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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - September 8, 1938, Arcadia, California A Gabriel Valley tories edition of arc Apia daily Tribune thursday sop Omalior s. Is to it Nuudi i ii x i. A a a a Pae Gox tire i a it Quot Quot a,.j, 11not poultry and rabbits 1181181 Helen Chladek 40- ranchers Market phone Arcadia 2111 a rates Are 25c an insertion for a five line a with heading. All ads must be in by tuesday 5 p m milk goats two for $40 or be week. One tog Gensui 6 quarts. Young Saane Stock will make 7-qt. Must have Shade a Milton St., East p p. In. Quality Quality has no Peciu size in a rocks. Whoa is Hampshire reds keys. Temple q Las Tunas Date. Phone Atlantic 2-1293. Turkeys for Sale Turkey if eggs pouts. One to a thou Mcna our own breeders. Inspection de. Dimond Turley a Mcl Burton Avenue. Rosemead Boston terrier it la. Son cd in Pion kid a gum. Fine. W Ehy marked is Leo it Alc re a. Unable. 381 aul View Road. Altadena. Tree surgery special in a Dearie Bud and Sny Erv work Call atlatl �?T29 Hup �?o8�?� Sedan $45 tru it k stake bed 7iaxl3, Oak my Iron . $10 4jwhee/trailer Al a us with tire $10. Soufl t engine. Complete or built. Up. Auburn a Jipa Franklin trawler Axle $2 3537 Milton St. P �dpmmnducprhihhubi1 a i a a a a i Nuru Sion of profits in poultry turf Kings to Battle at Pomona _. F h m Lively comments for richest county fair purse Brig Forth maj y who is it that almost every Cit it Man has he a nil his Parsi it mph Ynion. And a a cd ii in a on the farm ? i his is sum it i a Ltd k it anyone knowing anything about the Bushless is annoyed takes out that much time to think about it. _ a recent discussion with Poten Usan Fulfs about which they knew dead Stock highest Prier pales Tor dead and old Steak done to tfx Dollar. B. P. Ruley 36li . La Monte. Phone Bun. 8-6i#l. Poultry pictures or catalogue Amy records Loo each Narca it Jia Ary Vicinity expert photograph a to. Faction guaranteed lower i is for c Btl trap work Stevens studio 6 North fir flt Street Arcadia. Phone 923. Hatching Al wanted a Cornish Ricie Isla. Ped Cross any qua Irv if the Quality is right grv#pr e paid. M. B Rich hat Cher of. P u arte Road Arcadia. Fiode Island atle Ira Whites. Corm h him touted Stock. C 1122 w. Chicks barred rocks. Turkey Poult and Chicks. We Are not Book lug every week. Started i and Bab clucks All leading hatching. Poultry Cru to Haip hires and my orders for Turkey from Good blood prs feeders caterers. Smith hatchery Jennings hatchery Hun Tim ton dr., Acadia blvd. Rosemead. Near Sun it blvd. Fall Chicks should pay get them from a per peed is Chr Peb egg pres food remember that f have mated our 2 hens to Northern ers. Spa balt i larger hens in laying Hod Able. First hate each week. Sol place order now. And hatchery. 535 ave., Temple City 7 years we it 4 year old o. P. Roost hic Jiko make of fun it loped Price rea$on-431. 20wn then hit Stock and lepers ranch North Oak Swap now your River products it of of fruits for Puller or you quickens for ducks or what get what you want through me ranchers mome. Market. Custom Brood Hatch and feeds Valley pekingese pups 2 Lovely Lii Alev Limo. Old $10.00. Others 7 we to wino. Suid i v ice $10.00, Sunset Gar stat Al. 2653 w Valley blvd us uiiie#vc6l of Al tial poultry raisers brought about nothing about. A thorough Knower question Quot an i make Money ledge and experience in the fundamental information necessary to solve the problems encountered in if i go into the poultry by mess a of course we know that while we Are not exactly an authority on poultry we can always quote what some of our poultry raising friends have told us of their experiences. Inaugurating what promises to be the greatest fall and a w inter racing meet in the his 4 tory of California a j7-Day program at i of Angeles county fair in Pomona sept. P is to Ort. 2 will draw a Brit v Pant array of Talent according to racing Secretary Frank Lieginger. Last fall nearly or inn too passed through the 1 parimutuel. This year the a ion7ct six and seven running events each afternoon a series of trotting and pacing race s. Nearly $100,000 will be distributed in the richest purse on flairs circuit. There will he the Western grapes Concor wholesale a i ii retail adv i mount. Diu wait a my Lutfi loft Sci right for Stid Alice. 1513 was nut grow/ave., a blk n. Of Valley . Enjady. A around the Corner from Bulog wine grapes Suifan Clcil. I blvd on Oil dvrs any it Nant Fly. Will yell on vines ii ton intr. 645 w. Do Rte re. Phone 3333. Red f Hen specs prevent pick i to and picking millions in use since j933, in of. S., Canada and Hawaii. Marvel recommended and nine poultry Man associations ii Ca ii ask your dealer the Aryeh 229 n. 1st ave. 25c Lared broiler. 22c, Brown egg ciliated also Fdl Cap. Gao was ers 28c and 30c s de free. Fresh laying hens vac Ero Kil fire gun Chicken ranch Bantam ranch oilers pedigreed pekingese puppies and stud service. $15 up Silver a asian i Kittens and stud serv Jpe up b in. C. Bantams for Whf that we i May want or heed Fps n. San Gabriel blvd. At. L-t/18. . P. A. No Tes publicity relations chairman Ethel s. Jones wanted White legion Bens not a dealer. Call Alodia. 3bjf r. L. Brown 1404 so. Second amp Acadia. Community auction bring in what Moo have and go the Best medium possible to make a Hornal with the Money saturday i speedy Sale for your ranchers pro a Norn Jug septal at la o clock. John ducts. Call Arcadia 2131 or mail in to c0,n anal Pioneer. E. Gordon your and. 25c takes it into 40,000 799 sin Gabriel Boulevard Gar Homes. 1 Cav. Jun Antic 2-2837. 1422 so. 2nd ave. Phone Arcadia 645. Use Ste Ted Bantam ranch 0f�ers and Baclit is from High pm Lovely Silver persian Wens. Ducin bloodier Ted Stock. Note Worth $10 up sacrifice or take an the different Between these out-1 unties qiuling la amp a or what also door Chicks mud regular hatchery pekingese and b bantams 1326 Chicks. A ranch 832 w. Covina North san Gabriel blvd. Atlanticblvd., Baldwin Park 1-6418, a Money say wasting says Snuffy Smith when you let your surplus go to w Aste sell now through the ranchers Market the Only medium that enters 3 papers and has an entire coverage of Over 41,000 Homes in the san Gabriel Valley. Rates Are 2%c an insertion. Merely phone Arcadia 2131 or mail your and to the san Gabriel Valley topics. Fred l. Riley of Inglewood stopped by for a Chat with us sunday. He brought with him the awards won at tile Young Bird show two firsts and two seconds each for the Jones s As Well As some for of out neighbors. There was a first and econ to for m. U. Ftubee.1 of n. Muscatel and a first and second for the Forestdale ranch on Golden West Avenue. Or. Riley was manager of the Young Bird show and the Spring show by the rare and fancy fowl club at Pomona this year he is a Bantam breeder and always brimming Over with ideas. We Are quoting one which he recently published in his Magazine the Bantam nest official paper of Pacific coast Bantam association As we think you May appreciate it. Tills is a remedy i lie uses for Birds Down on their Lees and he says it is usually successful. Remove All feed and water from the Bird for 12 to 24 hours then feed Only bran mixed with milk and Tomato juice continuing this diet for about five Days. A a a poultry Tribune for september lists month by month important poultry events of the past year with photographs of six outstanding men whose names Are linked with the poultry Industry. The deaths of two Well known judges Are mentioned and tribute paid to them namely. D. E. Hale of Glen Elwyn. 111., and Erie Smily of Seward neb. A the Campaign for membership in the world s poultry Congress which began in february will close december 31. Now is the time to get hat membership. A a a the physician who attends a patient having a contagious disease take1, due precaution not to transmit this to his next clientele disinfecting his hand and. In some Case changing his clothes. When you visit your neighbor who a. Sickness in his flock do you exercise ant such care before returning to your Birds or perchance you May Stop to visit another poultry Man what co you take to him have you handled _ a a a a it. There a a reason for # Rabbit raisers switching to fed co Rabbit pellets. You too will he fed co on your entire a tap i try ,r you take several Aitches and find thai pm Edom cuts labor keeps your Stock in a healthier condition makes Buicker heavier weights an better pelts. Actual comp native feed tests prove a Cost so around 5c to produce a wind of Rabbit meat on for co. All we skip a Fain comparative Ell re St for to Days or longer and let the rebut you. Your fed co dealer handles both the Complete and All Grain Rabbit Pellet. Ask for interesting literature and feeding directions. Efficient supervision free. Fed co company 1840 Valley blvd. Rosemead Calif. He sick Birds or walked in their Yards How germ free Are your hands and shoes after the first place visited do you know where visiting Poul by men Hae been or the condition of their flock when they Stop to look at your Birds How close to your Stock Are they Able to come How about the buyer who travels about Tho country perhaps to has visited those ranches where there is sickness even though he made no Purchase. Are the Birds you wish to sell him. In a special pen or Yard where he May go without coming in Contact with your flock. He is usually a courteous person and will co operate with you. With the greatest precaution disease May visit your flock it takes a year to replenish your losses and retards the laying period. The margin Between profit and i of is Small and Only a slight slowing up puts that Hen in the red. We know poultry men who have answered these questions and do not permit anyone among their Birds. Check the answers to these questions and draw your own conclusions. Fall will soon be Here with its attendant troubles. A George Kimber of the Kimber poultry farms at Niles Calif., has i announced i. Candidacy for Congress on a non partisan platform he is a member of the California poultry improvement association. New poultry i nit is organized in mid West along the ranchers Way with Helen Tho business is of the utmost need. These qualifications cannot be gained in a Short time and without actual Contact with poultry Over a period of time. Those wishing u go into thei no Ultra business or any special for instance or. And mrs. Allied 1 carefully Ana Lyme not Only the production problem but the Market possibilities in the hold. Many people have been successful in raising poultry but have tailed because they could not Market them at a Price High enough to cover tile Cost of production and allow a profit. A situation that makes me smile Quot knowing your Market and it Wen i think of it now but Wasny to takes a period of a few year to so Unn at the time it Hap establish yourself and know about Peneco was Tho Day we were Al these things before you can begin most kicked bodily off a farm by to make said or. Demblon. I merely mentioning the word Quot Poul i try Oil seems that this was a Selling for Breeding icon. Particular sore spot and our Nap on the other hand we have mrs. Polling Iii at such an Inopportune Maude King of h45 Norman ave. In time made the poor Man think All Arcadia who says that there is the evil spirits that Ever lived were oodles of Money in poultry raising after him. This Man left a Good if you raise your chickens on the position in the City to Start a standpoint of Selling them for Chicken ranch putting All his main Breeding. Mrs. King raises Black Ings into equipment and Stock Only Minorca. Knowing your Market Demblon of 704 w. Huntington drive in Arcadia say Quot a is Thoro is Money in and they say it most emphatically. The dem Blons raise their chickens to a sell direct to consumer Trade or. Demblon believes that this is the Only Way one can make Money in the poultry game. The state of South Dakota is organizing its farm Industry. Tile first annual convention of the South Dakota butter Eva and poultry asocial Ion will be held at Watertown. September 13. Dean Smithberg. Of Sioux Falls president of the association acts As a co or Mator for the $13,000,000 three Point farm Industry in that state. We were so Happy to hear about mrs Maude Kings latest shipment of Black Minoras pullets to Hawaii. Mrs. King has 12 pullets that were hatched last april leaving for the Island today. Personally. I think we were More thrilled about it All than mrs Kine. For while we went into a dither she calmly hushed us by her nonchalant manner. It seems that it is Quot old stuff for mrs. King to make these shipments. This will make her eighth order in five years. The crates in which these Birds Are shipped Are made right at the King ranch according to governmental regulations. They Are so constructed to allow the Birds to have Access to feed and water at All times. Grown in chemicals one Day last week we had the Good Fortune to eat one of the finest tomatoes that Ever grew in California. This was at the Home of Charles h. Randall of 1309 South second Avenue in Arcadia. Not just an Ordinary Tomato you understand but one that wa.-, grown in a chemical water tank. The flavor and texture of the vegetable was really remarkable. More about this very interesting and successful Experiment of or. Randall s will be told in next weeks Issue. Kept Busy a can to kick a said. Of. Nelson right Here we have two poultry people engaged in different phases of the business and each knows that his Way is the Only Way. Each individual circumstance would be different and it is possible to make or lose Money in this business As it is in any other business. To lose it All and almost run him self into bankruptcy. Apparently there was no obvious reason for his failure except the fact of an inadequate knowledge of what he was getting into. Knowledge and experience the trouble with most of our disappointed ranchers a is merely the fact that they left some other business to Rush headlong into a when we asked him about business conditions during the past month. Or. Nelson is kept Busy in Iii shop at 206 North first Avenue Iii Arcadia making fall Brooder equipment. Travelling Hicks More peeping in the pos it Iii Cen which mean. More baby Chicks starting their is veers by travelling to their new Home via parcel Post. Poultry in your life do you Arcadia people meaning others than poultry raisers realize How Large a part chickens play in your life of food this Unn Aive thought occurred to us the other Day while we were having a cup of Coffee at the Douglas lunch counter. Being in a somewhat reticent mood we just sat Anil listened in to other people s orders rather indecent but fun Well there was Chicken soup Chicken salad sliced Chicken Sand Wiches devised and Fried egg sandwiches and by this time we Begall to wonder what would happen to i All of us if we had to get along without poultry. Maybe this is be-1 ing a bit irrational on the subject. But i still want to know had you i thought of it biggest travel bargain in american san Francisco from lot Angeles $10so Rou Ndem p on the streamlined Iii in air cooled chair cart pm Cal Reserve seats. Far also Good in air cooled chair cars and coaches of 5 other a Aly Trant. Bargain fares to sad Joaquin Valley Point. Ail the Way by train a no Changis in Routi on Southern Pacific the poultry ens directory Santa be feed Stor 232 Vav. Duarte rd., Morovia phone Monrovia reliable a Fec it it Globe Universal a Ace in a smut to a Taylor so adn Bler Blue Bird feed ant i fuel 92 Duarte by. By l Arcadia 26m fed co cd. Of a Eliab Universal Taylor x i or Myrtle a a. Feed store Freh it Devery cd learn a coat a to flu irk or. Sale hrs Quot sir poultry or Moellm sve ninja or Fryer amp Turkey 608 Myrtle. Phone of Giles Cash feed we deliver full la poultry feeds phone Arcadia 2846 820 Santa Anita ave., Arcadia. C. N Brooder Aid p be Munso factory 206 x. I he. A phone Arcadia fill son by equipment ring awing houses Renil 43 lid Orsjo Hatch 1223 s. A it Nta Anita Pho Arcadia 2858 blood tested trap nest barred ply. Rocks . Duj of say Chicken feed to i said amblers feed san Gabriel Geo. J. Rich White leghorn welding farm ii i t Hery specializing in we production of better line bred leghorn secs 1910. 1300 e. Broadway pm. At. 2-6908 san Gabriel Calif. It pays to keep your name before Public through the poultry men a directory Atlantic 2-4168 a Atlantic 2-4169

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