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Arcadia Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 4 1947, Page 1

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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - September 4, 1947, Arcadia, California Get your Donkey Bas Cbill tickets now see Page 3 two sections sixteen pages City observing National guard week and Arcacha sew Arcadia California thursday supt. 4, 1947 vol. Xxx no. 36city, race track a rec on Mission Sci xes g. E. Kinsey buys City Hall for $100,000 coldwell banker to develop property g. E. Kinsey bought the City Hall for $100,000 tuesday. Following a hearing on the proposed Sale the Deal was completed by the City Council through the coldwell banker a real estate investor owns several apartment houses and commercial properties in los Angeles and has a ranch at Gorman. He Lias lived in the Southland 15 years it is understood he will have coldwell banker develop the property for commercial use. Peter Koelsch handled the Deal for coldwell banker. Included in the Sale were lots on Wheeler Street which include the red Cross building. The City has the use of the property for a year. The four lots on which the City Hall is located were sold to the City by Rudy Schwarzkopf for $400 each. The City Hall was built in 1918. The Council awarded contract for a deep Well pump to Byron Jackson company for $4,309. The pump will be delivered to the water department within three weeks. A a following recommendations from the planning commission the Council approved a conditional variance for a real estate office on foothill near fifth denied a request from Donald Oft for permission to build continued on Page 2 Sanita Sage lights the latest in the electric Light line is a Light bulb with a sort of delayed action. You snap it off arid it does no to go out until you be had time to undress and get into bed. Nice idea. Eliminates stumbling around in the dark trying to find the bed. No More stubbed toes or banged Heads. The actual delayed action Light Globe was nothing. Any High school graduate with a mechanical mind could figure out a de played action Light switch. Tile place where real brains were needed and it is doubtful if they have the answer was in trying to figure out How Long it takes the average woman to get undressed made up and into bed. Suppose they have male and female models. Most men can almost do it in the time the regular Light snaps off but the women there is the real test. Suppose there is some sort of a regulator on the Globe. You can set it for the length of time you need like an alarm clock new Light May be popular with everyone except a husband coming in late at night. All he wants to do is snap the Light on a minute to get his bearings. He can make it then in the dark and what a Surprise he s going to get when wife gets one of the new globes and he does no to know it and boy terrible to even think about three Hurt As cars crash on Colorado i Bree Parsons were injured when two cars crashed on Colorado place at san Juan tuesday afternoon. Genaro n. Flores 38, Azusa Driver of one car suffered a possible jaw fracture cuts and bruises. Richard ii. Slater. 25, the other Driver has a possible concussion while his passenger. Clifford Caruth suffered three broken ribs and multiple abrasions. New playground facilities added at parochial school 7 if j in Linal preparation for the opening of holy Angels school sept. 15, new equipment was installed this week to Complete the playground. Regulation basketball court Volley Ball court Sand Box Large and Small swings tether Ball equipment Monkey bars and a Jungle Jim were added to the Nerry go round which has been used All year to Complete the playground. More than too applicants to attend Hie school had to be refused because of Lack of space and teachers. The seventh Grade has been added this year and an additional sister has been appointed. She is sister Leanda who will teach the fifth Grade. The school is staffed by the Sisters of St. Francis of penance and Christian Cha Ity with sister m. Franchise Superior Sisters Miriam Floricia Mary Luke and Redempta. Red Cross giving baby conference instructor class Pilot says Charm rushed through mails saved him Hardwick walks away from flaming wreck Pasadena chapter of the american red Cross of which Arcadia if a Branch has been chosen As a training Center for unit la Mother and baby conference for instruct i tors. First class will be held tuesday at 8 30 a. In. Class for instructors will be carried through wednesday and thursday from 8 30 a. In. Until 5 30 p. In. Luncheon will be served at the chapter House. Only graduate registered muses who have filled out application forms and have had the coins approved Are eligible for this course. Practice Clas. Is will he held com j Inen cing sept. 12 and separate classes will be held to. Rings after Noons and evenings until sept. 19, my Bon of supervisor William week ends excluded. Expectant Smith Hie Resolution of the mothers grandmothers or any j a of Arcadia requesting $35,00 adults interested in baby care Wil a Good Luck Charm Given him by a girl in Casablanca is credited with pulling a Lucky Jack Hardwick out of another tight spot monday. The for in e r Royal air Force and u. S. Air forces Captain walked away from the flaming wreck of his p-51 after a crash at the National air races in Cleveland thanking the stars for his St. Christopher medal. Strung up with his dog tags the medal protected the a Nadia Pilot in More than one Tough situation during the War. Forgotten in his Rush to Cleveland last week the Charm was rushed special Dell Ven by his Mother mrs. Emery a. D Wick 418 Lemon to the Cleveland Airport. Leading the pack in the Thomp son trophy race labor Day feature of the National air races Hardwicks motor gave out As he rounded the first Pylon. A i knew this was it Quot said the 27-year-old Pilot a i tried to land her on her belly but poop e were running in front of me to i had to swerve to avoid them. A i finally belly landed but Tore one Wing off the to or Wau out and i believe my Tail was Hardwicks Wing was clipped of by a tree. He escaped a to Civy to scratch on the Elbow. It Wasny to the first time the St Christopher had kept the Pilot alive As a passenger on a transport headed for London from Africa during the War Hardwick was called into tile pilots compartment for a consultation. It was not certain whether the ship was Ovi r land or water. Hardwick took Over the controls and had the More than 20 airmen passengers bail out. He crash landed the ship in Fiance and in three Days had All of his passengers rounded up. Only one of them was Hurt. Hardwick was forced Down again last week on his Way to Cleveland he returned to Arcadia by b-17 and bus yesterday. Total tax rate less bul Bills won t be Down Sharp increase seen in county tax Bills a i Mune bulletin photo. Exhibition stars now putting on diving exhibitions All Over the county is the Arcadia county Park team of Don Elliott left Doris Woods and Dean Auten. Young Arcadia diving Trio giving exhibitions at county Park pools by Hap Everett a the Art of diving has elements of flying acrobatics and the dance according to the Young Trio of local divers now giving exhibitions around the county As an Arcadia team. Dean Auten who was talked into his comic dive routine by lifeguards when he first showed up at the county Park Pool holds a commercial aviation License. He a got one More Xam to go before joining the army mrs. Mary Moore opens Nursery school monday county seeking state funds for Wash Bridge air co. Is. Dean is one Guy who can ignore this business about waiting an hour after lunch before going in the water. After All what difference does it make when you ate if you re doing a belly Flop off the 12-foot upon the arrival Home from san Board. Lorenzo last week who e she was although his routine does t in visiting at the Home of her Daugh-1 Olude a Dye into a a Riv p00, Dean did Stait in at the county Park be w i t. H a sanitation i e v y added for the first time Arcadia taxpayers will pay a total tax of $5.5330 per $100 assessed valuation for the year 1947-48. Last years total Levy for All governmental Peep a costs and services was $5.5856, my meaning the new Levy is .517 less. Property of mfr a however May net expect lower tax Bills this year while the City tax rate fell eight cents to $1.38 the county total climbed from $4.1256 to $4.1539 with increases in assessed valuation county tax Bills were expected to be up sharply. Having joined sanitation District 15, Arcadia must now help foot the Bill at a rate of .3227, tax rate for the City school District is up from $2.0133 to $2 14, while flood control taxes will be at the rate of .1975. Approval of the general county tax rate of $1.4937 was Given by the Board of supervisors last week. Upon announcement of the rate William a. Pixley i Ector of the property owners association of California said a naturally property owners Are thankful for Small favors in less taxes but we Are convinced that further and much greater reductions could be made without impairing the efficiency of local Junior chamber asks new Low on carnivals tile City Council received following letter from the jul chamber of Commerce this wee Quot if it were possible to Pas Resolution regarding All Carniv a Ide shows an i performed to secure a Spoor no in acid i their regular permits we the ? jul chamber of Commerce arca California would after a Thoro Check sponsor such unit. Not t Viou Siy sponsored by another Nadia civic organization. Quot should the Council see fit to j such a Resolution we the jut chamber of Commerce of arca will do our in providing f Arcadia with the foil a clean acceptable entertain Quot will provide constant super i during open hours of the unit \ the Aid of but two local Law enforcement officers. Quot should unit fail to live up to expectation and agreement notice of same shall be brought to the attention of the Jacee membership in surrounding the letter was Refe. Red to to attorney. Fiesta crowds May top 1948 total of 10,000 i Ufi out lion Sun Cit v i lights no. 2�?guess Edison Wras the smartest inventor at that. He invented the phonograph and made radio possible so people would stay up All night and Burn his Light globes. Be Welcome at the practice classes instructors will be nurses who have completed the special instruction during the p receding Days. Expectant lathers will a Welcome at the evening classes attendance will be limited to to Parsons at each of the practice classes insuring full information for everyone. Registration is requested immediately by telephoning Here in Arcadia Atwater 7-2193 these classes Are especially valuable for any admit concerned with the care of babies and everyone is j Welcome to their special sections j it is asked that registration be made j As quickly As possible in order that All arrangements be made Well in i Advance of the first sessions. Of funds for construction of i Bridge on Colorado Avenue across Santa Anita Wash was Refe red b the Board of s per visors tuesday to the county chief administrative officer. He was instructed to Mak an application for state funds Foi this improvement. Lights no. 3 a better get ready for the traffic lights in the downtown business area should be blinking pretty soon. Going to be fun to see them handle the race track crowd. The boys who used to handle double drive and Huntington kept traffic moving almost in four directions at once. Sort of directed traffic like an orchestra i Ector and the human brain is More pliable than the mechanical brain so that if traffic was heavy one Way and Light another they let the heavy traffic flow enough to Clear the intersection. Now lets watch the fun when the Well timed mechanical lights try to untangle a heavy race track crowd. Local purple heart officers at san Diego assisting in the installation of i officers William d. Libby state department vice commander attended last night s order of the purple heart ceremonies at the san Diego chapter. Making the trip with Libby and mrs. Libby president elect of the i local unit were Carl Bisbee new chapter commander mrs. Bisbee senior vice president of the unit and m s. Myrtle Bradley present president of the unit. Far cry now that the City Hall has been sold Down the River to the tune of $100,000, the new civic Center plans should be under Way soon. It will be a Modem Type building we hear and lets Hope it is sound proofed so that the Audi continued on Page 2 realty Board meets tuesday a meeting of the realty Board tuesday night will be the last at which new members May qualify for charter memberships in the multiple listing association. The Board will meet at carpenters at 6 30 p. In. Law Breakers fined $3,364 fines totalling $3,364.50 were levied in City court dining the month of August according to a report made tuesday by the court clerk. The court handled 295 traffic cases and 51 recorder cases. There were 17 violations of the penal code he e in August while 34 persons broke City ordinances. Ter and son in Law or. And mrs Mills Bale mrs. Mary Robert Moore announced the opening Date of her in Ursery school on South second Avenue to be monday sept. I mrs. Mud Ca Maltbie who has dieted the group of older children it the school for some time will York in this capacity again this a Messcer but it is with much re ret that the resignation of mrs. Helena Scofield is announced. She Las accepted the position of school a urge at the new Santa Anita in Hod. He place with the Moore school will be filled by mrs Blanche Mcallister of san Marino mrs. Mcallister is a graduate of accidental and for three years colluded a school of her own in South Pasadena. For the past year she assisted at mrs. Lyman a p Eschook West Arcadia. Miss Mary Clark who assisted at the summer session a t Hie Moore school will be a part line assistant again this semester. Registrations Are now being accepted for the fall and the school a vill be open for inspection beginning tomorrow when the staff will be available for consultation. Parents entering their children for the first time Are urged to bring the in to the school on Friday if possible so that the May become acquainted with the surround in before the opening Day. Visitors air always Welcome however at Ain time after sept. 5. Registration will be limited and Are being Acci Ted in the order received. Coordinating Council. Sets meeting Date the first meeting of the Arcadia Community coordinating Council will be held sept. 22. At the West Arcadia cafe it Wras announced yesterday by mrs. Roger s. Miller in coming chairman. Reason for the postponement f f twice. He says he figures it out first in meeting a week is because of but then Abandons his plan when i that the third monday fails he gets into the air. Dean save the i or the a pening Day of sch coi and the later meeting Date a ill make fore the thing was opened. The 21-year-old graduate of first Avenue and m.a.d., class of 44, lives at 1523 Holly Avenue. He started out i doing one and a half then switched to stunt work. His Daffy full gainer is never done the same main difference Between diving and flying i a that the Autho cities Don t Abow too much comic flying but in diving you can go ahead and bust your own neck if you want to. If you Ever see Dean walking around like he a got a Beer cramp its because he always lands on his Side. Ouch an old buddy of Deans is Juet about the bout diver among the men at the county Pool. Don Elliott 21, is a1 so a graduate of mad., Village �?T44 and he likes to compare diving with his other interest tumbling and acrobatics. An employee of the Telephone company. Don has been diving about nine years and now has a Complete. Of Tine including a Pike one and a half Swan and full gainer off the High Board a half gainer Pike one and a half front two tuck full gainer cutaway open one and Jack possible the officials. Attendance of school chamber Board of directors Meels monday Ray Call a Tribune bulletin photo sort. A Levesque draws Check from a Apt. I. S. Taylor at Arcadia National guards first pay Day checking payroll Are it. K. O. Heister and first sgt r. T. Lid. H continued on Page 3 fire threatens Haystack. Barn returning from one grass fire sunday Arcadia ii Emen received a radio message to report to another fire threatening a Haystack and barn near the Santa Anita Auto court. One Rig had answered a Call to 237 West Camino real when the second Ala m came in. The lire was he second to break out in the same pot among Trees along the Railroad tracks in recent months. Fall into Wash ends on boulders plunging head first Oft a Railroad b Edge into Santa Anita Wash. William y of urn was found lying among Large boulders sunday night. Okuni suffered a deep head laceration and was taken to St. Luke Hospital where his condition was said to be improved yesterday. Witnesses told police they saw the regut a a monthly meeting of tile Board of directors of the Cham Ber of Commerce will be held monday at 8 p. In. In the chamber of Nice with president Clifford s. Lance presiding. Committee reports will be made by the various committee Chai men. Report of the directory committee will be a feature. Jack Russell who is handling tile directory for the chamber Lias received Fine response and to be sure that nobody is left out he wishes those who have not been contacted to Call the chamber of comme be office and leave word there so that Contact May be made. Several new members will be voted on and membership chairman John Faries will outline plans for the annual membership do to be held next month. The drive last year was a Success and it is Felt that by having it an annual affair the membership will be kept at the High level it has attained j dump the past two years. Secretary William d. Libby in company with transportation chair j Man f. Harold Roach will attend i a hearing before the Public utilities j commission sept. To. And the Secretary in company with one dire tor to be named Wall attend the hearing j brio e the Board of supervisors on i the new a master freeway plan sept. 16. Samuel h. Owens past president i of the chamber and others from j the we t Arcadia business association will also attend this hearing As it is Felt that it is of great importance in the future of Arcadia. The chamber bulletin will be in the mails to members this week so As to be received in time for the j the sixth annual fiesta de Sant i i Anita to be held at he race track i sept. 26 28, premises to attract an even larger crowd than the 10,000 who were on hand last Yea u a flock of Broad breasted prime March born turkeys have tie in purchased by the fiesta committee and Are being specially fed at a ranch on South Baldwin Avi nue in preparation for the Home cooked Turkey with t miming dinner which will Climax the three Day Fet the dinner be prepared by the tidies of the Church und r the a ii lemans lip of Martha Roberts and Chara Morris both of whom have had much exp hence with the preparation of Large dinners and i served in the Coffee shop in the grandstand area. Final plans for entertainment i will be made this week and will be announced on sunday. A Gay Street carnival or Jamaica plan for St oiling Singer musicians and other special acts is being planned. Colourful games in the typical spirit of fiesta will be placed along the grandstand in a Broad walk arrangement. The children a carnival for which the los Angeles turf club a turned Over the Beautiful paddock gardens the Hospital for a Nursery and other facilities will be under the sponsorship of the Parent teacher association. Tile fiesta will Pii with a gala turf club Bali spoil so cd in the Young people s Santa Anita club with r y King and i orchestra special entertainment feature Ltha it been planned for the a i. According to James Montpas. Pre Dent of tile club. Additional tax to help pay for Hospital Here Totalizer License fee Case settled Iriny negotiations co or a period of Many mayor m. Homer. This week announced i Points of disagree to Cen the Ity of or and the los Angeles i in have been settled court to the Satis fac everyone including a a nasal tor an additional five cent inn Avn t to for a City of Arcadia Ospital fund. The fir t of these suits was filed y the turf club and the american Totalizer company asking for an Jun Chi it a to restrain the City from electing a License Lee of $100 per in on the Quot tote Board Quot during the racing season. Then alter the adoption by the City Council of an Admi. In tax of five cents upon the Patron of th1 Tiack two additional suit were filed. In one of these As a test a according to Cliv attorney t. Guy corny who has been in Almo t daily Contact with turf club officials the City j tiled sins again a the track to let Over the urn of $2 788.25 representing the admission taxes for the first Day of the 1946-1947 Rny it. Subsequently a Patron of the i track Courtland v. Emden and the j los Ang it los turf club used to pro vent the collection of thus tax by the City and for a ruling by the court that the admission tax was i invalid. The amount involved in the test co so will now be paid to the City of a aaa and will be in addition to the sum of 581,627.25 previously received by the City for admission taxe., during the last meet. Hospital discussions have been held Between mayor o. Flashy and or. Charles s Strub executive Vic president of the track off and on tor some time and came to a head recently when the report on the or a tic need for hospitals in Southe n California was revealed by a Survey. It i understood that arrangements will be worked out so that the Hospital fund can be used to f Ether plans already being developed by the Santa Anita Hospital continued on Page 2 postal receipts reach $66,000 postal re $8 016.43 a during the tor the i you. The a it $2,262.84, to 1.44.46 it Tai 62. Not for August totalled compared to $7,733.38 me month last year t eight months of the omit How cd a gain of 194&Quot Mure of $66,-Mark of $63, Arcadia realty Board president defends lobby in radio address Quot tile right to lobby is an ancient and sacred right a said George s. Albaugh president of the Arcadia realty Board who broadcast a reply to the Federal governments charges against the real estate interests in a radio address monday night Over Kwh Kwh. Haugh said a is the right to a the right to lobby Quot Al petition the government in w a which we live. That is an ancient and sacred right handed Down under the Magna Charta. Four centuries later Charles i denied that right to the people of England and of. T his head Quot Albaugh continued a the fir amendment to tin Constitution of the United staid will r. To Rhrou the lit t ast on being Washington on All Malaves Home Etc Aal in it Chi gives All citizens the right ably assemble and to or Gove a Meir. Quot so Long lobbying open it is our to t it pc i Junta of government i want confiscatory taxes i make our influence Felt j owners must organize for i Protection and fight for All matters of meting the i the Home. Quot Woodrow Wilson said j Pamental trouble in the i states is that the p Ople been the real Force Bac our nip a extend to More than i Home and property Owac United states that Al meats and levies for p Board meeting. Each Issue of this Testate have b yokum sitting on the tracks when publication is sent to All members he suddenly got to his feet took a As Well As to Many Chambers of few Steps and fell into the Wash. Commerce throughout California. Eel w t a a it list creasing for a number of years an that they Art again approach in the Point where fax delinquent to his fellow lie. This code very i Ca i tor the greatest ass history. Get to e duty it make the tie. Can be i Jup made in to release the mighty production for the right ? of heme private Enterprise a Al Quot we have been called by it any the president Ted states we answer ii realtors to our Peilow its free Exchange of melt ape tem. Welcome Ltd holding aloft in our ideals of honest audited i a i v in cd we i lobbyists who go with a continued on Page 2

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