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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - August 24, 1937, Ardmore, Oklahoma La Nar orb horizontal i lunar body in the sky. 4 it is next to the in conspicuous. Ness. 7 one of its a phases. 11 to Sag. 12 helmet shaped part. 14 car Boh in smog to. 16 Indian. 17 appropriateness. 19 Feather Scarf. 20 second note. 21 Sable. 22 to devour. 24 Street. 25 companions. 27 imitation Satin. 29 Northwest 30 nay. 31 food Container. 85 definite article. Answer o previous Puzzle Nasca balata a Bah Aaili Strehs Shihe a he aaa warn a ass Ara s Lam shh Saia a0hhga Ara Caja shh a a Eliis in is he Fly h s Tannasi Satira Bassi Shah �7 Type measure. 59 lubricated. Ii in Gie a id s n 5iai pm 38 finale. 61 it is a -. Of 40 either. The Earth. 42 Bone. 62 presses. 43 member of an african race. 45 drop of Eye fluid. 47 confined. 48 cry of sorrow. 50 measure of area. 61 it gives a a a Light. 87 behold. 58 affray. Vertical 1 Bishop s headdress. 2 unit. 3 All right. 4 perched. 5 Arm Bone. 6 born. 8 you and me. 9 Tennis stroke. 10 Slack. 11 its is uneven. 12 encircles. 13 toward sea. 15 gossips. 17 merriment. 18 perched. 21 not Many. 23 baking dish. 26 Wayside hotel. 28 negative word 32 translucent resin. 33 social insect. 34 witticism. 36 hourly. 38 Freedom of Access. 39 kit. 41 Peruser. -44 form of Quot a. 46 Morin in Dye. 47 writing. Tablets. 49 male children 52 measure of cloth. 53 rumanian coins. 54 mine hut. 55 musical note. 56 Prophet. 58 Mountain 60 to accomplish a the voice of Southern Oklahoma 1210 kilo Cycle Joe a Looka affiliate of Mutual broadcasting system and Oklahoma network inc. Well Call him Eroil j to wheres v to. Buzzer a on it Over an Rush Back to to Corner Quot Xiv there s the warning Buzzer a if �?tw1rd round Comino pfc253v both boys look fresh Tefere s Twe Egv a. Duncan. Newscast orchestra freckles and his friends great texts on the sunny spaces interpreted by Fred Sanders a there Are glimpses of heaven granted to us by every act or thought or word which raises us above ourselves which makes us think less of ourselves and More of others a a. P. J Stanley. S Quot god is kind to the Unthankful and evil a a Luke 6 35. J kind thoughts kind words kind deeds Are stepping stones along the Road to life a sunny spaces. If you have missed the Royal Road it is because self cent redness has blinded your eyes and led you astray. All our worries and troubles crowd around us through our self absorb Tion. To get out of trouble we must get out of self to for rubbing the Scales of trouble from our eyes kindness is a sure j remedy. Kindness takes us into the lives of others and in projecting ourselves j into other lives we escape from the Jungle of self. J kindness 1b the practice of divinity. Every adventure in it takes one nearer heaven and makes god More real. Only As we cultivate the habit j of kindness to others can we appreciate the kindness of god. A heaven of happiness opens up to a Man when he awakens to the fact that Providence is kind at heart that god almighty is Well disposed toward him and taking a kindly interest in his affairs. But he can never realize this until he gives himself in kindness to others. \ through kindness we learn the language of the infinite and thus become acquainted with our higher self. If your life is full of trouble tears and heartaches kindness will Lead you out of it into the sunny spaces. J and sunny spaces Are everywhere. Squander your kindness on the next 1 Grumpy person you meet. He will probably be so Moonstruck that he cannot appreciate it. It will be like a joke that failed to Register. But give him time. Before the Day is Over the Corners of his Mouth will crease into a ghost of a smile. You will have reached a sunny space in his dismal nature. You can Only dwell in the sunny spaces through leading others into them. Squander your smiles. Lend a hand. Release the latent generosity of your higher. Self. Let your kindness make a Clearing in their Jungle. Folks Dov to want your advice nor your criticism not your patronage but they do want smiles and sunbeams and kindness and generous appreciation. They Pine for the sunny spaces. And so do you. Tuesday 3 00�?poet s Corners Faul 3 15�?d ally Ardmore Ite with Ramon Martin. S 30�?freddie Carlones a lbs. 4 00�?organallties�?pollie put ton. 4 16�?studies in Black and White lbs. 4 30�?dance tunes 4 45�?the Johnson family. Lbs. 5 00�?rex rattle and his Royal York orchestra lbs. 5 15�?ice service company presents the Nosey reporter. 5 30�?rhythm and Romance. 5 45�?old Milwaukee Browing com tiny sportscast o n. 6 00�?music by Josef Chernyavsky lbs. 6 30�?symphony in rhythm. Lbs. 7 00�?t#eroy shield s orchestra lbs. 7 30�?pruitt farm posters. 8 00�?slnfionletta. Alfred Wallenstein director. Lbs. 8 30�?hotel la it by lbs. 9 00�?dick Gasparre s orchestra mrs 9 15�?m i c k e y Alpert a orchestra mrs. 9 30�?jerry Blaine a orchestra. Lbs. 10 00�?xavier Cupat 5 orchestra lbs. 10 30�?d t c k Gasparre a orchestra lbs. 11 00�?goodnight. Wednesday 7 00�?kvso Bible class Rev. W. Lee Rector teacher. 7 30�?the Arkansaw wyers o x. 8 00�?n e w a weather with Sam Blackburn. 8 05�?musical clock. 8 15�?today�?Ts almanac. 8 30�?marriage clinic lbs. 8 45�?monitor views the news. 9 00�?get thin to music. Lbs. 9 15�?morning devotions. Rev. F. D. Met Reedy. St. Mary s Catholic. Church. 9 30�?raoul Nadeau. Singer lbs. 10 00�?kvso varieties. 10 30�?Bill Lewis and Organ. Lbs. 10 43�?wp Are four dramatic sketch lbs. 11 00�?daily Ardmore Ite newscast with Veldon Wallace. 11 15�?address. Or. C. Fat. Wilbanks. 11 30�?.lack Caldwell at the Organ o n. 11 45�?janice Porter. Lbs. I 12 00�?palmer hot a orchestra. Lbs. I 12 15�?ardmorp milling company pre sents the Melody Millers. I 12 30�?memory songs. Lbs. 12 45�?custer Allen s variety pro lbs mass t a Law Couk a Blel jul. Be Wile amp to a Justa. High up and do a to a a a amp it is Xterm anywhere else he d be just stand a Wash tubs tvs Aster follows disaster., too chinchillas Are lost while shooting toe rapids a Mere pittance to Wash by or 40,000 will. Look. Mighty out Jiram. 1 00�?hob Crosby s orchestra lbs. 1 30�?arthur or Jbf and Pinon lbs. 1 45�?rutger s Home economics Bureau. Lbs. 1 2 00�? rambling hoboes. 2 15�?Texas Jim Lewis and his cow. Boys. Lbs. I 2 -30�?rboh Gleason s orchestra. Lbs. J 3 i it no poet s for apr Paul Duncan. J 3 15�?pm�?Tly Ardmore Ite newscast with Ramon Martin. 3 30�?bob crop by a orchestra. Lbs. 4 00�?organalitie? Dutton. 4 15�?roy Benham. 4 30�?dance tunes. 4 45�?the Johnson family lbs. H 00�?palmer House ensemble. Lbs. 5 15�?ice�?~�?~-service company presents the Nosey reporter. 5 30�?rhythm and Romance. \ 5 45�?old Milwaukee brewing company sports amp St o n. Fi00�?Southern Oklahoma entertains. Yourt Host. Wilson. 6 30�?united states Marine band. Lbs. 7 00�?jack Denny s orchestra lbs. 7 15�?crime clinic mrs. 7.30�?pruitt farm boosters. 7 45�?rd Fitzgerald and company. Lbs. S ooh How about it human interest program with Sam Hammer lbs. % 30�?melodies from the skies lbs. 00�?Chicago c. Y. O. Is. South american c. Y. O. Boxing bouts. Lbs. _ r _ _ 103fl�?tack Denny a orchestra. Lbs. 11 0 it a goodnight. Code my so Mutual broadcasting system. On Oklahoma network. Two new Oklahoma network features boots and her buddies More artists asked to Aid Community program a need for number of specially feature. A. Several entertainers who have previously appeared on Community meeting programs in Central Park have signified they a ill be on hand tuesday night for the Quot review Quot void Nisei program planned for 8 o clock Houston Adkins and Raymond Vance were the first to offer their services. These youngsters appeared several weeks ago and were Well received by the audience. Tuesday night they plan to sing Quot Ranchi Grande Quot As one of several duet selections. The committee renewed to Appeal to All artists who Are willing to lend a hand to make the program a Complete Success. Any entertainer will be More than Welcome and will be 1 Given a Good spot on the program All that is requisite is that the person wishing to appear report to the chairman of the program Between 7 30 and 8 o clock. Vocalists instrumentalists dancers readers or any act that will be of interest to the audience Are needed. As usual the program will be preceded by radio music from 7 30 to 8 p. held after attack on daughter the voice of the people and no fooling by Mai says was misquoted daily Ardmore Ite who Ever quoted me in the column of your sunday paper to the effect that red River Valley would produce a larger Pecan crop this year than it a for the past 20 years had a pipe dream. 1 am no authority on pecans but own a Small Orchard in love county and have observed the present crop in my opinion. Southern Oklahoma will not produce to exceed 20 percent of a Pecan crop this year i wish you would Correct this statement As i do not want to be placed of the position of prophesying a big Pec fun crop. If it had not been tor the recent rain it would not be. In my opinion As Large As it is. Pecans this year should bring an excellent Price. J. B. Moore. Two new Oklahoma network programs Are being heard mondays through saturdays Over radio station Kuso Ardmore. The Arka Sawyers and their popular string music Are heard each morning from 7 30 to 8 o clock their programs originating in Oklahoma City Are heard Over the affiliated stations of the Oklahoma network. The Arka Sawyers. A family group famous in the state for their string music. Have been heard Over other state stations. Jack Caldwell organist is heard each morning mondays through saturdays. At 11 30 o clock in a 15-Mlnute Organ program originating in an Oklahoma City theater. Caldwell j has been broadcasting Over a port j Worth station. Funeral service to be held for victim Cham Jones assumes new judicial Post Holdenville aug. 24.�? up a a complaint by a 14-year-old girl resulted today in a charge of first degree rape against her father Chris Henry Carnes 43-year-old unemployed Cobbler. County attorney Harvey Powell who filed the charges said the daughter a Jorent told him she was assaulted by her lather on june 11, while her j Mother iwas visiting in Texas. Powell said Carnes was being held pending preliminary hearing wednesday. Tor the past year the army bases have been the scene of k continuous of sew air planes. Duncan. Aug. 24�? Pic the to a sit Ion of District judge vacated by eur i Pene Rice was filled today by Cham i Jones former Legal assistant to chief Justice Monroe Osborne of the state supreme court. Jones took the oath of office yesterday from Eva March Coli qty clerk. Rice resigned to become Federal judge for Eastern Oklahoma. Medford. Aug. 24.�? pjs last j rites for mrs. De Falkenberg state i democratic vice chairman injured fatally in a Kansas automobile Accident will be held from the congregational i Church Here at 2 p. M. Thursday. J James Battenberg state securities 1 commissioner will speak at the service. The Rev. W. E. Baldwin pastor of the Church will officiate and burial will be in Rosemound cemetery. Mrs. Falkenberg died at Wichita kan., yesterday from injury 53 suffered in an Accident near Wellington. R. E. Adams of Bartlesville was released under Bond on a reckless driving charge in connection with the Accident. Sib committee will hold one Day session Washington aug. 24.�? in a a one Day hearing on farm conditions will be conducted by the Senate agricultural subcommittee in Oklahoma it City oct. 25, members announced. The subcommittee is making a Field Survey of conditions in the sout preparatory to drafting sew farm Legisla Tom say it with Flowers weddings. Birthdays. Anniversaries a ebon voyage to make Quot someone so happiness Complete. Say it with Flowers. Oor selection is always i completed Woerz Bros. Phone is. Southern Oklahoma schools preparations for most successful so a soil in Many years enrolment to be Large Ardmore needs of the Southern Oklahoma fait As a renewed1 incentive to better agriculture. Ardmore has of ,50 Miles radius with a popu lation of 150,000� people it must serve. Vol. 44 no. 258 established of Tobuk 28, 18� a Southern okla hot we. Greatest newspaper Ardmore Oklahoma wednesday August 25, �937 associated press reports a a twelve pages Knox widely known Oil Man e ads Ian s state senator from Stephens county was in charge. Of celebrated Capitol grounds drilling. Partner of Walter Gant Eddie Shoemaker buys first Duck stamp of season it pay to Abner brawn postmaster issued a statement Only two Days ago that the new Duck Stamps were available at the Post office. Its a Good Long time until Duck season but Eddie Shoemaker 915 fifth Northeast intended to buy a stamp a sometime anyway a so he applied Bright and Early tuesday. As a result his Duck stamp prop Erly pasted on his Hunting License bears the legend in the Fine italian hand of the postmaster that his a is the first Duck stamp sold for 1937�?� at the Ardmore office. Studded in first state Well when Marland used militia. Baltimore mde a aug. 25.�?iip a state senator Knox Garvin of Duncan okla., colourful Oil Man who drilled under martial Law the first state Wells in the Capitol Field at Oklahoma City died in Johns Hopkins Hospital Here Early today. who was stricken while japs lose heavily in new attack hundreds of lives lost As deadly chinese fire rakes Landing Quot forces at Shanghai. To to pfc re by Well a producer murder Lue to racketeers Chicago police blame vice mob for slaying Evanston business Man. U s. Cruiser Abandons Post Chicago aug. 25.�? in a a the a serving his second four year term in j 0ry that vice racketeers killed Herbert the 18th Oklahoma legislature was i a. Lee to avoid losing a blonde Quot meal admitted to the Hospital july 27. He was a patient of or. Walter e. Dandy. The body will be sent to Oklahoma cloy arriving there Friday morning funeral saturday funeral services will be held at Duncan at 3 p. M. Saturday from the first presbyterian Church. The body then will be taken to a Walters where the Walters masonic Lodge will have charge of burial serv lines at 5 p. M. Garvin was a member of the Walters Lodge. Garvin a Veteran Oklahoma and Texas Eil Man became Tegene Ralissa Emo �k-o0v. E. W. Marlandus wat with Oklahoma City officials More than a year ago Over drilling on state grounds near the Ca frito. When Marland called out the National guard in March of 1936 to defy an Oklahoma City zoning ordinance against drilling in the Capitol area he picked Garvin a Veteran Oil Driller As Well As a Law maker to do the drilling for him. Under the Protection of the National guard which warded off subpoena servers Garvin studded in continued on i Hajje Kleven it Franco Smen in Santander City Falls and insurgents control Northwest Spanish coast District. Ticket Quot was projected today by investigators As the motive for his mysterious Moonlight slaying in Grant Park. Vice operators sought two vice operators whose names police would not divulge were hunted As the slayers of Lee shot to death while strolling in the Park Early sunday morning with Grace Snyder 22-year-old blonde. Lieut. Thomas p. Kelly chief investigator for the states attorneys office said he believed the slayers were angered because miss Snyder intended to marry Lee her companion on night life Toms for moffltt.1 it Ltd a we believe they decided not to lose a Good meal ticket Quot said Lieut. Kelly. Quot so they followed Lee and the girl to the Park and shot him Down after slapping . Miss Snyder said one of the men slapped her in the face while the other shot Lee. Investigators considered the slap significant inasmuch As the slayers made no attempt to Rob Lee. Lieut. Kelly said the slayers not Only wanted to prevent miss Snyder from marrying Lee but also might have killed her escort Quot to show that outsiders cannot take girls away from the ring and be until his death Lee had been known henday Franco Spanish Frontier aug. 25.�?op a a flying column of insurgent Generalissimo Francisco Francois motorized Calvary drove into fallen Santander today to Plant the red and Gold Spanish insurgent Banner on Public buildings. Entry of the conquering troops came Only As a matter of minutes after the insurgent High command announced that government officials had surrendered the City the last important government seaport stronghold on the Northwest Spanish coast. Revolt of Santandera a civil guards and other insurgent sympathizers hastened the City a capitulation. Fall of the City climaxed a Quot big push which started aug. 9. The drive was the Keystone of an insurgent Campaign to rid Northwestern Spain of government forces and release masses of insurgent legions for a decisive offensive against Madrid. President Jose Antonio de Aguirre and several other members of the Basque government who found san Stander a Refuge Quot alter the fall of Bilbao arrived safely at Bayonne France ust before insurgent Advance guards entered the City. The British flotilla Leader Keith i was evacuating a number of refugees including several remaining members 1 of the Basque government to St. Jean de Luz France. As Robert f. Burns respectable a business Man in suburban Evanston mrs. Theresa Weichbrodt assistant state s attorney Harry Posner said admitted having lived with him As his wife. She disclosed he adopted the alias after he abandoned a wife and son in Detroit nine years ago. Held under Bond miss Snyder was held in custody under 100,000 Bond. Judge Michael l. Mckinley a fold he fixed a High to and figure because the woman Quot refused to cooperate Quot in solving a a murder committed just about 50 feet from the busiest thoroughfare in j the scene of the slaying was near Michigan Avenue. On guard duty it is compelled to leave due to heavy bombardment. By Morris j. Harris Shanghai aug. 25. Up a the lives of hundreds of japanese soldiers were sacrificed today in a mass Effort to land desperately needed reinforcements and wipe out the chinese armies of Shanghai. The city�?Ts., wily defenders took heavy toll of japanese Landing part ies thwarting a japanese plan to land 55.000 troops near Woosung and storm Shanghai a a defense from the rear. Woosung is at the Confluence of the Whang poo and Yangtze Down River 12 Miles from the heart of Shanghai. 42,000 japs on ships. An estimated 42,000 japanese still were on their ships and the ranks of some that reached Shore were riddled. The chinese allowed the new japanese troops to Rush what seemed to be second defence lines then exploded hidden mines and virtually wiped out the invaders with sheets of fire fro secret machine gun nests. Bettr aides actin dated that casual ties in the Woosung sector where the Battlefront abruptly shifted were extremely heavy. One. Late report tonight unconfirmed said the chinese finally were withdrawing Inland in the face of Japan s big guns. The foreign residents of the heart of Shanghai were summoned by the devastation of 13 Days of war�?$125.-000,000 Worth of ruined property and at least 100,000 War dead and to tended. Chinese asserted that two japanese a warships were sunk off t Ungro ing Island today in the Yangtze River. Shanghai s waterway to the sea that j 500 of a japanese Landing party j barrels Gas pressure heavy Oil men confident new Well will be Good producer was acid Zed with 5000 Gallons did not clean itself out. Good production at Carter Oil company a no. 1 Harley Community deep Milroy Pool test in a Nene of Section 24, 2s4w, was practically assured wednesday when the Well was opened after being treated with 5000 Gallons of acid. Before noon wednesday the test was unofficially estimated at 150 barrels an hour and approximately 10 to 20 million feet of Gas daily. The Gas had Strong sulphuric indications. Flowing at 120 barrels later after the test had cleaned itself completely it was flowing steadily at the rate of 120 barrels an hour. The acid run in the Hole tuesday night was allowed to set but six hours and the test responded. Oil from the Well is 54 Gravity and casing pressure late wed-1 mesday morning in addition to the Gas flowing through the vent line was estimated at 2650 pounds. One flow wednesday Over a 15-minute period yielded 30 bar a its it res of Oil and another Over favor a 16�?~minute per Odd she wed 24 production Cut would bolster Market and brine1 Down storage stocks is said. Opens new oppor in Unity. Oil men declare that the Harley test which was flowing 120 barrels an hour and making 20.000.000 cubic feet of Gas la the most important development in the Oil Fields of Southern Oklahoma in Many months. Toted Engineer is a victim of illness Nashville tenn., aug. 25.�? in Hunter Mcdonald 77, nationally Nown civil Engineer and for 22 years connected with the Nashville Chattanooga is St. Louis railway died last night. The weather Bride returns find mate dead ghastly sight awaits returning wife As she enters apartment. Chicago aug. 25.�?</pl�?returning from a vacation trip to California. Mrs. Kathryn Peterson 24, a Bride of a year hurried from the Railroad station to her Home last night in keen anticipation of surprising her husband. She was shocked into screaming hysteria at eight of her husbands battered body lying in the doorway of a blood spattered bedroom. Nearby was a baseball Bat apparently used by the Slayer. A the bedroom was in disorder indicative of a struggle Between the victim Gerald Pete non 38. And his assailant. Peterson was Clad in pyjamas. From a Large blood a Tain on a Pillow police deduced he was asleep when thes layer struck the first blow mrs. Peterson said she last saw her husband alive july 23 when she departed for Beverly Hills cal., to visit her father. Police said neighbors told them they heard Pete non and Alq lather Adolph quarrelling yesterday morning. Authorities sought him for questioning. Drowned at one Point alone. U. S. Destroyer retreats. A chinese artillery bombardment on the waterfront North of Shanghai near where the Yangtze and hang poo Rivers meet drove the United states destroyer Parrott from where it was protecting Texas of company plants off Gouch Island. A japanese army threat to attack Shanghai a Nan Tao area in the Chi i Nese City South of the International i settlement threw Nan Tao s 200,000 inhabitants into turmoil. Thousands struggled past blazing areas set aflame by japanese incendiary bombs to seek Refuge in the French Concession. The terrified natives found their Way barred because the Concession already is choked with chinese commanders declared the chinese resistance in Industrial poo reorganization of courts fight will be continued says for murder charge formally filed Tulsa aug. 25.�? in a renewed sentiment for a decrease in production to bolster the shaky crud i Oil Market and to Cut Down storage stocks was the Rule in Quot the Oil Industry. Operators who had been gratified with last week s 110,000 barrel daily reduction in the september allowable for Texas As set by the Railroad com a Mission were somewhat surprised by the action yesterday of the Kansas _5grpora�w _ commission in following Quot the Bureau of mines is pts Rotfer fac commendation for 200,900 barrels daily in september. It had been predicted generally Here that Kansas would a a Cut. Backs around 10,000 barrels a Day. Especially in View of the indication of major companies that september purchases in the Sunflower state would be decreased at least 12,000 barrels daily below August. However it was noted the Kansas commission s stipulation that the july overage of 4650 barrels Dally would be deducted would bring the allowable Down to an actual 196.250 barrels i a barrels. At that time however the Hole still contained a great amount of Haroid and drilling mud. The test will be tested All Day wed. Mesday. And a close watch is being kept to prevent fire danger. Only official cars Are being allowed at the test and a half mile safety zone la being maintained. The Well is flowing through tubing Iun to 1555 feet in the top of the Oolitic Lime the same horizon that yielded Gusher production at the same company s no. 1 Ruth Williams Fox. Pool deep Well Lour and a half Miles to the Southeast. A t May make More tests officials wednesday were speculate 1 ire As to the Wells potentialities but i it was believed that if production failed to increase materially the Well Mig it get ill Ihor ta6ted it at shallower. Hinges showings Fere reported on recent cores from the Bird s Eye Lime just above the Oolitic. Total depth of the test is 8153 feet where drilling was stopped and casing run after drilling mud continued to thin to the extent that officials feared the Well might blow out. Seven Inch pipe was run to -7475 feet at the Well Over two weeks ago. In the Fox Pool proper and near the Ruth Williams deep Gusher. Gulf Oil corporation was drilling at 5160 feet in Lime wednesday at the no. 1 Johnson in of Section 27, 2s3w, a Diagonal Northwest offset to b. O. Jackson charged with i slaying of Marvin Brown in complaint. M Nutt named for successor senator Minto suggests possible democratic candidate for president. President declares that he murder charges were filed against does not. Intend to Stop i b a Jackson. 30-year-old Oil Field his fight to rebuild Judi worker by e. W. Schenk county a t Ciary As he should be. Washington. Aug. 25. A Ltd a president Roosevelt served notice today that some organization of the supreme court remains an objective of his administration. He made his first Public statement on the court situation since Congress save it Tomey tuesday afternoon in connection with the fatal shooting earlier in the Day of Marvin Brown. 30-year-old truck Driver. Daily making an Overall reduction of 4250 barrels daily in Kansas allow deep Gusher and the company s Able for september As compared Tono. 1 Smith estate in of Sec quotation 26, 2s3w, about three locations August. The Kansas allowable thus represented a figure below the Bureau of mines recommendation and a step in the right direction most operators agreed pointing out that while Texas had made a drastic reduction in the projected september output its figure of 1,441,473 barrels daily still was 28,134 More than the demand estimate of the Bureau. With the Texas and Kansas allow Ables out of the Way interest swung 1 to the Oklahoma crude situation and East of the big Well was drilling at 4316 feet in Woodford chert. I once saved from chair negro Dies w a s h i Egton. Aug. 25.�? a1 senator Minton a ind predicted to i in me Wun Akiua Tiu Smuc cuu kilo i of. Day that Paul v. Mcnutt. American delved his demand to enlarge the preliminary until thursday re a High tribunal by one new member i the Rase was filed in the court of High commissioner to the Philippines for each present Justice Over 70 who peace Justice i. R. Mason for pre Tung. Across River from Nan Tao was t will be nominated by the democrats a to not retire. Ii Liml nary hearing. Cracking and civilians were fleeing j in 1940 to succeed president Roose signs measure. I Jackson is being held in the county across the Whang poo into the native velt the statement came with a White i Jau. Area. If the chinese Retreat in that _. House announcement that or Roose direction they said the japanese a the a sen re a new Deal velt had signed a measure providing in Quot Tiffin or t off continued on Page Kleven Stalwart who is close to the president Foj changes in judicial procedure in i old door Vul Lilg or gtd Mcnutt said he did not believe the. Lower courts. Out of the Long est St of 3 Schenk originally scheduled prelim tomorrow s meeting of operators at Inary hearing for Jackson for wed i Oklahoma City to formulate a pro mesday but it was decided since Gram to be put before the corporation Brown s funeral was also to be held i commission the following Day. Wednesday afternoon to postpone the i it was the general opinion Here that m Alester aug. 25.�? in a Roberl Holland Bartlesville negro who Wai saved from death in the electric Chail by the criminal court of appeals died in Mcalester Penitentiary late yesterday. Holland was convicted of slaying Henry Cobb Bartlesville merchant policeman dec. 30, 1935, and was sentenced t die june 4, 1936. Gov Emot Marland granted a stay on the ground a a substantial reduction in september a negroes were excluded from the jury. Ardmore High 90 Low 7a. Oklahoma and weat Texas partly Cloudy tonight and thursday. East Texas partly Cloudy probably ucal Shower on the upper coast tonight and thursday and in Northeast portion thursday. Moderate South and Southeast winds on the coast. Arkansas partly Cloudy tonight and thursday becoming unsettled in South a of East portions. J Missouri partly Cloudy to locally bloody in West portion generally fair m East portion a Toni it and thursday possibly local Thunder showers in sex sea Northwest portion. Not much la. F Vii Falkenberg is on Road to recovery Wichita. Kan., aug. 35.�?w�?ed Falkenberg of med lord okla. Who suffered a fractured Vertebra in an automobile Accident in which his wife was injured fatally a As reported improved Here today after a restful night. Tuners services for mrs. Palk Enberg. Oklahoma democratic vice chairman via be held at median tomorrow. Enrolment to be increased a schools in Ardmore prepare for new season anticipating big year. Expecting Junior and senior High school enrolment to top All former years and Grade school enrolment to a reach the level last year school officials Are preparing Lor the opening Day of school in Ardmore sept. 6�? it was announced today by o. E. Shaw superintendent. On that Date officially designated by the Board of education actual classroom work will begin in the four elementary schools and in the Junior and senior High schools it was said. Enrolment of sophomores was Urti gun wednesday morning juniors will Complete their enrolment thursday and seniors Friday. Promotes from the four elementary schools to Junior High school outnumber those of last year Shaw said while the number of graduated ninth Grade students going into senior High school is on a Par with Quot previous classes. The 1b38 senior class promises to be the largest Ever graduated Tom the Ardmore schools the super Imite sisent atm last year the elementary school in Roll mint Jea bed 187�. While the Junior High school had 7s3 a enrolled and Aea Ioc Hlf Kichool. 816. A Vij a a a a or. Roosevelt would run for a third j anti bitter fight Over the court Bill i term. J there proposals alone were retained i and enacted. Would be recommended by Oklahoma operators if they had the Assurance of cooperation from neighbouring Stales. In the marketing and refining divisions things remained in status quo. The Oil and Gas journal s computation showed 635 Wells completed in the nation during the week 21 More than the week before. Funeral services a a ,. A a j court Bill Quot registers a moderate and for iwo aviators i limited Advance into a Field which _ Calls for further and More Complete san Antonio. Texas aug. 25 new York aug. 25.�? put a the the president said that the lower site senator Bronson m. Curing who died in 1935 in a a Ito Morfe crash a left a Gross estate of $3.91?.t>93 find a net of $3,299,725. According to an a estate appraisal filed today in the i special meet Congress seen of a joint funeral services for two a Omha on the act that the a a Clyo tax a Pratt or s a a a everyone but president has Randolph Field fliers Lieut. Robert i a leaves entirely untouched any c. Wood and flying Cadet Frank method of Reu Eving the Burden now Fisch who were killed in a plane j imposed on the supreme crash tuesday near Schertz will be a this he then included As one of conducted Here at 4 p. M. Today. I continued on Hance Al a in since senator cutting was a resident of Santa be. N. A. His Only taxable property in new York consisted of real estate interest and per1 tonal effects valued at $246,899. Definitely decided on session in fall. In the air. Fall style news is in the air school doors Are ready to open its the 1900�?Ts for late hat modes its costume suits for a dress up a its three piece costume for College for men its double breasted drape Washington. Aug. 25.�? in a the capital aside from president Roosevelt accepted today As a virtual certainty a fall session of Congress to consider farm and wage hour legislation. Or. Roosevelt said he was considering the arguments for and against a special session but had not made up his mini. He conferred yesterday with senator Barkley of Kentucky and representative Rayburn the Senate and House majority leaders on the ques neither would comment afterwards ,pya�?T1iur on his probable decision. Book. A aged minister Dies of injuries received Fayett Bills ark., aug. Juu Rop a injuries received a week Mgo to a fall from second Story window of he so Home rid fatal 7 a for the Rev. Williamjr red 80. Retired presbyterian u. The criminal court of appeals ruled in april of this year that Holland should have a new trial. Hound remained in death Row until he War removed from the tubercular Ward in july. All about stamp collecting everybody a stamp Book la a mine of information for anyone interested in stamp collecting. A it tells about the first postage a Stamps famous collectors and their a collections about the rare and most valuable Stamps and How t6 Start and build up an interesting and profitable collection. Beginners will find the Booklet exceedingly helpful. Veteran Phua of a to lists will prise it for its authorial Talve material. Send today for your copy of by Ery body a stamp Book. Enclose to i cents to cover Cost and handling. 08� this Coupon the Dally Ard Morelos information Bureau Frederic j. Haakon. Director Washington. D. C. T enclose herewith Teyf cent it a a a

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