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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 26, 1939, Arcadia, California Acadia Wea Safeway thursday october 26, t93h the Arcadia to in her and news to build a cover for our speakers on Hie Tower top. Tills is not in our budget but we believe the need will be met by friends who desire to conserve the investment and service already enjoyed a noted musician to open studio re Iuteri and news published every thursday at Kun n. First Avenue. Arcadia California subscription Price $2.00 per year Hass amp Hagan publishers will f. Hagan editor Ewing Hass Lou siness manager As set end class the try Une we design m arc ii 4, 1930, re hated As .1 newspaper cd office Al Arcadia general circulation by de a under us act Cree of court on the 8th ii 3, 1871. Day of May 1031. Advertising hates on application by Mazorie Hesse it empower teacher and concert artist will open a of Midio at 673 Naomi Avenue on november i or. Goans a distinguished my Elan received inks Early musical training from his father who was n Brilliant composer and violinist. After graduating at Kiev conservatory of music he finished his studies under the eminent master Leopold Auer where he recognized not Only As an excellent musical , but Alo As a concert artist veterans Hospital party mrs. Marianne Wisniewski. Its Altai chairman american legion auxiliary was to have attended the halloween party for patients of san Fernando veterans Hospital yesterday. Mrs Edna Anderson planned to accompany Lier. Sermon topics for sunday services in the Arcadia Community Church were announced yesterday afternoon bar. N. Milo Fisk pastor As follows sunday. Ii i in. Quot the Richness of the Christ entered life Quot sunday 7 30 p. Iii a wringing ones own soul Quot last sunday ii was announced that our Church needed More chairs and hymn ,&Quot or. Flake stated v. Schernerhorn a. J. Schmidt to this week. Quot on monday a Friend c. Self Austin Shively Don Shively came to offer to apply tile chairs. Mara l. Shriver c. J. Smith Vav ii1 again we Are thankful. Another in Snedker f. M. Spencer Paul spen i mediate need according to the and cer g. S. , Frank e vice of our structural Engineer is Stevens de Stevenson Don a. I Strawn h a Studebaker. Quot Ujj Talley e. Timerhoff. Maurice 5 m. Trow or. John h. Unland w. F. I Upson. Jolin Vanderbur. Alfred Veiner George Vav. Wagner c. E. Wallace g. B. Wat on. Gar Well Clifford Wells h. H. Wiggin Raymond l. Williams Jim Willott join Willott. F. M Wilson p. E. Young and c c. Yelland. Very popular among a d you May conclude Van Gas Gas All time min. Jan. Ill i e r ays Quot orb on my atom Auh Waho had i i cat or Loep Ona even a Emend to preen on my heart. Adlerian brought to quirk Relief. Now. I oat he i Wink elect Tine Nevi a frit in has played in and Hollywood Chestra As Well the players. He bowl sym or Green probably found oui t i his sorrow but not yet in Public. We Hope thai the charming things we neglected to say. Will to understood by them. And some Day when we have attained the dizzy Eminence of twisting an audience about our linger. Just so. We shall return and then. They d just better watch out if they expect us not to talk. It was fun every minute of it and we even went Home in princely munificence. Riding in the shiny new car of the Charles Nugentq. Our own car not available Al the moment. Kings pharmacy pack from new Vork w. P. Bill Quot osterhout returned. Monday from new York where lie visited the world s fan. Following a business sojourn in Philadelphia and Ridgeway pa., his former Home. At Safeway like since they Sang us a Nice song calling us a sweetheart a at the suggestion of Alfred c. Frost baritone Singer who entertained tire group vie feel considerably setup. At first when we saw All those Felt like the proverbial sole thumb but they were gracious and soon put us at our ease. And in just no time at All. Looking about the table at the familiar faces of Harry be. Bitt. Bill Murphy. Bob Touchon. Jim Lacy. And Many others., we began to fee at Home. Juicy Crisp varieties for ent Inq out of Rand for salads for bake no for pies and for sauce. Now is the time to enjoy apples. Buy today game Bird show the California game breeders association will stage a competitive show at the great Western livestock show to be held october 28 to november 3, at Union stockyards in los Angeles. Admission is free. Now playing ends saturday Charles Allens return Home its James Cagney is George raft in Harry we Hope they Don t make him $2 it put a lot of Quot oomph Quot in his Job As song Leader and soon had everybody singing away lustily. Jim Bone we noticed came in heavy on the choruses. Bill was in Fine had to serve As Tail Wister for awhile As a punishment for something or other president Green who they neglected to inform us was a Bachelor until the meeting broke up was affable. And with him and our Host. Arthur Gould. To coach us we did t miss a trick each Dawn i die Jascha Gegna completing a seven weeks trip or. And mrs. Charles e. Allen returned monday night to their Home 46 Newman Avenue. The Allens left september 4, bound for fort Smith. Ark later going to Joplin mo., and Pittsburg kans., to visit relatives. From there they went to Minneapolis minn., to spend a month with their son Dick Allen first officer on a Northwest air liner flying from Minneapolis to Billings Mont. One of the highlights of their trip was the flight from Minneapolis to Seattle with their son at the controls As far As Billings. Two Days were spent at Seattle before going to san Francisco for a three Day sojourn at the fair. The most pleasant experience of a world traveller today is to reach american shores. This was the statement of miss Cryssie Hotchkiss instructor in the Monrovia Arcadia Duarte High school As she addressed Arcadia rotarians last Friday on her observations in Europe during the summer and Early autumn. Miss Hotchkiss abroad when the second world War broke out told of the frantic Days and nights spent in trying to obtain passage to America. She traced the grim Home life confronting europeans who must see that their Gas masks Are always with them. She told of the somber nights when cities Are Quot blacked out Quot and air raid jitters grip the inhabitants. A in my previous trips abroad i never have been so glad to see America and appreciate the Freedom we miss Hotchkiss Eaid. Miss Hotchkiss was introduced by Glenn Hollingsworth program chairman for the Day. President John e. Vanderbur presided. Nationally famed violin teacher. Member los Angeles philharmonic and Hollywood bowl symphony orchestras Preston Foster and Lynn Bari in announces the news is made at night packed in quart Cartons. Note Low Price at studio on november i at i Naomi ave., Arcadia buffoonery selected Short subjects it was heartwarming As Well i amusing to witness the Good natured horseplay that went on. Heavens we doubt if women could take it the humor stepped up As soon As their sense of responsibility As hosts to a Lone Gal vanished. Harlan Van Horn. How a i Doin vie had to sing a Solo because he looked thoughtful instead of singing during a verse of Quot seeing Nellie home�?�.,.singer Frost who has not Only a splendid voice but a delightful personality that welded the group together. Decided that Van Horn must sing loudly because of his wonderful new son. Bruce Douglass. Was was Verne Wickham. We played a mean trick on Verne and he had to a Dollar. There was a lot of joking about a Telegram that came addressed to president Green j evidently other telegrams had j come before and he was a bit wary. Finally he decided to Chance it. And opened the missive to find j it was from Bob Ewing who sent it from atop the Empire state build 1 ing. Considerable speculation ensued regarding his being there and what could be done to get him Down again Etc. We noticed that they Call the 1 dignified or. Gould Quot Brit. Evidently an irreverent zionism for i britishers. We chuckled at that. Crisis arrives finally that awful moment comes when the chairman arises j and says such wonderful and kindly things about you that you wish Only half of them were you know that you must arise. And say 1 medium size. Ripe. 5-oz. Can 7c jumbos 9-oz. 16c sunday monday and tuesday october 29, 30, 31 beginners accepted Bazaar planned a fancy work and cooked food Bazaar sponsored by Royal neighbors of America will be held next thursday. November 2, at Al Monte i. O. O. F. Hall on Tyler Avenue. All Royal neighbors and their friends Are invited. Judy Garland in ensemble coaching the wizard of Ozz further information at University 5061 with Frank Morgan Ray Bolger Jack Haley in technicolor a also Bert Wheeler and Marie Wilson in a Cowboy quarterback selected Shor subjects and Safeway by week Coffee carnival Airway Coffee per Joe ground to your order. La. A Nob Hill Coffee per pc finest Quality. La. Edwards Coffee my. 23c regular or drip grind. Con Edwards Coffee 2-lb. A a Choice blend. Either grind. Con Quot i own no property no income taxes and am out of a Job Why should i endorse this one two plan of voting and give someone else an extra vote Quot this question has been asked us Many times and it is an important question. Another is Quot what will this plan do for me i own no property Quot we will answer both questions at once approach them with our prove your answer method and in that Way also prove our sincerity of purpose for the Good of All americans. In the first instance most of us would Welcome a return to Prosperity and maintain a High Standard of living. We All agree on that Point. T know. And most of us believe in fair play truth and Justice. Furthermore most americans Are shouting for honest and efficient government and government officials. Last but not the least most americans Are Home bodies. Believing in having a Home and a family. Most of us will agree that All this is not asking too much in a land of plenty and of a democracy. In fact we Are entitled to these things. Whether you arc a property owner or not. Most americans will also agree that As America stands today the inventory shows that we have not been enjoying these desires which Are in accordance with the wishes of the majority. But every plan must Start somewhere or with someone. It is Only fair to Start with those americans who have a larger stake in the Community and country because through the larger stake holders the Small fellow will obtain employment and eventually a larger stake. Success Breeds Success promotes aspiration ambition and Energy. Someone must provide a True incentive to the Small fellow to work to earn and to save. So far. We have listened to too Man promises made by politicians and racketeers who claim that they can provide a Utopia without working Tor it. The sooner americans learn that you cannot get something for nothing the better we will be off. Therefore by providing an equitable vote to the property owner and income taxpayer we automatically promote the investor to invest Industry to expand private Enterprise to venture Forth again. Thus we provide jobs and Security for ail and increase our Standard of living in the american Way. Soon most of us will be property owners and income taxpayers perhaps both. The endorsement of the one two plan of voting lathe non property owner is \ ital and necessary for himself and his family and for the nation. Only through a United Effort can we make our democracy work thus proving we Are a democratic Peoples. Through a disunited Peoples our democracy is now at the Cross roads. Americans have bean disunited through Many mediums. Many of the non property owners have lost their property or cannot acquire property because of these same mediums these mediums Are class warfare labor warfare. A Nonomi depression and political Prosperity. Yes the Only Prosperity noted is that of the politicians. They have thousands of political machines. They have garlic of unprecedented Power and control. This political Stowe has been increased by dissipating the Freedom and equally it property and increasing the Equality of persons. But by doing this the freedoms of the persons Nave been greatly dissipated. To rough glorious Sou cling promises and by dangling a Bare existence in the plan to set you free the official name for the one two plan is i the Wittwer dual voting plan provisions i. The usual legitimate voting franchise right to All citizens in the United states of America who Are justly qualified to exercise such a voting. Franchise. 2. To any voter qualified As in number one above the right to cast an additional vote or ballot in his own Stead provided he can establish the fact that i he is a taxpayer either on real estate i or through income taxes. Simplifying the plan it i one vote to All citizens eligible Tod vote. It j 2. Two votes to All citizens eligible to i vote and who can show a real estate or income tax receipt in their name. It front of our eyes politicians have acquired control and put the brakes on Prosperity and lows a Ved the Standard of living. Property owners quickly realized this undemocratic control and mean to do something about it. The one two plan of voting spells Progress and Advance in the proper manner As our founders planned someone must be the checker and balancer. It is Only fair and economically sound that the Community builder be thai checker Anc balancer and not the bum. The racketeer or the political machine satellite. By serving and protecting the Home we serve and protect our democracy. Home is an investment in the Community and in family life therefore an investment in our democracy. Through heavy taxation the politicians Are striking at the the Community and the Home. Every Dollar taken from the Home Are that Many More dollars taken from the american Standard of living. How else can you figure both Money and labor must again be employed not wasted. The big Reservoir of Idle Money must again be piped into the main streams of Commerce and Enterprise. The property owners and income taxpayers hold the keys to the Gates of these pipe lines. They dare not open the Gates again so that the politicians can use the precious water to water Only their political gardens which raise Only weeds and not food and employment for the people. You have tried the detours of politicians and racketeers now try the main roads of democracy which Lead to the chief goal. Prosperity. That main Road is the one two plan of voting. Keno wednesday and saturday 2 Complete shows on saturday a 6 and 9 a political advertisement political advertisement president Roosevelt former president Herbert Hoover governor Culbert l. Olson the United states Navy department the United states War department Calif. State Senate Republican calf. State Assembly Democrat ninety per cent of the Oil Industry the Independent Oil producers the National stripper Well ass n Small Well owners retail Petroleum dealers association Independent Petroleum association of America riles tax will be added to the retail prices on All taxable antique furniture. Repair shop. ,. Repairing1 j upholstering refinishing a slip covers press hand Woven \ carpet repairing and Rush seats awnings Complete line of samples free estimation 606 North first Avenue phone Atwater 7 1243 urge for National defense

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