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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 4

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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Ardmore, OklahomaOr re a Page fourth daily Aromo Reite monday february 16, vat established october 38. 1893 Ernst Riesen. Vice president and general manager of the Dally Ard Moelte Albert Riesen Secretary and of neral manager of Kuso radio station published sunday moral no and each week Day afternoon except by daily Ardmore Ite Tom Pant 114-156 North Washl Niton John f Easley a i Blusher National represent Talver Burke. Kut prs a Mahoney inc. New York Chicago. Atlanta. Dallas. Okla Honit Clov member of the Assoc need press newspaper Enterprise audit Bureau of a Tho Roht for today for the i inn vet for an a Poi to cd time but at the end it shall sneak and not lie though it Tarry a Ait for it Heck aus it Grill surely come it will not Tarry. Habakuk 2 3. Never think that god re lays Are Otic denials. Hold on Tiofil fat hold out. Palienco u orc i Clear Yugoslavia Welcome the news i. Wok Omo that the Timo drawing when inv join Groove and Turkey in a Balkan Dofi use Alliance Al Ain t Russia nobody needs to stress the importance of the area to the Overall defense of the a esl. A sic restful russian inva Ion Here would turn the Westein flank and make Western Europe difficult if not impossible to protect. Twas recognition of that which finally brought Greece and Turkey into the nato pact last year. Defense authorities understood their strategic value and appreciated also that they rank among the stoutest foes of communism. For Manv practical Ron sons. Yugoslavia could not be pulled into nato. The re St Ong resistance to that on both sides. Nevertheless the yugoslavs for All their Rommens ment Are seen a of Kerful ally. The West wisely extends Aid to tits. And tier a in informal St Rajeev talks Lookin to it Ward a linking of Effort in event of a russian attack. The plan for a definite act in Cornora no Yugoslavia. Greece and Turkev be chaos to o strongest move that can be mad formally to tie Tito into the system has re a onal arrangement would press Mach h give All the binding Force of any Mil tary Alliance vet it would get around the embarrassing of asking Tito to join the full family. Pertinent quotes on what they say we re not full members of the for re. We a been washed but no a or Biol i eds Reid. George Bender a Ohio claiming Ohio has never been admitted to the Union. If i expand the areas of my awareness i move into realities beyond me a Harry Overstreet professor of i Hilo Sophy _ i noticed several prayers i e uttered Dur ing the inauguration ceremonies tar the officers of the Nev administration. Init i did t hear any for the . Usher Burdick in. A. That 1950 defeat at the Yalu in Korea was caused by a fatal underestimation of our enemy with an equally fatal overestimation of our own . , Robert Eichel Berger. do it every time Bob Thomas in Hollywood Peron snarl it Fnu Jonq Premier Stalin a cordial we Vamp to Arr in Tine ambassador Luis Bravo had its interesting aspects. One could remember How bitterly Russia fought at san Francisco in 1945 to keep Argentina out of the United nations there was Rich irony in the Noble Effort of the new York daily worker to put a Nice face on this new meeting in Moscow. One could recall too that August in 1939 when Stalin sat Down with another totalitarian government Hitler so and cemented a non aggression pact. Not to mention a commercial agreement. This Juan Peron the Argentine dictator seeking a commercial pact of his own. If he gets it and it involves sending strategic materials to Russia Peron a Stock sure to hit an abysmal Low in the eyes of world statesmen. Possibly Peron thinks he has been amply compensated by having his ambassador so warmly received at so wonderful a seat of government the Kremlin Peron terribly vain and intensely jealous and resentful of the unit d states with whom he must always contend for Presti Rte in the Western hemisphere a Stalin Peron Friendship would demm a trate beautifully the totally unprincipled character of both men and their dictatorial regimes. Tolly Wood be a1 a at Home Tel viewers a. May still get the first and last laugh. A scanned Quot laughter of studio audiences on filmed comedy slows in t loud or Long it was a year ago. And at least one telefilm directory Mark Cut the annoying dubbed in guffaws and titters Down to a mind mum. Mark directs loan Davis a i married Joan on the theory that the Pace of the show More important than laughs. A the important thing Quot he says a to get Laug liter at Home. No matter How much you chuckle in the parlor the laughter of 300 people in a studio audience overwhelming. And terrible. Too i might add. But More important it spoils the illusion for x viewers whom you want to convince that they re looking at real people in real Channel chatter eighty nine More to stations will be on the air by mid year bringing the nations total to 216., now its Abc which reported ready to finance Sid Caeser and Imogene coca in a big screen movie instead of letting Hollywood Cash in on their fan following. Birth of the Blue with to giving him his greatest Fame and a Fie year contract with Abc looming Ben Blue admitting that six months ago he was so discouraged ago about his career that he asked the network to give him a Job a writer director a they said other comics accept me a director Quot he told me a that the Only reason i wont on being a comedian. Then ail of a sudden i had to replace Martin and Lewis and a cry thing has ii ened. After 38 years in show business i be been Don Porter about Ann Southern his a private Secretary co Star a a she a a sight to be this has gotta go dept the title of Charles Laughton a to Reading series a this Charles seems rather pompous. The mistaken belief that an audience of whistling morons adds to the Home viewers enjoyment of a show. A a what a my line one of the worst offenders to Date. A by i Chaitin Kleiner Nea staff correspondent new York Nea a research King on the 14th floor of cd so new York office. It there that the sextet that works on the network version of a you Are there a does its deep delving. an example of the thoroughness of this operation consider this Telephone conversation i overheard. I Vas talking to Bill Dozier who executive producer of All cd so dramatic programs executive producing the new series. A Elf of Howard a Dozier was saying to Ign or Ward Dietz a a we i going to do a Story on the shooting of John Ditlinger he was shot on leaving a theater. We found out that the theater was showing an Mem film. A Manhattan melodrama a the t Day. Can you dig up the original posers for a such attention to detail Dozier believes one of the reasons a you Are there has been so successful first on radio and now on to. An Oti or reason what Dozier Calls the a then Point of Quot we try to keep it casual a he says a was though the event was happening on just another Day. And the i Locue must he written though it were actually spoken that dozen subjects on tap the researchers Are currently working on a dozen subjects which will be shown Over the next few months. This time defying assortment includes such morsels the Salem Witch trials the escape of Rudov Hess the a association of Julius Caesar Lou Gehrig a last appearance the Hamilton Burr Duel be Day and the birth of the red Cross. Dozier says the decision to use sub sects that pre Date available newsreels clips was a hard one. But it was made he says because of a the programs educational a after All a he says a we perform a Public i ice. And there a no denying the Educa Mal \ , of children seeing an authentic re creation a the Boston Tea party or the Alamo despite published if oms to the contrary Donald of Connor will not to on film at least next season. Both he and Eddie Cantor have indicated their desire to stay with necks comedy hour. Insiders Raj sort Margaret Truman projected to a a Rotram about set and there seven one Rumor that her first guest will be her father. Hal Cochran Aims Flis the sea around Hal Boyle Quot poor Man philosopher Quot discusses american youth still pursues old goals barbs at Monk inc folks Are a lot Saf let in an Auto that wont Siart then in one that t Stop at the proper time we suggest that Telon hone companies limit the Call of teen agers to not More than live hours. If we have he i y snows this Winter make them deep enough to Kee i some Drivers from going slaying. I Candy and Flowers do one of two things to i est Mike the m Happy or suspicious. The saturday off from work when the average maybe half much he said he was going to do. By Jimmy Halo hexoledd4r-Aiy wife 6al Friend Here of a visit and we want to Smow Mer Twe toii6ht- How 4bolfr or ? Wantt to come Alojs trip Wake Ita double Date , Elmbla a Dou Tyty a to ctr pet poit Waita minute Mot so fast w Mats swe look like ? vex a 4lm�?Tt inc Kikly Aie warm no d06. she Sciort Ortall. ? she a mss Presser it of have her drop Down Here so i could r look her Over first y / ? r a a / listed to 6ruesome w/anlnisl6 a. The Par Coars. He Pajl Daft 6etj a Date in a amp Orilla escort Bureau a i w4mtto see the poor 6irlwhemshe sees Cheddar the Only ome who d 60 out with am or Sam or Lancer i bulb o�o6ht to have More. Semse i wouldst inflict Cheddar of the re 60nhja show her thesv3ht5�o All sues a vision adj Cheddar a s16ht/ new York Many an american lad still stubbornly clings to an old fashioned goal. Instead of Riding with the tide until he reaches an old age pension he wants to grow up and become a capitalist. But How to do it for answer let turn to a visitors sir William Rootes. At 57 a capitalist in full Flower and cheerful proof that private Enterprise still can earn a Public Reward in Britain. He worked Many a hard Day to become a Knight. Before going into his How to get ahead formula first let examine Iio otes himself and see How deeply he has spread his tendrils through the soil of Success. Sir William the son of a bicycle manufacturer studied engineering raced motorcycles then Learned How to build cars first hand in a Coventry factory. Next he became a Star Salesman. To and his brother Reginald became top distributors of american cars in Britain. sell cars for others Why not build and sell our own a the Brothers decided. So they did. In less than a Quarter Century their firm headed by sir William has become one of a the big five of Britain a automotive Industry. It turns out about 400 trucks and passenger vehicles a Day. The radio Kuso 1240 on your dial monday night 6 00�?sports and headline edition. 6 15�?serenade in blur. 6 30�?smiley Burnett show. 6 45�?music. 6 55�?lee Griffith and the news. 7 00�?kcnry j Taylor. 7 15�?field and Stream 7 30�?Chicago sign tire. 8-.00�?metropoutivn auditions. 8 30�?freedom sings. 9 00�?news of tomorrow. 9 15�?dream Harbor. 9 30�?music from Cal ratio 9 35�?lawrence orchestra. 10 0y�?tuesday�?Ts news. 10 15�?sports report. 10 30�?edwin c Hill. 10 35�?emil Coleman Treasury show. 10 55�?news. 11 00�?sign off tuesday ing 6 00�? Oklahoma farm news 6 5r a Iidle Arnold show. 7 0 it a news. . 7 15�?musical clock. 7 40�?betty Crocker. 7 45�?news. 8 00�?breakfast club. 9 00�?my True Story. 9 25�?whlsperlnb streets. 9 45�?riders of the purple Sage. 10.00�?top of the morning. 10 30�?break the Bank. 11 00�?don Gardiner and the news. 11 0,5�?jack Liersch show. 11 15�?bill Rani show. 11 30�?line riders. 12 00�?news, Paul Harvey. Afternoon 12 15�?bing Crosby 12 30�?southern Oklahoma news. 12 45�?three suns. 1 05�?llve.stock and Market reports. 1 15�?sanebrush serenade. 1 30�?betty Crocker. 1 35�?tennessee Ernie. 2 00�?news and Tennessee Ernie. 2 30�?family life radio forum 2 45�?tennessee Ernie. 3 00�?cal Tunney and Betty Crocker. 3 30�?jack Owen show. 4 00�?news and Platter party. 5 00�?bli? John and Sparky 5 30�?ronnie Kemper. 5 45�?lum and Abner. Rootes tree a the Brothers and three sons a now has branches plants or offshoots on every continent. Sir William personally likes to keep an Eye on the growing american Market. A starting from Zero five years ago our sales a e risen to about 1,000 a in this country a he said. Quot i have visited every state and feel i am almost much an american now an his most Popelar Model the Small Hillman minx. Others Are the Humber super snipe and the sporty Sunbeam Talbot. Biggest sales Point stressed Low Upkeep costs. But he sees British car sales Here no great threat to american manufacturers. A a the Sale of american cars in the United kingdom Many Many times that of British cars sold he said. A a the British sold 20,000 cars in this country in 1951, and 30,000 in 1952. I reckon it will go to a out 50,000 and Gay at that what does a capitalist do to relax sir William knighted in 1942 for his service to British War Industry a keen on Jolly Good too at bringing Down Duck grouse and pheasants. He also has a 4.00-acre farm in England and a 13,000-acre farm in Scotland on which he raises prize cattle and sheep. He insists his farms be run efficient open air factories. A my Guernsey cattle have the biggest milk production per head in Britain a he said. His other leading interest in life the improvement of Anglo american relations and he has held Many government posts. A a we Are really one people a he said. A and we must stay one sounds like a Rich full life being a self made capitalist does no to it just what the formula sir William gave these three rules a to get ahead requires first of All the will to work. A then you have to be enthusiastic. And take advantage of opportunities they arise. A and your real goal must be but How about Money what ?.s a capitalist without Money Quot of Money always follows achievement a said sir William genially. Quot but the Man who simply works for Money itself does no to get very far. He a got blinkers Peter edmo writes hit Washington column Washington Nea a Complete blockade of the communist China coast and turning Loose the forces of Chiang Kai Shelc against the China Mainland raise certain practical problem for the people who have to carry out such measures. This May be one of the More important reasons Why Secretary of state John Foster Dulles was Able to Tell the u. S. Senate foreign relations committee that the Eisenhower administration had no plans for such a bloc Cade now. psychological warfare or cold War pressure against the communists the talk of More positive action tops. It throws the redi off balance and puts them on the defensive. The current impression that these Are Brand new ideas however. not absolutely accurate. Ever since president Eisenhower returned from Korea in december the additional measures the -. Might be taken to shorten the korean was have been openly talked about. The apparent intent has been to let the american people and the leaders and people of other United nations think these matters through and get used to the ideas they present. To be effective any new actions in the Pacific much have support of the people at Home for increased casualties May be involved in the beginning. In addition to withdrawal of the u. S. Seventh Fleet from the Straits of Formosa and imposition of a blockade against red China these other possible actions have been Given consideration equipping of 10 or More new South korean divisions. Sending three or More u. S. Divisions to the Orient. More american. Aid for indo China to end that War. Bombing of Manchuria bases North of the Yalu River. Use of atomic weapons. Blockade would be calculated risk it has been emphasized that a year or More might be required to Complete All these plans. Withdrawal of the seventh Fleet May therefore be considered Only a first step. Blockade of the China coast might be a natural second step. In carrying this out however certain precautions might have to be considered. A blockade by one country against the Commerce of another an act of War. It can be argued senator Taft argues that the u. S. already at War with red China and they started it. A blockade of red China by the u. S. Would be a calculated risk. The showdown on the blockade would come when the u. S. Navy stopped a russian bound freighter from say Vladivostok to port Arthur. It possible that nothing might come of it. The russians have shot Down several u. S. And swedish patrol planes without starting any War. There a Way to avoid this risk by having the United nations declare the blockade. This would be going Only one step beyond action already taken by the in. In february 1951, the in general Assembly declared communist China an aggressor in Korea. An additional measures committee of representatives from 14 nations was named to recommend appropriate action. In May 1951, this committee recommended a a strategic embargo against red China. It called upon All nations to refrain from sending arms and military supplies to the aggressors. The u. S. Had previously declared a total embargo on shipments to the communist countries but other nations did not go that far. Strategic questions must be weighed the in additional measures committee still in existence though it has not met for some time. A logical step when the in general Assembly reconvenes at the end of february would be a proposal for a Complete blockade of the China coast. Whether the general Assembly would approve such a bloc Kac e anybody a guess. If it did it would provide the backing of International Law for an embargo that would not be an act of War. If it did no to then the u. S. Would have to decide whether to act alone. There Are certain practical strategic questions that have to be considered before putting a blockade into effect. The u. S. Navy does not now have enough strength in the Pacific to impose a tight blockade on the entire 2000-mile China coast. If All Bays and indentations Are included the coastline 4000 Miles. Stopping All Coastwise smugglers in Junks might be difficult but it could be done. If red China decided to retaliate by an attack on Hong Kong provision would have to be made to feed and defend that British Island. a listening Post and a base for any future actions on the Mainland of China retention of Hong Kong considered important. In View of the possibility of a blockade any order withdrawing the j. S. Seventh Fleet from the Straits of Formosa would become somewhat meaningless. For a blockade would Send the Fleet Back in i eater strength. Couple marries for third time Albany n. Y. Pm or. And mrs. Jess h. Freedman honeymooning today after their third marriage say this one a for their marriages in 1948 and 195c Euclid in divorce. But the two business partners did no to let it interfere with operation of their six dry cleaning shops. Freedman 51, and his Bride the former Jeanne Milstedt 27, repeated their vows again yesterday. A i Only thought i wanted my Freedom a Freedman said. A what did i do when i was single but look around for a girl like my wife. She you almost for or \ something Ralph. N Watman / we were supposed to walk Home t06etmer ton k3kr-�?remember ? popularly Belttle -tele6ram cute trick Carole . Wese Foo ush rums remind of Yak a because. Maybe you re just a Fly incr Saucet. amp Asp. _ smoke films submitted five lesican6as, to Quot to 4z4 amp Assam or a boy Sfard michi6am. V name plate Vorm ov6r. Belt buckle Withrow mame wee Wedonia of Otto it 6�0ctw ww.�?~. Vio oop1 i Wajo Wwod vat wn6 Mouth tails 07 i Good to it Kkt to new Vojir r j690c1w it a it a or tvs r Dow i a tvs fee it of tvs vol save. Cha from save so to a a to \ Colive a a vow. We a a it May Otho. W t. M. A a i a a. Out our Way by we lung our boarding Bouse with major Bool Lomelies the her Luey Are,1uech0061er by far a lasts i Jame Scaur. They Are taking up contributions for a new roof for the Church having Given up Hope of a High wind blowing it off and providing some insurance Money. Rake while the a fish 16 0t�

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