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Argus Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 1

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Argus (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Fremont, California Buoyed Nixon we never give up Stillwater okla. Up1 president Nixon flew to this College torn saturday night amid mounting demands for his resignation and told a Friendly crowd greeting his arrival. We never give a crowd of perhaps greeted Nixon at nearby Vance air Force base where the presidential party switched to helicopters to Fly to Oklahoma state University. To go by and have people say hang in there we Are with you believe me that does your heart the president told the air base crowd. "1 have the old okie spirit got it deep Down inside never give Nixon was accompanied on the flight from by four members of the Oklahoma congressional delegation All republicans. Democratic congressmen declined his invitation to accompany him. After a 25 minute helicopter ride the presidential party arrived Al a practice Field adjacent to Lewis stadium where graduating exercises were held for Osu. One in the crowd brandished a sign saying. Pope and Kennedy Are usurping . a crowd of cheered As the president entered the stadium to address the graduating class of about 2.500. It was Nixon s first venture to a College Campus in six months. Addressing the graduates in what was repeatedly stressed was a nonpolitical occasion Nixon spoke of his Hopes for lasting peace Prosperity and Independence for the nation in coming years. He made Only one reference to his watergate problems saying in the introduction to his speech that he was aware americans have been concerned As i have been deeply concerned by the political problems that we have had in his voice trembling As he was briefly interrupted by catcalls. Nixon declared i can Only say on this not political occasion this having presented All of the evidence to the Congress of the United Stales that i Trust that the House of representatives will act promptly so that we can reach a decision so that the president the Congress can get on with the people s business As we his comment was loudly cheered. The Nixon trip closed oat a week that saw some key gop members of Congress Call for his departure from office and the initial presentation of evidence to the House judiciary committee in its impeachment inquiry. A helicopter awaited Nixon at Vance aka in Enid okta., for the trip to Stillwater. On hand to Greet him on arrival at the airbase jetliner was sen. Henry Bellmon. R-okla., and a crowd of perhaps several thousand Well wishers. Oklahoma s other Republican senator Dewey f. Bartlett and two Oklahoma congressmen flew from Washington with the president. The sunday Argus the president accompanied by mrs. Nixon and some advisers looked for a warm Welcome during his few hours in Oklahoma. He carried the state easily in All three of his presidential campaigns and the school s emphasis on agricultural study gives it a relatively conservative reputation. As a precaution however University officials imposed a ban on demonstrations and protest signs inside the stadium. Leaders of some dissident student groups announced plans to stage a non disruptive demonstration during Nixon s visit and predicted it would draw As Many As 3.000 participants including some from Norman. Lawton and other surrounding okla Mona cities. Happy Mother s Day vol. Xiv no. 13 a consolidation and continuation of the news Register California sunday May March of dimes Wal Kathon throng a throng of Young people begins a special 20-mile walk away from Chlone College and Back yesterday. The walk was special because it earned Money for the March of dimes. Besides the thousands of Young people in the third annual Tri cities Wal Kathon against birth defects mayors James Balentine of Newark and Tom Kitayama participated with Raider Star Ben Davidson. Marshall for the walk. Members of the National guard maimed Check Points while police from each of the three cities patrolled the mute. What action would be saved the life of Alberto Terrones Alberto Terrones or. Shot by a policeman on april 19. Died with heroin residue in his system. It. Has been Learned that he was t turned away but rather was extended a helping hand when lie went to the Cura anti drug abuse Center the night before his death. Why the 30-year-old addict failed to grasp the hand that was extended to him remains one of the mysteries which plague Hie efforts of people who devote much of their lives to Pult the addict Back from the Brink. On the night of april 18. Terronce went to the Union City l Uka office and asked to be Given detoxification. Henry Collins a ecu live tire Clor of Cuka. Siirid that Terrones was turned away because there weren t any detoxification Beds available however. The Coila Counselor who talked with Terrones said that he made arrange ments for Terrones to travel by Hart to thes Ciul site clinician out patient "1 made Llic arrangements for him with soul site and he said he so quid go. Then i phoned up the morning but he was a the Counselor snid. I Don t know he added. The Counselor says he go pc no ii Vornen Dalian for medication to h old Terrones for that night. He was sick. He was real sick but he knew what he was doing. He knew what was Counselor said. If Terrones had asked fur it at the fre Mont Community drug Center a medical doctor could have prescribed anti spasmodic drugs sleeping pills nerve Downers to hold him. According in a physician who said he occasionally fill sur requests. One of the pulling things about the autopsy performed on is that darvon. A pain killing drug was found in his system. Turn to Page 2, col. 1 Nixon will take impeachment Down to wire Julie David Washington Hupfl Julie and David Eisenhower said saturday president Nixon confided Friday night he would take impeachment constitutionally Down to the wire Rashti than resign. They said the tape transcripts merely show him As a human being who saw his dreams standing in front of a grape Arbor in the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden their voices catching occasionally with anger and emotion they flatly denied rumours Nixon was preparing to resign and said the nation had no grounds for Shock Over the profanity or moral tone of the transcripts. The president s younger daughter who said she was so proud of her father and her husband conducted the outdoor news conference while Nixon worked in his executive office building hideaway before leaving for Oklahoma. Eisenhower who spent Friday evening cruising the Potomac aboard the presidential yacht with Julie and the president said Nixon told them he meant to see the impeachment process through to n Senate trial if necessary. He would take this constitutionally Down to the wire and he would go Lottie Senate and he said that if there were one senator who believed in him. Hat s the Way it would Eisenhower said. He believes that its a constitutional process. He believes this is the Best Way to handle Llic asked whether there were any truth in the rising wave of Rumor that Nixon is preparing to resign he said and added. I think that s categorical would Julie described her father As disturbed by the increasing Calls from republicans for his resignation Hul determined to resist them. David said the president now stronger than Ever and Julie added that her Mother also takes things with a Grain of Salt she s weathering this heatedly denying suggestions they had been sent out to speak As mouthpieces for the president the couple took Issue with charges that the transcripts show shocking immorality in the Oval office. I Don t see How you can be shocked by the Julie said.-, 150 pages 20 cents White House 6no panic here9 Washington White House aides saturday rebutted a barrage of rumours ranging from presidential resignation to presidential illness with the words wrong absolutely they insisted morale is High and there is no panic at the White House in spite of the runaway gossip. There s no panic Down one White House official said. Everyone is concerned yes. I sense More panic outside than the momentum of the resignation Rumor especially built up through the week As one Republican Leader after another suggested the president step aside and one White House aide commented on the Rumor wave with some exasperation. I Don t know How can he said that morale is High Here and the president is continuing with the business of the people. The president believes that watergate is a constitutional problem which will be settled in the House and if not there then in the in spite of repeated White House denials however the resignation Rumor built up increasing steam As members of Congress began Reading the president Nixon s watergate transcripts. Another Rumor Given widespread publicity was the claim that James d. St. Clair Nixon s chief watergate lawyer had become disenchanted and wanted to resign. Absolutely said a High White House official. St. Clair who leads Nixon s Legal defense against impeachment reportedly had become dissatisfied because he did not have All the a Cess he needed to evidence bolstering his Case. Some fell he had Given a hint to his feelings when he said thursday Al the opening of the impeachment proceedings on Capaiol Hill. I d rather be Back in Boston practising is representing the the White House official said. We re hoping the True facts will come. The facts sustain the president. He will be mom will have a fair Day fair weather is forecast through tonight exit of for Low Cloudt inc realing along the Catt and Inland morning and night. It will be partly Cloudy on monday. Temperatures will be cooler both Days. Tonight s Low will be in the 40s while the High both Days should be in the 60s. West Erly winds of 10 to 20 Miles per hour Are predicted. De Horny Section Ihn Tyte movie guide sports tiny times wont Adi 16 29-34 4-5 13 8-14 17-18 19-28 she said they should be rend with the understanding that at the time. Nixon was a Man who saw his dreams crumbling Down around David used that same phrase. The transcripts he said reveal a Man who was reacting As a human being who saw his dreams he said these were private talks under the most compelling situation in which the president was trying to remove the taint of any criminality from the White its unfair to hold the Lone of these conversations against he said. Julie worked visibly to Back her anger when a reporter suggested the couple was merely conveying the White House line on Nixon s behalf. I m so proud of him that i would never be afraid to come out Here and talk to any member of the press about resignation or anything even though it goes against my Grain because i know he does t want me to come out she said. He does t want anyone to construe that i m trying to answer questions for i. Scouting a Bridge Tom Sailer 13, of boy scout troop 111 in Fremont negotiates the Mon key Bridge at the boy scouts expo 74 at american High school in fre Mont yesterday. This year s Bay area Spring scout get together involved so May people it had to be split Inlo three regional confab with Fremont hosting the South county contingent

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