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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 1

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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Ardmore, Oklahoma A a it i to y Hie or Caj. Dux am cola. City a okla. 73105 d. G. Committees hide Campaign donations Hugh Scott by James r. Polk associated press writer Washington apr hundreds of thousands of dollars in Campaign Money have been Given . Senators through hidden fund raising groups set up in Washington where a loophole lets the lawmakers keep the contributions secret. Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana and his gop counterpart sen. Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania head the list of candidates using the hidden committees to help bankroll their re election races this year. Labor groups Are making Large donations to another Washington committee set up for sen. Harrison a. Williams d-n.j., who is in line to become chairman of the Senate labor con Pittee if. He Wijs. In political circles the hidden Campaign groups Are known As a a d. Committees. A the District of columbian in contrast to the Home states of most senators has no Laws requiring Public disclosure of Money raised and spent for candidates. As a result dozens of senators and congressmen have . Committees set up Here to raise Campaign funds particularly from lobbies. Names of the hidden committees came to Light in a study of the detailed list of donations that other political groups such As those for labor organizations or Industry lobbies must file with Congress. The records show groups representing restaurants Coal Cable to. Steelworkers. Teamsters shipping and savings associations Are among the contributors to "d.c. even the Republican and democratic National Campaign chests have funnelled Large chunks of Money to their candidates through these groups. Sen. Winston l. Prouty r-vi., locked in a Tough Battle this fall has at least four . Committees Quot set up to get Money from the gop. His democratic foe former gov. Philip h. Hoff has at least two committees Here also. Among others using the device Are Sens. Joseph m. Montoya . Frank e. Moss a Utah William Proxmire a wis Ralph t. Smith r-111. Tod Stevens a Alaska and former vice president Hubert h. Humphrey running for the Senate from Minnesota. Many of the , committees have raised As much As $50,000 or More. But few Are willing to Tell. However interviews and reports of various political groups traced at least $386,761 As being channelled into various Senate candidates . Con mittens. Tie True total May be Many times that amount. Because of the Lack of reporting requirements Sorne . Committees could stay hidden forever. And As one Senate aide said �?o1 gather that every senator Here has a committee like the loophole in reporting Laws has been recognized for years but chances of it Ever being plugged Are slim mainly because the legislators who use it Are the Only ones who can close it however the fund raising groups have become Iii Ore controversial because of recent bribery charges against former sen. Daniel b. Brewster did. The indictment which was dismissed by a judge this month charged that $24,500 had been routed to Brewster As a bribe from a mail order company lobbyist through a hidden group called the . Committee for Maryland another group the "d.c. Committee for Montana Progress Quot was reported to be involved in the Justice department probe on postal rates. It was set up for rep. Arnold Olsen a Moni. A House postal subcommittee chairman. In a rare step this year a re election comm tree set up in Washington for sen. Edmund s. Muskie a Maine. The presiden see donations Page 2 Mike Mansfield 1 Sori a a . In 76th year no. 305 Quot Southern Oklahoma s greatest newspaper Quot copyright 1970, daily Ardmore Ite publishing co. Ardmore Oklahoma monday october 19, 1970 a finals Home edition Price 10c by 2 states vote rights Law argued Washington a the states of Oregon and Texas argued today in the supreme court that Congress acted unconstitutionally when it granted the vote to 1.8-year-Olds. Both states took the positional a hearing that their 21-year minimum was not a form of discrimination the 14th amendment gives Congress the Power to Correct. Pair charged at Kent state a the 21-year Standard is a reasonable classification that Falls far Short of the prohibitions of the 14th. argued Lee Johnson the attorney general of Oregon. Charles Alan Wright a Law professor who spoke for Texas agreed with oreo no a position and said that were it not for the courts a respect for the body across the Street a con Gress the 1970. Voting rights Laws would have been thrown out As the argument turns on interpretation of the i4th amendment ratified in 1868 and designed to protect the rights of newly freed negroes by prohibiting the st Tes from denying anyone Quot the equal Protection of the Section 5 of the amendment gives Congress the Power to enforce these provisions a by appropriate the hearing pits the Powers of Congress against the Peroga see voting Page 2 Ravenna. Ohio a a 21-year-old former student and a 42-year-old faculty member were served with indictments today As deputies began rounding up 25 people indicted in connection with May violence at Kent state University. Richard Felber Akron the former student was charged with first degree riot attempting to bum property striking a fireman and interfering with a fireman at the scene of a fire. He was served with the indictment in his cell at the Portage county jail where he was awaiting Transfer to the Mansfield reformatory on drug charges. Or. Thomas s. Lough 42, of Kent an associate professor of sociology and anthropology at Kent state surrendered himself a Short while Laier in the company of an attorney and was charged with inciting to riot. Details of his alleged offence were not immediately released. Those charged today were among 25 people named in secret indictments last Friday by a special state grand jury invest Ligating May violence at Kent state. The school said Felber had been admitted on academic probation and attended classes last Spring and fall quarters before being dismissed for academic reasons. Felber had been sentenced to Art gallery was prosecuted for court to study Laws on Flag Washington a the supreme court agreed today to consider the constitutionality of Statie Laws that make it a crime to defile or cast contempt upon the american Flag. The court granted a hearing to a new York Art dealer who was convicted in 1967 of violating that states Law against Flag desecration. He contended the Law a conflicts with the first amendments free speech guarantee. Dissent from the Vietnam War has prompted several tests of Flag Laws across the country. Courts have been divided some upholding the Laws and other finding them unconstitutional. Syria s ruler cracks Down on guerrillas Beirut Lebanon. A Syria s new military ruler is cracking Down on the palestinian guerrillas the previous marxist regime sponsored Arab diplomatic sources reported today. The diplomats said Gen. Hafez Al Assad of the air Force syrians defense minister has closed Down the Damascus Headquarters of the Saika guerrillas and asked the Central committee of the Palestine resistance movement to suspend its membership. Saika guerrillas returning to Syria fro m Jordan Are being disarmed at the Border and shipped off to detention areas in Northern Syria the sources said. They reported Assad has Pul Syria under military control. Paralysing the baath socialist party government. Assad forced or. Noureddin Atassi to resign As president and Premier of Syria on saturday. And today maj. Gen. Salah Jadid. Marxist Leader of the baath party was reported to have fled the country possibly to Northern Lebanon. Assad a coup is believed to have resulted from the syrian invasion of Jordan during the civil War there last month. Assad opposed the intervention and refused to give it air cover As a result strafing jordanian planes did heavy damage to the syrian invaders. Assad reportedly uncovered a plot by Jadid to oust him and moved first. Assad is 40, a staunch Arab nationalist and has worked for closer cooperation among the Arab countries in the fight see Syria Page 2 Nixon prods in heartland Columbus Ohio a president Nixon starting a two Day stumping tour for fellow republicans in the Region he Calls the heartland said today they know America cannot bring peace abroad a unless we also restore peace at Home in terrorists Are in massive a bomb disposal truck is parked outside House in st. Hubert today where police believe kidnappers held Pierre Laporte for a week before killing him. A Wir photo 20 to 40 years in jail oct. 12 on three charges of sales of hallucinogens. The grand jury indictment involved his alleged role during the May burning of a Roth building on the Kent Campus. In the Caset it be heard by the our streets our schools our Cit supreme court Stephen Rad lies. Ich owner of a Madison Avenue i he was cheered by thousands. Of persons in Columbus first exhibiting seven constructions by Marc Morrell an artist and War protester who used the Flag in his sculpture. The one found most objectionable by state courts displayed the Flag As a male sex Organ. In Stop on a six slate political trip. A few Hundred anti Nixon demonstrators were kept across High Street the City s main North South thoroughfare from the statehouse speakers plat form. Debate awaited Suez evidence held Back United nations . Apr the . Government has not decided whether to show the . General Assembly evidence of egyptian soviet violations of the Suez canal ceasefire . Officials said today. The . Decision they said will be heavily influenced by How the debate shapes up when the general Assembly takes up the Middle East situation next monday right after the .�?Ts 25th anniversary Observance. Secretly of state William p. Rogers expects to take up the Middle East Berlin and other questions with soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko tonight but Rogers has already received Gromyko a denial of soviet involvement in the alleged violations. On sunday egyptian foreign minister Mahmoud Riad denied new soviet antiaircraft missiles had been moved into the truce z9n and said Aerial photos which the United states contends prove otherwise a mean nothing and prove Israel says it will not come to the proposed Arab israeli peace negotiations unless there is a missile Rollback. Rogers wants enough a of the alleged. Violations to bring the Mideast foes Back to the indirect negotiations. In the . View Egypt which asked for the . Debate a is Ting with soviet backing to relieve the onus of the violation charges and swing world opinion against the United states Riad speaking on Abc s Quot issues and answers a took the Une that Washigton made the charges As a pretext to break a commitment not to ship new weapons to Israel israeli Prender Golda Meir arrived. Sunday night for the . Session and said Riadi a weapons charge was not productive. Quot Manhig speeches at one another never solved any prob see Suez Page 2 get action work scheduled on air Park Road through the a get action department a the daily Ardmore Ite offers a forum for discussion of Public issues and problems and help for readers to be treated fairly by government agencies and other Public organizations at the local state and National level. Business firms and product names cannot be advertised and no technical Legal or medical questions can be answered. Questions cannot be answered by mail but As Many As possible will be answered in the a get action column in the daily Ardmore Ite every monday. It has been quite a while since we had any information on extending state Highway s3 from the air Park East with a new Bridge Over the Washita River to u. S. 177 As the old state Highway 18 is now called. Can you find put when there is going to i e any work on this and what route the new Road is going to follow the old Bailey Bridge on the River East of the air Park is dangerous and the old Road is terrible for people who come from that direction to work at the air Park and for other people who travel in that area. We Ardmore. We contacted stale senator Ernest Martin and he reported that the work orders on this Extension of so 53, covering both the grading and Quot drainage and the construction of two Bridges including the new by Edge Over the Washita River have been issues and the work is to begin on nov. 2. The Roadway work is to be Copi peeled by aug. 31, 1971, by Sherwood construction company. Wichita. Kans. The Bridges Are to be completed by Jan. 15, i9v2, by Muskogee Bridge company. For information on the routing we contacted Bill Mead resident Engineer for the state Highway department Here. Mead said the new Road will beam near Southwest Corner of the air Park on the Gene Autry Road about one half mile South of Entrance to the air Park and run East about i a Miles to Cross the River on East Side of the River it will curve Southeast for about mile then straight East again to intersect . 177. This route covers 3.857 Miles and the new Bridge on the River will be 802.5 feet Long. The other Bridge will be Over a Small Creek just East of the Gene Autry Road. How Long does the City allow developers to fix a Street that the developers themselves have turn up the West end of Cloverleaf place had a hard surface until last june when the developers came in and Tore it up supposedly to put in a better Street with curb and Gutter. It s been three or four months now and the Street is nearly impassable and the dust is terrible. Why does t the City make developers who tear up a Street or who Are building a new one get the Job done in a reasonable amount of time Var Ardmore. City officials explained that the West end of Cloverleaf place at Hockford Road is not yet a dedicated Street and therefore the sri Sedule of construction or reconstruction is entirely in hands of the developers. In due time it is to i get made a dedicated Street. Meanwhile you might talk to the developers about the schedule and possible temporary repairs. Last saturday i i ote a letter to get action concerning the operate it of the Ardmore Junior senior High cafeteria. However when 1 read the letter As it appeared in monday s paper i was embarrassed to have my initials under it. The sentence see get anon Page 2 Paul Rose left 27, and Marc Carbonnsau 37, named by Quebec police As suspected kidnappers. A wire photo Drew to speak banquet tonight for Marietta cd Marietta staff i Howardl Drew manager of uniroyal lire Plant of Ardmore will be guest speaker tonight at the love county chamber of Commerce membership banquet it Ponther trial is launched new York a a jury of 11 men and one woman today began hearing the Case of 13 Black panthers accused of conspiring to Hurder policemen and bomb Public places. It is one year six months and 17 Days since the 13 were arrested. Nine of their number have spent the tenth a time in prison unable to raise bail ranging up to $100,000 a person. Defense attorneys who have charged that the High bail amounts to preventive deter a on Call the trial a the most controversial Case in town in 20 state supreme court Justice John m. Murta who has pro sided Over the sometimes Stormy months of pretrial hearings and six weeks of jury election says the Case is simply a a criminal 7 in the Marietta elementary so Hoo cafeteria. Drew will be introduced by John Yarbrough past president it the chamber and member of the Board of directors. Willis Choate vice president will serve As master of ceremonies and Rev. Jim Gragg pastor of the first United methodist Church will give the invocation. Marietta High schools 32-member choral group will perform under the direction of mrs. Louis White. Included in the musical performance will be a it s a grand night for singing by the quintet a the water is wide a by the sextet and Quot Michkel. Row your boat a by the senior Trio. C. B. Cochran president of the chamber will present a a program of action revealing a decade of Progress by the chamber of Commerce and outlining a new revitalized program recently planned and approved by the chamber Board of directors. 1116 banquet is open to the Public. Admission prices Are fl.50 each and an Advance ticket Sale has been conducted. Tickets Are also avid Lable at the first Nati Dhal Bank m a nig store and Cochra. Dre and fut iture stot it two named As abductors in warrants Mon thial a a massive Hunt for the terrorists who killed Pierre Laporte gave Montreal today the appearance of a City at War. The search went on for Iho terrorists other Kidnap victim. James a. Cross. Army and police helicopter flew constantly Over the City. In Caf and Royal a Antilian mounted i olice spot checked cars on the Busy Streels. Roadblocks and checkpoints were set up on Bridges and routes leading out of Montreal which has 1.2 million people and is Canadas largest City. Security checks were increased at the . Border particularly in new York Vermont and new Hampshire. The Canadian army the mounted in olice and Quebec a own provincial police expanded their operations under the War measures act imposed by prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau Iasi Friday. Quot fru Cau himself pledged that the Law forces will find a these vicious men and bring them to Justice Quot in the Calm and did spas Sion ate atmosphere of Canadian he predicted More terrorist a violence but declared the government will not Back Down. The prime minister himself a Luebecker flew to Montreal sunday night to pay his respects to the family of Laporte Quebec s labor minister and to Confer with officials. He then flew Back to Ottawa the Federal capital. Warrants were for the arrest of Marc Carbonneau 37, a taxi Driver and Paul Rose 27, a teacher on charges of taking part in the kidnapping of Laporte oct. 10 and Britain a Trade commissioner Cross two weeks ago today. Laporte was shot in the head saturday and his body found Early sunday. A letter in Cross handwriting that reached authorities sunday night said he was alive but in danger of execution at the hands of the que Bee liberation front Fly. Police raided a Frame Bunga Low in st. Hubert this morning i half mile from where Laportes body was found and said it maj have been used by Laporte see terrorists Page i weather i9�9 79 58 temperatures 1970 High yesterday 64 Low last night. 48 10 45 a.m.59 2 . Reading. 65data recorded at fire station forecast local decreasing cloudiness today beco big fair to night mid tuesday. Warmer after Moons. And Cool nig Bli to variable winds Ioda Itig 70. Low Torii a near High Aje Day Nea 75.

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