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Arizona Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1962, Page 1

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Arizona Daily Sun (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Flagstaff, ArizonaEagle cagers win the marbles take Aal championship see sports Paob a smile a Day a Tang time ago Aid to education meant pop was helping the kids with their Homework. Today s weather increasing cloudiness with Snow showers tonight and tuesday coid and Windy. For details see Page 21 Low 20 High 35. In Northern Arizona everybody reads the daily Sun deserved tribute nearly 600 arizonans gathered Here saturday to pay tribute to an outstanding fellow citizen Public servant state Tor Robert w. Prochnow. The testimonial dinner at 125 per plate was staged to the state s gratitude to Prochnow for ills remark Able record of achievement and labors for Good govern ment during his Many years in the Senate. The event was staged by a group of friends and featured talks by Columbus p. Giragi Dean of Arizona newspapermen and Sturgeon Cromer superintendent schools plus testimonials by an imposing array of notables of both political Par ties expressing the gratitude of All concerned for Prochnow s services and to wish him Well in his race for the democratic nomination for Congress in Ari Zona s new third District. If the genuine enthusiasm for Prochnow which was so evident saturday prevails Dur ing the coming Campaign there can he Little question As to who will be the state s new representative in Washington. He has a truly remarkable record in the legislature and enters the race for Congress with the highest qualifications wide experience in legislative matters and a rare Talent to make friends. Fly we Don t need Iti the president is establishing new Cabinet rank department Urban affairs unless the proposals vetoed by Congress. As we have pointed out be fore this new department of government will give this and future administrations a wonderful Opportunity to re Ward the party faithful local Campaign workers and Gener Ous donors with Good jobs. We do not believe the . Needs this new department of government. With Many others we believe that Thorn is already far too much Federal govern ment. We believe this department of Urban affairs will give 1 the Federal government fur ther Opportunity to encroach on local government. We note that three of Arizona s four men in Washington have come out in opposition to the proposal senator Barry Goldwater re Congress John j. Rhodes r and Congress Man Morris Udall the Only one not yet heard from is Ven Erable senator Carl Hayden continued on Page pour look Louft. Shooter. Up to Gallons Lake Mary Cains lot More water Flagstaff s water Supply picture est for w already Bright because of heavy runoffs in the area got even Bright last week City manager c. T. Pulliam reported this Maggie morning. Upper Lake Mary one of the verde 4-h or to attend meet Tucson special Vivki Beaver of Camp verde is among four 4-h youths who will represent Arizona at the National 4-h club Confer ence in Washington d. C. In april. In 1931, he set a world death Jon record with Points. City s principal sources of water was pegged at 23.9 feel and con Taining some of water nearly a half a billion Gallons More than recorded for the week before. Comparative figures Pulliam said were 21.1 feet for feb. 13 and Gallons which in turn can be compared to 11.2 feet and Only Gallons on feb. 9. In addition Pulliam said the Runoff from the san Francisco peaks is beginning to perk up Al though the colder air at the higher altitudes will slow the Start of this Runoff. Last week the Runoff from the Mountain averaged Gal Lons per Day compared to a Low of Gallons per Day prior to feb. 12. To show just How Bright the water picture is Pulliam noted that on March is last year Only Gallons were in upper Lake Mary and that during the week of april 7, 1961, the Lake hit 21.1 feet or Gallons the High Thi Lake is already some Gallons ahead of last year. In t enough water Pulliam added. We i gluttons and we d like to have running Over the Pulliam who inspected the Lake sunday said however that h does t think the upper Lake will spill Over Liis year. The upper Lake will hold a b to less than Gallons an we re a Long Way from that yet he noted. It has to go to 38 be before Over so there s Long Way to go continued on Page two allies defy Erlin air Kras smell Berlin a Allied aircraft flew through the Ortli corridor from Berlin Oday to counter renewed so Iet pressure on the vital air Anes informed sources said. Military Anil commercial trans Orts thrust through the Berlin Winburg con Idor Over comm St East German territory the informants said. The Western operation was deigned to assert Allied rights in Ace of the renewal of harassing tactics by the red air Force. Welem commanders gave or ers for the transports to Fly de brately below the level the soviets want for their exclusive so for a three hour period. For the sixth time since it tarted harassing Western air inks to Berlin on feb. 7, the soviet air Force told the Berluti air safety Center sunday night t was reserving air space up to ,500 feet in the North corridor Reading to Berlin from Hamburg. Allied control officers rejected the soviet flight plan and ordered military transports to stand by. The soviet move came after a weekend pause in the Berlin air crisis. Sunday morning Moscow announced it had rejected a three Power protest that Maneu vers of he red ail Force in the corridors were dangerous and illegal. The allies insist that air safety rules in Force for 17 years re quire notification of each individual flight through the three 20 mile wide corridors linking Berlin Token of appreciation state sen. Robert w. Prochnow Veteran Coconino county democratic legislator expresses gratitude i per son and beams approval in painting m slate Senate president Clarence Carpenter a Gila presents him with a Fino Gold watch at. The testimonial dinner to Prochnow Here saturday night. Some 550 persons including scores of lop state executive legislative and judicial officials dined on roast beef Turkey and Ham at s25-a.plalo at the Flagstaff to Honor proclus of for his services to Flagstaff Coconino county and Arizona. Sun Foto with Frankfurt Hamburg. The Western Powers Han Nova and charged the russians were trying to charge the rules by making Block bookings Lor the red air Force. The allies do not dispute soviet contentions the red ail Force has equal rights in the corridors but they insist on carrying out the safety rules. The allies complained to the Kremlin that soviet Jet fighters buzzed Western aircraft in the corridors last week. Hailed a huge Success fete sen. Prochnow testimonial Here 37 inches at Sioux Falls after being closed for remodelling and redecorating crippling snowstorms blast Midwest move to Northeast by the associated press the Gables restaurant and Cameo room ii now open for business 24-hrs. Daily i Canso room 9 . To i . 607 mikes Pike crippling wind blown Snow and sleet storms which battered the Midwest Over the weekend Leav ing a Blanket of up to two feet of Snow and sheets of ice blustered into the Northeast today. Effects of the damaging weath r in the eight state storm Belt rom the Dakotas to Michigan vere widespread. Some areas vere virtually paralysed. Thirty one inches o Snow Cov ered Sioux Falls s.d., As the heaviest Snow of the season swept Eastern South Dakota and South Verlern Minnesota. The storms spread into areas in North Dakota Nebraska Wisconsin Iowa Illinois and Michigan. They moved into Northern Indi Ana and Ohio and headed North eastward with heavy snowfall indicated in the northeastern upper lakes to Pennsylvania and new Jersey. The violent wintry weather report Deboulle suggests Summit London a presiden de Gaulle today was reported the have suggested big four Simmi talks on disarmament in a not to Premier Khrushchev. Advance word of the Frencl Leader s move a passed on to the British govern Imant qualified ported. De Gaulle s note was said t be in answer to Khrushchev s re Cert proposal Lor raising next i slower disarmament conference in Geneva to lev of brute of hich whipped across the nation s islands from the Rockies creat monumental traffic jams. Lou Sands of motorists were temporarily stranded As Strong winds hipped the Snow into High drifts i highways and streets. Traffic was sharply curtailed Tofany schools called off classes Day. Church services were can the tumult and the shouting died today but fond memories lingered in the hearts of state sen. Robert w. Prochnow of Flagstaff and some 55u mends colleagues and Well wishers who attended the 525 a plate testimonial Here saturday night to pay tribute to the Veteran legislator s Long service to his City his county and his state backers of the testimonial a citizens committee headed by or. Rexer Berndt Frank l. Christen sen and Ernest Chilson happily estimated a Gross of some from the affair the net proceeds to be used for Prochnow s expenses in his Campaign to become lie first congressman from Ari Zona s new third District the crowd including scores of top state officials of the executive judicial and legislative branches completely filled the Flagstaff armory to hear verbal tributes Paic to Prochnow by Flagstaff school superintendent Sturgeon Cromer columnist Columbus Giragi Anc briefer eulogies by several of his colleagues in the legislature. State Senate president Clarence Carpenter capped the proceeding Bett of Pima also paid a warm Jid Friendly oratorical tribute to Lis democratic colleague As did Ynn Laney president of the Board of regents Christensen a ormer Highway commissioner state sen. Fred Udine of Williams Coconino s other democratic state senator. Flagstaff mayor Rollin w. Wheeler and Harold Huffer Haidman of the Coconino county Board of supervisors. Guests dined on prime roast beef and Turkey and Ham prepared by he mormon ladies following a so Cial hour. Father James Linden Meyer of our lady of Guadalupe Church opened the formal pro Gram with the invocation and Bishop Nelo e. Rhoton of the Flagstaff lds stake closed it with the Bene diction. De Mayes of Flagstaff was Mas by presenting the grading Coconino lawmaker with popular Fino Gold watch to commemorate Thi Shefl Republican state senator i coi to anguished guests included seer tary of state and acting governo Wesley Bolin chief Justice Char Les Bernstein of the state supreme court state superintendent w. Skipper Dick corporation com Mission chairman George Senne jr., state land commissioner 0 b. Lassen and Paul Jones Chai Nan of the Navajo tribal count Cromer in giving the gather ii _ Brief outline of Prochnow Early history noted that these Ator was named Coconino s to Beautiful baby in 1911 an Giragi in commenting on proc now s political career regaled to crowd with Many humorous Ane dotes from Arizona s political la tory the testimonial dinner what had been mayor Wheeler proclaimed As Prochno tar of ceremonies and other Dis iday in Flagstaff. Death heavy Hunt still on for bodies in storm ravaged Germany Hamburg Germany a with 144 bodies recovered Dis Aster teams Laboured in near Freez ing weather today to find More than 100 other Pel sons missing and presumed dead in weekend a for billion Ision to Congress Public works Washington api president Kennedy today sent to Congress legislation to give him Power to rigger up to 52 billion of Public works projects in the Early stage of any business Lump. In an accompanying letter Ken Nedy said the standby authority would be an invaluable anti recession it. Would permit a speedup of authorized Federal projects and provide Grant and loan funds for the states to activate their own Mph priority improvements Ken Nedy unit without the necessity of waiting for Congecsi Oswil action which May be to standby plan part of the Ihrck Point program urged by Kennedy in his economic Mossad Jan. 22, a been hailed by most but attacked by publicans As a potential invasion Mont of congressional authority. The other requested measures vere standby Powers to reduce come taxes subject to veto by Congress and permanently in arged unemployment benefits. The three Kennedy said would permit the government to act More promptly More flexibly and More forcefully to stabilize the Tho administration Hill Sot out formula which would permit the president 1o Senrt the works programs. To could move when unemployment had risen in three out of four or four out of six consecutive months by not less than one percentage Point Ami after Iho proud not. Determined that the action needed to attain of the employ act of 1916 maximum production and Iii Chasim Power. The 52-billion emergency plan would permit a 5759-million increase in Ted ral outlays on resource constr Alion and other Public works floods Over North Germany. Dam ran into hundreds of millions dollars. Flags flew at half staff on gov Rymont buildings throughout est Germany. Three Days of Public mourning were proclaimed Hamburg a City of lat was hardest hit. The City s amusement centers and bars vere asked to put out their lights and cancel Public dances mild winds blew Over the rav ged North sea coast. A full Moon might will mean Peak tides but. Officials forecast no now floods hat would threaten remaining dikes. In Bremen seven persons were isted As dead. The state of lower Saxony rechecked a. Report of 2-1 dead and revised it Down to 31, other deaths included one icel Swift Holstein. Iron oils previously authorized a Congress granting of up to s750 million state and local government Tor capita improvement pro Grams Lonus of up to million t state and local might otherwise be in nil to Curry their share of the Cost t projects for which Federal Grant were authorized fld allocation of another Mil lion to Miyot the three preceding m might Cape canaveral Fla. Brightening Wea Ler picture buoyed Hopes iday that astronaut John Glenn or. Will be launched Oward a round the Earth or it tuesday after months of plays. At a morning briefing project Mercury officials reported Gen improved conditions in the Atlantic recovery areas where malt. Col. Glenn s capsule Ould descend. The first half of a split two Day countdown was started at m. The recount was i Mohed t 6 ., with both the Atlas Ooster rocket and Friendship 7 Ace Craft described As in go officials wore shooting for r Aunch Between . And . Tuesday. The weather Outlook in the canaveral Vicinity gave some concern. A cold front pre eded by a Squall line was dancing into Northern Florida this morning. This could leave linger ing cloudiness in the Cape area possibly delaying the shot for the 1th time. However officials Irene hopeful Loles could be found to the Clouds through which the rocket would a fired. A Complete Check of the Weih t was due for about Midnight night after which officials make a preliminary decision. We feel a lot More optimistic today Man we did said it. Col. Jolt a Powers spokesman for the astronauts. Conservatively i would say the Odds Are at least 60-40 in our Powers said one change had been made in the lineup of ships poised to recover Glenn. The air Craft Carrier Forrestal has placed the Carrier Constellation the Miles East of Bermuda where Glenn would come Down if he made Only one orbit instead of Tho hoped for three. Relaxed As he can Glenn planned to phone his wife and parents tonight before going to bed about 7 or 8 o clock. If he completes three orbits As planned Glenn will land in the Atlantic about Soo Miles Southeast of the Cape. Some cloudiness was predicted in tiie Cape canaveral area by tuesday morning. But Nasa weather watchers were rooting for it to thin out so Glenn can blast off about . Est. Good visibility is a must to permit film ing tin1 a Pirot during the critical Early phases of its flight. Project Mercury officials will make their final go or no go decision based on the latest weather at a Midnight briefing monday. There were three postponements ast week after such eleventh hour weather Check. Lee Ackerman wed in Frisco Phoenix api Lee Acker Man unsuccessful democratic candidate for governor in 1mo, was married recently in san fran Cisco to mrs. Wilna Franco Meyer. The Bride s parents mayor and mrs l. F. Franco of Miami made the announcement today. Ackerman was divorced last october by his wife of nearly 18 years. She won custody o their four children. Ual Harbour Fla. A president George Meany railed today for a probe of Law who lie said keep rack ters step ahead of the Law and con Pire to exploit workers in new York City and elsewhere. Meany flatly rejected charges made Over the work end by the association of Catholic Trade Union that the Al to Fri Holh Forwit to the plight of Mil Fenu at Low paid puerto Lioan and workers in new York. Tha association called Tor crash Union drive ally Ungos to a hourly minimum Devol

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