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Argus (Newspaper) - October 17, 1976, Fremont, California Sunday Argus vol. Xiv no. 172 797-5275 a consolidation und continuation of the news Register Fremont Newark California october 17, 1976 76 pages 25 cents citizen group reviews school discipline by Thomas b. Debley Fremont in the Wake of rising Public opinion that discipline in Public schools is lax supt. Of schools Wayne Ferguson wants a hard look taken at disciplinary practices Here. Ferguson has created a 50-member commit tee of parents students teachers administrators and other school personnel to do just that. The superintendent said he has set a dead line of feb. 15 for the committee to bring him recommendations. The committee he said should hold its first meeting within the next two weeks. Chairing the group will be Hal Fathy the school District s director of Pupil personnel. Ferguson said he has directed the commit tee to first review the Board of education s existing policies which Are scattered through out a thick manual of District regulations. He has told the committee he then wants it to draft one or More new policies along with administrative rules and regulations for implementing any recommended new policies. Ferguson said he also wants All policies brought into one package so there will be no confusion on the part of administrators teach ers or parents. In his order the superintendent did not Tell the committee he wants discipline tightened however. He said he intentionally avoided giving the committee such a command because he wants it to study the Issue independently and draw its own conclusions on whether discipline is lax. I Don t want to prejudice the Ferguson said. I Don t want a rubber stamp prompting formation of the committee the superintendent said has been the growing Public concern Over what Many parents View As laxity in school discipline. That concern he said has been voiced in Public opinion polls nationally. Closer to Home he added that concern became the prime topic of discussion at Community meetings held throughout the District during the last school year. That is the reason we decided to initiate the Ferguson said. Those Community meetings were organized by school trustee Gloria Carr who chaired the school Hoard s communication committee. That committee in a report which went to the full Board last week urged creation of the committee Ferguson has formed. Although the meetings covered almost every aspect of the educational the report said the most interest appeared in the area of discipline in relation to academic in addition to mrs. Carr the Board commit tee consisted of trustee Sylvia Cornell. Asst. Supt. For personnel Wess Peterson parents Jane Bonnot and Orbia Carvacho and teach ers Charles Beloian Marian ours Dale Bryan sue Oldham and Norma Stoltz. In a sidelight the Board committee also recommended that the school District draft and publish a parents handbook with information about educational programs policies and procedures. The estimated Cost of printing copies is , according to the report. Ford Carter Trade jabs Over Campaign claims imm Inonu time president Ford whistle stopped his Way through the Abe Lincoln country of downstate Illinois yesterday trading telegrams with Jimmy Carter on the Issue of whose political claims Are Correct. Carter campaigning in Ohio wired Ford and asked the president As a matter of integrity to Stop making misleading and erroneous statements about him and his party. Ford sent Carter a reply citing specific press reports and Public statements about alleged contradictions by the democratic candidate. Ford said i eagerly await next Friday s final presidential debate to hear Carter s response. The states each candidate chose to Campaign in yesterday Are among the most Politi Cally important in the nation. Both Illinois and Ohio have Long records of voting for winning presidential candidates. Illinois has gone for the Winner in each of the past 14 presidential elections. As the 1976 Campaign enters the Home stretch Illinois with its 26 electoral votes is considered and Ohio with its 25 electoral votes is viewed As a toss up. Ford increasing his Strid ency after a Brief setup told crowds Carter is a candidate who would say anything anywhere to gel elected and who wanders wavers waffles and wiggles. He s not the Man you want to be the president also repeated the charge first made at his thursday night news con Ference that when Carter says the country is not respected abroad he s slandering the United Ford said Carter wants to raise taxes for the Middle class eliminate the income tax Deduc Tion for Home mortgage interest payments Cut the defense budget billion and increase Federal spending by billion. Each of those by Carter has been raised before and sometimes in similar language by gop running mate Robert Dole. Carter before leaving for Cincinnati held a news conference in Kanas City mo., where he claimed Ford was distorting his views. Carter said he had not advocated the things Ford said he did. His wire to Ford said i am sure that after these corrections you As a Man of integrity will refrain from making these misleading and erroneous statements to the american Ford s Telegram in reply began dear Jim my and said your Telegram to me this morning unfortunately leaves unclear whether you Are repudiating positions that you have haunted Castle beckons the Public Bette Coppola Candle lighters president introduces Wendi Sullivan 6, to haunted Castle Charity venture will run through oct. 30 at Fremont fashion Center rhodesian takeover plot reported London up the London sunday times said in today s edition that rhodesian guerrillas Are plotting a takeover and will reject any interim government even an All Black one until the rhodesian army is destroyed. The sunday times said it had obtained tape recordings of a secret meeting in Lusaka. Zambia three Days after rhodesian Premier Ian Smith announced his acceptance of United states Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger s Rhodesia settlement plan. It said the recording reveals a blueprint for an armed takeover of Zimbabwe Rhode buses Start today a transit s Long awaited Fremont Newark dial a ride bus system begins limited operations today at 10 . To residents of Centerville and West Newark. Persons living within a triangular Lone in Fremont bounded by Fremont and Peralta boulevards and Mowry Avenue May Call a bus to their door by phoning 771-7454. Newark residents living within the area bounded by Thornton and Jarvis avenues and Cedar Boulevard also May phone for a bus. Cost is 25 cents a ride. The dial a ride service to these areas Only for now will be offered from 10 . To 5 . Sundays 8 . To 6 saturdays and twice on weekdays from 9 . To 4 . And from 7 to 10 . Diau ride service will be within each and to Transfer Points to fined bus routes leading outside the Une. Of hts residents will begin receiving j service within eight weeks. Sia which runs counter to the Anglo Ameri can plans for an agreed the newspaper said Robert Mugabe Secre tary general of the Zimbabwe african National Union and the most militant of the rhodesian nationalists told the Lusaka meet ing even if the proposals gave 100 per cent Black membership of parliament we would not accept it unless there was a total destruction of Smith s army and immediate re placement by Anu forces. The quest is not to go to a conference and argue which Powers each will have. What we want is More time to fight and then the Smith government will acknowledge that the time has come to give in on these proposals. When Smith s army is tired he will come and say gentlemen let s talk about the Transfer of Power " the newspaper said Mugabe regarded As the political spokesman of the Black guerrilla Force attacking Rhodesia said Only fools would accept the consequences of Kissinger s plan. New Pill May end cavities Birmingham Ala. Up University of Alabama school of dentistry researchers who Hope to develop a Pill to wipe out tooth cavities have started experimenting with humans after successful tests with animals. The researchers had been testing on animals an Oral vaccine which they say can produce antibodies that fight the principal decaying agent streptococcus mutant. The experiments were successful. Currently we Are conducting Small scale experiments with lab personnel on a Volunteer said or. Jerry r. Mcghee. In working with humans first want to see if we can naturally induce higher Levels of antibodies following the ingestion of Mcghee said. The Antigens Are selected from certain types of the streptococcus mutant. We arc hoping these experiments will to a Large clinical trial at the the doctor said. Mcghee said experiments measuring anti bodies from saliva and from the milk of lactating females have shown significant amounts of the antibodies. We re probably continually producing the antibodies under Normal conditions but not in amounts great enough to be he said. Maybe we have to think of boosting this already present he added. In animal studies it was shown that certain cells develop in the stomach and eventually synthesize antibodies found in secretions. With this knowledge the research team promoted tooth decay in rats. A test group of rats was Given drinking water containing the vaccine while the control group received pure water. The animals receiving the vaccine showed significantly Jess decay and higher Levels of antibodies. Fremont the Candle lighters ghost House this year with the theme haunted opened yesterday for its seventh year of Charity work. Hours will be weekends and veterans Day from 1 to 9 . And weekdays from 5 to 9 . Through oct. 30. Tickets Are 75 cents per person. Concessions and games will be available. President of the project now in its seventh year is Bette Coppola. Sherry Mcgaughey was the woman in charge of the haunting of the House. The House is at the Fremont fashion Center civic Center drive and Mowry Avenue across the Street from the Bart station. Profits this year have been promised to go to the Fremont boys club audio visual equip ment in area libraries and for a donation to the Bicentennial Grove at Central Park. The Castle will have 10 rooms including a Maze. Dracula s room the scientist room a a throne room a suit of Armor room the pit and the pendulum a secret passage room a playoff from the Book ape and and a room that is billed As completely More than 200 area sponsors Are supporting the ghost House this year. Quick death cancers May be controlled new York up the new president of the american cancer society believes that some cancers previously thought to cause Quick death May be controlled soon to allow a patient to live useful years. We Are getting into an area of Hope for no cure or. R. Lee Clark a member of the president s cancer advisory Board said Friday at closing sessions of the society s annual meeting. He said the National cancer Institute has budgeted million this year for in noun therapy which he called our Newborn immunotherapy bolsters a sluggish natural defense system and seems to allow some cancer patients to live for years with their cancer held in Check. We need to know much More about the immune system that lets some patients live with their he said. A development that lets a person do this would be just As acceptable As a cure. Concentration on multiple Means of therapy shows Promise for control in cancers once thought said Clark head of the . Anderson Hospital and tumor Institute in Houston where Many cancer therapies used today were pioneered. The multiple therapy he cited includes a dual strategy surgery or radiation to remove or shrink the tumor followed quickly by chemotherapy drugs that kill cancer cells believed to be still in the system but undetectable. From such cells in the past new cancers have taken Root and eventually killed the patient. This is the Type of therapy used on sen. Edward Kennedy s son to eradicate cancer cells in his system after a leg with Bone cancer was amputated. First lady Betty Ford who had a breast removed also is on chem therapy As is sen. Hubert Humphrey who recently underwent surgery for Blader cancer. Clark said Bone cancer is one of the formerly no cure cancers responding to the multiple therapy approach. Initial reports also indicate Promise in treating by cast cancer taken on these important issues or whether you Are persisting in denying that you took these positions in the first Long As you do not acknowledge these views and Public reverse them it must be assumed that these Are still positions which you stand instead of raising taxes for those above the median income Carter indicated his tax Reform package might actually mean tax cuts for wage earners who do not take advantage of tax loopholes. I would guess the. Tax rates would be lowered throughout the entire Gamut of in he said. Soviets Cut space flight Short Moscow up two soviet cosmonauts Cut Short their Mission after less than two Days and prepared to return to Earth yesterday after failing to Dock their soyuz 23 with the orbiting salyut 5 space Laboratory. The official Tass news Agency said the planned linkup was aborted because of a fault in the approach control system. The Crew is completing the Mission and preparing to return to Tass said in ,1 terse announcement More than 16 hours after the mishap. The news Agency did not mention the Condi Tion of cosmonauts Vyacheslav Zudov and Valery Rozhdestvenskiy both space rookies but indicated they were continuing to work despite the Mission s failure. The setback was the second in the soviet space program since april 1975, when a Multi stage rocket carrying two cosmonauts malfunctioned and the Crew made an Emer gency Landing in siberian Snow drifts. The soyuz 23 Mission the third manned flight in four months began late thursday when Zudov the 34-year-old , and flight Engineer Rozhdestvenskiy 37. Blasted off from Central Asia. Tass said the soyuz 23 was put in Auto Matic regime for rendezvous with the salyut station Friday night. Earlier reports said the Crew would carry out joint experiments with salyut soviet jargon for an expected boarding of the space station. Docking with the salyut 5 station was cancelled because of the off design regime of the approach control Tass said. The news Agency said the first approach to salyut was made at . Moscow time Friday and the cosmonauts did not Stop working until five hours later. It did not say if More than one approach had been attempted. Tass said salyut 5 continued night under automatic control leaving open the possibility of another manned flight later to the orbiting space station. The Brief description of the failure left unclear what happened during the approach making it difficult to weigh the Impact of the the salyut 5 station was occupied by two cosmonauts for 49 Days during july and August. Those cosmonauts had been expected to remain aloft for a longer period but the soviets reported the Crew had suffered div Cho logical problems. An eight Day soyuz flight last month made no attempt to link up with salyut and was St equipment developed jointly with East Germany. Sun and Clouds to mix up skies in weather it expected today except for morning Low Clouds and Occa High Claudinett later. Increasing cloudiness tonight with a Chance of show try tonight and tomorrow. Highs both Dayi should be in the 70s, with overnight lot in the 50s. Variable winds 5 to is Miles per hour. Astrology 13 sports m crossword 2 to log editorial 4 want ads 15-j4 movie guide 11 wine 3

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