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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 1

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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Ardmore, Oklahoma Okla. Historical society historical build Long Gomel Oklahoma City 0kla."�?ot3�?~l00 Volunteer Blaze battlers Aid pros in flame fight an instant rally by Volunteer firefighters to the Aid of the Ardmore fire Dep Arlmon possibly prevented a major disaster Friday. As fierce winds whipped flames across acreage Volunteer units and men were on the two major locations the Springdale Road area and the other at Plainview Road. The first Blaze was re x red 2 30 . By residents in the sri Midale area. The Plainview area was reported to be on fire Ai 2 22 . Hut the Blaze actually started near Vernon Road according to men on the scene. Another major fire site in the area originated South of Ileal ton pm riday apparently beginning near 12 30 . Nearly 5,000 acres of land were mated to hive burned in the area. Several Hundred acres were reportedly burned off in each Ardmore site in addition to a Small grass fire behind Ernest crumbs garage reported u the department at 2 34 . Friday. Flames along the Texas Shoreline of Lake Texoma also caused an estimated $25,000 damage to several Lake cottages and Small buildings. Fire in that area apparently began in a trash dump and burned trough a wooded area and pastureland ultimately passing Over a 500-acre resort area. No injuries were reported at any of the Friday fires. One Home was destroyed by flames in the Ardmore Vicinity a that of Francise Butler on Springdale Road. The Butler couple and their three children were completely burned out by the fire which apparently did not Start on their property. The Springdale Road fire reportedly began on private property near the Road and apparently began As a trash fire. De Jennings Ardmore fire chief stated late Friday that the Plainview fire May also have been started by a single trash fire. The pattern of movement of the Springdale fire was from near a Home on the Springdale Loop continuing on the South Side of Springdale Road through the Butler property and Down into a dip or Valley where it jumped the Road and burned off Grassland on the Ortli Side of Springdale Road. Firefighting limits stationed near Homes and barns in the path of the fire prevented their do Striction a situation that was duplicated in the Plainview area. The Plainview fire originated about one mile West of . Highway 77 on the South Side of the Road and was swept eastward by 44 Miles per hour gusts the fire burned in a sign opted pattern jumping roads. It then leaped across on the East Side of u. S. 77 and burned in the Rose Hill cemetery see flame Page 4 the Roadside goes up in As tongues of Firo begin to cat on the land stir rounding this building near the Randolph Saddle shop South of Ardmore near . Highway 77. The area is just a portion of the Blaze which began near Plainview Road and eventually jumped the Road to the North and crossed . 77. Several Hundred acres were burned. 73rd year no. 62 Southern Oklahoma s greatest newspaper Quot Ardmore Oklahoma sunday january 8, 1967 Price 10c dense smoke almost hides the Countryside As fire fighters feed a Hose into a pasture to fight fire beginning to attack the area. The site is South of Ardmore in the Vicinity of Plainview Road one of two Large grass fires near the City Friday. Volunteers joined professional firemen to Battle both blazes. Juk in Texas to Small feud Book smooth claims new York apr president John f. Kennedy was trying to Patch up what he considered a Petty dispute Between Texas politicians when he met his death in Dallas William Manchester reports in his Book a the death of a president a itself a subject of dispute. The feud indirectly involved Dause l. Bobby c of c banquet speaker named main speaker for the annual banquet of tie Ardmore chamber of Commerce on Jan. 19 is a Long time Industrial Leader and corporation executive whose company now has a Plant at the Industrial air Park. He is Dause l. Bibby president of the Strom Berg Carlson corporation Rochester a y. Stir Omberg Carlson a subsidiary of the general dynamics corporation recently purchased the general dynamics Plant at the air Park. Clyde Ford is Plant manager Here. Bibby began his Industrial career in 1934 As a student Salesman with ism the International business machines corporation and advancing through various sales and management positions became vice president in 1949. During we ii he served As a Navy lieutenant. He left ism in 195g to become executive vice president and director of Days rom inc., where he remained until 1959. From 1959 to 1964, Bibby was associated with the Sperry Rand corporation serving As executive vice president and then president of the Remington Rand see banquet Page 4 vice president Lyndon b. Johnson Manchester asserts. Describing Kennedy a feelings about the three Day tour of Texas in november 1963, Manchester writes a the Prospect was unappetizing and vexing to the chief executive. It appeared to him that Johnson ought to be Able to resolve this Petty dispute himself the trip seemed to be an Manchester also writes that five Hig Lily placed democrats advised Kennedy a some in strongly worded warnings a not o go to Dallas on the tour. A the atmosphere in Dallas had become highly charged with inflammatory statements against Kennedy the Book asserts. Manchester quotes one of the five. Sen. J. W. Fulbright of Arkansas As saying to Kennedy a Dallas is a very dangerous place. I go there. Done to you the others who urged Kennedy to bypass Dallas the Diouk says were sen. Hubert h. Humphrey of Minnesota House whip Hale Boggs of Louisiana ambassador Adlai e. Stevenson and Texas National committeeman Byron Skelton. Look Magazine is serializing a the death of a president and these Rei ports appear in the first a of four instalments totalling 60,-000 words. The Magazine is schedule to reach news stands next tuesday morning. Mrs. John f. Kennedy withdrew her objections to publication by look after editors made some revisions. She has not however authorized the passages that appear in the Magazine. A spokesman for Gardner Cowles editorial chairman quoted him As saying the revisions involved Only 1,600 words and a in no Way affected the hos topical accuracy or completeness of the Book a the first instalment reports that an altercation of some kind flared Between Kennedy and Johnson in Houston. It took place in a hotel room adjoining mrs. Kennedy a and she heard a raised voices a Manchester writes. A the Johnson did not define the nature of the discussion a the Book says. A precisely what was said is unknown. Johnson controlled his celebrated temper in his chiefs presence but in the words of one Man on duty outside a he left that suite like a a another described Johnson a expression As mrs. Kennedy the report of the episode continues remarked see Book Page 4 weather temperatures 1967 1966 High saturday. 47 59 Friday night ,., 25 28 5 . Reading. 38 a data recorded at fire station forecast Oklahoma generally fair through monday. High sunday 30 North to 42 South. Top offices vote Clinge recommended Washington apr direct popular election of president and vice president and abandonment of the 177-year-old elector Cal co Liege system were recommended saturday by a special commission of the american bar association in calling for a constitutional amendment to carry out what would be an historic change in the Way americans fill their Fop two elective offices the 15-member, broadly representative panel said a the electoral College Mel Hod of electing a of the United states is archaic undemocratic Complex ambiguous indirect and at the same time the com mis Sion headed by Robert g. Storey of Dallas Dean emeritus of Southern methodist University Law school called for these new constitutional requirements 1. That the winning candidate receive at least 40 per cent of the popular vote. 2. That if no candidate got 40 per cent of the vote the president be chosen in a run off election Between the two candidates who received the most votes. This the commission said in its 51-Page report a would keep the election of the president where it belongs directly with the at present if no candidate gets a majority of the electoral votes the . House of representatives is empowered to choose the president from the top three state having one vote. The 4 i per cent , the report said a would encourage factions and splinter groups to operate As now within the framework of the major parties since Only a major candidate would be in a position to obtain such a vote. A at present third parties have the Power to a tip the balance in a relatively close election by drawing crucial votes from a in urging abolition of the electoral College system which was established under article ii of the . Constitution and refined in the 12th amendment the aha a commission on electoral College Reform said that among other things it allows a candidate to become president with fewer popular votes than his major opponent. Fiina s red guards lose bloody Battle Witti worker forces county commissioners claim no wrongdoings torture reports by Connie Watson any improprieties by the Board of county commissioners have been denied by the Board. The boar i comprised of Mack Fraser Huss Standifer and Joyce Taliaferro accused of improperly using county equipment Iier Boimel and materials on driveways and roads in the county grand jury report returned dec. 29. The county commissioners were also said to have called for few bids when purchases were made according to the report. Any use of their offices for personal gain was Denim d by the Board of a Tummy Annii Iii sinners at its regular i nday meeting. But the Board which give tie grand jury report a Good Deal of attention Friday in addition to handling other business will apparently heed suggestions in the report. Mack Fraser elected chairman of the Board for 1967, suggested that All commissioners read the report carefully and comply with it. All three commissioners concurred Liat the Only time work is done on private property is when an individual is a a compensated for donation of land to the county for easement or right of Way. A we can to afford to pay for the land and it saves the com to Money to get it so then we compensate him for the Road or land a Fraser said. At other times work is done on private properly after tie county builds a Road or ditch and alien must Grant the individual the right of ingress and egress the commissioners stated. Concerning w o r k on the downtown Airport Extension the Board quoted Legal authorities stating that such work is permissible. The commission ers said the land has been deeded to the county. Statutes also give the Board a ceiling of $1,500 under which they May Purchase equipment or supplies without asking for bids they stated. A i Don t know what the grand jury was referring to a said Fraser in reference to the paragraph of the report stating that the commissioners have not accepted bids a sex see no wrong Page 4 Motel dynamite no kills six persons Las vegas Nev. A a three Story Motel we As virtually Iles troyed saturday by an apparently suicidal blast that killed six persons and injury d eight. The downtown area was rocked at 1 25 am. By an explosion police believe was touched off by someone firing a Bullet into dynamite. Police said the blast c Teri d in room 214 of the Ort to inn registered to a or. And i irs in. J. Paris of Hollywood Cali. They were driving a car with Florida License plates. Yew building goal nearer biggest Challenge starts monday signs look Good for Bartlett Oklahoma City apr Dewey Follet Bartlett a oilman Pilot legislators admittedly faces tie biggest Challenge of his life when he becomes Oklahoma a 19th governor monday. But Many of the signposts indicate the 47-year old Tulsa re publican is Well equipped to meet the demands of his office. Money As usual is in much Shorter Supply than the demands for cold Cash from nearly every Agency of state government. But state budget director Carl Williams a Sulphur Democrat says a Dewey Bartlett probably knows More about state finances than any other governor we have had. And that includes Raymond Gary a Madill Democrat earned a reputation for knowing All of the ins and outs of financing state government during his four years As governor 1955-1959. A major problem faced by Bartlett is Pou ucal he is a Republican and the legislature continues to be dominated by democrats. But Bartlett has been working diligently toward a solution by keeping in close touch with the democratic leaders of both houses pro tempore Clem Mgspadden of Chelsea in the Senate an speaker Rex Privett of Maramec in the House. Mcspadden and Privett have met several times with Bartlett to discuss his budget and program and indicated general support for the incoming governors plans. Both lawmakers have agreed to be co authors for Bartlett a proposed department of corrections which would bring under centralized supervision All penal and correctional institutions and the parole and probation system. Bartlett has a head Start in his relations with the legislature which gov. Henry Bellmon did not have when he took office four years ago. The governor elect is fresh from four years in the Senate the last two As assistant minority Leader. And Bellmon As the first gop governor since Oklahoma statehood has done much of the trailblazing in proving that a Republican can survive the Job. A i am very encouraged with the Fine cooperation which Clem and Rex have Given me a Bartlett commented Friday. A we have every Hope of working out a Good program for the a there will be give and take dist. My. George Franklin or. Said a charred .25 Caliper automatic pistol was found in the Alley behind the Vuitel close to a severed human Liand. Lie said two rounds of Anin ignition of tie same Caliper were found in the in Lorida car. Authorities said a Wallet Wilh Idelli Frealion cards issued to a j. Paris a and contain ninja an Arizona permit to carry explosives a were found in what remained of room 214. The Wallet also contained a California Drivers License they said. Franklin said it appeared someone had fired the gun into the dynamite taken to the Motel room. Detective it. Paul Gulas said however that no suicide note had been found. Franklin said it appeared someone had fired the gun into dynamite taken to the Motel room. Police found wires in the Back seat of the Florida car which they could in t explain. Franklin said this was an indication someone had planned a on both ends a he predicted earlier. In the area of finances liar Lett will be called upon to use All of the knowledge with which the budget director credited him a a a he state has about $17 Mil suicide a probably right in the Lien in growth Revenue to pro Middle of downtown a then vide for additional programs in i decided to detonate the Dinani the coming year unless some i Ile in the no Tel still unseen source of new Niou police said the bodies will not by is found. By positively identified until the state supreme court last sunday. Spring struck Down As unconstitutional the traditional legislative practice of appropriating estimated surplus tax collections. The decision put the state Back on a Cash Only basis. A we think we have worked out a Good program on the basis of the Money which is available a Bartlett said recently warning not to expect anything see Bartlett Page 4 Tokyo apr anti red guard forces have taken Over the Eastern chinese City of banking after by k by Battles Wiwi cd of Munsil China a red guards dispatches Felt in peking reported sunday they said the City 530 Miles Southeast of pelting is in the grip of terror. A czechoslovak disc watch told of 60,000 captives on both sides in the fighting who mide went torture. A their fingers noses and ears were chopped off their tongues Cut out a said a report of the news Agency ctr to Prague. Japan a Kyodo so View said red guard Wall oilers in peking reported 5t persons killed 9ik to guided and arrested in Classies in tuesday thu Irskay and i rid in reports of the clashes Eaine amid accounts that a Slio Wanwa was imminent Coninis Nisi part chairman Mao tse Tung and a faction leu l v president Liu Shao Chi. Liu is accused of being a i a Black commander of the Bourgeois Kyodo s correspond Imit. In peking quoted the la d Uard posters As saying the clash last tuesday tied up rail ser ice in banking for two Days tics Iid Nan King a trans Oil was in a slate of liar Lysis and that Telephone connections were Cut off. The Che Elioso a Dis ate said workers Ami san Cinis l poured into Ink Quot i a from la i Oitice Shanghai and Otic relies of ki.-. Ngsun l to ii Iee which in chides banking shia i Quot Hai is see it a i Siki tie a pc \ to milling Imp Nive Merit program total soared to .s150.767 at week Elul a Lee Offey Campaign general chairman announced today i lie figure is 8 1,1 per cent of ilie $175,-00 1 Campaign goal a we Are calling the week of Jan our a clean us am Are asking Volunteer workers to see of their Rose a during these final Days of Liuz Campaign Cut i it Fey said Quot i he last $25,000 will he the most difficult to obtain and we in isl be Over tiie goal at our Lenehen report Mei Ling at noon la Rida it a a Ian. 13,�?� said a c. Dillard a Hairian of the major gifts comm site a a your committee a if a it All work at it a will move Over the lop next Friday. With so st ,6 to in gifts reported Many of them in three year subscriptions Wigt Are at 91.1 per cent of the $150,01 0 objective set for our group a Don Yeager special gifts committee i airman reported a total of $14,137 against a $25,000 Coni Milti e goal a this is 56.4 per cent of what inc sup Muir High Seii ool eaister we need As our share and ther it a beginning Al 7 pm. A to hear Imit or Earl Unciul former Den of the of Law Seli ool and now vice president the i Iberl tonal link and the to mini any. Oklahoma City will a in tin speaker for the annual Sulphur Ziamber of come ii be , monday night. The Bani ref will it a Hill in they said the rooms demolished in the blast were registered to Richard James Paris 28, and his wife Christine 22, Hollywood Calif. George p. Brookes 67, and his wife Arnell 57, Sedona Ariz. John r. Auwaerter about 60, and his wife Lillian Buena Park Calif. Are nearly 300 prospects still to be reported upon a the special Gifis committee consists of both menus and women a divisions under Hub chairmanships of Bill r. Gardner and mrs. Robert Allen. The men s division total is $5,825, the women a division total $8,311. The More i h a n 30-year-old building ill be renovated and the Ai. Building formerly a Gar it remodeler in the improvement program Coffey said. A this is Ardmore a Pix Ortun Ity to refurbish its Owca for another generation a said the chairman. Jeff lain local attorney will Lake Over As 1967 president of the chamber replacing Calvin Price Sulphur insurance Man. Other new officers Are Paul w. Reed jr., Altony and assistant District attorney vice in resident mrs. Jean Jameson treasurer auditor and mrs. Of a a Ell Downing who will continue As Secretary. Incoming Board members Are Mike Snapp Charles Cooper Velma Ratliff Buster Kobb Mildred Vaughn Bob Walker Cal division and vice president and director of Shierry Rand. He joined the general Dynamo see Sulphur Page 4

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