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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - September 8, 1937, Arcadia, California A our Arcadia daily Tribune act hirsc1.1 Visci a Etc jul it of i it. To i the daily Tribune s business and professional directory i. N. Kendall in. D. Fit Kilry. Log no urology Obsi i to in off of Hon to to 12 2 it 5 l Iven mrs 7-ll, except wed be Day Bone 2111 Joi n i lest ave. I imps notary insurance Dee m. Payne Al i St at fat l i Huntington a read i Thom Arcadia 2201 m c radio store phone 2 298 i we i i or Ai i. Maki s of Sei s 18 North first Avenue Ai Cadi. I i 111 i c. Guinther i chiropractor too \. I fit s t ave. Pii. 2813 next Dom to Tost office Arcadia disposal co. 56 k. Hunt inc. Ton or. Phone 22 i collections mondays and i h 50< a month Carl f. Bass optometrist phone 585 hours j to 5 i Xam Nalion by appointment 502 e. Huntington Arcadia or. I. H Smith dentist hours 9 to 6 a phone 2030 evenings by appointment g7i in. Duarte re. Arcadia Fairfield sport shop 231 n. First ave. John f. Houlihan draperies a venetian minds i upholstering 121 e. It it in Ltd ten drive phone 517 or 798 office 28.11 a phone res. 2191 or. Bruce f. Sims physician surgeon Osteopath office hours 10-12. 2-5 evenings 7-9. Mon. Amp Fri. No. 7 Arcade bldg. Arcadia George h. Stevens watchmaker watches. Clocks and diamonds watch. It lock and jewelry repairing 678 w. Olarte arc my y i Nurs 9 to 5 phone 433 evenings by appointment or. E. W. Bellinger dentist no. 7 Laflamme Arcade bldg 28 e. Huntington Arcadia Fairfield Beauty Salon a. 2801 221 n. First Iki Bune Job printing a specially jacks. E fit feet spank an i 502 s. Myrtle ave a dimmer Monrovia Calif. For shoes styles cd a did ate Ortho Peist a xray shoe fitting we can order any make of shoe to lit your foot prompt and economical financing on Home Loans greater Arcadia building loan association 118 East Huntington or. Telephone 46f men and ladies tailor i leaning and alterations at Cash and carry prices to. W. Strauser 148 e. Huntington or. Phone 622 Gibbs radio service sales a service a to years experienc b 379 West Norman Arcadia phone Arcadia 605 la Matte s cleaners phone 2406 dependable service a Quality work work called for and delivered. 227 North first ave., Arcadia Arcadia Texaco station Huntington or. First ave. Jack Baldwin prop phone 2444 Lii us explain mum a lubrication to you s. V. Schermerhorn Agency Genera ins Ranae a real estate a notary 116 East Huntington i i phone 517 signal cleaners pm. 226 Omri by mat we Lead Iii Quality and service tailoring alterations r i Ting repairs Low Cash and carry primers 18 a 1st. Arcadia big league heroes Arcadia Jas p Orts yesterday s hero Mel Aimara Washington Cente fielder traded by the red sox in mid season who tormented his sex mates by driving out six hits scoring two runs driving in three stealing a base and catching five flies As the senators won a doubleheader from Baston i Angels to face seals in final series wha h As h mtg in t by Tork Erat at in g the u bite Resi of i ends o f by n s k to i. Thich a s Bee to i tack d by cd Nese by t mitts r Libei t a of i the Bill \ h Coli Llu it i / / his brother tical be. I of the e. Other ate Kiln a typed Ltd Ila i in y a strange mongol Tot. E put it ill u the Piti tie tines i Trout id two Tho u sri n to it s la the ii a Stenot of Tibet. La lilt s to Tai the pin Tyes it i h ii c h a to g a nit St we / 11 a is f i o i a m Ca t by la Wiase. It sham/1 to la the hey discover is an i be p h in i of Tine Beauty so pm o red in i Alit i surrounded by to i Baith i y Moti n Tam it. On n g in or. His by of heft of a 11 us Bihoi is at the to nth a a lit it a pot i Ter s. He goes of i seek a a v s units Cham hut i n n Lea ii is la i i him be for. R o n g a i Ai i s of on dec it in Wau Hon exit i tis lists o n to liking with the h11 h Lama Ai a i a i i Leat Ingu i the of merchants face Portland in sunday Battle kangaroos to oppose bosons in Polo match Fry of thru detention. Chant Orts him to the a to 11 to rut it of the tin a la nut sow of of with thl Stony chapter five a his t Yos became accuse Mcd to the dimness Conway saw that he was i n a a i Ken cd. Low Ceil ged loom sombre indistinct tapes nes Tuiai Ted the Walls and Booie he had completed his inspection of the Apai Talent be was startled by the sound of a soft Friendly voice Good evening. Or Conway a it said in the nether most Coiner of hic room scarcely visible. Conway made out the figure of an old Man Quot fit ase come in Quot the trued Quot sit heir an old Man any Hairn Quot voice con near me i am and can do no one treacherous that at most Only a few half lost wanderers Ever survival the journey it was decided therefore that strangers might come freely with but one proviso the Lama paused and looked directly at Conway. Quot that having arrived they were not to leave Quot Over a period of years such strangers did come to Shangrila among them Many europeans in time. Under father Renault s guidance Shan ii la became an a Ive arum Happy Community. A one Day when he was a very old Man the news spread that father Renault was dying a pall settled Over la Valley my Perrault Lay in his room Trail withered and physically helpless he gathered a few close friends around him and bade them Farewell then he asked to be left alone he was ready willing and even glad to die but something strange and miraculous happened father Renault did not die. He Lay for Many weeks without speech or movement then he began to recover he was a Hundred and eight Quot the reason he gave War simple he assumed that As he had not. Died at a not Mal at their was i no discoverable reason Why hts should do so at any definite time in the future that being the Case he behaved without concern for Tho a end Quot the High Lama paused and i smiled at Conway Quot can you guess anything after this Long and curious Story of mine0&Quot he asked. Conway who has been staring intently at the Lama throughout the Long Story Shook an affirmative Quot yes he said in a barely audible voice Quot it seems impossible but i can t help thinking of Quot what is it. My son Quot the Lama asked his voice filled with Awe. Conway replied Quot that you Are still alive father Perrault Quot there was a Long silence before the Lama resumed. Quot since then Quot Pomona paper Mills win Semi final 9-2 Pomona paper Mills underdogs in the tussle last night on the Ivy Avenue grounds in Monrovia whipped its Home town foe. The Pomona pump company 9-2, in a Semi final tilt of the first annual sin Gabriel Valley softball tournament. Because of the fact that they had downed the Monrovia league champions. The Monrovia merchants the Pomona pumpers were favored to defeat the paper Mills aggregation last night. This evening the paper Mills Crew will play the Sierra Madre All stars in another a extra Quot semifinal clash the Winner of this game meeting the Monrovia rotary for the championship. Three thoroughly conditioned and j a Classy Semi pro baseball Battle Well muscled arms two rights and j is promised Arcadia fails on sunday i one left if net overworked and sex on the City Park Diamond at second Hausted will be entitled to an extra Avenue and Huntington drive when rub with Trainer Jacobs finest per a Guy Corpe s Arcadia merchants i fumed liniment if the los Angeles i Cress bats with the Pasadena sport i Angels manage to creep into the land outfit. The game will be ailed i play off for the Pacific coast league by a Southern California baseball championship. J association Umpire it 2 1ft Oslo k i this Trio of hardened salary whips Buzz Smith right hander who i owned directed and controlled by twirled masterful Ball on i Abor Day Fay Thomas Joe Berry and Ray to pitch the arcadians to a 7 it Prim have toted the Burden of Tho Triumph Over the Catalina cubs in Angels virtually All season and will the closing game of a three game continue to do so until the team is series is expected t o draw the St indefinitely in or out of the running ing pitching assignment against the for the Pennant. J sport Landers. Maager Hannah however with Smith had the islanders Well in All the strategy he can apply will Der control and won a hard earned Endeavor to Man Euver the assign Victory despite the fact that errors activities at Caliente to be increased i have Heen waiting foe Yon for a Long time my son a the High Lama said. Posed by Ronald Colman and san Jaffe at the moment a Conway said. I he said Quot others have found that in interested in Only one thing Quot they too can stretch the not Mal when you Are to leave here0�?T Span of years at Shangrila by Liv exactly i personally have found my Here in Tranquility undisturbed r Community very pleasant but by the insane Tempo of the cute. Friends Are rather fed up i h mystery of it All they should Quot but whats behind it All a co. Way asked Quot Why were we brought Here Quot it was forced upon us. Since the great War exploration in i bet has been practically at a standstill. We have had no newcomers it was suggested that someone de it be to leave As soon As possible Quot the High Lama turned to a tray Ai his Side and began to pour some ten Quot suppose i should Tell you Quot he lid Quot that neither you nor your fiends Are Ever to leave Shang i Conway accepted the Tea Quot i in sent to bring you h a o Ware i a v. A my Hamoui we amp a v a Siam visit a a Mike for the Best lunch i Arcadia Beer h War hamburgers 10c mixes cafe 223 n. First Avenue Arcadia we map Sheehan furniture Mer. Co. Ii iwo stores j Keefe so Merritt gaffers amp Sallier Tappan Gas ranges a act rolex refrigerators r. C. A. Radios Pittsburgh pain window shades venetian Blind linoleum phones. 255s or 619 Simmons Beds and Springs rugs a broadloom carpet Wall paper awnings de stand you already suspect your being Here is no Accident and nato ally you Are curious As to Why you were brought Here Quot the Lama continued. A a naturally Quot the High Lama sipped his Tea and put i. Down Quot i should like to a Ell you the Story of the founder of Shangrila his name was father a a men tilt and he was a Capuchin i Iai in 1713 lie was lost while on in exploring trip and stumbled into the Valley Here a half Frozen to a Leat h. Quot with his returning Streng h. The Valley began to interest Perrault and he quickly dismissed All ideas of leaving. He stayed Here and preached christianity they were mostly buddhists you know and he met with considerable Success Quot then one Day he became fired with a new ambition he conceived the idea of building a monastery on this site finally to the amazement of the Valley people he undertook the task single handed for years he hobbled up arid Down this Hill Cai lying Rock mixing his own Moi Tai. Wot King fourteen hours a Day a a Busy cheerful energetic person. It was completed in 1738 and Perrault came Here to live that was nearly two Hundred years ago. Now. It so happened that about that time a second european wandered into the Valley a Young explorer of Noble birth High culture and much Charm of manner. The. Valley s peacefulness and utter Freedom from worldly cares enthralled him too. And when he met father Perrault a Beautiful Friendship developed. Quot they wot iced out More ambitious plans for Shangrila Between them they devised the method a which still exists a of obtaining anything they needed rom the outer world they began our Art collection As Well As our Library and musical Quot i suppose Quot Conway suggested Quot they made payments in Gold Quot j Quot yes. They were fortunate in pos j Sessing a Metal which is held in High esteem in other parts of the i Quot in such High Conway said. I am amazed they escaped a Gold Quot Perrault too feared that. But he soon discovered that his concern j was unwarranted you see a be i Pond the pass a the country is so who had that Brilliant idea0&Quot a Sondra Bizet she has read you books Many time. She was a pro found admiration for you a Ami i so have we All. And i have been i informed that you have shown a deep admiration for her Quot Quot but of what possible value car. I be to what is already a thriving Community a Conway asked Quot we Are More than the Lama explained gently a a outs is not an aimless existence. We Bai a a dream and a vision. It is the vision that port Auh saw As he a dying in his room in 1789. Quot he saw All the nations of the world strengthening a not in Wisdom but in vulgar passions and toe will to destroy he foresaw the time when Man exultant in the tech Tuque of wholesale homicide would i rage so hotly Over the world that every precious thing would be in danger the vision he saw was so vivid that their stilted in him i new Lite a and he returned with a vigorous pledge to preserve what treasures of Art and Beauty he could against the abyss into which the world of the future inevitably was tumbling believe me thai vision will come True. To a great extent it has already come True is there anything More pitiful than the world today a what blindness a what madness a what unintelligent leadership a scurrying mass of bewildered humanity crashing headlong and purposeless against each other. Quot in time my son. That orgy must spend itself brutality arid lust for Power must perish by its own sword that is Why i am still Here that is Why you were brought Here. Because my son i am placing in your hands the destiny of Shangrila. You my son will live through the storm and when the world a weary of the eternal struggle a begins its Blind search for Solace and understanding it will fall grate fully into the outstretched arms of Shangrila a a the voice of the Lama faded to nothingness and Conway thoroughly engrossed waited for it to con Niue after a lengthy silence he looked up at the Lama. The glow had faded from father Perrault s face and nothing remained but a tranquil dark shadowed mask. Father Perrault was dead. Agua Caliente Racetrack Max. A an of activities rather than any reduction of programs in size or Quality is the aim of Eugene Normile general manager of the Agua Caliente track for the remaining eight racing Days of the meeting. Two four Day periods of the sport remain the first period opening next thursday sept. 9 and extending Over sunday sept. 12. The final and closing period opens sept. 16 and ends with the racing of sunday ept. 19. This will make a be son of 64 racing Days which were Begu. May 8. Resting on her laurels but probably Only for a few Days is that crack Mare faithful Maud who has so endeared herself to the hearts of race fans that she has been tit led a the sweetheart of Western adding the Rich labor Day Handicap to her run of victories faithful Maud has now won seven races in a Row the last six of which were at this track. No thoroughbred in a11 turf pm has this summer rolled up such a string of consecutive wins. Her labor Day Victory netted j. O. Long her owner. $4800 and with the five previous races she won at Caliente her total purse and stake winnings Are $6250. This makes her the leading Money winning horse of the meeting. In the 56 Days of racing inclusive of labor Day the track has distributed a total of $238,900, to horsemen in purses. This is better than $5000 a Day and about $1000 More than Agua Caliente distributed As a daily offering in its last three years of racing previous to this current meeting. The next appearance of faithful Maud undoubtedly will be next sunday in the Huntington Beach Handicap for which a purse of $1000 has been posted. The distance is one mile. It is also quite Likely that King Saxon whose chances were dulled in the labor Day Handicap when he leaped in the air at the Start will be one of several of the top flight milers that will run in the Huntington Beach. Ments of his three mainstays tactfully by shoving dutch Lieber Wes Flowers and Jack Salveson into spots that Are Likely to be productive of successful results. If this can be accomplished Hannah confident the Angels despite intermittent slumps will be in the playoff. One of those intermittent slump came last week. It was a staggering blow one that almost knocked the Angels into the second division. Six games out of nine were dropped to the missions and going into this week s play the Angels were Only a game out of fifth position. By losing the series to the missions the Angels closed the year with that team lasing twelve and winning eleven. Hannah is pointing for the final series of the year with the san Francisco seals next week at Wrigley Field. Thus far the seals have been their worst stumbling Block winning twelve out of seventeen games played. Galore were charged to his teammates. Shortstop Charlie had an Quot off Day Quot being Chapai with five miscues during the tussle. Manager Corpe will have r a Deutsch of Temple City also available for Mound duty against the Crown City gang. Leroy Zimmerman left Arcadia this week to resume his studies at san Jose state. Zimmerman will report for football this fall at san Jose and will also play on the baseball squad this Spring at the Northern institution. Australia s lending Polo team i do kangaroos featuring the noted Ash ten Brothe a will ride against the bosons a picked California team in one of the Best games of the year at Riviera sunday afternoon. To fans await with great illicit est the appearance of the Ash tons ii California wherever Polo is played these Brothers Are known. Rated As a team at 27 goals the Ash tons have taken part in goal Polo in new zealand India great Britain France and new York. They Are returning Home of Tor a season of mall eting in England. Chr line up of the local team has rat pc been announced. A series of elimination games in the Jack Holt tourney Are being run off at aceved it Riviera to select the strongest Amit lean squad available to ride against the Quot Down under invaders. Equestrian jumping eve cts and special features have been planned to make this program a gala event according to snowy Baker equestrian director at Riviera. First House in Cambridge i it first Bouse built Iii Cambridge m Home of Harvard University d in the urine of j631. Movie stars to enter horses in Pomona races events today in new crisis by United Tress Europe s new submarine crisis was intensified today when a pirate Quot submarines renewed operations in the Mediterranean. Developments were London British Cabinet met a reports were received of two new affronts to British merchantmen by mystery submarines. Fiance and Britain perfect plan for own Quot ant piracy Quot Campaign if other Power Quot refuse to join. Romfo mus of Init a newspaper asserts that Italy will not attend Mediterranean conference unless Russia is excluded Mussolini however is believed to seek Compromise formula. Moscow in a. Accepting invitation to Mediterranean conference Friday again denounces Italy government to insist on indemnities for attacks on two ships. Paris French army moves out for Gigantic Maneu vers. Coincident with the announcement that the running division of the 17-Day racing program scheduled to open in conjunction with los Angeles county fair at Pomona Fri Ray. Sept. 17. Will attract the Cream of the performers on the tracks at Santa Anita. Tanforan Caliente and Bay Meadows comes an interesting Story from Johnny Maluvius racing Secretary and entry clerk for the Pomona event telling of the part the Cinema will play in the contribution of bang / tails for the various divisions. The opening of each new racing schedule finds an added number of representatives from the film Colony listed among the owners. Spencer Tracy with his two year old april lass is making his first venture in racing. The filly was raised by him but has not raced enough As yet to show any class. She is being trained by the former jockey Hurst Phi pct who also has in his stable a number of top two year Olds for Neil s. Mccarthy Legal adviser to several major studios Walter Connolly character actor of stage and screen is to have five horses. They Are in the hands of George Ellis former jockey who Rode the great victorian to Victory in the $100 too Agua Caliente Handi Capp in 1930. Ross e. Cooper Trainer will have four horses Here for William be barn producer. Lebaron is owner of the Fleet California bred filly. Brown Jade for whom he turned Down an offer of $30,000. At pres it this filly is resting for the stakes hatches at Santa Anita. Heading Lebaron s string Here will be mickeys Man a Handy route horse who was a serious threat in All stakes at the recent Del mar meeting. In the two year a d division he has two Mart costs. Cd Arcaroli a contract Ion of two names Clarke and Carlie. In Honor of Clark Gable and Caroli Lombard who will be a contender. As a running mate in the to year old he will be accompanied by Santourt who accounted for a smart five eighths of i j x mile dash recently at Del mar. Mae West a Long admirer of the thoroughbreds will have two run a nets under the care of the Veteran i Trainer c. E. Mcclain. Although he horses belong to miss West they run in her brother jacks name. Miss West was frequent visitor at Pomona last year and again is expected to be among the prominent spectators. Off to school or College. Arrange a regular time for hearing his voice frequently. The attractive discount night rates to Many Points apply from 7 p. M. To 4 30 a. M. And All Day sundays. Southern California Telephone company a a a a a a a a a a a a i it just Call business Ope ice 24 East Huntington Sou Thern Cali pm r Nia Tele pm on e company Arcadia to 4 1< agy we Jefe ios4/ Pomona sip i oct.3 visit this Mammoth 200-acro exposition of Progress and entertainment presented by Orange Riverside and los Angeles counties. Spectacular daily programs of horse racing nightly horse shows fireworks ,.to or Miles of free exhibits and numerous feature attractions. ,. Stars of stage radio screen circus and Rodeo. Every Day a big Day save time and Money ride the comfortable Carefree Way via big red cars. No parking fees no traffic worries. Ask our agent about the Low fares in ii effect All the Way to fair grounds and the i i _ i a. F frequent convenient train service provided by a a the big red cars. A _ Pacific in electric Wildcat Grinders Start grind h. O. Marler passenger traffic mgr. Los Angeles California Watt Quot Pear me equip me Versace scheduled to be concluded �?�i35 e. Huntington drive 1220 s. Baldwin West Arcadia Beauty shop Iye specialize in contour hair cuts at 35c better permanent j at s3 and up phone 491 Adeline v. Gagnon 1204 Baldwin varsity and lightweight football team candidates a Monrovia arca data Duarte High school tomorrow will be in full swing in preparation for the 1937 san Gabriel Valley league season. Gene Mcallister varsity Mentor has had his boys out on the Field if Arcadia was informed this week All this week. To a Grinders reporting i Scott m. Let water per Intel i on labor Day for uniforms. Dent. May be delegated to attend tomorrow afternoon the Light this convention in the behalf of weight Crew will answer he Call of a the City of Arcadia. 1 Bob Manning Kitten coach. Another of the important water department equipment conferences for the so ate of California will by held shortly in Sacramento the City a necessary invest no ent. It Tver line Viivi it or Iris n 111 rant rent Light is me Neim or a Nairn pay i d should be considered just is in your overhead expenses of i Wirt Etc people shop through the medium of Dver i Usine so it is necessary that your message int Are them constantly. Fie Erea test returns a up no Sihle Only firn you employ the right kind of advertising and that kind of advertising is nth the Arcadia daily Tribune
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