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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 1

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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Ardmore, Oklahoma Of boost Ardmore a beat Temple by joining a menus Bible class sunday morning. J daily s Ull associated press reports in Southern Oklahoma a greatest newspaper. Weather sunday and monday unsettled probably rain. Education system costly election coming Richards report shows increase Cost in Boston other increases Ardmore Oklahoma sunday february 10, 1924. A no a vol. 30. No. 258. Sixteen pages gone Reader did you Ever Stop to think what it Coats to a end a child to q school for one your do you know How much it Cost the Board of education of Ardmore to provide teachers a rounds equipment and the like for in average child / remember that Ardmore har it one of the finest 5 school a items in the United Staten a system that has been praised by no less a Persona i of than Thomy a Vav. Marshall vice president under Woodroy Wilson. Year it Cost $43.84 per student la Tho Braden from the first to the a a a if Rhth. This include All Tho want schools. In the two Hipsh schools the Cost to oame higher. From the eighth through hot a twelfth it Cost $148.0g per student per year. There were film students in the 1wo High schools last year und Iheson in ures were computed on that Uve Raffe. Total enrolment of anymore schools last year readied i,303. It is expected that a he same figures will prevail for the present year. Till is important in View of the fact that an election is soon to be held to vote an extra Levy of four Mills in the City. A Levy of nine Mills is provided under tute statutes with privilege of voting Fin additional five Mills. Last year of this amount not Mere than 12 Mills were needed records show. Listed under the head of expense for which these amounts Are set out is pay of teachers and instruction Upkeep of building and grounds financing of special election and auxiliary agencies Hilt Udine health service libraries play grounds and similar services. What Richards says. At the last meeting of the Board of education the present Tux rate for wets Alili Drys Illinois troops 0 0 0 0 o o o o o o o o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 naval Money Bill slashed Twenty three millions Sumate lower for 1924�?TMore do you agree with them non via a and Tho expenditures come in for cd like Susslon an evidenced by the import of c. A. Richards superintendent i City schools. Following Are excerpts a from hta report to Tho Board a i tiring recent months we have ii Ard a great Deal about the increasing expense of Public education and Tho com Ilont of n great Many taxpayers that our schools Are costing too much Money. 1 with to say to Tho Board that in this state it is not the schools that Are causing the increased tax Rale. I tit that tha incr air m thu Quot tax Quot rate conic chiefly from the increased stale Levy. In the next Plao i readily admit a hut Public education is casting More today than it did 10 or 15 years ago. However i should like to Call your attention to Tho fact that some 15 years ago there were Only 200,000 boys anti girls in the High schools of America. 1-Ait year there were two million. Increases shown. A ten year a ago there were 3,750 pupils who graduated from the seventh Grade in the schools of Oklahoma. Last year there were More than 25,000. In 1010 there were 200 pupils who graduated from Tho High schools of Oklahoma. Last year there were 9,200. Ten years ago there were 11 graduates of our senior High school. Last Spring there were 11 it a. Thera Are More boy and Gurla in the poli oses and universities of Thiafi country today thai were in our High schools in 1910. Lilii Calls for increased facilities and a larger teaching corps and a More Hig Lily trained teaching corps. one doubts the necessity of having an educated citizenship in a Republican form of government. Everyone realizes that the Security of our nation depends upon Las. That being True it 1.4 essentially necessary that we provide adequate Means for educating nil the children Oil we cannot do it without first providing sufficient funds to support this Typo of increase 155 per cent. Trio country s 12 largest cities spent $2sg,133,000 Lor major part of appropriation goes for pay to huge personnel of crafts and marines. Polar trip to Cost $183,000 aviation Bill carried great reduction under past years report shows. annual naval appropriation 1 111 carrying $271,942,8 17 of which $�10,000,000 would be available for completion of Moi o than a score of vessel. Now under construction was reported saturday by the House appropriations committee. The total is $4,-453,0110 less than Tho budget estimates and f23.024,000 less than the amount allotted the Navy by Congress a year ago. �4 the i ill provides $117,000,000 for pay enough to keep the Navy at its present Strong i of 6,469 officers and 86,000 enlisted men during the fiscal year beginning july 1st next. Provision also is in ado for 1,002 officers und 19,600 enlist d men in the Marine corps the present strength. Slash aviation. For aviation the Biti a a we few $h,590 or $57,171 less than last a ear s appropriation. The committee explained it has slashed t410.�00 from the budget estimate Lor aviation on account of a development program recommended by Pearl Harbor Hawaii and Coolock of Woholo canal zone which has not been Autho Lucli by Law. Commit on Tho proposed Polar exploration trip of the dirigible Shen and ii next summer the report said actual expenses Over a Normal expenditure would approximately amount to $183.000 and since most of this amount would to met with current appropriations the commit teen had not seen fit to Pinieri Cre in any. With plans for the expedition. A crap expected in legislature Sigler Bill commandant at anti k. K. K. 1 local representative would lie quire two thirds vote to impeach officeholders Here. Look at this picture and you la not wonder that miss Jean Shields has been awarded first prize in five Beaty contests. Her latest Victory in Cincinnati carries with it a trip to Tho Orient with a two week visit at Honolulu. Before winning Tho Oire matl contest she. Was judged Tho most Beautiful girl in Kansas City to. Temple cusses Are bearing up or Bizzell of a. And m. Will talk to sunday school men in Texas town this afternoon. In tune by George Matthew Adams Carlock presents school Resolution Sigler Resolution will be tip for debate before committee reports on Whitehurst. Oklahoma old Hong House of representatives cleared Tho deck saturday for what is expected to be a bitter fight monday when it Sot that Dato for consideration of a Resolution by representative Guy Sigler of Carter county to require a two third vote of the entire elected membership of Tho House to approve an impeachment. Consideration of Tho Resolution will to preliminary to the debate set for tuesday on Tho majority and minority commit Eti reports recommending impeachment of John a. Whitehurst of the shiite Board of agriculture and c. C. Childers state auditor. Heretofore votes on impeachment questions have been computed on the a amp i of the number pc feet and to tins. Sigler a Resolution was re divided As making More difficult the efforts of those who Are seeking to Liao the impeachment recommendations adopted. A Resolution proposing a constitutional amendment for the abolishment of stat schools at Wilburton Miami Tonu Twa Claremore Warner and Cameron was to be introduced in the Senate saturday afternoon by senator John Carlock of Ardmore on behalf of the Surv committee. Tho amendment would be voted upon next november and would forever bar hts Way for re opening the institutions. A an has been conducting wholesale dry raids in Williamson county lately. A $ mob fires on men in big Hospital Frodo Riek c. Billard of Maryland has Boc n nominated by president Coolidge to to commandant of the coast guard with the rank of rear Admiral. He succeeds William e. Ileyia holds who retires in january. Name cleared a lilo classes of Temple Tex As do not propose to be Defeated by the Bible clashes of Ardmore if they can help it educational purposes other than for and today they will hold a lug Mast libraries in a a census Bureau a to Tanto Steps to increase Mem. Statement issued shows that new Yori it . Pity spent almost. 32 Lier cent of the total in.jai�?T2, and the rat 111 1917 the 12 spent $112,178,s00, malting the. Increase in their total educational expenditures 155 per cent the average of their expenditures per capita increased from $7.51 in l air to s17.03 in 1922. Loston spent the most per capita for maintenance arid operation with $16.18, while new York had the a oct highest per in plea expenditure l or that purpose Detroit had the highest per capita expenditure for other outlays such a3 permanent improvements with s12.7� while 1-os Ange is has second largest expenditure for that1 purpose with 11.31. To Angeles had the largest per capita expenditures for All educational purposes with $25.94, Detroit was second with $20.s2. Expenditure in the other titles were Boston 19.g4, new York 18 38 Pittsburg $18.07 Buffalo $111.99 Chicago $13.77 Philadelphia $11.98 pan Francisco. 11x9 St. Louis $11.09 Baltimore $10.67. Commissioner Burke Woi it protect Indian tribes Washington. A remedial legislation to protect the estates of the five civilize tribes of Oklahoma from a wholesale and attorneys fees that have in some cases been found to be a a unconscionable was advocated saturday by commissioner Burke of the Indian Bureau. Or. Wrigley says i believe in newspaper advertising. I spent about a million dollars a year for newspaper space to Tell the world about the Gro oils i have to sell. Neatly everybody reads the papers un3 they Are the most effective medium to reach the buying Public and often. Wllliam b. Buzzell president of the Texas a. Und m. Coke be. Is to deliver an addles at Temple before the massed classes thl afternoon and the Quot Telegram of that City carried a full Page advertisement saturday announcing the event. A Ocil workers have been Busy the past week stirring up interest with pro spirits Fot record breaking attendance n All four of Ardmore s competing of Arches today. A to come awaits every Man in Ardmore at Somo of the churches today and workers will be out Tarly to see that none Are overlooked. Youngster Steps in buddy a shoes Kenneth Johnson Al fit years old. Is starting in where his elder brother calf Ford lev leaves off. For eight years Clifford has been a Carrier for the Ardmore Ite and there have been very few evenings that he did not make his route in Short time regardless of weather conditions. I is first route wus in the Vicinity of Tho von Keller Hospital. When he passed in his Puper sack last week he was carrying Tho business Section of the City. Clifford does t feel that he has outgrown his lob he merely wants a bigger one. He is a senior at Hugli sch tool this year and wants to get a better pro Lii Job so he can go to the University next year. Burglars steal All. Pies in Stock court favored Idaus my who claimed parti a. J ried in new j of years Jago music in some form or other is inherent in every human being. Nature is like a huge Harp upon whose strings the melodies of the universe play. And he who is Able to draw from the Flower of the Field or the color of the ski or the breath of the wind the silent notes of Joy and Beauty that a re always there demonstrates his kinship with the creative mind that has made Harmony the keynote i of All perfect life. What a silent song of infinite delicacy in some pictures in the waving Fields of ripened Grain or in the sky tones of a dying Day i no wonder the Small boy whistles and the tired worker unmindful of his lame Back or weakened forces hums a tune on his Way h ome at the close of Day. Whenever we Rise to our self or achieve grandly then it is that music its Waves to work. Little a Pippa a in Brownings Beautiful poem spent the hours of her Only Holiday singing for she saw nothing but Beauty and happiness in the world. So when you give to an unusual degree you grow full of music in your heart and everyone about you feels it. You feel in tune and you Are in tune. Every Rtia Velous Strain of music that Ever came Forth from the strings of an instrument still floats about in the invisible atoms of the air though you cannot hear Therp. But As you grow More in Harmony with All life you come to feel these intermingling notes As they burst into new sound in the vibrations from some Sweet voice or Well played instrument. Music inspires us All to our loftiest attempts. It is for us to keep these lives of ours in daily tune with j the life of the world the unkind angry person is always out of tune. J happiness is Harmony. And to be sensitive to music is to be Beautiful in heart. is. Bill Hart wants 10 work new believing four years that the was illegitimate mrs. Louise b. Kills. 2 years old has been declared legitimate by the courts and Given a half interest in the $1,000,000 estate by her father Goorge n. Chapman a new York fur merchant who died in 1887. In 1s40, Chapman went to Europe there mrs. Ellis was born As Tho daughter of Chapman and Jane Thompson. In her suit mrs. Ellis contended that her parents Wero married. The do i Pendant denied this. It was not until 1913, that mrs. Ellis Learned of circumstances which seemed to indicate a marriage then she began suit which culminated in Tho appellate division of the state supreme court. Chapman left the bulk of his property to a son Hawley an actor whose Mother was Louise Wyeth. In 1890 Hawley Chapman before he became insane deeded his property to his Mother who in turn left Tho estate in Trust for the support of her son. J troops ordered out when sheriff unable to take care of situation saturday. Heurin Soene of Tho mine fights of 1922, we taken Over by state troops saturday a a a result of a r ear riot Friday night Between. Quot it is and a Drys a in which a Constable was killed and a Deputy sheriff wounded seriously. Tho trouble is a result of the whole Sale dry raids which has been conducted in this Williamson county recently by repudiated members of the ice Klu it Jan led by Glenn Young paid employee of the klan. A meeting of tha knig i a of the flaming Circle an anti. Kun Kluk klan organization was in session Friday night when a crowd stormed Tho Hall. The shooting followed. Guarded at Hospital. Caesar Cagle a Constable who Hua been i a suing the warrants on which the Quot do Yak conducted the raid was rho dead. John Layman Deputy sheriff who with sheriff George cafe Ulsan went to tha Antl klan line a Ting to remonstrate with the con Rees to dispersal and go to Ali eur idiom i i i the interest of peace was shot. To was taken to a local hospital1 by mayor c. H. Atldfl1 son and Ora Thomas an anti Kishta Taxt and tha Trio is being guarded at th4 i Hospital by National Guart Shien i a i immediately a crowd fathered o the Hospital and began fir int into the building. Persons ill Side the Hospital responded to Tho fire a miniature Battle raged for a Short time. The first guardsmen arrived from Carbot Irtz a be at 4 00 a. M., saturday and the a jury so then established Headquarters at the City Hall several blocks from Ilia Hospital. The guardsmen Aro patrolling the Hospital to protect tha mayor Layman and Thomas. Youn assumed the duties of chief of Polios since the mayor had taken ref Ife in be Hospital and three of the City policemen were in my a Hys Boro for Safe keeping. Negro infant hit by Auto on Roar los Westover Hart formerly of the films and wife of win. S. Hart two gunman hero of Western screen plays has signed a contract which will be filed by her attorney asking the Superior court to pass Treu her right to return to motion , despite an agreement met Ivi tii her husband since their a spam Titi of 192restraining her from such a i our to according to the los Angelest nes. Mrs. Hart is now prohibited from appearing in motion pictures or from allowing herself to to photographed for screen or advertising purposes during the life of a Trust fund of $103,000, is j Over the child stopped but in the to blushed for her support by Harj excitement of Tho Ixia Ron no one Sunn l y after their separation. I thought to in Juire their names. Murder mystery bothers police c. N Oill. 2-y��?~mr.ul not fro a it. Was run Over and seriously injured loan Muto Mobius on Tho Horn a runabout. It a prot Miles from Tho it Ity jut a of sturday negroes driving the car that a an to to to a it a \ -uon"1 1 out s i of Quot a a sir me. Luvs Ion Lii a we a Oak noun dlr Vij t a a Quot �01 put our Luzj Iaci tuaiv03____ no u to su0113 so a Uiola Oil to terms of the fluid to which she agree 1, provided that she will receive the in or. Amount upon the death of the mild was brought to Tho Hardy sanitarium where j r. Niles announced that lie Vas suffit in. From a serious her husband or in event of a divorce j fracture Skull Ami was i Ruai , and meanwhile she will re i condition. Delve from the fund monthly install men s provided she respects Oiler Claus a i the agreement. J3ekver.�?burgrlars with a fondness for pie raided two local restaurants the other night and completely a Maui Metin t he to stack of custard Iii in Battle los Angelh so a conductor was killed and a brakeman and a passenger wounded saturday on the Union Pacific train. Number 25, West bound when w. In Barnett of Caldwell Idaho began in the Forward end of a Day coach As Tho train was pulling out of Bartow East of Here according to advices to officials of the Railroad company. Tha to till conductor is w. J. Morton of to 3 Angeles. The wounded Are c. Carlion of Shelby Idaho and Harry Barrit ser brakeman of los Angeles. Page one negro slayers the Jacksonville county jail saturday was new Haven. A a prize of $100 for Tolj a bus antonym for a scoff Law is offered by mrs. Rose r. Scott of Saug Danville virtual Armel Camp of National guardsmen and two mounted machine guns stood guard Over three negroes said to be the Quarry of a Posso which rumours said planned to storm the building and forcibly remove them because of their alleged Conn icon in the killing of a White Man. Zones were established within two block3 of the jail in every direction and no one was allowed to enter the zone without a pass. Trio streets around the jail were deserted after Early evening except for the guardsmen. Frank Johnson one of the Negroe it held is said by police to have confessed a and killed a. B. Terrell mushroom tights to be placed soon new signal lights donated by the Lions club to the City will to install at the following Street intersections us soon As the work can be done. The four lights will be installed at main and Washington streets main and a main and a and main and c streets. If the signals prove the Success claimed for them More will be installed in the immediate future City manager Douk announced saturday. Three cities made bid for socialists St. 1 , new York and Philadelphia made bids for the 19s National convention of the socialist party at the meeting of the executive committee lie re saturday to decide on he time and place of the meeting. The convention probably will to in april or May it was said. Eugene v. Debbs Hairr Nau was unable to be present As lie Ilfe convalescent from a recent 111 nes3 a. A i i h if i a Fri. State com Rattee to probe of a Hice Reni t a in Latigu Tion of a Porte that fences around the Stato same preserve in Mccurtain county had been neglected and that virtually the entire Herd of approximately 350 Deer belonging1 to the state had escaped will Bernado at onco. It was announced at Trio office of governor Trapp. The reports emanate from a meeting at Tulsa last week at which a chapter of Tho Isaac Walton league was organized. Texas mining Man is held by mexicans Al Gunther prominent mining Man of Al Piso and Chihuahua has been taken prisoner by revolutionise under the command of hypo Leto Lulu and Manuel Chao and la being held for Ransom according to word a received from chihuahua1. Edinburg a. Van a Charles f. Headley supervisor of game wardens of the seventh District was Taro Ned Friday in the Shenandoah River near his Home Here. Tils automobile is reported to have plunged into the River with him while he was trying to a tart the car. Nun i0oj� of Hoiu up a Ltd j5m t>o3 a no Atli Corory tended to quote. Theory of a robbery it a a our Clad in the Daintie amp Sfax Ohop input thai body was task ily decorated room the whih Quot indicated a struggle Luh a Wai men who said they 30 men visited the Palm tent Eai play ii Mornini. Carried a a of Hai Ali be .1u�s< wore seen in her apart j the Youngf Ofina. Her Home in Walnut 7 Secl Hix years Aro to Atud it a Niv 4 her living a a a Nianne a to a motion picture actress. She played one or two minor Cine productions. Come to see us i londay the Ardmore Ite will a in stalled in its new Homo North Washington Street. It is de that things will be in Shi 1 a Hap so that visitors can be a five a a Warat Welcome however if things Are Ai lit ties mussed a up there to m. A for All a Totora. If your paper is a Tutlo late Loti Day afternoon please bar with for there May be some Lettl we Hope there will not a. Quot in cur new Home the phone Nap Bers will the same circuit Talon. Iness office and advert Rifle to Nib no. 5 society and new to me a ,-.,

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