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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Ardmore, Oklahoma V Oil. H u tory a corp dui 1jokla. City of exhibition game Here tonight a a a Storr 0� Page pm mme my Quot Southern Oklahoma s greatest newspaper 69th year no. 190ardmore, Oklahoma monday May 20, 1963 proc so of. A v political situation reassessed by Jack Bell Washington apr an intensive reassessment of the political situation will be the order of the Day for new York gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller when he returns from his honeymoon. What his private pollsters Tell him about the political effect of his marriage to Divorcee Margar Etta fitter Murphy could have a direct bearing on whether the governor plunges into an Active drive for the 1964 Republican presidential nomination or merely coasts along awaiting developments. If the indications Are that his marriage has built up resistance to his nomination the governor can be expected to tread water for a while until a new canvass can be made this fall. If relatively Clear sailing is in Prospect he May step up his campaigning. Gefeller is a great believer in polls. He also is a Man who plays Bis politics close to his Vest. An a news analysis Seldom confiding his plans in Advance even to party allies. For example he told sen. Kenneth b. Keating r-n.y., Only 20 minutes before the ceremony that he was going to be married. Although Rockefeller has made All of the familiar motions of a candidate few the nomination his remarriage after being divorced last year by his wife of 31 years has injected a new element of doubt about his intentions. Keating who declines to speculate about the political Impact 6f the governors matrimonial course carries the impression that Rockefeller has never made a final decision about seeking the nomination for which he has generally been regarded As the front runner. A the has never told me whether he expects to become a candidate a Keating said. The matter is of prime interest to the senator who already is running for re election in new York next year. What Rockefeller s marriage has done to his prospects for the nomination and to his chances of beating president Kennedy if the governor should be the gop Standard bearer remain a subject of discussion and disagreement. Senate Republican Leader Ever Eue m. Dirksen of Illinois who has adopted a Neutral stance on the Choice of a nominee said in a separate interview he think the whole matter will blow Over in a few weeks. A you won t hear much about it in 1964,&Quot he said. This is essentially the same View taken in p r i v a t e conversations by sen. Barry Goldwater r-ariz., regarded As a rival of the see Rockefeller Page 2 astronaut tells Market agrees to Tariff cuts Geneva a the european common Market countries agreed today to american demands for across the Board Tariff cuts. This apparent reversal of position was aimed at ending the deadlock Between the worlds two greatest trading blocs. But at the same time the six european countries demanded that in return the United states agree to an automatic formula for adjusting gaps Betty Een High american tariffs and lower european ones. West German economics minister Ludwig Erhard claimed credit for the new proposal which he said he thought would end the deadlock with the United states. French finance minister Valery discard Deestaing said a a it a for the americans to the full session of the 73-nation general agreement on tariffs and trades conference marked time while the common marketers and the americans cockeyed for position. Chairman Hans Schaffner of Switzerland called off an Aiter Naomi meeting but agreed to part aide at a special evening session of the disputing sides. Crux of the situation is that ministers of the common Mai Icet countries a France West Germany Italy the Netherlands Belgium and Luxembourg a insist on reductions in individual . Tariffs they considered too High As Well As agreed general cuts. The . Delegation has insisted on equal percentage cuts from both sides with a goal of slashes As High As 50 per cent. It wants to open formal bargaining ses Lions May 6, 1964. A common Market official said no Date could be fixed for bargaining talks Tui til the United states and the Trade bloc agree on an approach. He said the common Market would agree to a Date if the United states consents to handle the High Tariff problem on the same level As its proposals for across the Board cuts. Maurice Brasseau belgian minister of foreign Trade conveyed the Market groups decision to Christian a. Herter president Kennedy a chief negotiator at the Gatt talks. The talks wind up tuesday. Seven injured in accidents immunity denied Stock Exchange Washington apr the supreme court ruled today that the securities Exchange act does not give the new York Stock Exchange immunity from antitrust Laws. The practical effect of the 7-2 decision is to restrict the exchanges regulatory Power a through concerted action by its members Over dealings in securities. Justice Goldberg delivering the courts majority opinion said a the antitrust Laws Are peculiarly appropriate As a Check upon ant competitive acts of exchanges which conflict with their duty to keep their operations and those of wheat banners to vote tuesday four of seven persons injured in two Highway accidents sunday were still hospitalized in Ardmore today All four injured in the same Accident. Most seriously injured apparently was Sally Morris 42, of 1118 d St. Be. Highway patrolman Leland Koch reported she was in a serious conditions but said he did not know the extent of her injuries. A nurse at the Hospital said mrs. Morris and Milford Thomas 28, of the same address were in a a fair condition this morning. Thomas according to Koch had a possible broken leg and cuts and bruises aleut the head and face and on his Chest. Others injured in the same Accident were William Lioyd Mauldin 58, 918 6th ave. New his wife Bessie s3, and Zola Rodriguez 44, of 16u 2nd ave. Be. Mauldin according to the attending physician waa in a a fair condition this morning. He suffered fractured ribs a broken left a severe Cut on his Chin and other cats and Broiles. His wife the doctor said received iwo can run a Woken right and left hand and Cuta and bruises. The Rodriguez woman a passenger in Thomaas car was treated Lor minor Louises and released. Injured in the second aed Deot were Kelly kit Pace 4. Aad Dona m. Pace 29, his Mother of Tittl Maxeo. Both were treated for eat and in Urisea and released from a local Hospital Koch reputed the Firat acc meet see seve3i. Page 2 Chicago apr the Nault mrs estimated 1,800,000 wheat Farmers will vote tuesday on whether they want tighter wheat controls to curb product Ltd. This is the 12th referendum since 1941, when the first such vote taken. But it is the first time that far Meri who grow wheat on is acres or less will vote. Heretofore the voting was restricted to growers of wheat on More than 15 acres. If two thirds of the voters approve the new controls Tivey will go into effect next year. If the program is rejected acreage allotments will continue and Price supports will be available at about one half of parity or around $1.25 a Bushel. There will be no marketing quotas or Cash penalties for excess production. The new program would Cut the li�4 wheat acreage 10 per cent from 55 million acres to 49.5 million acres. Wheat would be divided into two Price categories. Eity per cent of the 1964 crop would go for Domestic food use and exports and would be Sui red at $2 a Bushel. The remainder would go livestock feed and other non food uses and would be supported at $1.30 a Bushel. A Farmer who retired from wheat production a portion of his old allotment would be paid by the government any Farmers who violated the regulate it is could be fined and jailed. The government has tried for More than 25 years to control wheat in eduction with growing and marketing regulations. But with Imp moved farming methods and greater mechanization production has increased steadily. The government has now 1.3 billion bushels of wheat in storage or under Price support Loans representing a years Supply for Domestic and Export needs. The governments what control program Cost m be than $1 billion last year. Vehicle Check is scheduled a second safety inspection of Ard-m<�8 motor vehicles will be held on weat Haia Street at Central Paris on tiie Aday May 28, it was announced today by City police capt. Lawton Smith Era. Smithers said the inspect ice would be held from 1 to 3 . He said that at the last inspection held thursday in connection with National peace officers week Obser Vances Here nearly 400 cars were cheeked. He said two hours were being Cut off the inspection next time because pc Diee weren table to get enough safety stickers from the Ida Hama Highway patrol to last for the Longar period. Members of the Althusa 0ub and the veterans of foreign wars it Are aiding police in the inspection with the ladles Dong the paper work and vow members helping Check ears. Tulsa Mon drowns Jay apy Joba my to Bates m. Old a. Drawled sunday Afler it in maker Hia it oat Capi on lower Spe Visaw Lite near Here. Of my waa recovered about an Hoar Ani a Kau after tie aria inv. Ralls unions resume talks their members Ionest and at the same time Goldberg said it was Clear that there must be some method of telling a in a test ing nonmember of the Exchange a Why a Rule is being invoked and allowing him to reply in explanation of his Justice Stewart dissented with an opinion in which Justice Harlan joined making the courts vote 7-2. Stewart said the court s answer to the problem a is both unsatisfactory and Stewart protested that he thought the court erred in using the antitrust Laws a to serve ends that they were never intended to server to enforce the courts concept of fair procedures under a totally unrelated Stewart and Harlan said they thought the securities Exchange act removed antitrust liability for any action taken in Good Faith to effectuate an exchanges statutory duty of the decision applied specifically to a suit by municipal securities co. And municipal securities co. Inc., engaged in securities business in Dallas tex. On feb. 12, 1959, the Exchange ordered its members to discontinue their wire connect tons with the Dallas firms. It also terminated Exchange ticker service with municipal inc. The two firms sued in . District court in new York and won an injunction the District court ruling that action the Exchange and its members constituted a concerted refusal to Deal in violation of the Sherman act. Appealing to the . Circuit court in new York the Exchange won reversal of the District court and a holding that the securities Exchange act of 1934 gave the Exchange antitrust Law immunity. The Dallas firms next appealed to the supreme court. The 1934 act puts on registered securities Exchange the duty of insuring that their members observe a just and equitable Princi pies of guide Price set for natural Gas Washington apr the us ingeme court ukr yield today a fed eral Power commission plan to use a new area Price method for determining allowable producer i Hicks for natural Gas. Under the fan pc would set a guide Price for ail Gas produced in a particular Field. Adjustments would be made if evidence showed the Ivice was unfair to Consumers or to producers. Justice Harlan delivered the 5-4 decision. Justice Clark dissented with an opinion in which chief Justice Warren and justices Black and Brennan joined. Under the old method pc studied each apply Katimi to see if the Price promo would give the individual producer a fair rata of return on i investment this unit by unit method resulted in a big backlog of undecided rate Washington apr the railroads and five operating unions resumed bargaining today in their Long fight Over work rules. They met at the urgent request of president Kennedy. Negotiators for both sides withheld comment As they started their closed meeting saying they would wait until after the Early sessions. If no agreement is reached before june 12, Only new legislation providing for either compulsory arbitration or government seizure of the railroads can by it cd a nationwide rail strike. A three Man emergency Board provided the basis for new negotiations in a report to the president last week. Kennedy in making the report Public said a there is no time to be lost for completing their agreement in this critical dispute. The ultimate dependence must be upon their own the key Issue in the Battle Over what the railroads Call a Feather bedding is the Fate of 40,000 firemen on freight and Yard trains. A presided dial Toni Maalon last year proposed that the jobs of these firemen be eliminated with 13.000 Low seniority men being dismissed immediately and the other 27.000 jote being eliminated a men retire die or move to other jobs. Hie emergency Board proposed last week that Only those Fin men who work part time and who have been hired since the earlier report be dismissed immediately. The Union can a Otest the Elim Inak it a a Job and must be prepared to prove that Scias of the firemen will create a safety Hazard or an undue Burden on an Othir employee. If it no agreement is reached the Board proposed that the question be submitted to binding arbitration by a Neutral third party. The Board also supported the recommendations of the earlier commission that the railroads must have authority to Moder me their work rules to keep up with technological Progress. The railroads Contemp that these outdated wok rules Cost them $600 million each year. The two unions representing firemen Are the Al Cio brother Hood of locomotive firemen and during 22 orbits spotted boots trains in India but treo i hid View of Houston Homo Cape canaveral Fla. Apr astronaut Gordon Coopers space tale of his whirlwind world tour is a study he saw the Bamboo curtained heart of red China. He nearly saw his own Home hidden by Trees in Houston tex. He saw things As colossal As the Himalayas and things As puny As houses in India trucks a boat a train. He awoke startled from his space sleep forgetting for a moment where he was. Yet he had the greatest presence of mind in flying his spacecraft Back to Earth through the roasting and dangerous moments of re entry. But somehow in the telling at sundays news conference in Coopers own relaxed and Light style it All seemed to come out the same. The first signal of trouble with Hia automatic Pitot was the flashing Green of a warning Light. A i thought maybe at first old just ignore it but i decide in a maybe i better he said. A i was afraid it go away. �?o1 found that the re entry into the Earth a denser atmosphere was easier on the first portion than what we had been practising in procedures Trainer with the computers. Everything went very Well to with the Calm diagnostic tones of an Engineer he measured the preciseness of each element of his flight. Occasionally his hum caught the situation. One Chwe aboard was to Transfer to separate containers urine samples collected at various stages of the flight a for later analysis. It would help he said to have larger fittings on the Transfer pump. It took half an orbit a something Uke 45 minutes a to Complete one pumping operation. His fellow astronauts sitting to one Side a a Finks cog Terence hero s Welcome at White House cases. . Paratroopers suffer injuries Devreux France apr about 15 Aneric a paratroops received superficial injuries sunday when a pm cd Irlada hem into a Chi cd Fly aspect Aton during a dam on Stratie Jan i. No was part of a armed forces Day open House Afao for avaral Thoua Aad we talks. Engine men and the Independent brotherhood locomotive engineers. The other Unk it is involved Are the Independent order of rail Way conducts and brakeman and the brotherhood of Railroad trainmen and tiie switch men a Union of not myth America both Al to. Concan elected Jaycee prexy Ponca City a Biu r. Retherford of Ponca City was elected state president sunday of the Junior chamber of Commerce. Other officers elected at the close of the state convention Here were Dwight Whelan of Edmond first vice president and National directors Sam Semkoff of Hinton Chuck Hendricks of Bartlesville Bill Smith of Lawton and Jim Campbell of Norman. R weather 1 1963 1062 m m 63 m 6s a .66 .66 0 6.37 High yesterday. Low Laa night 11 . Reading Rainia. Rain far myth rain for year por casts local partly Cloudy today through Linsday. A few Thunder showers Ami cooler today. Con timed Cool tonight and tuna May. Holch today Low 70s Tow tandem Sims. Pili Day temp Valmis through saturday win Avo a two to six Dagres below Aoa Ial Noma ugh of As both Liws n sort West to 67 sout Liaqat. Audience to ii about using the exercise devices in his cramped cockpit a it turned out to be As much exercise to get to do it As it was to do in India he Sam a i noted that i saw individual roads and Rivers and then i saw some Little villages individual villages and i noted that a Liere the houses were scattered out i could see individual houses. A i saw also at about this Point some trucks on a Road and not too Long after that a train with smoke coming out of it going Down a track. A in another area i saw a boat going Down a River creating a Wake behind it. Now i done to believe you could see individuals or people or anything that Simauc but certainly could see the individual smoke from individual Homes. I did see Tauaa Texas i did see Houston. I looked Down and saw the lakes right in the area of the new space Agency space Craft Center. I see my own Home. We Laft too Many Trees up around there. So his High flying travelogue went on. He did he said take pictures of some parts of red China and especially the Himalayas. What did red China look like from space just like it looks on the map Hooper answered. Hia White Teeth flashing. Cooper recited what to him was the heart of the Story the eng Zimering details of his space flight plan. A he did he made constant stat fences to his Fli log which he held in his hand. Amp Bald up a plastic Container see astronaut Page 2 $200 Bond is forfeited Ardmore a new municipal criminal court handled its first too Case today. Judge Frank Thomas ordered a $200 Cash Bond posted by Jimmy Marioa Arodd Perryton tax., form Tad Whan be failed to appear to an War a charge of Destro a injuring and molesting a Bui Kung and profi erty. Amok was arrested last a lairs Day in glut when he was found behind a tool shed at the chief Motel after the Motel in Ator called police to report someone attempting to break in to one of the rooms. Police said Arnold broke a window screen. A a Coad Man believed involved in the attempted burglary escaped. Until today the most anyone Zoum be fined in City court was 80, a i was also the maximum Boivid that could be Rem red. The at its May 1 meeting a stated the new court and aet few am Xiam at h00. However judge bpm a sat up the Nece Vanry Legal Radii my for the new out until late last week. Gordo favors extended night Cape canavb1iau Ite. With two Daya of Eia Ane Attona Rad conic to by astronaut of Coda goo Par to a Kim him Muat t �9t Niass a kit inmate fat Ftp la Mas a a amp who Eai a ii Aff Tantet Imp a my the hot a cml at a a Ondar of h astronaut go Koan Coop la Cwm to of return to Cape canaveral. Theft of dynamite probed in Alaba gift Bikun Laii. Ala. In of aft to a Labia am Iuit a Sumita Satra ral #n�38i blasts touch off negro rioting is Tala Day Aai Iii racial unrest All Over the nation. Two cases of dynamite Ware Tolan Itom a Attrall Homi Itte to the May la bomb hits of a negro i Oitim and a Vin Bailey is closed sunday. Nor Mally that would be 100 Poi Ida. Its a brightening amount a said Bailey a re is plenty of Kame dynamite in this an uneasy Calm prevailed during the weekend. Nearly 1,300 Law enforcement officers were available for duty and potential trouble areas were under heavy patrol. About 3,000 Federal too caned up by president Kennedy for possible use in Birmingham were on standby to two Alabama bases. Civ. George c. Wallace �4m has sent about 700 state officers into the City filed suit saturday in an Effort to by it cd any use of the Federal troops. The president and Wallace met a few hours later at muscle Shoals in North Alabama at a Tennessee Valley authority anniversary Observance. Wilwy Tab a during a helicopter flight to Hun Uvine where the president spoke. A we discussed tilings briefly a Wallace said later at a news conference. Pierre Salinger White House press Secretary said the discussion was a not Unfer Bradly a Wallace maintains that state Ami local auth Ratiee Are keying the peace in Birmingham and can put Down any disorders that might flare up. One of the leaders of Tow Draag relation Campaign the Rev. Wyatt tee Walker contended in a talk at a was Hington rally that Alabama troopers Are trying to a incite negroes to riot through in time Datko and agitate it a. Search Coil Nib a efforts to Fini Tea to Yai drown a no it Elm Stava Veatar fired again sunday. He Aea Reh a Aat Tala to mph Day monday. A fat Pilot who Mirad tha Laid Suthy Sakl he fret Aura the ba4f had Aat come to tip car Flea. A waa a Awman with the hat of a and i Boata. Editions Wera called Vii Lear the Bey s body Imd a to the Bottom far so of h m Foater or Yaari Maniar Al Bray ugh Schoal Draiman la 4t a to 65 meet of water a boat a Purlar of a Mila off Iiara North Ai pm boat Dock May in. His Verenta Ara a Fiva Tead aah a had lived with a boat aged Naida. Or. Aad mra. Bob Mott Kaiton. For the Paat in area if the couple and Tammy Vada. Hobby mar of Coria arts been Atay Teg at Laka Moray Loe Siace the Day Al tha Dnn mgt ing. They Ware Joi iad May a or the Yot is fatter Shiva mar sr., of la a wafd a. It was tha Flat let aha Quiray drowning Siace ill Hlavat a to also Ima a of Manatad a me a i Safe ii Hati Ai Himalayan. Welcome Back to planet in utter Hometown Cape canaveral Fla. Apr Gordon a Back and Cocoa Beach has him. Returning astronaut Gordon a a Gordon Cooper got a thunderous Hometown Wacome sunday from the tiny three traffic Light town that is the bomb pad for americans space pilots. Several thousand people jammed be Fairway to watch a motorcade pass Fifon Patrick air Force Baba where his Plana set Down from Hawaii to a Beach Side Motel where he held us first news conference since getting off on a am Cut whirl Fouad tha each on wed Leaday. A we Koam Back the Plaat Earth Quot of oops la swarm and like heat Lumata a Ara pro claimed Liwai Homie Niada and Atna Inara Aloag tha mrm Moe Parade route. At key a Qatar tooled tha air Perea Saat we the March a a Aad a Aock Toile Alai salary a heal Taa dub serenaded with god Blaas Cooper and Hia a ifs imy Aasc it a pledged pm Domera with Wadeaa and Kaaea while pact had a a Tea Hack seat of a Job Vartti a. To ears bound Thair Tara age Daimi tars Camala Aad Laalta a a Jared to their passage 4ava Cir a Cwm Vanly a Gocy Oad All of America a space Hare a tat Tarida after a Macee Aahl via Roanay. Cha girls were a tasty Hll eat Hama Aad Otar Havlu Tarida i a a a Zoreeda a Fink Undt of a Caa tag dip a i Jle Lafoca is a idler Fri eat it ref Muir u Nam a %

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