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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 4

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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Ardmore, Oklahoma 4 the daily Ardmore Ite Ardmore okla., monday october 19. 1970 Are Moritts Quot Southern Oklahoma s greatest Nevis paper Quot a Estam Shofi of Tot a /8. Ifi�?~51 published sunday and Eich week Day Mir or Brinn a ept Satu Fasy a a Uhn f. Easley publisher. L19-Li 56 member i the asocial de Prev i a nigh i a pub Ico Tion of All of the local news Prnto it i news Dispa Cheti. Any erroneous upon the or Reppi Dion of person firm of torpor nation which a a Pepponi tho y Erie win of cheer fully corrected a in Heinz Broutt to a he Flat Cantlon the editors. Mandatory Public service idea backed s. 1. Ii Ayak no i tin Oil a Illard proxy of so Kra Nniro slate was inc in broach Lair idea of another Collo a president has a a Pokon in favor of is Jtimo lipid of Ninny Atziry Public service by a Nerica a youth or. In Phillip h. Sli River of l Iii eight Ity Ilia All Hiigli Sci ool a Radii is Pul Iii Leo years if r Iii red Pul Lii service i Iii Sciasc could he selected from a Nui her of Fields. In it Liidi Riu the Iliili Tail. Hosp Ai or Worl it p a Ali Ilioiu Analei Iceni a Mill Era a picking and cleaning up Quot of the entire nation. A Many of our ire suit Perint it from an acute of boredom a a Sli River Quot of Owr what seems to be an absence of a Clear Cut of Uhal to is Llie Cre really Cut out to do. What Contr Dillions they can make. To tie betterment of their Lellow Man a bored and fru Fern cd they line our cily picks a Vii Rinien in drugs slum n spoil Ighile Adwill he Havlir. Uloet new and weird life styles find Genera by rebel again l what Llu y pre Reive to be the inherent def Ien cies i tile Oystein a i see these be Ling people the one hand and 1 see the thousand and on Ltd things that need to be done All a Rouimi am Ite or somehow we Sceini of Matching lie talents and energies of the to Aluisi generation and we have Ever had in this co intr it. Wiki the jobs that need to be Dune Quot there is room f or a Nguyent about the idea of a i Ike of Public service Lor All youths particularly inc a mandatory aspects of it but leu will disc cute the Acci Kraev of slip ver s a depiction Oline condition of so Many of America s Young h Ople. Hal Boyle watch those floating Coffee cup bubbles new York a things a columnist might never know if he did t open ins mail if life begins at10 for people it begins at a for a dog that s a Hon a ilog is reckoned As Middle Ageda Survey of Young drug addict so if to ,11 found a link exists Between a feeling of Basic ins verily and drug addiction. Men s wigs and in the past have rarely been fashionable simultaneously heards is tally a in shed when pigs were in style whenever wigs went out and men wore Timeir own locks ind Mustac ties became Pii pillar. Ilie bootlegging of cigarettes til Inid tax Palm in its has become on of Ogara de crimes greatest source of profit. One tobacco official estimates since inti i illegal sales of smuggled Cigar Retti s have Cost individual states a total of $441 million in lost lax Revenue s what is the versatile letter in the Doha Befu probably the Citi r Quot a Quot to is the Romani sym Tiol for 11it is used by illiterate men As their signature it Means a Railroad Cro s ing it is employed in Eirc Les or on Lial lots to a Choice it stands for an unknown Quantity it stands for a kiss and on maps it shows where the Money was buried the Accident tied. Or the Ixida found notables Quot the average person puts Only 2.5 per cent of his Energy and ability in his work the world takes off its hat to those who put in More Lilian i per cent of their capacity and stands on its head for Liose few and tar Between oils who devote 100 per cent. Ii Drew Carne i e dude Morenz Ziegfeld the colourful musical comedy it to Illier. Was one of the Besl men of ins he Oft ii Lioi Igil _ dozen Nee kites Al a time. At de Atli in his wardrobe was Iii incl to con in More i Ilin is ind u a never j1 pm Vioni i ill Reinen Bering Lery i the Art of telling am this a a icily what lie thinks of Lii self Quot history a a sad ii in you the Fisl i s presi Mienl Wiio was ,1 West in out Grad Liate a ill was i Simpson Grant Cravit was Grid rated from the i s Miil Irv Academy in ih4, i lie resigned from the my in but returned to i during the Ivil folklore looking ii Man golds in \1.irch too Long will make you i drunkard if i guest reloads ins Naikai after i meal he won t be invited Back by ins list ii the Iyub Liles in a Lup of Coffee float in in from Yon. Dial s a sign veil i lose Money it they Liivat toward >0u. Money will Coli a wearing a red string around your Recti will Ward off rheumatism ii in Eter tie ire it who observed i you arts of bad Luck you will never Gei Good Luck Quot barbs no Gwendolyn. You Don t a i Ivele Wear i seersucker suit when of visit a Fortune Feller it of ii never person who can secret i cover the truly keep a second thoughts Albert rie5fn, jr., co pubic her find Oen Eroi my or tier w.r�. Eugene Mclain by secs. My no go r r l dui of. A a Rifi Ging i hard proc Lor. Circulation director Bra a w no apr. Adv or is no re Yak sively to the for in the As we it is flu a. F f try i a a it world affairs is Hanoi making big mistake Washin if tie North vietnamese think that they ire gaining an adv ant Ige by a re Jelt a Ting outright i resident Nixon s peace Ofer Iii that to will be compelled Between now and the congressional ele Lions to modify Liis propos ils to satisfy ins adv Edsarie. Uliey Are a lug Mist Ike doubtless feels the it or Nixon cannot do Iny thing but accept unconditioned by the various ideas which amount virtually to Complete surrender heretofore id Aneed by tie at the Paris Degoti Allons it is however Sii the White Liliee on i Iii Quot div not i inv Dis Linzil to a cent Orth x Lenain s in Eli Iii is Rinal but Exi Iress de i t Elief Hanoi Quot sly Oxild and will continue to Eujune them newsmen were our liver informed Itiat the i listed states would keep the president s pro wis ils on the hire dining Able in .111 1 try to use them is .1 liar getting moving White said the other Side i engaged in Quot tile traditional liar gaining the clinic i it of rejecting our prop Iesals immedi Atell Quot but Vii feel they will font Nizic to look at this Means that Between now and nov h the United st ites will lie talking about the Quot exp a station Quot of further discussions while the North \ Iet namese will Conti Iii Balking because of the mistaken theory that a change in the proposal Sis logical for the administration to in order to win favor before the ele lotions in t Iier lips pm cognized in Hanoi is that inc american people Are far More untied today behind the presidents plan for be ice in Vietnam than Thev Havi been for other pro Post ats 111 the a several years. Xin Oriean troops continue to be gradually withdrawn but the South \ Vietn Imesch still will be assisting to some extent so that they it an maintain a defense it of their noun iry. Meantime. Prosecution of the War by David Lavrence will be an expensive operation for North Vietnam ind its allies in another year or two South v i e t 11 a m will have strengthened its position militarily so that it can withstand incursions from the North even without a substantial number of american troops within it Borders. It could happen therefore that immediately after the congressional elections Here the North a a Teui amuse will Wake David Lawrence up to find that the in United states has t budged in its position they Linen might come u Inderst ind Why. If Titiev continue to reject the peace proposals. They will be Idun by committing a ices clues to i lengthy War with the Soi Iii if siamese in which the i a ted slates will be furnishing Supi it Ort for some time to ome tie i United states in t going to change its stand Between now and the elections and or to inv there will be no politic Al reason for doing so after nov i the stat client made by die White mouse on indicates clearly that the i Nied states will keep on pressing for peace and the necessity or full i cission of the Ixon proposals no ii Itter How often lhe., \ vietnamese Siy hey Are re cd ing Quot everything. Norih Vietnam May think it is going to Force the i United s ates to surrender to of to Mike further coh Cess is before the elections but they evident i v do not know Livieri an sentiment the feeling among the people now is that the and Nuri in Ilion made a sin Ocie ind Consoni Etic to end the Wir and the Norih \ Etc Imbese ire hurting their use by refusing to talk about the fir opos ils the it have been 111 ,1 1 e till administration. Therisie will Koep on asking for More discussion sit Paris of its plan also since tie i United nations is meeting and a number of conferences Between major Powers will be going on for the Nixt few weeks the chances arc there will be no change in the american plan for pea a the North vietnamese will find out after eke Tion Day nov i that they gained nothing by rejecting the american plan and by refusing to initiate ii Relier negotiations to May Well he said that for All practical purposes any i Nipol an action will be postponed until after the election the Merian government might then consider concessions of some kind if it becomes appear i lit that the North vietnamese Are genuinely interested in doing the same thug. Truthful living by or. Richard t. Hopper minister first Baptist Church Halo s Thuv la do it 1 acre time he Evem keeps his self clea04ed Heap Quot Bur How does be Lem a the bathroom a Quot of Kama a tip of the wet Hytt it Marion Thompson Box in Wisp Rose was. Tie Christian Faith entered in tic Christ is indestructible. There is no Power in heaven or on Earth sufficiently Strong to destroy the religion called Christian ily former Premier Nikita Khrushchev is reported to have boasted Quot our pm Ket has passed the Moon it is nearing the Sun. And we have not discovered god Quot. We have a turned lights out in heaven that no Man will be Able to put on again. We Are breaking the Yoke of the gospel the opiate of the masses. Let us go Forth and Christ shall be relegated to those were the words of a vain proud communist but they also reflect the spirit of hundreds of godless materialistic people today. They too Are confident that the Christian Faith will soon be so completely discredited that Only the most ignorant and superstitious will continue to believe in god. But Christ and his gospel win abide in the hearts of men forever. In a Western Community a Tornado swept across the Plains one hot summer Day practically level Iii every building in the Village when the citizens came out of their cellars and places of safely they found that the Church building had been completely blown away hut at the was the pulpit stand still in place undisturbed it was a Symbol of the permanency of Christ and his gospel in Christ you a Ilace your Faith in i ii there is a Olid foundation. A i can do All things through Christ which strength nth me Quot of a philippians 4 13 Phil Dessauer Only in Oklahoma one Way to size up economic conditions in the state is to add what governor Bartlett says and what Slavid Hall says and Divide by two. Some pressure to pay of our Legisla there s raise the tors. But this close to election Day most candidates for the legislature would As soon endorse marijuana. We concede its easier for Highway patrolmen to pass themselves off As members of the press than for newsmen to arrest them. Oklahoma Grade school kids Are being furnished a Law and order colouring Book. It shows How Friendly policemen Are unless somebody tries to color them fuzzy. Career armies Superior by Ralph de Toledano whether Thev kno v it or not Nie Rickii soldiers Are pm Linti tir a Quot i a i i a piece of real estate in Vietnam or in All Southeast . Their Battle is against men and movements Winch Denv that natural or Iii Sonali rights exist there Are diff it Multics in this confrontation. Are personal and natural rights a where can the line be drawn which will ii Rifle the exercise of those rights Roiti animus Ive individual Tyr inny which de drives others in its own these in which oui in pc Ople a not the Bea links and the \ Iet Niks Are asking As they face up to the exigencies of a i of tract d Chin Fiill he Ween the moral and tiie i in Oral. The Bigg a t prot Ieiri before these Young people a and it should be understood Many of them Are Loyal americans. Ready to fight for their country is the draft. On campuses sail Over the country they Are their attitudes on compulsory service not with an Eye to evading it hut to get their Pielo soph ical houses in order. I recall that Down at the University of Virginia a Small group calling itself the Patnock Henry society launched a did Cussi in of Ali which Vav is thoughtful and deeply concerned with traditional , from a legalistic Point of vhf a the so Ieuv s newsletter. The Patriot argued that under the declaration of Independence and the ninth amendment of the Constitution. Quot there Are personal rights Quot and i voting the Brief of two defendants in i Case lev v is served that the Quot most fundamental a enumerated right upon which ,. All rights Are based is the right of a it Iii to ins own life ind to be Frei from tie initiation of Force he his own government As regards his very person Quot if this is All that the \ in Gurii 1, u could be on the tire in Gioi ind in it in order to the great let Ody of rights Imph cil and exp ii it in the common Law and the r s. T Onesti tuition certain a commod it ions must be made. These Lecoma Modalion were recognized in the by the supreme court which put minor abridgement on Freedom of speech in order to Reserve the major concept As a working Pri Cipal. Quot Nie Only valid question should entert.1ni is not whether there should be a tie Irginia Patriot said but Uhal should now be instituted As its proper the alternative proposed by Stephen k. Nimpson in the Patrick Hen re society newsletter can be readily acceptable Biva use it does away with any debate on moral principle it offers a in iter system of raising armies which does no v violence to till first or the ninth amendment or the personal rights of men the proposal is for a career army made up of volunteers. This ins something the Nili tar would prefer for it wastes much of its substance training men who must be before their expensive tour of duty benefits the a Niy. Navy or air Force career army in the Long run would be smaller and Cost less than the current drafted Active duty forces of the nation. This has Long been recognized by military experts. The question is. Ihen. How do you attract the calibre of men necessary to fill the ranks a the answer is higher pay a much Iii her pay. In terms of modern military technology numbers Are secondary to training and . A highly paid career army would be prepared and equipped to fight a modern War not a 1941 War. After an initially High Cost the Bill to the taxpayer would fall sharply below what he must pay now for a mass army each Man of which requires material and Money to be briefly into the Field. It has been shown moreover that highly trained men serving voluntarily have higher morale and make far More efficient soldiers than conscripts who look ahead to a two year hitch then out. Civilian studies have shown that career armies would be Superior armies. By raising pay Scales they could compete with private Industry. Jack Anderson says Galya soviet Beauty romances Washington by Jack Anderson Washington a in the quiet quest tor i a soviss Quot Mies follow the script of he a. Tim. for cd nil Pilc. Has a Nick Niini Skir a Galina de Mio the a in if in Ciui Asels of , a Calva a Lekina whose int Mali in ii friends would Fdl a who s w by Dav Saiva i. s Okumur attache in . She Mav be seen with a Civ score ing women s de a inns trom me soviet 1 Nion Atou tid . Hut by Niglis. attn a trim Bloch and Short skirt in n the a Ost cynic , she Olteia urns up escorted by an in Portali , a some softly restaurant to Cortha or Tia Iva is alway Gav. And me is her liquor Well one her As g is also a Good listen she has dated prominent Tiitu s rom Capitol Hill Goveia ment agencies. Western ii i a ,.i d he i United she official Saiid with the Back Lia a Vii i i a m. Iii but who pos,-,.- .01 in Iii Iti rooms of Wasl Iii ton All the men one tiling in t i Nixion. Pilicy Are close to tile seat of i Wal we wont Pill h the Nairn n escorts there is no real proof Thev have withing Niobe into her ear Titan Sotic ., Enid we Jiow she Al is to Ilis cuss in hrs of with them. One powerful is of Filiai Spca i to a cup entice. Acknowledged to us that Tilva Inore i i d in a i Uil than cultural Maite s a a footnote the . I lend it i ito Quot i 1&Quot is a rated or divorced from Iier Iii Simiand site ii be is id. But looks much in is ignition into her in re Ich her were i Nul site was Nev tic a he Torney Oene it no Wilh Lier Vyrin n Morin than �0,000 Mitmon m of greenery on i s re ices and i Tonii vows put in during younger . Site in i Neil c i in a ii hours i cavities Dur Retica Erie i i a nored. The Eph Quot a c.ill-. Wei e in i i Quot icer in Whei be i d her it i.,Ili a it i i i Martha Mitchell the vivacious we ral is is tree with the taxpayers Lial ii trusts the . Tive in Vida to refurbish the o tie Iii c i c now he is a pen it ii i in non the outside mrs Mitch i in . By i Ilion into some i1h lady Bird .lolin.son. S it h n project the first so i,i�h1 went in Quot i i i w Iii in a Quot of and Kitchen at .111-Tine o i Ould i Ihm a is in l or on ill Dir ted the placement of it hic. A Nul fixtures and a veil arrange d Hir Little a Quot Iligir s to be directed on the tables. Chi us ried about the mom a Lii to. E i or i ii that Only was spent on the Kitchen nid lining room hut the i Gaffe is actually More last week mrs. Mitchell on. Cd government painters to work at night to Irir in iced it corridors into a Primrose ind to Rev Tula coloured pit Oliway this was in preparation for a visit i v Pieideiit Nix ii i Iii inc to sign a crime Bill Many of the , .1 Lyhl a Lle. And so iritis i Roubid the department Are being do up to he in this year of Economy by a a i Sivi ,lap.nil- i Liolla Hughes and . Marshal Iii Iiene of Boxwood slows Tiow Hotle she knows about the City Garden experts main Triin it is virtually Ini loss Dile to in u lion i ods in 1 a my ruin Loti i downtown Washington i Kuhlt almost a i v. ,1. Out of element Goldberg is inept but still a threat by Bruce Biossat new York fair Timur Foldberg Lias More Quot credits Quot ind is better known Ilian any democratic gubernatorial nominee in new a Ork in 12 i tus but he is Suller ing from most of the maladies Tiu it have Long afflicted is party s races for this cruel a office for openers there is evidence and much convict on among the experts Here that Goldberg s campaigning seriously lacks Money. Is disorganized Refl Cis inadequate scheduling and reveals painful internal strains among his top advisers it is a common View too Htit in his Effort to uns Etil Iov Nelson Hoek Feller Filer the latter s three terms cold Berg is proving to be one of the most dismal campaigners imaginable a former High labor official Cai inet member. Super Niue court Justice and ambassador to the i United , this or Respi it ability seems far out of his element on the Campaign Trail. Obviously a very Nice Man with a gracious but evidently shy manner. Goldberg conies across As wooden and detached in personal Contact ponderous on the platform arrogantly self sufficient. How All this is working out can be judged in part from the fact that the Goldberg forces now hive called in from Washington Fred Dutton former aide to the Kennedy and a recognizable a play he would not be in this state unfamiliar to him if trouble were not dogging Goldberg a there is said to be tension among such key strategists As Stephen Smith a Kennedy brother in Law and Joseph Crangle county Buffalo democratic chairman who sits nearly at Goldberg s Elbow in his fifth Avenue Campaign though present there too. Able state Charm an Lohn Burns is believed to be shunted aside. While the High Quot skills now Ommon top Iid television pc ent Ilio is Are being applied Iii cold erg s Effort his per until rulings Are general in Niiseiihle lie has developed ,1 Nejiu Talon for cancelling i i cents on account of . In though his schedule is Kimps 1 watched him through a newspaper pm int on .1 a of greeting tour and it wits one of the most incredible inept performances in my Ilici Itoro Tomy into ii room with six or eight girls at de is he would shake hands with two and just Bow in Linn Civ Sivie to the rest. I cd him Ai ii Oach two men s Iii in Side by Side and so kick with one but not tile other when clusters did Tiro und him and melt Quot of Iii of is Reserve he still Sli cd unease. A at ins Headquarters most people tire afraid to Call him Arthur he prefers a emr. Lustine and his own joke about his Wile calling him that diets ii t Kielp. Some of i staff people were when no pictures of israeli Premier Golda Meir and Goldberg hit the newspapers at the time of her visit to new York. The word is the candidate refused to let them be taken and also earlier wrote her a letter turning Down offers of Quot help Quot in his Campaign. He is super sensitive to possible charges he might exploit the troubled israeli situation among new Yorkus millions of jews. Difficulties notwithstanding Goldberg is a Dougli adversary for Rockefeller his grip on the big Lewisii vote is Plain. With Black state senator Basil Patterson running wit ii him for lieutenant governor Rocky s Heay 1966 Cut into the Block vote May be slashed in two. Still the a a arrogant Goldberg lacks political Confidence. Wistfully he says his Campaign is different. It sure is

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