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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1953, Page 1

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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - June 29, 1953, Ardmore, Oklahoma Hilt to i i. Of la �?�1 i in to. the wicked Flea a Fitje in Lvi Quot at my dts a Southern Oklahoma a greatest newspaper by s. W. B. 60th year no. 210 october <8, 1891 Ardmore Oklahoma monday june 29, 1953 cd it leased wire statistics a june in on its Way out and Good riddance. In a not the sort of fellow who protests at the Normal but when the abnormal takes Over it upsets my Calm. And june for All its touted reputation for Beauty and serenity was abnormal in this area this year. Done to think june Wasny to hot for it was. I had one of my capable aides do some research into the meter logical factors about june As the month dragged to its weary termination. I asked that the average daily High temperature for the month be determined and compared with the average daily High for Junie 1952. I sought identical information on the average daily Low temperatures for the period. I also wanted information on the daily average water consumption in Ardmore for june 1952 and june 1953. While we were at it. I also asked that inquiry into the number of grass fire alarms answered by the department in the two months to be tabulated. Well that information is now before me and it confirms except in one particular All of the unpleasant thoughts i had about the current june. A seasoned Southern oklahoman expects to be broiled in july August and september. That is Normal the Way the world wags. We also Are accustomed to extremely Little rain in those months. June though we usually expect to treat us with More kindness. We think it should be a Little cooler than its companion summer months a Little More moist than july August and september. A a this time we were double crossed. This june just now passing into history was hotter by 13 degrees on the average than last year. That is to say the average daily High temperature across the month has been 99 degrees this year. The average for june 1952 was 88. This heat prevailed steadily All �z4 hours of the Day too. The month has been 12 degrees hotter on the average in the matter of Low temperature readings for each 24 hour interval. The average Low for the current month was 72 the average Low for 1952 was a Chilly 60 degrees. Technically we had More rain this june than we had in june last catch i�.,?a f was we had More rain in the months preceding june in 1952 than was allotted to us this Spring. Probably the almost Complete Lack of rain in the month last year explained the big discrepancy in one phase of our research. That was in the no miser of grass fires the Bane of the fire department in the drier seasons. I was a Little amazed at the statistics offered on this matter. So far up to last saturday the fire department has answered 54 grass fire alarms in this month. That a a pretty steady record. An average of two a Day. But compared with the buzzing around the firemen must have been doing last june it was a Dull wearisome month. The statistics at hand report there were 209 grass alarms an a Wert in that month. I remember that far Back. If that a what happened that a what happened and who am i to tamper with the. Records a a from Lime to time this department has endeavoured to beat the old tub Anent our need for some extensive arid expensive water system improvements. We have endeavoured to Point out 1 the town is growing 2 there Are More uses being made of water than Ever before 3 the present water system is no longer capable of serving the demands and 4 if we done to take action and do something we will find ourselves in a serious predicament and perhaps at the Point where some sort of unhappy rationing plan will be necessary to Cope with the emergency. The proof i think is readily readable in the statistics on water consumption for the month of june. This month Ardmore ites have consumed a daily average of 2,800,000 Gallons of water per Day. To the Best of my knowledge this is an All time record never before equalled in the history of the town. Further let it is noted it the lines were adequate and the storage and pumping facilities equal to the need we would have probably seen that average pushed above the three million gallon Mark. As it is we Are using a third of a million More Gallons of water per Day now than we were in the same month last year. It is a reasonably Safe guess if there Arentt unexpected Rains to break the drought july water demand will be higher than june. Next year Well use Sotir own imagination. If we continue to grow and develop what do you think will be the situation Chris pin Martin is dead of heart attack los an bus up a death has claimed Chris pin a 59, comic in scores of it Western Lilun and for Many years the Pancho of the screens Quot Osco kids series. A the Jolly 23s-pou&d�r died saturday night of a a Eart attack after addressing a meeting of the Mon 8 pages Prici is a a is Heartl raft Jinn arc members of the Carter county 4-h club team saturday won the first Juu tiny of Pilici a place award in the annual cattle judging contest held at the Roy j. Turner ranch near Sulphur. The former governor is shown Here presenting the team award to from left Bill Duncan Ardmore Jimmy Ray Hurst Lone Grove and Jim Mckowan Ardmore. Bill Hamilton inset is the team coach. With the trophy which will be on display at the county agent a office the team also received a $50 Cash award. High individual score in the 4-h division was won by Bill Duncan. He was presented with an individual trophy and a $10 award. Jim Mckowan was fourth High individual and won $7. A fourth member of the team not shown is Pat Hutchins Ardmore. Participating in the contest were 37 4-h teams and 100 individual 4-h members from Over the state. Competition was also held in two other divisions for Fra members and veterans. This is the first time the Carter county group has won first place in the event. House gop leaders revise procedure in profits tax struggle water Bills cause Hills to citizens by fief floor fight looms so republicans shift plans to Force adoption of Bill washing ton of a House Republican leaders today dropped their move to Force House consideration of the excess profits tax Bill without action first by the tax writing ways and my ans committee. In a last minute shift of tactics aimed to Avert a bitter floor Battle they dropped this Man Euver and put on pressure for the ways and Means group to act on the Bill. Apparently they were convinced the committee would act on the Bill extending the excess profits tax for six months despite the a die hard opposition of ways and Means chairman Reed . To cheers from the House gop floor Leader Halleck ind announced the leadership a decision not to press a move to get the Bill to the floor by a special Rule from the rules committee. Halleck said he was convinced the by would be a handled in the Normal matter by the ways and Means previous refusal by the tax writing group to act on the administration proposal had led to the situation in which House leaders were proposing to blast the tax Bill to the House floor via the rules committee braising the ways and Means committee. A ways and Means committee vote sending the Bill to the House floor would be a smashing Victory for the administration in its Battle to keep the tax now due to expire tomorrow Midnight. Reed 78, and the oldest Republican in length of service in the House got up after Halleck to declare a a in a not his voice was quivering with emotion and he Shook his fist in continued on Paga a column 7 Ardmore ites trying to keep lawns and shrubs Green looked at their water Bills monday and , then glanced skyward and hoped that the heavy overcast would produce some Relief. But even if the Clouds produce nothing More than the very Welcome Cool weather City water users Cati t blame the Board of commissioners or anyone else. City commissioners have done what they could to provide Relief acid let people water lawns without keeping one Eye on the meter. The maximum amount of water Ardmore ites get for the minimum rate has been boosted from 2000 to 5000 Gallons a month. This Shmuner rate went into effect june 15, about the time meters Are read for the july 1 Bill so the results will not be seen until the july Bills Are received about the first of August. Summer rates the commission continued on so a. Column d cooler weather Welcome break in state heat Cloudy skies and a faint Trace of rain on monday morning accompanied by a refreshing drop in temperature brought cheerful smiles to the faces of heat Ridden Ardmore ites. A similar Trace of rain in Mcalester and Clouds generally the Rule was reported but there was no forecast of rain for drought stricken Western Oklahoma. Scattered showers were predicted for the Southeast and extreme East today and for the East portion tonight and tomorrow. Skies will be generally fair in the Northwest and extreme West but partly Cloudy elsewhere. Maximum tra apertures were expected to Range from the 80s in the extreme Southeast to 105 in the West. Hobart had the Only 100-degree Reading yesterday. Overnight lows were generally in Tot Low ? he and brazilian Sailor drowns fear held for time that More than 20 May have perished in sea disaster by James f. Tomlinson Barnegat City n. J. My a heavy Oil Tanker and a brazilian freighter crunched together i thick fog off the new Jersey coast last night and from three to 20 persons were feared lost at sea. The coast guard listed one crewman dead and two injured in the collision Between the s. S. Loide Panama and the s. S. Gulf Trade 12 Miles off Shore. Rescue Craft plucked 27 persons from the water throughout the night but they did no to know whether they were Hunting three persons or 20 because of language difficulties with the brazilians. However they tended to believe three was More nearly Correct although a tag of a unaccounted for still was on 20 men. Both the casualties and the rescued wherefrom the Panama a 5,408-ton freighter which first was reported a in a sinking conditions and then standing at Only i degree list. The 10,195-ton Gulf Trade owned by the Gulf Oil company had continued on Page 2, column j in flood on Jap Island million left without Homes in Wake of disaster on Kyushu Island Toyo k pm a great flood that left almost 2000 dead missing or Hurt and a million homeless receded today on the Southern Japan Island of Kyushu but dark rain Clouds posed ominous new threat. Seven Days of torrential Rains turned much of the Northern part of Kyushu an area about the size of new Jersey a into a vast Lake. The hapless japanese residents fled to any High ground they could find. The known death toll was 457 late tonight but the number of missing decreased sharply to 646 As Many japanese returned to their towns and villages. The injured list reached 827. Police said several villages were washed away and 350,000 Homes were destroyed or damaged. Relief was rushed to countless stricken villages and cities. The u. S. Air Force dropped food and clothing to isolated groups of refugees scattered on islets of High ground jutting from the flood. Among those saved Froin the rag Iii. Streams were american sailors soldiers and marines and their families. Some were taken from a stalled train near Moji and housed in the u. S. Army recreational facilities at that Northern Kyushu City. Fukuoka the Island. Largest City with 392,649 population and nearby Moji with 124,399, were almost ghost cities their residents evac continued on Page 2. Colu. 8rainmaker makes Good for free Russell kans ii a water was being rationed in Russell when l. P. Weatherford arrived Tiit Fere two wefts Fyfo. Weatherford who Calls himself the worlds greatest spiritual rainmaker told citizens that for $100 he would make it rain. No one would put up the Cash a he left. He returned and made the same offer last wednesday but had no takers. A Well a he said a a in la give you a rain for he Sah that Between that night and sunday the town would get two inches of rain. Thursday night the town had half an Inch of rain. Another Inch and a half fell saturday night. Weatherford also had said the rain would. Be followed by a greater dry spell unless the people made better use of their natural resources. Now they Are wondering if that prediction will come True. Tulsa cops clean up mystery cuddles and owner Safe at Home Tulsa okla. Pm a panty Clad 3-year-old, who told police her Puppy a name was a cuddles a led officers on a Well planned planned wild Goose Chese for hours yesterday. A the Young adventuress was found at 6 45 a. M. Wandering around the streets with her faithful Puppy wagging his Tail behind. Officers picked up the child but the Only information she would give out was that her Pup was cuddles. Officer Lee Sumner who prides himself on Arild psychology asked the reticent youngster where she heed. A she pointed that Way a said Sumner a so we got into the patrol car and drove that he said a drove for a while when the girl suddenly changed her mind and pointed a this a i drove in circles for about 30 minutes a Sumner said a before i realized she was giving me the go round for a free ride. So took her Back to Headquarters no amount of persuasion could temp the youngster to Tell her name. Cuddles would no to talk either. Shortly after 9 a. M. A worried Mother called and said her daughter Christine Crissie Wilcox was missing. She said the child apparently had slipped from her crib while the parents were asleep and set out to find what other people were doing at that hour. Incidentally the Mother said the child has a dog named cuddles. Had they seen her Yesu in taif Synric put on Nerit oklahoman met thursday june 25th in new York City for Fott Fua i if i Ivr i i. Opening of new joint offices of National Congress of american Init Zinb and its affiliated Arrow inc. The reception was a highlight of current a Indian festival week now under Way As part of year Long Celebration of new York City a 300th anniversary. Left to right miss Ruth Biron son of Grove of n. A. C. 1. Washington staff Yankee Pitcher Allie Reynolds of Bethany Yesse Kimball of Mountain Park vice president of Arrow w. W. Short Davis president of . And will Rogeria or. Of Oologah president of Arrow. Reds asked to set immediate Date to sign Korea armistice state Man is near de Atli in Holdup a looting Bartlesville okla. Up a a grocery store operator was shot and critically wounded today by one of two bandits who robbed him and his wife of $20. Police desk sgt. Dale Wagner said the Bandit pair both in their late twenties or Early thirties entered the store while the owner Walt Perry and his wife were the Only persons there. Wagner said Perry tried to jump the pair As they left the store and was shot in the face by one of the men. Mrs. Perry was clubbed on the head with a pistol. The men fled the scene on foot. Wagner reported. Highway patrol officials in Oklahoma City reported the City of Bartlesville is a a barricaded by patrolmen county and City officers. All cars entering or leaving the City Are being stopped and checked the patrol said. Seven patrol units Are already at Bartlesville and More were on the Way. Low prices ruin Farmers Pacler says top Eisenhower Man says it is More urgent to save Farmers than push gop program new York my a a top Eisenhower administration farm official said today it is More important to save Farmers from ruinous by Low prices than to carry out Campaign promises to reduce the governments role in agriculture. President John h. Davis of the agriculture departments $6,750,-000,000 commodity credit corporation acc said Farmers Are in a crisis because of surpluses declining markets and falling incomes. This makes it necessary he said that the government a put into full gear the farm programs that exist under present legislation. Even though these Laws have a weaknesses a he said there is not time to Clinge them to meet the present emergency. Davis made these statements in a speech prepared for a meeting of the american seed Trade association. A granting that the present farm program has weaknesses certainly this is no time to hold Back and quibble about such weaknesses a he said. A this is the time to put first things first. This is the time for action to make Price supports effective despite the shortcomings of the tools Davis said there is no doubt that if present Price support programs continued on Page 2. Column 6 indications Are Rhee has been persuaded to chant or is to be ignored by Robert b. Tuckman Seoul pm the allies today asked the reds to agree immediately to a Date for signing a korean truce indicating they have either persuaded rebellious president Sam Man Rhee to agree to an armistice or have decided to go ahead without his Okay. Gen. Mark Clark u. N. Commander told the reds in a letter delivered at Panmunjom that the u. N. Command win enforce True terms a to the limit of his letter was delivered shortly after he conferred in Seoul with Rhee president Eisenhower a personal envoy Walter s. Robertson and other top u. S. Officials. Although the meeting was secret the Uncas readiness to go ahead with its truce plans indicated it had found some sort of solution to the problem of the stubborn South korean leaders refusal to accept the present truce terms and his threat to fight on alone if an armistice is signed on those terms. There was no immediate comment from Rhee on Clarks letter. The Rok presidents arbitrary release of 27,000 anti red korean War prisoners had Frozen the truce talks just As the negotiators appeared on the verge of final agreement. If the reds accept Clarks terms it could put the armistice where it was before the prisoner release began two weeks ago practically Complete and ready to sign. The reds protested angrily in a full dress truce session june 19, demanding recapture of the prisoners and Assurance the unc would control Rhee if an armistice were signed. Clarks answer delivered at Panmunjom by Liaison officers told the reds 1. It would be a a impossible to recapture the released pos. 2. The unc will a make every Effort to gain South korean co continued on Page a. Column s weather year ago june is temperature 1953 High. 98 Low 74 Ralu. 0 Tota rain for month. 1.52 total rain for Bat Ora Etric pressure june 29, 11 a. M. 30.1e inches. Oklahoma fair Northwest Cloudy East and South so showers or thunderstorms East an4 South Central monday night and tuesday cooler Southwest monday night Little change in tem mature tuesday Low monday night in Mld-70s High tuesday about m Southeast to 95-100 Northwest. 74 0 .04 14.85 Ardmore sk1e8 Sunrise ____________________5 2� a. M. Sunset -___i.____________7 44 p. M. Moonrise __________________9 s8 p. M. Last t Mercury the planet nearest the Sun sets a Tew my notes earlier each evening. U will a seen again in August when it will appear la the morning sky Imbiow Venus. Compared or the Dally by Birider b. Mum wife of millionaire Winthrop Rockefeller takes Over apartment new York in a Barbai a Bobo Rockefeller seized her estranged husbands Park Avenue apartment Over the weekend after suddenly arriving Here from an Indiana farm. With her were their 4-year-old son and an unidentified woman Friend. Mrs. Rockefeller blonde daughter of an immigrant Coal Miner moved into the apartment while her husband Winthrop rocketeer heir to Standard Oil millions was in Little Rock Ark. She talked briefly last night with newsmen by Telephone indicating she was not impressed by a million Dollar Trust fund being set up by Rockefeller for her and then aim ounces she would hold a news conference some time today. The 36-year-old mrs. Rockefeller and the Oil heir were i name in a storybook wedding five years ago. They were estrange sfa6 it after the birth of the son Winthrop Paul who has since been u Tivi exclusive custody of the Mother. Early this month Rockefeller announced he was Estabi Hlaic. A million Dollar Trust fund for his estranged Wile. She had complain cd britons fret at illness of prime minister Loi Toon of a 1016 Surprise Law Ness of prime minister Churchill aroused dismay in much of tha British press today and the pro labor daily Mirror urged sir Winston to retire. The 78 year old conservative Leader was reported to have to a a fitted cheerfully the orders from his medical advisers to take a Complete rest for at least a month. He and lady Churchill were Lun Cheon hosts yesterday to their son in Law and daughter or. And mrs Christopher Soames. Soames said later a sir Winston a condition is not such that it is Likely either to deteriorate or improve from Day to Day. He is simply suffering from general fatigue which probably is More mental than physical. A the daily Mirror nominally Independent but favouring the Labdor party a policies declared in a front Page editorial a the owes it to Hin Ueli. To Quot family and to the country to re tire from the premiership. He May then still be with us at 88� stir r holding in our hearts a place of it affection he so richly deserves and still benefiting the world Willi Tiff i London Steies a sup Ort of the Churchill government his service to Britain a a Xii come from his income amid Prience the sweep ment and his flashes of Vij from detailed application stimulating to Fisher ranch a a a re 1 4 a 1 19 i previously she was broke and living Oil the Charity of Fri enc a. Rockefeller replied he had supported her and the i Kkt a week. He added that a million Dollar Trust fund had earlier for the son. The Oil heir on Jame 7 moved to Little Rock and an attorney he would Stablish permanent residence there. The Lawn my Ottist my of Rig 1, oot Uma i Semino Mudra i Saaed the a Ciao of u

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