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Arizona Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 1

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Arizona Daily Sun (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Flagstaff, ArizonaVol. 26. No. 93 a boat 774-4545 Flagstaff. Arizona Price 10 cents saturday november to 1971 thrusts9 ease pressure troops mass on Border Irish revolt major attack looms pullout starts that time again basketball season already that s right and coach Slan Townsend of the Coconino panthers got it started right with a basketball fundamentals clinic for Grade school students. It s the first clinic of us kind in the history of the Flagstaff Public schools. Here Townsend and Maestas left and Tom Pearsall both seniors on the Panther varsity give the first lesson to 18-year-old Brett Conway. Sun Foto by Joel Hobbs pin Oppenh Cambodia of South vietnamese troops were massing Long the cambodian Border today poised for a pos sible attack against North vietnamese and Viet Cong regulars. The cambodian command s chief spokesman said earlier in the Day that a South vietnamese thrust into enemy bases alone highways 1 and 7 in Eastern Cambodia would help ease the pres sure on cambodian forces near phenom penh and on the northeastern front. Informants returning from the Border area said that some Saigon forces already had been moved from Mekong Delta in South Vietnam out new searches today around across the Border into Cambodia a roman Catholic monastery cambodian forces launched two new Clearing operations North and South of phenom Peri in efforts to ease North vietnamese pressure on the capital. At the same time military Headquarters re monks held Belfast Northern Ireland a British troops carried following the arrest of two of its monks on charges of shelter ing guerrillas of the Irish re publican army. Sun Phoenik a Jack b. Rich says his House was set afire by improper work on his color television set he filed a _ damage suit in super of court frit Jay against James Jorge Tiow and Nick Baratta partners in a to repair shop Rich said a fire broke out in minutes after a repairman left his Home in november 1969. Mars has Middle age spread Kent trials the British first searched the 69 cambodian troops killed in the first monastery at Portglenone 30 to o m phenom penh s Miles Northwest of Belfast on Western outskirts. The cambodian command Friday but found nothing. Claimed 300 North vietnamese troops were kill leaders of the Trappist monastery said they had no com the new operations Are entered 15 Miles plaints about the search. Southwest and 25 Miles North of the capital. But Ivan Cooper a protest the command s chief spokesman it. Col. Ant member of Northern ire am Rong said he doubted that two North Viet namese regiments totalling about troops would attempt an attack in strength on the Capi Tal itself. More than cambodian troops oppose the it was sacrilege to carry out. Korth vietnamese regiments just to the West that to South monastery simple Becaum two capital. Of the Community had land s parliament who sits for the mainly Catholic social democratic party assailed the search operations. Been charged with attempting to Ravenna the men across Pasadena Calif. A space experts have reported that radio tracking of Mariner 9 shows Mars has an equatorial bulge and appears to be slightly Oval shaped rather than round like the scientists at the California Institute of technology s. Jet propulsion Laboratory also reported Friday the giant dust storm that has obscured much of the planet is slowly c ear ing. Surface detail is beginning to come through these Are court the clearest pictures said or. Bradford Smith of new Jnai Mexico University As he viewed the latest photographs from Mariner 9 As it orbits Mars. Scientists said it was very important to define Mars shape precisely because it could give new evidence about the planet s evolution and whether Mars is still evolving or died millions of years ago. The state grand jury which probed the May 1970 disorders at Kent state University Are scheduled to get under Way monday. . Supreme court a. To said Britain s former prime Elded Friday by a 6-to-l vote to Grant no further delay in the trials even though the High has not disposed of in a suit challenging the grand jury indictments. Am Rong added however that a South Viet namese drive into enemy sanctuaries along High Way 7 in Eastern Cambodia would help ease the pressure on government forces both near phenom penh and along Highway 6 on the northeastern front. If such an attack is launched by the South Viet namese military strategists say it would draw Way North vietnamese forces from other Battle zones to reinforce their own base Camps. The Saigon government has about troops _ based along Highway 7 in Eastern Cambodia minister Harold Wilson might around Krek and to the South of the town on the South vietnamese Side of the Border. He added that the enemy has been Able to with stand his losses of men in Cambodia and that Call for a conference of three Northern Ireland s bloodshed. The idea would bring together All parties represented in the common parliaments of Britain North Ern Ireland and the Irish re the current North vietnamese and Viet Cong strength is roughly to men no significant change from enemy troop Levels in recent months. Am Rong put the strength of the cambodian armed forces at More than men. He said the High command feels that South Vietnam is still the primary target of the enemy and that the North vietnamese and Viet Cong in Cambodia appear to be seeking either psychological victories or food sup plies. In Saigon the . Command announced that the 101st airborne division the last remain ing . Combat division in Vietnam has be gun phasing out six weeks ahead of schedule As part of president Nixon s accelerated troop withdrawal to Send thousands of gis Home for Christmas. The command said troops of the 101st airborne were pulled out of combat in today s initial phase preparatory to withdrawing All . Forces from the Northern Battle area South of the demilitarized zone. The command also announced that South Viet Man s remaining Stock of a defoliant known As agent Orange will be shipped Back to the uni Ted states in the immediate future and be destroyed. A spokesman would not specify where or when the defoliant would be sent. The shipment of 1.4 million Gallons includes the american stockpiles of agent Orange and several Hundred thousand Gallons that had previously been Given to the South vietnamese army. Agent Orange was sprayed widely to kill crops and thus deny food to enemy forces in Vietnam. But the department of defense suspended its use in april 1970 after a secret National cancer Institute study indicated the army was inadvertently poisoning civilians with defoliant. On the diplomatic front under Secretary of state u. Alexis Johnson arrived in Saigon and met with president Nugyen Van Thieu for about 45 minutes. . Ambassador Ells Worth Bunker attended the meeting. Johnson is on what embassy officials described As a fact finding trip for an updating on the political situation Here. Embassy spokesmen said Johnson conferred also with Bunker and other top american officials. Leadership crisis reported Portage county pleas court judge Edwin w. Jones said immediately after the High court s decision that toe informants said Wilson he will proceed monday with sees it As a Way of restoring the trial of Jerry Rupe 23, of conduct Between Northern ire Ravenna As the first defendant protestant based unionist government and elected leaders Moscow a pravda said today reports from peking Indi each of the 23 will have a , no Sutlon who Cate that the communist chinese leadership has suffered grave separate trial. The trial of the 2ye it tiflis inf Tina Iliff Tautant _ _ crisis ? by All accounts considerable changes have taken place in the political Bureau of the Central committee of the chinese communist the communist party newspaper said. The depth of the new crisis in the maoist top echelons is seen from the fact that it has affected figures who until recently were considered Mao tse Tung s closest associates pravda said. It added that diplomats and journalists in peking Are con Vinced that recent chinese press criticisms of unnamed conspirators and careerists were references to Mao s heir apparent marshal Lin Piao and four members of the Gen eral staff of the chinese army. Lament since july. Second defendant Peter c. Bliek 23, of Rochester ., will Start As soon As the Rupe trial ends and the others will 1 Hais 3olvc follow in succession. Rope who was not a student at Kent state was indicted on counts of arson riot and assaulting a fireman at the scene of a May 2, 1970, fire that de strayed an Roth building on the Kent Campus. Problem of Bliek a Junior at Kent state democrats denounce Nixon nominee Washington a endorsed by Republican governors or. Earl l. Butz has been denounced by Senate democrats who say he scorns president Nixon s welfare Reform opposes consumerism and environmentalists and is unlit to head the agriculture depart ment. Sen. William Proxmire d-wis., Friday quoted from a speech he said Butz made under the auspices of the general motors corp., in which he said the president s welfare program is so far out even democrats i Congress wont buy it and described environmentalists Consumers and do goobers As the chief threat to american agriculture. Sen. Fred Harris d-okla., who previously has attacked Butz alleged Bias against family Farmers demanded the Senate a. A culture committee re open its hearings into us qualifications to be Secretary of agriculture. The Public portion of the hearings closed Friday with private committee consideration to resume monday. Outbreak of measles reported Colorado City a the state health department said Friday 352, of the residents of this Remote Northern Art Zoaa Community Ted suffered cases of the measles. Or. Philip Hotch toss director of acute communicable disease control said the outbreak began about oct. 1 and ended Early to smooth. He said 196 cases involved children under five 119 cases Laoag 6 10, and 37 cases among children 11 15. He said medical services in the Community Are virtually non Bangkok Thailand Apfield marshal Thanom Kirtika born abolished All political parties in Thailand today. Thanom s National executive when he was indicted in octo Conneil announced no one is ber 1970 is charged with arson allowed to form any political and riot. Party from now Thanom the grand jury named 2s per the Premier took absolute pow sons in its secret indictments or wednesday and abolished but two of Identa the Cabinet parliament and still at Large. The cons motion. Bill Stern 64 voice of sports9 stilled by death Harbron A Aan Nadat was followed Bill Stern whose voice was closely by radio fans. A year known to thu Yoac As a radio after the acc Teot he was Back sports broadcaster died Frt Jay to front of the microphones night at his Home Here. He was again. 64. In 1955, Stern collapsed sports fans remembered him a football game. Two Tor us Sharp of Craft Aad a years later be was Back doing tort Talve sports Aano Madag. A series of sports Stem was also Wen Kiowa for shortly after his collapse be an the said Tefer Mea had done away taste of desc Teaf his of the need Tor Coj recovery Froais narcotics addle Orfil broadcasters. Tion acquired after a Auto Aad hat s hard of a Guy changing the filter workers at Mammoth Glen Cawayan Dan k a fifa Atic Crane fill Al a peas lock 4ior leaves War Saigon a the . 101st airborne division the captor of bloody hamburger Hill began phasing out of com Bat today six weeks ahead of schedule As part of an accelerated troop pullout to Send thou Sands of gis Home from Yin Nam for Christmas. The 101st is the last remain ing . Combat division in Vietnam and its withdrawal Marks a Milestone for presi Dent Nixon s Vietnam nation program. When Nixon took of fice in january 1969, there were nine full . Combat divisions and separate brigades the equivalent of two More Divi Sions operating in South Viet Nam. The . Command said troops of the 101st were pulled out of combat in today s initial phase and stood Down in Prepa ration to phase out of the North Ern Battle zone below the de militarized zone. But some of the men won t be going Home. Only those who have completed the major por Tion of their 12-month tour of duty or Are being discharged Early will return to the United states. Others will be transferred to . Units still Active in South Vietnam. The first units to stand Down included the Headquarters of the division s 3rd brigade and infantry battalion the 3rd Bat. Talion 187th infantry and an artillery battalion the 2nd Bat Talion 319th fiem artillery. The . Command also announced the phaseout of four other units outside of the 101st division which will Cut strength by another 695 men. These included an air defense artillery battalion and three Engineer companies. President Nixon has ordered . Troop strength Cut by 000 men Over the next two months to an authorized ceiling of by the end of january. The 101st was not scheduled to begin phasing out until Early next year but its schedule was moved up after Nixon announced a week ago that he was increasing the rate of withdrawals from a month to a month for december and january because of the Christmas and new year s holidays. The latest available summary of . Weekly strength As of nov. Ii lists american troops in Vietnam. A new sum Mary will be issued monday. . Strength is expected to drop below the ceiling Nixon set for the end of this month. The Start of the pullout of the 101st comes at a time when there is a reported buildup in the a Shau Valley near the laotian Border and to the North of the Valley a vast Region that the division once patrolled. Hotek Kus said by the time his department leaned of add eat la Ucb he lost a Teg. Who s to capt acc jaw Avail the of the dam tha outbreak it was. All Over. He comeback to the sports he said. The ate which the flow of water generators has been in Ike pc Ater at 4am far seven years and Parkera Are Mai a Rel ice maintenance ao4 paint Job a Lac Bif Hunfau Flagstaff Williams grand Canyon peaks reservation area today with increase us cloudiness and Chance of showers late Suslow Holb roof fair with slow a Naif. Details on Page 2

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