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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Ardmore, Oklahoma A planning a trip on july 4ththen vote by absent a a Southern Oklahoma a greatest newspaper 57th year no. 205 established october 2�, 1891 Ardmore Oklahoma Friday june 23, 1950 Dpi leased wire 12 pages Price 5a strike hour set sunday for railways four or five big roads will Stop running if expected switchman s strike begins report Chicago june 23�? pm four of five big railroads have announced they will Stop running sunday if an expected switch men a strike begins. The Al switchman s Union of North America has set 6 a. M. Local time sunday As the strike hour against these midwestern and Western roads the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific the Chicago great Western the Western Pacific the great Northern and the Denver and Rio Grande Western. All but the great Northern have announced shut Down plans. President f. J. Gavin of that line said yesterday the Road a will do the Best it can to keep running. The switchman seek a 40 hour week with 48 hours pay. A presidential fact funding Board did not recommend granting the request. All peace making moves have been taken under Federal Law. The National railway mediation Board worked at heading off the strike but no Progress was reported. No Progress was reported either in the threatened july 15 walkout of the brotherhood of Railroad train my n and the order of Railroad conductors. They also disagreed with presidential boards findings on wages and hours. The Board did not include the two groups when it suggested a pay raise for some other rail workers. Another strike Call was issued yesterday this one by the Pullman conductors division of the order of railway conductors. They set their walkout time for july 11. But provisions of the National railway labor act May delay this threatened strike. The Putman conductors must submit to an investigation of their demands by a presidential fact finding Board. This would automatically delay the strike-60 Days. They want their Basic work month reduced from 225 to 210 hours without a pay loss and certain working rules changes. Tug Enro Ute to pick up plane Crew Guam june 23�? pm the Fleet tug Munsey sped tonight to a spot 140 Miles Southeast of Guam where at least nine survivors of a crashed super fort a 11-Man Crew were afloat. Planes hovered Over the scene after dropping life boats to six men in two rafts lashed together and three others wearing life jackets in the water. The survivors were first spotted today by Lieut. Cmdr. Edward p. Drake piloting a c-54 on a routine military air transport flight. Drake reported he say Only six men in the rafts. Other planes including two b-17 Rescue Squadron ships which dropped the lifeboats three b-29s and an air Force c-47 reported the other thrive in the water. The Supe fort was returning from a rout be practice bomb run on Okina Esti re a when it went Dow n. The Mui commanded by Lieut. F. F. , is do be to reach the scene at Midnight 11 30 a. M. Est. Murray Speaks Here ton Glit Johnston Murray seeking the democratic nomination for governor of Oklahoma will open his Carter county Campaign officially controversial Carrier gets okeh from Navy wry ii fire in Trini seven Hollywood writers and directors arrive at noisy Wood by riders Ajo on l Riol District court in Washington where five of them were put on trial immediately. All Are charged with contempt of Congress. Left to right Samuel Ornitz Rong Lardner jr., Albert Maltz Alvah Bessie Lester Cole Herbert Bieberman and Edward Dmytryk. All were put on trial except Lardner and Cole who will face the jury on june 23. Nea telephoto Highway troopers on guard bloody strike bound Rayon Plant Johnston Murray. Here tonight with a speech in a. Central Park. Murray is scheduled to speak at 8 p. M. The Youthful politician is the Eon of former governor William h. Alfalfa Biu Murray. Martin maps strategy on tax Bill fight Republican Leader Calls policy committee huddle on what he Calls phony new tax Bill Battles Washington june 23.�? pm House Republican Leader Martin of Massachusetts called his policy committee to a huddle today to map party strategy on what he called the a Mph Onyx new tax Bill. Some republicans privately describing the Bill As a political dynamite a said they will vote for it despite misgivings about some of its features. The vote is expected next week. The measure would slash excise taxes an estimated $1,010,000,000 on fur Coats jewelry Luggage cosmetics movie tickets travel tickets Telephone Bills and scores of other items. It would make up the excise Revenue loss to a Large degree by new taxes on big corporations. Rep. Kean a november of the ways and Means committee said a this Bill reduces the tax on luxuries and transfers the tax Burden to Maitin told newsmen a it is a kind of phony tax reduction Bill. True it gives Relief to some taxpayers but at the same time it makes taxes much More burdensome on other?.�?� the gop Leader and Many other republicans As Well As democrats have been battling for reduction of the wartime excise taxes to make up tiie Revenue loss the excise Relief should be accompanied by reduction in government spending. Moreover he contends that excise reductions will stimulate business so that actually the government is not Likely to suffer any Revenue loss by cutting the excises. Ways and Means committee chairman dough ton de the top democratic tax manager takes the View also that the $633,000,000 boost in taxes on big uni portions goes too far. He said that he would rather see a reduction of government spending to save Money. He is going to Pilot through the House the Bill approved by the committee however since it apparently is the Only Way now t Oget excises Cut. The measure applies increased tax rates Only to corporations earning $167,000 or More a year while reducing the tax Burden for corporations earning Between $5000 and $167,000. Kean said that this actually will mean that the smaller corporations will get a tax reduction of about $267,000,000 and the larger corporations that produce about 75 per cent of the nations goods will have to pay about $700,000,-000 More a year. A it is a Good political Bill looking at it on the surface a he said a but the Impact on the Cost of living might be Seriouso new Buu Dinc pm Kasha june 23�?�? construction of a $10,000 Swine exhibit building starts next week at the Grady county Fairgrounds. It will contain 6,000 Square feet of floor space. Morriston tenn., june 23.�? a Tennessee Highway patrolmen can guard the Boody strike scene at the american Enka corporation Rayon Plant near Here without calling for National guard Aid the state safety commissioner decided today. Commissioner Sam k. Neal said today he has decided against asking gov. Gordon Browning to Send National guardsmen Here. Neal a decision awaited since an outbreak of gunfire wounded four men yesterday came after hours of investigation which carried far into the night. Governor Browning has indicated he will follow Neal a recommendation in the Enka strife. He and adj. Gen. Sam t. Wallace came Here yesterday with 75 Highway patrolmen to restore order. Browning returning last night from Washington said he would await word from Neal and Wallace before deciding whether guardsmen would be needed. A fall but eight or nine of the nearly 100 men and women picked up for questioning after the gunfire erupted Early yesterday were released during the Ning said Neal. The 13-week-old strike by the Cio textile workers Union has spawned repeated violent incidents since the Plant reopened for production late in May. The outbreaks reached a new height with the latest incidents which began with 25 minutes of gunfire at the Early Moi Ning shift change yesterday. In previous events no one had been Hurt seriously. Both Wallace and Neal closely questioned members of the Union seized throughout the City and near the Plant after the eruption of shooting. David Proffitt 26, a striker was slightly wounded in one Arm. He said he was shot while driving past a group of non strikers some distance from the Plant. Drive opens on approval foreign arms administration Hopes for Senate approval on Bill which would put arms on Europe defense fronts Washington june 23.�? pm administration forces opened a drive today for Senate approval of a program which would place americans most modern weapons a except atomic bombs along the defense frontiers of Western Europe. Senator Connally of Texas had the Job of guiding the $1,222,500,-000 foreign arms plan into its second year of operation. There was trouble ahead mostly from republicans. The major Points of dispute were 1. A provision to give president Truman authority to hand Over $122,250,000 Worth of arms to any european nation whose defense he considers vital to the Security of the United states. 2. An amendment which would permit the u. S. Government to sell arms on credit to any Friendly nation. 3. A proposal by senator lodger mass to permit Marshall plan nations to draw on $5,000,000,000 of european recovery funds for military purposes. Quot these funds Are local currencies deposited by european countries to match recovery dollars o High officials give okeh on twin aircraft Carrier of $125 million Job junked Washington june 23.�?�?the Navy plans to Start building a flush deck aircraft Carrier in 1951 Only a Little smaller than the huge vessel which became a Center of controversy last year after construction on it was halted. A High Navy official confirmed last night that the joint chiefs of staff and Secretary of defense Johnson had Given a go ahead on the new vessel. It will have a runway about 25 feet longer than the 986-foot deck on the largest u. S. Carriers now in service. The projected a super carriers which Johnson junked last year after the keel had been Laid would have been 1090 feet Long and would have Cost an estimated $125,000,000. The new Carrier is expected to Cost somewhat less. Johnson a action in ordering work stopped on the 65,000-ton Carrier a United states raised a storm of protest among Navy officials. Secretary of the Navy John l. Sullivan quit his Job with a denunciation of Johnson. The Carrier Issue later played a major role in the Sharp attack launched against Pentagon policies before a congressional committee by a Parade of Navy admirals. Adm. Louis e. Denfeld chief of naval operations was ousted following his participation in the affair. Adm. Forrest p. Sherman who succeeded Denfeld told lawmakers earlier this year that eventually flush decked carriers would be needed to accommodate Large planes. Existing carriers have an a a Island superstructure rising on one Side of the runway limiting the size of the aircraft which can operate on the deck. The Baltimore Sun said last night that a the Navy has been encouraged to seek two of the revolutionary new vessels next autumn As a result of a import economies in other naval project six it said one might be new and another created from an existing vessel. While Money for a new Carrier presumably would have to be approved by Congress there seems Little question that the lawmakers will look favourably on the project. Along somewhat similar lines the Senate armed services committee yesterday approved a $350,000,-000 Navy modernization Bill. Already passed by the House the measure would permit construction of 50,000 tons of new ships including 10,000 tons of experimental types and the conversion of an additional 200,000 tons of existing Craft. A Senate appropriations subcommittee also acted to step up the Navy modernization program yesterday by approving a measure to bring up to Date 10 submarines and six destroyers. Hollywood coliseum scene lavish party for shrines los Angeles june 23.�?w a Hollywood converted memorial coliseum into a vast movie set and therein staged a lavish going away party last night for the nations shrines. On hand for the grand Climax of the 76th shrine convention and to receive the cheers of 95,000 spectators were screen celebrities Dan Dailey Ruth roman s. Z. Cuddles Sakall Rhonda Fleming Steve Cochran Arlene Dahl Bill Demarest Mona Freeman Ronald Reagan Gary Cooper George Murphy and red Skelton. Skelton appeared leading a Camel. With him were men bearing a sign Reading a honest red the used Camel on hand also were Roy Rogers who put his horse. Trigger through his paces. Grand marshal Cecil b. De Mille master of ceremonies Bill Goodwin and George Jessel who was introduced As the toastmaster general of the United states. Film Dom a electrical wizards spotted Multi coloured searchlights and spotlights around the huge stadium. Nobles in full regalia marched and provided music with dozen bands. Retiring Imperial potentate Harold Lloyd described the chief Aims of shrines As service to others Pursuit of happiness and a belief in a supreme being. A underneath our fun is a great respect for human dignity a he said. He added that the shrine crippled children a hospitals have cured 190,000 youngsters. Dewey county plans Home Talent carnival Taloga june 23�?i a Dewey county fair officials have a new plan for this Falls carnival attractions. There la be a Home Talen carnival with county clubs churches and civic groups erecting Concession stands. No carnival groups will be imported As in the past fairs. Sixteen groups already have said have Home grown Talent at the fair. Denies charges the shimmering spectacle was climaxed by the appearance of 11 Gigantic floats in coloured lights with the Pasadena shrine club float a budding Rose Garden in Brilliant colors depicting Pasadena a famed tournament of roses. The delegation from Murat Temple Indianapolis held Unco test edly the rating of most unfortunate among convention representatives. Noble Edward r. Jordan died suddenly monday in a hotel. Nobles Clarence Eberhart 44, and Merrill Phillips 37, both Auto dealers were injured when their taxicab and Naother cab collided. Phillips suffered Back injuries and Eberhart possible rib fractures. Successive parades virtually put the downtown a used car Row out of business until dealers got the idea of Selling Choice seats in the cars to Parade spectators. These Vantage Points brought As much As $1 apiece. Tired of having his toes stepped on one aging Parade viewer up ended a trash barrel climbed in and viewed the procession with nary nudge from the closely packed mass of people around him. Delegates began leaving for Home Early today by train plane and private car. Before closing their convention yesterday they authorized new temples at Albany ga., and san Angelo Texas. There was no explanation of the failure to approve new temples in Alexandria va., and Long Beach Cal. Action on these two requests was delayed presumably Lor a year. Hand picked aliens May join . Army Congress holds out some Promise of citizenship for aliens who enlist in u. S. Forces despite protests Washington june 23.�? it a Congress held out a Promise of citizenship today to hand picked aliens who enlist in the u. S. Army. The lawmakers brushed off protests that the aliens might spy either for or against this country. Under a provision approved by the House yesterday 2500 foreigners would be eligible to become americans after serving in the army for five years. A Bill previously passed by the Senate sets the total at 10,000 but provides no time limit. A Compromise will have to be approved by both houses before the legislation goes to president Truman. Before passing the measure the Lious heard some of its a members voice opposition on two counts. A few lawmakers expressed repugnance at the thought that the aliens might be sought As spies for this country others voiced fear that they might spy for Russia presumably those enlisted under the Bill which has army backing a would be refugees from Iron curtain countries. Among other changes the House wrote into the Senate Bill a requirement that the aliens shall serve in established units with citizen soldiers and not in separate organizations. This requirement chairman Vinson a a of the armed services committee said was designed to remove fears that the United states v As preparing to set up a foreign legion. The Senate would have provided Quick citizenship for any enlisted alien entering the United states or its territories under military orders regardless of length of service. The House decided that the alien must have completed five or More years of honorable military service and be a otherwise qualified before being allowed to make the United states his permanent Home. Vinson told the House the army wants the legislation because it needs the specialized services of the services of the men to be enlisted. He assured his colleagues that All the aliens a will be hand picked and none of them will be communists. The army needs them he said for their special knowledge of the terrain language philosophies and other characteristics of the countries a we May have to Deal he did no to name the countries but left Little doubt that the enlistees will come mainly from russian controlled countries and will be valuable if they Ever have to reenter those countries with other United states troops. Relm Quot Leif Chicago police sgt. Stephen j. Neuris oui Juil Dunne left is suing or. Emmett l. Wright a wealthy shrine potentate of Chicago for $100,000 in a a heart balms suit. Dunne says that the a Sally Kane who or. Wright eloped with last week is his divorced wife Ada whom Wright wooed for four years. At Rig lit is miss Kane As she arrived in los Angeles with Wright for the shrine convention. Nea telephoto four die Crosti in in plane Virginia a Tacic plane hurtles to ground in flaming Ball of fire just missing farmhouse on Cross country flight Bedford va., june 23.�? a four men died in the crash Navy experimental attack plane which hurtled to the ground like a flaming Ball of fire near Here last night. The aircraft an Aj-1 with two conventional engines and a Jet to give it an extra burst of Speed on. Its first transcontinental flight from Edwards air Force base Cal., to a Tuxen my. It fell in a Thicket of Brush and Small Trees near the Patterson Rock Quarry eight Miles South of Here at 8 30 a p. M. A department of defense spokesman today said four men were aboard the experimental planet designed to operate from carriers. He identified them As it. Comdr. Willard a. Sampson Evanston 111., Pilot Holiday Lee Turner a civilian employee of the Navy Bureau of aeronautics Home address not Given James a. Moore jr., los Angeles co Pilot an employee of North american aviation corp., Hawthorne Cal., and n. J. Pearson los Angeles also an employee of North american. The Navy in Washington said the crash is being investigated by the naval air station at a Tuxen md., destination of the plane which was on its first transcontinental flight. An Edwards air Force base Cal., spokesman said the plane was on its Way from Edwards to a Tuxen my. He said the ship had been flown before As an experimental Model but yesterdays trip was its first Long one. Mrs. Charles d. Claytor who lives on a nearby farm said she saw something that looked a like a Ball of fire pass Over her House. The burning plane Alnio st crashed into another farm House at Otter Hill. A it looked like it was going to crash right into our House a said a. C. Tweedy. Identification of the victims was not made immediately. Career Diplomat John s. Service testifies under oath in Washington before Senate foreign relations subcommittee that the charges against him voiced by sen. Joseph Mccarthy and Patrick j. Hurley former ambassador to China Are false. Service denies that he was Dis Loyal to his government. Nea telephoto. Helen Smith Tish welfare head quits blames politics Oklahoma City june 23.�? a the resignation of mrs. Helen Smith whose administration As Johnston county welfare director at Tishomingo last year led to investigations was disclosed today. Mrs. Smith whose resignation became effective saturday blamed politics. State Public welfare director Virgil Stokes said she a resigned of her own the investigation of her office during which she was called the a Czar of Johnston county a was led by sen. Joe Bailey Cobb Tishomingo who is up for re election this year. Cobb and a local committee protested against her to. The welfare commission and a private investigation which followed cleared her. She has been county director since 1936. She said today by Telephone from her Home that she had been offered a Transfer but could not accept it because her Home is at Tishomingo. A i am at a loss to explain Why this action should come at this particular time unless it has some bearing on the coming election Quot she said. A certainly politics played a part in it my re election. A the did try to get me out of Here and he did get my Job a she said of senator Cobb. A i was offered a Transfer and i accept it. My Home is Here and my husband is Here. A however i done to want to say anything that would Hurt the department because it is a grand program. There Are no hard feelings. It was All on a congenial Friendly Stokes said she had been offered other assignments but that she resigned of a her own a we had offered her two or three other places at different times a he said. A we offered her one Job in the state office Here at one time. Everything was perfectly congenial As far As we were concerned.�?�. Succeeding her will be mrs. Jessie Florer Wewoka former welfare director of Seminole and Choctaw counties. Service is recalled in Senate probe senator investigating 1945 amerasian Case summon John service for further answers Washington june 23�? a it a senators investigating the 1943 amerasian Case summoned Diplomat John s. Service for further questioning today about purported Fri testimony that he passed secret military data to a defendant in the Case. Service state department far Eastern official was called to a closed meeting of a Senate foreign relations subcommittee 11 30 a. M. Est. He got the bid after testifying under oath last night Thal he never knowingly disclosed such military information to Philip Jaffe who was editor of the now defunct amerasian Magazine. Service made that assertion after stating that he was unwittingly and innocently involved in the amerasian episode which brought discovery by Federal agents of hundreds of confidential government papers in the new York office of the Magazine. Senator Mccarthy a wis Hai accused service of collaborating with communists a charge which service flatly denied yesterday. Mccarthy told reporters that Fri agents testimony taken by the Senate inquiry committee at closed sessions last month will show the Fri had a concealed microphone in Jaffess room in the hotel Statler in Washington when service and Jaffe met there in May of 1945. A will the Fri testimony show a Mccarthy was asked a whether service supplied secret military information to Jaffe a Mccarthy replied a yet it will. It also will show that service was aware that the military information was weather Jane 22, temperature Iosa High 89 Low 76 rain .05 total for month.�?. 5.6� total for year �?z�?w.23.5t barometric Tea Dong Jan 23, u a my 29.88 Lii Bei. Oklahoma partly cd Cdr hot lib mid and Windy today tonight an4 saturday Hlub today m to a Low tool Chat la Loi. Tear 5? a my 4m pm

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