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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 27, 1938, Arcadia, California Faire two Arcadia daily Tribune v. Entered a matter. A an nil i Pape p published let a it a crept sunday and holidays at 104 v first Avenue Arcadia California Arcadia publishing company a. Ii a r o l i n o o n president and publisher Pond class tile Tribune was Desir 14. 1930, at rated As a newspaper cd at Arcadia general circulation by de 3. Ii member Arcadia chamber of commom California Ever Ruper publishers association Arcadia is est Side association Bureau of advertising american newspaper publishers association presented to the United states and j in Vint a associates in Quot n v k c a it a it Pittsburgh. A and Atlanta Ca of the Anad a Arcadia Ising p. A tins Levels off Lee motor traffic i to to managing direct a nit a a official Rist it or. Is 3.4 per cd a failed to equal Ora a year a c july. August. St the Best pre months the year m to e the fir record was just Neverth class i. V 1937.�?� the record r motorists arrived i is holding closely arrivals in january a no f however the a ii it California is faring bet estimates from Colorado and leading National Par cent from 1937. The following programs Are compiled in we assume no responsibility for last not its provided by tee Broadi asters program changes on their pan. Y our dial $ v in j j Vejr 60 70 80 90 too 110 120 130 140 Uve p m i it Oid cd. Ane of i Rule a pm pc Xci Sha. Khz Jimmy it in a a 15 Morton go. Of vib the us 5 15 inc e Lohn Knox nears 5 15 f Kius Dies Tracy a 45 lit to of wbk Star ban Knox a Joe ferns kfac�?w5ca-bl Kecan by six p i it. Hip Good news a Kehew politic a Khz j Jack Arm it or 6 15. News dram of we news. 6 15 Knox a major Bowes a fact news 6 15. Kecai615j a voice pm pc 9 Khi a to c of a in Knox a my a fact a Keca a be a a one program at to is. Vocal p. M. Drama sport choir �?6 30�? pm try pension plan Kehew sports 6 45. Talk i. A round Towner 6 45, state committee of wbk sports 6.45. M isl of act Gino sever s Orch \ Rakov s orchestra a seven p >1. Of or my i. A it Roe i or. Kei Bing Crosby. I or f1ehe Clinton. 15 Kiu music i is sports mincers i or. Arley n bearers pm try a. By or p Kehe a pm a k h j a av3 45 m u-1 c of wbk pension Knox a Rote Smith i or fac musical program Kecan Leo and Ken nine p m. Mtr a Floyd Johnson of i 9 15 vocal variety Kehe negro hour i or Kius news 9 15, music a feb College program 9 15. Gov Merriam a fact l a. He Mecom to Kecan musical to Gram 9 15, voice of Hawaii �?9 30�? pm try la Golondrina a tomorrow six a. M Khz Rise Ai Shine i3, ors of wbk Btu w son. / hrs Knox a Sun Sauvie in hrs �?6 30�? Kehew music clock in hrs seven a m. Kfir off record 7 15. News reports Keca variety. 7 15. Josh �?7 30�? kit music 7 45 liars k hj17 451 news reports Knox a news 7 45. Music be aci7 45 a news reports Keca finance 7 45 news eight a. M. A fit musical program Kehe news rep to Var Khz a try k. 8 15 music Knox a music 8 15, Chest of a country cd h m or Keca musical program �?8 30�? Fri news 8 45 music Khz Haven of rest a feb news re to m in Knox musical program 8 4= Felly of the Star fac in arid v a or Keca Story. 8 45 music one a m. Of a Dan hardings Wile 9 15 the o Neils serial Kehe 9 15 i health Tatt Khz Musica program of wb9 161 health ibis Knox Mare m Mcbride 9 15 Nancy James Klai meditation Iran 0 la or Frank Mccoy Reca new 9 15 vocal a -9 ill Kif the a a be Parade Kehe cum cd ult i m i k i k Kehe Iio 15i a Dodd. Var. Khz a morning matinee a feb talk in 15 news Knox the Goldbergs 10 15 vie and Sale decal 10 15 i agric Uura a 10.30�? Kfir Road of life 10 45, or Kate serial Kehe musical. I or a hello 451�?experience a feb to 45i a Lite Road Knox a music 10.45. Savior fact to 15, a Church pro Kecan or urea to 45. Music Eli Ain a Al. Kit Betty Ana by b 11 15 Arnold Grimm Khz a Home. 11 15 music a feb or Rev Nouri. Ltd or Knox big Bister serial. 11 15, musical program a fact Street Man h or Kecan latin americans ill 30�? Kfir valiant lady la 45. Betty Crocker Kihei 11 45 a Muc Lea i Khz m sic. 11 45. New a feb Cook la 45 music Knox a Amer air school Keca Market reports noon a Ftp Mary Marlin serial 12 15 a Perkins serial Kehe new 12 15 talk Khz new report 12 15. Musical program a feb mews Stu Wilson Knox Wiley a fact new reports 12 15. Stu Hamblen Knox of. Rec Kif Keca dept. Kike Tiff i ii music 9 4 Kitty a Helen Tri out a i y 4 own it n a a i m .30 Young my Ligini Clinton u prop re Knox a pretty Kitty Kelly i 15. Mart a Marge of act religion 4 or. A 1 30�? Kif Ray Harrington 1 45, girl alone serial Kehew musical program Kew by the o Neils i 45. Vie and Sade a Hilltop House Scattergood allies a Board of education a news i 45, music. 3 Tho p Ai the Bra Dot Urb Kehew listen ladies l or Khz a music. 215 Job Nana a feb a mus Ca program 2 15. The guiding Light Knox forum 2 15. Drama �?2 30�? Kif 2 45 a the notebook Khz a nations air school Knox Road of Lite Kitty Keene serial a Bant concert football to 5 of three m 15i�?candid lady news reports Var k i j feminine fancies a feb Clover Kerr. Talk 3 15. Mary Marlin Knox a a Perkins serial 3 15. Julia Blake serial Kecan music 3.25. News �?3 30�? of i Magazine of air Kehe musical program Khz talk 3.45. Music of we musical program Knox Trout j 4 Knox tra Kecan Mulrai program 3 45, father anti son for la Al easy aces serial or keen tracer i musical program Lewis 4 15 up Tiki 2 45 fac 2 45. Kf1 3 Kehe Kif b a inc he m decal la 451 a one i of i backstage a i 15 Ste a Dan Kehe Jack Ower if j. H to. Ai i iou u Lade spice Keh Khz Row 4 15 Knox rec. Kif Tenor. Kehe music Khz drama Knox vocal Keo a Musk Nev or w. Or 4 4 45 4 .4. 5. Band f or bes Trio strange As it seems by John Hix fur further proof address the author. Enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Reg. U. S. Fat. Off. Cerf cat Salt Lakic 80 mll64 icn6 was ,v45 Dincov crop on a but Jim &rip6er, 3 trapper followed the Katf River to the fake % but talc a Camp Wager Wincer /8?d-25 po6 Money 6rwh0unpz were accepted to payment of to is in f an Clint e6ypt to lit m oct 41afhin0er, Chicago Nev Robota 4cfp paper on the c4ame Corner for 68 years. Clark and Madison St re Chicago Fzli i /o-27>3&kau. Tam j wll a to Avau -. Neav in Eland aah 7 to 2<�?~� per r Elio Ign ii in Al i a Hameedan. A Ore a greek forms of Wor constant the Green i print Washington in the news by Raymond a Lapper Ute. Of Justice music it Hep to Aby band 9 45 Millis 9 45 pc Ltd i program 45. ten p m. Pm try records Toff 11-5 a Ftp news 10 15. Band uni pc musical program to 15. Howells Sta shots Kehe songs to 15. Band Khz a band 10 15 Organ a feb musical quiz Knox a news Fie ports 10 15, conversation Kecan recordings. I or. �?10 30�? kit a wave Kings band a mfg Louie Pella a Barid 10 45 ton-., the Barber Khz Chuck Fosters band Kew by Plano paintings knxg0 45 a Weems band eleven p. In. A Ftp Leon Mojicar a band Kehew talk la 15. News Khz a Jimmy Walsh band of a by symphony Hall Knox Harry Owens band of act records All night Keca a records off 12-7 ill 30�? a Ftp Del mime off 12-7 pm pc swing 1 00-7 00 Kehew band 12.00-6 00 Khz a Mclean 1145. Band Kew by musical off 12-6 Knox Phil Harris band Midnight Khz a music off 1-6 a in Knox a news 12 15. Band 12 45 music off i to 6 or in heaven impressed i Emir immediately declare that the religion of the greek orthodox Church should be adopted officially turf. Bout All Russia. It remained the russian religion until All churches were destroyed after the revolution. St. Sophia the Church that caused this moment Atis Chance acas the work of More than 10,000 workmen who were employed seven years in erecting it. The building termed a Square whose Interior represented a greek Cross. A series of domes Rose from the Center. The Interior a. Decorated with the finest mosaics and marbles Ila altar itself consisted cd molten Gold into a hich had been thrown pearls sapphires diamonds and other precious gems. It weighed 320,000 pounds and Cost $05,000,000. When in 1453, the turks took Possession of constantinople they transformed St. Sophia into a mosque. Destroying or concealing the Christian fitting tomorrow a general s t u a to a March. indicated in a est Days dispatch this government concent about the Post Munich world in which Hitler dominates the european continent relates directly to latin America o her factors enter but this one <c4i a a Quot i partly it has to do with ideology but in re than that with the hard economics cd the situation. The unit i states cannot pass big All of latin America s surplus. Mostly this surplus consists of agricultural products of which we have More than enough in Grain meat and Cotton. Latin America must look to Europe to take roughly half of its exports. We can to use them. Now Hitler is dominant in Continental Europe. In addition to greater Germany the smaller countries of Central Europe Are rapidly coming into the German orbit. Within a Short time Germany will have economic control throughout that populous territory. In words. Germany will control a considerable proportion of latin americans Export customers. That gives Germany enormous Power Over latin american countries which Are dependent upon acceptance of their exports by countries in the German system. Belief Here is that Germany is extremely anxious to exercise that Power and that energetic efforts will by made within the1 com the Captain and the kids a a Torr 97, 19t.j Quot c7he eleven of diamonds 5 f Gay Baynard h. Kendrick in i t my month to establish it. Why is Germany anxious to penetrate latin America first South America offers a vast potential outlet for German manufactured products far More promising than any colonies which Germany May be Able to get Back. Some idea of the extent to which Germany already has sold latin America commercially is Given in the recent Book by Carleton Beals Quot i he coming struggle for latin in most latin american countries he says. There Are More germans now than americans. They have established their Trade through energetic sales activities through subsidies and barter arrangements. Now that Germany is about to command such a Large share of latin America s Export outlets. Hitler will be in a stronger position to Force in Exchange acceptance of German goods. To the need of a Large Export Field is one driving Force which tends to project Hitler More deeply into latin America. And As he goes in More and More will be the pressure on latin America to accept nazi ideas to give German nazis there More rope. Latin America has numerous Little dictators who Are none too firmly wedded to the ways of democracy some of them not at All and it will not be difficult for them to find a new r synopsis Davard Fowler a reputedly wealthy Gambler searches Durlyn Bessinger a suite at the hotel Pes cador Miami Beach for evidence to substantiate the latter a claim that he is a wholesale Grain merchant. In a trunk Fowler finds letters to that effect but though mailed from different Points All appear to have been typed on the same machine leading Fowler to believe that Bessinger had written them himself. Why had Bessinger gone to such lengths to establish himself in the Grain Market what was he covering up in the desk drawer Fowler finds a mysterious verse in German which in English read a one More Han a ten but less than a Jack. Show your hand to get the several Days later at Tho Sunset Bridge club Glen Neal a society reporter questions Toby Munroe the proprietor about or. And mrs. Bessinger. Toby refers him to their Quot Friend a Fowler. At the time Fowler is playing Bridge with Millie la France a sophisticated Blond. All of a sudden she starts shouting at him. Chapter Iii c a tie deliberately threw me a Millie screamed it the approaching Toby. A a it a the second time lies done it tonight and i wont stand for it. Down four tricks on a Little slam bid a and we re vulnerable too. I Don t like that sort of Bridge and i done to intend to stand for it a Fowler Rose to his feet. Standing his unusual stature was marked. He towered Over the two men and the girl still seated. His face was darkly flushed. A Small vein jutted out strongly on one Temple and beat visibly with an irregular pulsation. A a you la have to excuse me. In a afraid a he said softly to Toby. A i have another engagement. Ill be glad to Settle any losses this lady Lias sustained tonight due to my execrable he turned Back to the table gave a slight formal Bow from the Waist to the Trio he was leaving and walked from the room into the Hall. Glen Neal Rose and followed him evidently to secure More information about the imposing bes singers. Toby Munroe took the chair just vacated by Fowler and idly ruffled the cards. A a in la fill in if you want to play some More a he told the slightly mollified Millie. She glanced at a jewelled Wristwatch and flashed a smile toward the cold eyes of Ben Eckhardt seated at her right. Everything about Millie was flashing except her voice. The smile had Little effect upon Eckhardt who had a reputation for Flint Ness when playing with cards or women. A a it a just after eleven. Id like another a a in la play a said Eckhardt. A a let a Cut Dave Button the Man on Millie a left was absently watching the door to the Hall with deepest eyes which made dark pools in his wrinkled Saffron face. He liked Bridge for High stakes As High As he could get. He was a flawless player too flawless to suit Many people. He watched Glen Neal return to the room and resume his seat opposite eve Farraday. Then he said to Toby a red Fowler is trying to catch your Eye Toby. I think he wants to speak to Dave Button Cut a King of Spades and won the Deal with Eckhardt As his partner. Toby went to the door where Fowler was waiting stepped nto the Hall and closed the door behind him. He was Back shortly Fol spiritual and economic kinship with the German fuehrer. One other Factor is important to Hitler. He is drawing the net around great Britain. Hitler and Mussolini Between them have jeopardized great Britain a Access to Oil in the near East thus making the Oil of the Western hemisphere particularly of Venezuela More important than Ever to great Britain. Britain has other important sources of Supply in latin America a Argentine beef and wheat for in Lowed by Juan the club attendant and Steward. Juan renewed ice water in the glasses emptied the full ashtrays Aud silently departed for the Kitchen a Fowler settled Bis account in full a Toby remarked As he picked up his hand. A and mine a Millie looked Over her cards. A and Toby a inflection was far from Friendly. Quot he said he was leaving a one Spade a Dave Button bid and without changing ids tone said a when a Day. Luminous hands marked ten minutes past Foutz. At Quarter past four a figure Cia cached itself from Tho Security of the scattered Orange Trees in Back of the House and noiselessly ascend cd the Steps onto the Back porch. A Pencil flashlight revealed the lock of the Hack door. An instant later the door was opened and closed. The late caller had disappeared in sitar. The Pencil Flash swept quickly around the downstairs wardroom then lighted the Way upstairs. It investigated Tho High stakes room the Kitchen and the regular Bridge a dollars to horse Collar they be bumped off the wrong Guy a said the bearer of the flashlight. A tomorrow a said Toby. A a in la double a from below the windows the sound of a departing automobile came clearly into the room. Eckhardt folded his cards into a neat pile and Laid Thorn face Down on the Green velvet cloth. A pass a Ile was listening to the sound of the departing car noting the Clatter of Loose gravel against the fender. The gravel was very Loose on Satsuma Road which led from the club to West Flagler Street. A i done to think hell leave without seeing you Dave. Have you bid Millie a a two Millie re sorted her hand. A i done to think he will a said Dave Button. A the owes me sixty a the Sunset Bridge club had been dark for two hours. The last player had left before two of clock. Just after two Juan Andres the Steward had locked the front door and gone Home. He would return at ten the next morning to clean the club rooms for the afternoon players. The two Story House was utterly devoid of life but not of sound. 0 recurrently from the Kitchen came the Click and whirr of an electric icebox As it turned off and on. In the downstairs Hall an electric clock purred with a softness which was indistinguishable timing the stance. Hitler has a natural interest Iii surrounding Burse sources of Supply which would be of greater importance than Ever to Britain in War time. There is Brazil a huge Corner of land jutting far out into the Atlantic actually lying about As near to Europe As the United states. And nobody Here thinks for a moment that Hitler will deny himself any opportunities because of the Monroe doctrine once he decides that room where three tables had been in session a Short time before. There was one More room on the second floor the poker room. The door directly across the Hall from the regular Bridge room was closed. The bearer of the flashlight stood Iii darkness for a moment then opened tile door and stepped inside. A single Large round table occupied the Center of the room. Around the Edge of the table receptacles for poker chips drinks. The bearer of the flashlight knew exactly where the poker table stood. 0, t a gloved hand reached ouf in the darkness contacted the softness of Fine cloth and Felt it with nervous fingers. Again the Pencil flash1 shone out throwing giant grit Tes queries on Tho opposite Wall. First the Shadow of sprawled Black and White legs then the Shadow of the heavy Black and White checked coat and the thing like a nose which was the handle of Hie heavy knife stuck in Edward Fowler a Broad Back. A i thought so a said the Bear of the flashlight half aloud. A just what i figured. Dollars to horse collars they be bumped off the wrong Guy a to be continued copyright by Urcin Borg in Ubl Lihr. Ina. Let no puled by Gaul k a a tut but udut in. Ina. It is in his interest to Plant and water the seeds of the nazi Way of Lite in the Rich empires below Panama. No doubt it is possible to g Era in the importance of latin America in hitlers scheme of things nevertheless Washington regards this As a major element in the not Fri program and this government la controlled by that belief Correct or not. By Rudolph Dirkse pomade i this is a be use it for prof for your lips to stick goes on naturally your warm and do a cold Windy Ball game. A protects lips Ason t or lip Pom Ade Pelion and As a base cd color. Your lip More smoothly and lips stay moist and not Chap even after afternoon at a foot Jue Paloska by Ham Fishe let him sleep Knobby. He Meeds it badly. A yeah-1 guess yer right hell die when he reads pm in the n j morning. Of gosh we aint never done a dirty Job in our lives a and Espesth by him. A Kin a imagine Joe it s ridiculous by George it s Ous it but it did look bad Knobby. And you were. Seen in company Gordon Why a d a mean a believe i easy Knobby of course i Don t but they do. You be r got to prove other v Quot Wise a an i will ill bring that Guy in an a ill kill in if he Don t t Tell How x knocked 1 when he made a pro pastion of $

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