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Arizona Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 1

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Arizona Daily Sun (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Flagstaff, ArizonaDulles pledges defense of Formosa a full leased Printer teletype National and state news wire Nea pictures features Tho s own nor limn Arizona news service eight daily comic strips and panels and latest serial fiction by popular author the Home evening newspaper of Northern Arizona top Security _. Group meets Arizona daily ont Rainy vol. 23 i Irio 7c f Feiy feeding Salu Flagstaff Akiona Joy phone 21 monday sept. Lite voters state election shows swing toward left socialists emerge As. Leading party Klix go Nanny to a political riptide menaced Chancellor Kon Lart Ailen nuer and his pro Amuri pm Fatien policy today is his socialist fold emerged is Tho strongest i Iris in a key stain although the coalition Tion Clad. By Arigna Zigr k Christian demo Crumlic Union cd appeared Turc of holding control of the gov j eminent in Tho soviet ?.one Frontier male of Schleswig Len Stein the socialists Lead in yes i crony s balloting was seen As a Csc Ircul exposure of the old Load-1 or s suddenly dwindling popularity. The Vurnol state called the. Poor House of inc Bonn no Public rebuffed the 78-year-old Chancellor s plea for a vote of Confidence in electing its new land tag state campaigning for overtures to Russia to unify Ensi and West Germany he socialists outscore of the Christian democrats in the same state that accorded inc cd a 2-1 margin Over ils Arch rival last year when Adenauer was re elected Chancellor. S. In Loday filial. Count the. Cd roiled its socialists to Rebuff Adenauer Ike reaffirms determination to Block aggressors Devi in it Pius Fli ski. Lionor Tell. N Fiir ily c in ii i has Ivor Iii policy of lifer Kiihn hip Iii no Niue roses of attic ilium in Sitts the "1 the or at least 10 dead in Northeast storm area tribe names Beauty Queen i Tho president my Dot ii is in nows Miti in sex i Ruri Linini y of Hie Cuney to Mici i Mizii while House nit cling was coiled i Chick executive to discus Stral Ngy for with to threat abroad. After Hie sission Spavin y of state Dulles declared unit aim fati military Uil tiny chinese Tinmu Siisi a s sn 11 nation is t Formoso. Lului the Secretary Coni in Unish guessing As to win flier Tho United states will to Tho defense of the chinese Nalio nudist of Plikh hits been under Shell fisc from Ilu itch Inai Planit. In his Irion Ruml stale Neni to newsmen Eisenhower snid Klinl at the lop secret Council meeting a decks in its were advanced for Dulles hinted in and of the meeting that to Lxi Council might Chart some Phi Cirii policy with respect to As related to Overall the fens i of Formosa by the . 7lh Fleet in the event of i lied As Sault on hint chinese nationalist bastion. Eisenhower said today Ihal the meeting Anion Luil t o merely consulting together Aslo the of the United states i the world today in that particular Aiea hint in Niiha a area of the Western a reaffirming oin Devo Moji to certain president Aid yom i Day s Security Council meeting the first Ever held outside of Wash was unprecedented Evoid eight inches state were attributed to the. also Vei v ii inane. Went on to owl he had Al Nylon m. Cross j Southern new England braced not Mel Elln Council for More treks and Hal Dulles i Tomo Tyks tin Chiy Liiri iter a a hit i i. La i Ahtl Hicks i Millir , Liln enmity v so chairman Mill . T a joins can Stihi tits i pinup no icily if the c Liau Ilii ulu arks v Hoard ils Fisl Gnu Iii picture Here Kal t Hamaji a of taking in i i work v Ere Nairn Domino pm my in Viilu i Hill Cdv. In Ward Tyle .1. Itch Nils Vai Apai Ron itly n .u., i Iii f ii Couil land for llul.l.liol lips tile Unona in in the tils of the Khi Slaff Xvi r ii Pouf vol a great indeed and Cert Uiti apis recite All the business Zwicker Sticks by testimony of his Eisenhower d. M. Downey Dies Phoenix David a Downey Fil former Phoenix kiss Maff and Maricopa county Engineer died yes tiday at his Home in Phoenix. Downey graduated from the University of Mich inn in Illg and took n Job shortly t hereafter in Corkdale. Lie was Flagstaff City Engineer Ihan 10 years for the state High Way department. Contin Taftt on tier fac 2 Dulles or rival Bach in washing Rte trom Elmis to the Chr 1 Lias wage talks continue by the Japan reels from storm Tokyo in violent typhoon june a so mile wide path of death and destruction across the Southern Mainland to Day. At least 1g persons were dead ton morning and Sirj in arc it is american policy to keep the chinese communists guessing As in whether the United states will defend Quemoy. Lief Ore yesterday s Council ses Sion Eisenhower conferred with Fiji chief j. Cd Ger Hoover and atty. Gen. Brownell on the red threat on the Home front. After that conference Hoover and it a cells of li.? Insl told Only the truth when Testi fied in forc senator Mccarthy lust teb. 18. Mccarthy testified last week that the Alec Oratch to Coral at least misstated the this Ami other i of t of the Fiona Raj election Campaign is to Morrow a tvs sin i Ings begun. Kickoff for Tho Carpi sign is generally re girded As Llic Scho Duld joint appearance it a league of women voters mooting in Plionis of the opposing Wandir Lucs for governor do Mon rat Ernest a. V Arhmed anal Lucum lint Uci Mhli rep. John j. Umles for Iii i second term As n Republican rep Ibsen Lclive from Iho Pluto s ii St District got Imler Way today. Re n by. J the irn Vernor that thu state hns gain ii Cople Jenhs and in income since too along with increases in farm and mine production and a retail sales jump of from annually in annually. In the tourist Field Trio a governor the admin slur lion s is to Utt Chy the communist Nirav in uni to talc to talc v eight missing Brkl 5.3cg homeless v mrs in Teplo in inc inv Noboli Ntiros Heth vein the incr news Scricc report ill. M a Hucl j . Tusti Kiriti til site a iat Senate come Mitlee tin ii to the Deal fair Donl is censure chair res no inst me do Ory of or continue Thi ouch what May with pc ski. In Kisun lower. Be Llic Las tiny of its hearings. Lie Dorc riling inc s i in one of the Cherpes against my i am nne of Iwa Coful lion of Carthy is that ii Bascil in Icker Able Warneil Lillo More official National Union of mine Mill i. The i owling storm slammed into smelter workers Ami three cop. Timing Kyushu Island a Ith Cirals m the miam area ,fa0 Miles an Hill to had been in poor health for slackened to 90 Miles an Mcnno while tie Diffin Villics in the typhoon Inlall. In can the Union Ami Hie 1 i claw three Southern Kyushu cities Doc Lac corp. Al Tishee and Doug lashed by an 83-mile-nn-Linin wind Las settled Over the tidal Waves Neil Goudhurst Lains in were evacuated. They Are Miya Minc Mill employees of the in will residents Miya am n Ochoka 11 years and a As ill for Tho last Lance Sci piously months. Suit ivors enc Hitie his two sons. John of Json. And David living in Chili _ forma a brother Julian of pics to National smelting it refining Yonojo to pfc w Hie Board of re Cott and Bis Mother mrs. Elynnor co., the inspiration Consolida cil 000 gents of Arizona s three ins Titu Downey Phoenix. Copper co., and Miami cop the Lions of higher learning today hired Cral services Are scheduled per co., have Ireon on strike Myron to Lhart As budget tomorrow. One Wicks. Tho newly created position pays in animal salary of Honnert who has worked for the state department of Public in Struc Tirmiz also was author a cd to newspaper Yomi Uii said a for wiped Miyako Ojo. Hie storm paralysed in the area. Hire a Secretary and a Cal office Spaneo in Phoenix. Tho budget officer is charged sportsmen hear plea for water resource Protection College profs spot Bighorn at Canyon is Rheinb of a Sheen in it i not seen in the can j Lyle Price contract of d by commission More than a million dollars a Orth of Road contracts Utvic approved at n meeting of the state Highway commission saturday in one Gning to Trico for a project on the Ash Kirk Prescott Highway. I Tho Price contract for construction of shout eight Miles is for Tobor Northern projects let included one for s119.bs7 to United contractors for 2.7 Miles near Ash Junction on wifi Ruvay a re Newing bituminous and Seal coat ing seven Miles of the flags Alt Winslow Highway near Fea Slaff no Ami paving four Mik a of the the for. Of climb to the top get Angel Bridge about in Len in r nor of Mao in upper Lake Mary. Day. At noon the company off i policy of the atomic Energy com a trawls from vials will be hosts at Tony s Steak Mission in contracting for uranium pm Rose to House at luncheon for a group of development Only with Large firms while tie annual recharge is Only Community leaders. The spa decided that even if around acc feet ----------7. D _ the Aren is any Large Oiler resolutions approved by Mosow to Honor Rosf cd sikh to finds of uranium can he mined the convention urged expanded tinder the joint supervision of the style Trout rearing facilities asked dec and the department of Agri Congress for funds to repair damage to waterfowl Aroas a car damages City a Small Tornado whirled through Bagayan do Oro a Civ it and flattened eight Homes injured eight per sons uprooted scores of Trees and collapsed Walls culture. C. Do Cess of Yuma was Toprock by lion ceding Phoenix. Opera Lioni Ove a was or r Operario elected president of the Organiza air Gail efforts r Imp o Hoover of fishing in Uke Mary car flac Semff and urged a Wal Croul study Howard addressed Thoon Ibe River. Worshipful masters Flagstaff masons meet this Negdar meet tonight the regular monthly a acting of any sept. In in the masonic Tern j the Flagstaff City Council will take pie to Honor past worshipful Pace tonight. At the Council s tors. Officers said today opens it 4 . Dinner will to served at by the rain Bow girls. Work will re sume Al 8 o clock. Chambers in City Hall de Verlcy mayor reported today. Routine business makes Urf of the items on the Agenda mayor Kerley Sam. Honorable discharge riven Mai inc Iii i chess. Mccarthy has Caln .1 Nalion s feel Are ired Levoss a fifth amendment upon the Crim sol "10 Plav Coli linux All players Are of the he said. Meeting in Phoenix i the Only time in the Cam pair ii 1 Yle anal Jwill i Ink i Otic the Salmo pint i arc exp ctr Tilo Lilic rallies in the near future. I Harry Lennox named school group Chiist the president of the n Ortli Ern Aii Zann i -assn., elected at a saturday meeting Here j a Harry Lennox superintendent of or Hills at Selip Nikii. Elected vice president was ii. Principal of show j Flake while Oiler officers Are wll of real Killip principal of flip Riaff see Ciary and Gill Tor Ora flags Liff High in Acher Secretary. The organization Voled to Juhe Northern Ariauna film Library j from Phoenix to Arizona j next july and Sofii. That the annual pre ers conference held at Illge be t. super mirth miracl and sched veil april for Thevan Hirial music festival. Woman son hits photographer with steel Power took this picture of Marilyn Monroe Strong new York s Idlewild pipe Nix mrs i inf a her son n is Ere treated in a taday for Burns sufferer when Uwar Fiott burned Joist o j i Ane wrap by year itch Nuiji new York Tor he film version at mlh1 fire she uhf bump re while i damage was

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