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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 28, 1938, Arcadia, California Of Rutar october 28, 1988 Arcadia daily Tribune Page of Lvi butter and eggs famished by produce Exchange of i of Angeles i i Ort 2r Huller Naff amps. Prime firsts standards undergrads Large ergs handled extras handled Light dirty extras candles clean standards candles Light dirty Standard panelled checks medium eggs candles cown it extras candles Light dirty extras candles Dean standards Canale la rat dirty standards Jand re checks St Mati eggs handled Dean extras candles Light dirty Itaw aids Case count 20 a a 7 24 .37 35 a 34 31 �?�34 i .31 30 30 .2 .26 .20 .2. 20 Ort 28 hens leghorn 2 i to 3 lbs hens leghorn Over 3 to 4 lbs hens leghorn Over 4 lbs hens coloured 31� to 4 lbs. Hens coloured Over 4 lbs broilers Over i it to i1? lbs. Broilers Over la to 2 t is. Fryers Legha a Over 2to 3 lbs. Fryers coloured j1, to 3lbs. , col., Over 3 to 4. Lbs. Routers coloured Over 4u lbs. St rigs coloured old roosters coloured old roosters leghorn ducklings Pekin Over 5 lbs. Old ducks White Pekins Young Tom turkeys 14 to 20 lbs. Young Tom turkeys Over 20 lbs. Young Hen turkeys 9 toll lbs Young Hen Turkey nibs and up Capone. 8 to 8 lbs. Capone Over 8 lbs rabbits no i win rip. To 4 lbs. Rabbit. No i mix. Col 3k to 4a rabbits no. I old Legal notice ordinance no. 3222 new series 14 .18 .18 .18 .23 .17 .19 18 .17 18 in .15 .12 .09 .15 .08 .17 19 .18 .20 .24 .26 la on .05 i Urner amp Stevens Fua vral director Chapel air conditioned a Pur filtered air 49 Nerisc me Reft to Avenue pet Den Celi Fomley Sci Mere 3-4156 end Pyramid 1-1026 associate chapels Turitto a Stevens Ell referent mortuary Charlet w. Powell resident mender Sycamore 6-5181 17 South Sierr Madre Boulevard Turner Steven a Turner 1 9 left mein Street Alhambra at a to 45 a Tigner Steven a Berry c. Alfred a Eftestol resident Vanlier jul Fremont a. Auth Pas Eden Sy-9-108 py.1-173t Over 43 years Darryl no on the editions of i an ordinance amending subsection h55 of Section a of ordinance e no. 2177 new series the Board of suf Ervi soils of the county i los Angeles in ordain As eos i lows Section i. Subsection 155 of i Section a of Ordinary no. 2177 new series entitled Quot an ordinance providing for Boulevard stops j along certain portion,1? of certain i highways in the unincorporated territory of the county of los Angeles and repealing ordinances nos. I 1386. 1414, 1439, and 1625 new be Ries Quot adopted november 21. 1932, is j hereby amended to read <155 lower Azusa Road Arcadia District. Each Side of lower Azusa Road from Rosemead Boulevard to Peck Road excepting at its intersections with Tyler Avenue and Sunset Boulevard Section 2. This ordinance shall j take effect thirty Days after the Date of its adoption and prior to the i expiration of fifteen Days from the i passage Hereof shall be published for at least one week in Arcadia j Tribune a newspaper printed and j published in the county of los an j Geles St a t a of California together i with the names of the members of i the Board of supervisors voting rotund against the same. Roger w. Jessup. Chairman cd the Board of supervisors of los Angeles county state of California. Attest l. E. Lampton county clerk and sex off lilo clerk of the Board of supervisors of los Angeles county by Alice Burks. Deputy clerk state of California i is. County of los Angeles it i. L. E. Lampton county clerk of tile county of Dot a Angeles. State of California and sex offi Cio clerk of the Board of supervisors thereof do hereby certify that at a regular meeting of the Board of supervisors of said i of Angeles county held on the 25th Day of october 1938, at which meeting there were present supervisors Roger w. Jessup chairman presiding of. C. Legg. John Anson Ford and l. M. Ford., and the clerk the foregoing ordinance Eon slating of 2 sections was considered i Section by Section and that the said ordinance was til in passed and adopted As a whole by the following vote to wit ayes supervisors John Anson Ford i m. Ford and Jessup. Noes none supervisor Lagg being temporarily absent. In witness whereof i have j Hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal of the Board of supervisors i of said los Angeles county this i 35th Day of october. 1938. A Seal l. E. La Minton. County clerk and sex Olfilio clerk of the Board of supervisors of los i Angeles county. By Alice Burks. Deputy clerk. Publish oct. 28th. 1938. Tile mothers of this study group Are invited to a Tea at tire Moore school 1625 South second Avenue. On saturday november 5th. At 3 p. M. The speaker for the afternoon will be or Nadine Kavinoky and her subject will be Quot problems of the Home which affect the or Kavinoky is a Mast Able speaker and never fails to bring a helpful message out of her wide experience As a physician. End of Long voyage after a 7,000-mile voyage the Ketch Colin Archer from Oslo Norway arrives in new York with three men and a woman. Anna fort Bjonnes aboard. The blonde norwegian woman confessed she made the voyage to get married. It was revealed the bridegroom to be is capt. Charles a. Crowt Ashield of the u. S. Marine inspection Bureau. The two plan a honeymoon to South America on this boat. To the sick lir Lri Vuk amp to take this Opportunity to thank you for your response to a a my offer of six chiropractic adjustments without Cost or obligation. It has Given us an Opportunity to get better acquainted. You May still take advantage of this offer for a few More Days. Call at my office at 657 Duarte Road or phone Atwater 7-1105 for appointment. Or. F. H. Henry chiropractor 25 years experience upholstery 539 50 custom made 2-piece new $252 a a. Recovered lira peril venetian Blind. Slip c Toner. Eur. No Heifer workmanship it Liny Price. We carry our null contract. Alhambra upholstering co. 837 w. Valley blvd. Alhambra phone at. 2-4087 125 attend Lions club dance event More than 125 guests enjoyed the dinner dance staged by the Arcadia Den of Lions last night at the woman a clubhouse in Celebration of Quot charter or. Bruce f. Sims was general chairman of the event and Otto Peterson was in charge of the dinner. Al Moynier was program chairman presenting an entertaining group of professional singers dancers and comedy skits. President presides president Robert Sheehan presided and James Bowen was master of ceremonies. A my Day by Eleanor Roosevelt Birmingham. Alan As we left the station yesterday morning in i Cincinnati my Eye fell on one of the housing projects which i had seen partly finished on a former. Visit i was leaning out to look at it when tile taxi Driver said Quot that s one of the government housing projects and i live i promptly i asked How he liked it and he responded that ii was very satisfactory. One of the first things i was taken to see this morning in Birmingham. Was another housing project which i had seen just beginning when i was Here before. In Many of the Southern cities the i worst housing is usually occupied by the negro population and so i was glad to find that this project was for coloured people and already practically filled. We asked a woman who came out into her Yard if we might see her j House she let in and it seemed to me Well planned Ani Well kept i still disagree with the housing authorities on the question of closets without doors i know one ran build More cheaply that Way but a one of the reasons for having a closet is to put things in which you do not want out in the room and i which you want to keep away from i Duft and dirt. I we paid a Brief visit to the Birmingham Southern College took a drive up a Hill from which we had i a most View of the City and visited a Vita project where work of various kinds was being done. They have been fortunate in finding an old factory which is easy to keep clean and has plenty of Light and air. The sewing rooms and the mattress making were in one building. On this project i saw what ingenuity can accomplish. Lately no mattress tick ing has been forthcoming from 1 their sponsors so since they have j received a great number of old army Coats there have been ripped,1 washed and sewed together to make really very serviceable mattresses. The weaving is exceptionally j Good. I saw a Woven Linen dress with some Block printing As Deco j ration and various conch throws and pieces of material which made me feat that these women would be Able to earn their own livings before Long. Under the sponsorship of the Public schools a bookbinding project has been going on w hich has put a great where t o Dine and dance Rattlesnake s Caress proves raffling to Deer Hunter Sisk you. Cal. Of. 20.�? up i chief of police Charles d. Dogged admits he was alarmed at having his hand caressed by the Tongue of a Rattlesnake. Doggett had shot a Deer and was trying to Trail it by the bloodstains on some High wet gras. As he spread the grass aside he Felt his hand being tickled. It was the Tongue of a 30-Inch Rattler. Owing to the dampness and the cold of the morning the Snake was sluggish and neither rattled nor struck Many Hooks into use. Men and furniture would have done rred women were working together on to a department store a project for renovating furniture there is a big gathering of demo which seemed to me most interest cratic women Herr Temh ing. They were making Over old drawn a number of to ire boxers to serve As cabinets or rats to Birmingham i was hip a booms which they set up with kit to of Able to Greet them All at Chen bedroom and sitting room luncheon. J Lay and it a a port ant dem wives enjoy dining out too and when you do treat your wife to a vacation from cooking treat her royally by dining at the Pines or be Derby tavern. The Derby Pines Coffee tavern shop 233 e. Huntington dr., Arcadia first at Huntington or. Phone 2430 Arcadia phone 2208 cocktails a 21 hour service a air cond a one Otto p Petersen prop. 10th year Why pay Hore 50cfu"courm 0, 50c Yon Are invited to aztecs v Turkey Chicken Ham Etc Steak the Samovar 1161 fair Oak so. Pasadena avg amp 5-7 45 sunday 11 30-7 45 closed mondays a a in. I i a party saturday evening october 29, 1938 Swap / want ads the following programs Are compiled from reports provided by the broadcasters. We assume no responsibility for last minute program changes in their part. Your dial a a a a a tonight five p. M. Pm try old colonel i or a fit Warden Lawes draws pm pc news 5 15-9 30 Reher Stu. Hamblen. I or. Khz a Johnny Murray 5 15, musical program Kew by musical program 5 15. Uncle John stories Knox Cal Quito and Orch. 5 15 Howie Wing serial fac science 5 15. Rec d Reca a musical program 5 15, news reports i �?5 s0�? rpm a schools 5 45, band Khz a Dick Tracy serial 5 45. Orphan Annie Kew by Star rangers Knox a vocal 5 45, news of Aoa whoa Bill club Recap had a Chance six p a. Pm try Saddle pals a fit political speakers 6 15, James Melton Tenor Kehew talk 6 15, news Khz a Jack Armstrong 6 15, phantom Pilot Kew by news 6 15, music Knox a holy we a hotel. I or. A fact news 6 15, sports Recap editorial period 6 15. Paul Martin mute m a so he pm try pension Plen a fit March of time Kehew sports 6 45. Isle Khz a band 6 45. Music Kew by musical program 6 45, your America a fact Gino seven Orch. Recap Walter Kelsey seven p. M. Pm try musical program a fit Guy Lombardo by. Kehew Clifford e Clinton 7 15, strolling Tom Untim too 110 120 120 140 dance wed. And sat. Niles old time and modern Friday Nite swing and Sway the modern was with Chuck stewarts Beverly boys plan your party for halloween masquerade sat. Nite oct. 29 Bettye a barn Baidwin Park a lower in favors Aztec hotel Monrovia Calif. Telephone Monrovia 1118 dancing entertainment 1 Khz a curtain time Kew by political 7 15 talk Knox a grand Central St in a fact Allen 7 15. Orch. Recap football ratty �?7 39�? pm try recorded program a Ftp Feldler 745, Kara Kehew news 7 45, band Khz a the Lone Ranger Kew by football forum Knox a calling All cars a fact mrs. A. W. Ballard 7 45, Fred Forest Recap Sper 7 45, nation eight p. Of. Pm try Martin Thomas 8 15, news report a Ftp Amos a no Andy 8 15, cabbages St Kings Kehe Church glee club Khz political speakers Kew by Tex rangers Knox Central committee 8 15, Lum and Abner a fact music to to in Recap talk 8 13, sports �?8 we pm try Hollyw a journey 8 45, Jim Mack sports Fri death Valley Day Kehew Orch. 8 45, labor Khz a California caravan Kew by pension plan Knox a Burns and Allen Recap Chest 8 45. Waite nine p. M. Pm try Floyd Johnson of a the circus variety Kehew Phil Harris band Khz a news 9 15. Band Kew by musical program Knox a first Nighter Recap san Francisco opt a a a a pm try la go Toad Rena jul woo pm pc Mary s melodies 9 45 nears report Kehew Billy Mcdonald by 9 45, Jimmy Walsh band Khz a the playboys band 9 45, round Towner Kew by news reports 9 45. Boxing to 11 00 Knox a Jack Haley s show Recap Frank Novak band ten p. M. Pm i a a records off 11-5 a fit news 10 15, editor pm pc Mary s melodies 10 15 Maurice Koel off Kehe music 10 15. Band Khz a Bruin rally Prog. Knox a news reports 10 15, i was there a fact records All night Recap recordings i or. �?10 30�? a Ftp Fred Martin band pm pc Louie Pella s band 10 45. Football Prophet Kehew band 10 45, music Khz a Chuck Foster s band Knox 10 45 a Harry Owens eleven f. Of. A Ftp Wayne King s ban pm pc musical program Kehew Clifford e Clinton 11 15, new report Khz a Jimmy Walsh band Kew by music off 12-6 Knox full 15 a Ted weeny Recap records off 12-7 a 11 30�? a Ftp Organ off 12-7 pm pc music off 1-7 a in Kehew band 12 00-6 30 Khz a Griff Williams band Knox 11 43 a Blaek Chapel Midnight Khz a records off i to 61 Knox a news band 1-6 try the Handicap Baldwin and Duarte cd. Arcadia delicious foods and cocktails enjoy our Beautiful cocktail lounge and entertainment k ,. .1 f a a a a a ,fjik38 i s Atli i r family dinners .75 enjoy our music a entertainment. Visit our Beautiful cocktail lounge. Finest drinks made by bartenders who Are masters of their Art. Garden rendezvous cafe 3035 Huntington drive a. 6736 just West of san Gabriel Boulevard one of the new bedroom suites. A strikingly styled bed room suite in the newest effect. Carefully la. Breakfast set console Range a tomorrow six a. M. Khz a else Shine. 1% or Kew by Stu Wilson. 2 hrs Knox a Sun Salute i a Bra a fact musical. Is hrs. �?6 30�? Kehew music clock. Chr seven a. M. Fri a record 7 15. News Recap musical program a �?7 30�? a fit musical program Khz 7 451 a news reports Knox a news report 7 45, girl scouts talk a fact 7 45 a news Rpp it Quot it ref Recap of held grows up 7 45, swing serenade eight a. M. Kit a no school today Kehew news Rpp is or Khz a financial news 8 15. Board of education \f\7b�?musical program a Cox a Conser vate pro i or fact country Church Ceca a by a 815, music �?8 30�? kf1 a news 8.45 music Cehen musical Prog i or Chi a musical program pub news 8 45 club fac Miranda c kit >4 or Ceca our barn program nine a. M. A Ftp talk 9 15. Choir Khz a wonderful world 9 15. Collegiate revue Knox a Federal housing 9 15, Community Chest a fact meditations. It a or. Recap news 9 15. Music �?9 30�? a fit Call to youth 9 45. Along Gypsy Trail Kehew swing time music Khz a musical Prog i or a feb Board of due at a Knox a women a club 9 45. Monitor children a fact music 9 45. News Recap farm Home Prog trn a m kit the musical Seesaw Kehe to 15 a cd Cav or Knox 10 15 a army is. Notre Dame to 1 00 p in. A fact recorded program Reca no 15 a army is. Notre Dame to 1 00 p in. A 10 30�? Kei Campus Capers 10 45. Har. Prince. 1 30 Kihei 10 45 Bird club Khz a music to 45 friends Kew by or broadcast or fac 10 45 a Church Prog eleven a. M. Kehew musical Prog i or Khz a Anthony Candelori of will 151 a Jamboree a fact Street interviews �?11 30�? Khz a musical program 11 15 Western 2 a fact talk 11 45. Organ noon Kehew news i2 l5. Music Kew by news report 4 or fac 12 15 Hamblen �?12 39�? Kehew music 12 45, talk a feb 12 45l�?musical pro fac 12 45 a musical pro one p. M. Kehew Loyola cent. 4 00 Kew by radio workshop West a 2 00 a fact science 1 15 Mui r Recap la. . 11 a or �?1 30�? kit m inn no West n i or. Kew by musical Jim a hrs. A fact musical to 5 00 two p. M. Khz a a. Is Star a 5 Erkd . 5 of Knox a a s c Oregon 5 00 �?2 39�? a Ftp the Ltd Rodiers Recap classic program three p m. Fri unannounced 3 23, news reports Recap Spanish review �?3 30�? kit musical program Recap Les Browns band four p m kit r Chard Humber by Kehe news 4 15. Music Reca a Mentor of Israel �?4 .30�? Fri unannounced 4 45, great men lives Kehe Campus kick of Reca a Ricardo rent Xiv full course Chicken grilled Steak. Ravioli and imported baked Ham in Honey and other entrees. Dinners popular priced luncheon and sandwiches special sunday dinners in a quiet atmosphere air conditioned dining room Abbotts 902 e. Huntington Duarte phone 021 trails end cafe 1303 East Garvey blvd. 2 blocks East of 5 Points Tel Monte Calif a phone by. 85097 a deluxe Chicken Steak dinners sandwiches romantic South sea Island music by Ted Florri and his polynesians no cover charge floor show saturday mles i dancing dining entertainment Pasadena company 80 n. Raymond est. 15 years by. 6-8151 open saturdays a til 9 p. In. Young Many not the Light hearted foolish Stooge Yon know on the radio and yet not a romantic dreamer either. Ile approaches his singing like a business. He is building toward a greater future. He is not Riding on the Gravy train grabbing All tile contracts and Money so that later when most popular singers careers would be on the Wane be tem quit. Kenny wants to be a concert artist my he ii Ashi eyes far ahead on this ultimate goal. He a studying toward the it now. Every song he sing., every picture lie acts in. Every personal appearance he makes is fitting 3.rn Fogt that career for ten years fifteen. Perhaps hell be Tel King but one Day when someone says. Quot Kenny we want you to do a concert tour for us a Kenny w Iii be Able to say Quot yes sir a for. When that Opportunity also comes Kenny Baker will to Leady. 3 gala nights saturday a sunday a monday sunday no cover charge italian Vista 1000 5\est foothill Boulevard. Featuring Complete Chicken dinner Azusa .65 see Paradise in our unique cocktail lounge entertainment a dancing a halloween fun and favors for reservations phone Yenisa 37050

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