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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1957, Page 1

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Ardmore Daily Ardmoreite (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Ardmore, Oklahoma Ponca City Blanks cards Ortalli on sports a sunday a edition a Southern Oklahoma a greatest newspaper 64th year no. 253 k8tabl18hkd of Tobice a 18m leased Wieb Ardmore Oklahoma sunday August 18, 1957 up Lra cd wire in 48 pages three sections Price 10c bomber crashes in residential sector narrow escapes Are reported in area West Palm Beach. Fla. Aug. 17 i i a a Tum online bomber ramp in at tour phone let Nile Loverl to Day and mashed into Tutor houses Iti a Quirt Section killing All Ioir officers aboard. No one on the ground was injured although tales of narrow escapes were Many. Two sleeping on a porch were Cov Tod with debris and a Bod on which a two year old boy lying in two. The he i Limber at Vance a voice base kind. Okla. Had been cleared for Sanduig at tie Riach air Force base about half a mile from the scene of the . Officials said the Pilot who was on a training flight had not reported any trouble. There was no immediate explanation for the s . , mrs. Charles Ainis Lenng who lives across the Slyn t irom the i Nim a which .1 Mia ceif by Trio clash said h. a plane a Titch apr 0.ii a to in in to nubile and look Efi Cut her bedroom window to see we it resembled a Ball of fire in the air. She san Iii d in terror and she and her Clung in each other in p uric As a tremendous Era h Resonno ird. The i a a residents m air 1 we Iii were hib i r were Ranisi ii Iii Sih in i of engines and tie it i Telic polio ii poles i or plane snapped Arvei i too Tipu is b e f o 1 e it into the Wei Loiuis Killeen ii jul Sii k 1 and k. The . R i ii i ii i i i kill if Bil i ii ski i ,1 Quot a i Kim. Hli i i if m set. In Bart r. I lir ird in it Bri Iarj i ii a Bill t nigh dirt in in ,. I Silil a on in All a ii i Iliili a i w ,1 la 1 1 bed two my i i i t i la .1 my a Nini i 1.11 in ,11iii i 11i 111 i 11 shr its re wild Vive As Hirv arc Ini 11c in nut Hii cell be it buy i Iii fire i Al is Slicer 111 in is e \ a Lii l. Went into i i Hill re ii to i Len i Orth 111 1er i ii r l i nil .1 a. 11 or s 1 i i Ltd i a . U la. M is 1.1 ii a b 1 is 0 7. Hgt y. Tih in ukr if Sim re a a m h 1 a a s \ i 1. 1 \. 1 my h in a 1.�?~ Ishii Iones i in Iii Ini a m vim Ion Iii. I a1 Myrnyj t i. It. .v.h.i, to. Tsar Row escape. Susan Rothschild 8. Daughter of m. Sgt. Robert Rothschild and her sister Eileen a i had a narrow Escarc their Home was damaged by debris front the plane crash. The two Sisters were buried in the wreckage but were pulled out unhurt. Here Susan is holding a Teddy Bear retrieved from the House. United press telephoto. Union big shots to be witnesses Washington. Aug. 17 pm sen. Mcclellan dark said today two teamster big shots James r. Hoffa and Einar o. Mohn will be the principal witnesses in the Climax next week of an investigation of labor racketeering in new York. Hoffa is the Midwest Leader of the giant teamsters Union and the front running candidate to succeed Dave Beck As president at the Union convention in Miami sept. 30. Mohn executive vice president red leaders Are planning More trips London aug. 17 up a soviet communist party chief Nikita s. Khrushchev is i Anning a barnstorming trip to Syria and Egypt to woo both Colin trip s Fiir Lii a away from the West diplomatic sources said today. The sources said they Learned that Khrushchev May accompany defense mini Ster get Gie Zhukov the powerful red army chief who already has accepted an invitation to visit Syria in the near future. It was believed that Khrushchev and Zhukov planned to Cash in on new soviet economic and military ties with Syria which is on the verge of becoming in outright soviet satellite in the Middle East. According to diplomatic dispatches the Kremlin secs in Syria and Egypt an Opportunity to strike another blow against the Eisenhower doctrine. A russian syrian Quot economic aids pact has been signed in Moscow. The syrian regime is moving to purge anti communist elements from the syrian army. The Damascus regime has accused the United states of a Quot plot Quot to overthrow it. Diplomatic sources said that while details of the reported soviet Mideast tour were not known there were Strong indications that it would be staged shortly. Has enrolment is now past 500 enrolment for 19.s7-58 had climbed to 519 saturday at Ardmore High school according to Roy Troutt principal. The figure includes 194 sophomores 183 juniors and 142 seniors. Troutt said he expects to have about 35 More in each of these classes. Pupils May enrol any time up to the first Day of school. Is and Becky a righthand Man. Both have been linked in testimony be Ore the special Senate rackets committee to Charters issued for phony gangster dominated locals of the teamsters Union in the new York City area. Mcclellan the committee chairman said Mohn has been called to monday afternoon when the hearings Are resumed. Hoffa is scheduled to take the witness chair tuesday. Also to be heard monday ahead of Mohn is another Witni is whom Mcclellion Calls Quot important t he senator declined to identify Witni is in Advance. Mcclellan said the committee plans to wind up its Curri it series of hearings on new York labor rackets in midweek and then take a recess for three weeks or so. He said hearings might be resumed about sept. 20 but declined to say what they would Deal with. In another development Mcclellan told newsmen the transcript of testimony involving Marshall m. Miller recently fired a a consultant to the new York legislative committee on Industry and labor would be turned Over to the Justice department. The senator said this testimony showed Quot wilful perjury by one or More a a Ulo workers ask companies to Cut prices Detroit Auk. 17 up the United Auto workers asked today that the big three Auto companies Cut car prices by $100 in 19.58 models a to arrest and reverse Quot inflation. The Law offered to Gamble its 19.58 contract demands on the financial results of such a Price Cut. The Law proposal approved unanimously by the Union s executive Board Friday was outlined by Law president Walter p. Reuther in letters to general motors president Harlow h. Curtice Ford president Henry Ford ii my Chrysler president l. L. Colbert. Spokesman for All three companies said there would be no comment on the Law proposition until the letters were received and read by the three company Pri silents. Hut the spokesmen indicated Reuther s invasion of product pricing a we hich Reuther admitted is considered a management prerogatives Quot a will get a suspicious reception from the Auto chieftains. They termed the offer a a propaganda and a a a trap on hearing of it. But Reuther said in today a inflationary context. You must accept your responsibility to resist pre sure to increase car prices and we must accept our corresponding responsibility to do what we can to facilitate your resistance to such a was you know we Are now in process of preparing for 1958 negotiations with your corporation and other leading Auto producers a he said in the letters. Quot this coming january 3,000 delegates representing our local unions throughout the United and Canada will meet in Sik Cial convention to formulate the demands we will present when negotiations begin. Those of us who share in the leadership of the Law will have the responsibility of drafting recommendations to that special convention. Quot we would in any event avoid making recommendations that would necessitate Price increases. We offer now to draft recommendations that will facilitate Price decreases if you will agree to put a substantial Price reduction into effect when you introduce your 1958 models a Reuther said. Passenger plane is landed safely top officials Are to make plea for Aid cause of concern is blown out tire san Francisco aug. 17 up a a for engined passenger plane with 61 people aboard landed safely Here today with one of its giant tires in ribbons from a Blowout that ?n�?Tsowir1.s As it left Idlewild Airport. New York team of three top officials for a United air lines ,7 came Down smoothly into a last ditch Appeal to the Senate brisk wind at san Francisco International Airport on a run for a in crease in foreign Aid Way lined with eight fire trucks which had been ready for hours. A Large crowd had Large crate contains dog Alva aug. 17 pm former state son. Charles Albright was peacefully sipping his morning cup of Coffee when he was jolted by the delivery of a big crate and an even bigger freight Bill. He peeked inside the crate and found a big Short haired German Pointer dog. The Bill was $31.17. Albright was informed that i son Dick a lieutenant colonel in the army stationed in Alabama had sent the dog. He decided to pay the Bill but has t decided what to do with the dog yet. Madill City officials to repeal ordinance officials of Madill announce at Madill against the City to ened saturday that they would re j join the enforcement of the or peal ordinance no. 4r1 levying a a finance. They alleged in their License fee on wholesalers and suit that the ordinance violated water meter Reading last week it was discovered according to City manager Robert c. Gavins 20 per cent of the meters read were completely covered with dirt. Leslie Southern water department employee is shown with tools to uncover meters in the Northwest area on h Street. Staff photo. Higher water Bills meter readers Are doing Job for an funds. But unless All the signs Are wrong see retard of stale Dulles. Adm. Arthur w. Radford and John Hollister Are Likely to have Little Success. Dulles is expected to ask the Senate a it prot it rial ii is come Viltee at a Cost cd Sikir mini Ida to boost u1 to the Legal ceiling of $3.367,000,000 the Mutual Sec Ivity Cash allowance shrivelled to $2.-524.000,000 by a Hurise vote ear 1 More a. Municipal Airport next repair work set to Start at Airport repair work begins on Ard water Iier in the week. Hollister the retiring director of the International cooperation administration will Back up this plea. Radford retiring chairman of the joint chiefs of staff will argue for increases in military assistance and defense support. With sen. Knowland a Calif leading the fight Senate republicans will seek to wipe out some of the House cuts. But they have almost no Hope of restoring the full amount sought by Eisenhower. House minority Leader Martin a mass quoted Eisenhower after a White House visit today As expressing Hope that most of the reductions will be reversed in the Senate. A the president is very much disappointed with the work of the House on foreign Aid and Hopes the Senate will restore most of the Cut a Martin said. The prospects were not Bright for any such action. This situation was attributed in part to congressional resentment at Eisenhower a implied threat to Call a special session this fall if he does not get the maximum appropriation that can be made. Another Factor working against any full scale restoration of funds readings previous to last week were guessed at. Fri will Check on fingerprints Lowell. Mass. Aug. 17 Fuji a the Fri was asked tonight to make a fingerprint Check to solve the Riddle of a the Man who will not he looked like of Book Salesman but denied every Effort to make him talk or to identify him with assorted poor Box looting a from Here to san the same amount completely covered with dirt. Equipped with tools to uncover the meters the men submitted readings on the meters for the first time in Many months. City manager Robert c. Cavins after spot checking meters discovered that two water department employees were a just guessing instead of Reading the meters they have since been fired. Spote Hecking the readings last week Cavins said All the readings were accurate and that Many Ard Loreite would receive water Bills More than double the previous amounts. He also pointed but that Tel they also tried to Trace his ,25 Ephone Calls to his office con other firms Deli ering merchandise in Madill the mayor and City commissioners will meet in special session sometime monday for the purpose of enacting the repeal Resolution. De Dudley City attorney of Madill stated that their constitutional rights was in excess of the authority granted cities by the state legislature and discriminated against them. The Case is set for trial monday aug. 19 at 10 if. M. In the District court room at Madill. A after considering the ordinance Louis a Fischi of the firm of and All its the City j Fischi amp Culp attorneys for the department figures at. A Crew of four men assigned to City Hall saturday showed 18 to Reading meters worked All last j was the apparent Lack of grass 20 per cent of the water meter it week and found approximately roots support for the president s Appeal. Several senators said their mail continues t<3 urge reductions in foreign Aid spending. Diamond diet is dangerous Hollis. Okla., aug. 17 up a a diet which includes a Diamond ring can make a person nervous. Sheriff q. D. Jackson said today. Jackson said officer Thomas Prock noticed the nervousness of one of three women suspected of stealing a $90 ring from a local jewelry store. Although the woman denied the theft an a Ray photograph showed it tucked away in her stomach. Jackson said it was Only after mention of a hurry up surgical operation for removal of the loot that the suspect. Mrs. Lucille Smith agreed to cooperate in returning the ring when it became available to her. The women is free under $500 bail on grand larceny charges. Week when City Crews will As Liholt and gravel the apron surrounding the Hanger area Tail strip and weak spots on the paved runway. Robert c. Cavins City manager made the announcement saturday following an inspection of the facilities. Also on the inspection tour was county commissioner Mont Kern dist. No. 2, who agreed the present condition of the Airport is dangerous. Cavins pointed out that the repair work is an immediate necessity and that its the least that can be done until some positive action can be taken for modernizing the Field. County attorney Harley Venters meanwhile has requested atty. Gen Mac a Williamson for on opinion on the legality of the county holding a Bond election for re modernizing the Airport. The action stemmed from the study of aviation by the 10-member City planning Board and its aviation committee. It was this committees idea of conveying the municipal Field to the county. The reason being the City of Ardmore with its Large bonded indebted Ness could not at this time hold such a vote ted Vernon tax and Bond expert was in Oklahoma City saturday to determine the disposition of and if possible get an answer to the request of holding a county Bond election made by Venters. If the Transfer of the Airport to the county is Legal and a county Bond election can be held aviation plans for the future include the possibility of constructing Landing strips Between Wilson and Healdton and one near Ratliff cite. The Overall Cost to provide a first class air and the two strips would be $600 000. The civil aeronautics administration however would pay 50 per cent of the costs. Caliper revolver and $1,000 in Bills and express checks. The bespectacled Man was seized Friday outside St. Jeanne d arc Church. He would not say a word As police led him off to question him about poor Box thefts. A i Don t know the most officers could get from him in hours of questioning. He refused to identify himself or discuss assorted birth certificates licenses medical prescriptions and other papers found in his car a All with Erent names. Cove explorers regain surface commissioners at this time have of decided it is not feasible to insist on its enforcement and that the ordinance will be repealed on about Twenty five Oklahoma and North Texas wholesale firms had filed suit in the District court plaintiffs in the suit on being advised that the ordinance would be repealed stated that the suit would be As soon As the repeal Resolution is enacted and that the plaintiffs would not insist upon a trial of the Case monday. Saint Gaudens France aug. 17 jul a eight French Cave explorers. Trapped underground about 45 hours by a Rise in subterranean Waters regained the surface safely tonight. Three of the men had been Cut off at a depth of about 1,500 feet and the others were isolated at 1,150 feet by flooding in the Pierre Cave thursday night while studying the behaviour of underground streams. Kerning the meters and High water Bills were made during the past week. However he added he wants to commend the citizens of Ardmore for their understanding attitude concerning the problem. A a a won the people Are Given an explanation they Are most willing to cooperate regardless of what the Issue is a Cavins declared. Nothing but Houn dog Des Moines one of the latest singing telegrams to be delivered in Des Moines was addressed to a dog. And the Western Union girl who did the warbling says she Felt a mighty paper makes proposal gathered to watch the drama. The Pilot capt. Clyde Parlette 53, of san Carlos calif., brought his big Craft quickly to a halt. He turned it around and taxied Back to the Airport with a triumphal of three fire Iru eks police cars and a Busload of newsmen. A it was just n uni Stine flight a said Parlette Vale ran of 20 years with Taij and 20.000 hours of flight time. A that s Why we have two tires and two tubes on each but he showed signs of Strain and wore a stubble of Beard which he had t bothered to shave off before Landing. He said he told the passengers about the blown out tire when the plane was Over Sacramento about 70 Miles away. He said he had Felt the tire was out of line on the Takeoff and had noticed a vibration while retracting the Landing gear. After delivering his 50 passengers and four other crewmen safely Parlette seemed surprised that Airport officials had Quot made such a show of the Landing. When a reporter told him his wife had said she was not coming to the Field to see the Landing because she did no to want to drive Over the crowded Bayshore freeway Parlette looked startled and said a you mean you called her about this a James Hiers of Norristown n.j., said although he and other passengers had noticed a slight Jolt on Takeoff they had known nothing about the blown tire until Parlette told them about 20 minutes before Landing. A there was no alarm a Hiers said a when capt. Parlette Laid our right inboard tire under the Wing was gone and warned us not to be alarmed if we saw firefighting equipment on the the damaged tire pieces of which were found on the runway at Idlewild could not be inspected in flight Parlette circled the Landing Tower when he arrived so observers on the ground could look for damage they saw the big tire was cracked torn and one part was flapping. A control Tower operator said the problem was whether the other tire of the dual right Landing gear would hold up under the Strain beside the damaged tire. If it should go too the result could have been a ground Loop particularly if the nose wheel Tir did no to stand the Strain. Still another possibility was that in order to equalize drag Parlette might have had to Brake his left Landing gear which in turn could have blown out. None of this happened and the big plane seemed to touch Down into the stiff Breeze from the Northwest As if nothing was wrong. House of lords criticized London aug. 17 up a lord Beaverbrook so daily express today called for abolition of the House of lords and denounced the whole hereditary aristocracy a Short of the Royal family a As a a liability to the if carried out the proposal would Cost the famed publisher one of his own jobs. As a peer he is a member of the House of lords. The express second largest paper in Britain emphasized that it is a a Royal paper and a gives support to the Queen when she is subjected to unfair and ill mannered but it said its defense of the monarchy did not extend to support of the non Royal aristocracy a once a bulwark of the monarchy now a liability to the nation. A certainly its political expression the House of lords should be abolished As quickly As possible the express said. There Are 828 Dukes Marquise Earls discounts and Barons in the hereditary nobility. The argument in the daily express was an Extension of a column in its sister paper the a sunday express which list sunday questioned whether the Queen would be a better off without her temperature i a. A Low Friday night _______13 deem High saturday a degree 5 p. M. Saturday 82 degrees rainfall Ince s p. M. Friday .14 Inch rainfall prec. 24 or. Period .08 Inch Dau recorded at fire station forecast Oklahoma Clear to partly Cloudy unday and sunday night with Lio lated late afternoon and night Uma Thunde showers in the Panhandle. A Little warmer West and North pot Toni sunday except Little Chang in Panhandle. Cool sunday night. Blah sunday 80. Partly Cloudy with i ing temperatures monday and Darr Elf it

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