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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - September 8, 1937, Arcadia, California Tribunal a twists danger zone 4 i 50 years ago on the March Huntington Duve oct Ween third Avenue and the Eastern City limit at the Bridge leading into Monrovia is Quot open territory for motorists As far As the motor vehicle code of the state is concerned. Pc fir within the City limits of Arcadia at a school crossing spot the recognized state Speed limit is 45 Miles an hour. Arcadia students Enro Ute to tin High school Eross this Section of every morning and eve Ety afternoon during the school year. Its a danger zone. A possible death trap. Ifs going to be changed citizen Joe Carlin brought the matter to the attention of the City Council last night in a straight Forward manner to get the Ball a rolling for a remedy of this condition. And there a a Host of Parent whose children Cross Huntington drive in its a Speed Quot zone who Wil he on the watch that a new limit sign is painted on the Highway. It has to be done and done Quick. Sesquicentennial Cne Hundred and fifty years a on september 17 one of the most Able keen minded body of men Ever gathered together in America set their signatures to a document this was the Constitution of the United states. On this sesquicentennial. America salutes that great document which has Reeves As the governmental framework of one of the world. First and greatest modern democracies. It has proved flexible enough to take in its stride the vast changes during a Century and a half which have swept America Onward from a country of 4,000,000 persons living in a handicraft Economy to a great nation of i2�,i 00,003 j persons living in the highly mechanized Era of the 20th Century. It division of the Powers of government its definition of the relations Between nation Ani states and above All its democratic premises have proved to have been so Bril Huntly conceived so soundly defined and thoroughly practicable that it has withstood All the Bat Terling assaults of. Time. History Sashkin is strewn with the wreckage of Many another less Well grounded Republic. We see their wreckage around us today in the ruthlessly authoritarian. Governments which have seized Power through violence since the great War. In a world marked b warring doctrines of hate we would do Well to cherish and protect the Liberty and democratic Ideal our Constitution assures us. This month All America joins with one voice in Praise of democracy chanting with Walt a Whitman tha fiery Singer of a great virile am Erica a to thee Cid cause thou Peerless passionate Good cause thou Stern remorseless Sweet idea deathless throughout the Ages races lands a a Harvest festival a tide of color sweeping Over California gleaming Gold red Anc yellow. An army of workers 15t ,00 Strong is on the March. Its Harves time again in a thousand Orchards cherries Ripe and red peaches and apricots Golden and Rase Herald the Advent of fruit picking season. Already the first Bale of this year great Cotton crop has been ginned whirring threshing machines Are busily cutting wide swaths in the Grain Fields and some Hundred Luo usand fingers Are stripping Vine continued on Page 2 the a no null Nubit a c45 devoted to Home edition Progress. Of Arcadia vol. Vii. No. 207 first Reading Arcadia California wednesday september 8, 1937 sine Coni even an Arab is at Home Here Dee so Jim Rax a a a red has been gone for almost ten ays. Old Mexico got him. He. Quot on talking about Bhat trip Fot in c n t h s. A n d he left. I re Mem j Ber that i envied him. But now he is Back and his face and arms look like he had him Carroll smallpox. He said the Mosquito Down there Are the fish latin Type. And he says them big welts on his face and arms aint from bites hey come from Mosquito bruises Lew head on into him. So i says Don t give me that stuff about ids Quitos eating and ther e backed up a Little he says Quot Well ankle Jim i did no to see no mos Iii tos actually eating fish but they Ould hang around until a Pelican night a Mackerel and then they a it the red is a used car Desman. You probably done busier with him. Yours. Jim features copyright 1937 More time requested by City Council to Cain reports on Handbill Rule petition out in Arcadia Date be looms Over proposed revision amendments of present Law first Reading of the revised and amended Quot handbills ordinance of the City of Arcadia designed to bring the local ruling in closer association with the court tested South san Francisco ordinance was ordered deferred tuesday night by the Eity Council in regular meeting a the City Hall. The pasty tenement of the Initia Reading scheduled for this week after the ordinance had been orderer drawn when a group of Arcadian presented a position to this effect cam1 when the Board decided to await further information from the citizens of Arcadia on the question at the time of the request for revision of the ordinance and stride enforcement thereafter City attorney William r. Elam pointed on that the existing ordinance on handbills and circulars was practically the same As the South san Francisco Law but that enforcement of the ruling was the a Fly in the a letter was read to the Council this week written by w. L. Osburn real estate agent Here in which he forwarded the suggestion of licensing All firms desiring to circulate advertising matter in the Queen City. The realtor stated that under the present ordinance e the hand of the police officers Are tied in that firms Are hiring local youngsters to distribute the Bills and arrest of youths seeking to earn ext a spending Money cannot be termed As in his letter Osburn recommended a delay in the action on the ordinance pending possible suggestion from the chamber of Commerce on file situation. Pm Umid earnings report forms data requested by department of employment arcadians employers who Are subject to the unemployment reserves act today were urged to inform the department How Many earnings report forms they will need this i Quai Tor. The form de 352a. Designed As a Carbon copy of the Treasury department form ss-2a. Will be placed in the mails about september 15. Carl l. Hyde executive director announced. The earnings data required on the form will be for wages paid subject a employees during the months of july August and september. This data will be used next year to compute benefits for unemployed workers. Some time ago the department mailed 20.000 employers a Short notice requesting information As to the number of forms needed by each employer. Less than half of the employers in the state have replied to this inquiry. Hyde said. Printing of 5,000.000 forms is under Way at. The present time but the department must use a guess Wotko largely in mailing unless employers state How Many they will use. Quot if each employer will Tell us his needs now Quot Hyde said a much confusion in our offices Here. San Francisco and los Angeles will be eliminated. We Are asking also far the. Information to give better service to the individual employers throughout the state. Grand Nav ional studios will shoot scenes at depot arcadians old Santa be depot tomorrow will be bustling with activity. But the passenger traffic will remain about the same for Early tomorrow morning grand National studios will be on location at the first Avenue station. Reports sent Here today indicated that the depot scenes might take two Days to Complete. How much smoke is smudge supervisors wonder As equipment bought measurements looming Law allows one Gram of soot per minute in Citrus Groves of area when the pretty Welc Mettes in the All year club s free official tourist information Bureau at 505 West sixth Street los Angeles describe los Angeles county a Many attractions to visitors they speak from personal knowledge for they have visited them All. Welcome the Shirley Bullock has a special interest in the Kellogg arabian horse farm at Claremont for there she made a pal of Rosslin descendant of a Long line of arabian horse Royalty. A Quot Din looks As if he envied those tourists who can walk in and be waited on by the Welc Mettes any Day in the Ween. Eastern adage that tourists in Southland must pay even for 3almy atmosphere blasted Here ifs not True that old Eastern adage that tourists have to pay even for the Balmy air of Southern California. Even the easterners Are admitting it now in the All year clubs new tourist information Bureau at 505 West sixth Street in los Angeles. For in addition to free information and itineraries for vacation trips the Bureau now is giving the visitor 26 different free special services to make his vacation happier. First there is the new sight seeing map. Shewing in detail All the attractions in los Angeles City and county and How to reach them and As a Climax a map guided tour of motion picture stars Homes. In Paris such a map Sells for 50 cents. The Bureau acts As a link with his Home for the visitor accepting Iris mail and telegrams from the East and holding them for him until he Calls. It locates friends or relatives whose addresses have been lost and sometimes at great trouble obtains the answers to any legitimate specific question which May be asked about Southern California no matter How much out of the Ordinary it is. For any visitor who asks the Bureau s pretty Welc Mettes will obtain guest cards at any of several Beach clubs Golf courses and an Angling club. They arrange tickets for a National network broadcast reservations for tickets to the Huntington Library Art gallery and horticultural gardens and trips through Many of the Southland s interesting Industrial plants including the worlds largest winery wholesale Flower markets and Auto Assembly plants. A Many easterners have had the impression there is nothing free in Southern California a a James r Page the All year club president raid. Quot an outstanding piece of Goodwill work will have been accomplished when these visitors realize that not Only has Southern California established in the spirit of Community hospitality a Headquarters where thei itineraries May be mapped without Cost but has arranged All these special services to make their vacation anniversary of admission Day recalls great growth recorded in county territory enforcement of the new county smudge ordinance also adopted by All incorporated cities of the area a May prove to be a Tough proposition. Or at least the county Board of a Oei Iyo sop according to morning wire dispatches seem to think so. Now Muon smoke is smudge that s one of the questions confronting the supervisors As Steps wore taken this week to get the enforcement machinery into operation. The answer to that question is Worth at least $1,500,000 to the supervisors for they appropriated that amount yesterday to Purchase equipment for testing Orchard Heaters. A smudge sleuthing sheriffs deputies will use the apparatus next Winter to detect cd reproductive smudge pot under authority of the Law passed j several months ago. The Law makes 1 it illegal for an Orchard St to operate a Heater which gives off More than one Gram of soot a minute. The action was taken to curb the a Black fogs which annually hang Over Citrus Groves and cities As grower fight to save their fruit from Frost. The City of Arcadia following the general trend of All county cities has a smudge ordinance on the books now. United press news flashes w train bombed Shanghai sept. 8. Up a a japanese plane bombed the Nan King Hangi How train today hitting five coaches killing 300 and injuring 400 refugees a chinese spokesman announced. British aroused London sept. 8. Up a the British government further aroused by new submarine attacks on merchant ships was understood today to be making every Effort to induce Italy to attend fridays conference on extermination of Quot piracy in the Mediterranean. Plane shot Down rend a be France sept 8. Up a an air plane of the French air pyrenees line was reported today to have been shot Down in Northern Spain by a Spanish nationalist warplane of italian make. Dancing permit ordinance read by City attorney despite protests from Otto p. Peter in. Owner manager of the Pines i i fee shop and be Derby tavern tile first Reading was Given ordinance no. 360 at the Council gathering Iii the c Ity Hall i tuesday night prot minting dancing where intoxicating liquors arc sold served or stored. Petersen when the ordinance was brought out of the portfolio for Reading by City attorney William k. Elam approached the or until table and requested that the Reading lie held up until a full Council was present. I Quot i his ruling is aimed directly j at me and at the tavern Quot Peter i Fen declared. Quot hold up the Reading until tin Complete Council is advised that there would be nothing final about the first 1 Reading Petersen returned to his place in the audience and heard the ordinance read through. The j second Reading is programmed for the next regular meeting. A Sei Lue c to Tol puns for big s Tho 87th anniversary of the admission of California into the Union Stephen for 9, 1850, recalls again How los Angeles Pueblo and other cities in los Angeles county have grown. At the time of admission according to a Story released today by Hugh Harlan supervisor of the Federal writers project spa. the county guide there were 1610 persons in the Pueblo and 3530 in the county. Estimated population figures for 1937 give los Angeles a population of 1,326,852 and for the county. 2,359.648 this shows there has been a 82.400 per cent growth for los Angeles and a 67,000 per cent increase for the county. In 1850, and for nearly three or four decades later Glendale. P Isa Dona Santa Monica Long Beach and a number of the smaller places were mainly Rancho acreage with a ranch House Here and there. Today Glendale has an estimated population of 66.000 Pasadena 89.130 Santa Monica. 38,340 Long Beach 173,842 Compton. 15,000 Whittier i 17,000 Wilmington 19,000 Culver City 9.000 and Pomona. 22,500 in 1836. The mexican Congress at j Mexico City created los Angeles a town�?55 years after its founding this was quite an Honor and a big Quot to do Quot was made Over it a census was taken at this time. It included the Pueblo and the area within 30 or 40 Miles of the Plaza. The figures were about the same As those of 1850, 14 years later As a great group of the natives lived on horseback and came and went. The act of Congress in 1850 which j made California the 31st state was signed by president Millard fill j More news of the Admi is on took six i weeks to reach los Angeles. It came by Pony relays and a Celebration. I one of the largest that had taken j place at the Plaza up to that time j followed. Every prominent citizen who knew How to make a speech i was called on and toasts were made i Quot Ith native wine and a hard Licker i that had come around the Horn in j casks. Admission followed the treaty of peace that had been made Between j Mexico and the United states on i february 2. 1848, when the latter j took control of the area which now i comprises Texas Arizona. New mex i Ico and California. It had been de played More than two years because of the acrimonious discussions that raged about the slavery question. Meanwhile California had formed j a government and adopted a con Stit ution. When admitted it came in As a a free state a swinging the Balun e of Power away from tile South or pro slavery states and virtually laying the foundation for the civil War that came to years later California was the first state to join the Union with its own government fully constituted it never went through the Quot territorial period As did Many other states. During the civil War los Angeles county was an anomaly in the matter of taking sides in the hostilities. When the War started. California a it continued on Page 2> Marble upset Forest Hills n. Y., sept 8. Up a Dorothy May Bundy of Santa Monica Calif Quot Defeated defending Champion Alice Marble of san Francisco 1-6, 7-5, 6-1 in a Quarter final match of the National Tennis championships today. This was the biggest Tennis upset of the year. Roosevelt Home ransacked Washington sept. 8. Up a police searched today for burglars who ransacked the Home of James Roosevelt the presidents son and Secretary helping themselves to rare wines and liquors and littering the floors with empty bottles. Tourist spenders Washington sept 8. Up a forty five million americans went touring this summer and spent $100.00 apiece the american automobile association estimated today. The estimated tourists expenditure of si.500, is a billion Over the Boom years of 1929, a Quarter billion Over last year and a i billion Over the depressing year of 1932. Extend embargo san Francisco. Sept. 8. I Pic the teamsters embargo which tied up freight trucking in san Francisco a waterfront a week ago was extended to the port of Oakland today virtually barring water borne Commerce to the entire san Francisco Hay area. European Powers disturbed by pirate submarine attacks in Mediterranean by Webb Miller 1 Iii Ted in rent stuff Orrt it it ii Dent copyright licit i it it i �?Tn11< Presa London. Sept. 8 up a a a pirates submarines renewing their bold attacks on merchant ships added fresh danger today to a Mediterranean crisis that now involved every great Power in Europe. The Cabinet its members Mon anxious than they had been since the ethiopian crisis of 1935. Met to give foreign Secretary Anthon Eden his final instructions for the anti submarine conference to of held at non Switzerland. Friday these instructions worked out ii agreement with France were mat whether Italy and Germany attend the conference or net whether othe nations cooperate or not. Great Britain and France propose to in Augu it rate a formal plan of naval operations to Clear the Mediterranean sea lanes of the Quot pirates submarines. With anger mounting Here in Paris in Rome and in Moscow there was danger of a blow up at any time. Even As the Cabinet met the published Here of two new incidents either susceptible of trouble. It was reported by Lloyd a shipping Agency that a a pirate Quot warship attacked the British Motoi tank steamship Harpa 3,007 tons off the French North african coast it was said that the Quot pirates fired one torpedo at the Harpa near la Goulette on the Gulf of Tunis and missed. The daily Telegram reported in a dispatch from Istanbul that an unknown submarine halted the British motor Tanker Pegasus 3.597 tons near the dodecanese Island a a an italian based monday but per jutted her to proceed. Both these incidents were re i minders of the real reason for the i submarine campaigns an Effort to i immobilize the Spanish loyalist i army by depriving it of the Motoi fuel vital to the conduct of the War of today. J they were reminders also of the j urgent Gravity of the present Situa j i to on when at any moment the com j j Mander of a mysterious warship or j i Dering an attack on a merchant j j Man or a Neutral warship might cause a european explosion. Premier Benito Mussolini Appal entry had not made up his mind 1 whether in View of russian accused Lions that italian submarines were the pirates would Send delegates to j j the Mediterranean conference. His i own newspaper Popolo Attalia hint cd strongly that he would not. But this was not taken As final. I c. Of c. Lauds councilmen for Huntington drive work in a letter to the Council the directors of the Arcadia chamber of Commerce went on record As con a Granulating the City Council and All department Heads who oversee red the resurfacing and Rost Riping or Huntington drive from Santa Anita Avenue to second Avenue the Speed of the work and the minimum of harm Given the merchants during the finishing Steps of the project were lauded by the directors in the letter. Ii the met set it si.71 Al Sill Huso mob is bit bit Tate total it ent Ca i with 1936-37 As adopted by Council in regular session in auditorium of City a last night general fund allotment established at $1.00 detail of budget to be ready for publication soon Quot Affie signs sought by Rancho Santa Anita at intersecting streets City to advertise for bids for Hose to be inhaled As new fire engine equipment Arcadia s tax rate for the fiscal year of 1937-38 is $1.70 it or $100.00 assessed Valuate on. 7his information was official revealed last night when the ate was adopted by the City Council meeting in regular session n the Aud Tori urn of the City Hall. At the same time the tax rate a was established the Council adopted the budget for the 37-38 fiscal year the detailed form of which will be available for publication this week the break Down of the tax rate was outlined in the Resolution As follows general fund. $1.00 Library fund. 05 1914 water Bonds. .08 1914 Street Bonds .08 1919 water Bonds 07 1924 Street Bonds .18 1927 water bends. .19 1929 Library Bonds .05. The assessment for $100.00 valuation for the meeting of the principal and interest due for the acquisition and improvement District no. I Huntington drive Mattoon area was disclosed by zones As follows zone a. $8.92 b. $8.07 a $3.19 of 8 34 g. $3.45 a $6.14 a $1.37. The Resolution pointed out that $2,826.65 hed to be met this year on this Bond. From the allotment of gasoline tax moneys came $1,-206.84 to be appropriated throughout the local District. In the absence of councilman j Grant w. Corby the mayors chair was occupied this week by councilman c. C. Hoffman. Requests for traffic safety signs including Boulevard stops were made to the Council by leter this week from the Rancho Santa Anita. Inc. Clifton b. Herd general manager of the Rancho signed the letter which sought i a Stop sign at the intersection of Colorado Boulevard and old Rancho Road 2 a Stop sign at the Colorado Boulevard Vaquero Road crossing 3 dip sign on old Rancho Road near the administration building. Advertisement for bids was also sanctioned for 1650 feet of 2l/2 Inch underwriter tested Hose to be installed on one of the new fire engines Here. San Gabriel Valley poultry association to sponsor december event for the second consecutive year the City of Arcadia will be the Home of the annual poultry show sponsored by the san Gabriel Valley poultry men a association. Granted permission of the use of the auditorium of the City Hall the association one of the youngest and most Active in Southern California will stage its second annual show on december 3, 4 and 5. Last january the association held its initial show making its debut into Quot big time Quot show business a most auspicious one the event attracting entries from All sections of the state of California. According to d. A. Strawn of Arcadia. President of the association who applied for the dates the san Gabriel Valley poultry men s association show a some Day will be one of the greatest in this Vicinity. Further details will be available on the event later this month it was disclosed. Arcadia police May go to school classes overcoat of Street lighting to be powwow subject a problem which has confronted City governments for several years in the Southland the alleged overcast of Street lighting will be discussed thoroughly Friday night in the City Hall of Inglewood it was announced this week. City Engineer Glenn Watson and councilman James r. Griffitts Are expected to represent the City of Arcadia at this conference. In Accord with the policy followed by police departments in surrounding san Gabriel Valley communities. Officers of the Arcadia department May be enrolled As students in the adult education department it the local High school this semester. The matter was discussed at some length at the Council session in the auditorium of the City Hall with the final decision held up until the next meeting. The Tai term of the night school and special afternoon classes will get underway on the 27th inst. Under the arrangement with the i City paying All or part of the tuition j fees the Day officers would Quot go to school Quot at the regular evening class i for police officers while the night Crew of officers would answer roil j Call in the afternoon division. Monrovia policemen have already enrolled for the course it was disclosed san Gabriel san Marino and Al Hambra officers Are enrolled in Sirr liar courses at schools in their communities. Raymond Dike water level is subject of discussion representatives of several foot Iii 11 cities and companies this morning attended a water powwow held at the City Hall in Pasadena at which Date was set for another session on the subject of the receding water Lei cd of the Raymond Dike. Source of water for cities and organizations in this territory the next gathering will bt1 held on september 22 in the Crown City. Arcadia was represented at the meeting As was Monrovia. Sierra Madre the three cities land com Pany and the Santa Anita Rancho local towns i Sites to meet thursday night a regular weekly meeting of the Arcadia Townsend club will be held thursday night in the auditorium of the City Hall. Trad Mark refiner Quot Newburyport in Massachusetts. May soon learn that it will lose it coppers ordered to collect City garbage Force is wit d Jimmy Roosevelt is a very Ive White House Secretary o. With Sublime Assurance is a lot of Nice insurance All i he words Laid end to end. With which Green and Lewis Send one another to the pit would give Noah Webster fits. Busiest Guy on labor Day had no Union dues to pa1 toll he takes keeps getting Steelie that a the open shop grim reaper he must Roosevelt sys confers. China a in an awful mess which is such surprising new that All China get die Bluet Duce jut squirts Castor of Down your Throat d you recoil from his schemes As part j purge. Hope we Here done to get that urge. R. M on
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