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Arcadia Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 4 1947, Page 2

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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - September 4, 1947, Arcadia, California Thursday sept. 4, 1947 ask the professor by la. F. Nnake dear prof lot about tin not lately w answer i wolves. We bul a a St f Arcadia Tribune amp news Vork of Arcadia welfare Thrift new owner of Flop Tokes on International aspect liquor store Hack in the Days when the Arcadia welfare and Thrift Wilfred Clep is the new owner shop was first started it would have seemed like ii wild r the i quor in re at 149 East Hunt dream indeed to think that a Day might come when its work would have an International aspect but that Day did come and that sort of work is with us now. When you read of the great need for clothing in foreign countries it is a real need that our Thrift shop us helping to fill for Many Many packages it clothing find their Way to Europe which have been bought Here in i Arcadia. One Man alone is sending i tithing mid food to 114 people i abroad. Out i woman is known to be ending a package a Day to foreign countries and what is More she is Avo King to give herself tile added j income with which to do this. When the Rev. Phillips returned to his missionary work in Korea recently a Good bit of Thrift shop clothing went along with him and Cleg p a phased the Arcadia Dis company from Joe Cuel-1 in and renamed in Santa Anita liquor stoic. Coming Here from Detroit a year ago Clegg and i cig have lived at 302 Laurel. N blinds m built. Repairing it e n a i r e not take tune to deliver in person. Ca i Atwater 7-1.831 for tile Piek up Sci vie g. E. Kinsey. It continued from Page i idol a. Huntington it ill til Mpa la f or Monrovia pm. Mon. 2262 in a 5 it a 5 by Aff i ill. I it a to i if Quot w Fatm s a in in j it pcs Are fun portable barbecues on a lot without adequate frontage and approved Guy m. Cox s request for permission to build on a lot Only 50x140 meet. Hie was Leque Ted to coh m x1.ider an amendment to the taxi Arter Phillip Many Navy uniform. A. Chance which i would require us1 of taxi ill computing fare.1. Wii learn Ainley of Monrovia of feed his services an architect for up and made into Little skirts with. I i .1u i the civic Center. Eton jackets Winch the Little Chil Dren in Korea Are now enjoying i officer Richard Williams was army overcoats were Cut Over also j a even permanent status wit ii the As Well As much other donated pm he department clothing and then from scrap leu Purchase of a $600 surplus prop Over Lap Robes and blankets were jeep a authorized tor the made to be used to cover the old City Engineer. And Nick. Cleaning of the walk on tile East Arcadia realty. Continued from Page i we hould cling to diem As Fhil bulwark it All our under the an hands us r printed at from met West mid1 have been turned in since tile War ended and these Are of excellent material. Many of these we e Cut sail Al islam Abdullah of Yocum Arab kingdom obliged autograph Hunters on Bis tour of i. S. Industry. Vav Onu to have no social standing in tile Princess country but he appeared to enjoy Tho occasion. California water and Telephone co. Files for increase in phone rates the California w Ater and Telephone company has filed your donation of clothing to the j Ude of Hie Parkway on double drive an application for it hearing before the state Public utilities largest selection from amp Iii own 4.95 $96.50 a i est raft a perfect performance portable. A elevating Drill and Spitz. $42.50 shop works in two ways it fills a from Duarte to Santa Anita schoo. Nec d for someone unable to buy Vas ordered. New clothing and the Money that j four City officials will attend the the shop derives from its Sale help. J league of California cities meeting to furnish the income from which milk is bought for Little children in need Medicine for the old and Young when needed loud for anyone who is Hung a in one instance for a baby who had been without food 48 hours Bel Ore the Thrift in san Francisco sept. 23-25. Additional. Continued from Page i. In 5 in. Of bar a ii q supplies f it ii i and reel plates grills doors Etc. 1 imm skewers 49c i i dry Bim poles. Incinerators Rife la j1 i qualify in a u cd a w fixtures association of which Leo Meeker o shop heard of the need. This was Arcaduis 1s president. A family of in with the lather ill which turned to mrs. Galloway tor i f a Joc Huion was originally help in their great distress. Why a a a a a. A . U Aca done to they go to the county for i. A a a a Quot 1 a say a cos Aid. You Natu ally ask and Thev needs up idly getting out o did but the help that the shop i hand an the of nation was in corporate at that time with of rotarians headed a oin Mission requesting an increase in local Telephone rates according to f. Ii. Macgougan company manager. There Are several reasons Why the company finds it necessary to ask for a rate increase at this time Macgougan . In order to furnish adv a h it ate and dependable service to the development the company is Init a Telephone Cali univ Mil-1 gated in the to t extensive in Nav Well Thairu a employ and pavement and expulsion program ii Best of equipment. In jts history involving the capita the co of both these e Sencial i expend. Re no. Everal millions o As ii ii enormously Iii recent Hula s. Already the company a ears. Wage Scales for example made net additions to its Plant ii gives tides Over until the More per inane in Aid is available. B Oyd $. Lee the Barbeau e specially shop 1231 in Walnut Pasadena 401 w. Las Tunas san Gabriel in is in in a demonstration Ever of / by 1 a Xvi Kvil i ii no to i War be representatives sept 5fh arid 6fh operates with a single knee control. Stands and Irons while you sit Down. Irons shifts in 4l/2 minutes a Flat work in less. Folds to closet size. Vuthill a a Hance store 107 we foothill after c p. I Monrovia Fth. Mon. 15581 Call Don Everett Monrovia 11251 other donations to the Thrift shop anything that can be sold to bring in income help to keep the Good work going on. Not ail of the things donated Are sold of course. Some Are Given to tile needy cases or sold for a be y reasonable Ligure to enable the buyer to keep his self respect. Toe things sent abroad and this Inch Des eight known countries at this amt a Are All surplus goods. All have Bein on the Racks and offered for at some time to our own Peep e who May need them. Have you visited the shop and seen the neat and orderly Way in which Hie clothing is offered it is indeed a great work that this City is doing when they offer help As you will find it Tilers. Visitors Are always Welcome Why not drop in and see for yourself what is being done Nave than doubled since 194. And the Cost of equipment has ski ticketed at the same fantastic rate it it the West of raw material and commodities of every kind. Between 1940 and 1946, for in , the company s revenues in ceased 143 per cent but during lie same period expenses went up 187 per cent which Means that the co t of operating is fast Valenin in with evs Illies. Up to the present time Mac Occman stated All Cost Mecca. 3 Boti i in payrolls and materials Haw been absorbed to the detriment of group Meeker As the incorporator and a Lough die it of a p opposed Hospital was drawn. Expected funds Wen not forthcoming at that time and the matter was allowed to lapse until the new Survey revealed the seriousness of the situation and outside funds became interested. Mayor Ormsby said a this fund is a step Forward and Pratti net income. Current wag increases eally assures Arcadia of tile finest will further reduce the net income in Hospital service within the very and Brin it Down in a Point a it it it near it will be entirely too Low to attract additional capital. The pre lit rat scale for local Telephone service which was Stabli hid More than 15 ears ago is now t a meet pre ent financial req Art mend Macgougan said. Ii ring the past few i Tole j Mage per sub crier tin. X i handed , Afcin it j necessary to my a it a i. It. I i t it it t county has first trichinosis Case in two years Willi Hie occurrence of tile first a a ,. or a a a a i. J., to maintain Coop service to sex. I pick up service monday through j cae cd trichinosis reported in loss. Iday is available if you have i Angeles county in two years something to donate that you can warning has been issued in or. K. H. Sutherland assistant co my health officer relative to eating raw ground meat As Well a.-, uncooked pork investigations by i x Kemp and Paul bosnian food and drug inspectors for tire county health department show the Lepo. Ted trichinosis was caused by eating raw hamburger which was ground in tile same machine As was used tor grinding Polk for sausage in the precautions against eating uncooked ground meat me health officer pointed out that on occasion the Butcher May grind his York and his hamburger in the same machine and Nia it not clean out tile Blade after grinding me i perk if this occurs the beef or other meat ground in the same a clime As the to. K might be Ion laminated with the Trichina in no Down payment Fok g. I. Home Hunters see these 114 Quality Homes in secluded Scenic North View Village 2-bedroom Homes $153,73, escrow fees. No More 3-bedroom Homes $164.04, escrow fees. No More sle Why g. I. Purchasers like Adelbert Campa say a North View Village offers Best 1cc&Quot,-financed Home buys for qualified . We know a because we inspected we compared and we bought our Home in North View see North View Village before you invest your investment is doubly protected because District is one of rising values. Visit these 114 2� and 3-bedroom Thomas Well built Homes in san Gabriel Valley Between Al Monte and Baldwin Park on Harlan just off san Bernardino ave. W. Ramona blvd. Model Home open 10 . To 8 . Daily. Call Atwater 7-5459 for More details. Evenings Call Sycamore 7-8479. Builders and developers Thomas companies inc. 4308 Lave Oak Arcadia at. 75459 Balboa vacation r. C. Former Fain y. 67 East Longden spent a \ in. On at Balboa. Tribune classified ads by or classified dept. Atwa i 7 .131 Pasadena Pomona Claremont motor coach line schedule serving the foothill cities Between Pasadena and Claremont. Connections at Pomona for Points cd. Daily except sunday calf bound my . And. In addition ii expanded to l. m age me in been and till i a huge demand tor new be vice due to the abnormal growth of Hie i immunities i v a Quot right Here Macgougan said a Jet me Point nut an inter sting condition. A a Cunn Kunii grow and tile number it Telephone in phases tile value of Telephone Erv ice is greatly enhanced Beau ii More telephones there an Avail Abi in an exec ant a Ca the Greatt Are tile comma icat Iun pm. Unlit. Lor each a a cuber and with tin. Mere a e in their i a1 o an increase in tile of operating. Quot in the Telephone business he i said the West of operation get a up when the number of Tek pm Oil multiplies we Ipoh i e train to. Usual pro t do e in mod by Blesse where the unit Cost Roe Down when the volume go a up tin. I fundamental principal in the operation of a Telephone r or tem Iii Nornel times. In time. Such As these when the prices of All things have Rien to such lofty Pinnacles their is a. Excessive use in operating cot per Telephone and this abnormal increase Mut be of it by Ali rented Eye tit. Already stat our traffic exp ? per Telephone has increased 238 per cent since 1940. To meet the unprecedented d in a and. Of the times and to keep Pace with California s amazing Al is of $800,000 during the Lins 18 months. Tile rate increase requested is not to provide funds for this improvement and expansion program but to place tile company on a sound economic a is so Tho it will attract outside capital. The increase in rates for tin Ca will amount to $1 per month or re Donee telephones and $3.56 per month for business Telephone discount for prompt payment will also be discontinued. The reason or the larger Meres a for business telephones is because the present ate a exceptionally Low sine a they were established at a time when to Exchange War very Small and the Numor of t Chi in a in or comm Unity very few. Semite Sage. Continued from Page ii once can hear what going on. Should have loud peaker. Set up. No More a at Council no cling tin Dinar i a Thun do tin no ii to. Fun a Jue i j Eros a ? Vav ii ii leu n to arc Clung 1 wild year. Trying to hear mayor i in by put a t Ion. Jim Stoker Wiio w. Chairman Quot i tin b aul of Tiu tic which built the part. It co Hall can look Back to tin Day Watai in Board met in the old Mccoy build ii to e bub div or any other place tin it could i my. May by Era of Tho column could n ret p Cut Enla it a a War memorial to replace the battered Pylon in the county Park and fat no a be Man Iii place tor our Roll Ai Honor Apex Home cleaners rugs overstuffed furniture Coconut Oil shampoos dry cleaning for frieze rugs Etc. Rug binding and fitting floor waxing a Wall and window washing. I Day service in your Home free estimates fully insured Sycamore 4-3377 Pasadena Bidi purpose and cd nay be easily linger ibo Are willing to in Der oath As to the called lobbying can be made Ai important Branch of Daniel Webster once exclaimed it is tile constitutional right of 0 r people to canvass Public Are i and the merits of pub 1 Shah defend and sex Erin ugh constitutional privilege limes Anil at All labor Leader of our time us compels put ii this Way institution it the United i Vides that any person has the i lit a a petition. A c in1.1 to by tem ii by Tun whom the worker it Lieve have Mote 1 Iea t he Furke s i hem Ehi Quot we Welcome any investigation it a court procedure. The Estabula is it no a Umi urm a Lieuie of com Iii Otis ii i tile mile Protection it m Sculli i a been in pm inn e Lei about 3u y i ars and oui it Nurl i it v e until the a Clifdale to let mine the proper Lee to by Pat i ii court cases. Legislative Lodi Annot to Sibly have among their lumbers sufi event intimate expert knowledge of All affairs for tile can tation old i Lei i Laws Are Ary to assure the maximum of of a ii Lency Abd the minimum of error j i hey f Lould receive and consider 11111 ration and counsel from com Patent representatives it citizen Ai any special held As nothing Mort Hail common sen e. All these adj Riser to Hie lawmakers indispensable to intelligent lawmaking and j indent administration constitute i to tit Branch of government a your Dent i t say. J it an Tell i Nett accurately How deep to grind by your expire Ion the pain is in i unde. I he same Palms of per Sci i Ion checks and balances must be injured ii o r. continues to Cork. Quot Freedom of speech and petition Quot Baugh concluded a Are named inst in the sacred Bill of in it Progress Hailie and we rejoice in the Mineral happiness Prosperity and Advance meat of our count a which has b in tin offspring of Freedom Kiel not of Power. Jarnac k. I Olk re upholster your old furniture a e her its what of do i. Suite galled for Anil delivered. $. Frames repaired braced and polished. Webbing reset and replaced i. Springs replaced reset retired with special twine. $. Platforms completely rebuilt. $. New seat Cushion. 7. Covered in Fine fabrics. Selective upholstering $21 so. Myrtle pm. Mon. 30 Monrovia television console radio television set on display nightly at your i i i fast i f to i Hal i on dealer Atwater 7-5546 Jive your convalescent an even Chance for recovery. Administer Medicine and carefully. You will need Pron that you Are doing the Job right. Needs regardless of requirement promptly and accurately. S and foods accurately i equipment to be sure see us for sick room we can Supply you dietetic Scales for accurate measurement of foods Etc. Easy to clean White enamel finish adjustable for convenience i-1 to read figures. A a a or Quot a in nil in Jar let u w Uhock. A 1683, was the first to disturb the privacy of the teeming Bustle of the unseen world. The wretched wee beast est cavorting innocently under his Lens were later indicted and convicted by Koch and Pasteur. Unbeknown to Leeuwenhoek he had discovered a vicious and unseen world of killers now known As bacteria or germs. J he Span of time Between Leeuwenhoek and Pasteur was almost 200 years. Only an average lifetime has passed since Pasteur s Cap no cots during which practically All we know bout Iii t and its treatment has been disco Erc i. Our Kriv ledge is e handing at an Ever increasing rate. The pharmacist works with the physician in bringing newer and belter medication into the sickroom. Bagnall s pharmacy the retail store formerly Kings pharmacy 54 f. Huntington l rhe Arcadia California phone Atwater 7-2859 am am pm pm la a Vadena Union amp fair Oaks. 7 50 11 25 2 15 5 nov. Read do amp so Joseph. 8 17 11 52 2 42 6 12 la. Monrovia Myrtle Avenue. 8 20 11 55 2 45 6 15 la. Duarte Duarte Avenue. 8-24 11 59 2 49 6 19 la. Azusa Azusa Avenue. 8 31 12 06 2 56 6 26 la. Glendora Michigan so foothill. 8 37 12 12 3 02 6 32 la. San Dimas san Dimas so Bonita. 8 48 12 23 3 13 6 4 it la. La Verne 4th amp Quot a Quot streets. 8 53 12 28 3 18 6 8 la. Carey so la Verne 8 58 i 2 3 3 3 2a 6 5 3 a. Pomona 4th amp Garey 9 05 12 �0 3 30 7 00 in. Pomona 4th amp Garey. 9 05 cl2 57 3 30 a Quot of a. Claremont p. F. Station 9 20 c 1 12 3. 5 c7 15 westbound am am pm pm la. Claremont p. E station c6 08 9 30 cd 2 17 4 05 a. Pomona 4th so Garey c6 25 9 45 cd 2 34 4 20 in. Pomona <4ch so Garey 6 25 9 45 12 50 4 20 la. Garey so la Verne. 6 3 i 9 51 12 56 4 26 la. La Verne Goth amp Quot do streets 6 36 9 56 1 01 4 31 la. San Dimas san Dimas so Bonita 6 4 i 10 01 1.06 4.36 la. Glendora Michigan so foothill. 6 52 10 12 1.17 4 47 la Azusa Azusa Avenue 6 58 10 18 1.23 4 53 la. Duarte Duarte Avenue 7 05 ior25 1 30 5 0o la. Monrovia Myrtle Avenue 7 09 10 29 i <4 5 01 la. Arcadia first so St. Joseph Sis 7 12 10 32 1 37 5 07 a. Pasadena Union amp fair Oaks 7 -�0 i i of 2 05 5.35 a Transfer connection at pm Fiona Auto painting any make any Model any color a mrs i Pacific electric we Rall Amo motor coach it o Mimi uni ii 50 Pontiac co. 11< end foothill hid. Phone Mon. 15821 Monrovia we i i i hot water bottles sturdy rubber with a tight screw Cap. A sick Roc must. Other guaranteed i Wati a bottles up to $2.00. 79c Eaby bottle sterilizers Ite vim pan with Lur sterilizing six a and nipples at same 495 open sunday 9 20 to i p. To. Fil Deli very prescription far Macy Supply 38 so. Garfield Alhambra at 4-32? i cd 3- 776

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