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Arizona Silver Belt Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1920, Page 5

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Miami Daily Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Miami, Arizona Arizona Silver Bel Miami Ariz., wednesday june 23, 1930 it How they Ohtani nation us u Muxo 5= the latest news obtainable in the line of boxing events r e for the fight fans and sports of the District latest news from majors minors Bushers i baseball news j for the followers of the National pastime a Quot ii two coloured in a Battle Royal Midland City was packed jammed crowded and then some by it fight fans last night who turned out for one of the boat fight cards seen in this District in a Long time. The bouts were All Good despite the fact that the scheduled six round bout Between Bailor Dunn and Soldier Burt had to be called off. A special four round event was put Forth by two husky coloured gentlemen of Globe in order to help Square things and was practically the greatest thing seen in the mid land City Arena. The timekeeper was on the Job nil the time starting the rounds by Mountain time and closing them by Eastern time and even at that he was so interested in the scrap Hon a Elf that he is Likely to face a criminal charge of neglect for failure to atop the rounds. Exact time of the four rounds would not look Well a print. The two coloured gents who performed la this event went the limit and then some. They certainly had it in for each other and the Way they mixed kept the fans on their toes at All stages of the game. Cyclone Thompson the chocolate coloured gent had a reach with him that extended Clear across the ring his reach was so great that he could swing at his Man and his arms would wrap around the other negro a neck. In this bout everything known in the line of blows a uncorked. The chocolate coloured phenomenon did ail the leading and the Black Coal passer did All the stopping. Thompson is noted for his ability to swing the Rasor. He is the one that made the Clack complexioned Man Hunt his h ii in Globe Aud produce a big six Piston whereupon the police interfered and in order to Settle things without police interference they consented to Don the padded mitts and fight it out. And they certainly did. Thompson carried an assortment of blows that he generally started from the Pavilion. Whirlwind s favorite line of defense was to wait until the blow landed and then Glam his Man hard on the nose ear Mouth or jaw. Lit the first so ism of this event Thompson landed on Johnson and fhe Black boy landed on the floor. He bounded to his feet in a Flash and Tore into his compadre sending blows to the head and body. The Claret started flowing from the beaks of both Wallo pers in a or second spa in. The darkens mixed so fast in the third round that they were All in t it Atill rearing to go. During the rest Art Shannon announced that he would add five More berries for lug Kout. By Miles raised it another tip Spur evidently hoping he would get his Money Back by. Being Able to carry one or the other of the darkens off in the dead it Wagon. This caused the chocolate Dolored lad to put on a Little More team he rushed at Johnson but the Black buy soon slowed him Down with a poke to the nose. They mixed Forward backward and every other Way for quite a time. Then ail of a sudden they slowed Down and tim stopped the bout and declared it a Drw. Tim rendered his decision on the ability of Thompson to land the most and Johnson be y tag Able to Stop zip it about dropping. Luring this bout the referee Strung a heavy Bat Robe in Johnson s Corner in order to give the Black Hoy air. Tho fans also in the Western part of the House started fanning with their hats whether they were trying to assist tim or were endeavouring to keep the smell Otway is hard to Tell. Ells also came to the assistance of the Black boy by swinging a Towel. Vild cat alls lived up to i reputation As a knockout King in the curtain re ser he put Frank o Brien to sleep in the second to Iid Ells let the sex gob do All the fighting in the first session at the tap of the Gong in no. 2 Ells started the fireworks working so fast on the Bead and body that the sex gob hit the floor for the count of 10 the eel final event Between Mark 6paw of Bafford and kid Cooper of Miami also ended in a knockout to Paw sent Cooper to the Matt As fast As he got to his feet during the first round. The referee took pity of Cooper and stopped the fight giving Paw the decision. Cooper kicked about times action Aud the referee allowed the fight to continue. In the second round Paw shot in a hard right to the Chin and Cooper hit the floor for the count. Spaw technically earned two knockouts in this event. The first time technically the next time Al ssh. Paw is Oue of the Shittiest battlers seen in a Long time and was challenged by Connie Ilo Quin. The Challenge was accepted. Sam Parker beat Bennie Chavez in practically every round of the main event. Chavez showed much cleverness but was unable to do anything serious to Parker. Parker All through the contest missed blow after blow the Clever Benny ducking Clear under his punches. This bout was Good and Well pleased the fans. Art Shannon won Many friends last night by this Good card and no doubt the next bout will be show to a record breaking House the fight by rounds follows round 1.�?Parker was the first to land a right to the jaw. Chavez sends right to head and left to body. Parker right and left to face. Parker right to jaw and left to body. Parker right to face. Chavez right to ear. Parker misses several blows during thin round. Round 2.�?Parker sends right to body and left to face. Parker misses right and slipped to the floor. Chavez left to face. They Exchange blows to head. Parker right to jaw. Chavez right to Mouth. Chavez left to body. Parker right to head. Parker sent stiff left to the face. They mix fast at close Range at the Bell. Round 8."�?Parker sends Chavez Back with left to face. Chavez rushes in close and is fought off his feet. Parker left again lands to the face. They mix at close Range honors about even. Parker lands hard right to jaw. Chavez shoots left to body. Parker Hooks i right to ear and left to body Parker rushes his Man to the ropes with Shower of blows to head body. They Exchange blows to head. Both going fast at the Bell. Round 4.�?they Rush into close quarters and Peck away at each other. Chavez sends left straight to jaw. Parker left to face. Chavez sends Parker s head Back with stiff left. Chavez lands left to Point of jaw. Parker Moses Ami is jabbed hard on the jaw. Parker again misses. Chavez sends left to Faco. Chavez again lands loft to face. Parker left to face at the Bell round 5.�?they Exchange hard rights to the face. Parker shoots right to face. Parker misses left for head. Chavez right to body and left to face. Chavez jabs several to the face. Chavez lands left to ear. Parker rushes Chavaz to the ropes Well directed right and left blow 3. They Exchange rights to lace. Chavez sends Lef to ear. Parker lands hard to ribs. Round 6.�?Parker misses left but lands hard twice with right. Purker again misses and is jabbed hard by Chavez with left. Parker right to body. Chavez left to face. The Exchange right to face. Parker semis right to face. Cha veil through Tho ropes. Parker misses and Chavez lands right to Bod. Round 7.�?packer rushes i is Man about Tho right a Ltd Shower or blows to he it and body. Chaves makes Parker miss twice. Parker lands left to body and right to face. Chavez jabs to face with right. Parker it feds Chavez Back with stiff left to face. Paiker rushes with body blows. Parker lands right and left to the face. Round 8.�?Parker opens the round by Landing hard to ear. In an Exchange of blows Parker sends Chavez reeling about the ring. They mix at close quarters. Parker sends stiff right to jaw and Chavez rushes into Clinch. Parker lands several to head and body. Chavez jobs twice with Lett to face. Parker left to jaw. Round 9.�? Parker opem d up with right and left Hooks to Nead Chaves right to face. They Exchange Hooks to head. Parker sends Chavez Back with stiff right to face they mix fast. Purker rocks his mans head with right and left blows. Chave tried for head but goes wind. Purker rushes his Man to the ropes at ratio Bell. Round 10.�?Chavez rushes Clear across the ring at Parker but is met with stiff right to the face. Chavez again tried to Rush Parker but sat Amie stopped him with stiff right to jaw. Parker lands left to face. Chavez right to body they Exchange blows to head. Parker right to face. Parker again sends right to face. Chavez lands hard right to jaw. Parker misses left but connects with right to body. Chavez lands stiff right o Faco at the Beill a you win or lose you get a hit or done to is philosophy of de Cicotte a you Are oat or Safe in baseball. You win or you Don t win. You get that is the baseball philosophy that governs the Field tactics and technique of Eddie Cicotte the White sox Star hurler. It is an expression of Confidence in himself a notice to All that he is not superstitious that he is willing to accept All tilings As they come in n game no matter what the Breaks Are. To watch Cicotte pitch to n Batter you would admit by his Cool work in pinches by the very manner in which lie carries himself and by ids method of Hus banding his strength for n crib is that he is not easily rattled hut that does not say that lie is not superstitious for Eddie really is. Score on Cicotte in the opening inning and the opposition can usually figure that game is almost As Good As in for the Veteran Chicago hurler is afraid of the first round. If la gets by it unscathed lie has All of his Confidence fur the remainder of the game. If he is scored on lies feels that lie is going to Loe and very often does. Won lost. Pet. Cincinnati. 31 22 .586 Chicago. 30 25 .545 Brooklyn. 28 24 .538 St. Louis. 30 27 .526 Pittsburg. 25 24 .510 Boston. 22 26 .458 new York. 23 32 .418 Philadelphia. 23 32 .418 american a Castio won. Lost. Pet Cleveland 40 18 .6 80 new York. 38 22 .633 Chicago. 32 26 .552 Washington. 27 26 509 Boston. 27 27 .600 St. Louis. 28 28 .500 Detroit. 19 41 .3 17 Philadelphia 16 43 .271 t Oast 1 Cague won. Lost. Pet. Salt Lake City. 43 28 .606 Vernon. 45 34 .570 los Angeles .41 34 .547 san Francisco. 40 3 4 .54 1 Portland. 32 35 .478 Seattle 20 39 .426 Oakland. 45 .4 2$ Sacramento. 30 44 .405 matchmaking is cent Ninny a hard Job but Art Shannon shows class at this line of the business. Smiling Parker looks letter at every fight. This boy is going to Tho front fast and will have the beat of Mem stepping sideways in the near future. Subscribe for tub daily Silver reit we repair All makes of Cash registers typewriters adding machines phonographs and special key fitting for All makes of locks. Miami general fixity 506 Sullivan St. Eddie Cicotte. Sport notes of interest to the fans Midland City plunge bathing Twenty five cents men women and children is prof. Jesse Walker graduate Van Couver Sci col of swimming will give swimming lessons 4 and 7 p. M. Every Day i 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111ii 111111111111111111111111ii111 i ii1111 it 1m i this i Studebaker year i Art Shannon certainly put on some show last night at Midland City. The fans were All pleased with the card and Are ready for another. A this boy Mack Spaw from Saf Ford certainly looks Good in the squared Arena. He was challenged last night by Connie Holquin. Connie certainly has his nerve with him when he thinks he can beat Spaw. A a a Spaw technically scored two knockouts Over kid Cooper last night. The referee stopped the bout in the first round after Cooper hit Tho floor several times in order to avoid punishment. Cooper kicked and the referee and Spaw agree to let the bout continue. In the second round Cooper was sent into dreamland for the count of ten. There was no necessity for argument this time. A count of 100 would not have been enough for Cooper. A a Ney Miles was looking after business last night. He ordered a five spot for a knockout in the Battle Between the Blacks. Some of the fans seemed to think the timekeepers were using differ Ern kinds of time in the bout Between the darkens. Some claim that Mountain time was used in the Start and Central time at the finish. % a a v Journy Aiex Amler we liked All the Way to Midland from Roosevelt in the night. Johnny never had a word a say last tight. He evident was satisfied. Aart Shannon will pull a big show july 5. For this event he is going to give the fans a Chance to watch the big boys Battle. Big Reno of Otte of the main Evon ters. Lee Anderson will probably be Tho one to oppose Reed. A the Gate City athletic club of Pocatello Idaho announces that it has matched Mike o Dowd and Dorgon Mckay for a 20-round Battle july 4, at the middleweight limit. Mckay recently fought Harry Gillum of Seattle and made a very favourable impression in fact so much that the club selected him for the of Dowd match in preference to other stars. Joe Beckett the British heavyweight Champion who was to sail for America this month will delay his trip for some time. Beckett knocked out Bombardier Wells in three rounds ill London recently and since then has been matched to fight either Frank Moran the american heavy or Frank Goddard the English heavy. A a although boxing is permitted in most cities in Texas under police supervision the attempt to legalise the game by having a Law placed on the statues received a setback when the lower House of the legislature Defeated the measure by a vote of 74 to 23. But the boxing fans of Texas have not Given up Hope of having the game placed on a Legal basis. A new drive will be launched shortly which is expected to result a no decision Bill Belg passed by both branches of the House. A a a it certainly looks Lik Alfrlo Ells is a Comer. This Bird has never showed All the stuff he possesses. A you have to to to make Ells travel a fast clip is to sting him a couple of times. Then watch out. The stove league by Wood Cowan Christensen motor co. 5 Globe Arizona. Phone main 160 5 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111117 safety Deposit boxes for rent Bank of Miami wm1n0u 5ah jaw co Sitf could wit a Kall asm to it As babe cuckoo i Quot How moot both Wallop la car to wac film Roll on the Quot Fcook of the Polo c Doubs 9 Veah ant it the one he hit ohm act it it Nener. Came Down babe smashed 0hi5 Sucha Woop it hit macs Man t then so Gnu t>0\nn of step i Tinb oot Awn it was All. About 19 1 it better Call a pad fcb Amu canc at it to Avocet two to Thuc want was cd r of an american league a Jam he Philadelphia 1, Chicago 2. Cleveland 13, Boston 5. New York 3, St. Louis 9. National league yesterday s games Pittsburg 9, Brooklyn 7. St. Louis 2, Boston 3. Chicago 10, new York 4. Cincinnati 3, Philadelphia 1. Coast league Yuetkiu huh a Ujj Khz san fran Taeo 2, Vernon 3, Salt Lake 6, Sacramento i. Log Angeles 6, Oakland 7. Kellys studio twin City Candy co. 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