunday will be held in Winfield. Rainfall instead pravda charged. Be Follo o m Ted so seed aboard the Carrier in Hamp rious service from june 5 to school Here nday and Madr of Hain which fell saturday Kings leaders Are increasing a the shooting followed an we Rorn ton roads m helicopters. Nov. 11 a while participating in with 60 ballpoint pens. Embossed United Agency for dependable in morning after 8 of clock amount Tivi ties to Widen the breach be a tempera re rtt the Navy unit commendation combat operations in Southeast on each was a May the lord for Durance. Real estate Loans. A. C cd to .03 a Inch and brought the tween the soviet Union and Reda h a h n. A a in 7 p. Rn.<7 was presented to the ship and Asia in support of United states give your off pig. Pm. I 2-0400. I 2-2600 total for the month to .46. China. _ p g 5 m. J5 re of a a Independence Pouce said they i i 3 t Usfo vanish in Manzano mountains Der warrant s p. A a 12 mkt ism a a a lactic Fleet for exceptionally the China seas launched More 5mm a hair s Are Reix irked m i p. M <7 meritorious service during her than 7, oct combat sorties a it 3 o m i 0% m 0% c1 t Livin in i a Renee Kan but no i s h 0 be oct corps i to Lucas 3 a. M. H i pm tons m the South China sea. In the first major series of m m m m in Lorat. That i 439 5 pm a it surges of Homecoming Happi North vietnamese Supply lines a a _ b1_____lt us 1_ i t m. A a 6 p to Ness pulsed through the ships 4, North of the Hanoi Haiphong. Mem a a a a0/w mph 0 iwo a u my or m ?. S. S 5 a s 500 Ltd a and men and swiftly Complex. Quot Quot Quot Quot Quot Quot Quot Quot a vol Quot Ami Quot Quot Quot Quot sup con general of its he a a a a a a f a amp amp is is of a Ess Saih by Manzano no a a it an so a a a at belch so Quot their nth not korean Woi die ii m s s a fug Sunda oed the ship a Yoor West pacify a Bose bibs a Sun Ive a a a Quot Coop need Fher Sostoi trainees left they were identified As Mike we arson mix tap. Mai 1�?��?~��?o mon�7 a a a a a a we a in cause earned Niue Podence k0p0q Day for eight peace corps train t to be time and Armitchell. 21. The Bronx. New w x i a Launo hut a a a a a a Fly to Quot an enviable rept Hon As a two a mph a i is w missing on a four Day hike Rived Al Manzano on schedule. York City Tom Jacobs. 23. Co a a a a Quot ,5. M Oceania naval at station near Ocean Carrier of formidable a a through the rugged Manzano and a third group crossed from Lumbus. Ohio Bruce Mccracki a Norfolk. Ability the pioneering of your �?orouf1. A be nimm Manano Anua Imo Gnup in. 25, Wellesley his. Mass Amu ghost moot of the korean s . 29 12 noon a eleven flight deck crewmen air Wing dodging surface to air Mountain in Central new me Linda West 28, Hurst Tex. A it died it esterday at the age of he j f a Quot. 41 were burned and four others missiles and then destroying the a amp co 1110 hike is part of a 14-week Jane Whitmore. 25. Manhasset a a a. 7 a. Suffered minor injuries in the in Kwh Sites sets them apart As a it in 3 Days till Chr a about 40 persons participated peace corps training period of . Judy Johnson 21. Highest a Juiest w Are triggered by Jet fuel spilled veterans of the newest air Mumm nun am in the search which started aft the University of new Mexico Pleasantville. sue Selbi Force base Jat Jhu i from a ruptured drop tank of a threat. Your record is one of Reju our ads or the group failed to arrive at in Albuquerque a University 22, st. Paul Minn Handbill w lt3aest a acre a a a phantom ii fighter plane. Which you May be Quot Quot 0011 f0p0 Manzano sunday on a 30-mile spokesman said the trainees Pastreich 24, new Ork cite. From res lung amp Ivalon

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