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Arizona Independent Republic (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Phoenix, Arizona Magazine Arizona Phoenix june Republic do inti no bin by Carol Bird America has the the has probably the most stupendous Case of twitching eyelids and quiver ing reflexes in the history of be got that Way from not whoopee and Rug cutting and All sort of but just the or 0 kind of High living that is part of our heritage in an age of its the folks who live in Large who fall victim to this hyper tension and who go about their daily chores tied up in mildly psychopathic As a we have grown we Are Likely to All under the spell of and cup pan of this condition is due direct to the speedup Tempo of modern which is growing so Complex Day by Day that practically no one can it anymore partly 11 is due to a feeling o economic in Security which has helped shake the of Many a Placid u hat to do about it not nothing in a negative sort of but in a philosophical or Scien inc in other few know How to put themselves in j fight Frame of mind to rest com h takes a Little people who believe they have found the key to painless relax Josephine l professor of physical Educa in 8t new York William West Tomlinson of who blames the materialistic urge for most of the nervous believes the remedy lies in a bran new kind of mental House in an attempt to get her ideas across to the people who need them Rathbone has organized a do nothing course for tired business men and professional people and society who Are All in a dither from their agonizing rounds of social and philanthropic act her Rath Bone has her hype tense women relax All their Muscles on floor Here housewives Knees Are loosened stiff neck Muscles Are the weary eyes of heavy read ers Are Given a rest and Drivers hips Are straightened usually the adults who offer them selves As cases dont know How to Rathbone they Are tense and irritable and let their minds run along narrow within the Range of their immediate they pursue their Aims with a Terri ble we must acknowledge the Neces sity for letting Down periods for the professional As Well As for the Indus trial too much emphasis has been placed upon the need for Crea Tion in Leisure some emphasis must be placed upon the diversion Al and unlaxing1 activities which should occupy part of every mans waking Courtesy Crowell publishing Josephine new York teachers College physical helps a housewife Pupil relax by soothing tense neck Rathbone is to forget for a time who you just dont be into diversion must go a Quality which is rarely founding Carefree sense of the Unimportance of she a general characteristic of tense people is their High regard for it is difficult to help an individual appraise himself accurately and see How unimportant York like the new he believes taking its toll in nervous cases each we fight a constant Battle for materialism in this he we think this is the Way toward Hap by the route of ambition and As a matter of it is the basis for much of our personal and Tomlinson ought to it took a phys Cal nose dive to Wake him up to the life around since he regained his he has written a Book time out to he is a former executive director of one of the nations Large Industrial i had to crash physically before 1 Learned my own he i yearned for material Posi and just when 1 was winning them the my health 1 had been living a feverish Pace during the 20 years following it didst occur to me that either social or was a necessary part of a Happy and healthful As a matter of fact i regarded hours spent fishing and playing Golf As i had but my Contact with them was As casual As the kiss of a billiard balls my wife and children must have regarded me As a Man who came Home late at night to sleep at their House rather than As a husband and father who belonged in the family 4itn a Sanatorium bed in North Caro Lina i had a great 1 saw clearly in those Days of taking Stock of my own life How foolish had been the mad Pursuit of i realized that the Only achievement in life that is worthwhile is that of use when a Man his Money must be quarrelled Over Moths eat his worldly but his useful Ness carries on from generation to in that Way alone does he win Tomlinson realizes that finding this new Vista of life is not a simple trick of pressing a mental first of he we must try to eliminate the eternal tension under which we if every Man and woman could arbitrarily be forced to move themselves out of the crowded cities into the country and could set the Down there for two a Miracle would take if they did any thinking at All in those two they would begin to see there another Good cure for hypertension is the former magnate be in is part of the benefits men and women would de rive from a stay in the it takes us out of a very Busy and wearying kind of he it surrounds us with a set Ting that emphasizes natural and this is inspiring to for those persons who live in the City and cant take two month Vaca the answer lies in Short Peri Odic retreats into a natural just going out into the country to play going fishing or hiking on weekends will help a great i find it when i cannot get out of the to walk to a Dock and sit and look across the water and listen to the ships 1 we All need escape at weve got to get away and find new we learn new viewpoints that one in a Small poverty stricken mexican 1 saw a Young Man playing a 1 sat Down on the curb beside him and by the songs 1 wanted to Al Rio and several 1 thought then of All the milling people Rushing around trying to get relaxation in the hearts of our great cities and How this impoverished mex ican youth had found the genuine he had discovered rest and happiness in seclusion with his music under the of we cant Ever find that kind of peace As Long As we persist in clutching for material Tomlinson and if Rathbone and Tomlinson have anything to say about there going to have folks sit Down and take it easy for its not a simple and they know the country cant be de littered but if they can get across the Gen eral tone of their idea that life can be lived at 15 Miles per hour As Well As at will have started an important movement to 1 111 the secret of the whole on his Complete agreement with the new he in we have surrounded it in u neatest Apple

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