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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 31, 1938, Arcadia, California Two Arcadia daily Tribune monday it Clabor 111, ii in of it began hard attire Lim i in a in a i ii a a a i a ii in urn i. Published daily Peri it sunday and holidays at 104 n. First Avenir Arcudia it Alifornia Arcadia publishing company a. Har o la n o n president and publisher entered a s second Natter March 14. 19 Tho Post office at arc California under the ii March 3, 1879. Cha act a Flthe Tribune was designated As a newspaper or general circulation by decree of court on the 8tn Day of May 1931. Member Arcadia chamber of Commerce California n a Dws paper publishers association read i West Side association Bureau of advertising a Merican newspaper publishers association represented in tue uni Ted states and Canada by j j. Devine amp associated inc. New York City Chicago Detroit. Pittsburgh. A and Atlanta a. Copies of the Arcadia daily Tribune and full information about arcadia4 and surrounding markets can be obtained from any of these offices. Subscription Price single copy 5c 10c per week 40c per month phone Atwater-7-2131 for All departments. Advertising rat cd on application californians Franklin a reassuring note in tin discordant hubbub of this wildest of All California political campaigns has been Tho 2aim dispassionate Appeal to a a hold fast to that which is stood a to exercise common sense in government voiced by or. Walter Scott Franklin. It is Good to know we have such men among us despite Hugh Johnson says Ai ? round the a a aging but sadly True advertising Given a Alifornia in a recent Issue of the influential National Magazine time a California the wonderland. California the rugged and Gold-1 in lies at that Edge of the continent where the migrations that made the nation ended. There the last Vanguard of pioneers halted and the rearguard of sick halt lame Blind crooked and crazy have caught very name of this distinguished Alifornia physician educator rancher and civic Leader has a solid ring of j traditional americanism. And his Plain spoken Campaign j speeches have reasserted the pith of the hard headed pro a noun i meats of another american Franklin who Aid when the nation was Young a keep thy shop and any shop will keep thee a a Small leaks sink great ships a a a Penny saved is a Penny doctor Franklin has reiterated those americanisms in declaring that the Road to Security and Prosperity is the Road of hard work prudence frugality and sound Money soundly earned. He has rejected the proposed vision panaceas that give just in it times harsh judgment of u there is great need in this state today for a Man it of such convictions As presiding officer of the California Sena to. J it is earnestly to he hoped a a. Now fort unt it y appears virtually certain that California will have As her next lieutenant governor or. Walter Scott Franklin scholar gentleman and truly a California american. Continued from Page i the Legal profession was almost unanimous in recommending him. A whole month went by. Y Fri \ encouraging news not Only Are the populations of the United states and Canada a healthy people but they Are growing even healthier. For following the Best health year Ever recorded 1937�?the following gains have been reported for the first nine months of 1938 a 34.5 per cent decline in deaths from influenza pneumonia. A ig.3 per cent decline in automobile fatalities. A fall of 10.2 per cent in the death rate from tuberculosis. A drop of 10.1 per cent in tin mortality from diseases and conditions connected with maternity and childbirth. An improvement of 7.4 per cent in the death rate from accidents other than automobile fatalities. A fall of 8.5 per cent in the homicide rate. A decline of 4.4 per cent in heart disease mortality. A 2.4 per cent drop in the death rate for cerebral Haemorrhage. An improvement of 3.g per cent in mortality from kidney diseases. These 1938 health gains Are reported by statisticians of a life insurance company based on records of the company a millions of Industrial policyholders who constitute a reliable or i. Section of the working populations of the two countries. There Are however a few instances of Adverse changes such As rises of 2.1 per cent in the cancer death rate 10.7 per cent in mortality from diseases of the arteries and of 4.5 per cent in the suicide rate. Born i and Hoover so or Borah member of the jut by committee of the Senate had for Many years been close to the problem of the supreme court. He decided to take up tilt matter personally with Hoover. One sunday afternoon in february Horah pleaded earnestly with the president to appoint Cardozo As a worthy successor to Holmes. Their colloquy is one of the most magnificent moments in Borah a Long and distinguished Public service. countered the president a i agree with you that Cardozo is a Good judge. But there Are Many other judges who Are Good enough and who i think would better fit into our scheme of he added that he had been thinking about a certain District judge in California. Quot or. President if you nominate him to the supreme court i shall myself Lead the opposition against a and on what ground a a on the adequate ground of obscurity a Justice of the supreme court must be a but there Are geographic considerations. There Are already two justices on the court from new York Stone and Hughes. Cardozo will make a a emr. President a Man of car Dozois attainments is above geography. Cardozo belongs to the whole United states he belongs As much to Idaho As he does to new Quot but Cardozo is a jew. And there is a Good Deal of anti semitism abroad in the a emr. President the Way to Deal with anti semitism is not to yield to it Why done to you make out Cardozo a commission now a Hoover silenced but not convinced. Refused to do anything More than Quot think it i Gish p f o he going to save California in november by appointing some obscure District judge out there. Now in a a far Westerner and you re a Middle Westerner but you know and i know that the smartest thing we could do politically is not to play sectional politics on this appointment. But to get nationwide credit for doing the right thing. A the right thing is Cardozo and you and i know it. But our Friend in the White House is procrastinating on this As he has on everything else. I be done Al i can with him. Why done to you go up right away and make him move a at 8 30 the next morning february 15th, Jim Watson and Herbert Hoover had breakfast at the White House. At to of clock Justice Cardozo arrived in his Chambers at tile court of appeals at Albany. The whole courtroom was Abuzz with news that tile president of tire United slates was trying to reach Cardozo on the Telephone. Washington in the news by Raymond Lapper Quot where i am Happy Cardozo. Suspecting what the Call might mean and in his modesty very much worried whether ire wishes Only Are to be considered i would respectfully prefer to remain Here in new York where i am very a emr. Justice you have no right to consider Only your own wishes. The country needs you Here i want you to take the a a a e r y Well or. President. Thank the appointment was confirmed j unanimously in tile Senate. There i was no anti semitic reaction no Justice was Ever More loved. In respected by the american people j but from the standpoint of or own personal happiness Cardozo was right when he asked to remain at Albany. The members of the court of appeals almost As a father. From this Elysium in which he had spent 18 years. Cardozo went to the supreme court just As thai periodically strife torn body was on the threshold of one of the most bitter internal divisions in its history. It became a court where a Orwell As judicial idealist played his Tain members hardly spoke to each Trump car i from tire White House other where Justice Mcreynolds he went to see Jim Warson of in made a personal enemy of anyone Diana. Republican floor Leader in who differed with him in his oppo the Senate. Watson no idealist sit Ion to Roosevelt but the hardest headed realist among hoovers senatorial supporters was one of Hie few effective members of the rear guard trying to Ber off the mounting attacks on the demoralized Hoover regime. A Jim a said Borah Quot eve just seen Hoover about the supreme court ought to take the place deferred answering the phone until he could Conter with his colleague politic a expediency then Borah shrewd politician As Lite eleven of diamonds a b a Nard h. Kendrick _ new York City one of the t barbarous results of the Savage Quot peace of Munich will lie a wider and More intense persecution of jews. That has Long been a prime Point in the Hitler program. Hitler now stands astride of Europe As its greatest threat if not absolute master this is bound to be a new development in More nations than one. As recent attempts to resettle per. Scented jews in other countries has shown this Poison has already spread so far that no nation will Oiler them a Haven or Refuge. When you taint off a Little Way and look Al this this whack to the darkest Ages of with Buring ignorance and intolerance it seems simply incredible in any civilized country. I Don t know enough about con disk is in Germany to be sure but on the general Advance of societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals everywhere. Iti bet that even in Berlin dogs or cats or horses could t have been mistreated As have been jews without sending the sadistic perpetrators to jail. Passing from human Protection for of the lower order against human brutality to the animals themselves you will find nowhere in the Jungle such savagery of species toward individuals of its own kind except perhaps among a a few fish and some spiders. Wolves it. Jackals do it. Rats . I have no particular Brief for the jews As against All others but i have one for them As human beings. I knew their faults perhaps not As Well As they themselves know them. Every race has faults and in every one there Are extremists in these faults who become actual Public enemies. But every race has Virtues and in every one there Are extremists who become Public benefactors. Among the latter in jewry appears the figure of Jesus Christ and Back of him the whole of the Law and the prophets. Between them is based much of All the decency and religion and righteousness that we know. Yet the people who contributed Ever before in history. It is being scourged More mercilessly than Ever before in history. It is being destroyed by Savage leaders whose boast is that they intend to Rule the world not by any such advanced principles of Good will and Justice As made civilization of human Freedom and the Conquest of the world by fire and sword. Or. Hitlers argument is that the caving of the a Home front in 1918 destroyed the German military and that it was the defection of the jewish people in Germany that crumbled Domestic resistance. With a Defeated Soldier people like the germans and especially the prussians. That is sure fire Witch burning propaganda. I but i happened to be at the head of one of the principal divisions of our general staff in those Days and army member of our War industries Beard. We knew exactly what was Glt ing on inside of Germany. It is True that the nation was starved rather than battered into submission but it was the whole German people who a veda War weary undernourished. Hungry and bled White. Not alone the jews. All the germans knuckled. Both Hinden Ihirg and Ludendorff in their memoirs state that clearly and Lay the blame almost singly on the a pitiless War Industry Quot of the i Iii Ted states. Tile Genius and head of that a pitiless War Industry was a jew. B m. Baruch but not As a traitor de synopsis Edward Fowler a reputedly wealthy Gambler sear Jui Durlyn bes smgers i mite at tile hotel Pes cador. Miami b a. A Tor evidence to substantiate tile latter claim Fiat he is a wholesale k Ain merchant. In a trunk Fowler finds letters to that effect hut though mailed from different Points All appear to have been typed in tile same machine leading Fowler to believe that bes ingot had written them himself Why had be Singer gone to such lengths to establish himself in the Grain Market what was he covering up in the desk drawer Fowler finds a mysterious vet be in German which in English read a one More than a ten but less than a Jack. Show your hand to get the pack a several Days later at tie Sunset Bridge club. Glen Ned j society reporter questions Toby Munroe the proprietor if Cut or. And mrs. Bustinger Toh a liners him to their a Friend a Fowler. At the time Fowler is playing Bridge with Millie la Fiance a sophisticated Blond. All of a sudden she stalls shouting Acci ing Fowler of deliberately causing Lier to lose he quits the game i bluntly pays Millie a losses and leaves. Toby takes ins place. The other players Are Ben Eckhardt with a reputation for film Ness with women and card and Dave Button who claims Fowler owes him $60,000. At 4 15 am., two hours after the club had closed a mysterious figure unlocks the Back door and slips inside. searching All around the prowler comes to the poker room where his flashlight reveals the body of Fowler slumped on a table with a knife stuck in his Back. A i thought so a said the intruder. A just what i figured. Dollars to horse collars they be bumped Oft the wrong an Anonymous Telephone Call notified the police of the killing. Police Captain Leroy enlists the Aid of Miles Standish Rice a private detective in solving tile murder. Lekoy explains that the fabulously wealthy Bruce i armaday will pay plenty for the solution As he his son Tolliver daughter eve and mrs. Lydia Staunton a Friend were at the club the night of the crime. In Fowler a room the police found Tolliver a torn Check for ten thousand dollars made out to Fowler. The murder weapon was a circus knife. Chapter Vimr. Bruce Farraday a suite at the Royal Palms was quite in keeping with the luxurious Ness of the Hundred thousand Dollar swam fire moored to the docks below or. Far Raday a windows. A six foot Secretary answering dutifully to the name of Weems admitted Stan Rice and c attain Leroy. Stun was somewhat at a loss to picture such a pugilistic individual As Weems engaged in the sedentary task of transcribing or. Fan Aday s weighty dictation. The Packer Shook hands cordially mentally e timoted stun with a glance from Small rather Friendly eyes and indicated chairs. Seated he managed to dismiss Weems arid indicate a Buffet supporting bottles ice and soda by half waving a Well manicured hand. Stan who admired conservation of Energy and Well stocked buffets above All things warmed immediately to the millionaire. Quot Captain Leroy has probably told you that in a in a difficult situation or. Farraday bit off his words but tenseness could not hide worry and trouble in his voice. A i have whatever to hide. Tie police have found a Check signed by my son in the room of d Man who was murdered. I have Faith in my son. I want you to Clear him of any complicity. I can assure you he is not involved in this in any a is it 1 Heck a far a y hesitated glancing Fiou f Tan to Leroy. A its on his it is like i id ten to the col the pc him Bank and the signal in his but lies just a boy Twenty two. He Hus never thousand stun got up and a Filec Buffet to study the labels scotch Quot Hadnot we better h come in a he asked. A the and his sister left Early tins morning to drive to fort Myers Vith friends t Here was no word of this then. return this evening Quot a a i a a Stan selected a bottle and poured two drinks. He knew Leroy never touched anything while on duty. Ile Felt that some of Faria do Tyr a natural caution use. S might be to flouted under the Wundt i Al the tax Ila. W. D a n on the swum fire with la started to play on the bout last night and site suggested the Sunset club might be in agreeable change. We time Ell rather tired of playing with each other shifting Money i mind in the family Quot Quot you always play for Money Leroy put in. A yes hut not Over a cent a Farrady gave a quiet Hie Burden rather fulls on laugh. No although my son and daughter do insist on paying me out of their allowances when they lose a Quot and or Staunton a stun v. At lied Ilia bubbles i ise in his or. Farraday a luxurious Cruiser a is campfire a was moored to the Dock. Golden liquor. The Packer was a Man Well trained in Dis semblance. Stun was certain of that a and equally certain that Farraday a air of ingenuous frankness was concealing facts which he should reveal for the Protection of his own son. Stan added ice and Seltzer to the drinks and asked casually a Are you and your children on very Friendly terms or. Farraday a Farraday a smile was almost Wistful lie countered with another question As Stan set the drink on the desk before him. A can aria father answer that or. Rice my children have been Motherless since eve was born Twenty years ago. I love them devotedly. In be tried not to give them too much but perhaps i have. They have been away from me school and he Sank Down lower in his chair tugging the lapels of his Pongee coat into place. Quot i Trust we Are on Friendly terms. Tolly and eve Are All that i Stan raised his Glass and waited for his Host to follow suit. Farraday straightened up and seemed to see his highball for the first time. He queried Leroy courteously about his not joining them. When the Captain explained with a Grin about duty and pleasure Farraday turned to Stan a Titi drink to your assistance or. Rice. I Hope you will help a Titi do my Best a Stan said. They drank together Stan set his Glass Down and lit in cigarette. A Captain Leroy tells me that you and your son and daughter All played at the Sunset club last night. I was wondering if you had Ever been there again Farraday hesitated before replying. A we Hadnot. An old Friend of mine a mrs. Staunton a came the Packer flushed. A a she a a wealthy woman in her own right. Naturally we play on a basis of strict sportsmanship. She is quite Able to hold her own at Bridge. I full to see where she enters into Stan leaned Back in his chair and relaxed a there Are numerous things or. Farraday that both of us fail to see. You sent for me through Captain Leroy because your son is involved in a particularly Nasty murder. Ifs doubtful anyone without your standing would have received the same consideration a Farraday interrupted but Stan raised one hand to Stop him. Quot let me finish please. When in a through you can Tell me whether or not Yod want me to handle this for you. Edward Fowler the murdered Man was known to Miami gamblers As a High stake player willing to take a Chance on Captain Leroy told me that much on the Way Here. Unless that Check bearing your songs name was an out Ai. Out forgery your son must have known Fowler. At least that s what i believe and i think the police will agree with Leroy listening intently gave an affirmative nod. A if that a the Case a Stan continued a the boy undoubtedly had been gambling with Fowler. You May not have known that. I done to believe you did. But i do believe you knew your son was addicted to gambling. That a what has you so worried now. The Best thing you can do or. Farraday is to Tell us the truth. I wont try to help anybody when in a kept in the to be continued j j copyright by circuit erg i Blu in a. Our buted by King to lure saudi into. Lac. Just As an american like Pershing or Sims fighting a Bove Board against germans jews and Teutons to destroy her from without stroking Germany from within so now the Quot jew Baruch becomes a principal object of German Wrath i because backed by the president he warns that we should defend cur i selves. For results a advertise in the Arcadia daily Tribune the Captain and the kids by Rudolph Dirks Topeka Kan is in new York life is at work party. Here if i leadership of the a Here in Kansas the yeast of new in the Republican. Clearly under the progressive action. The energetic Young Republican candidate for governor is described by the democrats As a Radical and the democratic crowd is taking the conservative role. These terms Are vague to be sure but it is indicative til a t the democrats instead of charging the republicans Here with being outmoded i each Tio Zarics arc charging that they arc too Radical. While the terms Are purely relative. The interesting thing is that the relative positions Between tire two parties Here Are be a the re Erse of what they have been nationally during tin Roosevelt Era. This change is significant broadly of a reawakening and a readjustment inside the Republican party which is taking place e most notably in new York but also in a number of other states Young Tom Dewey he progressive Republican Cand ate Foi governor of new York a Hice after part Here in Payne Rattler the 42-year-old Republican candidate for governor. Ramer has come up through the county attorney s of i v and the legislature in which he is now a state senator. For his i ears he has had a thorough prac a Leal experience in state politics. He introduced the Resolution to ratify the child labor amendment and fought Ler it a cause which a not Over popular in Rural Kansas. He a been attorney for Railroad labor has Champ. D much Laboric . And occasionally has caused some alarm am be consent. A pc by his tax prop als. The Crit. In us mate that i e inclined to a too subservient to pressure the Bandon crowd is strongly behind him although it is not True As so often reported that Rattler was Hind picked by Bandon. He was 111 -1 turned up for the go Erin ship by a couple of conservative politicians who were Hoking for a vote getter. Young Tatner is half jewish and of course there has been some whispering about that. But it has done him As much Good As continued on Page 4 my Hbert Pound a same court he conference the ill Friend the late Cut another judge of that the conclusion of i with Pound Cardozo t from Hoo or. Quot or. Justice i want to appoint you a member of the supreme Burt of the United a emr. President if my own appointment. He has an idea that Jav Al he in Cap i pairs blood i shot struck his head of a submerged Rock he Reg aimed All memory of his childhood Days t i Joe Paloska x can t wait no longer eur tax gotta 60 t an n. In a a a we t a my word kid a know Don tech a x by Ham fishes Knobby Why where you been ? you look awful. You it look worse then course x know you dint make a it aint no use. The pinger Points right at us and the Way a put yer Chin out boy it sure you go to \ Ann. T gotta appear before the co Mishun they be held you la Tell pm / \ no buddy Kin talk like Ole Knobby Well g Bye now. J gotta git Goin. 4r

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