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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Ardmore, Oklahoma I a a telling tie. World Fabius Southerlin Oklahoma. F4beihff an Attig Hylent on j the subject of peepers what can be done about such. Persons. A it a a Ltd a a. Ai and then the plea gets a Point i it Blank assignment irom some Reader. I and this is such an assignment. Assigned to him sunday morning via j Telephone for just at the precise moment that a lie had elected to leave his bed and be i Gin a Days Endeavor. One of the pleas feminine followers Al a Ilter Atlon intentional gave the phone a i merry ring. Quot hero Quot the plea inquired As folks have Way of doing when they answer the i Telephone. The feminine Follower who forgot to j Tatro Duce herself de if this were the a plea. It were or was 1 then the p. P. Immediately launched into the discussion of this subject which i was assigned to the plea for discussion i forthwith. And the plea hastens to take up the i topic. If he does no to hasten the topic land the subject of the topic May be dead before this can be placed in cold Type. I which statement is ambiguous enough i to demand detailed explanation. Quot a a # a lii trave you a peeping Tommy in your n i Home a might be quite fitting As la caption for this column today. For i peeping mommies or Tommy will be the i object under study two afternoon. If you Are one of those few folks in the world whose life has been so cloistered Likhat you do not know what a peeping i Femmy May be allow us to explain. There Are certain. Perverted weak ii ded men who get some sort of pay by a Pathic thrill out of a nocturnal Pas it toe which requires the doer to prowl Faut Bouses and peer under lowered a Dow shades. Such crib of course select As far where there., arg no Ati tix uts Iti the com a a Quot a a a to Iocent is meaning of the word and to sent to an Asylum. Sorri Elmes die Are so sent sometimes there is too thing done about their activity be. Saturday night one Cool headed Ardmore Joman took three or four carefully mis Almed shots at a Peeper. ? a i could have killed the poor fellow Ealy Quot she calmly announced in sex Pun Long Why she shot wild. Anyway the Peeper Tore Down a few him red feet of Back Fence in his haste to put distance Between himself and the woman. And someone else took a few pot shots at the same or another prowler a Little Ter the same night. Evidently the shots it take effect. A few weeks ago one of these prowlers placed a ladder up against the Wall of a House and climbed up to a bathroom Lirl Ndow. V an Ardmore woman with rare insight i my ready thought grabbed up a heavy a Vel All Soppy with water and miffed Tommy in the face. He fell from the ladder and. Fled. A a but import mately there Are Many women in town who Are not so nervy fas the ones above cited. V prowlers Are causing them undue ners you Ness. Some of this nervousness is a justified. While no one has been harmed i personally by these prowlers there is no continued on Page two Cleveland county gets first Fuslier Oki Bahoma pity june 23.�?w�? s Continental Oil completed its no. 1 Van lot Sudik in new none 6-10-3w, this in Oming for on estimated flow of 10,000 it morels a Day thus Burl Ngung Cleveland i county into its first production. The a Well extends the South Oklahoma City i Field one location southward insuring i faster play in that sector. I the Well is Bott Mied at 6618 feet in Vincent Bulduc is the husband of Sudelle. After whom the famed i Gusher was named. There Are 10 other a locations South of the Cleveland county in development of High was 70 move started to interest cities from hot Springs Ark. To Albuquerque n. M., in movement. Prompt work held essential Ardmore to have charge of meeting of Oklahoma City chamber of Commerce. New member added to vam0 we group with the birth of son to colonel and Charles a Lindbergh too you remember when a or. If elms was Materi Jimaly shot by Amine unknown party land or. Muu said Jie was not Ange Boualy Hurt the weather Atman temp Catara maximum 9b pin mum 64. Idiu unit and West Texas party to it in tuesday a gtd a Loo Auy i monday of right it geto i fair. Boda fund tues sir Jubeh Ohio Kab in a to Gilt j a >odbist0 Texla in winds on Tbs i Tenn partly a to to nettled Choboy til amp Dunadry much temperature. Light to winds on the of Isaa Aai owner silly fair >foailay., tuesday except pos saw a Thinder or end Wooler monday Isle noon or a monday no get in for Besst Portl m to iou Bresat porn card Digon eng. June 23.-while the British dirigible r-101 was Hitche to its mooring Mast Bere today undergoing tests of the re a a edit Lone let motors it became apparent that the fabric had suffered a mishap. Observers saw a piece of Loose fabric flapping about in the wind but Ai drome authorities said the matter was quite trifling and nothing to worry abet. The Airship will make trial flights this Weed its outdoor appearance was Befoy chill Stonias. Tin ii Lott. Iii Tenn or Teh i a a a , eng., june 23.�? Aoa Bill Tel idea the United states Noi 1 a Tauoa Tom player through his first found match in the Blish Cham pm mishaps with ease defeating a. A. By. Tee of India e-1. 6m. 6-a. George Lott continued the americans sweep by. Eum latin amp it son of India in sir Anglit site 6-i. El7�r3ardmore the largest town on Highway no. 70 Between hot Springs Ark., and Albuquerque n. M., intends to take the initiative in an organized Campaign for More ample development of this East j West Highway it was determined monday noon at the regular meeting of the Ardmore chamber of Commerce directorate. A Resolution which will authorize the office to get in communication with interested organizations in All towns through which the Highway passes was unanimously adopted. A personal visit in most of these towns will be carried out As Well and from this work it is the Hope that a Strong organization with Ardmore As the key Point can be developed. Highway no. 70 As one of the most important traffic arteries in the nation has not been accorded the full share of development to which it undoubtedly is entitled. It is declared. The coming year will see much campaigning on the part of other Highway organizations for their own roads and it is vitally important that Ardmore and affiliated cities on Highway no. 70 get into the movement at once. Program to be arranged acting on an invitation from the Oklahoma chamber of Commerce asking Ardmore to assume charge of a program at the regular priday membership meeting of Thor Oklahoma City body on july 11, it was decided to appoint a committee to work out some program for presentation at a later Date. It was generally believed that the Date announced for july 11 will not be far enough Distant to permit the formation of a suitable program. Former Deputy admits killing Joe pounds tells officer he shot sheriff c. H. Phillips and implicated two. Sayre june 23.�? pm with the mystery the slaying of c. H. Phillips by Kham comity sheriff cleared away a few Houis after he was killed in the doorway of his rooms in the courthouse late saturday county officials today expected to place charges against three men. Joe pounds former Deputy Sner Lff yesterday told Hubert Ivester Cotty attorney he had shot Phillips. Pounds arrested in a Field five Miles North of Here sunday morning was transferred to the state reformatory at Granite for Safe keep big. Prank Griffin and Jess Brown Farmers were held in the county jail Here. Pounds Ivester said stated that he shot Phillips with Griffin a gun when the sheriff answered a Knock at his door. Phillips was found by L. Inman undersheriff lying on the floor with four bullets in his body. Banded Griffin a property Phillips who was noted for his strict enforcement of the prohibition Laws accompanied by deputies raided Griffin a property South of Sayre sati Day after noon finding a still. No arrests were said to ids told him he and Griffin were at Brown s Home and when they Learned of the raid there was talk of retort on. They had been drinking to ids said. Leaving Browne a they went into town he related and attempted to borrow a gun from two persons. Pour Wing the shooting. Pounds said he ran out the front door of the court Bouse met Griffin and Brown in front of a grocery store and the three went to Eck later returning to Sayre. Ivester said Brown and Griffin denied connection with the slaying. British dirigible has slight mishap confederates go to Duncan state officials and Ardmore Folk leave to attend annual reunion. Pour Wing an executive meeting of the Board of trustees for the Oklahoma con federate Home which they attended Here monday morning Gen. R. A. Sneed capt. John w. Harris and mrs. James Armstrong All of Oklahoma City and mrs. W. T. Culbertson of Klowet Are driving to dim can in the afternoon. At Duncan they will attend a three Day convention of the United veterans of the confederacy in joint session there with the sons and daughters of the confederacy. Nearly 20 of the veterans and their wives at the Home Here Are planning to leave a tuesday morning in a larg bus for their annual reunion George w. Lewis superintendent said. Miss Glenn goes miss Eloda Gibson left monday morning to represent Chickasaw chapter. United daughters of the confederacy at the Duncan meeting. Mrs. W. E. Chisholm chapter president will not attend on account of the serious Iii pm of her daughter. The executive meeting of the trustees was presided Over by a. Hardy Ardmore who is chairman of the executive committee. Other members Are mrs. Armstrong mrs. Culbertson and a. H. Palmer of this City. Jek co Ntim admits 1. Veterans to meet Duncan june 23.�? of a scores of Confederate veterans from throughout Oklahoma were arriving Here today with members of their Fame is and friends for the annual state United Confederate veterans reunion which a ens tomorrow. It a a it gun Toter being sought As killer James Forsythe being hunted by officers As Man who killed Jake Lingle. Chicago june 23�? Jip a James red Morsythe gun Toter and former City Hall employee was hunted today As the Man who killed Quot Jake Quot Lingle a Tribune reporter. Morsythe whom judge John Lyle a year ago characterized As a Quot potential killer Quot is under a years jail sentence for carrying concealed weapons. The sentence recently was affirmed by the appellate court. Judge Lyle recalled today that there had been much political activity in per Sythey a behalf at the time of the latter a trial on the gun carrying charge. Englewood. J., june 23.�?<v-colonel and mrs. Charles a. Lindbergh Are the parents of a son. The baby weighing seven and three quarters pounds was bom at 2 15 p. Eastern Standard time yesterday in the Home where his Mother the former Amie Morrow was bom. She became a Mother on her 24th birthday. Aside from the statement of the baby a Blitz and his weight no details of the event were Forth come from the household of mrs. Lindbergh a parents. Ambassador and mrs. A Wight w. Morrow except the Statem it that Mother and baby were reacting comfortably. News of the arrival of the Lindbergh heir spread rapidly to All parts of the county and to foreign shores and within a Short time a Parade of messengers with congratulatory messages and bearing Flowers began to arrive at the Morrow Home. Radio stations interrupted their programs to broadcast news of the event which has been awaited with Lively interest for several weeks. No name annoy med. A name had not been announced for , the Pouce thut Charles a. Lindbergh jr., for his father or Dwight Morrow rested in a raid on the Moran Alello gang Headquarters last december. He was released when he identified himself As an employee of the corporation counsels office. Police at the time in commenting on his release said Pon Orthe was Quot in the place innocently to was sent there. He Isnit a but today they hunted him for murder. Police said they had no photograph or identification of Morsythe explaining that no rogues gallery Jdc Tures May be taken by police until the High court sustained convictions. Pounee theory in stained. The police have held persistently to a theory that the murder of Lingle when solved would Trace Back to the Moran Alello gang. Lingle who had a wide acquaintanceship among gangsters by reason of his work As a police reporter was known to be Friendly to a1 Capone whose gang Long has fought the Moran Alello group. Search also la Imper Way for Frank poster original owner of the gym used in the Lingle murder. Poster formerly a Moran Alello Man changed allegiance some time ago a Dong Over to the Capones. Murder charge to be filed against woman Dallas Texas june 23. A charges of Munter were prepared fur filing today against mrs. Leona Brod Nax in the killing of her former Hus. Band. William Roberts Brodnax 53, realtor. He was. Shot twice in the head and almost instantly killed yesterday As be Lay in bed. Mrs. Brodnax was released Imper 15,000 Bond. Maury Hughes one of her attorneys said she told him a he and her husband had been separated three times since their Man lag a years ago. She refused to makes state mans. More Houfe not to be sentt6 Illinois Oklahoma or. June h. C. Bouse Tulsa. Jul not be of turned to Hun it in a fugitive writ. It was announced at the state i Isidori and parole office today. A successful fight to prevent Morehouse a was made by judge p. P. Moor Goey o Tulsa. Morehouse is wanted in he Nola a Thories reported. In connect us a Ito alleged Opura tips of i co3lideace game Lindbergh after his Grandfather were mentioned As probable choices. Preparation which had been made for mrs. Lindbergh a reception in a new York Hospital were cancelled several Days ago and Hospital equipment and two nurses were installed in the Morrow Home. A the arrival of messengers trooping up the drive to the House was tie Only sign about the Morrow Home to indicate that so momentous event had taken place As the birth of a Young Lindbergh. There were even persons within the House at the time who did not learn of the birth until they left and were informed by outsiders. Among those were mayor c. P. Kitchell of Englewood and Daniel Pomeroy Republican National Ccu nil Treeman who had called Oil ambassador mutow. A i am a bit surprised Quot mayor Kitchen said Quot for i left ambassador Morrow after 5 of clock and he never said a word about it. Come to think of it a gentleman passed me in a bit of a hurry while i was in tie House but he would t talk to me. He must have been the it mrs. Lindbergh who has been her husbands constant companion in the air Rince their marriage May 37, 1939, con cont Luud on Page two dangers to press Are told in address Sault site Marie mich., june 33.�? a dangers of the Nev a profession a am it eat As imminent now As before Quot Chase b Osborne former Govert or of Balch Lgan told members of the National editorial association at a breakfast Here today. A the editors were pm a great lakes trip following their convention in Milwaukee. A in Ohio Quot said or. Osborne an editor who exposed crookedness i. Mur it dered. Ita Obici a reporter who knew too much about the criminal layout. Is shot to death. In Man Necita a news diaper is suppressed exactly As a Mussel Tel would Doit All this in our own prideful Amer Lea a the last attack is even num insidious and capote ctr Hurt. The Aeok Panama Gore Roor oif. Look Mlsna by i it Ong based tax of is per Seq Trion the re seipts Grossett from the tip a of Adver to titty a Psi or there is no just a Andja precedent for such robbery. Nevertheless he might set a fas Bloo if news i or Folk Are not alerts a. Will Rogers says in Imago m., june 22.�?what s become of the old fashioned fellow that Over in the left hand Corner of the paper every Day used to say a a done to sell America Short Quot All the financial papers Are talking about How cheap Money is now with the Federal Reserve Hanks around three and three and a half per cent. I done to see Why they done to say its half of one per cent for there is no Way of getting any of it anyway. Ill bet Mellon would have trouble digging up enough collateral for a present Day loan. Yours will Rogers. Atlantic City mayor killed three other persons meet death when automobile la struck by train. Absecon. N. A. June 23.�? Jpio mayor Anthony Ruffu jr., of Atlantic City and three other persons were killed today when on automobile was struck by a Shore bound Philadelphia Atlantic City express on a Grade crossing Here. Ruffu who was 52. Was identified by papers in his pocket. The other dead Are John Wiley 52, his wife Luluon. 40, of Ventnor and Margaret c. Siracusa. 37, of Ventnor. The Auto Obue. Mayor Rui fun a car was Etick squarely in the Center by the southbound Pennsylvania Railroad train. The wreckage was strewn Over the tracks for More than 100 Yards and the bodies so mangled that identification was almost impossible. Engine disabled so terrific was the crash that the engine of the flyer was disabled and it was necessary to Send another engine from Atlantic City to draw the train into the station. Mayor Ruffu reputed to be extremely wealthy was a powerful political figure at the Shore resort where there have been several efforts to oust him. He had just finish a Short rest he took after being exonerated by the Atlantic county jury of charges of illegal practices in connection with the placing of the municipal insurance. Bridge conference planned at Austin Austin. June a a emf Terence Between members of the Texas and Oklahoma High Ray commis Simers to discuss propositions Sun nit by the bed River Bridge Compaq of to sew meat of the Dot rovers Atte Dlhy it the proposed. Constr cuon of a of Cuire across red River Between , and Durant okls., will held Here tomorrow. Several in mols Wem made by the Bridge company to the members of both commissions last week at a Eoo Ference in Kansas City by none was scooted. The Bridge coi Spany is contest inc construction of the Bridge of the ground that it is in. Its property. The Bridge is on state Highway t sad u. S. A Highway 75. A naval treaty gets approval foreign relations committee reports treaty to Senate by 16 to 4 vote. Washington june 23.�?wp a the Senate foreign relations committee today a it it roved the London naval treaty. By 16 to 4, the committee ordered it reported to the Senate. Senators Johnson Republican California and Shipstead Farmer labor Minnesota annoy med they would submit minority reports. A the overwhelming support for the treaty in the committee was was believed to insure ratification of the pact when it is taken up by the Senate in special ses Slop. How a they voted. Those voting against the pact were Johnson. Shipstead Robinson of Indiana and Moses it at new Hampshire republicans. Those vote nor for it were Borah. Idaho chairman capper Kansas Gill to Massachusetts Reed Pennsylvania rss Ohio Goff West Virginia Lafollette Wisconsin and Van Denberg Michigan republicans. Swap son Vinia Pittman Nevada Robinson Arkansas Walsh Montana Harrison Mississippi George Georgia Black Alabama and Wagner new York demo cuts. Row Over Pecan Trees leads to shooting Tulsa june 23.�?m�?a quarrel Between two Owasso Farmers Over two Pecan Trees was climaxed Early today with the shooting to death of James v. Downs. 24, by h. Otto Chadwick 43. The latter asserted he fired in self defense when the two met on a Road Between their Homes shortly after Daybreak. Chadwick surrendered to Charles Price sheriff soon after the shooting. Officers were investigating the affair. Quot i killed him to protect myself and in a not sorry for it a Chadwick said. A two Mont Lis ago. Chadwick related he and Downs had quarrelled Over two Pecan Trees on a plot of ground Chadwick had rented from Downs. Subsequent threats made by Downs had led Chadwick to carry a Shotgun the latter said. Chadwick said he fired twice when Downs put one hand inside his overalls and said Quot ill make you use that Lieut Tiant governor of Arkansas indicted Helena Ark., june 23.�? Fly Lieut governor Lee Cazort of Arkansas Aid Ernest Dew of Latue Bock waived preliminary hearing today and were bound to the grand jury on charges of violating tie state corrupt practices act judge John g. Sheffield candidate for governor charged that Uliey offered him a bribe to withdraw from tie race. Many wounded in riots at Seville tells officers he has be a peeping in windows Andi admits being Man fired a at by Ardmore woman. Gives n��eas0ng l for his action a a no a police believe coyness arrest will end wave of window peeping in Ardmore. I Jess Coyne 19, who lives in Norftil a amp to i Ardmore. Is in the City jail and admits that he is the prowler and Quot peer Jling Tom Quot who has caused women of Ardmore Many terror stricken nights in Reimt weeks Coyne arrested sunday morning after several reports of his activities in Northwest Ardmore will be filed ii in the City court and also in the coi amp to. Court if any charge to cover the Offee exists in the Law books. He was awes fed after one woman in Northwest a Rdv ave had fired three shots at him. Coyne who appears to be Aje gives no reason for his actions. He a readily that he has been window Pei for some weeks and that he was the flan at whom the Ardmore woman fire amp of saturday night. The woman told Piffl cers that she could easily have Allied Coyne but that she merely fired a a to frighten him Coyne terrified fled Fyrnn the scene tearing Down Fence and Bra is. Ing himself in his efforts to escape. A his experience however seems to have failed in cure him few he was reported Active in another part of town at a later hour on the same night. Another in spa it watched coyness arrest officers Hope will Pul an end to the widespread wave of Chi or plaint against prowlers most of a his a has come from the Northwest port of town. The fact that no reports reached the police sunday night leads off Len to the belief that Coyne. Is the Prin fender. Tiwi and suspected of nth a tips Al Quot a so far no new evidence Liss been Iuni i earthed against. Him. This India la no h was arrested on a like offence some to amp no a a ago but was released after serving out s Jau sentence. He too admitted his Coyne has lived in adm a to la la of life he says. He is not employed at Tito. Ent claiming that he can t find shows no reticence to a uss Nihls Liht practices but Uva Agur so i his oct Ion a a a a Hope that ice is Only psf fender of thl Fiand we. Hai said Jet. Dunn chief of Pouce. Quot we have hails hard time catching him. He has caused a lot of trouble and worry to Wynen a la a Homes where there Ore no menfolk a Ryder indicted for grand Lara a try new York june 23.�? a it a a jury indictment has been Rel against Harold Russelljr Der Irit by old partner in Woody amp compan5rtisrik-Mpt brokerage firm it was Learned today. The indictment charges larceny in the first degree. The firm failed last thurs i losses estimated at from $3,o0d, $5,000.000. Ryder was indict plaint of John Vanneck of thee a it Tible holding corporation who demanded accounting for $915.�70 he aseged is gave the firm to buy stocks which were Nevei it delivered. A it. Tomorrow Ryder will go before a bankruptcy referee. It is expected that accountants will have discovered by that time How much of the $7,000,000. As Eti of Woody and company is left. I v among those whose names and numbers were found among Ryder a effects were John p. Cury Leader Thomas p. draws tary to mayor Walker Charles s. Hand a i former Secretary to the mayor i Hopkins Joyce and Betty Jean Ackerman and has resented references to feb As a big Broadway spender. Is Vul a june per Icopin a. Wounded Diulio Oil resulting from s sudden conduct be Veea tie police and Stril Cen. Tote Popoe lira into the crowds in in Effort to suppress demonstrations Mercury soars t6 5 c 101 Der sat Alt is altasi4�?~4une 23.�? few the Tomu. Soar degrees Beix. Apes Teidy a if Pettula was oseted modernization of ships gives p washing ton. June Mony that the United states would have battleship parity with great until All american ships of the line anti modernized was Given before naval Aff Turs con Tom today bar it a Admiral it it George a Rock a a oleic to Bureau of construction. \ seven of. The is battleships whiff a United states would retain in a London Nav a treaty now ate for Zauf Catlon have been now being Modernised measures to authorise �?T?$is0,0 the modernisation of to Idaho new Mexica ibid Befu Sec my Dot Eye. A. Gaufo Miramor a id it John so ii3y or r. Air -. Job Hpe of object a a pc la a. A

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