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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 1

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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Ardmore, Oklahoma Okla. Historical society comp Fla topical building cola. City okla. 73105 a Argest a apr a Etc Wix 76th year no. 287 a final a Home edition Quot Southern Oklahoma s greatest newspaper Quot copyright 1970, daily Ardmore Ite publishing co. Ardmore Oklahoma monday september 28,. 1970 Price 10c xxx / 4.\lib xxv fc�v0 w. V v a \ i a x a a \ a a a f x a it in f it i \ i a it v hostages in Rome. Security forces ring president Nixon As he attempted to meet a plan Load of hostages who Are flying fron Jordan to the u. S., at Rome a Fiumicini Airport monday. Nixon made an unscheduled helicopter trip to the Airstrip but the crush of people fore de the meeting from the runway into the a wire photo. 28 americans flying Home Nicosia Cyprus apr Twenty eight americans left Cyprus today on the last leg of their homeward bound journey after being held by palestinian commandos for three weeks. Four of the 32 americans who arrived in Nicosia sunday aboard a red Cross Airlift from Amman Jordan remained in the cypriot capital. There was no immediate explanation Why they stayed. The 28 left aboard a trans world airlines jetliner for new York with a Brief Stopover in Rome. Six other hostages remained in Amman but diplomatic sources in Beirut Lebanon said sunday that they also had been freed and were turned Over to the egyptian embassy which has been acting As a go Between for the International red Cross. An egyptian embassy spokesman in Amman said that the six were being freed unconditionally but added he hoped the Western nations involved would free the commandos they held. The guerrillas demanded As Ransom for the hostages the release of Arab commandos held in Britain West Germany Switzerland and Israel. Although Britain West Germany and Switzerland have indicated they will free seven commandos held in their jails diplomats said sunday they will not go free until the release of All airline Hijack hostages in Jordan is confirmed. Reliable sources in Jerusalem said Israel was planning to free 12 Arab captives apparently As part of a Deal for the release of the hostages. Palestinian guerrillas hijacked three airliners to Jordan sept. 6 and 9. All but 54 of More than 400 passengers and Crew members were released before Jordan a civil War erupted sept. 17. A the hijackers members of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine later blew up the three planes plus a fourth hijacked to Cairo. The loss was estimated at $50 Iri illion. On Friday 16 of the 54 hostages were rescued by the jordanian army. One of the 32 who arrived in Nicosia Mimi Beeber 20, of Brooklyn n.y., said everyone Abod applauded and cheered when the red Cross plane took off and again when it landed. Another member of the group David Raab 17, of Trenton n.j., said they passed their time in Captivity playing chess and scrabble from sets made out of cardboard. Weather temperature 1970 1969 High yesterday. 69 �?T93 Low last night. 54 h7 10 45 .65 78 2 . Reading. 73 data recorded at fire station forecast local considerable cloudiness today through. Tuesday. A Little warmer tuesday. Light and variable winds today. High about 70. Low tonight 50s. High tuesday mid 70s. Get action City Industry obey new Laws through the a get action department a the daily Ard Loreite offers a forum for discussion of Public issues and problems and help for readers to be treated fairly by government agencies and other Public organizations at the local state and National level. Business firms and product names cannot be advertised and no technical Legal or medical questions can be answered. Questions cannot be answered by mail but As Many As possible will be answered in the a get action column in the daily Ardmore Ite every monday. Please find out if there is a possibility of future lessening or elimination of the fumes from the refinery and City dump on the Northeast Side of Ardmore. We Are interested in building in that area but consider these fumes a health Hazard. Are the new Laws against air pollution being obeyed mls Durant. Officials of the Bell refinery and the City sanitation department assured us that you will be Safe in. Northeast Ardmore at present and that further improvements in control of air pollution Are due in the future. Lee Woodside manager of the refinery said they have Aheady installed new equipment to eliminate smoke and fumes from open pit burning. The refinery is also cooperating in the new state and Federal programs to eliminate All fumes that might be hazardous to humans but equipment necessary for this is not yet available. Woodside pointed out that the danger of hazardous air pollution Here is almost nil in comparison with towns where there is a Large concentration of Industry. Richard Conway superintendent of the sanitation department reported that the City Landfill will be moved to a new location in a couple of months and on Jan. 1 a new Federal Law goes into effect that prohibits any burning of trash at the Landfill and also requires that All trash and garbage be buried every Day. And we would like to remind you that there Are Many other advantages to living in Ardmore. Why Are so Many voting precincts in Ardmore located in private Homes this makes elections Cost More since the election Board has to pay the Home owners. Why Aren t All the voting places in Public buildings such As schools and churches a hich Are located All Over town jew Ardmore. Mrs. Lynn Stewart clerk in the election Board office said there Are Good reasons for having voting places in private Homes. Not every precinct includes a Public building. Where voting places Are located in churches the churches Are usually paid and this Cost is greater than for it private Homes. Voting places cannot be located in Federal offices or buildings. Besides the Cost not All churches Welcome voting places because of possible mixing of politics and religion. In Many instances a private Home is the most convenient location in the precinct. Wherever possible however the voting places Are located in rent free space. I am an Ardmore Ite and have been for 22 years and i would like to ask a question. I have a two year old baby and i have a husband in the army who has not supported us in two years. I am not Able to work. I have been unable to get help from welfare but i see lots of other women with children who Are getting welfare and i wonder Why i can t get any help at All. Why How do they choose who gets to is state Aid and who can t get it i get no help from the army either. So Ardmore. We contacted mrs. Martha l. Williams administrator of the Ardmore office of the department of institutions social and rehabilitative services As the former welfare department is Row called and she said she will be glad to Check into and discuss your problems with you at her office 314 West main. Mrs. Williams said they have requirements to be met in regard to eligibility for Aid and if you can qualify they will help. If you cannot qualify mrs. Williams May be a ble to advise you on getting help from the army. I think i saw in the daily Ardmore Ite some time ago a list of dates for mailing of Christmas gifts and cards to service men overseas but i can t find my paper now. Would you please repeat the dates and any special instructions a need to observe mrs. Pm Ardmore in the sept. 13 Ardmore Ite Bob Gow Ardmore member of the Uso National Council announced that the deadline dates established by t in Post office department for Christmas mailings to military personnel in the far East Are surface mail weighing More than 5 lbs., nov. 6 Sam space available tailless than 5 lbs., including Greet iii cards nov. 20 pal parcel Airlift Mai nov. 27 and regular airmail of All weights dec. 11.sign your name to All get action letters. Only your Intuit will be used in the newspaper but the letters themselves must be signed in Case there is need to Call for information. Nixon greets u. Hostages at Rome Stop president holds talks with italian leaders visits sixth Fleet Rome a president Nixon discussed War and peace in the Mediterranean with italian leaders today and made an unscheduled trip to Rome a Airport to Greet freed american sky Jack hostages flying Home from Jordan. Nixon flew to Fiumicini Airport by helicopter and met the americans on the Tarmac As they walked off a special trans world airlines plane that is taking them Back to the United states. Such was the crush around the smiling president that authorities herded the 28 Hijack victims Back ii to the plane. Nixon followed and addressed them inside. The americans had arrive Dan hour earlier from Nicosia where they had spent the night after being freed by Palestin Iari guerrillas in Amman. They were to continue on to new York after refuelling but the Surprise decision by Nixon to Greet them held them in Rome a Little longer . Nixon said afterwards i think i feel As Happy As they he told reporters that what the hostages want through May mean a the possibility of this happening again in the future has been substantially he referred to measures that include armed guards aboard aircraft and Security at airports. A it sometimes takes an incident like this to bring world attention a Nixon said adding that the reaction was one of a a outrage and one of compassion for the victims. Before visiting the hostages the president told italian leaders the United states is committed to a Strong presence in the Mediterranean which he called the a Southern Anchor of he Ade the reaffirmation to president Giuseppe Sara Gat at the beginning of talks seeking Means of a lasting peace in the Mediterranean. He later talked with Premier Emilio Colombo who accompanied Nixon on the trip to meet the hostages. Nixon said the hostages were a very proud of being americans. They never lost their their slogans were a thumbs up and a they had no complaints about what happened a he added. The president spoke to reporters briefly on the ramp of the plane that was to take the hostages nonstop Home to new York. Nixon spoke of what he said was a dilemma faced by his administration and other. Officials trying to gain release of the hostages. He said that while helping to obtain their release it was not possible to move in a with massive Force for fear of hurting them. A while we showed great Power we also showed great restraint a Nixon added. He called this a a landmark cases that would influence american foreign policy in the future. His meeting with Sara Gat began Only hours after cars. Belonging to . Military men at two italian bases were set afire a remainder of the scattered see Nixon Page 2 Blocklinger Case in jury s hands the civil trial of the City of Healdton is. Fidelity and Deposit co. Of Maryland and jewel Blocklinger interpleader went to the jury Early monday morning after a Surprise move when defense attorneys rested their Case without calling any additional with ses. The Case was filed after a $3,-420 shortage was discovered in the Healdton water meter Deposit fund. Mrs. Blocklinger a bonding company was named As defendant in the original suit but she later filed a petition and was allowed to inter Lead into the Case. The City of Healdton is asking reimbursement for the shortage As Well As $2,350 which was spent on two separate audits of the account. Another one called off Safe Tough on Rock festivals by Dayton Blair associated press writer Mclain okla. Apr Jack hoi and Paul Hughes leaned on the wide driveway Gate and barbed wire Fence around the prosperous looking farm and talked bitterly of the Rock festival that Wasny to held. It was the second one called off in the past weekend in Eastern Dahoma. The first one was topped by a court injunction Friday in Wagoner county this one would have been on Hills 326-acre farm where he moved three ago to raise racing horses and cattle. Hill and Hughes who operates a drive in stand in Tulsa called it Oft Early sunday morning after what they termed hours of a Pharras sment by officers who put up blockades and stopped people driving to the farm. A the police frightened us out of it a Hill said. A they allow passage for my friends. I think they overstepped their about 50 persons a estimates ranged from 33 to 70 a gathered at the farm beginning saturday night. There was one band Hughes said but no music was Ever played. Hills farm which he has acquired on a lease Purchase basis is nestled in the Hills just East of this Little Muskogee county con Unity. Mclain is about 19 Miles Southeast of Muskogee off . 64. Hiu and Hughes got together accidentally. Hughes had tried to sponsor the Wagoner county festival that was blocked by a court order. It would have been held in a mountainous area just East of the Tulsa county line but officers argued in court and won that the site would have presented health and traffic hazards. Hughes said bitterly he was served with the notice to get an attorney and make an appearance. He said he asked for a delay to get an attorney there but get it. He said food would have been catered he had 20 portable toilets ordered and a tractor standing by to Clear Road space. Then Hill went to Tulsa a about 60 Miles from Here a saturday and told interested groups they could use his farm if no admission was to be charged. A by the time i got Back some were already Here a he said. Hill said that avoid bothering neighbors the music would have been limited to a a draw behind the Quot i m not a Hippo or a dope addict a he said bluntly. A a in a a Cowboy and a he said he just believed that As americans the gathering should have been permitted. In cau6ht after Chase Worcester mass. A William a. Gilday 41, sought in the Holdup slaying of a Boston police officer was arrested today after a Chase of about a Hundred Miles. Gilday was pursued in a station Wagon in which he held two hostages at gunpoint. Police said the hostages were unharmed. Gilday was reported captured on state route 122 near the Junction with the Massachusetts Turnpike just South of Worcester. Gilday was believed armed with a revolver Rifle and Shotgun. It was not determined immediately if any shots were fired in the Chase and capture. Police fired at least 30 rounds at Gilday last Friday in a wild Chase and gun Battle in which Gilday slightly wounded a Lowell police officer grazing his forehead with a built fired from a speeding car. Gilday was arrested shortly after funeral services were completed for Boston patrolman Walter a. Schroeder 41, thousands flee Homes California fires spreading l0.< Angeles a huge fires spread on Brush covered slopes outside san Diego and los Angeles today after destroying hundreds of Homes and forcing thousands to evacuate. Three persons were killed. One Blaze devastated 150,000 acres in Southern san Diego county advancing to the outskirts of several san Diego suburbs. A spokesman for the state division of forestry said this fire covered a greater area than any single fire in the states history. Another Blaze blackened 115,000 acres around the los Angeles Basin. Fire fighters managed to chock the Western Progress of the san Diego area fire sunday night As winds wildly erratic during the Day subsided. But the fire moved southward toward the mexican Border. More than 50,000 residents fled the san Diego area fire and thousands of others were evacuated from Canyon Homes As flames raced along a 35-mile front Northwest of los Angeles. Other fires some believed set by arsonists burned in various parts of Southern Calif Orizia for the fourth straight Day weary fire fighters battled flames from the air and the ground. They faced another Day of temperatures above .100 de gives and winds stronger the 60 Miles per hour. San Diego los Angeles and Ventura counties were declared disaster areas by gov. Ronald Reagan who urged californians to donate clothing and toys for families left homeless. Federal and state teams were ordered in to assess damage and pave the Way for Federal Relief funds. Evacuation centers were set up in the fire ravaged areas. Many of the evacuees were taken into the Homes of friends and strangers. All Southern California military bases were ordered to stand by to receive fire refugees. The san Diego area fire had burned about 200 Homes in Pine Valley Alpine Jamul Harbison Canyon Crest Al Cajon and other come unities along a path 30 Miles Long and to Miles wide. The fire began saturday in Cleveland National Forest 50 Miles East of san Diego from Sparks spewing from a fallen Piver line. It roared Westward through Brush covered mountains and Lush valleys to the outskirts of. Al Spring Valley near san Diego. South of san Diego flames approached National City and Chula Vista. A William b. Marty director of san Diego county civil defense said 40,000 to 60,000 persons were evacuated from Homes in the county Over the weekend including 6,000 from Alpine late sunday. A state division of forestry spokesman said the san Diego county fire surpassed the 125,000-acre Matil Laja Blaze which from Kern county to los Angeles county in 1930. Northwest of los Angeles flames burned a path from the Pacific Ocean at Malibu into Angeles National Forest near Newhall. Firemen fought to keep it out of the populous to Panga Canyon. Six new fires broke out sunday in the area joining nine others previously burning. A a there a a firebug in the area starting these things a a fire official said. A the has been observed starting at least five one Lan was arrested saturday and three others sunday for investigation of arson. Fire officials said More fires that sprang up later appeared to have been of incendiary origin. One body found saturday was identified As that of a chats Worth Man. One unidentified body and a third identified As that of Jack Burton 38, of Northridge were found sunday. The father of nine who was killed wednesday when responding to. An alarm of a Bank Holdup. One Man was arrested last week in connection with the slaying Holdup which police have linked to a Radical Campus group a charge disputed by an area College president. A third suspect Stanley r. Bond was arrested sunday at grand Junction coto., when he attempted to take an Airliner to Denver. Fri agents there said Bond was armed when arrested. Two other. Suspects both Young women Are sought in connection with the Holdup slay a ing. Police said Gilday had commandeered the car and held the hostages at gunpoint All Day sunday in a residential neighbourhood of Haverhill in the northeastern part of the state the area where the search by 800 police officers had concentrated during the weekend. Police identified the hostages As , 22, and his 21-year-old sister residents of Haverhill. The father of the hostages identified Gilday from a picture. Police in Haverhill said the two had been held hostage All Day sunday. The girl managed to Call her parents today and say she was a somewhere near Bostons before a voice said a shut us. A and she could say no More. Bond was captured at grand Junction Airport sunday after sheriffs office. Received an Anonymous tip that he had boarded the plane. Fri agent Vincent Jones said Bond was armed with a loaded revolver and that his Luggage contained a three other loaded weapons ammunition and several thousand charged with taking a loaded gun aboard an Airliner. Bond was to be taken a fore a . Commissioner today. Durant staff the lid on information released in the week old murder of mrs. Bea Frice Clay has virtually clamped shut. Bay after Day As one Lead after another fizzles out and others fail to materialize area Law enforcement officers have become pro Ess ively More Cau Tiou in their statements to the press. Finally monday morning the ultimate occurred. Officers in authority apparently weren to talking at All. Attempts to reach police chief Ross Yager were met with a hesitation then the Chilly inquiry a a who a calling a when the pm dispatcher Learned that the caller was a reporter he immediately said a the chief is out of the per distance finally elicited the further information Flat a a he a out on an the same answer was forthcoming when the whereabouts see officials Page 2 railroads seeking freight rate hike Washington a the nations railroads claiming they Are caught Between labor unions on. One Side and Bankers on the other Are asking for a fifth hike in freight rates in four years. Contending that inflation and increased labor costs have wiped out All Gathis from previous increases railroads in the Eastern and Western United states Are seeking a 15 per cent rate boost. So Uthiem railroads Are asking for 6 per cent across the Board hike until next feb. 28, plus a permanent 15 per cent crease in Coal hauling charges. The interstate Commerce commission which scheduled a hearing today is studying All freight unless the study brings out evidence previously unavailable to the inc history indicates the hikes will be flowed in the last several decades. Inc officials admit the commission has never turned the railroads Down cold and in most cases has Given them everything they asked for. The financial collapse last summer of the nations largest Rai Hoad the Penn Central lends an urgency to the railroads plea. And the labor difficulties the carriers have experienced in the last year have evoked a sympathetic response from inc chairman George m. Stafford. In an interview last August Stafford said rising labor costs Are a major financial problem facing the railroads. The railroads also have Felt the Ping of tight Money a a prob pm faced by much of Industry but especially critical for the capital intensive railroads. Shippers on the Osiier hand contend the rail freight rate increases Are the result of management. City resident finds dead Man inside Home a burglary and two thefts were reported to City police sunday along with the report of a Man who returned to his Home after five Days away and found a dead Man on his bed. Sidney Taylor 710 k St. Be notified police at 10 20 . Sunday that a Man was dead at his House. Investigating officers Frank Lindsay Wayne Magee and George Elisee found. Identification in the Many a Billfold showing Fiat he was Charles Norman Wilson of Al Dorado arc. An autopsy revealed that the Man died from a cerebral Hemf Orr age. Police Learned that he was Enro Tite to air Kansas from Sher Njazi but it is. Not known How he got in Taylor a House. His car was found Ai Parenty Abando led in Down town Ards More last week and was towed away. It a an oven ought burglary. At a. drive inn was see City&Quot.pager2.

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