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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1965, Page 1

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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Ardmore, Oklahoma R j Doni be a Walker a t Batly Are most Southern Oklahoma edition Quot Southern Oklahoma s greatest newspaper Quot 72nd year no. 52ardmore, Oklahoma monday december 27, 1965 Price 5c traffic is flowing and things seem Normal on the George Washington Bridge Between fort Lee n. J., and new York City even though there a a Light plane right in the Middle of the traffic lanes. Up telephoto four Are killed in Waurika fire Waurika staff a a pre Dawn fire raged through a Small Frame House in the negro Section of Waurika monday killing a Man and three children. Jefferson county sheriff Archie Wirt identified the victims As Leroy Mcfadden 28 Pat Mcfadden 6, and Sheila Mcfadden 3, his children and 10-year-old Toney Johnson. Also seriously burned was Mcfadden a wife Wauneta 31, the Only member of the family to escape from the blazing House which apparently caught fire around 12 30 . Monday. Sheriff Wirt said the woman was hospitalized at Waurika after firemen arrived at the Blaze and found her just outside the House. The sheriff said that it appeared that All of the victims had attempted to get out but were overcome by smoke. The Small three room House was completely destroyed by the Blaze which apparently started in the bedroom or living room Wirt said. A there was a stove close to one window and most of the fire was in the front of the House a he said. The officer reported that none of the victims were still in bed indicating that they had struggled to flee the burning House. The Johnson boy was Mcfadden a step son and mrs. Mcfadden a son. American tunes stay out of North Viet in air activity stays quiet president keeping quiet Johnson keeps peace Hopes plane Nicks car on Bridge new York a Woodrow Leone 47, driving his truck across the George Washington Bridge looked in the Mirror and saw an air plane. A moment later the wingtip of the Small plane carrying two men nicked leones truck and landed in the Middle of the Bridge. The two occupants of the plane walked away with minor injuries. Leone , n.j., was unhurt. The Pilot Phillip Ippolito 19, of the Bronx told police he was going to land the single engine plane in the Hudson River after the engine failed. But his passenger Joseph Brennan 39, of Hackensack n.j., told Ippolito he swim. The damaged plane veered Ott the truck and came to rest in the two Center lanes of the giant Bridge which connects new York City with new Jersey. Trip started Bynum Lirey Washington apr Hubert h. Hum Lirey wings toward the far East today on his first major overseas trip As vice president. The week Long asian journey to the Philippines Japan South Korea and nationalist Clirina May be largely ceremonial. But the War in Viet Nam Humphrey says will be a prime topic in his private talks with leaders of the four Friendly governments. The foreign travel May also help strengthen Humphreys image at Home As it did for Richard m. Nixon and Lyndon b. Johnson. Although Johnson travelled to 28 countries when he was vice president Humphreys most talked about trip was the one he did no to make a when Johnson set chief Justice Earl Warren instead of the vice president to represent the United states at sir Winston Churchill a funeral. Generally Humphrey has been kept on a Short tether Labouring As Liaison Between the White House and Congress and giving speeches within the United states. Coincidentally or otherwise the White House announced the plans for Humphreys asian trip a a a Public opinion poll whose findings apparently surprised Humphreys staff. Johnson said he had selected Humphrey As his no 2 Man because he was equipped to be a Good president. But the recent poll showed that the majority of people sampled was not As sold on Humphrey As Johnson said he was. To accompany Humphrey to Tow far East Johnson is sending one of his own closest advisers presidential aide Jack Valenti. Humphrey said sunday on the Mutual broadcasting systems a a reporters round up that a was a vice president sir you Are pot supposed to be at the front of the stage. I consider my role to be one of working with the president working within the government and then to take the policies of the government out to the people to explain As Best i can As to How this government a attempting to fid fill its responsibilities on the world Humphrey will return to Washington . 2, eight Days before Congress returns to work. Cuban defectors granted Asylum Osaka Japan apr four cuban officers walked off a cuban freighter today and asked and were granted . Political Asylum. They said All cuban ships were instructed to carry military equipment to communist North Viet Nam and they opposed this policy of aiding a communist a statement by capt. Francisco Cobas oses 46, and three officers of the Aracelio Iglesias 7,900-ton freighter said a we done to want to risk our lives by Kansas wreck kills seven Sublette Kan. A seven persons were killed and seven others injured sunday afternoon near this Rural southwestern Kansas town when their autos collided at an intersection. Highway patrol trooper Gail Rathbun said Lawrence Blakely 24, of Dodge kity Kan., was driving West on . 56. Blakely his wife Dana 22, and her sister Pauline 27, and her husband James Simmons 25, and their son Todd Simmons 8 months were Only six Miles from the Fred gales Home in Satanta where they were to have a Holiday dinner. Travelling North on . 83, Rathbun said was mrs. Dora g. Saldiver 27, seven of her children and her Mother mrs Sabena Gonzales 57. The Sal divers Only recently had moved to Leoti in southwestern Kansas from Post Tex. They had been to Texas for a Brief Holiday visit and As they approached the intersection they were less than two hours or about 70 Miles South of Thek new Kansas Home. The intersection was marked by Stop signs on . 56 where it crossed the North South . Route 83. The roads were dry and Clear. Killed were Blakeley a wife and the three members of the Simmons family mrs. Gonzales and two of the Saldiver children Nettie 4 and one year old Cindy. Helping the shipment of military a cuban embassy spokesman in Tokyo called the four traitors. He denied cuban ships were carrying cargo to North Viet no a. He said the ships Call at North vietnamese ports a to pick up things we buy there a general the four were reported to have told Osaka officials they were ordered to pick up weapons in Shanghai and take them to North Viet Nam. A spokesman for the . Consulate general said the cubans declared a we cannot stand life in Cuba any the four were granted Asylum shortly after they walked into the consulate general this morning. They were then turned Over to japanese police who v anted to determine if they left the ship voluntarily. Police issued the statement by the four. They were Flora to Tokyo where they will catch a plane for the United states. The freighter had been in dry Dock for repairs since october. It had been damaged in a collision off Panama. Weather temperatures 1965 1964 High yesterday. 52 62 Low last night. 31 28 10 45 . Reading 44 a data recorded at fire station forecasts local a partly Cloudy tonight and tuesday. Northerly winds 10 to 20 mph today. Low tonight 25 to 30. High tuesday upper ,40s, five Day the Outlook for the period tuesday through saturday is for temperatures to average three to seven degrees above Normal. The Normal highs for the period Range from 44 degrees in the North to 52 in the Southeast. Normal lows Are from 20 Northwest to 33 in the Southeast. Temperatures should turn warmer about mid week and minor Day to Day changes Are expected thereafter. Little or no precipitation is expected throughout the period. Saigon South Viet Nam apr for the third straight Day the United states kept its planes out of North Viet names skies today but . Marines killed 63 Viet Cong in ground skirmishes after a Short interrupted Cliris Mas truce. The marines reported strikes against the communists during patrols around the big . Air base at Danang 380 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The americans reported taking Light casualties. A squad of leathernecks pounced on about 40 Viet Cong killing 15 at a Hamlet called Quang a no. 1. Two hours later a Marine platoon near Quang a no. 2, about two Miles southward was attacked by 75 Viet Cong armed with automatic weapons. The americans called in artillery support tanks and armed helicopters. When the Brief encounter was Over they counted the bodies of 41 communists. Marines in other scattered actions against the reds reported killing seven Viet Cong during the Day. Air attacks were made Only on suspected Viet Cong concentrations in South Viet Nam . Spokesmen said. Ground action also was reported in Low key for the past 24 hours. Beyond confirming the suspension of the Aerial War which steadily had been closing in on the Hanoi Haiphong Industrial Belt . Officials in Saigon said Only that the orders came from Washington. This raised speculation that the pause was a new invitation to North vietnamese president to Chi minho a regime to come to the peace table. . Officials declined to guess How Long the Lull would last. A . Army truck carrying soldiers of the . 1st infantry division hit a mine 30 Miles North of Saigon. Casualties were reported heavy. The Viet Cong detonated a mine at a government troop Barracks at a dec 70 Miles Southwest of Saigon just As two vietnamese platoons were starting the work Day. A it killed or Hurt a lot of soldiers a a . Army officer said. An adjacent compound for american advisers escaped the Force of the explosion. A second mine was found and disarmed. Twenty Miles Southwest of the Barracks a communist mine blew up a jeep killing two american soldiers and an american civilian. The air Force raised its toll of losses to communist missile fire Over North Viet Nam to 10 planes. A spokesman said an f4-c phantom Jet downed during an assault on the Bac Cau Bridge 85 Miles North of Hanoi dec. 19 had been hit by a soviet built surface to air missile. The Pilot was rescued. Some military commanders were reported concerned by the pause in air attacks since they Felt it gave the communists a Chance to step up the movement of men and supplies toward the to Chi Minh Trail leading to the South. No word came from president Johnson at his Texas ranch but he reportedly still retained a Glimmer of Hope the fighting would not return to its pre Christmas ferocity. The air pause was seen As evidence Johnson was waiting for some peace sign from Hanoi. . Ofili vials said the state department had instructed the military command to extend the truce As Long As possible. But even As the instructions arrived the Viet Cong had already broken the cease fire with a rash of incidents u. S. Spokesmen said. American Headquarters sent out orders to All units at 4 . Sunday to resume Normal operations thereby sealing the end of the truce. Viet Cong attacks during the truce killed at least a dozen americans and up to 50 South vietnamese troops . Spokesmen said. Many others were wounded. During the 30 hour Allied truce period which ended at Midnight saturday there were 84 incidents instigated by the communists a u. S. Spokesman said. This included 20 violations in the first six hours of the truce. Austin Tex. Apr president Johnson reportedly still retained a Glimmer of Hope today that the fighting in Viet Nam will not return to pre Christmas ferocity. The fact that the United states had riot resumed bombings of North Viet Nam even two Days after the end of the cease fire was seen As evidence that Johnson still was seeking a peaceful settlement. When the United states and South Viet Nam wore considering last week a 30-hour Christmas cease fire so Long As their troops were not fired upon Johnson kept aloof from the eventual announcement and publicly the decision making. A a that a a matter to be decided in Saigon a said the Texas White House. Johnson made no Public comment on uie cease fire even though he normally is Quick to identify himself with Good news. In Many quarters his silence was interpreted As indicating reluctance to associate himself with a move that might go awry. And some observers were convinced after the cease fire failed to hold that Liis was his reasoning. However one source close to the president cast Johnson a aloofness in a different Light by saying a the is silent because he is listening a in Short according to this source Johnson said nothing because he was most interested in Hanoi a reaction reportedly he did not want to Cloud the atmosphere. It was not happenstance either it was said that tie state department announced officially. That american troops had been ordered not to fire except in self defense even after the end of the 30-hour cease fire and that the subsequent fighting was described As the president and the first lady attended sunday service at tie first Baptist Church in Johnson City. He Shook hands with everyone in sight a even one of his secret service bodyguards a and he signed autographs readily. Afterwards Johnson visited his boyhood Home and by coincidence gave his secret service bodyguard a scare. Just As Johnson drove to the old Homestead an 18year-old Deer Hunter emerged from his grandfathers Home across the Street carrying a Rifle with telescopic sight. At Liat instant a 12-year-old girl in a Yard nearby set off a loud firecracker. Secret service agent Cliff Hill a remembered for climbing aboard the limousine of president John f. Kennedy in Dallast at the time of the assassination a jumped from a Security car and advanced on the Rifle Holder with arms outstretched. The episode soon was forgotten when the train of coincidences were unravelled. After Johnson left the scene the youth drove away for some Hunting just As he had intended. President Johnson watches lady Bird talk to Carolyn Davis san Antonio As they leave the first Baptist Church at Johnson City Tex., where they attended services. The pastor Rev. H. L. Mclerran left watches the first family As they leave. Up telephoto antimissile fallout shelters scientists differ on issues Berkeley Calif. A two prominent scientists clashed today Over the value a or danger a of proposals to spend billions on antimissile systems and fallout shelters. A Reliance upon a defense system of such extraordinary complexity May bring More risk than safety a said or. Barry commoner head of the department of botany at Washington University st. Louis to. Or. Edward Teller University of Ca fornia physicist and one of the inventors of the atomic bomb countered a a Strong civil defense is oium Best Hope of preventing nuclear the two were scheduled speakers in a symposium on civil defense at the annual meeting of the american association for the advancement of science a the largest scientific convention of the year attended by More than 6,000. The difference of opinion came at a briefing prior to the symposium. Commoner an authority on environment accused Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara of giving a a woefully inadequate picture of the immediate and eventual damage from nuclear War. He predicted a epidemics of human and animal diseases crop destruction by radiation erosion and sterilization of the land resulting from massive destruction of vegetation and the triggering of possibly catastrophic climatic these As Well As immediate destruction from blast heat and radiation he said a Lead me to conclude that this nation its popular of its economic wealth its social fabric a All that we speak of As our civilization a would be irrevocably lost following a major nuclear he conceded that som scientists would disagree with him but insisted a there can to no disagreement that it is absolutely impossible to be certain of our own Teller said Strong civil defense measures Are vital As a deterrent. A the russians characteristically avoid taking risks a Teller said. A if we have no shelters or antimissile systems they May feel they can defeat us. But if we put up a Strong civil defense i believe we will prevent attack. Commoner pointed out that the Johnson stration is considering a combined anti missile shelter system expected to Cost several Bivions. Kid Walkie talkies jamming airwaves Miami Fla. Apr transistorized Walkie tallies a a the Christmas gift for the kid who has everything a Are creating a traffic Jam on tie airwaves. The Federal communications commission does no to like some of the juvenile Patter its monitors Are picking up. The Fri is also listening with interest. Some children with Walkie talkies and a High powered vocabulary Are butting into the citizens radio band network with purple anecdotes and suggestions. The chatter is burning the ears of licensed radio operators tuned in on the same frequency. Most of the Walkie talkie conversations Are perfectly legitimate messages Between pals with a new toy. As Long As the talk is clean and no conscious attempt is made to interfere with regular traffic the acc has no objections. A Walkie talkie chatter is expected every Christmas a said Homer Thompson chief Engineer at the pc cd scentral monitoring station in Broward county he explained that the Battery powered sets Are pre regulated by the manufacturers to operate on one tenth Watt Power Over class d citizens band channels. Their Range Over land is one to three Miles. A actually the kids who Are abusing the use of the airwaves done to come under our jurisdiction since they Are not licensed operators a Thompson said. A but we do cooperate wit i the Fri when Federal statutes involving profane and indecent language is of More serious concern Are tie false emergency messages being heard on some sets. One boy on Christmas Day had Sev eral radio operators worried when he broadcast an sos a pleading that he was in a sinking boat. His alarm turned out to be false. The citizens band is designed for both business and personal use a for delivery trucks and sportsmen for example. It is also the frequency for other radio use such As signals from electronic heating machines and Hospital heat treatment equipment. Yule Holiday traffic toll sets record by the associated a Fps the nations three Day Cir is Mas traffic death toll broke All records for Holiday fatalities on the highways. The death toll reach ski 707 today As late reports were verified. The previous record traffic toll was 706 for a four Day Christmas weekend in 1956. Before the Holiday the National safety Council had estimated deaths would run Between 560 and 660. The toll included records in a number of individual states. In Ohio the state safety director Warren c. Nelson said the 49 deaths made the highest toll for any weekend in 1965 and perhaps the highest since records have been kept Louisiana a superintendent of Public safety Thomas Burbanks said that states 32 was the worst toll since state police began keeping records 25 years ago. Rain Slot Snow and freezing temperatures Over much of the nation added to the expected hazards of Long distance travel minimum Daylight and roads jammed with cars. The safety Council said 80 million vehicles were on the Road during the 78-hour period w hich started at 6 . Thursday and ended at Midnight sunday night. Several accidents accounted for dozens of deaths. Shortly after the Start of the Holiday period a bus travelling on icy pavement in Oregon skidded out of control crashed and turned Over. The Accident thursday Touk 13 lives. The next Day five persons died when a car skidded out of control on an ice coated Bridge in Eastern Oklahoma. Five persons died sunday on a snowy Road near Buffalo Minn. Seven persons were killed in a collision West of Sublette Kan., sunday. A the total dead far exceeded the 578 killed Over the 1964 Cliris Mas weekend and the 428 fatalities during a recent no Holiday weekend. That weekend from 6 . Thursday dec. 9 to Midnight sunday dec. 12, was surveyed by the associated press to establish a comparison Valachi is allowed to publish memoirs Washington apr the Justice department has decided to let convicted murderer Joseph Valachi a the Cosa Nostra hoodlum who broke a blood oath of secrecy a publish his memoirs. In doing so it has broken a Long standing policy against letting Federal prisoners publish stories of their lives of crime. The 1,180-Page manuscript is called a the real its 61-year-old author scrawled it on Legal pads during Long months in the District it of Columbia jail. He has lived thera since 1963, when he became widely known by spilling to Federal authorities and a Senate committee the secrets of the multimillion Douay National Syndicate called in sicilian a la Cosa Nostra a or a your

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