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Argus Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1976, Page 4

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Argus (Newspaper) - October 17, 1976, Fremont, California The Argus Linn Brown editor Page 4 sunday october f he Arumi editorial Are Only in the column Belvoir. Other editorial Page materials do not necessarily reflect the i Silion of the i tails. Editorial voters should reject prop. 14 legislators Are elected every two years in California in order to create a Supply of men and women who Are responsible for writing and rewriting the Laws of the state. On balance they do a creditable Job in Sacra mento. The population As a whole has the referendum and the initiative procedures for those times when the legislators Are not doing an adequate Job. That s one reason Why prop. 14 bothers us. It in t needed. Last year the legislature hammered out a Bill called the agricultural labor relations act of 1975. It in t perfect but considering the diversity of interests at work and the general state of the Economy the Bill made major Progress on behalf of the farm workers their unions and California agriculture. Because. That Bill is still on the books there is no need for prop. 14. The initiative in fact destroys the older Law. It repeals the Law substitutes the initiative requires a Blank Check in funding to be supplied by the legislature from your taxes and it makes the Legisla Ture powerless to make any changes in the actions or behaviour of the agricultural labor relations Board. Prop. 14 is a Monument to Cesar Chavez and Little else. Chavez in t Content to the legislature write the agricultural labor Laws he wants to do it and he apparently in t worried about the Cost involved. Last year the alb went through a million budget in a few months. Think what it could do without restraints by your elected legislators. The original membership and actions by the alb were questionable and those questions were asked on the farms and in Sacramento. The Board operating now and preparing for farm elections next month is an entirely different animal. It is less partisan and better financed without prop. 14. The farm workers have the fight to organize and they have done so. The state has provided a mechanism for Union elections with severe enough penalties for unfair labor practices. There is nothing left for prop. 14 to do that is either needed or constructive. All prop. 14 does is Promise to spend More of your Money step on the rights of the growers without advancing the cause of the far workers and provide a Monument to Chavez. California voters Are Wise enough to realize that writing a Law for the Benefit of one Man is not Good government. Vote no on prop. 14. Ronald Reagan one Man s Energy is another Man s Poison Dmitri butt by . Saw Floit James Kilpatrick Small assassins the luddites almost won a big one in Washington last week or at least their modern Day counterparts the pseudo environmentalists did. The luddites were a group of 19th Century activists who smashed machinery to Stop the Industrial revolution. The pseudo environmentalists ostensibly worried about nuclear safety seem intent on turning the clock Back. They persuaded the Federal nuclear regulatory commission to Force construction to Stop on the already approved Seabrook new Hampshire nuclear Power Plant. A few Days later the arc lifted the Seabrook suspension in order to Analyse environmental data. But having once tasted Victory the Antis Are unlikely to now. Approval for Seabrook has been a Long tedious expensive process. If work is permanently stopped Low Cost Energy for import dependent new England will be further away than Ever. Despite All the evidence that nuclear plants can t become bombs that no Plant has Ever had a nuclear related fatality and that depriving americans of pollution free nuclear Energy dooms an untold number to Shorter lives through use of polluting fuels the pseudo environmentalists continue their backward March. They tried a nuclear shutdown initiative on California s june primary ballot and lost overwhelmingly. Now they re Back on the hustings with similar measures in several other states. Overwhelmingly White Well educated and Well heeled the pseudo environmentalists seem most concerned about preserving whatever the consequences to working people or the Economy. The More the modern luddites scare politicians and voters the More Distant a goal Energy Independence becomes. Jimmy Carter stands on r party platform pledged to break up the Oil companies and Speaks critically of nuclear Energy. He is often described As a nuclear though he never served on a nuclear submarine and came no closer to nuclear engineering one year Navy course in reactor engineering More than two decades ago. President Ford s platform Calls for removal of Price controls on Gas and Oil but his signing of the Energy Bill last Winter which has aggravated our Oil import predicament Clouds his stand. Meanwhile Ralph Nader along with self styled environmental Protection rails against anything that might make the Economy function effectively. Nader announces grandly that he is giving up his electric typewriter. This heroic gesture May save As much As a Teacup of Oil Over the next several years. Others Good souls at heart take the pseudo environmental rhetoric at face value and engage in Zany doings. Access to Energy a newsletter published by or. Petr a College professor and outspoken foe of pseudo environmental nonsense com. Rented on one of the zanies recently. The National observer had reported that a or. And mrs. Cantu of san Antonio parents of eight had decided to live without electricity. They now Cook on a three Burner stove and or. Cantu plies his upholsterer s Rade with a treadle sewing machine. For refrigeration they go through 100 pounds of ice every three Davs. Access to Energy concludes they conservationist s dream. The Lack of electricity keeps them so Busy they have no time to think How those 100 pounds of ice were made nor How much Energy they use in hauling them or whether burning propane on a three Burner stove is More efficient than burning fuel centrally in a Power amen to that. One Man s Energy it seems May be another Man s Poicon. Smeared Callaway m. Stanton Evans newspaper nuggets Charles Prestwick Scott 1846-1932 the primary office of a newspaper is the gathering of is free but facts Are sacred. In the Manchester guardian May it is a newspaper s duty to print the news and raise hell. The Chicago times 1861 countdown both general motors and Ford Are modifying their speedometers downward with a maximum of 85 . On the pm dashboard. The race is no longer to the Swift More of a Drift to Thrift. Miehael Novak Washington in the Rush of political events last week s report from a Senate sub committee on the to Callaway affair received less attention than it truly deserved. This was a shameful piece of business but the shame Falls not on Callaway. It Falls on the democrats who contrived this Small assassination and especially on the chief hit Man Colorado s sen. Floyd k. Haskell. From the beginning of this shabby investigation to its exquisitely timed end Haskell s operation was an exercise in political partisanship at Public expense. It would be interesting to learn How Many thou Sands of dollars were spent and How Many thousands of Man hours were devoted to the preparation and printing of More than pages of material adding up to nothing. Howard h. To Callaway it will be recalled is a former Georgia congressman who served for a Little More than two years from May 1973 to july 1975, As Secretary of the army. He resigned on july 3 of last year to become chairman of the president Ford committee. He resigned from that Post last March under a Cloud of supposed disgrace. It was supposed that he had abused his office As Secretary of the army for purposes of private gain. The Story goes Back to 1970, when Callaway formed the crested Butte development corporation to Purchase and operate 580 acres of land in Colorado. The area was embraced within what came to be known As the East River unit of the Gunnison National Forest development program. From the very outset Callaway and his associates made it Clear that they wanted to develop additional skiing facilities at Snodgrass Mountain. In january of 1975, the Forest service prepared a tentative plan for development of the East River unit. The plan recommended that Snodgrass be postponed for perhaps ten years. The following december when a More or less final plan was put Forth the earlier tentative recommendation was reversed Snodgrass was approved. Meanwhile three members of the Forest service who had participated in the january report were reassigned. On March in the Wake of Cairaway s resignation from the president Ford com Mittee senator Haskell invoked his Power As chairman of the Interior committee s sub committee on environment and land resources. He ordered an investigation into two charges in particular that Callaway had corruptly put pressure on the Forest ser vice and the department of agriculture and that Callaway had conspired to get the Forest service employees transferred. Both charges blew up in Haskell s face. One by one the responsible officials were put under oath and one by one every witness denied absolutely that Callaway had abused his office. The most critical evidence that could be adduced came voluntarily from Callaway himself. He openly acknowledged speaking to agriculture officials about the crested Butte plan but his intervention was plainly minuscule. Cairaway s worst offence was poor judg ment. To that he himself pleads guilty. What is the offence of senator Haskell he manipulated his own Power As a subcommittee chairman in order to Curry favor at Home and to smear an innocent Man. Hypocrites drove Butz from office unemployment rate can be misleading campaigning with scoop Jackson last april i was surprised to find that the slogan Jackson Means jobs won a tepid response even in areas of supposedly High unemployment. The pavlovian response was there in response to the classical democratic theme. But Fervour was missing. The fact is that the new unemployment is not like the old unemployment. Working peo ple know some things that journalists and politicians Don t. For one thing the number of unemployed male households stands at a very Low per cent. This is the classic image of unemployment a household without a salary. It is not the chief form of present unemployment. The per cent level for Heads of households is Low. Not As Low As it should be. But Low. The Ideal for the most idealistic democrats is 3 per cent. In addition Many of today s unemployed receive unemployment compensation. At its Best this can cover 90 per cent of salary. It comes tax free and without he expenses of going to work. Some workers can make More Money being unemployed than employed for the duration of their benefits. Since president Ford took office in 1974, moreover his record in adding new jobs to the Economy is positive. Under his administration he number of jobs has reached its highest level in history. In two years Ford added 2 million More jobs for an All time to Lii of Over 88 million jobs. By comparison at the end of 1960, when the democrats left office there were about 77 million jobs the nation did not lose jobs under Ford. It gained them. But it did not gain them fast enough. The new then arises from two sources. 1 the number of women enter ing the work Force particularly As the second wage earner in the household has risen 43 per cent in eleven years. There Are More than 11.5 million new female workers since 1966, including 3 million since Ford took office. 2 the baby Boom that inundated the colleges in the late 1960 s has now crested with a Rush into the labor Market. Since 1966, the total adult population has soared from 131.2 million to 156.4 million. Those seeking work have grown from 75.8 to 95.5 million. The worst May be yet to come. There Are still 40 million women of working age not seeking jobs. Every million of them who do seek jobs will raise unemployment figures another 1 per cent. The problem then is not As Many imagine that so Many americans have been Laid off or lost their jobs. The problem is that since 1966 the work Force has swollen by almost 20 million whereas the available jobs have grown by about 15 million. Suppose the growth in numbers of jobs had equalled the growing number who want jobs. Then there would now be 3 million unemployed and a rate of almost 8 per cent. The moment those adults not working seek work it will go up. The democrats can charge the republicans for not generating sufficient numbers of jobs. They must give president Ford credit however for adding 2 million jobs in Only two years. How fast could they do better a special need arises in the Black Community which generates fewer jobs for its own Young than other ethnic communities. In most Northern Urban communities at least neighbors hire Young people to clean their basements paint rooms Wash windows mind Check out counters Etc. Families hire ont another s kids. Adults help in Job Hunting. It is a Rule in Many households that the Young must work even if Only at Home. The Black Community often suffering under lower incomes desperately needs a sound scheme to generate jobs in its midst. Suppose for example that funds were available for the improvement of housing Stock in Black neighbourhoods. Many of these neighbourhoods parts of Harlem and Bedford Stuyvesant . Contain some of the finest housing Stock in their respective cities. The ability to hire Young people to make capital improvements would help in two ways simultaneously. It would provide employment and salaries to Many of the Young. And it would improve the value of Many properties. For Many working class people capital improvements on property and the ability to Trade up on real estate buying a cheap House renovating it and Selling it for a profit then moving to a bigger House and repeating the process have done More to lift the family a economic status than salaries could Ever do. Salaries barely keep Pace with inflation and expenses. Capital improvements build equity. No areas Are More Likely to yield capital gains Over the next generation than the Well built housing Stock of Many inner cities. Imagination will certainly be needed by both political parties in the years ahead to give every american who wants to work a Job. God knows there is enough to do. Especially in the cities. The soviet system forced labor is not available to a free society. Raking leaves for a City government make work is a barely better answer. Do businessmen have tatter imaginations than politicians or planners what Are their ideas Washington somebody should say a word or two in behalf of Earl Sutz. And against the incredible treatment that has been accorded him. I have known Earl Butz perhaps a dozen years and have followed his career even longer. I can testify As can anyone who knows him. That there is no better Man in american Public life. As an economist Dean of Purdue University a Leader in the Republican party and finally As a member of the Cabinet he has served with distinction and integrity. It is unbelievable that such a Man should be hounded from office for telling an ethnic joke in what he thought was a private conversation granted that to say anything at All off color in the presence of John Dean the Washington town crier was a monumental indiscretion. The fact remains that the juror against Butz has been a masterpiece of staged hypocrisy and everybody knows it. Off color jokes directed at virtually every ethnic group imaginable abound in our society. They certainly abound in Washington. How Many people condemning Butz have not themselves heard such stories at saloons in locker rooms on Golf courses How Many have not repeated such stories on occasion if what Butz said is a hanging offence then half of official Washington goes to the Gallows tomorrow. Butz indiscretion was aimed at Blacks but the self same Story could be told and has been about other ethnic groups. It is a matter of filling in the Blanks. Even limiting Dis Cussion to Blacks moreover we have ample evidence of other private utterance in similar vein. The Washington weekly. Human events recently offered a rundown of ethnic slurs again in private from other political luminaries including Franklin Roosevelt and John f. Kennedy. Examples Are legion. Indeed there is no reason to search the archives for comparisons. We have a recent example before us in the tape recorded chit Chat of vice president Nelson Rockefeller and Gen. Ira c. Eaker speaker of the House Carl Albert or the occasion of the state visit by liberian presi Dent William Tolbert or. This colloquy ended with the suggestion greeted with much laughter that if sen. Edward Brooke a Black were resident in Liberia he would be a slave. Rockefeller and Albert of course continue to occupy their High offices though both Are ticketed for retirement at year s end. The sainted memories of Roosevelt and Kennedy remain and numerous politicos who have repeated ethnic yarns involving Blacks. Jews poles. Italians swedes and other groups continue to Prosper on the Public payroll Earl Butz. Alone among them., is packed off of Coventry. Over against All this is the record compiled by Butz As Secretary o Foj agriculture. His Pursuit of free markets policies has vastly increased production on the farm and resulted in a rising total of income for Farmers while phasing out Liance on government subsidies and controls.? in an Era when other government agencies routinely bungle their assignments. Agricula i Ture under Butz has been a Story of Success. I such substantive issues seem to Little however in a Day and age devoted to political trivia. It says a lot about the condition of our politics that with majors crises confronting us. We Are fiddling around with a Cabinet member s private Ccnversa-2 tons. Or oozing and aching Over interviews in Playboy. It says a lot As Well when and malfeasance abound in government that2 the Only thing which can incense us is ethnic joke. J when the history books Are written what should be recorded about Earl Butz is that served his nation Well and that he successfully applied the principles of Freedom to Ameri in can farming. The books should Sav and 3 almost certainly will say. That he was one the finest Public servants this nation has Ever had. What we Learned from the soviet Mig the intelligence agencies of Japan and the United states have now had More than a month to inspect the russian Mig-25 and to interrogate its Pilot. Viktor Belenko. Diverse reports have been released or leaked concern ing this highly controversial air plane. Some critics have claimed that the Pentagon has deliberately overstated its characteristics and capabilities in order to get More defense funds from Congress. Others have said that it compares unfavourably with . Fighters in performance and sophistication being inferior to our my f-15 and f-16, for example. Most of these Spring from a misunderstand ing of what the Mig-25 was designed to do it is an interceptor not a fighter. It was designed 15 years ago when the United states produced the experimental b-70 bomber for the sole purpose of intercepting and destroying High flying bombers and reconnaissance aircraft. For the purpose for which it was designed it is still the Best air plane in the world. It is the Only interceptor which can carry four. Pound antiaircraft missiles to feet and fire them effectively. To compare the soviet Mig-25 with our f-15 is like comparing Sharks and tigers. Both arc dangerously effective but Jicy do not operate in the same medium and hence Are not competitors. To the charge that the Mig-25 employs unsophisticated technologies these Are facts the Mig-25 has everything in its cockpit required to find and destroy a High flying bomber or reconnaissance aircraft. In fact. It. Can be directed by a ground controller to its target make Contact and return to its air pos automatically. All the Pilot has to do is late is Oil. Press the trigger on signal and land most sophisticated defense against electronic counter measures we have every perhaps the most important thing this Mig has done to us. And for them is to Revolti ionize strategy. It forced us to abandon Complete Reliance on the High Altitude bombet and made it necessary for us to design a level bomber like the by. Cos Pablo of Low Levec penetration of enemy defences. It thus and def at least billion to our defense costs the next decade. An analysis of the current publicity Down grading the soviet Mig-25 interceptor will show that it is largely inspired by the pacifist ant military Antic sense Unm Oral disarmament lobby currently dangerously Active in this country

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