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Argus Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1970, Page 2

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Argus (Newspaper) - December 21, 1970, Fremont, California 11ik. Paa 2 Fremont Newark. California mom Lav. December 21.1970 kerosene lamp collection Antiquity enhances things by Bob Forsyth it pow nun str flu poll Ardville Calif. As one observant office wag advises Don t throw any thing away in five years that 68-cent after shave lotion bottle May be Worth and it s True. Ten years ago who would have pre dieted that commemorative bottle of Jim beam would be prize pieces on collectors shelves or insulator Glass from High tension Power lines of Small sections of barbed wire Antiquity and something produced or manufactured after 1830 is generally not considered an antique has Little or nothing to do with collecting things today. Or. And mrs. Eugene Mecum have spent the last six years amassing the world s largest known col Lection of kerosene lamps. This superlative follows a re cent admission by the smithsonian institution in washing ton that according to its records we admit know ing of no other collection of lighting devices restricted to so Many kerosene the Mecum collection of 460 lamps with no duplicates currently is housed for Public View in the poll Ardville ghost town. I think everyone should have a Mecum says. You can discover a lot of different things when you have a his wife adds. The me Cums began collecting lamps six years ago when mrs. Mecum noticed some space at the Kitchen window. A Friend suggested that two Small kerosene lamps might be Nice for the area. Mrs. Mecum found the lamps and within a few years there were 150 lamps on the Walls of their Homes. I had mrs. Mecum re members. They the lamps were closing in on me. We had to move the the collection continuing to grow was moved from Sacra mento to Pollard file where Mecum now works weekends in the mock up Saloon As Patrick although the collection is insured for Mecum notes that the investment was not great because he specialized in More or less modern versions of the kerosene lamp. Most of the lamps Are Between six and eight inches tall and were purchased at variety stores throughout the Western United states. As most collectors have favourites Mecum is fond of two Small lamps found in Viet Nam. A neighbor Friend serving aboard a helicopter flying Low Over an enemy controlled Vil Lage last year looked Over his machine gun sights and saw an abandoned hut. In the win Dows were two Small lamps and the neighbor though of the me Cums and their collection. The Serviceman con Vinced the Pilot to set the Craft Down while he ran in Side the hut grabbed the lamps and jumped Back into the helicopter. Minutes later a Well placed Viet Cong mor tar Shell destroyed the hut. The neighbor Friend and the lamps were unharmed. Mecum figures collecting is a worthwhile Hobby. Not Only do i have a lot of he says but who knows maybe in a few years these kerosene lamps will be very valuable Rhilip Bragar exhibits woodcuts in Mexico City at Tift ii i wife tin an i tilt Art is no business for making a living by Syd love copy nun Imit Mexico City several times during the interview artist Philip f. Bragar of new York excused himself to show his work to potential customers. Once he was gone a Long time. He had left Bie Park to walk quickly Home to obtain a mailing tube because a customer had decided to buy. Finally Bragar sat again. He was Rich or lie smiled. The artist was told if you could make a Sale like dial every sunday you d be in Good Are you he said. I d be ecstatic. Sometimes i go three and four months without a Bragar s comments made in Mexico City s Sullivan Park on a recent sunny sunday morn my illustrate the old predicament of artists everywhere Art is a hazardous business for making a living. But it was a Surprise to hear it from him in the heart of this Busy latin american Capi Tal because he is Well established Well known and competent. He is Good. Bragar s woodcut prints have been Pur chased by the new York Public Library the Pasadena Art museum the los Angeles county museum of Art the University of California at Berkeley the new Jersey museum and the Newark n.j., Public Library. He has enjoyed numerous one Man shows in Mexico City since 1960. And he has participated in several Art shows in the United states. But he cannot make a living with his Art. He said it is a difficult business. And with my work the people take a look and either really like it or they Don t. There is no vacillating. Vietnam Muddy going Chow sometimes is served amid muck and mire for soldiers serv ing in Vietnam. Above troopers try to pick the dry spots in mail Loc after filling their mess kits with warm grub. Up Tell Holt i remember once. A Man was ready to buy Worth of prints. He had his Wallet out when his wife came by she took one Quick look and said i would t have that in my Home i lost the sate of course. I could have Bragar specializes in Oil paintings and woodcut prints. He has lived in Mexico City for 16 years and he has exhibited his work in Sullivan Park each sunday morning for four years. The Park is a Well kept rectangle on Sulli Van Street named for an irishman who fought with Mexico in the mexican War two blocks from the Busy and Beautiful artery. Pase de la Reforma. It is one Block from the Monu Mentlo motherhood and is near the popular English Bookstore Liberta Britannica. The Date Palms and Cedars Are numerous along with the roses and other Flowers. There Are Only a couple of us Here from the United he said. The rest Are mexicans and about its of them show their work every sunday. Some Are Good some bad. Some Are serious some Are from what i be seen and heard the Quality Here is somewhat better than in other open air exhibitions in the states or any where. Some of the exhibitors even make a living at the mexican youth association selects artists by jury. Each artist pays 10 pesos 80 cents each sunday he exhibits. Bragar barrel chested and thick aimed like Many sculptors Are says his work is not readily scalable. Other artists and connoisseurs like my oils. But they Don t fit into most Homes. They Are not pretty. They Are Strong. And my prints Are difficult to sell because so Many people prefer colors. Anyway i m having a Good the lighter Side Bilge Oil for hair dressing by Dick West Washington up now that Navy Secretary John h. Chafee has graciously ordered a halt to the dumping of Bilge Oil in the Ocean we should All show our appreciation by helping the Navy find other ways to dispose of its Petroleum wastes. The most practical solution to the problem appears to lie in the development of new uses for Bilge Oil. Concerning which i am prepared to Advance a few ideas. Analysis the first step should be a chemical analysis to determine whether Bilge Oil has any cosmetic properties. Whether for example it might be helpful in the prevention of wrinkles. Your inclination i m sure is to dismiss that possibility As hopelessly far fetched. A few years ago however you probably would have Felt the same Way about Turtle Oil. Yet today a Large number and variety of be Auty preparations have a Turtle Oil base. Turtle Oil treatments have in fact become so popular that giant sea turtles which Supply the main ingredient Are threatened with extinction. Substitute think what an environmental Triumph it would be if Bilge Oil were found to be an adequate substitute for or maybe even an improvement Over Turtle Oil. Both a pollution and conservation problem would be erased with one ecological swoop. Ladies Are you getting unsightly wrinkles All Over your adorable body then try Bilge Oil the new Miracle Beauty Bath lotion. Just Sprinkle a few drops in the Bathtub and a soothing Oil Slick quickly spreads Over the surface. Penetrates your pores and goes to work instantly toning up flaccid skin. Leaves your adorable body feeling vibrant alive. And wrinkles vanish Over dressing another possibility that should be investigated is. The use of Bilge Oil As a hair dressing. Closing my eyes and turning the pupils into tiny television sets i can see a handsome Sailor barefooted and stripped to the Waist standing on the deck of a Schooner during a Hurricane. Not a hair is out of place. Old Hickory statue in new Orleans subject of debate Battle rages Over statue of general in Dixie by Guy Ryan French Call a fait the mayor Kiwi a Rivici not aware if any mechanical Means that would of new Orleans the Battle is still raging Ai this late Date lower the front legs of old Irige Oil the new Miour hair dressing that keeps your hair around Gen Andrew Jackson. Not on the Battle Hickory s spirited in place All Day without combing even in the roughest Weatherfield but the statue of old Hickory in while it fights infectious Dandruff and stops itchy Scalp. The French Quad Ler Here and this is where the other Side of the just Sprinkle a few drops in the Palm of your hand and rub the controversy swirls around the legs of the controversy Hove into View an sex tour guide into hair and Scalp. A stimulating Oil Slick quickly famed general s horse whether any leg at All what is hoped will be an honorable Reso spreads Over your entire should be raised. Ution to the differences. Military equestrian properly handled Bilge Oil could become so valuable the it Aii started when a Man who called himself statues with both front legs off the ground mean Navy would soon be stockpiling the stuff. The president of the concerned citizens to rec the rider went on to greater the one tiny the error of Andrew Jackson s statue in time guide said. And Andrew Jackson did go on Jackson Square wrote a letter to the new or to greater Heights the presidency of the leans chamber of Commerce. United states. Some people have accepted this sex concerned citizen said that sculpture Plantation. Tradition decrees that statues to heroes who died As for statues in general Louisiana runs me in Battle have the horse s two forelegs raised Gamut. Not Only War heroes but politicians to horses of heroes who died later of Battle wounds Mance and pioneers Are subjects of the state s have Only one leg lifted and horses of heroes Slatry. Who died later of natural causes have All four legs planted firmly on the ground or what there was Huey p. Long the Kingfish Ever they re standing on. Master of the flamboyant. He built a Monument this delineation however is not shared in to himself in Baton Rouge a 34-Story state All quarters As you shall see capital the Nalion a tallest. It was in this same the . Went on to Clinch his argument in capital that an Assassin s Bullet ended his life the following manner. Everybody knows that he is buried in the Shadow of the stately building old Hickory did not die in the Battle of new and a Bronze statue stands guard Over his grave Orleans or any other Battle. He died in bed of in the formal gardens fronting the capital natural causes. So his horse should have All four Huey s younger brother Uncle Earl Lone feet on the ground. The Only Louisiana governor elected to a third Tuc a duct m in m and he Tad a scheme to run for a fourth the upset citizen a nonresident of new term but it did t work also is memorialized n Orleans indignantly demanded that the mistake Slone. Earl is buried at his Little Ole pea Patch be corrected so that no More shame will come farm near his Home town of Winnfield a Slat to the City of new Orleans and the state of Loui be of Earl shows him in his famous stump Slana speaking pose waving to his people the letter was turned Over to the mayor who the Monument Over the grave of emmeline answered it forthrightly. Labiche at St. Marlin Villa Lac real life counter i m afraid we Are faced with what the part of Longfellow s Evangeline is still a wrote. Unfortunately the die is cast and i m Shine for lovers. Philippines . Deadlocked on air routes by Vicente Maliwanag Manila up after four attempts in 11 years the Philip Pines and the United states Are still deadlocked in one of their longest and toughest negotiations. The object is an air transport agreement on commercial air line flights Between the two countries. The last round in Washington collapsed in Early december on the of air routes Jast when both sides were Popli mistic Aliy expecting a break in the Long stalemate. No new talks Are scheduled. The disagreement goes Back to 1959 when the Philippines unilaterally nullified its existing Nir treaty with the United sates on grounds it was operating one Sid edly in favor of . Airlines. Formal negotiations in 1962 and 1965 and numerous informal consultations in Between broke Down on the Issue of fifth Freedom rights for the philippine air carriers. The Philippines wanted to add a third country Japan As a Stopover in its airline flights from Manila to the . West coast via Honolulu but the United states consistently refused. In the absence of any formal treaty airlines of the two coun tries continued to operate into each other s territory with the existing limitations on the basis of temporary administrative permits. After the third round of negotiations in Washington last sum Mer both sides predicted they were near agreement. Optimism preceded the latest talks again in Washington this month. After eight Days an announcement said the talks had been indefinitely adjourned and it soon became apparent that the bargaining As before was Tough and so far irreconcilable while the United states finally agreed to let the Philippines authorized air Carrier to add Tokyo in its Manila-. West coast route it insisted on a mandatory Stopover in Honolulu. The Philippines instead wanted rights for a straight non Stop route Between Tokyo and san Francisco and los Angeles con tending the Honolulu Stopover was time consuming and unprofitable. The United slates in return asked and was granted rights to Fly almost unlimited round the world routes to the Philippines including a route through the South Pacific and Australia to Manila. The Philippines however refused to give . Airlines rights to Fly the Rich Manila Hong Kong leg. Undoubtedly Hie influence of airlines from the two countries was a determining Factor in the bargaining of routes. They ultimately would be the ones affected by the agreed routes they took firm positions on the granting of profitable and no profitable routes. . Embassy officials in Manila apparently out to Clear away nationalistic impressions Here that the americans were the villains in the talks said both sides tried to be fair to each other but had just ran out of bargaining authorities. So much Progress has been made and we foresee eventual agreement. Actually the two sides were not really of far officials said. In he meantime the stalemate remains and no one for sure knows Whon if at All the next bargaining session will take place

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