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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Ardmore, Oklahoma A age two Page four daily Ardmore Ite daily Ardmore Ite. ,.yoi.xl�x�i�5�wednesday, june 23, 1920. Daily Ardmore Ite Ardmore Oklahoma . Easley editor and manager. George h. Wyatt managing editor. Mrs. Emmett t. Reid City editor. Afternoons except saturday sunday morning. And willing to meet Ardmore half Way in the mutter of financing the project. We would like to see the Ardmore chamber of Commerce get Busy on .the_prx>,is1 what can be done. The time of procrastinating and talking the matter Over should now give Way to the. Time of doing something tangible. Full leased associated Prosa wire entered at Ardmore okla., Postoff Ca As secondc�oas3 mail. Telephones editorial department editor _______________________.579 City editor _____.____�?---------533 society editor __________________�?53$ business phones. Circulation ________________________269 business office 5 advertising department a 5 Meir tier associated press the associated press a is exclusively untitled to. The use for re Publ cat on of All news dispatches credited a to or not otherwise credited in this paper and Alf to the local news published herein. Wednesday june 23, 1920 to Laws however stringent can make the Idle industrious the Thrift less provident or the Drunken smiles. It him alone the in thai ban again at the risk of being accused of Riding a Hobby the Ardmore Ite again balls the attention of the people of Carter and Stephens counties to the great development which would accrue to this Section of the state through a building an interurban line out of Ardmore to connect with either we Auroka or Duncan passing through the heart of the Oil Fields of this a Jou Tity into the new Fields of Jefferson and Stephens counties. It has been argued that interurban railroads Are Back numbers Anil that they never prove country develop Al s. We feel constrained to take Issue upon this Point and a would Call attention to the fact that figures show the interurban have been of the greatest possible use in bringing sections of the country together and placing the people of the Rural or suburban districts in closer Couch with the markets. The Chain or system of interurban titles which traverse North Texas has Lone More than has any other one thing toward the opening up of the territories traversed by the several lines. This system extends from Deal Ion to Dallas and from Dallas on the Corsicana and to Waco reaching from the extreme Northern Boundary of the state into the very heart into almost the geographical Center there a Iafe a a these lines radiate from Dallas and. In. Addition to going through Towaco and Corsicana reach fort Worth and go thence to Cleburne. Interurban roads Are economical in Lititia Cost and Are much cheaper to operate than Are lines Whereon steam engines Are used As the motive Power. The electrically driven car or train climbs grades upon which the steam driven locomotive would stall or spin its wheels. Hence it is that the Cost of grading the very first item of expertise is reduced to the minimum. And the operating expenses of the completed lines Are equally As economical. Express cars. Can. Be run which will handle without vexatious delays and Selth the greatest possible dispatch All sorts of shipments including heavy repairs and parts needed by the Oil Well drilling contractors., with an electric locomotive a string or train of Standard Guage freight cars can be operated while the passenger service a maintained every hour would draw the City of Ardmore and the City at the Western terminus As Well As Healdton Hewitt Dillard Rex rout and All other towns along its line lose together annihilating space and it. Tabling those who have occasion to travel from one Point to another to Jose with Comfort and without tire a some delays. Healdton we understand sees the importance of the electric line appreciates the Good which May accrue trom such a line and is More than or. Burris Jenkins of Kansas City doctor of divinity editorial writer democratic politician lecturer and student of economics says that or. Mcadoo shall go before the National democratic convention and he says this despite the fact that air. Mcadoo in no Uncertain terms Silys that to will not be a candidate for the. Presidential nomination. Or. Jenkins is a Learned Man. He is a versatile writer a deep thinker a Wise exponent Quot of Che issues which confront the american Public. Or. Jenkins wields a Brilliant As Well As a rhetorical pen transcribing his thoughts in burning words sentences and paragraphs. He is a profound student and a convincing talker. He is Well informed upon the political situation by which the nations. Democracy is confronted but in this instance or. Jenkins is wrong. Or. Mcadoo t May be one of the brai Niest men in the democratic Parl of today but he is not . Or. Mcadoo May be that a greatest vote getters in the. Tietti Crane party of this moment but he is not the greatest. Or. Mcadoo May be among the most sincere and the most honest defenders of democracy a cause but lie is neither the most sincere nor the most honest. In other words there Are in the democratic party other men who Are just As honest just As sincere just As upright just As popular with the masses just As efficient just As Good democrats As or. Mcadoo with All that May be said in his favor dare be. So if or. Mcadoo does not Caro to become the candidate upon the party of the people for the highest office in the gift of the people or. Jenkins should not persist in an Effort to cram the Honor Down his Throat. Population which it had in 1610,�?� Blit standing Buck and putting your thumbs in your vests urm Holts and pushing out your Wishbone and spitting Over your shoulder will not add a single name to the list of Homos required to Stott a ouf the 20,000 figure claimed. Get Busy the Wilson Gazette says chased the Money changers out of the Temple but in took Harding to Chase them out of the Republican considering the Oklahoma bankroll which is alleged to have come to hardings Rescue when the Clouds were darkest May not the Quot Money changers at the Republican convention have simply been swapped Goro s chances must be better. Ada news fourteen republicans Are now running for the senatorial nomination in the Oklahoma Republican primary. Just one candidate for each of the fourteen Points. The North May shout and preach All it wants to about the mob outrages of the South but human nature is human nature and the Man who is worthy the name to who from Atlanta Gay a or from Dulu tii minn., usually takes the Law into his own hands when 4he Sanctity of womanhood is besmirched by any brute,.,be that brute a White Man. Or a Quot poor Down trodden help dog them out Ardmore through the efforts of congressman Carter is to have a recount of its population for census the time the enumeration of Ardmore a citizens was taken it was done ill a hurry and in More or less of a Hap Hazard ,hit�?~0r-miss manner and Many people who live in this City Many of whom work in the Oil Fields were omitted inadvertently from the Rolls of the enumerators. Now that Ardmore is to have a recount it is up to the people of Ardmore to get Busy and help dig out every Man woman and child who lives in this town. This work should be done effectively and to do it effectively it must be done systematically. Arrangements should be made in Advance of the actual taking of the names and places of residence. Plans should be formulated and the Campaign mapped out. It seems proper that this work of re enumeration should be under Tho supervision and in charge of the chamber of Commerce but we should All remember that the chamber of Commerce its Secretary its Board of directors and its other officers Are not omnipotent and a remembering this every member of the chamber of Commerce should Lay off his coat and come Forward and do ins Tjit in the matter of digging out every citizen of the town. In order that his name May appear upon the census Rolls of the nation. It is All Well and Good to stand Back and say Quot of Ardmore has grown wonderfully it has fully doubled the aspirants for the democratic presidential nomination Are now referred As after next monday the successful one of the Bunzli May safely be mentioned As the presidential a a probability Quot that is unless our a old Friend William Jay and the Quot Prospect from now Jersey manage to work a bit of discord in the leaver., ill scrapping Over the festive Flagon and flowing bowl. We now feel sure that the democracy of the nation is Safe and in Good hands we note by the telegraphic news dispatches that Albert Sydney Burleson will be on hands at. San Francisco. Albert Sydney Lias made such a howling Success of handling the affairs of the Post office department that he May we feel sure be entrusted with handling the affairs of the National democratic convention even should he have to take Issue with Bryan and drink grape juice cocktails. Is it not possible that the alleged earthquake shocks at los Angeles Are but mutterings of discontent a minting from hell roaring Hiram at any rate it is a Good thing that the Earth s oscillation s happened in Advance of the meeting of the san Francisco convention otherwise some of the guileless delegates might have gained the impression that Bryan and Wheeler had fallen off the grape Juico Wagon and. Were doing a cancan with Edwards of new Jersey. Ferris right Lawton Constitution senator Gore desperate to gather around him anyone but a few socialists and dyed in the Wool republicans of the Tulsa world Type is resorting to sensationalism in an Effort to attract attention Scott Ferris was right when to told Gore at Soper that he did t intend to be drawn into one a a a Ore a fiascos. Editorial of the Day department solicitor quits Washington june 23.-�?.Lohn a. Abercromble of Anniston ala., solicitor of the department of labor has resigned it was announced today and a successor is shortly to be appointed by president Wilson. Cams cat knows How Tulsa world Quot governor Robertson say she would quit the governor s chair in a minute if he could do so honorable and there is Cam Russell auditor Carter and perhaps three or four others sitting around Tho state House just aching to Point out what they conceive to to an honorable Way for him to do it. One of a thousand Enid events mrs. Harding says that he is worthy and she is proud of him which causes us to arise and remark that one woman has spoken Well of her husband since the convention. What else could happen Chickasha express just As was to be expected mrs. Harding is being played up in the Quot Public print Quot As the a Man behind Tho gun in the ts."0. P. Candidates family. Seriously doubts it Tulsa world Chicago the press dispatches say is facing bankruptcy. After spending a. Fortnight there in company with several thousand others we Are at a loss to understand How this can be. For sale�?20fl0 Yards of dirt. Apply Junior High school grounds or phone 1256. 13-12 wanted to buy a second hand ice Box suitable to serve cold drinks. Phone 641. Why women should he democrats. A from the edict. Mrs. Howard t. Willson chairman of the Illinois women a executive committee tells Why she la a Democrat in the current Issue of edict official Magazine of Tho first congressional District Illinois federation of women a clubs. Tvs. Willson says in part a a i believe that the democratic party stands today As it did at the time of Jefferson for True democracy a for the Safe guarding of the rights of All and the granting of special privileges to none. During All these Long centuries in which women have had practically no rights and but few privileges there has grown in their hearts an imperishable desire for Seir expression not for their own Sakes alone or even for the most part but that they might voice their longing for a better world for their children when the democratic National convention declared in 1900, its belief in the principle of direct legislation whenever practicable it voiced its Faith in real popular government and after their Long silence women Are glad to speak for themselves. A in Tho last eight years the democratic administration has shown that it believes the benefits of government should come Home to the humblest. It has concerned itself with the workers. It has gone on record As unalterably opposed to the exploitation of Tho wage earner and especially of the children of the nation. A Long years ago the eight hour Day was adopted for government employees but the democratic administration went further it declared that All companies holding government contracts must agree to the eighth our Day and it adopted the eight hour Day for women employees in the District of Columbia and passed a child labor nebraskan named solicitor Washington june 23.�?fred k. Neil uen of Nebraska was appointed today by president Wilson to be solicitor of the department of state and Roland b. Mahany of new York As solicitor of the department of labor we want to prove to you entirely at on risk just How Rich tone is producing such astonishing health building results sing sing sentence for hotel clerk Diamond thief cold Budweiser at Earl s cafe. 18-7.�?adv. Woodmen suit involving increased rates pending an English sport writer reporting the championship contest Between american and English Tennis stars says that the briton who won the match., received an ovation Quot lasting fully three if there a anything out of the Ordinary about a three min late. Ovation in great Britain to ought to attend a National political convention in the United states demo or re pub or even pro or Suff. Oklahoma City june 23. A suit brought by members of the Woodmen of the world to prevent w. A. Fraser Sovereign commander from increasing the rates has Boon taken under advisement by the judge in a Nebraska City Nebraska before whom the Case was heard according to a Telegram received today by Toni Bodine county clerk from judge f. B. Swank who represented Oklahoma Woodmen at the trial a decision is expected within 30 Days the Telegram said. That Tho Case will go to the supreme court for final decision was the opinion of judge Swank. New York june 2?.�?james e. Foye former hotel clerk who was convicted last week of the theft of $30,000 Worth of jewels from. Mrs. Regine v. Q. Mulhisen a wealthy widow residing at the hotel Baltimore in May 1910, was sentenced today to 15 years in sing sing. With $5,000,000 Worth of whisky to entice the appetite and with fantastical Robes and prancing steeds to attract the Eye two a abyssinian princes Quot staged a Parade in Chicago for the purpose of securing Dusky colonists for the kingdom of Ethiopia. We can to say off hand what Teslie boundaries of this Abyssinia Are except that it is somewhere about the Sahara desert hence the Boatload of liquor. The fact that this movement was confined to the Black race probably accounts for the a a niggardly response official announcement was made that no crisis exists in the relations Premier Lloyd George is conducting with Leonid Krassin bolshevik minister of labor. A Fry if i Jakq Lykou told in original Park �0�t Only. Ilk pc turn above. Or Fum All Subt Tuut a. 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