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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Ardmore, Oklahoma In thursday january 28 is poultry Day in Southern Oklahoma. Daily Ardmore Ite Southern Oklahoma a greatest newspaper weather forecast sunday partly Cloudy and colder monday warmer. Full associated press Recours Ardmon vol afro. A. Sunday. Jax Sajiv 17. H 2t vol. No. 70 fourteen pages today the pay of judges. The right air ports. Soup is Good for you. Our land is booming. By Arthur Brisbane i a copy knt i?26, by Star co.�?. A h n for m 0 1 3 i u0 1u 33 50 �20 45 a Jis 4c s5 n. A 1� q. B m. Pm 46 a >10 in a 1 20 i�5 1�3 1 05 l 3s it a i i p i a Contreas si101tl.d not neglect at this Kef Sion the a listion of decent pay Toli Federal twin cell. All of the 3udors in the National service Are under paid. If it a justices on the sur re in Bench and All the Federal a service the pay to a i rpm to the riches i nation in the world. To is. of course for the Luikes Tco Makii amt Akin on ii Iehl own re half fiut Riih that depends upon i hem tor Tice and Mio Section should pay them at least i Mogull to live decent. A lieutenant fix is command Iii air fovce.-? la Mitchell Flefil Stiyf there of haul to a great a tor Mynal Quot for airs hrs in tie East located on the it Nemaric in Sadows West 3f Jersey City to new Yorac con noted with new York by subways. Tha idea la the aug Gatlon of an elevated Laid link i ult. Connected with it Oliero could be a ranged at Nill r uni a water Landing for the Navy i Hydro Aero -planc.q, Thorou i truly the stored. This plan had previously n . y . Head of tic 9 air Coral Ditleo Newark City. Ilo Boiten. Elizabethport new York City Are destined to be one great it ily wit ii 40 Tel Lonb of people eni Adina in population Enki acid or i . A i it get Katf air Termini ii. In the renter of that future City should by a Ouight and built by the Rovin men Iview for re St office and Conini Ercyal Flaynik i peace the other thin ii in i. Here \ t be War. If we had the right commercial Fleet. That a Why pc ii Dent Coli dare a can stantly Ursich the development of commercial aviation. A similar great Landing Fields for Hydro aeroplanes my other should 1 0 esta1 Lyshe Ltd in the principal cities of the National Chicago now Longland san , Seattle i of Angeles , Etc. A cop a Riih ii ire of. ire High. A i it Buzz mfr Farmers and packers. Corn d Hoir Price i should Kolt an Ltd d own toi i ther since the Pip really Corn Chan red into melt a. There is always soviet Hlub to vu27.1e and do tre its the Farmer. He has no sufficient National Orka i 7�ilion, and Notor Oie Cllon Day he has t much Iti fluence in to Vernei to with Rai Holada and other Biff financial Milts a at the midday luncheon club in new York you can see eating at the same time ? that Quot of Tirol ten thousand nil Liloni of Dollar. Farmerr Are scattered All Over the land and if you Ould Ket them together Ali re. be Hall that could hold them. A of r British have Niso their worries. The year lust Wos the worst for Trade in Britain a modern history the balance being almost 1wo billions of dollars the . Fifty five million additional pounds of import a a loss of thirty three million pounds of sex polls. Make the British . Hut they a muddle Quot through in the British Way and will a iome out on top a a Uncle is Riding Alonfo in Tel a it. Severe Competition abroad in the world s Market a it Home is said to tie ahead of our pro in term but including Providente a eema to be with u8 now. M to in real estate Throux shout the country Are astound Lii. Freder Jik Brown of new Quot work per hips the blk eat real estate of Iterator in the world was called reckless two or three years Agio Wynn to said estate Val ies in Hir cities ure More in the of tar then on that Urmond. Henceforth a 12-s<ory Bui Klimi in new York must to considered n a Waltons to to torn Down to make Way f0�?~ a real now they tear ,1own 17 and 19-Story hotels to make room for 40 and 58-Story buildings. When you buy the to unit and that a air a love it Trio air is More Vahi atle than the land. The City off Carlisle in England a we Fly caper tent fit Hting the taste for wheal Eye a by Selling Good idiot soup at two cents a bowl. This nation does not appreciate the value of Good soup a a n food a Normal health jul stimulant and bulkier of strength the wench soy i Cut of conversation half of a dinner s . A Well-ma.l8 soup at the beginning of the dinner provides the other half and am Orleane Likiu to know it. Oivo soup to your children. V g0\t1rn0r pin Ciriot. Calling a special session of the Pennsylvania logos lature wants to make Coal a Public a titty Iii Bali control of a Necos amp ity derives All its value from Public consume ��?�3. Governor pin hot jays the Coal conference collapse is the fault of the a nine owners. The latter say but done to Fen their names to Tho it element that in i tru Ulp was too much drinking and dancing by the to Riipinen s represent a Tilves. Officials of the workers say this is a lie anti mine Ovberg an trying to break Uit the Union. A Tho Publio As usual has nothing to say. They pay the Bills and Wall. Utie Lekli nature will prob Amy nit Irive nov tract Ponchot Tho Law that he for. A a citizen. Of a Minnesota get from their state University interesting information about their state. It con gained the begin inning cd life on this planet in Tho form of algae two Hun tired Milton Yea a ago. Tho first life same As soon a the Earth a e fell below Tho Buling Point. One of the first real animals wus an nip tor of cur frogs and iia Uriana lers living on find and in water with a foot four in diameter. It is irom Tho five toes of the Salamander you know that we Kot the five fingers on each Liand a be cording to the evolutionists. I eaten in sales that Southeastern is in sales Over Texas Kansas and the other Pas of Oklahoma was Tho wrist of a Telegram a cd Veu yesterday Fey the Chevrolet to tar company of Uilk of Itaf. Rich of sap is missing at trial draughts Send 91��s1 doom state fails to deliver Hale Case delayed King of Osage Hills and accomplice later arraigned and Given till tuesday for plea. Fight Between u. S. And state a s. A.sk.? state of Chai gos but Short falters. it pm a. K. Hale Osage county , and John Rimsey Cowboy Farmer reserved their when they Werc arraigned before Federal tudo Cottem on an indictment charging them with the murder of Henry Roati a wealthy Osage Indian. They were Given until tuesday to make a plea. No prisoner. it it a Judy i John h. Cotteral Saiu iday morning port Pond the arraignment in Federal court of w. K Hale a a King of the Hills a on a Federal indictment charging him with that to Mullet of Henry Roan wealthy Indian until 2 of clock in the afternoon after Halo had to at the hour scheduled. During a 15-minute recent Roy , United states District attorney conferred with the state attorney office and received permission for the Logan county sheriff to bring Hale into court. The postponement Wafi taken before Lewis had Tomt it to announce this development in court. The had Bein ordered to allow attorneys time to Iron out the misunderstandings. Hittle is in state Mitody. State to trod ice. Royle vols District attorney said it was his in act standing that the state Oklahoma Oulu a produce Halo for arraignment. Hale in with the murder of w. E. Smith of Fairfax John Timboy who is charge jointly with Hale in in Federal custody and was brought into court by Ewers White United states marshal. Judge Cotteral declined id Issue Oji order directing Hale to be Quot brought into court. A Short touch. Was taken to Confer with slate office nos in an attempt to arrange for Hales . Wanted a i lao apr. A we can i an arraignment if we Haven t ii prisoner a judge otheral said. Vitiz to Ordor Fly appear Aiice Iwa Iise he is not under the jurisdiction of this r.ewl5 Taid George Short had Given 111. Conent for Hales appearance in Federal court for and it 1-ewls under Tan Dilig that the t Tate would produce him. The Fourt room was crowded at the Echo ruled hour of in alignment saturday Mornini and disappointment Utu noted when failed to appear. Mort Woods in talk to 1500 at state meeting / plans of a developing Oklahoma movement similar to those of Ardmore Faim Congress. Plans outlined for the development of of Al Oma farms at the state conference of agricultural interests held in Oklahoma City thursday am Friday Are much Tho same As the program adopted i by the Ardmore farm Longress. According to Van Meek Secretary of the chamber of Commerce who attended Tho meeting or. Van Vieck returned to Tho City . Tho three few itunes outlined at the conference were of the soil terracing and the raising of Moi of i poultry. A Model farm showing terracing was by Tho 1, Joo delegates from various i sections of the state who attended the conference Van Vlick said. Various who spoke at the conference pointed out that the value of terracing was from to $40 an acre. Big fire Ltd prominent at the conference which was called by John a Lite Hurst president of the state Board of agriculture included or. Bradford k. Knapp president of the okla Hott a agricultural and mechanical school and a Nuitt it or of professors of the institution. Ardnino speakers. An exhibit of Carter county pecans taken to the conference created much comment according to or. Van Vleck. Mort Woods president of the Ardmore farm Congress one of Tho Siw Akers on the dairymen a program his talk being in regard to the clean lines a of milk. Others from Ardmore who attended the state conference included o. K. Darden county commissioner and George i it Yor Secretary of Tho Carter a free fair. Dry Leih celebrated in Gay new York civic clubs rejoice and a Sud Den death dinner prepared 1 in Honor of pussyfoot Johnson. Santa be Heads Here to inspect Ringling Road final checkup of equipment before taking Over recent $1,500,000 Purchase is plan. Mother gives up her babes extreme want deserted by husband a and mrs. Grider unable to earn enough to keep children in food. T s. Asks a ii Toily. City surrender of w. K. Hale to the United states government for prosecution on a murder charge and dismissal of state charges pending against him at Paw Huska was requested let a Edwin k. Brown assistant United states attorney general. In a letter to governor Trapp. A conference was held at once Between the governor and George f. Short state attorney general after which Short telegraphed attorney general Sargent it a Ashington asking if it was his of sure that the state Agni list Hale be dropped of Ite Rii Arges. Tho state charge were filed Jan. 4 by Edwin Dabney and j. Berry King Asi Litant attorn Guys Gener of Oida homa Thev were leased on n. Sion of Bert , an Oklahoma state convict who had been taken fear unrevealed reasons to the Federal Penitentiary at i Jeavons Orth . said to was hired by Pale to blow up a residence in Fairfax in which Throo persons died. He also accused Ernett Burkhart Hales Nephew and m. A. Bloyed a former of ago county do Suity she Iff As having had a part in Tia plot. Short said the Stato could not surrender kale to Federal in Leas officially requested by Sargent. Needs u. S. Request. A if the government of the United state is satisfied it has jurisdiction in these matters then Tho state upon request of Tho government will concede the jurisdiction in order that these men May l o by ought to a speedy trial a a Short stud. A a if this official request 1b not made these men will be prosecuted a Lin he state courts a Short declared. . $5,000 budget Wilson special a flushed by the buc Cesa of the chamber of Commerce the past year is determined to enlarge its program this year and especially does it plan to work with the Farmers of its Section of the county la keeping with this spirited program the executive Onmi ittes of the cram Ber of Commerce met la special called session Friday night and voted to false 16000 for Chat it or of Commerce work. The committee to finance the work come irises Fleet Cooper s. W. Hall and Arthur Fry. New pm the sixth anniversary of birth in the United states is being observe with celebrations by interested civic organizations and statements from leading praising the of the eighteenth amendment and volstead act. Saturday night the new York Antl Saloon league held a Quot sudden death dinner in Honor of Pussy of k t Johnson work As a dry propagandist through Lieut the world has Cost him an Eyu. To lost it in a scuffle with students in London. Co roasted for toying with the filthy Weed a a a it a alright for co to smoke but they ought to provide their own this quotation of Fred hand key editor of the Circle student publication is contained in an article on College girl smoking printed by the Dally Maroon another student publication of Trio University of Chicago. Campus leaders were interviewed on Tho question. Coeds smoke with a zest that alarming averred the editor of Tho daily and when they do smoke Thuiy infringe on Many a hitherto exc Laivo vice forgetting Quot that civilization rests upon their Small one member of the undergraduate Council called the habit a a filthy and others hoped that none smoked Quot to fake a collegiate f mrs. Tyerus song a hit in Chicago introduction recently was made of a poem written by mrs. W. B. Tyer formerly of this City Wiio now is supervisor of music in thu Duncan Public schools to a Chicago audience with such Success that Inore of her work is in demand. This statement was made saturday by mrs. Ii. S. Gardenhire president of at Dmore philharmonic club and will be of much interest to airs. Tyerus Many friends in Ardmore. The Lyric was set to music by a. J. Mara ii. Composer of fort a Orth who is one of the Well known musicians of the country. Tile song Sung by mrs. Harold weeks formerly miss Margaret Smith of this City before a group of Chicago music lovers who Aie asking that More of the music be used. Mrs. Ave has a charming Soprano voice and was gracious in appearing on programs Given locally during her residence in Ardmore. She was Active in the philharmonic club. Mrs. Tyer was formerly president of the local Rausl club and lived in Ardmore for years before moving to Duncan where her husband is in the furniture business. Five officials of Tho Santa of Railroad and a number of clerks in two special cars were in the City saturday on a trip of of the properties of the. Okla Ioina new Mexico and Pacific Road which the Oil Field District West of Ardmore. Included in the party were a. E. Maxson of Galveston assistant Reneri manager of Tho Road j. E. Mcquillen Galveston mechanical superintendent e. E. Taylor Cleburne Sutier intendant of Tho Santa be division there a. T. Lehman Cleburne master Mechanic of the Santa few and k. A. Duncan of Galveston District Engineer. Inspect a inciting Road arriving in the City Early saturday the party made an inspection Oil the 2f mile Ringling Road extending to Lone Grove Wilson Healdton and Ringling and also the i tingling shops Here. No details of the of the trip to Ardmore were Given out by officials of the Road before their departure late saturday afternoon for Galveston. Check of Kyu lament Are however that Tho Mission of Tho Railroad officials Here is to make a final Check of the equipment of the i tingling Road before the Santa be system begins actual operation of the Road As a part of its system. Reports published in Ardmore newspapers in november that the Santa be system had negotiated the of the Road for $1,600,000 were not denied by officials of either Railroad. The Sale has not been confirmed by Tho interstate come Jere commission at this time. Competing buyers Tho reported Sile of the Road which was built into the Oil Field District in 1913 by Tho late Jake l. Hamon came after rumours that both Tho Santa of and Rock were Consul ering a Purchase. It is believed hero that Eracli had planned to extend the Road West from Ringling so As to effect a connecting link Western Oklahoma and North Texas. The Ringling Railroad has at present a monthly payroll of approximately $13,b0n. It is believed that improvements to Tho Road and additions to the personnel of Tho Ringling system will to made when the Road is taken Over by Tho Santa be. Community a Chest Board meets monday the meeting of the organized Cimi Unity a heft committee. A formed under the direction of the chamber of Commerce will la it held monday at -1 o clock at the chamber of Commerce rooms according to the announcement made yesterday. Tho committee comprises aah Quot. H. Bat is , and mrs. H. H. Johnson. T b. Orr c. E. Sykes and George Selvedge. In re him Leary plans for the organization of a Community cheat Campaign in Ardmore for 11126 will to Tho probable Topolo of discussion at tomorrow s meeting. It in planned to have the Community Chest functioning by Tho Timo that municipal drives for various Worth while organizations Aro launched late this year. Parent teachers have great meet Bible class race Kive a hurdles in a Ord Moro now in Here it i in Hibino ciiu4s attendance it intent deserted by her husband the Mother of four Little girls saturday All further claim of them and gave the children into the custody of j. M. Porter superintendent of the okla Lioma Ori Hanage association with Headquarters at Mcalester. The husband deserted his wife and children last year and police authorities have been unable to locate him. A divorce was granted last september a Nee her husband left the Mother has been attempting to support in Seif and a children the youngest of whom is is months old. She Vas unable to get work and found the task of holding the family together hopeless. A mothers sacrifice unable longer to care for the children she applied to tie benevolent society of Davis for help declaring Liat her whole desire was to have tiie children placed where they would be nurtured and Educ it ated As they should he. People of Davis made up a raise and i ent the children to Ardmore where they applied to mrs. Effie a Vilics. County probation officer for help. The Mother is mrs. Mary Jane Grider. Her eldest child Eunice is five Chi Reyes of Ardmore accepted the Challenge of Al in s Bible class of rip list Church and have entered the fit Tendance contest to terminate easter Sun Dikiy according to Orrin Dickson. The goal of the contest is to stimulate interest in sunday or Viool attendance and includes All adult classes both men and women. In the City. Attendance will be figured on a percentage of a ised on attendance of the classes Jan. 1. County Library assured fact $500 to St Art desolate City mourns dead in heavy rain burial of 40 victims of wed need Ajro a disaster in simple cemetery of stricken town. Seek missing two deep buried Straits of widows and children but Little Aid. J a beneath Leaden j skies which threatened to rain the i a a i dips of More than 40 miners who i their lives in an exit Yoslon at the Deg i Nan ill Cconnell Aline no. In Lva Edn Selay itt hoi a morning were Laid to rest saturday circulating Library will serve i a a a simple country cemetery a Short Farmers As Well As Rural schools says supt. Dickson. Books aggregating $ii00 in value will 12 i be purchased and the plan of a circus years old. The other children Are Alfa i lating Library put into effect in Carter 5 Louise 3, and Juanita in month immediately after their arrival. Accompanied by or. Porter the Chil Dren win leave sunday morning for to plans made at a meeting , where they will remain in held saturday in the county Home until he is Able to Plain Thorn on Dontz a office. In Homos. Money for Tho to hims was inn Pori led by Tho bound of county last year when Tho Creul Litiff. Library Lor Iho Rural , unable to i served Liy Orngie Library Here i was . I t editors served. Actor dip to Ilie i it Lan to be i Ollo Wod. I Woodford a Ryan Rexroat. A Olville. And. Fox will be Iho centers for of . Headquarters for the county Library will be maintained As a separate unit of Ardmore s Carnegie Library and will be operated under the or Lection of . C. C. Lune librarian Here. Hooka will be checked to the five Utku a enl to. Inn what a re they will be checked jut by school officials to those who desire them. This use of the county Library will be for v to do Side to read the books and is not limited to Studt its in the .school.s, a. I. Dickison. County superintendent stated. in Rural Schrils near Ardmore Are Able to do rain h Reading by checking out books through Tho Library Here. Dickson stated that it was the City on verge of building and Oil activities building agreed upon for Early Start already exceeds entire volume for 1925. members of the association of Tho second Ward heard mrs. John Whiteman thursday afternoon when she addressed the meeting speaking on some of her observations in ent land during a recent trip abroad. Mrs. A hot Oman spoke interestingly of Eaton College a Endsor Castle and the country churchyard where Thomas Gray wrote Hia Quot Eulogy on a country mrs. Ella Davis spoke on Quot Thrift a Emp Hasking the importance of teaching Thrift to children which was responded to by members present. The entertainment in charge of mrs. Mildred Todd and miss Doris Duston and include i Folk dances health play and group songs by third Grade children. That Lyie i will be a better your is the general opinion of business men although i 2."j brought with it Many wonderful things. In speaking with the Oil men it is observed that they Are Envoi aged Over the situation. B. V. Luire of the Prairie company said in ills opinion Oil would bring a better Inice than it did last year and he said Ulici e would be More drilling and More leasing and More activity. Oil can change More it jul wkly than other commodity Barr pointed out and what is True today Hight not be the Case tomorrow. He said unless Sonie big a rogue ton was uncovered somewhere that prices would be better and the Oil activities Ioir Aliy will to much increased. New Field in Prospect there also is a probability of a new Field. The Magnolia in Section 15-2s-l�?Tvv in the Grai Iam District of Carter county gives Promise of opening up a new Oil area. There Are men in the profession Here who believe the Well now drilling and which has found Oil. Will result in Tho opening of a new Pool. On the other hand there a Are those who say that Fox and Graham districts Are treacherous that every Well is a Wildcat that there la no uniformity to Sands there As there was at Healdton. However taking the matter As a whole the Outlook is encouraging a and it is possible that Carter county a will i ill out during the year its third i big Oil Pool i in Tho building line hero is some j activity. 1�?T. B. Coulee has a Brick Husin Tiss House under construct Oij. J. C. King of the Oving Carr motors a i building his place on avast Broadway a to the Alley. It is said that i. I a Quot. Randol and c. E. Sykes both will j let building contracts soon and already i this year More building operations Are agreed Union than was constructed last 3 oar during tic entire Ali month period. A a a plans also Are being made to Start a paint Ami Rei air Campaign in the City. O. 11. Wolverton of the City state Bank sail he would like to see ail carpenters painters and lumber dealers hold a local convention and agree upon a pro Bram that would Start a Campaign in the City for making repairs to Start n a construction and to paint every House in the City that needs it. Wolverton working in conjunction with those who want to. See everything of Beauty developed that the people of Ardmore might enjoy the Beauty spots and that tourists this Summor will Taite away with them a Good impression of the City. I Tunc. Fri in Tho scene where they had Laboured. Followed by sorrowing earful and in inst cases destitute fam lies the bodies were Takeji to in caskets most of them alike. As they were lowered another chapter in mine disaster history had been writ to n. Juht i families of the dead miners Iii receive no from the site As to i Mac a s compensate Oil a a Iliin sensation in cases of i ,.ny. Iia it Mcconnell owner of the the it the mine company carried its cd n insurance on the men but that Ali. R a was not set amount. Part of like wages of the Oij Cilien went to a i ability fund he said but did in of . How much Money there was in fund. Old Boyle state Mitsne a inspector Jira ised tiie work done by the i National sent to the mine Loi govt Ranur Rrapi under command Oto l. Head. T ii guards kept the Mouth of the Pine As Bodier. Were Bein taken out and maintained order Gem a ally about uie Ott is disaster. Pics omit own it its the exit i Tsion has renewed a Hitler control a a Ray bet Teri Loyle and Many miners and operators relative to tie use of electric Cap lights. Boylen cent it ordered the use o a electric lie ii discontinued and forced Inners to we it i open lights. Many miners have Bert vehement in tin comment since la expo site1�?~clariug that had the Icci in the mine lie ii wearing electric 11 could have a smelled the Gas Iba. Killed them and escaped. Boyle said immediately after the explosion that it was the result of having inexperienced , Friday if est Modi to make additions to the Library from he said they had time to time when funds for the Luis a old that several of the Miner of additional books were Avail i inexperienced but Lai or heard that _ i about so Jer cent of them Yuul been working several years. Able. Young Bob asks about mexican recognition ave Ashington. Up a senator la Follette Republican. Al Consin saturday introduced a Resolution asking the Secretary of state for information concerning the condition under which american recognition was granted to Mexico. Rebeccas hold installation and presentation installation of officer. For the Stu info year was held thursday of vein by Tho Liebe Kah Lodge at the 1. O. U. F. Hall with mrs. Laura us Danl. District Deputy prot Sid Mir officer. She was by mrs. D. K. Brazzel. The new officers arc a Riessle Woerz Noble Krand mis. Katherine weather right Noble for rail Suppi ter Milner. Refl nnbl.-, grand i supporter Miks a Lanthe Ion errand Anit fir Rand support ton left vice grand up Poi ter mrs. Lula Brown tast Noble grand min a Nova pot Tijou chaplain ter Trude Terry Secretary Fer Lrudd Lehns treasurer Kuth , music in i m. I in Ric it a mrs. Rubbi \ c ?.-Ra a is. Marie Avet . it radar a Ramoh f a i a i. Ltd a a a past u Quot a a a a tick i present a . In. Ii ii Alf of . Ioli Raj by a in is a of Claitor. A Blanehe , vice visited by is mine disaster funds continue to grow capt. A. F. Whittington who was taken Somo ago to the Hardy Hospital for medical treatment and especially tor birr song is very 111. During the latter part of the week he began to tall rather rapii31y. Oklah Daia Ltd a the Cau sent through Lieut Oklahoma tor Money to help the destitute far allies of miners killed in an explosion at a Elburton a wednesday was met by More than $3. 00 up to last night. From an Appeal . Is by station Kaoo at Bristow the Rajjo fans of the state an it Herod with contributions amounting to Over $1000. The Bristow Lions club added Loo to that amount. Hei Ryetta gave $1485 collected in one intensive drive. Mcalester bad $159 and other Citize gave no estimate of their collection. Chad la. Mildred a All Tho 14-year-old daughter of mrs. Bianche Auh �?T�16 a Street Southwest is critically ill at the Hardy Aalt Aritis. Ardmore Gro 40 per cent in the last seven years population is or january 1, 1926, air Eliar for United Statis Cit of of All sizes Shis Lii at Ord Nitro had a Nice growth since Tho last Federal census. The in lst20 gave Ardmore a pc . Of 14,1s1 and in the t it . H was made ii the xe\v.-Pa�,.-r Bur Ejiu Tho oops Walior at this to it is Yos. These Rig tires Arnu a re iia a had a healt Liy growth. The even year growth is like 40 per cd it and a greater percentage would Konrick of a growth of the mushroom Vii qty and would not be so desirable. Tile pall of death i the spirit of death saturday Hung i Over Van Liberton like a Cloud. The it Moshere was filled with grief did i few smiles were seen on the faces of i i in miners As they walked into undertaking Parlours to View the of frieml.s�?91 miners whose bodies were recovered from the Degnan Mcconneil i mine no. I in which Gas explode i Wahine Day dealing death and Tostru Tiou in All directions. Ill Catholic cemetery two Miles West of the town i a the Pilahi Little cemetery soon to a the burial spot of the bodies. Eight Graves were dug in the Catholic Cenito Tery by convicts from the Ukla Hon i . Seek Slis Sling two All Day yesterday the temporary i was visited by women and with Teir bodies brought to the Surl Aee Rescue workers have turned their attention to the work of recovering two bodies believed buried beneath the debris. Only a Tew persons stood Al out the Mouth of the mine Friday night. A Crew of 50 miners i were i i Tho mine working find Clearing i a in oils and Timber carrying it i surface in Iron Busketa. Col a. I. and a ther officers of the Igo ii d l a mined on the scene. But most of the guards i. Vav. R the explosion have i Ini Hiil Unla Kunj is i i i 1. &Quot.11-i were conducted Throan i a l bodies Laid to re St. . An r d07.cn bodies have Colt. So i wiped to t nearby and others Ara i Esi it. Most of Tho funeral serv. Lite to be Hekl saturday. Although 1 Iii Risters of tie City were urging a i burial service it had not Bem i lie Reed upon i in the meantime a financial Appeal been broadcast to. Aid the needy i slows and children of the dead mine a it there has been Little response. Lim Mcconnell owner of the Mina said that if possible Tho mine will Haut into operation again. If it is tort Biily he will re Timber passageways and rebuild the shop. It will be at least several weeks before the mine wiil be it into operation. De Boyle state mine inspector Natii a saturday following a talk with Mecon Nell declaring that the mine waa uni Safe for hive ligation at present. approx Trapp leaves on Hunting exposition Oklahoma Culta top a governor Trapp waa a member of a Hunting party which left Liere saturday tor Matamoros Mexico. A j. Holloway president of the Senate and acting lieutenant governor will act a governor. In the party with governor Trapp were h. L. Bouton of Sapulpa. Jewell Hicks of Oklahoma City and \1, u. A it aug but r of Durant. Mines in tie Valley Wero closed. Ter Day Aad schools were disc Ibias a m. business ? closed and Thini attention of the entire City was a Ftp used on the Parlours of Tho temp Gravy morgue. Wilson meet on do sub a to in my special a Farmers a a Olson Community Are Asl de to a at 2 of clock on the afternoon a of mesday Jan. 20, in the City Hall. Ducer and buyers will be present it is planned to Lay tiie raising other Money Europa ton. It is pro liable that Arran will be made to Plant a Mudi acres to cantaloupes. Chamber of comment a Mai 1

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