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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Ardmore, Oklahoma Full leased wire associated press. Emf the Ardmore Oki of Titan fall e Ign a pm Alanos _ a ail Ajlune 28, 1920. Vol. 27. No. 220. Eight pages i under Laws of Oklahoma one can not Register and vote in primary As a member of one party and change his political Faith in the general election Oklahoma City june 23.�?the demo \ cratic a state committee of Oklahoma in the interests of pure poll la and honesty in voting has appealed to the state election Board which in turn appealed to the attorney general of Tho state relative to the enforcement of the existing election Laws. The attorney general a office hands Down the opinion to the effect that no one can Register As of one party and after having voted As a member of that party in the primary re Register As a member of another party and cast his vote As member of that second party. If a Man registers As a Democrat and votes As a. Democrat in the primary he cannot change his registration declaring himself either a re pub Lipan or a socialist until 90 Days next before the following primary election. The opinion from the attorney a general a office follows have received a great Many inquiries from Over the state As to whether or not a voter had a right to change his Quot registration certificate so that he Wili be Able to vote or affiliate with another political party other than it which he has been voting and registering. A a we have taken this matter up with the state election Board who has obtained an opinion from the attorney general of the state of Oklahoma which we quote As follows. A Section 8, of the general registration Law provides a a a that no change in registration shall be granted on the ground of change of politics unless application therefor be made at least 90 Days before the next succeeding general primary a Quot the provision of Section 8, Supra to the effect that no change of registration shall be granted on the ground of change of politics unless applied for at least 90 Days before the next elation is mandatory and has exception. A a Section 13 of said act is As follows a a a a no elector shall at any primary election held in this state vote the ballot of any political party of which lie is not n member or with which he does not affiliate and at any such primary election any elector May be challenged on that ground and whens challenged no such elector shall be permitted to vote at any such primary election unless and until he shall first subscribe and swear to an oath that he is a member of. And does affiliate with the political party in whose primary election he seeks to vote. All such affidavits shall be returned by the precinct election officers to the county election Board along with the election returns. A a a manifestly no provision is therein made for the purpose of enabling anyone to vote otherwise than As a member and an affiliate of Tho party in which registered. Such proposed voter cannot by making the affidavit therein mentioned vote otherwise than registered. The Challenge contemplated in sold Section goes t0 the question of Tho voter having fraudulently registered As member of one party when in fact such voter is openly and notoriously a member and affiliate of another party the Challenge goes to the Good Faith of Tho registration and when such Good Faith is questioned on the ground that the Holder of the certificate is not a member of or does not affiliate with the political party with which identified by the registration certificate then the proposed voter is required to make the oath mentioned before he receives a ballot in accordance with his registration. In other words without the affidavit so exacted such voter cannot Votry in the party in which registered should the voter fall or refuse to make that affidavit after challenged he would not be entitled to vote in the party of his registration nor could he vote in any other party. Said affidavit is therefore made to enable an elector to vote As registered and not in any manner to change his registration certificate his politics nor his the above is signed by r. E. Wood assistant attorney general of the state of Oklahoma on behalf of Tho attorney general. Envoy extraordinary in route from Mexico City Washington june 23, a Fernando Iglesias Calderon has been appointed High of Mexico with Tho rank of ambassador the state department was advised today arid was to leave for the United states today. It is understood that he will Endeavor to obtain recognition for the new mexican government by the United states. Affairs in Mexico do hot seem exciting at present time to hold election in september Mexico City june 23.�?-reports of revolts in various parts of the coun try were officially denied in a statement issued at the foreign office information Buret a tonight which said that with the exception of the Villa movement lit Chihuahua the country was peaceful. Send envoy to Germany Mexico City june 23.�?balbino Zavales former mexican charge do affairs at has been named this country a envoy to Germany according t0 an announcement at the foreign office tonight. Mexican elections Mexico City june 22.�?a Call for National elections issued by the Secretary of the Interior today fixes the Date for the congressional elections on sunday August 1, while a new president will be chosen on sunday sept. 5. President courts Oil 7 men Mexico City june 22.�?-provisional president de la Huerta. Had a conference with Oil men today. Aside from a statement that the meeting was marked with cordiality no details were give Cut for publican Tion. Wet weather has not Here Are three of the men who will possibly come before the delegates for consideration at the a National convention. First we find a William g. Mcadoo formerly a member of the Wilson official family later a member of the Wilson a a personal family and at one time director general of railways. Mcadoo says that he will not permit his name to go before the convention. Next we have Champ Clark of Missouri the Man who would have been nominated a the Baltimore convention in 1912, had it not have been for the two thirds majority Rule and William j. Bryan and his bottle of grape juice. Last we have Thomas Marshall present vice president of the United states-7-a Man with Strong leanings toward modifications of the National prohibition amendment. Will the Winner come from this Bunch it seems More than possible that democrats will cast discretion and common sense to the winds and stage a wet and dry fight at san Francisco William the perennial. Issues his ultimatum great Falls mont., Juno 23.�? speaking before several Hundred people Here last night William j. Bryan of Nebraska declared that no candidate should be nominated by. The democrats at san Francisco who stood against the policy of prohibition. Or. Bryan leaves in the morning for Butte where he will join the Montana delegation for san Francisco. Weather forecast Oklahoma tonight and thursday generally air warmer tonight and in a East and South portions thursday. Local temperatures maximum yesterday 79 degrees. Minimum last night 61 degrees. Rainfall1 precipitation yesterday ,15 Irish. The harvested according to report Oklahoma City june 23.�?frequent raln3 retarded the harvesting of wheat and Oats during the week ending june 22, but in spite of the moisture fairly satisfactory Progress Jas made in Hap. Vesting wheat and the harvesting of Oats and Barley is now Well under Way says the weekly summary of weather and crop conditions for Oklahoma issued Here today at the weather Bureau. The report estimates \ that 50 to 60 percent of the crop is in the Shock with no material damage As a result of wet weather. Referring to weather conditions the synopsis Points out that the first two Days of the week were hot Ana dry with Day temperatures ranging above 90 degrees. It was rather Cool mostly Cloudy and showery during the remainder of the week the report continues the rainfall being moderate to heavy Over practically the whole state. The abundant rainfall was beneficial to All crops except Cotton Corn especially making excellent growth. Corn is in exceptionally Fine condition adds the report. Practically the whole crop is clean cultivated and most of it Laid by. The Early planted Corn is in uie silk and Tassel stage. Quot Grain sorghum Broom Corn Sweet potatoes peanuts and minor crops made Good growth and Are promising in promising condition although needing cultivated in Many sections. While potatoes Are Quot being dug and marketed in the Eastern portion of the state the yield being fair to Good. Tho Sec. Ond stand of Alfalfa is generally Fino and is being Cut. Pastures Are excellent. A Cotton made Only fair Progress during the week owing to the Cool Cloudy and wet weather. The condition of the crop still ranges from poor to very Good but for the crop As a a whole there seems to be some improvement. Early planted Cotton is setting squares while the late planted is very Amah and much of it needing. Cultivation badly. There is now abundant soil moisture and with farm and f of weather Cotton would improve the summary of conditions in the com and wheat Region compiled at Washington and announced Here de declares that generally satisfactory growth Wias reported Dyer the Region. The Harvest of Winter wheat was begun during the week northward to East Central Kansas and Central Missouri. The Cotton Region summary says Cote ton mad Good to excellent Progress in Tho Central and easier portions of the Belt but poor to Good in the South and Western portions on account Cool weather and heavy Rains. San and hawaiian. Sugar refinery announced a reduction of $23.60 a hundredweight to $23.00 in the Price of refined care sugar. Al bail strike is not probable at the present moment Washington june 12 a informal lion prepared for submission to Secretary Payne today indicated that unless assurances were Given immediately to railway we fryers that a. Wag-3 adjustment might be expected soon the unauthorized strike of trainmen at Philadelphia Baltimore and Many other Points might not be opposed further by the brotherhoods. A w. A Doak vice president of the brotherhood of railway trainmen expected to discuss the situation with or. Payne who is Di-1 Rector general of the Railroad administration. He also plans to leave this week for Chicago where the re Silway labor Board is meet . Reports to labor Headquarters Here today indicated no improvement in the situation and pointed to increased unrest among the men. Labor leaders said that since the beginning of the unauthorized strikes 30,000 men had been Dis missed from the unit Psi but that the feeling was growing that to continue disciplining the men was impracticable. A railway vacations tsp a Chicago june 23.�?the sporadic railway strikes which have broken out in a half dozen or More cities during the past week spread to Savannah Illinois today with 50 Chicago Burlington and Quincy and Chicago Milwaukee and so Paul employees out. The situation elsewhere in the Central states showed improvement according to reports to the brotherhood of railway trainmen offices Here. At Burlington Iowa where the Chicago Burlington and Quincy switchman struck last week a number of men were reported to have returned to work. At Bend ills., where Chicago and Northwestern men. Have been on strike Normal conditions have been restored. John Grunau president of the Chicago yardman s association and Harold e. Reading president of the United engine men a association a the two organizations of a railway vacation lists a As the strikers term themselves today issued a Call for a mass meeting Friday night. The purpose it was explained is a to Lay before the Public the True Side of Tho present Railroad situation and just a what Means have been employed to bring the present controversy to a successful will be no general strike. Cleveland jun6 23.�?rumors that Railroad unions will Call a strike this week affecting All unions were denied today by the chief executives of the four Quot transportation brotherhoods engineers firemen conductors and trainmen Here. A simply strikers propaganda a said w. G. Lee president of the trainmen. Officials of the 15 Railroad unions will meet in Chicago next Friday for consultation and to learn if possible when the decision of the Railroad wage Board on their wage demands will be pm bounced. A of facials switch trains Hannibal mo., june 23.�?with approximately a two thirds a of the switchman of the Burlington a Railroad Yards Idle Here today officials of the Road were working in the Yards to keep the trains was stated that 65 men had failed to report for work having tort the officials that they were Quot on vacation until the Federal railway wage Board acts on demands of the Union. It was stated at the superintendents office that All trains were moving without delay. London.�?1the London times had in formation that representations on behalf of Allied and associate Powers had been addressed to Sweden and Finland. President appeals to railway. Labor Board asking for immediate action on wage matter Washington june 23.�?president Wilson sent a message today to the Railroad labor Board at Chicago urging that it make an immediate award of the wage controversy. The text of the. Message. Was made Quot Public at a the White House. President Wilson a message asking that the railway wage Board give an immediate decision in the wage controversy had not yet been received the Board announced at 1 p. M. Judge Barton chairman of the Board authorized a statement that All possible was being done to expedite1 the decision. The boards publicity department declared that the delay in reaching a decision had nothing to do with the present Railroad strikes and that the railroads believed the strikes would continue even after the wage Case is settled. The strikes it was said Are prompted by an internal fight for control of the railway unions and not primarily by dissatisfaction with wages. The wage question has been injected it was intimated to deceive the Public. New German Cabinet l assume arrogant Center of the latest London june 23.�?formation of a new German Cabinet is reported in a Berlin dispatch printed in a late edition of the times this morning the message saying new men having been found for a couple of posts in the ministry. This Cabinet is regarded As an emergency one the dispatch quotes the Tage Blatt As saying that newspaper adding that it Quot must walk warily to maintain itself but will at least be Able to go to spa As representing a Large majority of the German a a this will lend it certain the Tage Blatt continues a and will eventually empower it to say a not if the entente As at Versailles should demand what cannot be the Tage Blatt says further that the Cabinet will meet the Reich Stag on thursday ther. Konstantin Fehren Bach the new Chancellor will read a declaration relative to the policy of the government. The times correspondent asserts the new governments Prospect of remaining in office depends upon the willingness of Tho majority socialists to observe Quot benevolent an earlier Berlin message to the London times received in the news dispatches of tuesday night reported the collapse of Tho proposed Fehren Bach Cabinet because the majority socialists would decline their Aid in securing a vote of Confidence for it. This socialist bloc had been counted upon to observe Quot benevolent Neutral Ity a towards the new ministry although it was not represented in it. While status of the new Cabinet seems still rather Uncertain the later advices appear to indicate that the difficulty with the majority socialists has been adjusted for the time being at a present. Lafo Hutte gets another. Chance Rochester minn., june 23, Robert m. Lafollette has been dismissed from the Mayo Hospital Here where to recently underwent an operation. A a a. Eliminating All the others Bryan does no to say he might not be a the strongest one Londonderry june 23.�?there was no cessation today in the Battle Between unionist and nationalist factions which has kept Londonderry in a terror stricken state for some Days past. During the night Tho rival factions erected additional barricades from which they kept up a continuous fire. At times the shooting reached the intensity of volleys. The malcontents today were in entire charge of most of the City and it was even impossible to learn the number of casualties from the a. Thormities. Reports were in circulation that several bodies had been seen Bishop Street but it was impossible to verify the reports. The military remained passive the troops watching bodies of armed men pass through a the Side streets to their Battle positions. Considerable fighting occurred the. Waterfront which was Cut off from the rest of the town. It was rumoured that a Force of sinn seiners was gathering outside the City and also that the Irish volunteers were about to take a hand. A no More troops have arrived in Londonderry up to this afternoon. It was reported however that an additional battalion had trained at Volera one 30 Miles Northeast of the City and was marching in to escape the danger of its train being wrecked. As Many persons As possible Are leaving Londonderry. Lawyer banker held ii connection with mysterious death of e workers officer Detroit june 13.�?authorities invest gating the death of August Dwyer of and Desboro ky., a travelling auditor of the United mine workers of am Eri amp a in a Down town office last night today questioned further the party of lawyers who met in the office Dur ing the evening. Meanwhile Frank Dohany prominent attorney and Bank director said to have been left alone with the Union official when the party broke up was in the psychopathic Ward. Of a a local Hospital with a guard of de tech Eri stationed at his bedside. Ooh any was taken into custody a few hours after the crime was discovered. He told the police that he had found Dwyer on the floor of the office and had lifted him into a chair. Dwyer was still in Tho chair Dohany said when he left the office. When discovered last night the body was stretched upon the floor. An examination this morning showed that death was caused by concussion of the brain. Mrs. Margaret Zink a s Anitress told the Polep she had heard men quarrelling in the Law office last night and that when she looked into the room she saw two men struggling on the floor. Lincoln neb., june 23.�?-discussing possible democratic candidates for the presidency j. Bryan in an article in his newspaper the commoner published Here declared that William g. Mcadoo former Secretary of Tho Treasury is handicapped As a candidate a by his close Friendship with the president a a while president Wilson himself he says a need not be asserting that or. Sec ado is also handicapped a by Hia silence on the j seemed to be a peace treaty a or Bryan declares or. Mcadoo a unable to Call to his support a those to whom the presidents candidacy appealed with special Force and that he would a furnish an easy Mark for All the presidents enemies. The article says however or. Mcadoo has considerable strength among wage earners. Referring to president Wilson or. Bryan a says that Quot while vague hints and suggestions have been thrown out occasionally no one claiming to speak for the president or who is near enough to him to he assumed to express his wishes has announced his-candidacy.�?�. Herbert Hoover is eliminated from the list of candidates whom or. Bryan considers Quot available a while senator Owen of of Tuiloma and Secretary of agriculture Meredith Are described As being among the few available in thus far mentioned. To be available this year or. Bryan asserts a candidate must be known to. Be for woman suffrage for prohibition and against Wall Street. As for attorney general Palmer or. Bryan says he entered the Campaign in a position to Deal sternly with Tho profiteer and expectant Public stood ready to applaud but the profiteer seems to have things his own Way and the attorney general is now suffering from the reaction. He adds that the attorney general is unfortunate too in having to espouse the ratification of the treaty without reservations. Former speaker Clark is mentioned As having his own state behind him while opposition to governor Edwards of new Jersey and governor Cox of Ohio is reiterated. A governor Cox a friends a the article reads Quot will urge him As a Compromise Between the wets and Tho Edwards Type and the Bone vice president Marshall is accused of making a feeble bid for Tho vote. Judge Gerard a candidacy has South Dakota a support and he has Many personal friends among the other delegates or. Bryan says. San Francisco june 23.�?rumblings of democratic discord Over the prohibition Issue became hourly More ominous today As delegates and party chiefs arrived in increasing numbers for the National convention. Hope that the gathering storm might speak itself behind the closed doors of iffy platform committee virtually was abandoned by the leaders and they prepared a to face an outbreak of tempestuous debate on the floor of the convention itself. Such a development it was agreed everywhere would hold Many dramatic possibilities including a further complication of the Uncertain Outlook As to the presidential nomination. Already the overshadowing Issue in pro convention conferences the question of a platform declaration against the present Quot Bone dry Law almost took the whole stage for itself today As the gathering delegates heard of postmaster general Burleson a an., nou Cement for a modification of the volstead net. I a Many accustomed to regard the postmaster general As a spokesman for the White House the development was accepted As a warning of which was the wind of administration influence would blow. Others among the party leaders refused to take that View but none Here assumed to know with certainty How far the schemes of president Wilson might be in Accord with those of or. Burleson. What everyone Liere does know however is that both sides of the controversy Are cementing their lines and bringing their heaviest artillery finish fight. After Many conferences in an Effort to Lay a basis for Harmony homers Cummings Tho National chairman said today it fair bet that Tho question would to taken to the con. Weather affects Market a new York june 21.-�?prospects for Clearing weather in the South and relatively easy cables were followed by a Good Deal of scattering liquidation in Tho Cotton Market during today a Early trading. The opening was 24 to 37 Points net lower and october contracts sold off to 34.65, shortly after the Call or 57 Points below saturdays closing while later months lost 65 to 80 Points of last weeks Advance. Outlines possible platform Lincoln neb., june 23.�?prediction that the democratic National convention at san Francisco will witness fights Over the peace treaty the profiteer and the liquor Issue is made in an article by William j. Bryan in his newspaper the commoner. A the chances Are in favor of ratification of the treaty without reservations and against the profiteer Ana the Saloon a or. Bryan declared. A the overwhelming opposition to Tho policy of ratification without reservations is shown by the vote at Tho primaries Quot he asserted a will probably defeat any Effort to make Tho treaty an Issue in a the Campaign the article also says the democratic platform is certain to declare against Universal compulsory military training that the convention will have to Deal with the subject of private monopoly a hat Tho democratic party will insist upon the toilers right to equal representation and that from an suffrage will to endorsed. Mention flour for a settlement regard less of what decision was Oriade in the platform committee. Closely intertwined with the prohibition question is the problem of selecting a nominee in Accord with the platform As finally agreed on and among Many of the practical politicians there is a feeling that the two decisions must be settled virtually atone stroke. So the pleas of manager Aro falling on deaf. Ears for the present while the Leader get their bearings on the More imme. Diate question of a Bone dry or Abeer platform. The league of nations disagreement along with several other disputed platform issues has followed the question of candidates into temporary eclipse. Among most of the leaders it is agreed that whatever trouble developed Over the treaty will be Only ?. Drop in the bucket compared to the prohibition fight. Leaders of the Bone dry forces were confident today that they would command a Good majority in the platform committee where each state has Only one member and could keep out of the committee report any declaration for a change in the present liquor tie ii. With this View most of the of. Posing managers. Privately agreed but they declared that when an Appeal was taken to the convention itself the vote would Tell a much different Story. The Large states it was pointed out while having Only one apiece in the committee will have a much greater voice in. The whole body of delegates who make up the final court of appeals. And most of the largest delegations Aro. Counted on for support by the advocates of a Beer Plank. A complicating feature of a convention floor fight would be the unit Rule under which Many state delegations Are instructed to vote As a body. It was suggested today however that there might be a general agreement to let each Delegate be counted according to his own convictions when the prohibition Issue came to it final showdown. On that basis both sides were predicting Victory and Many of those in a position to know were declaring the outcome worm be close. Some of the oldest leaders declared in fact that the divisions might be close enough to make argument and oratory on Tho convention floor the deciding Factor. In any Case such an open fight would be Likely it is predicted to furnish Many thrill ing urns. A William Jennings Bryan would be expected to head the Bone Drys and to probably would find pitted against him strategists and orators of the first rank. W. Bourke Cochran of new York was mentioned of one of those who continued in Page two mixed with certain organic chemicals will make a Pood Grade of news print paper j. Clark Boston representative of a paper concern told the Pittsburgh advertising club in an address. Do you want to buy �11, rent or Trade use Ardmore Ite want ads. They bring results. If you do not know How to1 word your and phone no. 5, we have expert and who will be glad to write your and for you. -

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