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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Ardmore, Oklahoma R i a at Gai Ciway of oppo Irit Unni Lisy poll leased wire associated press. Lahoma thursday september 23, 1920. Vol. 27. No. 299, eight pages win ass Sim my la Fellows War of words Between senator Reed and Thompson is followed by that assertion Wall Street at Bat democrats Ann republicans horse and horse on the a a slush fund is Deci Kation of g. I o. P. Man on come not be la a final is a n d in up to Date miss uses air plane to go golfing Harding tells republicans that is the Only Way to solve the real vital problems Washington sept. 23.�?complete investigation oif the financing of the Book of republicanism in 1920, published by the Albany in. To journal a ordered today by the Senate Campaign invest iterating committee William Barnes jr., head of the company a was formally directed to produce the subscription list of the Book he contended that the venture was purely private commercial transaction. A a a of words Washington sept.23.�?detalks of the financing of the democratic anti Republican National campaigns were sought by the Senate investigating committee from James w. Gerard of new Yorito chairman of the democratic National finance committee and William Boyce Thompson of new York chairman of the ways and Means committee of the Reiswi lican National committee. A thankful for million or. Gerard testified that his committee Iliad collected $128.812 declared that a National fund of $2,000,000 would be sufficient for the democratic Campaign and said he would be thank a a a i if the committee raised $1,000,000. Contributors listed in vhf record Book he produced included a i. Baruch $5,000e. L. Hohenzy $6.500 August Rel Mont $5,008 Charles e. Alexander and Secretary of War Baker "50. A pub to up Amor. Thompson said he Lead seven states and the District of coir main a Natl Puarly under his 3 and that All of the funds contributed i by his of Ommittee were turned Over f to Fred a. Up ilium ire auror of the National committee an would no per in Hin records. To Hart n heated col i Lociy with. Senator roed. Democrat of , regarding tie total of the fund the republicans sought. A the said the quota fixed for next a York state by or. Upham was $1.600,000 and added that it was a Quot Dot and hard Job a to get Money a a with air this talk about so ush funds and Corr tips he Chari Erined. Such talk As a Bat room Thompson a Quot now lets Seo about that,�?�., senator Reed Quot the to a for the coun try will mount to $7,000,000 when you get through.a a a it Sall bunk stuff a. Thompson said. 1 both men talked at the same time and chair pan Kenyon suggested that they a Divide the time.senator Reed referred to Cleveland and other cities. Quot Piir candidate is now talking about a $30,000,001,&Quot my. Thompson said pounding the table. A a the have the Wall Street committee this year. Cox is no stronger to Wall Street a there did he get his Money a senator Reed ,. A a in be heard about securities. Ohio cities Gas railroads he has replied or. Thompson a do you know of governor Cox speculating in. Wall Street a a i. Do riot a or. Thompson replied a fall in be heard Are the rumours a a rumours have no place on the lips of an american who has taken an oath.senator Reed dec ared. It the Al Ness then Sou Glit to withdraw the charge that a a governor Cox is tied up or entangled with Wal Quot Street in this a Cox is a a a cloak for flow Quot in be heard or. Cox is a Man Quot Vorih Many millions lives in a House Worth ii Alf a million a the with est said. A a but so that a no crime. I Hea he a a Good clean fellow. Marion sept. 23�?a Universal realization that Materia and humane Progress must go hand in hand was asserted by senator Harding today to to necessary if the nation la to attain an Ideal state of social welfare. A speaking to a gather Fig composed it pc republicans from Crawford county Ohio and of representatives of the Ohio dental association the Republican nominee declared that neither so Cial reformers nor Industrial chieftains should View the. Problem of social betterment strictly from their own standpoint. We must awaken the conscience of the ignorant and the misguided he said a to the fact that the Best socialselfar6 worker in the world is the Man or woman who does an honest Days work. We must awaken their conscience to recognize that american business is hot a monster but an expression of god Given impulse to create and the Savior and the guardian of our happiness stir copies and of equal Opportunity for All in America. Whatever we do for honest humane american , we do in the name of social welfare. A but it is equally True that we must awaken the conscience of american business to new. Interest in the welfare of american human beings it is not enough for America that her and Commerce shall be lioness they must also be humane. Men women and children of America Are not commodities. Anie rican business can not flourish nor the material pros Pei Ity of America be built up on a firm foundation until by Protection by health by education by the pre a ser Vatish of a in Wes Orite a a Merican motherhood and vigor, and Happy american childhood we insure the we fare of our human resources. A we cannot have the fullness oct America until All of a turn again to love of foil Aigid it Tove of production to for honest organization or it Ort Imd willingness to put All our hit elders to the wheels but we cannot have All that Iov it and Al that respect and All that willingness until throughout the organization of. Our Industry and Commerce there runs the flow of love of Man.petos 0 dynamite a Ith a lighted fuse is found on elevated Road explosives missing at Chicago Imei dem spent Lefis or fell is relative to my told Noe he sent Tost a this sea temp it la unusual but. It is a i Aci Ais i Pieta i am motion picture actress you know they Are All a a Beautiful a for their agents Tell us they Are travels from her Liotti in new Yorac to the sleepy hollow of Elf links via the a flying boat.Chicago sept. 23.�?department of Justice agents and police Seeling clues Here in connection with the new York bomb explosion seeded up their inquiry today following the discovery that 150 pounds of dynamite had been stolen on sept. 5, from the Aetna explosives company warehouse at Gamberr ills. Representatives of new political Factor talk to an appreciative audience at convention Hall fallacies of g. 0. Into nuked by mrs. Walcott. Wife of Oklahoma a governor and other ladies i brought message to Ardmore Sisters fiesta Ennis a red All Chicago a food dispensaries called to account for several Hundred per cent profit. Chicago sept. 23.�?managers of one Loop hotel and three Chain restaurant systems were a summoned to the City Hall today to explain Theip restaurant prices to the Council committee of living costs. Simultaneously Russell a a Poolo Secretary of the committee urged All downtown workers to carry their own lunches until prices come Down and announced that milk Wou a be delivered to the City Hall and sold direct to employees for ten cents a pint. of restaurant prices showed profits of several Hundred per cent or. Poole said. Among the items listed the first column showing the restaurant Price and the second column the Cost Corn 15 to 20 cents�?2 to 4 cents., tomatoes 25 to ,50 cents�?2% to 3 cents. Coffee 5 to 2,1 cents�?3 cents French pastry. 20 to 30 cents 8 cents. Potatoes 15 to45 cents�?3 cents. Bread and butter 15 cents�?3 cents. Iced Tea 5 to 2fl cents�?3 cents. Eri�onle1imus Emair Nipar s statement of the l a a it meeting at Chamb or of Frid w noon demands presence of property a owners. and locals i take stand on vital questions , he a . Cleveland sept. 23.�?one of the im-7j6ftant questions to be discussed by the second annual convention of the Iune rican legion which opens monday. Is Ribiat of the legs Ort a participation in politics a Rankin do Oller National commander declared today a. A the legion Constitution states that the organization shall be absolutely min political a he said a and shall not be used tor dissemination of partisan principles or for the promotion of the candidacy of. Any seeking Public office or Prece Menf. A legion men everywhere believe that this provision. Is the fundamental principle of Hoe Long a being. At the same time they do not believe they must at All times be silent on certain matters just because they happen to be political. Where matters come up Wirich clearly involve the for which the legion stands the legion Wiir not hesitate to have its opinions in Strong terms.h. B. Fell state commander of tie american , received a wire late wednesday afternoon from or. Scott United states Public health officer in charge of Oklahoma disabled soldiers stating that Oklahoma men will be Seni to st. Louis ,mo., from this Date of Houston a Texas As heretofore transferring them from the 34th, District to the 9th District. Quot this is very Gratifying to us a or be l said in commenting upon the matter a and while it does not bring our men any nearer Home yet from investigation Ive know that the conditions in the st. Louis Hospital Are much better than they Are at , and for that reason sve Are glad. But this will not Stop our efforts to secure a Hospital in the state.commander fell and Toel Crosby left this afternoon for Cleveland. Ohio where they will attend the National meeting of the american legion. A at the first of the state executive committee at Oklahoma City sunday t. B. Orr of this City was appointed a member of the legislative committee a from the third District. The legis Active committee comprises a member from each of the Elgit congressional districts in the a Tate wk11, a nov that sort of Shargo other appointments by commander a a to weather 0 few a a a has h states Wing crops a last it be Why the Anusic was Short against him is not True a senator Reed insisted. A i did no to put it that Way a or. Thompson replied and added a do Gnu Call it to. Crime to be mixed up in Street a a no but you know what sort of an implication Liat conveys to the am a rican people a senator Redd said. A you know that every Brick in his a cute and his newspapers have been paid for by the Money he honestly earned done to you a a that sounds Good.the witness said and a moment later he added fell included that of Rev. H. L. Hoover of Lawton is stale a chaplain and u. B. Keenan of Sapulpa As state judge of gravest importance to All americans weather forecast Oklahoma continued fair and warm. Local temperature maximum yesterday 85 degree minimum last night 57 degrees. City sept. 23. A dry weather and Sunshine during the a Joist week brought late Corn and sorghum throughout the state to an excellent condition and generally improved the condition of the Cotton crop according to the weekly weather Trul crop bulletin issued by j. P. Slaughter Federal meteorologist. A conditions Weer exceptionally favourable for general farm we Ork and for maturing and harvesting late crops a said the report. A late Corn and Grain. Sorghum Are generally Good to excellent condition maturing fast and mostly out of danger a of damage by Frost. A pulling and Icil Ling Dwarf Broom Corn is under Way in the Northwest Section. The late crop of Irish potatoes was reported More promising that usual and Sweet potatoes and peanuts were said to be making extra Good yields. The weather was exceptionally favourable for Cotton according to the Repoff but Weevil and Boll Worms were reported to be doing touch damage especially in the South Central and Southeastern counties. The general condition of Cotton for the entire state was Given As a a Good with Opportunity for improvement with further favourable weather. Picking has become general in the Central and Eastern portions of the state the report said. Boston sept. 23.�?francis Ouimet who As boy and Man has accomplished nearly everything possible in Golf was Happy today in Tho realization of the ambition of All golfers. He holed one in one. Playing yesterday on the links of the Commonwealth country club to drove off with a mid Iron from the third tee with the Hole 24.1 Yards a Way. Tho Ball sped True rolled to the Flag stick and dropped into the cup. It was the first time he had holed out in a single stroke. Annapolis. The woman suffrage amendment was Defeated when the House voted do san the Resol Naira by a vote of 50 to 43. Most of the ratification voters were republicans. Barber responsible for show being Sciort winded. An unthinking Barker was to blame for the Good people of Ardmore being Short potted in the music line As firn shed by the circus band in the six of clock dinner Parade yesterday afternoon. One of Tho chief wind hammers in the band we done to know the name of the instrument of torture upon which he performed has been wearing his locks a la , before Sampson got tangled up with Delilah. In fact he wore his hair so Long that the Goochey Coochie girls said he had to have them done up in curl papers every night to keep them from get Ting mixed up with his dreams while his for top fal ing in curls across his Manly brow oftentimes co mingled with tiie notes of. His music Book until he played them in place of the Battle of Bunker Hill. Yesterday morning he went into an a Ardmore Barber shop and called for a shave. Through a mistake after he had mowed the Lawn the Barber top i de the Forest and the wind Jammer caught such a cold that he was forced to cough into his Hor Nin place of adopting the usual tooting method. This being hard on the Larynx the band master was compelled to Lessen the number of pieces played in order to give the cough a Chance to re.=t. How Ever. There will be plenty of Musk at the show tonight. The musician has borrowed a wig from one of the lady performers. My Swiney fast continues Are 10 Yoor Tieres welfare matters of Paramount interest to every business Man in the City of Ardmore will be discussed at a meeting called for tomorrow noon at the chamber of Commerce under the auspices of the insurance agents association a every property owner especially those owning property to the Section of the City should be at this meeting or. Shore president of the association stated a it is time that some constructive work is accomplished or. Shore says. A the matter is a it ready too Long delayed every Man gets befit we the plan to prevent the proposed action of the larger insurance companies to reduce liabilities Ardmore will suffer a distinct loss. A we need and must have concerted action. The members of the insurance agents association want to meet every business Man at tomorrow s meeting enter into discussion of the matter make some definite decision of this great problem with which we Are confronted and get something done.luncheon will be served at 12 of clock. Find Dpi Miami to on l new York sept. 23.�?while investigators were still working to solve the mystery of tie Street explosion police Headquarters announced a package containing dynamite had been found today on the platform of the Reed Avenue elevated station in Brooklyn. The Bureau of combustibles at police Headquarters announced that the dynamite package was a bomb with fuse attached ind burning when a Patroli Ijan found it and a put it out.detectives took the bomb to Bureau in Manhattan. Original owner of horse at the same time a announcement came from police Headquarters that a tag found in Wall Street near the horse attached to the death cart had been Iden stifled As one issued by the health department in 1918, to tile Reid ice Cream company of Brooklyn certifying that the horse was not afflicted with glanders. Detectives left at once to question company officials As to whether tie horse had been sold within the last two years. A Texas Campa orator coming , Cox a presidential Campaign trash was wrecked near hero while in route to Prescott nominee and his party were badly shaken up when an engine i and four cars of the special train ii Ash lord mayor now past Tho Blbli-1 were ditched but All escaped serious Eal Fortieth Day in Fig it. In lure. Against food London sept. 23.�?lord mayor pcs Olney of Cork had a few hours a of restful Bleep last night but Raa suffering severe pains in his head and was very weak this morning according to a bulletin issued by the Irish self determination a eague at Brux ton prison. Reports to the Homo office by Tho prison physicians stated there was no apparent change in Tho condition of Mcswiney. This is the 42nd Day of the lord mayors hunger strike. Injury. Solving housing problem italian socialists Szelc to invade cburche.9 when Homes cannot be secured rom of sept. 23.�?the Osae Vatore Romano the Vatican Organ says last night socialist attempted to invade a ii urch but did rot buc eced in breaking through Tho door. They postponed Tho undertaking to n. Later Date when Tho paper a sorts they will attempt to occupy Tho Lateran Palace once the residence of the Pope. Congressman Marvin Jones of Texas will address the people of Ard More and Carter county at convention Hall Friday night at 8 of clock on the issues of the present Campaign. Congressman Jones represents the Amarillo a strict in the lower House of and has made a most enviable record in that Branch of National government a Marvin Jones was born at a Alley View in Cooke county Tex is and is personally known to a great number of Ardmore people. As a Young Man he began to prepare himself for greater things and chose the Law As a Means to that end. While attending school it Miami Texas or. Jones was noted for his Abl Lily As an orator and debater and has developed into one of the most eloquent speakers in the lower House of Congress. His Many friends in this City Are anticipating with great pleasure his visit Here and he will be tendered a warm reception. Mexican president in hands of surgeons Mexico City sept. 23.�?physicians attending provisional president de la Huerta annoy iced last evening they had decided an operation for appendicitis was necessary and it is probable it will be performed today. He has been suffering since assuming office. Heavy fire loss in Texas compress fire Shiner tex., sept. 23.�?fire of a ascertained origin this morn my destroyed the compress Here together with the Public Wei thing platform and 2,400 Bales of Cotton of which five carloads were standing on the track the loss will total More than $500,000.a Lone Bandit role Banc Joplin mo., sept. 23.�?the Bank of Avilla at Avilla to. 10 Miles East of Carthage was robbed by a Bandit this morning who escaped in a motor car with Between $1,500 and $2,000. A. Alti Ough political campaigning is Quot comparatively new to the women of. Oklahoma All doubts As to their Abil titles along these lines a a Ere dispelled a. At the meeting at convention Hall when three women speaker Siv. Explained the principles of the Demoff critic party to a capacity audience themselves particularly to the women. / the sea ices were mrs. J. B. ,a.�?~ Robertson wife of the governor of it the state mrs. Katherine Van leu i a Ven assistant attorney general of Oklahoma and mrs. Hundley of the democratic state Headquarters. They a were escorted to the platform by mrs Artnur Walcott chairman of Carter county a women a club mrs. D. E. Alien mrs. Charles Carter mrs. A. But Seay mrs. Fred Tucker and a Kirk a mrs. A Alcott opened the Jne this is the first time a said mrs Walcott i that i live had thu of ,. Port Unity to address an assemblage of adm no citizens As a fellow Clatl i Zens and All a and i certainly feel ,. Highly honoured to be Able to do so.i r , Walcott then introduced mrs Robertson who a spoke As follows husband Best speaker a a i do not intend to take your time ill making speech for Liere Are,., two i in. Other speakers present this eve iii a / who Are very capable and who Wlla a i inform you All there is to icnow�?~�s.,to i the principles of the democratic party. A my husband the governor is the Best speaker in the state and i am afraid that if i was. To make a speech Here tonight it Woi ild make him very jealous. A i want to see democratic politics in full Sway from the office of the president Down to the most minor of offices. Olt Lahoma democratic Stilto forever in introducing the next speaker mrs. Hundley mrs. Walcott spoke. In part a it see is that after Tho primary election is Quot completed the counties of Southern Oklahoma go to sleep and forget that the most important of the mall is toi follow. But the women will not sleep this time. They Are going to take. A. An Active part in the general election and will see to it that the men do also. To Are going to make Oklah i a a democratic state forever.�?�, a message from a mothers hearts mrs. Hundley then spoke. A the democratic state committee a. Slie said a wanted the women of or Lahoma to hear a message of the pin Caples of the democratic party from a woman with a Mother s heart. And when i heard of this i knew they wanted me for i cer tally am Sacii a woman. A one of the chief purposes of our visit Here. This evening. Was to Al in organizing the a Omen of the county. But after inquiry about to iii i find that the women of Ardmore have already done wonderful work along these lines in regards to or. A animation and strengthening the party. Headquarters has devised a. Plan whereby each City is divided into blocks and a Captain is appointed for each. Block. The Captain 1�. by As Many lieutenants As May be needed to assist. The chief duties of the captains and lieutenant a Are to see by personal canvass that every woman residing in the Block Over which they have Jurlds Icelon is registered and prepared to cast her ballot. A should Send out st it a aiders Al a i do not believe that it is Neoe sary for Ardmore to Callior ape Alco ers from out of town to assist do rip ithe Campaign a for after Whatt 1 have seen and heard i am convinced that has splendid material right in its own midst and la perfectly. 1921 convention winning Over Enid capable of conducting a can Paluh by a vote of 164 to 39, Shawnee with tiie greatest of Success. Ars i off games Between indians Ai White sox Cleveland Ohio sept. 23.�?the Cleveland indians and the Chicago Whit .1, sox Pace shakers and , respectively in the american league Pennant race met to Clay for the first of a three games series upon which it is believed Tho Pennant depends., Cleveland was leading Chicago by one and a half games. If Cleveland takes two games it is regarded As almost certain that the indians have the Flag we on. They have Only eleven More games to play Oliree with Chicago four with st. Louis and four with Detroit. If they can win eight of these the White sox must win the eight games remaining on their schedule to tie the local team. Cleveland has won its last seven games and Chicago its last Sij. Both teams benefited by a rest yesterday and entered today a contest in Fine physical condition and confide it of Victory. Manager Gleason announced he would pitch Dick Kerr a Southpaw. Kerr has not worked since monday Vixen he pitched three innings against Philadelphia. He has won one game from Cleveland and lost one this season. Jim Bagby with 29 victories to his credit this season was slated to do slab work for Cleveland. He was Defeated by Chicago in three of five games. Preparations were made to take care of one of the largest Wek Days crowds in the ii Story of baseball Here. Reserved seats have been sol d out for several Days. Previous to today a game Cleveland had won 11 of 19 games in which the two teams have met this year. of labor will meet at Shawnee next a zip Enid Henryetta Ana Muskogee were placed in nomination the vote on the first ballot standing Shawnee 139 Enid a i Henryetta. 63 Muskogee 33, Henryetta and Muskogee were eliminated on the first ballot. And following the second ballot the selection of Shawnee was made unanimous. J. Q. Id Loncy a member of the carpenters Union of Tulsa was elected As the next Delegate to the Angeii can federation of labor defeating John gear of the miners. President Edgar Fenton announced that the convention would adjourn today unless unexpected business should cause a delay. Resolutions were passed by the Conr. Vent on a the morning session far Oring Tho. Total exemption of salaried employees from garnishment and favouring a state tax of not less than six Mills nor More than ten for the support of Tho common schools of the state of Oklahoma. More should Send out speakers toi nearby towns and they should de i Quot liver addresses in the Rural so Timpl i houses so people May Lear in Tho great necessity of inst Tuung democratic principles in the administration of our country state a iii municipalities. ,.a wit ii tie Rig lit comes Daty to vote,.- a for Over 500 years the men and i those opposed to woman sutfrscostated that if the women obtained the right of equal franchise they will Ltd not use. It. Intelligent women. They would. Now then the election will decide who waa Rio i during those 600 years some to were opposed to equal suffrage it Era favored it. A but no w that have the right to vote comes it Vij duty to vote. Republicans think one of the advantages a which til will have during the coming ii is that the. Democratic two left it a not vote but they a will. Quot do not be a intent to Ait in

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