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Arizona Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 2

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Arizona Daily Sun (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Flagstaff, ArizonaSin Stath Ali Kloi i ii aim duo Anikis Market scores moderate gain Voitik in him Karl in "1ij Afu Rii Onn Ullh 11 Coli ill a Marstall Ilie state As Iliin Jnii-.-. Hoard his Antl mini. Chosen a non Najjar the Hoard had a lot a Jim. Plications thu was year Job. Ami Accord Pilj to information Camu to Signun in the Board released Here i.s7u. 11cw soil Elk Ilia in s Lis mei1. I Scottsdale is Well inn Maiki i. Oils and Vul i Aily i lie Board is nil in ibo one from Neh inc Kii i is i Iii Whis Nusun a the state s i Oiin ties. Over thai Jonh chairman is i. Morris Rich-1 Ioco Kavai Ami Viii Iii Catilina arils. Newspaper 3 Mil Ini Blister. C nuo Nirid Nunly i in ii m inn. S. Ami unique member is vol Al it Nairn. Ilium , today s weather i we at 111- i a act delegates named for state Ai us. -.1. Linday Sui Alay in., in ii. In Lull rain trial Illis cat in lie i. I our cast loll Ami Vicinity variable in i i Stanford Carn Paic i expenses top i loom Nix William k. Sinn a a Imil i Oil any la stiff m Fri Sqq fisc Ajalat claim Cha chief Arizona daily Sun overs adopt gifts i 9 _ r i Lilly l 13, pc Washington Afi a civil i Adenauer 1 european Unity drive Hong. I minis a m fila. In i ii Dini the As Linail in or Liia Sui Minn pm tin at Vilk Lilliem a statement a Neil Iii i Imp in i tin Al i up formed Cul Orcil in Dunlin in n Conn is re i i is Anu la Sidi d. Muir Amin nil . Candida los -s.jll. 17 Llu in Lute v la plus. J j William. or Polly j a drive Oai Levi 1 daily Niord a in Vlku Lias a Star lint Inid Nel 000 Pir Venir Vith which work. T a it s int is not mily to pro s Golf ill tourist i i one Ichih stale s Diniel Indus list j i tries Lizul to work alone Oiler lines in new in i a Risili iicr.0 plus ties ill to Illus u Cill Olin j a m1 400d Anil Almu i Sli ols development Mir whether fir not cow. Tool ill tlu1 Insil Ilinor Slu los in will be Prelly Well determined i Iii Ami i Niino Nial ill the lloill1 full Lluc. I Imi Lily daily it it thous anything in Shui ii a Ila certainly lie Worth i -jj.co. A year in wills. I calves i Lor in regard in ils i Ull Anil Mil ship is Llic fad that him an ily sunk any Enlil ii Al l 5 on represented in in. Must Shokri we 1 nil 2 the Are businessmen. To in Jimj m professional men. Industrial ii Maul la Isle jul Iho Soi. Haril Wolf. I . Haik d men newly a to do a Slu i a Imi in Al Polimen to l students our Puess is thai the Lioanel n will Ollil Klov and Ark incl. Xvi a men i in i Fialli cute with which Hini . Tills it is faced. T n Moduli la. Ii a Llin la a ului1 i texans plan summer Atli Masuici ail in Knox l. So Kori in. I ii. Ninin Uii inc mrs. Walk is i Carid for girls Here _ ii Rnic in unil i i Vii to i officers press Hunt Mav. Man. Florica Nell and Cora i. mrs. Holly to attend census conference mis. Mark Holly , i will a cml a Fui few and i Van in slur i Erra .11 tin i i i Iii Tiht 01 to c to Ai s a a t Uny luny i i Visi lilo in the Ollu a Mill i a. In cd Iii in it was to mrs. and j sulm. Will my ,1 c music was Oklay Iii i Milli ,m1-my Lii Nairi a. S071 Offir ors in addition in Mon a uni lady skin. Nil i Villi in Only lilo inner Cal Annua Llu pm. Assi Nelmary v in Uil i r Lii Ink is Loiuis a Iii Cluj i Iii Sionni i y i s2 arc Doni i we k Wall in Cli a. Made us a sue Ai ,1l., i Iri Siili in fur Tiss Clillie a win in Liui l p a Kud Teliin n. Pit Siili no no is is i Anil Liln Nui in Iulo Paior Ito s Donald Diann. An Fiji Linail As in a last tin i no Lufto left so Lulaj for i Lin . . Is Van in i Ali Iionno Noss sepia ii chit i and in and to Alt in , Imi no hip pros nigh pm Lenl Anil i Misiur. . N. Coli Irr coi pus Clivi Sli. In Lii Lioanel Mckinl Ucol inc air i an 1 cum alien Lilly Ali in fur j 30, a Alvr Nicklyn. J Luald Kim Ili i men. i a Rii ians Oli a u i i six still missing today j their Ivas no Iii Lii Alain Ivlin volunteers Aid i h 1 Tali iils Tail i a in fill it pin n c i us nil the 1 Afu i Ilie Era in to liar a is. I in Seilal. Al Llic i Ria Slaff residents an Ivy n ii Maini a in a Widor said inc k i i die Asiman ,.f veil a the his for in arrive there today Hul thai Valley after uni .1 e Al Iii i coins Al. I 111, has Bren reside it in nun Fine or for ihi1 Dis-1in iric-1 Tor three years. I to Lii. 111 was reside ill car Jii Iii i a no Llu a link Chi ringer at Tucson. He Noui in Wilh tin1 department i m in Llu who was killed in an Ait Ltd Mobile Accident n Lew weeks aliens . Who Lisis Lucasi been ass Island. In Dav will be appointed to u Lulu inc a Lipini As flair Start District nit Fine a Liana n Napilo ail Moh and. Lii Wick Are eminently Well qualified j to for their new posts. Their Piol i ssi onal train Iii. new i a Ghiardi is and lire Roas Lal a maps in addition both Are hard m find Maii is Silt in Wol . , com Lalli Onali Lill Civ devoted to Ilie Best in at clip Ken Ciolk a Lviv i Lerestes the s ale in a Osc my fit i Roni Normal to i Ishway matters. neither has Ever been accused Briner a his far Ruil thiral in arrive thu re today Hul Hal vanity Allyl 1if i All Woi a i Moi Pihan a i fluffs.n a. . Italian u.mnnuu-. Lip no . M Day i h . D n n l. 1 no. Wis i Kis Lviv to ill Lenl i Mil in inn i ilm Nunn will Saa i Anio loan Cialini Lawn Han Liaf a i its. Fad lilies ready be Lions by Ami Del mint in. . Lie Milf Fulcd Oills Liolion b Ulli la cum ill for hip Nii Zinik is ill 13. nil in a void is m in. Pc in allies ant one is 8 dead in korean standards they have set in tin encephalitis outbreak positions Icv previously oc-1 a Nikit the Ilick Ivriy Cumi Mission j ill n so i ii info i a Hildn l. Have made two Bel Anil in acc in the slate i commission. I Arizona daily Sun int Ceil is or cml ii Iller aim nil i. In 16. In Lulf tns1 office no hit act Man h i Lull line a Linn i Killor ainu Kin i. Llu.--. A ii Una. William Mitchell adv. Dir. Nob plan Hill liar Collins society ii. Rotors myth. Suhs tiption hats. Mull i Ono year. .510.00 j Onn month three months 3. Six months 5 All Suli or options payable in Advance j any reflection upon inc standing Arlinr Acler or reputation any person firm or which May appear in hip. Columns Arizona daily Sun will be gladly Corret cd upon ill he Ine Bronchi to inc nil cation the in n i firs will Liis or Hidy Iii spy for i Collet re our now us a Ito Xai will make Irir Foni Lesl i Oam conic i Rue. My i ii n Nelo Rhoton special Aucul new York life 1nsukanck any e. Auric i Lonc 817 office Rhine in i a Home it s so easy to keep him Happy thiem a Carrier boy Hustles As lie delivers Liis Anc whistles Asio mates his in s a sure sign customers Are paying promptly. It s just human to be eager to please people see Hal lie gels paid on time specially so. Because he is in business for and needs the Money to pay his own Bills and reap his full Protil. 1 to keep your Carrier Happy jus remember to have the ready each collection Day. In hell do his Best to Steep you Happy dependable Newi service Day in the year. Arizona daily Sun we Sharpen Lawn mowers Conrard s machine shop 2 mikes pit pm. 219 thanks friends i want to thank the voters for their support and Confidence in my candidacy for the nomination for state representative District no. 2 this support is sincerely appreciated and i will do everything possible to Merit it. Harold Scudder Dorofi open p. Last times today news cartoon starts tomorrow Linx Offieri opens 5to closed monday tuesday double feature est Mayo phone 77-j show Skirls at dark Linx office opens 7 i a. Last today 000 passenger flown thai s tic one a Cir record o your Uirl inc proof in ouch for you Fly Frontier to Phoenix 5 min. Albuquerque 3 hrs., 10 min. Tucson hrs., 5 min. Frontier Call 907 for information and reservations airlines

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