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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Ardmore, Oklahoma My z. W. B. The wicked Flea two vhf Pooh a pro Pool Mart by a own null ties along Laka Texoma on the t exam fide tor the legislators to ado get a pro am a Nitor to that empt ored in Oklahoma to develop a Tate Perim has no into n Anag in a stir decor eng to reports. The Texas communities seeking tourist Trade for their big Lake had proposed that Texas adopt the idea of a series of Bond issues to i Tiance the construction of lodges and recreation centers along the a out hem Shore of the big Lake the Bonds to be self liquidating from receipts derived from the rentals and fees at the lodges. According to what i was told Friday the conf Smittee in the Texas legislature voted Down the idea 10 to 6. The Texas lawmakers Are so Jujj to have viewed the proposal with jaundiced eyes on the grounds and this floors me that any such activity would be so the towns along the shores of the big Lake Are pulling every string working every Stop and doing am in their Power to change Hie minds of the lawmakers unless they succeed in their efforts their dreams of a series of play places comparable with Lake Murray Park Lodge along their shores will vanish. Their sole Hope then would be for private capital to come and build the Lodge. Texas lawmakers have funny ideas of socialism if the report i have is sound. There May be faults with the pm m Oklahoma followed in pro Viking Lake Murray with its Lodge but the idea that such a plan is socialistic puzzles me. A a Over Here where we have tie plan in operation and where the Lodge is now in some sort of hot water because of disgruntled Law makers the exact opposite As Sec it of the distaste the Texas lawmakers showed for the plan has Arisen. Down Texas Way. They Don like the Wea because they seem to think that such a plan smacks of socialism which by any definition i know Means that it puts govern Anent into business and tend to the idea of the people being supported and protected by the government. Up Here in Oklahoma where we have uned the plane to build a big Lodge and develop a great play ground the Folk who Are pushing the probe into tie operation of the Lake and the Lodge seem to feel that the Spirtt of aristocracy pre Dounias . In other word kist cd of to anal Imam it a svy the enact oppo a it. The Ormeo it Lake min Rray oots Trimn by Tori and kit udly that Kie Quot not Nona Peoples Are deprived of their proper rights to my and Mai of the Park and its fact Tiec. They contend that the Park and the kit a go Are a a Rich Many a play Ounda and that Only Trio a web the kit no a Leek con Vert Tbs and Sig round bankrolls Ean Anjoy is facilities. And coupled with the complaint is some Saint a Cho of the Contention that All of these things were provided by fac Hong the Mon from the a Root non people i am Only mildly moved by the we Story. Several things about h do not fit my understanding of the situation. In the first place i have an Kihe rent dislike to the designation of a common people. If this is intended by its users As a compliment to those of us who happen to be a Little less than wealthy then i request i be omitted Ironi the list. A a secondly i do not think that i be Murray Park has become what its critics charge. I do not think the rates charged for its accommodations Are exorbitant in View of their Comfort luxury and compared with the rates charged alike by operators of similar places elsewhere. I do not see How we can expect he project to pay out and ultimately become the states property unless enough Revenue is derived from its operation to finance its operation its proper maintenance and leave enough to absorb yearly payments on the mortgage the bondholders have. I do not regard Lake Murray Lodge As the whole of Lake Murray Park. And i seem to have Southern Oklahoma a greatest newspaper 60tli year no. 96 Stabli thud octo bbb a ism Ardmore Oklahoma. Monday february 16, 1953 jul leased wire 8 pages Price 5� airman survives two Days of Taw seeking agony trapped in b-36 debris to create new fort Worth Texas we a seriously injured airman who remained undiscovered for two nights and a Day in the Snow packed wreckage of a giant b-36 bomber greeted his rescuers with a quip. A i was getting tired of eating Snow a said a sgt. Carroll w. Butin who had been officially announced As killed in the thursday night crash near Goose Bay Labrador. He was found saturday morning under thre feet of Snow in the after Section of the plane with his legs entangled in the wreckage. Airman 1-c audio g. Mcdowell medical Aid Man at Carswell air Force base Here told the Story yesterday when he returned from Labrador. A it was a wonderful experience a Mcdowell said a finding a Man alive and in excellent condition considering what he had been through when your Mission at the time was to find his remains. It is hard to be Lieve when you saw the wreckage that he had lived a two men were killed and 15 injured in the crash. The medic said he and first it. Theodore Bisland a Carswell medical officer at the scene were using axes to chop through bulkheads when they heard muffled cries. At first the thought the cries came from other members of the Rescue party. When they realized the sound came from within the continued on Page 2. Column 8 Abinel Post wants Federal Security administrator to have authority and Power of increased measure As Britain braced herself for a new flood in the Wake a Ueen y lilys Noo y in Lions of Spring tides Queen Elizabeth ii made a tour of flooded regions i Tilbury Essex she stopped to talk with mrs. Ellen hem things left and her a a North old son Joseph. Crippled sea wails holding against tides London i a the battered sea Walls of England Holland and Belgium held fast against still rising tides today and forecasts of Calm or Only Light winds raised Hopes the vast flood disaster of two weeks ago would not be repeated. In both countries however an emergency army of military and civilian workers stood at the ready or toiled to further bulwark the soggy defences breached at hundreds of Points and Only temporarily plugged. Forecasting no wind in the flood area however the dutch weather Bureau said there was a no reason for winds whipped up storms in the Adriatic today and struck Over Northern and Central Italy where deep snows blocked highways and trapped several thousand skiers in Mountain towns. In the Broad to River Delta where floods caused great havoc two years ago a a sea tide swept Inland and covered several Hundred acres. Dikes on the Western Side of the to that protect the town of Rosolina in Rovigo province withstood the pressure. Judges named for Slock show Roy Craig rancher of Leedey okla., and Charlie Hogan farm superintendent for the state Hospital at Clinton Are to be official judges for the annual Southern Oklahoma Junior livestock show this Spring d. O. Coffey show superintendent has announced. In announcing selection of the. Judges Coffey explained that both the impression that a hundreds a i have served before on the big Dis cold wave moves into Oklahoma on heels dust storm by the aug coated Prest a cold wave was forecast for Oklahoma by tomorrow morning giving the state Little respite from the capricious weather which brought Hurricane Force winds and thick Clouds of dust overnight. The Weatherman said the state would be fair today before the cold wave blows in with Strong winds from the North. Temperatures tonight Are expected to drop to 10 degrees in the Northeast and 25 to 30 in the Vest. Winds up to 72 Miles an hour blew in big billowing dust Clouds with Northwestern Oklahoma getting most of the dust. Some Light damage was Dohe to signs roofs and television aerials. On hundreds of a common people phoney who have no interest in staying at the Lodge at All make use of the Park Day in and Day out without paying a single cent for the privilege. Furthermore lets keep the record straight on How the Park came into being. The state allocated $90,000 originally from state funds. The Money could have been earmarked for a Park or it could have been earmarked to provide Public Doles a either Way would have been the same at the time. The Federal government spent a great sum of Money too in the project. Here the same situation prevailed As did in the states share. The k de was built by a Bond Issue which cannot Cost the taxpayers a cent in taxes if it is allowed to proceed and mature As scheduled. So Texas has its troubles and Oklahoma has its troubles. Newsman dits Detroit Fly James c. Montgomery 87, assistant general manager of tim Ott Trott news cad strict show Here. Hogan was the hog judge last year and will judge in the same division for 1953. He is rated As one of the Cost outstanding hog judges in the Southwest. Roy Craig slated to judge both steer and Lamb divisions of the a a How this Spring has served a number of times in past years. He is owner and operator of the Rozel Hereford ranch at Leedey and is rated High As an expert on both cattle and sheep. Dates for the Southern Oklahoma show Are March 10-13. Long delayed subway put into service Philadelphia pm after 36 years Philadelphia a famous a whole in the ground has finally become the subway it was originally planned to be. The Locust Street a subway second tube to connect downtown Philadelphia with Camden n. J., was started in 1917 but construction was delayed by two wars a depression Lack of Mon and a material shortage. It was finished Early this year and service of the line started my tartar. Gusts of wind at 72 Miles an hour were recorded at Oklahoma City at Midnight and visibility was Cut to a Quarter mile by the dust. The ceiling was Down to 400 feet. Enid a Airport was closed in with a Zero ceiling. Visibility was 1-8 of a mile and winds to 45 Miles an hour. Hobart a visibility was Cut to 3-4 mile with winds also 45 Miles an hour. The storm hit Guymon in the Northwest at 9 p. With the City smothered in dust. The dust dosed in Alva at 9 15 p. And Woodward got it at 9 45 p. By Midnight the wind had dropped and the dust was Clearing in this area. Several Highway accidents were reported around Kingfisher As visibility dropped to Zero. Police cars in Oklahoma City were ordered to use caution in making emergency Calls. Temperatures were above freezing in most of the state overnight. The overnight Low was 26 at Guymon. Sundays High was 73 at Hobart and most readings were in the upper 60s. No precipitation was reported for the 24-hour period ending at 6 30 a. Today. Congressman has Way to save Money Washington pm rep. Scriv Nerr Kan says the government is wasting millions of dollars by giving uniforms to servicemen at the time of their discharge. A most of them will Tell you quite frankly unless Uncle Sam reaches out and grabs them again they Are never going to put on a uniform a he said Dur no a recent hearing by a hoi a i Oro privations subcommittee Ine record was made Public today. Anyway scrivner added the uniforms Are for trained Down soldiers and a within three or four months after they Are discharged a the veterans will have a gained so much weight that they cannot even get into their bogus Money Oklahoma City i Ltd a coun raging Sand Sterms sweep three states Denver if la winds up to 80 Miles an hour yesterday scoured up Black blizzards similar to the dust bowl blows of the 1930s in parts of Nebraska Kansas and Colorado. They swirled dust 12,000 to 13,-000 feet High in Western Kansas smashed windows and pushed Over Trees in Western Nebraska and Tore Down Telephone and Power lines and puffed up Snow blows in Colorado. No loss of life was reported. Whistling grit Cut visibility practically to nothing in the Plains areas and completely stopped or slowed Highway travel. Gales sweeping through Northern Colorado a Rockies pushed Snow into Road blocks and made travel hazardous on u. S. 40 Over 11,314-foot Berthoud and 9,680-foot Rabbit ears passes and u. S. 6 Over 11,992-foot Loveland pass. Wind Snow and bitter cold forced postponement of the National ski jumping championships at Steamboat Springs Colo. Continued blasts were predicted for the three states today but the u. S. Weather Bureau forecast the blow would diminish late tonight. A cold wave also was forecast for Western Nebraska and Northwestern Kansas. In Oklahoma Northwest winds carried dust into the state on sporty gusts that neared Hurricane velocity. Oklahoma City recorded the strongest gust of 72 Miles an hour while other Points in the state noted similar wind speeds. Visibility was shortened to Only a Block or two in Many Northwestern Oklahoma cities hit first by the blustery storm. The current of dust Laden wind moved across the state in a southeasterly direction headed for Arkansas. Damage from Early reports was listed As Light and no injuries were reported although police in some of the smaller communities said visibility was a a it a the worst storm in a Long Washington it sen. Taft a Ohio said today president Eisenhower wants to make a Cabinet rank government department out of the Federal Security administration and has set machinery in motion to create such a department. Taft the Senate Republican floor Leader gave this word to reporters after a 40-minute meeting of congressional leaders with toe president. He said much of the session was spent in discussion on the question of repudiating certain a secret agreements Quot made by presidents Roosevelt and Truman. Some Progress was made toward drafting a repudiation Resolution such As Eisenhower has called for Taft added. In his state of the Union address Eisenhower said he would shortly ask Congress to repudiate any secret agreements of the past which involved the enslavement of free Peoples anywhere. Taft said the proposed Resolution will be introduced in Congress a within a reasonable Quot i would think it would go through a Taft said. Taft and House speaker Martin a mass met with newsmen in the office of White House press Secretary James c. Hagerty immediately after they and other gop leaders had held their regular monday morning strategy conference with the president. This was a departure from past sessions when the congressional leaders have been reluctant to talk. Taft said a Resolution setting up a new department to take Over the work of the Federal Security administration is being prepared. Fra now is headed by mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby who sits in on Cabinet meetings. Mrs. Hobby voiced the Hope before she took office her Post would be raised to one of full Cabinet rank. Fra includes the social Security system and other Federal health education and related services. Taft did no to go into the reasons for turning Fra into a regular department. He said however All those at today a meeting appeared to be in favor of the step although he said the question was raised whether it would be better to do it now or to wait until fall. Taft said it would be necessary to consult with education medical and other interests who might be affected by the change before drawing up final plans. The thought is that Eisenhower would present the matter to Congress As a government reorganization plan. Under a general government reorganization Law the president has Power to draw plans for shifting government agencies about. Any such plan must be submitted to Congress. Once submitted it becomes effective after 60 Days unless the Senate or House adopts meantime a Resolution of disapproval. On the matter of repudiating secret agreements Taft said the president was referring primarily to the Yalta agreement Between president Roosevelt and the russians. The Ohio lawmaker said he does not know of any agreements made with the russians by the democratic administrations which Are still secret. He said Eisenhower in speaking of a secret understandings in his state of the Union message was referring to agreements which were kept secret at the time they were made and for some time thereafter. Taft said further consultations with the democrats As Well As republicans in Congress would have to take place before the Eisenhower asked Resolution was finally introduced. The Ohio legislator made it Plain Congress will not be asked continued of Page a. Column 4 Hope fading for passengers on wrecked plane is bodies of 17 found afloat in Gulf after big transport goes Down no survivors located new Orleans pm an air sea search which found the bodies of 17 occupants of a National airlines plane resumes today 44 Miles Southeast of Mobile ala., where the dc6 plunged into the storm tossed Gulf of Mexico with 46 persons aboard. Little Hope remained that any of the 41 passengers and five Crew members would be found alive. The ill fated four engined plane flying in 100-mile-per-hour winds was Enro Ute from Tama fla., to new Orleans when it crashed saturday afternoon less than five minutes from possible safety. Three life rafts All empty were found Bobbing on the water yesterday As a tremendous Hunt by planes and ships combed the Gulf. The coast guard believed that Only a a Remote possibility existed that it it the airliners fourth raft would be found with survivors. Use of atom weapons end War pondered Van Fleet certain to be asked opinion on advisability of taking such Steps by Elton c. Fay a Mill Arr affairs reporter Washington it it a atomic weapons should be used in an Effort to win the korean War is Cern to be among the questions awl of Gen. James a. Van. Fleet Wim in title when the former eighth army co Unander goes before congressional committees. There was some speculation the same question was up for discussion at a top level White House meeting today. If it was presumably several new factors would be taken into account 1. The stockpile of a bombs for tactical use on a Battlefield is growing. 2. The army has a new big Caliper gun it claims can shoot atomic explosive shells. 3. Intensified pressure at Home for ending the War. So far the answers of most military leaders have been against using nuclear weapons. The is they give Are both military and political. Gen. Omar Bradley chairman of the strategy making joint chiefs of staff repeated in an interview recently that he sees nothing to be gained now by using the atomic bomb tactically. Bradley did no to go into details nor indicate whether he included atomic artillery along with atomic bombs dropped from planes. The views of Bradley and others who recommended against employing such weapons in Korea generally seem predicated on these ideas there Are in the present Battle situation no really Good targets neither tactical on the Battlefield nor strategic the sources of enemy War goods production in North Korea. Atomic explosives can kill everyone above ground within the great radius of the blast pulverize equipment and Burn what is left. But w n exploded at 2,000 or 3,000 feet where the Cone of the blast can encompass the greatest effective area Uliey cannot do major damage to below ground positions. The 155-mile line of the chinese continued on Page 2, column 6 Many persons prominent in business and society were aboard the big Airliner when it left Tampa at 3 p. Cost saturday for the 419-mile run across the Gulf. It was due in new Orleans at 5 25 p. Cost. An investigation was started by h. B. Shebat of College Park ga., and t. G. Packham of Miami civil aeronautics authorities. Billy Lavendar photographer for the Mobile press Register said after a flight to the scene that 1 the plane went Down about 12 Miles Short of it. Morgan site of a Small Airfield. A it s ims sible. That the Pilot of the Airliner was attempting to make it there or somewhere along this coast for an emergency Landing a he said. A land was less than five minutes flying time from the spot where the plane it was the first fatal crash of a u. S. Domestic Airliner since a National dc6 fell at Elizabeth n. J., Reb. A 1952� a a at Miami fla., nationals vice president in charge at operations capt. E. Kershaw said the dc6 in saturdays crash May have met a Tornado Kershaw noted that capt. E. A. Springer Pilot of the dc6 met turbulent weather conditions about the time of his last report causing him to descend from 14,000 feet to 4,500 feet. The plane came Down in water 90 feet deep. Heavy seas caused it to break up and allow bodies of the victims to float to the surface. Ens. Frank Polk aboard patrol boat said the bodies were floating around when his Craft arrived on the scene Early sunday afternoon. A judging from the appearance of the bodies a Polk added a i would say they were a Kiuei instantly. None had life jackets names on the passenger list were difficult to identify at first. Some were Florida vacationers some had transferred to the plane from other airlines for the flight to new Orleans. Among the passengers was 2nd it. Richard Shaddick or. 22, whose brother 2nd it. John Phillip Shaddick. 25-year-old bomber Pilot is reported missing in action in Korea. Dead Man in morgue found to be living terse items passed $2,175 in bogus Money in Oklahoma during 1952, the u. S. Secret service reported today. Paul m. Hart new agent in charge Here said this was Only a time a probably since the a co Small percentage of the $232,026,05 i ted Clark Newspaperman at hol passed in the nation last year. Coct Numi on i it a it 2, Ooi Unm t new York pm an 80-year-old Man was found alive yesterday in an embalming room two hours after the family doctor had issued a death certificate. William c. Brossman of Brooklyn was taken to a Hospital where he died Early today More than 14 hours after being pronounced dead. The family physician. Or. David Blumenfeld had listed arteriosclerosis and senility on the death certificate. Asst. Dist. Atty. George e. Regan quoted the doctor As saying he found no heart beat pulse or any other indication of life when he twice Emaxine the patient thoroughly late yesterday morning. After the death certificate was signed Brossman was taken to the Queens funeral Home of Charles Morton and placed in an Orth timing room. Morton and his aides noticed a Flicker of the eyelids and an apparent slight exhalation. The funeral parlor men wrapped Brossman in a Blanket and called an ambulance. An ambulance doctor was Able to restore breathing sufficiently to permit Brossmann a removal to Wyckoff Heights Hospital in Brooklyn. A there he was Given Shock treatment oxygen and blood transfusions but failed to Fally. Issuance of a new death certificate will be up to the City medical examiners office a Hospital spokesman said. Relatives of Brossman a retired clothing Cutter said or. Blumenfeld had been treating him for a considerable time and made lengthy and careful examination before pronouncing him dead. Brossman who retired from his Trade 30 years ago was in Lor a Long time. Another passenger was mrs. Cornelius Rathborne new Orleans society Leader Active Republican worker and member of a we known Maryland family. Mrs. Alfred Bergman ii route to visit her husband in Houston tex., was formerly married to the late Billy Dobeck creator of the Barney Google comic strip. Merle Oberon plans to become american Hollywood up a Merle Oberon who was born in Australia and spent her Early life in India plans to become an american citizen. The actress disclosed she has asked her attorney to make the citizenship application. Miss Oberon whose father was a British army officer entered movies in London and later came to Hollywood. Cut in taxes seems Likely get approval House committee is reported fax Orabik to income tax chop of 10 per cent by Charles r. Barrett Washington a the House ways and Means committee was evidently ready at its meeting today to give lopsided approval to a Bill by chairman Reed in. A for a 10 per cent Cut in income taxes effective june 30. The Only obstacle to committee clearance appeared to be an expected move by democrats to delay a decision until the Eisenhower administration takes a stand on the proposal. Democrats said if this move fails and they Arentt most of their members will join republicans in pushing a drive to give some 50 million taxpayers a reduction after three rounds of increases. Congressional staff special tag estimate the Reed Bill would trim else to 1 billion dollars from Federal Revenue for the fiscal year starting july 1. For that reason it presents important and Touchy problems for Eisenhower who has pledged strongly to raise enough reverie to balance fed a spending has put spending cuts ahe�4 w tax cuts in his fiscal policy. As a possible solution to Utt which comes first dilemma. Senate Republican Leader Taft of Oblo suggested a delayed action tax tit up to 13 per cent effective in to fiscal year starting july 1, 19$4. In a radio interview Talt backed up Eisenhower a stand for spending cuts before tax cuts. He said he hoped for Early tax reductions but Felt a Bill to make a 12 or 13 per cent Cut might be introduced now to take effect one year from next july 1. House leaders including speaker Joseph Martin a mass have said they will try to hold off floor action on the Reed Bill for two months or More. But eventually barring new developments they expect to Send the measure to the Senate where its future is More i certain. Present Law already provides for a 10 per cent reduction in individual income Taxe rates to take effect dec. 31. The Reed Bill merely would Advance this Cut by six months and greatly increase the resultant Revenue loss next fiscal years. Because it would go into effect july 1, most taxpayer would get Only a 5 per cent reduction in their tax year for Calendar 1953�?10 per cent after that. In Advance of today a closed session democrats opened fire on what they called a ducking of duty by the Eisenhower administration. They hit at the absence of any written report from the Treasury on estimated effects of the Reed Bill. They aug criticized the Lack of any hearings with Treasury spokesmen. A this is unheard of a perfectly weather feb. 15 temperature 19.�z3 High. M Low 43 rain. 0 tear Aeo 56 39 .05 .6s is Toul rain for month. 1.10 total rain for barometric premure feb. It in a. M., 30.30 inches. Oklahoma fair monday night cold wave but and Mbonu Low monday night 10-20 Northeast 20-25 Southwest tuesday Schnall fair and continued cold East a Leaf temperature West he h Tea Day u Northeast 45-50 Aon Tweit. Ardmore sk1b8 Sunrise ___________________7 1 . Sunset a it f. Moonset. A a f. Flirt Quarter Tuv the Mut Fedow the my tool Cut to Bow Batto a had cml Miles from the Earth to is few uni too dim to key Ashy sow aa4 k win Tea ppm As a Menlo Star la the Fau. Compared far the Daffler Ait Domue of Bauer u. My a continued on Page 2. Column 1 Rosenbergs to dieonmardi9 judge decrees new York execution of atomic spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg today was set for pm week of March 9. Federal judge Irvin r. Kauf Man scheduled the new execution Date for the husband and whose Appeal to the president far clemency has been rejected. The couple was convicted nearly two years ago of conspiring of transmit atomic inform atom w Russia. They have been la sing prisons death Houte since. U. S. Marshal William Cert of i said the Date of the a May be March 12. Rosenberg 34, and originally had Bee i die in the electric Dorir 14. But the judge Gentoo a in Elution to Pennis to Tom -1 president to act on Almli i ency Appeal. A a two h turned Tham Dot Cane Pihut a i am Csc. Tundra do House late it Manait urn my

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