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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Ardmore, Oklahoma Which we writ Prosperity of Elitie al a vile and i International peace. Kuba few sort of Pem Tona paternal interest la Thaie a the posts that serve As Street Mark i Here la Ardmore lately because used to howl so much about the of such things. A it now As he drives about town he Lotes thit a number of these markers Jave Suli ered somewhat irom the ear and tear of time j the paint is fading from the stencilled nun Ibers on Many. Some have been uprooted and Are no longer rendering any service. All could use a Little touching up paint the posts White anew and re it Encl the legends. Why not promote a Little spa project along that line it would not be expensive and it would Lead materially to the appear Ance and efficiency of the markers. A a filk Are asking the eternal question Quot what about 1939 Section will business be better a a they ask the Flea. That s entirely out of his depth. He does no to possess second sight. It is interesting to read of the intensified activity on the East coast and in other sections where air planes and armament supplies Are manufactured. Despite All the controversy Over whether it is Wise of the a a. S. To sell planes to european Powers. It is Only too Clear that such activities must spell More work Lor american craftsmen and our own armament program. If it goes through should add to the general Industrial momentum. Of course. If the East becomes More prosperous we will have a better condition in the South and Southwest. However the reflected Prosperity wont hit Here overnight. It takes a Long time for such reactions to work their Way across the continent. If All these things continue there is every reason. It would seem to Antic plate a fairly Active fall and a decidedly busier Winter than we had last year. But to be sure this is just and your guess is As Good As the next Fellows. Nobody really knows you know. Governor Phillips has repeatedly declared that he intends to Correct the patronage Racket in governmental circles. Now it is reported he is demand a ing resignation from governmental jobs of those employees who Are re i Jated to officials of the state. Such activities fall Imper the nepotism Law and if the governor digs into ithe matter he will probably find it is. Quite a mess. The governor believes the e situation can be straightened out in six months. A the Flea believes the governor is a verly optimistic. Patronage has grown in this state until it tentacles reach in All directions and engulf every activity of a Public nature. Kicking out the relatives is a Start but when the real work starts it must go a lot deeper than that if anything constructive is to be accomplished. The governor has bitten off bite if he stands by Hla Promise to Clear up this phase of Mislov Ern ment in Oklahoma and he can rest assured that those on whose shoulders the blow will fall Are not at �?�11 Likely to take their Medicine with out a Battle. Jobs and politics go hand to hand and there will be plenty of fireworks before the matter is ended. A a a a few months ago Folk were insisting that the Spanish civil War constituted the biggest distinct threat to International peace. End the War they argued and you have put out a fire that might ignite the world. Now with the Spanish civil War about Over the real menace is at hand. If the War could have been settled six months ago by some sensible Compromise perhaps peace might have been aided. Now with the fascist Nail forces Destt aed for Victory the situation Liu Tead of being lessened in its threat has become increasingly dangerous. Expansion of the fascist and nazi regime to other countries constitutes the death Knell of european democracies unless some unforeseen situation develops. The dictator states grow larger the democracies face disaster. Asks iks oration of spa Cit Murray sheriff freed of charges Sulphur. Feb. 7,�? of a a Drunken driving charge against Bose Johnson Murray county sheriff was dismissed by peace Justice White Frost today tor Lack of evidence. Johnson was arrested dec. 30 by Highway patrolman sergeant Niman Bocock. The weather Ardmore High 60 Low 35 Oklahoma partly Clouds to Cloudy tuesday night and wednesday probably a now in Northwest portion wednesday warmer in extreme East colder in extreme Northwest portion tuesday night colder in Northwest and Central portions wednesday. Arkanian fair warmer tuesday night wednesday increasing cloudiness. East Texas partly Cloudy warmer in South and East portions tuesday night wednesday mostly Cloudy and unsettled colder in North est portion. What Texas increasing cloudiness tuesday night and wedge Suay. Pro i ably Snow in tha Panhandle wednes-1 Day colder in extreme North portion i tuesday night Ltd it Lder Wedgie Day sex i a ept in extreme Southeast portion. I Missouri mostly Cloudy tuesday night and wednesday slightly warmer i Southeast and extreme East tonight. Colder in Northwest tuesday night i moderate cold wave wednesday and ii wednesday night. I Kansas generally fair and colder f tuesday night and Wedi Eraday with a a Moderal Road wave wednesday and lib and North Central tuesday pc plight. Goy emment to continue resistance Premier Negrin to go to Valencia to fight to end announced by London pm Batty. Xio Ndon feb. 7.-Iip a the Spanish government embassy announced today the government of Premier Negrin would proceed to Valencia Quot before the end of this week end Quot continue resistance to the the announcement Mads of mention of negotiations at French Spanish Border tor peace in the two and one half year old civil War indicated at least a temporary refusal of the insurgent demand that the government surrender unconditionally. With the Negrin government losing its last hold on the Spanish Northeast a Catalonia Britain and prance were said by lion Don foreign office officials to be considering recognition of the insurgent regime under general Franco As the sole official government of Spain. British Otic Las were fearful that delaying such recognition would cause Franco to count entirely on Germany and Italy for Post War help. The Spanish embassy spokesman said Negrin and his ministers a probably will set up the government at Valencia rather than Madrid in order to continue resistance to the end. An official announcement will be made at any forced to return diplomatic circles pointed out the government had to return to unconquered Spanish soil anyway either legally to carry out peace negotiations or to continue the War. A report from Perpignan. France near the Spanish Border said negro no a foreign minister Julio Alvarez Del Vayo had carried word to the Premier from British and French representatives that further resistance appeared useless. Negrin was somewhere in Catalonia in some Small town near the Border. The pm Balisy in London said Negrin and Alvarez Del Vayo both were agreed on continuing the War but were delaying the journey to Valencia until a definite agreement could be reached with the French government on the future of the thousands of Spanish refugees and soldiers pouring into prance. Valencia was provisional capital of the government i before it was moved to Barcelona. Barcelona fell to the insurgents catalonian offensive Jan. 26. Madrid is the original capital of Spain. France Given assurances Paris diplomatic sources said Franco had Given prance assurances of Friendly relations after a sem official French envoy. Senator Ber Ard visited Burgos. Rorrie political sources said Italy had disclaimed to Britain any intention of keeping italian troops in Spain after an insurgent Victory. Daladier wins Victory a while France was deeply involved with the critical Spanish problem which brought fens of thousands of homeless spaniards to French soil the Gove fitment of Premier Daladier won a chamber of deputies Victory defeating a socialist motion to Grant Blanket amnesty to participants in the november general strike by a vote of. 334 to 260. Impeachment of seven Holdover members of Public welfare commission proposed defense plans win approval senator Nance sponsors movement to oust old commissioners in Effort to put end to strife that has Cost Oklahoma Grants from government. Oklahoma City feb. 7.�? up it a senator James Nance proposed in the Senate today to impeach seven Holdover members of the trouble torn Oklahoma Public welfare commission and put i an end to the strife that has Cost Oklahoma Federal pension Grants. His statement came As the Senate considered a Resolution by r. O. Ingle of Sallisaw memorializing the Federal social Security Board to restore the Grants. Some senators immediately raised the question of whether the legislature could impeach the commissioners. Senator w. F. Hearns of mar gum and senator John b. My authorize the major part of president of Ada immediately took the floor to support Nance a Roosevelt a $5s2,000,000 special de j position. Sense program including expansion Nance suggested a joint committee of House and Senate be of the army air corps to 5500 planes appointed to consider the question. Aft a Bla Melero a com senator Homer Paul declared Nance and Hearne by their Mittee sought unsuccessfully to limit a it statements had disqualified military committee of House approves Roosevelt program. Washington. Feb 7. A a chairman May a Kyi said today the House military committee had a unanimously approved legislation to the War department to production of Cine ii no More than 1000air planes in any representative Andrews Rny report is made senior minority member of the group said the limitation proposal was Defeated 15 to 10, on a Quot straight party May declined to say How the committee divided on his original proposal to give the air corps a total of 6000 planes. A the bridle is off a he asserted. A they can buy these planes As fast As they can be built a to apply special Rule. May told reports he was authorized to apply for a special Rule under which the legislation could be brought before the House thursday. Debate was Likely to be expensive and meanwhile was tossed another Tough jobs How to answer a special request from president Roosevelt today to restore the supplemental spa fund to 8875.000,000. Three wards in Ardmore showed gains and one Ward loss in total number of children of school age enumerated at the close of a census taken recently in Ardmore mrs. Edith Lawrence attendance supervisor said tuesday. First Ward had a total of 1268, a gain of 18 Over last year second Ward had 1193, a gain of eight from the previous year third Ward Nance said such a procedure to had 1157, Jan a of 54, and fourth Brong the pension trouble quickly themselves to sit As a court of impeachment should the House bring the charges. It suggests joint committee a instead of adopting this resold a Nance declared Quot i suggest the appointment of a joint committee of House and Senate to consider in peach sent charges against the commission a Nance said he would be willing to serve on the committee and would give the Holdover members Quot As fair a trial As they have Given the needy old people of this Nance said such a procedure would to military committee members said the legislation they approved would add approximately 40,000 officers and men to the standing army raising the strength to about 205,000. In addition to $300,000,000 for air corps expansion the Bill would authorize appropriation of an additional s32,50b000 for Quot educational orders to train private Industry in the production of War materials. Meanwhile in another a Eom Mitrae the Touchy Issue of foreign Pouch a particular toward Japan bobbed up again. Quot i am broadly supported by Public Walter w. Van Kirk told the House naval committee in stating a nobody in this country does know what the foreign policy tsp where the Congress is \ 883, gain of two Over a head and restore Federal Grant. Move for Early election a move to Hustle from office by a special election March 15 the Holdover members of the troubled Oklahoma Public welfare commission was Given administration impetus in the legislature today. Floor Leader Murray Gibbons of the House said he would prop me that a Resolution calling for a vote june 6 on a constitutional amendment to replace the nine member commission with a five member group removable by the governor be amended to Call a special election March 15. His announcement came after a conference with governor Phillip who �0 far has been unable to Budge Sevi old m5 a Jers from the com mass ten to Leip Clear Way for restoration of Federal Grants for pensions and Grants to dependent children and needy Blind. Floor Leader h. M. Curnutt a a Aid the move would be Given Stout support in the Senate where the resold Ward had 1938. Coloured total As 1029, a loss of 11 from last year. Mrs. Lawrence has asked that All persons having children of school age who were missed by the census i takers Call the superintendents of fice no 270, immediately and report the number of children in the family. State s share is increased Olahoma to receive moire for old Aff = pension benefits. Cold winds sweep Down upon state storm hits Pacific Northwest As Ohio Valley suffers from High water report. By the anon lated Prev i rising flood Waters parts of the Ohio Valley tuesday who e a Pacific storm brought heavy Snow to the Northwest and death to nine fishermen Oklahoma basking in moderate january weather was in the path of cold North wind expected to bring freezing temperatures and rain or Snow wednesday. The red Cross estimated 10,000 families in five states were affected by the Ohio flood described by the Kentucky state health Quot commissioner As the worst in the history of the mountains. The storm covered Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington with Snow. Drifts marooned 20 patrons of a mount Hood resort. Harry Wahlgren Federal weather observer at Oklahoma City forecast sub freezing temperatures in Northwest Oklahoma tonight and Over the entire state wednesday with rain wednesday night turning to Snow. State temperatures ranged from 28 to 41 overnight and 58 to 62 monday 1 Oklahoma City had a High of 58, Low 41. A it it Washington feb. 7.�? up a Oklahoma s share of Federal Grants for old age assistance in the 1939-40 fiscal year is estimated by chairman Arthur j. Altmeyer of the social be vessel reported Safe. Port Angeles Wash. Feb. 7.�? Lieut. Commander Norman m. Nelson coast guards air station commander said today the boat Sonny boy reported missing off the Oregon coast last night had reached the Strait of Juan de Fuga today apparently in Good condition. He said the Craft reported to have nine aboard was sighted by the station s big flying boat. A patched to search tor the vessel. Mrs. Rockett made president Ardmore Owca society editor of daily Ardmore Ite Heads organization. Heading the Young women s Christian association in Ardmore during 1939 will be mrs la Rockett who has been elected president to succeed mrs. William a Burch or. Mrs Rockett society editor of the Dally Ardmore Ite is now serving the second year of her second six year term As member of the Board of directors she was chairman of the organization s education committee the past year and served a a member of the building committee. Other officers held by her have been those of vice president and Secretary. And she has had charge of the publicity for the movement for the past 15 years. Or. M. M. Wallis vice president other officers named at a Board of directors meeting monday afternoon in the Owca. Are mrs. M. M. Wallis vice president mrs. Vernon c. Torrance. Second vice president mrs. Earl Abner Brown Secretary and mass Mary l. Boone . The of Evelyn Gregorj Girts representative on the Board was Acca ated with regret. Her ,Sor at the next meeting of the Board March 6, present As new members of the Board were mrs wards Merrick. Mrs Philp a a raw lieu. Mass Ruth Small and Mips Ruth Anderson who have been elected to three year terms. Mrs. Henry Baum has been re elected for a like period. Appreciation expressed mrs Sam Mcdaniel chairman of the furnishing committee for the building made her final report to the Board and a vote of thanks was extended her and the members of her committee mrs Burch. Mrs Wallis and mrs John a Carlock. 4rdm0re Man curly Board at $6.6s3,000compared i Vith $5,891,000 in the present fiscal a action. Meanwhile the Senate prepared to Van Kirk who declared the Navy a year. Ideas for improve in Harbor facilities the estimate was made Public i i the Battle of the run off at the far Pacific Island of Guam i hearings on the House Independent i a pct would be regarded by Japan As a pro offices Bill i. Vocative a said he spoke for 42 peace Altmeyer estimated $941,000 would again St organizations in proposing a More de be granted Oklahoma for Aid to de the Senate failed to pass the Contro pendent children compared with of today after Dis $793,812 in the previous year and with debate one shy of the $211,000 for Aid to the Blind =3 otes needed for passage the report said 66,000 aged 35,000in need Hudren and 2100 Blind would Jenater John Macdona. The run be on Oklahoma s assistance Oik off primary spokesman lodged a motion to reconsider to keep the Bill on the Calendar and after picking up n couple of votes said he would for berate course. He asked that the Navy s $65,000.000 i air base program be delayed until a continued on Page three scout edit is observed beef brings higher prices average Price of All farm products higher than in december. Oklahoma City feb. 7 a i Pic beef cattle and veal calves were bringing Oklahoma Farmers higher prices Jan. 15 than at any time Suice 1930, the department of agriculture reported today. The report said the average Price of Oil products was Quot somewhat higher than on dec. 15, with meat animals and grains a creasing and Dairy products and eggs declining. Cont Asthig with the gain in beef cattle and veal calves which brought $6,10 and $7.40 a Hundri weight respectively hogs were the lowest since 1935 at $6.70. Wheat Corn and Barley advanced four cents a Bushel to the Money the report said but All Grain prices were materially lower than a year ago. The reported average Price of wheat 66 cents a Bushel was the highest since last july but the lowest january Price since 1933, eggs broke sharply from 25 cents a dozen on dec 15 to 15 cents in mid january. Butter prices remained stationary but butterfat and wholesale milk prices inclined slightly. A prance Paris is reported no worse Oklahoma City feb. Paris Tulsa democratic state chairman was reported a no worse today in a Hospital Here where he is suffer inc from a Throat infection. Last night his cond Cuoq was reported serious scouting and cubing program presented at kiwanis meeting. Ardmore Kiwan ians observed National boy scout week tuesday noon _ when an All scout tag and rubbing program was presented arranged by j $10.500.092 in Grants John f. Newcomer principal of 51119 000 in Loans and $23,333,926 fran Kun school. A to the sponsors might become eligible three Young members of scouting and rubbing explained the functions of the two organizations Quot Flea during the year. Maladministration charges which resulted last year in Complete with j j drawl of Federal Grants from okla a a Oday. Homa were aired during the hearings. If a couple of my made up illegal Altmeyer explained the Board was subtract Long from okla. Homa s Grants to make up for Quot illegal jul ? couple of my votes Aren t Here a he said Quot of course i won t Federal up Quot but Curnutt and a number of other payments in the meanwhile pea officials appearing before the committee to request additional funds said if Money was pro help him out by calling for reconsideration and then tabling the Motlon a parliamentary Man Euver that will kill the Bill Quot anyone can ask for a Curnutt said Wallace backs Runoff restoration of the Runoff again became a live Issue in the House i Nufi .=1 a when elections and privileges com i veterans administration officials i appearing before the committee said reported favourably a revised Brown of troop no. 5, the scouting a were seeking to include in their program. Robert Keith and Charles As amended by Wilson Wallace Elk a a a hm.,11 Lold 01 the. A or poses of the two organizations a Quot a Vyt w Ilief to Iacia sketch Fri their history a v Vav Vij us a cd Quot plans were completed at tuesday s to ii a meeting for the club s annual Valen of pc Rowch Washington feb 7.the store the Rymoff system As it existed prior to 1937, with two exceptions if either the first or second High candidate in the first primary withdrew the third High would be advanced to a place in the Timofi continued on Page three Kentucky asks Aid Cincin Natl a a ing a belated report of disaster in flood stricken Mountain areas. Ken i Tucky called for today As 1 the Crest of the Ohio River moved i i this City a or a. To Mcc Orinick state health comm Eloner at Louisville said a i heavy death list might be revealed in the Eastern Section where the Ohio s tributaries swept to Housetop Levels sunday. Quot this is the flood in the i of the said or. I Mccormick asking for an appropriation from the emergency fund of the v. S. Public health service. the River from cinc Natl of Newport and Covington. Ky., retreated As the Ohio reached a Crest he re of 58 feet. Police chief Livingston of Newport estimated 600 j families had been removed from Homes. The water inundated 35 City a blocks. Red agencies were prepared to evacuate 1200 families in the lowlands Here. Louisville believed Safe harassed by Quot Flash floods of Small , k Kentucky did not anticipate an emergency from the oncoming Crest of the Ohio meteorologist Kendall at Louisville said the City had a Quot big margin of safety a with a predicted High of 34 feet. At Frankfort the Kentucky River covered the Low lying sections with a foot of water blocking highways. Homes along Southern Indiana a in order were abandoned setting Relief i agencies in motion at Aurora Lawrenceburg and Evansville. The red Cross estimated 10,000 families affected by floods in five i states. Oid Ahoman killed Quot Quot of Rotcop wreck Tine party to be held at Dornick Milt Roll climb tu.m., comm Telon id to s sri of a a sir Quot a a a a a Quot the commission declied yesterday St. Louis feb 7.�? it a informed to renew the authorization under her husband had been stricken Seri which the Crosley corporation Sta i Ousby ill mrs. John w. Blackburn 62, Tion at Cincinnati. Ohio has been suffered a Shock and was taken to Centralia. 111., feb. 7,i/pi�? Mark Packard. 46, who came Here from Oklahoma City recently to work in an of Field wis killed last night in an automobile Accident. Program were Julian s. Cohenour and Jules Karkalits. Army flier drops nearly four Miles Shreveport la. Feb a second Lieut. Troy Keith of the air corps Reserve had no ill effects today to show for a plane dive of nearly four Miles during which Barksdale Field officers estimated he May have travelled faster than any human Ever has. Flying yesterday at 28,000 feet above Caddo Lake. Lieutenant Keith operating at 900 kilowatts since 1934, its strength will revert to 50 kilo the Hospital with him Blackburn also 62, died of heart a Watts the Power used by the next disease shortly after entering. Mrs strongest stations. Blackburn died of Shock yesterday. The commission said a need had joint funeral services will be held not been shown for continued expert tomorrow ments in superpower a Clyde Littlefield slightly improved Goddard seriously Iii with pneumonia James Goddard Youthful victim of an automobile crash that placed five Austin Texas feb. L.i/ph-Sught improvement was seen Early lost consciousness when his oxygen Tje condition of Clyde lit others in Hospital Beds last Friday tank failed to function. Before he the fled track coach of the University i night was reported to be seriously recovered his army Pursuit plane Texas who is critically ill of Bron a a pneumonia. Goddard suf plunged to a height of 9000 feet Hall pneumonia and toxic Poison i i red a broken leg in the Accident ing. I others Hurt in the crash were said to be responding to treatment in Satis where he managed to get control of it and land safely despite a buckled Wing. Stith found that his Speed indicator had jammed at 500 Miles an hour. Although conceding it was a a scientific guess a other officers experienced in aerodynamics figured the plane May have attained a Speed of about 670 Miles an hour or More than u Miles a minute during the dive. Kresge reports sales increase i new York feb. 7.�?<p>�?s. A Kresge co., recall Chain reported today january sales of $9,362,994, an hic ease of 3.6 percent Over $9,031,744 in january 1s38. December sales were 9.6 percent above december 193t. Factory fashion. Bulletin new took. Fek. 7.�? a general Bio tora corp. Today reported net income tor 19� of equal to $ljt7 a share on the Eom men Stock comp arc with fl96.7al,- 1m la 19s7, a a Iii to 4.u a share. Modern Miracle. There Are Homes for rent by the dozen. Also stores and offices. Consult the doily Ardmore Ite wont ads Frank m. Porter named on Oil research group by president Blue. Houston feb. 7,i/p a Burdette Blue of Bartlesville okla. Today was named chairman of the committee on Petroleum research of the Independent Petroleum association of America committeemen named by president Charles f. Roeser of fort Worth Are prank m. Porter Ardmore vice chairman r. A Jaung , okla Harry Leonard. Roswell n. A r. A Daugherty Bartlesville to c. Johnson Wichita Kan. Charles a. Warner c. A. Johnson los Angeles j. S. Noland Tulsa prank Long Tulsa Jake l. Hamon. Dallas. And John w. Naylor port Worth. The major function of the commit tee is to collect and distribute factual information on the Oil and Gas producing Industry. Two to be fired for drunkenness Oklahoma City feb 7.i/pl�? gov poll Ufa said today he would fulfil in just 24 hours his Campaign Promise to fire All state Iol it holders guilty of being drunk in Public. Tie governor said he had found two employees Quot violating my rules and declared they would be discharged tomorrow Quot unless they resign Phillips added that Quot also a certain lobbyist had better Puu in his horns he said he would Quot give out his a name if he does t Settle the two employees accused of drunk Ness Are hold overs. Phillips said. He said their offences were not committed in the statehouse. Asked if his no drunk Rule would democrats a apply to the slate league of Young convention at Enid feb. 22. Phillips said it would be in effect for All his apr Oln tees at the meeting. The governor said drinking a league conventions has done More than anything else to bring the party into disrepute. _ son born sunday twin is expected i Kansas City feb. 7.ivp a old Doc Stork and Hospital attendants i played a waiting game today at the bedside of mrs. Muo c. Mcdonnell to whom a son was wire and who expects a t�1n anytime now. James Charles Mcdonnell four pounds two ounces and healthy was a a bom at 3 26 a. M. Sunday. I attendants said it still la Uncer Tain when his twin will arrive. Such i spacing Between the births of twins 11� not unprecedented although it is i the longest recorded Here the attending physician was Tanir Ful for the delay. He said. Mrs. My it Donnell buffers from a heart difficulty and the rest would Benent Ber. The. 33-year-old Mother said she a la thu it Biog the Bop the twin will be a Wiater. Only father a Coonney. A Book it keeper u worn. By Hunt worked since set inlay ii Bee Nunt nervous and losing sle emergency exists. Says Roosevelt with Only $728,000,000 available president says 1,000,000 must be Cut from Rolls. Washington feb. 7.�?<�> a president Roosevelt told Congress today an Quot emergency Quot exists in Relief and asked Quot immediate consideration of an additional appropriation of $150,000,000 for spa for the next five months. This figure represents the Cut Congress made in his request for $875.-000,000 to carry spa from february through june. The White House announced earlier today the president had signed the $725,000,000 Biu last saturday. Sees no emergency first congressional reaction to the presidents latest Relief request came from representative Woodrum , who quoted the $725,000,000 measure through the House. He said he had Quot heard nothing indicating a new emergency Quot in Relief since Congress passed the appropriation and that he had no plans of any sort to re open the Relief appropriations prob Lem immediately. He would suggest he added House appropriations committee talk up the Relief Issue a a from Stem to. Stem a including the presidents latest proposal. A a any suggestion by the president should be carefully considered a Wood rum asserted. The virginian declared however a had seen no indication of a any change of sentiment in in asking immediate consideration on what he termed the a simple and alarming facts in the Relief Outlook. Or. Roosevelt said in a message. To that with Only $72$,000, v available spa either must reduce its Rolls abruptly on april 1 by l,006id.lni persons or begin on that the by week reduction which by Jum would drop employment from a a �?~3,do000� to a a Flag Fri Well 1,500,000 Cut More than half Quot in other words a the president said Quot the program of present pm r ploy ment would be slashed considerably More than one half within a period of three months. A if however proper reserves were maintained at the end of the fiscal year employment at the end of Juna would drop still further to a Figura of Only slightly More than 1,000,000 persons. A a therefore on a program of gradual reduction from 1,500,000 to 2,000,-000 persons would be thrown out of works Progress administration employment or with the addition of those dependent on them from 6,000,000 to 8,000,000 americans would no longer receive Federal government discussing the prohibition written into the Relief Bill against reducing spa Rolls by More than 8 percent during february and March or Roosevelt said not to Cut during two months a the need of these people is m apparent and so deserving that the Rolls in human decency ought not to be reduced dts ing february and March by even 5 percent. After conferences with the spa it has been determined for the above reason to hold the Rolls at the present figure on Page three pop suffers from Influent pontiff compelled to cancel a engagements announced at Vatican. Vatican City feb. 7.�? Pope Pius i was said by a vat Law news service today to Hava been stricken with a mild attack of influenza which aggravated his Chron asthma and compelled him to a Taki All Vatican circles said the pontiff a i running a temperature of 99.9, this was the second time in this months that he was forced to his activities because of ill Newi w his staff did not summon can uni who usually Call when the Popes Ness is the pontiffs physicians so Vii him to remain in his private ments and stipend All activity cancelled All scheduled Audley Mif j the Pope nearly 82, celebrated seventeenth anniversary of his Tion yesterday. Be Evitea few friends he took no part ind Dubue it i but received a few private apartments and telegrams of congratulate la nor. I he had a Busy seed. Lor the end of Toms it saturday la tit it of the recon let it it see and Tbs tia at pontiff was to. St to Taii Ilioof lie mifa of Fri Attim Tbs Ftp Eisz a a

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