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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - September 9, 1938, Arcadia, California He might a a Quot Kilt us / / yeah Good thing his i guns of n r v empty Ken can l be shinny Down the big pole jus a Minu be you Guys a / tile partly Tribune a business and professional directory Friday Sopor brr 0, Arcadia partly Anpo five Tribune want ads pay if you want to buy aril Trade or rent you will Jot it its i its i y pm Nim your mra Majro in the Arcadia daily Tribune. Telephone mail or Briner you to Ifield and to the Tribune office 104 I at ave Aracadia. Telephone Arcadia i ill or a a i a it. Automobiles repairs a parts 30 i Oki Iso Mhz. I \ Ald spent d mall at i Tomk my Day Hyde Pauk i tit work i in i in not Mound to Cloine two thing have Bern wanting to do All urn i u i in classified Index i Ost it my i of i i ii Ishmon Aln is no i ,1.1.oios .7 a lit 11,an is it Okai to is worst ions20 i Jil l of mint los tis Heuy i ant Ell i Muir Ai heu want Ell Ternate .�?T7 Miti actions want Elk mox Ino ii my Tolt ask mix i ii n likes la in Hsi Mil s ii i Trai Kim in Quot i Materia. M Money to i a in a taxi ent i lilt rent 11 urn �7 a a tux ent kor rent in firn he Moises loll hint it Rural shul or Moises i ult rent i ii in i ii Lull re i ii Iii hts eos rent it i ii in i Slot in i ill it of is Kik rent i 70 it est Homes Siml Sami Aki o if Moises Tor i hits Fok Hake i it a i. Est ate has a aph. La ii it it i be 07 i i it nit i it i1. Xxx an la i of Hoxie Appi Lancer i Quot. Misc Elkan eos h Fox Misk Ai. Instr mems Uve Sto ii la pets Mill Sippi Iem i i Ami in iv�?T5 Kimi no in Silt i Tuin Ell building trades Cement work 50 real estate general repair work comp i f Home maintenance no Job too Small no Job too Large for our competent shit my the or from a Snail repair Job House remodelling. Patios to k and hit Ink West amp West 1765 Oxford St/8388 ni-2153 pain up Why Holt a rating me Tim a to. 402 w k Ting and decor insured. Free is Monrovia 825 478-1 12 to wanted real estate wanted la you have de arable unproved of vacant real Pilate air remit or Exchange we w Jet old be pleased to have you eos in in we advertise by work xvi1 sri a. N. Of i Teit 2626 Baldwin ave Cor Las turns phone Arcadia 2770 to of. Youm of i cording of in Ann Essix in i lok Hil. Per poli of rom Mung ii in Hill i in i s s of it of i Phon no i a pro v Mic it District in no i in Iii cd i v of arc Adi x. Butter and eggs lu1 dished by produce i be Liana of los a to a i sept. 0 butter pursuant hereby Given levied for tit the indebted improvement furniture he Baroa in practical Arcadia proof Iff the roof 97 in a Lier set View ave 210-215 Beauty suggestions 20 Allty plus of students. Fill no 135 Garfield help wanted mail pm an i work by iffy College. 2-4825. I88-189-tf 26 hacked by our prices you. Phone estimate. Ears experience dins will please Clyde Tor free Erra Madre 1563. Wanted a Fhi Acil Jonnn Over 25 with car if Ornt pod outside Job. Apply monday 9 30 a. In436 w. Foothill Monrovia. 154-213-214 help wanted female elderly a Mytty Tor occasional housework Ami care of children. Must furnish transportation. Phone 2882. 860-213 situations wanted to $2.50 per Daw to by expert coloured woffvn7 a02 e. Will nut Monrovia. Call eve. Or Sun Day.861-213-14 nurseries 44 Rock gardens a Millers water gardens flowering water and bog plants Gold fish. Aquariums Etc., volcanic Ani coloured rocks natural flagstones rustic Cement. Garden furniture 620 San Gabriel blvd. San Gabriel. Pm. At. 2-2508. Houses for r unfurnished nearly n W. To available about rooms Furnace finish be oors $1.00 164 Thall weather roofing co. 240 Allen Epsa Denn authorized applicators of certain teed products floor for Beautiful our new Din easy to operate electric polish Day. Walton hardware ave. On von re. Calif so Myrtle a Chongc. New Chi bin Good use at prices Tim splendid selection Pasadena Stok 55 South Marengo ave Parade used and furniture Monrovia. Refinishing upholstered furniture Oft Anni and demoted in your Home. Rugs shampooed on the floor. Phone Arcadia 2443 795-210-214 Bungalow. 183 Lincoln t i. 2 Beden rage adults miscellaneous in napkins a gun Ston $ buys $ top Cash Irico for to t Dute notice is that the reassessment purpose of refunding it of acquisition and District no i in the a Max of Arcadia a contemplated ii r solution of intent on no 922 adopted by the City Council of Tim City of Arcadia on the 21st Day of june. 1938, was recorded in the office of the superintendent of streets of said City on the my Day of september. 1958 All is Asse cd therein became be and payable upon the Are Matlon of said reassessment and payment of said sums is to be no de to said superintendent Ltd sweets within thirty Days alter the Date of such record ii Ion \ / notice is h Jinx Rem Pussin it i not the St said i Bond will Issue in and form provided in Merit Bond refunding approved june 5th. 1933. As amended. Extending Over i period ending nine years from the 2nd Day of january next succeeding the fifteenth Day of the next november following its Date and bearing interest at the rate of five and one Hall per cent per annul for the first two interest payments on said Bond and at the rate of six per cent per annul for All interest payments thereafter. B. Watson of streets of the Given that for paid before thirty Days the Mann the assess aet of 1933 reasonable. Phone Monrovia 1094 before noon. 113-14-15. By pay top Cash or ire for guns rifles binoculars Fey Olvert telescopes held eel cameras no Motique it. Superintendent City of Arcadia. Publish sept Legal 6 in sept. 16 notice Inch Erose opes. arms and saddled of fair five room stucco dimple garage armstrongs Good checked equipment Lovely i grounds adults. 24 Owen ave. Hie of it a his a be Arcadia 658 7n1 in of x i a a. Certificate Lor transaction of business under fictitious name. $30 new modern close to St on 1031 Golden 24 Owen ave 791-310-tf Ilow i Ion la 859-213 Hiedi he cleans Ihus cd phone Colo 3091 620 in foothill blvd., i 192/ la Adena Job printing a cards folders booklets programs invitations letterheads announcements Arratia to Iii air til an commercial printing dept. Joi no. Firth ave., Arcadia new furnished Apt. In priv fee Home singlet Wain a preferred. Kitchenette elect Nerc a amp of Ator garage. Utilities paid. 604 Estrella ave., West Arcadia. 796-212-13-14 modern and Nihil Etc. Napkins 1191 Dena. Antiq n Bino incl sold is. Pasa-19-201-219 used Small grand piano delivered with Bench _ $4ip 00 wanted to rent 71 c. J. Gould music co. 967 and 973 e. Colorado St. Pasadena a co. 8191 the undersigned docs hereby certify that they Are conducting a hatchery business at 806 Baldwin Avenue Arcadia California under the fictitious firm name of Arcadia hatchery and that said firm is composed of the following persons whose names in full and places of resilience Are As follows. To wit Richard d. Hobson 1031 Arcadia Avenue Julius d. Hobson 1031 Arcadia Avenue witness our h Day of August 1938 Richar Juliu state of rentals wanted do you want to rent your property i have several desirable clients wanting to rent. For your rental problems Call mrs. Filler with Ben Berry. 1440 Baldwin ave. F Arcadia 8701 gooses for by owner 1 j acre grou sell furnished 2110 Naomi 81 English stucco idly furnished unfurnished 798-211-213 pianos for rent $1.00 per to and up. Grands $3.� per to. And up. Rent to Aplaon Purchase later. C. J. Gould of civic co., 907 e. Colorado St., Pasadena. To of m w towns sell liquor Indianapolis ind. Sept. 8. Us a but to out of 464 Indiana fawns under 5.000 population sell liquor by the drink according to a tabulation by the state alcoholic beverage comm is.�?T,Ion. Single Man. A. Calif tried Man. Nadia Calif. 5 this 17th Hobson. Hobson California it is Angeles of August e the underlie in and for Date residing cd and county o on this a d 1938, be signed a Notan said county a therein duly co sworn personally appeared Rickard id. Hobson Julius d. Hobson known to me to be the persons whose names Are subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledge to me that they executed the same. In witness whereof. I have Hereunto set my hand and affixed or official Seal tire Day and veal Arr Wal i rip kor Bisi i h trip to Cata in. San de go my Laguna planned mrs. M c Anniv 414 Smith second a a Cleome i inc Hon a gue or. It j a Voigt. T san Fruno Cawin. A line to Ria by train. Week pm a i is i i Dilkon i Komi weekend gue c at the Home of or and mrs. W. In elder 899 Fairview Ava no. Were or and mrs. John Ltd of Bakersfield store Leader lauds Tribune Asad medium Quot newspaper and copy that is truthful / written and Intilli Genus prepared is As much a Factor if news among tile men and women of a Community today As ase the numerous features of interest found in the editorial so said Arthur Al. Ca lither an Harold ii Geohegan of Market a aet stores firm believers of newspaper advertising peace As a Means of creating increased sales and Good will among the people. Tribune lauded Quot tile a Cuba daily Tribune a proven itself to be a Strong medium for the co owners said this afternoon a the excellent features and Independent fearless editorial policy of the daily Tribune make it a Al Organ for Quot in each Market Basket full Page advertisement there Are some 60 items the owners said Quot with their prices and while it is the Endeavor of Market Basket to Tell As much of the Story of their merchandise As possible in their space it in obvious that with the Large numb. Of lines carried space does not permit telling tile entire Story each week. Study shelf prices Quot it is for this reason that we urge in this certificate first above written. Beal j. M. Duvall total Publico in and for said county and state. My commission expires aug. 7. 1941. Pub. Aug. J9. 26, sept. 2, 9, 1938. Stand Fri i ulu let a Tades Large Erfy candles ex1 a candles Light dirty extra candles clean standards candied Light dirty St am Ca Lichen Cheek n medium i res candles cd an Exi is cd tidied Light dirty extra candles clean standards candles Light dirty stain Canell i checks. Small less candles cd in extras candles lad it dirt \ t am care count by i 111 Der if a Polangin 11\of l in Ifni idd 11 did rid Iii 111 it Washington s�p1 9. The a Lien 888 million in Joni Aln in Karen o and i Houston pro. Am will Micron e the Tempo of of recovery drive to the tune of to million Man hour of employ. T and 337 million dollars in or i Imper i orders United it i. Ito i me administrator a sept. 9 her. Leghorn 2 i to 3�?Ti lbs. Hens ii Horn. 3 t to 4 lbs. Hens. Leghorn Over 4 lbs hens coloured 3l to 4 lbs. Hens coloured Over 4 lbs. Broilers Over i to 1h la. Broilers Over in to 3 it lbs. Fryer. Lehns. 2ti to 3�?T, lbs. Fryers coloured 2 j to 3u lbs. Fryers coloured Over 311 to 4 lbs. Roasters soft Bone Bai red rocks 4 lbs. Up roasters soft Bone other than barred rocks 4 lbs up Stags. Old roosters ducklings. Pekin 4>_. Lbs. Up ducklings Pekin under 4h lbs. Old ducks. Geese Young Tom turkeys Over 18 lbs. Young Tom turkeys 14 to 17 lbs. Hen turkeys 9 lbs up. Old Tom turkeys old Hon turkeys. Squads under la b s Doz. Squads la lbs. Doz. Up Capone under 7 is. Rabbits. No. I Wilt. 3d to 4vi rabbits no. I mix col 3 j to 4 rabbits. No. I old after leaving Bani i # i we Iff t a ecu w it we re p As origin j inor wa1&Quot 11 i it 12 it .16 i Vire. A Lave j treat cd rom. I the they 21 number of old p Collie t 23 which i rave Beer i Enfin wed i. .19 Merth by rent some i Banga Low .19 a Nom. Ital pric e to Fain m cd or. Bring to in adult i boys it Ion child Bionti id gilds i ref of lore in .20 Young ors who Para a .20 .12 .09 .14 Lull .15 .19 .19 i .15 .16 .24 .28 .24 la ii .9 .5 Ulli Ihry t h y i v Arcadia. Calif. Office 2891 a Photic a res. 2191 \ it loan notary insurance 4 do. Bruce f. Sims j physician burgeon Osteopath. X x i Dee m. Payne real estate our Public to study carefully our the of prices As Well As our advertised prices. This added care on the part of the housewife will afford her greater , particularly during these times As in file last l w weeks Many canned fruits vegetables and fish have dropped anywhere in Price from to cents a dozen to is much As 50 cents a dozen. A flour in fact is lower in Price today than at any time during the past to years and when consideration is Given to the fact that flour is is one of the chief ingredients utilized in the manufacture of certain packaged goods Macaroni and f Thor following re action in the Price of these com in of j is or. Cambers his remarks by again urging the wives to study Market Basket shelf prices As Well As those that Are earned in their newspaper advertising. Market Basket Stois which have been established nine years Are a san Gabriel Valley inst i tut on Xvi Iii 22 of them serving that territory. Office horns. 10-12. 2-5 x evenings 7-9 Mon. Amp Fri. E. Huntington Arcadia no. 7 Arcade bldg. Arca dbl \ x Thorn Arr a Din 2294 or. T. Ii. Smith dentist Ethel u. Gunther chiropractor j \ hours 9 to 6 a Thotis 26 .0 j j Gay first ave Pii. 2813\ j evenings by appointment i j i 671 Vav. Duarte Road Al Diak \ j \ x six. Door to Ivett office Arhat hot it disposal co. J 56 e. Huntington or. I phone Zajf hours 9 to 51 \ collections moriday a and thursdays 5flr a 3ionth Carl f. Bass x optometrist a phone 585 Hon i examination by Applit mint i j 50 a e. Huntington / Arcadia j j or. Grace Cullen j j John f. Houlihan i chiropractor 4 1 Telephone 2504 hours 9 a. In to 3 n in. Evenings by appointment i i i draperies a venetian blinds j ? j upholstering t 124 e Huntington drive i phone 517 or 798 toddy by George Marcoux aes. 2003 Barney Mccay a j office 341 sport shop or. I w. Heaney school spec Lvi j dentist Strok pm Aster sji.00 y s Offut hours a to 5of to Cag y go i is a ride on the fire truck i what pm r got a / Gonna s of Bat Gimme for l Etti n v meet my Uncle the fire cd i of have my fielder s Tennis r h i e i s a 19 i Huntington or. Phone a of i Al i x g i even Fri. By appt. I in Arcadia x bus in iwo we fl4is Jou print enl j i Akca in. \ a san if Velv Miv l 9 Arcadia daily Tribune \ Lor flu t t ii iut i Fen must of ii. I \ thru a a non i ii act i j x Helen tto Ane it n., owner j i a Ira. Service�?21 hour service s t i in a. Ell j Mio Camino real phone 709 x Ai a s of is a to or. 7. To Stre it t and driveway Impi Anemoni. L. of i kinds \ it h it general Contrat Lor i s. Second a i St i a s film 1 m Concrete in lot i Arcadi s 2137 jacks we tis feet Tor shoes g Radu Xii Ortho Peist up xxx it to f a i tit \ Tivy i ii older in. Like of shoe to lit your foot Dixie Dugan by a h. Striebel and j. P. Mcevoy pc Mon a Well Chuck Tell him we be does t Only playing want i bandh t scare any them Sals heal trouble Ewen in he does i hink i a he s a real Bao Man Lisse n Podner we got some explain in t h Yeai by i or everything insurable lowest i j. Drewes arc Dia

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