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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 1

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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Ardmore, Oklahoma A a a few society Ltd wet Orical building Fia. City of is. 7$iqb sunday a edition Quot Southern oklahoman greatest newspaper Quot 78th year no. 309 Ardmore Oklahoma sunday october 22, 1972 Price 10c so this is How it will be. Experience in using the Large variety of machines available helps girls in the business and office Mac Jie course obtain first hand knowledge before they Start to work. To tech business office graduates in Many jobs by Jan Ringwald a this girl is a private Secretary this one works in the Pentagon this one is in College and lets see this one is a Legal these could easily be the words of mrs. Wanda Cruson business and office education teacher Ait the area to tech Center for she can take student hits from the seven years she has been teaching the course and Tell what nearly every graduate is presently doing. Business and office education is designed to train secretaries and general office workers so they will be Able to produce in entry level jobs however some of the students Are skilled enough to begin in More advanced Job situations. The course is for seniors Only and so far has Only Hadfy male students. Areas of instruction include typewriting ten key adding machines printing calculator business math business English filing three hard hit hike in school levies on tap school District levies 1972-73 school Gen. Bldg. Sink. Total up or District fund fund fund school Down Ardmore 19 35.00 5.00 15.00 55.00 up 10.25 Springer 21 35.00 5.00 6.85 46.85 up .10 Plainview 27 35.00 500 12.25 52.25 Down 1.95 Lone Grove 32 35.00 5.00 13.40 53.40 do vim 3.60 Wilson 35.00 5.00 15.00 55.00 Down 2.00 Graham 46 35.00 5.00 15.00 55.00 up 15.00 Healdton 55 35.00 5.00 2.90 42.90 Down .10 Berwyn 71 35.00 5.00 40.00 same Zaneis 72 35.00 5.00 7.00 47.00 Down .40 Fox 74 35.00 5.00 10.00 50.00 up 1.53 Dickson 77 3500 15,75 50.75 up 10.60 although property owners in Ardmore school District 19 face a 10.25 Mill increase in school levies for the 1972-73 fiscal year both Graham and Dickson residents will have an even larger increase. Due to a Bond Issue for a new High school Ardmore taxpayers will 55.00 Mills or 155.00 per thousand Zodara valuation. The amount is up to 10.25 Mills from 44.75 last year. Dickson residents Abo paying for a school Bond will 50.75 Mills this year 10.60 More thai for the previous year. Graham school District is up a whooping 15.00 Mills from 40.00 Laist year of 55.00 for this year. Graham Ardmore and Wilson each the Levy for the cd rive year but for Wilson the rate is Down $2 per thousand from last year. Ardmore re Straits wih a total Levy of $91.52, up $13.-77 from the $77.75 rate last year. The rate is just 42 cents from a High of $91.10 five years ago when Large City Bond issues were passed. Ardmore citizens living in school District other than 19 can determine their total Levy by add ii the Levy for their part Cidar school District add-$20.52 for City Levy $14 for the county Levy $1 few the county he a Depar Anent and $1 for the urary. Hea twi residents May it the same except add $25 few Teir City tax. Ardmore and Hawton Are us Only communities in the county via Quot a City tax Levy. Other a Dhoti i cts Raour Tig an Over increase in 8dkx4 be votes Zachries s Ilaa Fox. A by it Jas Repici de their tax levies Are Plain View. Lone Grove Wilson Healdton and Zaneis. A breakdown for a drool districts is listed below. All amounts Are shown in Mills but May be converted to dollars per thousand by adding a Dollar sign in front of the figure. For example a 16 Mill total county Levy is $16 per thousand dollars property valuation. To determine the total tax rate for All school districts except Ardmore and Healdton add the county general Library and health department levies 16 to the school millage. On the Chart figures shown in the a up or do a column refer to school levies Only. Transcribing equipment and advanced shorthand for those who desire it. Special attention is also Given to Telephone techniques used in secretarial practices personality development grooming and general office practices such As mailing. Mrs. Cruson was with the class when it was initiated at Ardmore High school in the fall of 1965 and moved with it to the to tech school when the building was completed. Around 200 girls have graduated from the class in its seven year Span and att i Ance now averages 3ft-35 a year. It is Titus in Tiree classroom Imp Root it Ying the North Side of the West Wing. There is a theory classroom Small dictation room sad Large practice room coir Tan ing simulated office desks. These desks each contain Derent types of electric executive typewriters and one other of the various electric office machines presenting a mock representation of desks at which the girls it one Day be working. Students rotate desks throughout the year so by the end they have received instruction and practice on All machines and feel confident that they would know How to operate any machine they might find in a office. Beginning weeks Are spent drilling on Small things that will be applied throughout the see to tech Page 4-a weather temperature 1972 1971 High saturday. 64 70 Low Friday night 52 55 10 45 . Reading. 63 60 rainfall. 1.10 data recorded at fire station forecast Oklah aaa sunday decreasing cloudiness West portions. Rain ending East portions. Pm try Cloudy sunday night and monday. Continued Cool. Low sunday night near 40 Panhandle to mid-50s Southeast. Highs sunday Low 60s Tendle to mid-70s Southeast. High monday upper 50s Panhandle to Low 70s Southeast. Was the agents Collar Man Rushing at Mcgovern Reading a. A George Mcgovern campaigned across a Industrial Belt Sammy and accused the Nixon administration preaching the Virtues of work without providing jobs. But the Job foal activity was interrupted briefly in Kutztown a when a Man rushed a Mcgovern throw a football game crowd Fri Outlang a get out of Here you bum you no Good bum a the a identified Man you fled by sets Rei agents As he. Within about Loii Leet my Govoni he was handcuffed and quest one but a her ire leased without Dirge. A state police spokesman said he was not armed. Mcgovern had gone to stadium at the request of the Kutztown president Lawrence Stratton to speak briefly Dur ing halftime of the Kutztown state Cheyney state Corege pa., football game. After the incident Mcgovern went ahead and spoke then left for a Street rally at Reading. Mcgovern told crowds throughout the Day that the country cannot stand for More years of Nixon in the White House. A what i believe America needs in the 1970s is a Leader who can lift the vision of Titis nation a Mcgovern said in Scranton at his first of five rallies few the Day. In Bethlehem Quot ii sen. Est Ward m. Kennedy who had Campai de with him the Day before Mcgovern said a we do not want a Leader who has his band in the till his foot in his Moutri his Tongue in his Cheek and his eyes on the the Bethlehem midday crowd at the civic Center Ead out across the Plaza was described by democratic gov. Milton j. Shapp As the largest political gather ii in the history of the area. Shapp Mcgovern and sen. Edmund s. Mus de of Maine who was also campaigning with the democratic presidential candidate frequently referred saturday to the fact that Only see agents Page 4-a fifty fired in sunday raid rockets rain on Bien Hoa Saigon a communists led forces sunday fired More than 50 rockets into the big Allied air base at Bien hoa15 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The . Conru nand said preliminary reports showed that 18 americans were wounded. Initial reports also said 10 South vietnamese were injured in the pre Dawn attack. One . Truck and one South vietnamese helicopter were damaged. It was the most serious attack on a major . Installation since the communist command launched an offensive in the Saigon Region oct. 5. Senior Mih tary sources say the offensive is timed just ahead of the . Presidential Electon in efforts to Embarrass president Nixon. Sources said the communists Are trying to create the a pression of strength far beyond what actually exists. The United states has two Marine squadrons and one air Force Squadron of attack bombers based at Bien Hoa. They Fly missions in support of South vietnamese forces in the Saigon area \ the Mekong Delta and in support of car Bodian forces across the Border. The air Force Squadron at Bien Hoa had been deactivated oct. 1, but this order was cancelled and most of the unit was kept there because of the communist offensive. The attack came Only a few hours before Henry a. Kissinger paid an Early sunday morning Call on president Nguyen Van Thieu. It was their fourth meeting in four Days in apparent efforts to Hammer out a peace settlement. . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker accompanied Kissinger to the presidential Palace for the meeting. The enemy offensive also flared in other areas on the outskirts of Saigon and in the Central Highlands. Sixteen Miles North of Saigon a South vietnamese it officer claimed his troops aisted a planned attack a til by inned at biting off Anothy chunk of Highway 13, a main Raoji to rubber and Timber coif Litiby. The officer told associated press a respond Rait Dennis Neeld that a Nett vietnamese sapper company with plastic see rockets Page 4-a fourth talk in four Days sunday session held by Kissinger Airliner hits sea 18 of 53 rescued Athens apr an olympic airways plane with 53 per-1613 a aboard in a Dom Klc flight pm mixed into fee sea Nea Athol Airport a a by dig a amp of. Early reports said 18 persons were rescued from the water. An olympic airways spokesman said the plane a twin engine Turboprop was one minute away from its scheduled Landing Here when it fell. Rescue Craft hunted for any other survivors. The plane was on a flight from the ionian sea Island of Corfu also called Kercira Lichen it in one of the tto hit Athens air flyer went 3/ ads fran the coast in the san wisc Gulf. The Airport is adjacent to the Gulf. Of the 53 persons on Board four were Crew members and seven were foreigners. A company Kesman said it was not known if the foreigners were among the survivors. Their a were not available. The plane apparently crash landed on the sea and floated briefly before it went under wind whipped Waves. Scores of Small Rescue Craft and Gre a Oast guard boats search the crash area. The coast guard boats beamed powerful search lights across the water. Olympic airways is owned by Aristotle Onassis the greek shipping magnate married to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. He likes Edmondson Mcgovern gets Monroney of speaking to a group of friends saturday afternoon at the Holiday inn former senator Mike Monroney told the audience of about 40 persons that he intends to support Senate candidate de Edmondson �?o1,000 per the 24-year Veteran senator and 6-year member of Congress also said that he is supporting presidential candidate sen George Mcgovern but has doubts As to whether Mcgovern can win. Monroney is serving As a a legislative consultants for several airline companies. He explains that this position is not a lobbying Job but that his information does Lead to ammunition for lobbying. The former senator also said that he is glad to be in private life and that a a in a running for nothing. And i intend to run for a i found out How Nice it is to be in private life a he said. In an Faite View Monroney said that he a sure Edmondson will carry the election but that he will run into some trouble in the voting areas that use machines. He explained that voters voting for Nixon May not re engage the machine to the democratic Side of tie ballot. In Oklahoma Monroney said that he believes Nixon will carry the presi tall race but gave no further details. Monroney said he compares Edmondson with House speaker Cari Albert and labels the Senate candidate Quot an outstanding qualifying number increases texan is unofficial Bull Riding contest Winner by Kay Evers the Thad round of the Jay Cees Bull rid tog went to Ite Cowx Guys saturday night. For the Jitae he score Sheet showed More Quad frytag scores Bah goo eggs. Twenty six riders stayed mounts Lor the Fidi a seconds to Quatty. Only 28 to Ahmed do the twp in combined f a unofficial Winner of a the a 69 thursday evening. Quot Phirl pipe George West tex., who presently holds the number one spot Barca a around Champion Cowboy Competition scored a 68 Wadi will in ably put him in the Mon. Lyne conquered a roil Iwai wis that had been rid before. La a it my timer freckles the saturday when spectacle 66 Wudi May also give us a share of the pot. Bull Riding he is been voted by the sport eve items of file world As the most Dag ious sport Evert in. The Ymir i Brown is is Mars own Buff he so to Fol is Iowa a the y sters in Rodeo jew ��?T8 Booger Simk Man . High a coir with Uno Crai Anmer of the Alida a feet a , a i a Toma. 1, we a scored a 72 Friday in the Ely m the Eig tit second time period and the spinning Bull stepped in Wilson a Back in i using him. Wilson was unable to get to his feet and was carried from the Arena it i a Stretcher. Several cowboys got a Spur Iburg in the rigging or found item saves unable to free the Lidh g hand when they were of thrown but a Wien were Init red one Wayne Jones of Demeo �?�aik., was picked 15 on a Hong to it Fie air. Jones can Diw of a scurried away Boggs search near Juneau Anchorage Alaska apr a report of radio transmit on monday that May have come from the massing plane can7ing House democratic Leader Hale Boggs discounted earlier i the week led searchers tur Day to concentrate their unit on an area near Juneau. Five California men All Dit ing rides saturday. They were Pete Flint May a who scored 64 and David rime Iha Kep vile who Tai used a 59. Flint has beep to Ira finals in previous be and is scheduled to compete Yaft he a currently in Inma Buhr a Lupton Taus iqra years old a the Cowboy who by competed i if Jim pee Bull ring items six year his Tow. He maw a Good Ime m was boiled Beffre official Fine in Wal be afr be fish band radio operators told a news conference Here that evidence a indicates they May have talked last monday with Pilot dim e. Jonz who reported he was combating 70-milei>er-hour head Wirfs and was Kwh on fuel. Jonz was Pilot of the Cessna 310 that Vuu shed on a 560-Mie Fli from a Anchorage to Juneau with Boggs rep. Nick Begich and a Begich aboard. Afa Force maj. Henry Stocker coordinator of the Nas five Day old search said a Day Tong interview of the radio 0 aerators a helped us to better in de stand previous icons but endes base on our initial in formation and a Bough the general area we re Takii about has been searched re heated is Al ii Lieb be search at that a a a some a the pair seeking to Hammer out Accord Saigon a -. Pretl cute Hal adv Lur h6ni7 a. Kissinger left Sai on suit Day for an undisclosed a Milne ton motto r a gon a it us. Herihy a it Kis paid an Early sunday morning Call on president Nguyen Van Thieu. It was thei fourth meeting in four Days flip apparent efforts to Haunner out a a peace settlement. . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker accompanied Kissinger to the presidential Palace. Informants quoted the . Side As saying on saturday Liat it would continue to support South Vietnam a military Eifort but would take a hands off position in a political settlement that would leave a decision on any interim government and Thieu a own future to the South Vietnam president his. A Saigon newspaper controlled by the or essential Palace and often regarded As reflecting the offi<3al views of to lieu said the president and his National Security Council have Tom Kissinger the South vietnamese reject an tote rim agreement. The paper tins it Hig said that after Oliree meetings with Kissinger the South vietnamese told him they reject ail temporary peace solutions Sudi As a Pittai cease fire. Tea was quoted As say ii any agreement must be lasting settlement. The intern agreement concept envisions a part Way peace Deal perhaps before the nov. 7 . Presidential election which would be followed by fur the renegotiation toward a per mane settlement. Other sources also que Thieu As say he was Ltd it posed to any kind of a limited ceased fire As we As a Tripa flute gov Etmonia he has to Stedt amp a see sunday 4ia Federal Holiday

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