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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 27, 1938, Arcadia, California A y thursday october 27, 1938 butter and eggs famished by produce Exchange of Loo Angeles Arcadia daily Tribune rap five oct. Large egg handled extras candles Light dirty extras candles clean standards candles Light dirty standards candles checks Small less .37 35 u i candles clean extras ,34 candles Light dirty standards 31 Case count .34 butter extras. Prime firsts. Standards undergrads political advert semen t medium eggs i candles clean extras .29 candles Light dirty extras 28 candles clean standards .27 candles Light dirty standards 24 handled checks Polit Lea i advertisement .32 .31 .30 .29 .20 8 a a Al Izro Quot endorse Thatcher for supervisor and ooh their Friend to vote for him. Because they know him to be honest sex portended. Efficient and trustworthy. Hugh a. Thatcher j Ort. 27 hens leghorn 2�?Ti to 3 i lbs hens. Leghorn Over 3 4 to 4 lbs. Hens leghorn Over 4 Tbs. Hens coloured 3 a to 4 lbs. Hens coloured Over 4 lbs. Broilers Over 11, to i1 lbs broilers Over 1 4 to 2 4 is. Prayers Legh a Over 2to 3 lbs. Fryers coloured 2 4 to 3�?~� lbs. Fryers col., Over 31� to 4 Tbs. Roasters coloured Over 4vi lbs. Stags coloured. Old roosters coloured old roosters leghorn ducklings Pekin Over 5 lbs. Old ducks White Pekins Young Tom turkeys 14 to 20 lbs. Young Tom turkeys Over 20 ids. Young Hen turkeys 9 toll lbs. Young Hen turkeys dibs. And up Capone s to 8 los. Capone Over 8 lbs. Rabbits no. I. Wilt. 3 it to 4�?~>> i s. Rabbits no. I mix. Col. 3 to 4 4 rabbits no. I old .26 Jap 29 .14 .16 18 23 17 la .16 .17 .19. I i .12 .09 i. .08 .17 i .18 .26 09 05 turf club Enrols new members for coming season i every Home should Hove these two work savers a i modern electric washers save their own Cost i with a modern Home laundry the average Lainily can save from $75 to $125 a year. 2. Modern electric washers clean clothes Laster better and with less Wear. 3. Modern electric washers launder everything from the sheer est fabrics to the heaviest blankets with the minimum of labor. 4# the Money saved with a modern electric Washer can be spent Lor other things that the family cannot afford now. 5. Low prices Low Down payments and Low terms make it possible for every family to own a modern 1938 electric Washer and pay for it with the Money it saves. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Quot sit down0 ironing is faster and easier with a modern heme laundry the week s washing and ironing can be done quickly and easily in from 3 to 5 hours. Modern Irones Are easy to operate and do Beautiful work. The average time required to Iron various a tides with a modern Kroner is estimated at two minutes for a Sheet four minutes for a table cloth less than a minute Lor a Towel. A modern Kroner saves time saves trouble and saves Energy. A modern electric Kroner and Washer can be purchased today for less than the Washer alone Cost a few years ago. See them today. Mitt of is composed of Stephen Vav Boyce chairman Robert a. Rowan w s. Van de Henry King. Gurney f Newlyn James a Spalding and Yurii Blue. Indications of the coming of prominent socialites from All parts continued from Page 3> it the Globe to participate in the promenade ground. Additional 4nyctcs and activities of the Santa landscaping has been added Anita season is the increase num throughout Santa Anita Park. I 0f reservations for boxes for the same officers acetone the a erne office an directors of International scope the los Angeles turf club with or the i Toh racing we again be col Henry 8 Mackay jr., filling the earful Lului International in scope is fancy caused by the death of the the i announcement of a program of late or Kenneth la. Kingsbury. In. L0_. Tilt a Turkis ref a will preside. They Are Hill e. 0f,on the turf the $100,000 r Ach president Leigh m Battson of i j. Air t Anita Handicap on and l i Charles h Alrub vice pres y r j n # n too added dents Erie p Halliburton Dwight a u 1 n d february 3 la. Hart Aithur c Hast in us. Nelson in., a with All other a Howard Henry s. Mar Hay jr., St of. To t in adde. Money t Felix is Mcginnis and Dwight t minimum of she too Ca h a Temh Whiting directors Gwynn Wilson inf event that will treasurer Hugh Blue Secretary and Jorth each saturday and h it i Robe t e. Kau controller. Dust during the season. Of ens 1 1.1. 31 int us m , ainu House c of i Hie act son opens later this year Der in be i 31 v a end of that a Chi is to a Day inaugural but the hailing cry Quot there they go a a eagerly anticipated Tor the Ai Pendant functions and in embers of the los Angele turf club Lawrence Harker Leigh m. Batt-1 Sun Carl ii Beal Cynthia Beal Curt b. Be is h digit Blue Laurence to the Vera s. Bragg cd b. Brunson a. Bullard j w else or Victor Ford Collins Bing clo by Proctor f. Cook is. L. Coni. Virginia Kirk cold. A a c Dougherty e. E Duque Max c. Fleischmann e. I Foley. R. O. , diaries e. R Fulcher p. C. Gernert Mark l. Gerstle William Creve r. J. Hadden Erie p. Halliburton Vida c Halliburton j. E. Hamilton Dwight in halt Arthur c. Hastings it. E. Havenstrite. Tins. Hitchcock sr., Charles s. Howard George m Howard Natalie ii. Howard Nelson a. Howard. Charlesll Jackson jr., Robert Jeffcott Kirkwood by. Jewett jr., Gordon Kaufman Curtis King. Henry King Mary Bell Kingsbury Irene Klinker Victor Klinker a. H. Lamberth Suda j. Lambert Henry g. Lapham Charles j. Lick d. M. Linnard Frank Vav. Lynch Leonard s. Lyon. Felix s. Mcginnis Clara l. My Harold l. Mack Joshua h. Charles o. Mat claim welts. Morse Dorothy Mower Clute Newcomb Lester j. J Howland paddock Louis Elizabeth p. Pike John m. Pike Thos. P. Ike Chest Campaign to be continued rest of week continued from Page i quota he Felt Quot confident that c trl buttons would reach the sum for tilt car in set it uses b oui lit out at hic lunch it on by work and of fit la is during t Chi ii Ion period that the biggest or Blem Tat ing workers Iii this veal s Eamon Ign is the fart the Mam families residing Here make their Chest contributions in los a Ell and a acted i Sili i on i hip. Mons or Isray in advising the work a a declared that in such instances the residents should split his Contr Botin giving half to the City of his employment and Hall to ins place of it Side acc Adcock mrs. Arthur Nelson mrs. J v bar told. Mrs. I l chamber mrs. Harold Hawkins mrs. A f Malin mrs. Paul v Brock Cee Lacey mrs. John t. Riley w. La Marin Ion j. It. Griff lits e. T. Caul. In id. Mrs. Dorothy Carver mrs j. Steven Craig. Mrs. C l. Dunham Thomas Mulvaney f Ingram can on f7 b. Smith mrs e it. Snider mrs j. E. Brown r a mis Jean Marshall Fitzpatrick or i mrs. Mary Wheeler. C. I v n. My master or. Killian j Plentie and mrs Frei suy Down i out amp Valet in the connection he Quot Many pc pie a in the City have children in school Here. Many of whom Hon membership in such organizations a it the boy scouts girl scouts Camp fire girls and other organizations which the Chest dire to. Aids. For those people not to contribute to our Chest Here is decide / a a Kickoff event a one can judge the a town by the response pie to such an appear Aid Eli enc e tin Rhei the Community Che Bureau of Long Beach the Quot kick off dinner Many measure ool tile peo-1 As yours.�?�. Member of t speakers speaking at it the to a Lubou a monday night. Ginnis Marks Lington Anna Norris r j of a u jr., j. Pike. P. Earle ii. Reynolds mrs. Mabel b. Roach. Hal e. Roach Marguerite o. Roach Louis r. Rowan Stephen w. Royce. A l. Schwartz mrs. Frank a. J Smith s. M. Spalding ii. M. Sto i Rey Charles ii. Strub Vera Strub Allred b. Swinerton Fuller w. Thompson t. Carl Thompson mrs. T. Carl Thompson w. Van Dyke Rase f. Wayman w. O. Wayman Dwight Whiting George n. Whit Jing Max Wieczorek Curtis m. Wil lock Gwynn Wilson it. W. Wood my Iris planes a Plant Quot Trout successful experiments have Bee made by the state fish and game department in planting Rainbow Trout by air planes Iii Montana. R. M. Dickinson president of the Chest presided and Gordon s. Eberly Campaign chairman instructed the eighty workers assembled there giving out supplies and preparing them for their work. Reports of chairmen of various organizations were read. Mrs. Tin her Wilt of Hie speaker Sang three solos accompanied by miss e. Lincoln. Name captains captains in the Campaign include mrs. S. Lipan Harold Buge de Stevenson Ray Williams mrs. Jane mrs. Shaw mrs. E. T. Cauffiel i Archie Bradley mrs. Maude Fox mrs. Paul Cline Hugh Pangborn mrs. Donald fender mrs. L. R. Shaumleffel mrs. Jack Stine mrs. Dorothy Linden mrs. Mabel Post mrs. Lottie Walshe. Mrs. Eunice Verner mrs. Mildred Elam mrs. Alrena b Ellison mrs. Robert Smith mrs. Mary Paris. Mrs. M. Marcy. Mrs. W. G. Coombs mrs. Loter mrs. Maltbie mrs. Helen Hall mrs. L. L. Austin miss Harriet Stearns. Mrs. Kenneth Soule. Mrs. C. G. Withers. Mrs. A. R. Eastwood mrs. Samuel Hobbs h. H. Wiggin l. L. Moore and or. N. Milo Fiske assisting mrs. Eleanor Lucas Gibbs president of Arcadia Junior woman a club were the following members miss Barabara Geiger miss Dorothy Walters and miss Alda Hanscomb. Mrs. A. R. Chambers and mrs. Russell Lucas sponsors. Also assisted. Workers Listi i workers include mrs Willi in Ca sadly. Mrs. J s Pelham mrs Lydia Harper. John Renshaw mrs Radu Bush mrs John rudder Otis Sprague mrs. Edwards sr., miss Hetty Ham mrs. Aldena weal i Margaret Fox might. Lyman mrs w. H. Manti Ion mrs. Bankhead mrs. Pm m. Hollander. Mrs Blanche Garber. Or ii. Robertson mrs a t Hughe mrs. Ince i Harold link or Watford anti or. Mal Tan i we Iii w i. I lied Miller mrs. Cleo Thompson or g. Ii Barngrover mrs John Seungha mrs. Jack Waltham mrs Bert robot Tom i Castle. Mrs. John Howett mrs Ida crib. Franklin Mccurdy. Mrs John d. Lakin mrs. Virginia Diggins. Mrs. Evelyn Brown mrs Celia Keig. Mrs. Loren c. Roosevelt mrs Lim Nellis mrs. Glenn b. Watson mrs. I. F. Niday mrs. William Murphy mrs. Ambrose King mrs. T. Howard Smith mrs. A e. Fletcher and mrs a i Long pre other workers catholics gain in Africa there Are today nearly 7,000,000 roman catholics in sparsely popu lated Africa. Too late to classify Buick buyers listen to i his we have jul t taken Iii Trade a 1937 Buick touring Sedan Model 41 this Beautiful car is finished in Wellington Gray Unco and upholstering in Taupe Bedford Cord it has just come through our shop and been thoroughly checked and in condition. Fnu Intel with radio. Electric. Clock safety steering wheel and Large built in trunk has All Ai it titres in uding a Turret steel top synchro ina1 i to Ailiin it knee action no i aft ventilation and Hydraulic brakes Here is a Chance to own a Beautiful Buick for less than the coat of a cheap new car fully guaranteed. Only $845. Fasy terms Liberal trades. Sherman j. Mcqueen Buick dealer 135 w foothill Monrovia real estate wanted ii you have desirable improved or vacant real estate for Sale or Exchange we would be pleased to have you consult us. We advertise we work we Mil. A. N. Multer 2626 Baldwin ave., Cor i As tuna phone Arcadia 2770 to of. L h electric Range for Sale a first class condition. 800 k. Grand View Sierra Madre. 469 Middle aged woman to care for 9-year-old child afternoons 2 to 6. Apply hoi so. 4th ave. 393 the daily Tribune a business and professional directory Loans insurance notary Dee m. Payne real estate 56 e. Huntington Arcadia phone at. 7-2294 off. At. 7-2891 res. At. 7-2491 or. Bruce f. Sims physical surgeon Osteopath office hours 10-12. 2-5 evenings 7-9 Mon. Pfc Fri. No. 7 Arcadia bldg. Arcadia Ethel c. Guinther chiropractor too n. First ave., pm. At. 7-2813 next door to Post office or. T. H. Smith dentist hours 9 to 6 a phone at. 7-2630 evenings by appointment 671 w. Duarte Road Arcadia Arcadia disposal co. 156 e. Hunt a or. Ali. At. 7-2294 collections mondays and thursdays 50c a month Carl f. Bass optometrist phone at. 7-1585 hours 9 to 3 examination by appointment 501 j e. Huntington Arcadia a \ Helen m. Lumpkin teacher of voice auditions free studio 480 Naomi phone Atwater 7-2831 John f. Houlihan draperies a venetian blinds upholstering 124 e. Huntington drive phone at. 7-1517 or. Grace Cullen chiropractor Telephone at. 7-2504 hours 9 a. In. To 3 p. In. Evenings by appointment 225 s. First Avenue Arcadia All types of Beauty work Florence Beauty parlor make appointments for Quality workmanship 664 w. Duarte Road phone 526 read and i want ads off. At. 7-1941 res. At. 7-1069 or. W. W. Heaney dentist office hours 9 to 5 evenings tues. He Fri. By appt. 51 e. Huntington Arcadia Barney Mccay a sport shop school special Strok pm Aster $11.00 Tennis racquets 19 e. Hunt a dr., pm. At. 7-1061 toddy this is like real detective by George Marcoux ii Arcadia sanitarium Lor lit car Anil treatment of All chronic non infection Case. Helen Roonie r.n., owner tray service�?24-hour service 2440 Camino real pm. At. 7-1709 or. F. H. Henry chiropractor free examination Atwater 7-1105 hours to . To 4 . 657 West Duarte Road real estate i for insurance see houses for Sale i Laura a a Cadmus for free from 561 Woodland drive $15 to Mattoon act Sierra Madre assessments Oak Trees across from swimming Pool. $40 Valley View phone 159-3 monthly a. L. Leaverenz paying go. General contractor asphaltic Concrete Badminton amp Tennis courts. No Job too Small 231 so. Second ave. Phone at. 7-2437 Dixie Dugan by j. A Striebel and j. P. Mcevoy i a Rizic we fit feet 502 s. Myrtle Are. Jan. O for shoes Monrovia Calif. Graduate Ortho Peist a a Ray shoe fitting we can order any make of shoe to fit your foot when you think of hardware think of Baldwin ave. Hardware be. Phone at. 71591 1210 so. Baldwin ave. Am insurance for everything insurable lowest Cost William j. Drewes Arcadia 124 s. Santa Anita phone at. 7-2224 my

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