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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Ardmore, Oklahoma Us a a ii valor consists in Ilow in a Villio if Wil Nassos All pc Sliwi wild in capable of it Liing Virlon tic a hot in it world daily Ardmore ixe Southern Oklahoma a greatest newspaper weather forecast sunday Clear and colder in Oklahoma. Fuli. Associated in Ress la hours a Moue . A Lunday january �?T,1. 1926 no. 81 sixteen pages today Edsel Fords air signs the Good of the service. Poor old Sam. He a in. Non voting Stock. By Arthur Brisbane copy unit. T925.-by Star dry Niagara in i few years of Young men will Tiik up Fly Liu As a profession. And in Kini Vimr . Thern will let of in the uni Teil states of Al Lou Ink Suoia whiff la ii they arc and what the town 1. A a a at Trio Rerigh St of 10d�?opl Ford Lic Ici m Tia Kortle Factor ii a for Ltd Avion la All i Vor the i of Nitro will print on the roof of Ali or Karaga Ini Ornia Tion for air fliers. That tie kilns a snark Init out the air a a now boric state up a air r ,�?� somewhat in Avaiu p of the Naco. Troopers on the a round of course Aro Nuil stay Soihr. I it any Pilot turn to so that aviator keep to the a Lieut to it the left i in the air and he of motor vehicles now i ado into of air Crift Quot will of Voke the i Llotys License to use new vote state r. A a Tho Road of Clouds is rather wide tint perhaps it in t too Ronn to i Yeijin making rules. A St Init Fly info Over a it Les. Towns no crowds . In Liat is Sens Lole. M six Atn makes a Public Holiday of a Tober 8, birthday of Cervantes. They Honor the Preat writer who made the world Lough and think and ancient a a chivalry Ria Cilous. Such a Holiday is More than Many observe. In Honor of fighters to at killed Many men not i made where mourn. A Latr news indie acts hint the Eoal mine owners will win the strike mine owners can Tell the Pii Blie to of 0 without hard Coal and use substitutes. Workers in thu mines cannot compel their families too without food beyond a certain Ien Jitni of time. Partially organized men Al Klitin Asra inst thoroughly Narsai sized dollars urc at a . A Dean Cia Tish of in Princeton Niniver a slays is a Rohil it Lon fills the dives Quot and a loner distance drink info drink uni done far from tie Campus throw items Colie be life. The reverend Able and or. Van Dyke confirms the sad Story. However colleges must adn get them Tielves to prohibition. Its Here and will remain until Beys of today have i fray Bisl ers. A ,l3 a i m is in the now. The troubled of i Europe a to barrels l poker inks Jelalon a no a troth. Lie i lie comes out Lii he he will do before Lon ii to wont feel Friendly to those who him in. J he fin.inciers that would like the United to their Loans to Lois rope a Keiiti mentalists and Vax who think they can Leep out of Quot War by in Kirifi across the olt Ean and invite apr trouble. View Karo a it poof Aelo at worlds water i Itu yesterday Nia Aaita , n. Y. Pm thousands of persons viewed a dry Niagara one of natures rarest . Only a few Kallons of water trickled Over the americ an fall because of the formation of an Ico Jam Isom Loat Island to the Mainland at port . The Jam commenced to form a week Siko off port Jay whore Tho River is and Tho ice moves slowly. Hli he winds loosened ice farther up the River and in Dake Ildrie aiding in forming Tho blockade. The Gale , together with the Zero Tempe Ture completed a Trio it in dam. The water which usually slides Over the american Falls and a Rojas in a Seething mass of foam and Spray on the rocks below w, divert a to the Canadian . Under conditions Iii out Lio per cent of the volume of Iii ussing Over the falks Over the Canadian fall. Venturesome , wore refused to walk across to font Island from Tho Mainland by reservations officials when the same Phenomena occurred in 190a number of walked Over Tho dry River bed. A Genii the custom of sell taif t englem in criticizes Selling to Trio Puii he Stock to it does no to vote while Iii of idols keep for t Ben Selvi s a Small Ani unit Uit Stock Ihal Doi s ill Lik voting and i line rails Llie in ii or i t Ion , in t a think Over. Be m Iyall big cot fris Are controlled i at. Inin a Iii to test. A in he by ving of a ocl a often i ased As in the Case of i Lii a is tend on Public i Genfi it Lenen the in at the head of tie Eor. A. Ion. Corporations new Are big Liat f a if any a work Iii exe a ves can a a Ford to control gone 1�?T a. A plan to it at enables a Cunie i. N to print it this interest Elack holders to 1 ill i Lias .1,1 Stock i it Long them beyond tar to a i River. Is not a Iliad plan. A a Root one of the Ablest Law yers in the Rountr it i a is the a bloc Quot in the Senate is a disgrace. He objects to senators that retire sent Farmers uniting in the interests Impf tie Farmers. of interest in Nati Cuil parties is the Only cure for the Dis,,&Quot according to or. Root. Flow w Ould you go about reviving interest in the democratic party for ? and what about the bloc Tho original bloc dating Hack a Quarter of a Century that has initiated blocked and put through More legislation than All other blocs combined nobody seems worried about that bloc. Perli it is Ai Schoij Tea cider admits beating Small boys with a rubber , be cause Quot the boys cannot be Coli Toile Ltd by any other if the same whipped adults a Wilth the same Hose Tho teacher would to to jail. Why should cowardly but Inga of children Confer immunity j a teacher unable to control children without the Aid of a rubber Liose should find a Job digging ditches or i Jeitler a picking oakum. A a a Vodka russian name for Winisky has come Back wit i a Rush. The bolshevik government will produce this year 75,000,000 Gallons of Vodka 40 per cent alcohol five million Gallons of Brandy and other liquors 00 per cent alcohol. The government monopoly will earn la profit of about i 7.t,000,000. We Pond More than that Here trying in to prevent the Salt of Al hol. I. A a a. A out in Tiro prices is predicted and the Tiro dealers protest against Quot downward revision to car producers Quot the Public should prote St Lynel ods of retailing tires and some Ether things. Liat the consumer should a juy $10 or More for having the tire handed to him by a. Retailer is propos-4erou.s.distribution costs too much. A a a a stat to regulate is , particularly Quot jazz dancing of the kind Callea hip some of the old Fash cloned Mussolini ideas might to accept a Blo in thl3 country. Ooh Ball kill bins Chrster Bomford Crosley declares radio will Triumph liw a radio is gradually triumphing Over All Olist Acles Powel Crosley Cincinnati Cli arinian of tile radio Welc committee said saturday after studying the results of the third internat Mial broadcasting tests in we Iii american and in Ropcean stations suffered much interference with their efforts to programs. Quot the International tests were hampered this year by every that has Ever occurred in the history of radio extreme Static magnetic disturbances two s. O. S. Calls and Storns at sea to say nothing of several practical jokers who transmitted on foreign Waves giving Calls of foreign stations a Crosley said. ail the hindrances however the radio have been most successful from the viewpoint of advancement of the radio Art and Pierc is no Lues Tiomi a great Deal of valuable , has been Gatli ered. Would isolate Evv pm regular radio commune upon with Ici rope by establishing receiving stations in isolated spots out of reach tif interfere ener was suggested yesterday by Lewis m. , Raivio Engineer and i Loii Ion 1�?T. Tark Secretary of f. A. D. Andrew ine. Wine blast claims 54 men As victims . Ala. It pm Rescue r news were to ringing out the Iasi of i t miners ii Wiliie a a Vijil 11 i i roes who Wei a killed in tin sex ii Ostoji at the Osborne mine of lilo Rren ii a Coal a a Spany near piece late Friday. of the a a i men in the Minuit the twin it it of the Lila St escaped Uain Jirred. A a a a lie trag Vly the total number of miners killed ii Tiree explosions during the Day to 3 five were killed it w est i rink Forf ill., in an explosion in the new Orient mine Wilile thai inel Cle Aili in n explosion in a Bear Canyon Coal company mine near Trini Lail. T olo the Crews sent to the Remote Camp from i nitwit states of mines in firming Ham and mines near the a Icene of Tho Dis ister Laboured throughout Friday night under the direction of mine inside actor Nesbitt and hid Ninover All but three bodes ii ton bed by Rock Falls when Dawn broke Over that a Little Valley of it disaster. Tiie blast we Iii occurred shortly after -1 o clock Friday was the second in the firming a in District within tie two months a blast at the Overton mine no. 2 having killed miners on dec. 11. Tile explosion occurred at what miners called Quot shooting Kach Flay when the miners Are ready to quit world several shots Are made to loosen Coal for in it work. One of these slots hit a Pocky t of Gas and caused the explosion. The mine in an isolated part of Shelby county and Vei a hard to reach making Rescue work diff ii ult. Many stories of horror were told ii those who were rescued. Explain. Is Given of m parking Law Van Vleck proposed ordinance will be of to Farmer shoppers. that tie Proi used parking Laws in Ardmon which would limit the parking of cars on main Street to one hour is not a discrimination against people living in Tho Rural sections of the county is pointed out by i a a i refs a an a Leck of the Maniber of Commerce in a. Letter written yesterday. The letter is to a k. Berger of Newport who recently criticized the pro Iio sed Jia King scheme As i. Hindrance it to Rural shoppers in Ardmore through tie co Zimins of the Ardmore Ite. Van neck declares that if the proposed one hour ordinance is effective it will be of great Aid to those living outside the City As is shown in his letter to Burger Quot your letter published in the Ard Morlte Jan. 2c, with reference to the proposed one hour parting Law is deserving of no Little Coninie Dation be Catusi of the fair Wiy in which you discussed the subject a or some unknown letters of this kind urls tie with sarcasm a and veiled threats and the writer assumes that the City is not interested in the Trade. You however seem interested in helping us find a solution for our troubles and we Piip recite your suggestions. Will help Farmers Quot you will to interested in knowing that this proposed parking limit was suggested and worked out because we Felt that Jie Ople like yourself from outside our City limits were not getting a fair Chance at desirable parking. Is you state in your letter it takes the Best part of an hour to find a place in which to your car. We pro Jiose to improve that con Dit Iii by limiting tie parking of cars in certain blocks to one hour which will mean a greater turnover of space. However All of our plans on restricted Parl it Long have been based on the thought that Drivers from outside the City limits would not be subject to that restriction. In other words the Home folks would make Way for the visitors a As is done in All Well regulated families. Quot in practice ibis is what really will Haj Ipen because of the one hour limit it will be easier for you to find a ii arking Sii ice and yet by placing a Courtesy card furnished by any merch int on Yenior , showing void Are from outside the City your car will not be molested whether you stay one inuit or 10 hours. I am sure when the Farmers and other sit trs under St and this they will Reali Quot to i it what we is for their Irene fit and will in no Way rest Riei. Thi i aigle if i iritis which Uliey May Park. So Many arise All of the facts Ace not und a stir cd for that re i on we Ipi letters like you which give an to Cleir a it Wron first photo of Durkin after arrest Young Chicago boy guilty of murder rail _ ago. Pm a 17 year old boy convict ocl of Nurek a on Trio Ninny of two Tihor boys 10 and 12 years did and i i was fixed Liv Tho jury i Urais Ini Pri on Piont Satiu by Tho state Yuul asked the death pen Auy for the youth and Tho jury do lib Erater 13 hours before Dof Idin not to Lii tuck a. The Suprenia penalty. 1�?~eter i in Troha the convicted youth f in into a a it when the verdict rendered and six re a anted. A Vou dirty rats a and tried to attack us inhers of Llie jury. He was on Tho Var re of tears we Hon i aired away. Pc Hoy of Shor Irinyi in Van Clos Chionis a Ped dior. When the Latifur efforts i Rob Hin. A Luyi in old lad Liuding on Cluj pedal Era a and a 12 year old boy Playl Nii n the Ettroe s identified the Slayer who spoiled the Alibi of his family by fixing Tho hour of his arrival Homo later than they said he arrived. Efforts being made �z0 save part a of Cerii Gale sweeps Atlantic near Flor a Coa St according to radio reports picked up saturday. Men Are adrift in ten both part of Seaman it Avo been by Noi Weglian Steamer. Here is Tho first picture of Martin Durkin Zhicai of gunman after his . On n. Train at St. I a Ouis. He at Tho right treated Boulde a Svard a jowl of Tho depart vent of Tiee. One of the detectives who entered his com i Arment in the train and voc prov ered him before he could seize his Kun. Ardmore pays tribute to radio artists who broadcast great humanitarian work is done by memorial association Golf profession a awl tide Long Quot a Jilber the rive from the in in a a a travelled Bird known Pattah. Ith up. T a ened Tho Ball a in find a tilled Aneth Coppins with a a a it killed a a i weather in inv unless on 5 fee this time a ii tim. I Elief is being Given poor suffering Fri sunless persons in need of medical and surgical Aid through the functioning i an known As Tho a Alice Vallace Xvi memorial a in remembrance of Alice More Vallace who died Here of influenza during i Tho epidemic of that disease and who was so Well beloved for her in airy i eds of i illness to Ardmore a worthy poor and sick. The work i hit this organization has been doing for the past seven Yoars is Little known outside own workers. It has As Objet to to give assistance o who Are in need of medical and surgical attention and to assist worthy and deserving ii Yilo who require accommodations and surgical treatment by advancing the Vioney necessary to defray such sex Jie sea. Collalti rating with the Alice Wallace , and helping them in Relief of the flick is Tho von Keller association i lc., and All other ethical surgeon wifi suited with the Hospital i Phis association received in tilt was completed and opened for 1 patients may1918. I services Given Gratis. I in All cases which come under the a attention of the Alice Wallace memorial or. Frederick p. Von Keller the surgeon in charge of Tho von Keller Hospital donates his professional Ker Viccy giving of his time and skill Lii this great humanitarian work. Tho Alice Wallace memorial with station wrap at fort Worth Texas is showered with telegrams by radio fans on Friday night. The rec edition Given Ardmore Phil harmonic club artists who appeared Friday on two j Ort Worth Prog was a i Etty tribute to Tho esteem in which they Are held locally and o Tho Hospit Amity of the visit Lub . A we were treated royally and tend ered every while the i guests of the Luu Motif club of fort mrs. La obit s. I arde Libiro president of the in Hll harmonic club said upon her return saturday. Members of the Harmony club will be in Ardmore february 11, to a return program. fit a this program were discussed Friday and Tho Phil la ii Monic women Are looking Forward with much pleasure to this occasion. Tho fort Worth women plan to present an entire act from Madeune Butterfly in costume As one in nature of their program. A number of surprises in tie program Are being arranged it said and it is planned to make the visit of tie Harmony club artists herein outstanding social event. This program will be open to the Public and will Iio Given at the i ii ill Iai ionic club Roomi in this i in Ball. Tho Ardmore women who a cre guests of the to Harmony club in tha afternoon and who a radio program in the evening were Yves a Ames 11. S. Larden litre n. C. Wood a. M. Hepler w. Grubbs Clay in Atterson Allen 1klong Merlo Mccarty avast Carl i i teens and miss lir Nesiti 10 Guillot. A Alet i poll arrival. T pen their arrival in fort Worth they were met by mrs. d Wilh in ton pre ident of the Harmony club mrs. Homer Adams formerly of Ardmore and miss Moris who escorted them to tile a onion s club for lunch. The musical reception in Tho afternoon was attendoi.1 by 233 women. They Weie an attentive and sympathetic audience. A. J. Marsh of it. W with of the Quot Flower Wreath a a selection from which was used and mrs. Jacard who wrote the words for this composition and i number of former Ardmore ites were in attendance. Only one unfortunate thing occurred to mar the radio program Over station Liap fort Worth , in Tho evening. That was the Intro detion of a speaker Olio talked for it minutes and made ii m Pessary to leave fait Tho last ii Mii or of the . The due t number by mrs. Wood and mrs. Gardenhire and the Solo by mrs. Hepler. The philharmonic club artists had arranged a Prog Nim which was to last one hour and had not been informed that the speaker would take Pai t of this time. U is customary it was said to have j the speaker included on the Friday evening programs. I More than Luu Tele Gruns were re j revived. Many messages came after Tho program was finished. Long distance Calls were received and Many local . Announcing the pleasure of those who in during the program. Mrs. West and mrs. received in Largo bouquet from the Amer la an legion and miss Guillot received former pastor is Slot at Henryetta it pm Grover f. Haun was shot and seriously wounded Here iat by 1. D. Holliday 50, a Dairyman. The shooting occurred in front of the courthouse in the business Eemer of tie City. Holliday who surrendered to Law officers and was placed in Jarl. that Haun forme pastor of a local Church is the father of an unborn baby of Lio Ilid to daughter. Autos of the two men wore parked near the courthouse. Holliday approached Tho other Man s car in which Haun and his 10 year old son were sitting pushed a Rifle through the Side curtain and fired at Haun. The Laiter s hand was badly torn by the discharge which also entered his body. Bystanders Over powered Holliday before he could fire i second time. Red Cross office temporarily closed it i i Iee of til r Artel county chapter of tile ked Groi v in i a closed Iii , mrs. C. In. Souires Secretary said saturday. Mrs. Is Uii is As or Cret a a it if the Home service Worl of the it Al lied c t hat a is by ing called to Tyler Texas is a witness in a certain action Penn ii g 111 the courts Whiteii is to lie tried in a a Tirgary 2, Tho a i a is that of an sex Sorvick Nian for whom i did considerable Vork on Bis claim in 11 20, and whose files will be used court testimony. Shakeup occurs in police department a of Hanfie a in Tho Olive department was last Nii he by jews Kir y. la Ranic Smith formerly Heric Lud o and night chief Here to Ornum night Seri want replacing j. P. Smith. The latter will be assigned to duty As a patrolman to relieve Vernon a. 7 Horn on. The appointments Are Ive at Nore. K ii by incl Iraq a that other a hang it s in the Poco deju Artinenci night be made in to of future. Sub do Sable. Key a test up it a the United states naval Fuji a Bay Springs was hurried from the local Harbor tonight to the Relief of the naval submarine i ported i Ablord and adrift off in Ltd Hel Shoals near Capo car naval. On naval Bette a Jupiter and Jacksom Lle. The condition of the a Bur Yurino is not kno to Here. Sikac. 4 tyo Vesseis were wrecked Joar pah i5eaclj i y Mio Pale that swept the Atlantic do Rrt Friday inc to Rai in in Ixia s Pirn if a up Fol Ijain Bow Pur Satin Day after Ion. Tsp forts War bins n do l it re sync of a Tow in it Adi Ift in life boats i Miles Souther test of Here. The Mossa Poa were received by the Palm Beach radio company. Tho steamship America the Captain and Throe of in it it i pc a Tho ill fated tue tim of no Imu. Masted shoo nor. Which turned a Vei in the Gale the ?.ia.sie.i of Tho Amer Ica a Norweg Ian . . Fri. The message set Aid the remainder the Crew were left in life boats. A later report said the ship will Lane rescued of Havana. Tho Mes Sagre expressed Kojjo that the May be Safe. The tui boat wrecked Miles out Accordini to radio a from the America. Ai of the Crew were saved it was a Aid the Tut left with All lights show in a. I Libut partly completed fun an do i to Noronha Island it pm after a can Tonnous flight of in hours the Spanur i Peai Lane. Plus Ultra in command of Tho noted air Pilot Franco comple Teil Tho to nicest and most stage of Fli Glit from Spain to Artre Tinc South America. Down in that sea off this Island at. S o clock saturday Eveni Nir. Commander i Yanco at rounded the Island in search of a Good Landing spi t but found none because it Fth Ltd heavy surf lie ii rain jut out to sea and Alif ted there later to to Iowa t safely into Harbor in Conception Bay. A in re Gnu a Liam or dec h. Pm Rai l a a. pm i it Rrt Livla. Motion Pietaro . Died a Homo Liere Quot Balurdi a ail Fri Quot on. Lamarr s Lealh or jelled i oin mini Lii a ii is tif. I. let reak Down Saver Mon ii a Fath a. W. V a a. Watson Saiti. I in i unexpectedly and in ii she rapidly thursday Slie die to i Midi. For the fir i time in Many \ve�?~.. Miss a i v by a. In july Wilile lib a a it , a put air s in not a a York. She Retno Nfn it i to a Hollywood and made i Romih and it was while she was i l this lust october Fiat she suffered a second Colla Iise. Awhile Lamarr s condition v.or-. In rid in. Ii Dilt i not seem cry to Al urday afternoon hour later. Uni in she o it my in sat died about an cont no Tiitu Lites Seamon. Wasilini prox. A i re a can Watula tons for mania Inonu a the Best traditions of the a a and old Amer Ienn sea men Bave been sent by set a Creary Hur to Cap Fain Fried of the liner resident Roosevelt. A former Navy enlisted a an Reserve offi Eor for his Rescue of the Crew of tie Steamer Anion oct in my a i Ocean. A the Nii Quot a i or Sald. A has noted the a a of Init Rit and a a chant acts of yourself an it i office in a and Crew of Tho 1�?T. Or Sid Ltd it in Avint life under Ilio nost. Try Aigy anal difficult circunistane4�?~s.�?� the assistance a id i guidance of or. Von Vieller has it come a helpful Factor in the relic f of human in the Community and has Carri d Tho work i of mercy and Servia of to the seriously Flowers. Elegy of re it guests w hich sick and be rely Woun it led without ostentation. It has a Lvi de those who were Noi Able to help them raves has furnished Ltd Hospital Servici and sur Ica 1 Aid to those who Wou lil otherwise hav i la Risholt a restored mothers to and happiness and enabled them to make the Home Happy Asiain has helped fathers to again Bee out Wae earners Able to take care of their fan Lues once More. No shown. Pit cents brought to the Hospital by the. Alice we Azalce a memorial Are not All taken to the wards. The Public does not know which Aro Tho patients financially Able to Caie for Hospital , for it is a question of Tho first who come Are Tho first who Are served Asiar As Roon if Aro concerned. Many i it patients have the and vant Apro of Tho Best private rooms in Tho Hospital and receive the same consideration of wealthier patients. Liis is the Only organization of Ita Kiihul. S j far As it is known in Arev county and possibly in Tho Stato of Oklahoma. It is maintained by private subscriptions from persons interested in Tho welfare of the Public generally. Max a Estheimer was recently named to live charge of the budget for the organization and the finances be directly under his sup exp vision. Came to mrs. Hepler could not be responded to because of Lack of time. Two presidents Are on tie air new youli.�?c4 a Itadio fans last night heard two presidents Tali int on the air As the third International Broad Castin i test came to an end. One was president Coolidge and the other was 3,resldent Augusto 1. Fesuia of Peru who sent a message of a free Toni to North America. President Coolidge a address came a Short time before the hour set for the begin Nikki the Kone broadcasting which Mariti the end of the test. His speech to Etolier with that of director general h. M. Lord of Tho budget Bureau was sent out from a trial Wash Inkton and Wear new York. Tho chief executive of the South american Republic spoke just before the silent hour observed by overseas stations Between i and 11 o clock Standard time while America broadcasters tried to reach across tie sea with their Giro spam. Fino instal condition of City is pointed out by Kirk Dyer figures relative to the finances of Ardmore a administration including Revenue and indebted mess were by City manager Kirk Dyer following an address made liar Siut the it Vek before the Kotai a club in which or. I yer paid a tribute to tiie Early ity officials for their foresight. At this time the Cit Wyldo Bonds outstand or Are $1 a a with an valuation of a Little less than $12,n00, for tie year Lyja. A in his shows a i bonded indebtedness of Ali per cent of value. To for interest and Sinkins fund re it Iules abour ,000 annually of a Levy of 1, Mills. The general fund Levy flu it i is for the expense of operation of the City is 2.43 mols for 102, a ii a been Redzic Eufr in Mills in 1920, it is doubtful if this Levy can be a Eileed further he said. Added to Ardmore City Bonds of $1.50s,n00, we Mosi add Bonds of school District no. 19, which is the City of Ardmore and i 110,-000 which is Ardmore a part of Tho county Bonds , a total of j2, ,000, direct liability of the City o Fard More or above 21 per it it it of Tho Ardmore assessed value for in 2n. On each 1000 ask sied value Tho taxpayer pays to the Follo Wing accounts state a county $i�?T,.s2 school j16.09 and City $17.45. Where a City Lias outstanding Bonds in of 10 per cent of value Bond buyers show a disposition to discriminate against further issues. J he i Jis Issue of $300,000 five per cent Aram re Lions to construct the Hickory Creek pipe line could not be sold at Jar and tin discount of Roriie $20,000 was said to have been carried As in overdraft. A i he 1922 Issue of $300,000 Carrie Ltd an interest Rato of six per cent As under Tho Law they could not to sold below Par and with 20 buyers in commie title bidding the Issue sold at one per cent above Par or. declared. It f the City Bonds outstanding 5805,000 Are water $2sr,.000 sewer $15,000 City barn go too convention Hall $35,000 fire $5,001 Street $11,000 incinerator $30,000 Park and $312,000 funding Bonds. This item of Fin Ulii Ponds is the grave Yai d of our mistakes. Here wis face our City indebtedness on one hand and Tho Lack of certain facilities on the other. We have no jail and our Library has no Homo and our Clit Zens would Delight in our Soldier boys having a Hoivik to their lilting a those boys Olio in the Causo of humanity plunged into Trio greatest struggle of recorded time. The Power authorizing future Bond is set out la the thre it i fir it words of our Federal Constitution a we the people a und the Clr mandate City officials must follow. Slip Pizii in peril. No Law a while tile work is rejoicing Over Tho Rescue of he i i w of the freighter anti Moi and a mourning the loss of 25 men of the fit igniter Lar Stan report. Of other ships ill peril in the Stormy at anti Are still trickling in. I he British Steamer Errington court a i High Reid sorted thursday that she in distress in mid Atlantic has made and resumed her voyage f. New i orc i Chi Swansea with u eie., tint Racite. Capudi Iii slip in Rifting. Thor Canadian government Iner Chani settler sent word to Ilal fax that Slie had boiler and entwine trouble and w is Drifting in i Gale of Hurricane Force. Other wireless messages said the. The led cros.-, liner , it. Josluis n. A and the City of Bourne from , both a for Llali fax had Lieen. A Cedlo heave to pro,-re.4s being , Ible be eau a Gale. Liisu Iurii Praise for tie , i till 2 men of lie Anline tie slants Urie i la-ei5�uent ii in , Tofatu. To Reorg Ooi ii in be i. Iii i Lialis t oolid.50. Ivin lius cabled i Reid i Roii a ill Uiligi Atria tons 1 behalf Al his eur Iii by. I Impi. Ooh a. Idled Quot Rii Quot eve Iii. Iii another Tion of the Here ism and Gallant Lii he a Linarae a i ixe ii Alilce the Murii. Of like i nil or tui and Ireat Uris Aini seer i Irv Oit the Coli of ulalious of Ilain a a Dei Arimo to Ltd Ai -.,.Iii i rid. A i w�.-ii�?T. I Nen aits tiie i a i Dent i to vell the ant Loehe Viv,r.- due at t,iueei.-. A n in .�?~.1-, a 1.iv thieves obtain $145 Inthea titon robbery saturday or.,- arrest Bias already been nil Uit. And outliers in expected in Connelie 1 with the looting of i Safe at toi Arni. And Navy store in a Healdton at an Earl Hoar . De w. Burden was taken into custody saturday by let put Shi Iroff c6l ivies Aey and Loigi Dir. The county i j. Tor Izvestia at. 11, a Che ii u1 of the Rob Aery Bylciw 3y Anc frankar.-,, Lien Lluc ii pert of the Sheryl x s it Lei Arim it. A thie i c t win r to t us the Quot by /0ard Over in .Iii Ivov. Get Ines i 1 r. In nn4 Ltd a Alai Ibie Liam Ovid or of Lieg to he officer who Iii Cesilea 1 tii j Case. Number of cuu a Nickic Linig a Glove wore a picked a i yesterday a y , and indications Are that e.,t least Ono More arrest be exit Elcied at once in Eolia Section with the affair. Ardmore win from Normann 16-12 Ardmore ,-.i a Hoo. Consecutive South Eric. A game Lei mailing coach John Soa i incr if to 12 in a heat need by Hirid and playing. Noi Man was unable a to Roff Star a single Field goal in tiv first half whet the score ended 12 to 2, due to a vow Lent work by Tho Ardmore Pun Raj warred and Lorton. Anly Dickson was it ugh Point mar for Ardmore with four Field Grafu Ahkii two free throws Suilo Captain por be Crozie led normans for info. The lineups Ardmore Anderson Titi Roberson Foi wards ulc son pc infer Warren and Horton if Uarda. Or a Fri or it. Anderson and Swinford Forward i a Jfe Crone Center Elcree and so oks if guards. ,. Years Alread. human Ririe a a millions of years before Tom j this myth aces riling to 8ir Olav of in a recent lecture on evolution i indicated his opinion that Mortak Hon a constantly in communion Frith or

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