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Arizona Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 4

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Arizona Daily Sun (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Flagstaff, ArizonaHastern stars to open fiscal y ear Omin events monday. Sept a . _ Riib fall Din Ner at resident mrs. 0. V. Maddux. Committee Cai Yon or a a " Kasler the fiscal year Ninlin n 5i is Pitliuk supper at in Hie Mil monday. Sept. Ill . To Mulc. Mis. For Bui Heck order uni Ubow icy. Worllie Mali Oil will girls masonic Temple. Inv Roki Ilin Melini 8. Munday. Sell. A s . A la cd inline j a Ilioiu i i. Allia Allia Cli Apter recess will lie i will have uie Fil so Nigel him be . J year ill Lyle ,.f mrs. Mik. I . Mrs. Zionc thump i and i ii Uil. 1lii a. Warder oks in n v-.1ui. Mrs. K. C. I Asl the local purely personal or. Anil mrs. Ian la Ehi Drc a Kex nylo left saturday for their Lionis in los Angeles after a week s vis it Here will the la Lur s mud a year us Dialler. In Irr Mii visited Llu Home which in s club politick ludic limit Elre in Eligil rooms. Apr nexis. F. C. Thornt ii county is. ii Inch Hll Ull i Iii Kami inti is ,.f the Vail Llu Ssell Cir in is Hosley. Lyle a Iyll chilis lift in the Seiil 13 7 its ii Ali Uii Rimini in in Oak in rim fall Dii Aier at a will Mivill s Sloan Mise. I " Ial in i. I a ill Acyl Ali the Home and will or Illel s Connie Len la. Eler Leil Lisl Vire to in 01 Lin Whitw a cues .1 in i a i . I Dieul ilre.ilif.ixl-. Slilla divil s id. I bks Murs Invar nil Louir Ziril 1 Ylva Liaf ii Isrin in by Ilir Imiri Liim Linn it or. Anil mrs. Ivill Iii it s annual fall v in in sell Cut tells a Rohiy in Lini in my i Hiick s k Iii Sintil. 111 life to arc mis. D Ltd tolf. 1 Olirs lean mar Rovn and in Llu or. Mis Anil or. Ida Llella i Cill i in my serial . Lar. I Tryl Ili Irenn in Alcil Llu Ili coi inti Pikr l Linn Willri. Iliad Vas i in hy1 Mich a. T. Juv Lille Ami ii. Ii. Or. Villi Gunloc in cling to flu i Fri Slinn iils Ivas by women facially Lul Ink is Sivis Oiler Slaff Sun Fulo Ivy a so mrs. Janlyn Simi isun resumed Salii Day a visit will lick parcels it. Jim null Ami Lii i win. In past lays in Hiiri Cla. In again at Liu Inu. Mrs. Jessie clinic i is or Lurling Froni vacation in Califi Nivia Dur Iii. A Liili Sefc d the Wadi lieu her Nice miss mini bin Arcadia. Misa Lubbs is a Dic Lician for lie Simla pc in Angeles. Karl ral Bdl fori orly lilo air pwt at i re Felt. Luis Laki i s l. I. Mai in. 8r. Lean Wolf in Sidell i ill. Lin i in l am i no is. To. Isrom Lall. Lorr. , a his Slaff i tar i r. Ant Lunicy i. Vorel is a Lary i a Psi Krislor n Al Ivity stale Pica i s u Many Ili Smi is and i m still Wear Kracl i i lbs ill la. Will a ave 1 u Len vacation m11 Hie Sui Illien the state. Kli Buci Iuse Llic so Insp brim will Willi mr.--. Illo a kiss. Kyan i to intr lie j a Uia i in 1 lion in. And1 will or. I. Vii Uia Allie in to Llir-i-1 i Iller la i exor Utvic braid in j Minna and . Or. Anil mrs. So Midi i in i i Cal n. In Sandal o a nah Iki d in Ibn fat medial Al Cardinal Spellman Lyle in Eli. The Sculli lids Wen Kyle so a Jar. And mrs. 1 Jle Kinney or. Tom or. An in w an also ill Lime on Calion. Use Gui Home planning service it or a libration babbitts a loin lil huh i .eels in a i .i1 1- us i won served in Challi in ii Mary. Is in v . Liv i w d i Lii Clion mrs. K. 11. a i.-.11 my i. Vales. S re Ary in Asniv. In i tin p ivs de alumni group Villi pre Idem i i horns Kyle isl Jeanne u Villi vice Mary i i Upen Inq meet Heranic by Velary a i s mis a Lii a. Uriel was to Sluss i. A first the fiscal mrs. .1. I Delia Tsi alumni i finn i physical she .c1 Kan ixalion1 la misday wore discussed in the mrs. Alia mis. Ahn a to Lull a div for tic Simc Nad in ill a. It will be held . M., i j in in november. In n Bocai or. Piesens were miss Ilene a i r i a tic physical education cd Iii cons Lyhl and miss ii Taino hem in roots and miss Dolly 1c a. Lire Innell icel is fij.7 years i re mrs. C. Siikki a Lilin ivr.noi.i chair Ikin. I Lai staff cily schools Ali Sical Dell Ollier members attending in Rand re milk a. ii Las w. P Kil Lii. Lames Nair Manuel do m in i Ora in Weil. Taj Lor. From s the week his mile and Quill. _ i or. Mrs. K. K. Tnyl.n-. Volinic i a dinner Kin Sis be i n were his e u s mrs . Stale off m Ali-ni1. u ends. Tenn Day. Sipi. I i. . Ait ii i ii in preyed him and into Iii visit mrs. In a dist Riel iwo presiden. Assoni Aliola in a Hall Yafo orium. both is Livols. in Fol Sulur Dikiy is l american women annual Tlam a. Bird How. Bail Dii or. A tics Allen and i a Var nativity Parish sets Harvest dinner Date How can you continue to receive Money even your business is shut Down Dllcie s How us provide you will a and occupancy insurance then fin1 or other emergency forces you to Sling Down business temporal ily your insurance will you the Money Yon would have received had your not been Isle in Clcil. See Jim Blair Riordan incorporated comp Lilc service i Aspin i Lizine lir Islai science heals social adjust mesh Compromise . 690 pc tuesday sept. Ii . Arizona daily Sun Klag Suff a feint m september is 13m t Sun t Collins a Fiir idler i vim in drastic on Juke it i or radio i flu Lisa is fantastic jul Tiiu slate motorists user Cipot trillion Gallons Vasolino i Day.1 Barker Village garage now Lin under Civ. Mimas Emcil it ii Val Aulo fic pair service Swain Onnor 3 Miles Kast on us Hiway w phone Ou-r-4 truckers general tires Hawkinson Kraft system recapping Iff the Road equipment contractors us fulfil your tire and wrap pump needs. Kaki it service Fiorni Ahod in Northern Ari Zona on any Job site. We arc available to to Recap your fires whether Road equipment and furnish All tire demands with general tires. Stolk up to 2400x20 tires so drive out and our Plant Lajic let is help you with your tire prob Leivia whether Small or Large. Zahar1as general tire service East Flagstaff 759-w sept. Has in t As Hie the Mannind Harvest Plinner i in the n Uli Vily Seii ool Hall i 0111 i Brookli . Genera Aro or Charles Honney and mrs. Brill. To e Harvest will so crossed in i Jor Alii is and inputs they said. Completing the Leonii Viltee Are mires. Red ii. I Anil Leirer. Lloil. Loom. Claris. With can. Llort in i Al Gilill Nijiu Xvelon men ,.f a r underprivileged is. Mrs. Ii. left .-r he will her . J m. .1. A. Wiio is ill Wospil. 1. Big ill reeled null by Mil Lian on. Tin Roii Sills .11, oven lir Niler Nihil ran in to Ili oped in an i lie in level Nim i. I. I i Ifo. Rein be placed in 1op or to in he Kilren a. This Peirl Neil Kilbel and puts Varlly n i i i it. I i i03rc Anniv Orsary Elmr Sliff Kali Lodge Relt Braunl Ilir i1s Ray evening Wilf More Presnol. Lone Mcc nil Ray Side i no Llic Reading he Elmi refreshment in blk also carried out the decorations re fax Sliment table also Iii i a col to ibo no will Margaret i a Len in chaise assisted by Mabel Finif ton Winn u Rigil. Holh Liomin and mrs. Ali Cavil in brought n front Llic Inlet i Lub Iii Nril Al lie Cheri her Rimmi Etc tuesday Cven Illk. Ouida reported on the school instruction held in u Willir fans recently. I repair ii for be inst Hito new Holbrook club which is scheduled for 15, members Ibe local prac tired Drill Init. Hamilton a summer Visi i Linnol sort acc or italic Norlyn in Northern Arizona aass Mirror Iii or. Knola the. I2bs insurance Agency Peacock s upholstery i islam prompt Scrico reasonable a phone 1441 i k. Cherry Klas Senff i in deeply genl caul to Tho voters Coconino county for tie Fine complimentary vote accorded in

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