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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 26, 1939, Arcadia, California A a tribute to Anita Baldwin editors note i As a tribute in death the Ari a Ullin Tribune and news today reprints the tribute in life written in Honor of Anita m. Baldwin by Elizabeth schermorhorn. The metered tribute written by miss schermerhorn in january 1938, reads there blooms within her Beautiful face n ears of memory and kindly Grace within her eyes their Burns the flame of living glories of her fathers name. Her hair is softest pen Chi Moo in Snow in her heart there lives i know the pulsing Vine and growing shoot that in her father once found rend. Ani news vol. In no 82 Arcadia f Alili Ornia thursday october 2 it 1939 Telephone at 7-2131 e views and reviews Ray we is. Rayon support Hert heading the list of civic endorsements of the wit i wit one two voting plan whose sponsors have opened san Gabrial Valley offices Here in the Arcade building was the Erido Cement of mayor James r. Griffins. Slate organizer l. S. yes j Ter Day announced mayor of Riffitt s i endorsement of the plan and at the j same time the latter issued tile Fol i lowing statement a the main reasons wily t am endorsing the one two plan of voting Are that the Wittwer federation j stands for a democracy As planned by our founders which is Honesti efficient and representative govern i ment fair Trade practices and common sense individualism. This group of average americans Are making Jio criticisms of other movements that Are in the interests of our democracy and Good citizenship. A it appears to be a non partisan movement which embraces most cd the other movements All creeds and political affiliations into one compact practical and workable organization that not Only gives constructive criticism but also holds the solutions for most of our economic and political problems. A furthermore in studying this i movement i find that they have j also something to offer to the non j property owner because there will be restored the lost Confidence of the business Man the industrialist and the investor so that they will sex pand thus creating a tremendous demand to own property and to Purchase other commodities. All in i All the one two plan of voting is i Worth trying. I conscientiously urge j the citizens of Arcadia to investigate All the phases of this plan then Back it. I believe this Home owners and businessman s movement is the an j ser to Many i the Board of directors of the chamber of Commerce gave considerable time at their meeting monday. To an explanation of the proposed new zoning ordinance by president c. B. Faulkner of the planning commission. Or. Faulkner assisted by Secretary d. H. Ray and g. B. Watson explained the More important features of the plan and some study was made of the new zoning map. President Humphries appointed a nominating committee of messes. Becks rom Gould and Zimmerman to submit the names of nominees at the next Board meeting to fill the vacancies of the retiring Board members at the close of the year. These Are directors Herd Touchon Zimmerman Hagan Owen Dickinson Eberly Walter Wickha in and Strawn. It is planned to have a membership dinner meeting in november at which time election of new directors i will take place. A number of important changes in the chamber of Commerce by Laws were adopted. The Secretary was instructed to write supervisor Smith in an Effort to revive the plan of the supervisors of some time ago. To establish a tourist information Bureau on Huntington drive in the county Park. The regular monthly dinner meeting of the business menus division who be held october 30. At 7 p. Rn., at the Santa Anita Golf club cafe dinner will be 50c. A a thirty for californian if a thirty thursday i passes. To the newspaper fraternity of tin world the word a thirty a through Many years has had one specific connotation. A a thirty Means a the a a thirty is written at the close of every Story sent to the newspaper composing room. A a thirty is the signal flashed on the press wires of the nation As they cease operations every night. A a thirty is the Symbol by which members of the newspaper fraternity pay their last respects to a departed fellow. He and now the Symbol which so Long has meant a the end within tin1 realm of the fourth estate threatens to become a far More sinister Symbol for every business Man and every individual in California. A thirty thursday. A thirty warrants. A a thirty pieces of paper will if passed spell a the end of economic order and in spelling a the end for the existing economic fundamentals will end this states stability but without ending the erty upon which the plan purportedly is predicated. Of a thirty thursday mean a a thirty for poverty there would be none to dispute its right of passage but can the maladjustment of a Sugi me it of the population now pinched by poverty be remedied by diffusing that maladjustment ten thousand fold under the program for a thirty thursday logic dictates the diffusion and not the dissolution of poverty would result since 1�?the a bogus bankroll established under a thirty thursday would of necessity create commodity inflation to compensate for the confiscatory Gross Revenue and 104 per cent stamp taxes imposed upon business 2�?�?�business would be crippled because forced inflation of prices would curtail consumption among persons not beneficiaries of the a bogus bankrolls since under inflation purchasing Power of real Money would be reduced a it a with business crippled business men and organizations would be forced to reduce payrolls and unemployment among wage earners would mount steadily 4�?relief for the unemployed would be crippled because state and Federal agencies have declared that the existing systems could not be operative under the a bogus the Federal agencies have advised that real Money cannot be sent into California to Aid unemployment projects unless Federal funds Are matched with the required amount of state funds in real Money. But under a thirty thursday a the state government would be without real Cash since the scheme provides that All funds payable to tin state shall be payable in the so called warrants to it a gut of state corporations doing business in Ali fornia would be forced to retrench or suspend entirely because the a bogus bankrolls which eventually would replace real Money in California if the scheme is carried to its ultimate could not be used for anything outside the state. This would augment tin unemployment problem tremendously. Anita Baldwin funeral rites scheduled in san Francisco Meeh Dies ii a wed estate Here City hearings hearing on i cd zoning bet Ore the a auditorium commission b. Faulkner to fully a 6�?recession ills under the a thirty thursday scheme would he cumulative for the eclipse of real Money by the a bogus bankrolls would become increasingly critical each week 7�?California would find itself attempting to do business with a a pocketful of t sit with the a thirty thursday threat a november 7 will be either a Milestone or a Millstone in California s history a Millstone it the a fantastically conceived and fanatically promoted scheme is saddled upon the state a Milestone if California citizens once and for All decree by their ballots that California is going to remain on a sound and sensible footing. Every voter should remember on november 7 this fact its Quot thirty for californian if thirty thursday passes. Arcadia City planning commissioners today launched study and investigation into protests filed last night at the first Public i the proposed Rev i ordinance held i commission in the i of the City Hall. At us same time chairman Harles i Heil All arcadians 1 quaint themselves with the pro visions of the new zoning ordinance by study of the master map now on display at the City Hall. Quot we wish to co operate with All arcadians and urge their full cooperation with us Quot chairman Faulkner said a and urge that interested parties attend the next Public hearing scheduled for nov. 8.�?� heading tile list of protests were those submitted by West Arcadia businessmen and property owners against tile rezoning into a business District of the Southwest portion of Santa Anita Village already approved by the commission land forwarded to the Council for i possible inclusion in the master i plan. A petition bearing four pages of signatures and a letter signed by j Ralph b. Ericsson pointed out in i protest Lilac 1. The proposed new business j District within six blocks of the a id win Duarte Road area would jeopardize property values and business investments. 2. Population in the new business District does not warrant its establishment. 3. The approval of the District might set a precedent which would j find business centers created i various Acadia locations. Several verbal protests were j heard from the floor by the com i Mission with the protesting parties requested to file letters with the Board prior to the next Public i hearing slated for wednesday eve a lung november 8. Included among the protests j heard was that of the los Angeles turf club represented by Robert i f. King comptroller. Classed in. The Quot a Quot zone the Racetrack Lipold i mrs according to the ordinance As i drawn automatically would revert to residential classification it horse racing Ever should be discontinued. Tile turf clubs protest. Is designed to protect tile improvement investment on the property King said. Parts of the zoning ordinance which classifies the various districts Iii Accord with the county a zones an action taken by scores of communities in the Southland were read last night. Including the Section which names the nine zones As follows r-1a, restricted residential a i single family area comprising the largest portion of the City r-2 duplex area r-3, apartment House sector cd restricted business do it a Trio c-2, unlimited business j strict a la a factory area m-2, area s. Santa Anita race i track. New assistant is named for father of Keeffe father Gerald m of Keeffe po., Lor Quot i the Church of the hoi.1 Alc it i yesterday announced the a i pen Priit of fati no Hugh o con i hoist county Kerry Ireland a pc. pastor. L a Lier o Connor who took Over i Nevi Dies today was ordained of 1 1 All hallo College ii b in. Ireland. Mrs. Hainer attends meeting at Long Beach nullity list t november had been an a. Iii i be internationally famous Cinema Queen Anna May Sony is graciously aiding the local bowl of Rice dinner committee Iii an Effort to add a unique number to i i entertainment feature of the affair. Thi announcement was made yesterday afternoon by r. H. Schwarzkopf. Chairman of the Arcadia function to be held saturday night at the woman a club at 6 p. Rn., with j proceeds ear marked for the National fund to bring Relief to women land children a appealing for help in War torn China miss Wong according to Schwarz a a a Cpl. This week readily offered to co operate with the Arcadia committee in working out a suitable program for the 75 cent Turkey dinner to be prepared by mrs. Bert Morris Well known for Lier famous continued on Page seven arcadians Cli voters for thex Cial elect Ion a Iii need today eluding 2,533 republicans and 12,�?�87 democrats by William Ken. Count s registrar of \ Oters. Male voters led the women tem to go to the polls. Kerr re i sealed. By a count of 2.637 to 2.501. At the november general state election last year Arcadia had 4.084 v ters eligible. J the precinct by precinct registration with the grand total including other party affiliations and those who declined to state follows no. I republicans 375 democrats 253 grand total 651. No 2. Republicans 187 democrats. 245 grand total. 444. No. 3, republicans 175 democrats 159 grand total 354. No. 4, republicans 144 democrats. 208 grand total. 361. No. 5 republicans 157 democrats 132 grand total 303. No. 6, republicans 135 democrats 158 grand total 301. No. 7. Republicans. 138 demo i crabs 184 grand total 332. No. 8, republicans. 324 demo crabs 316 grand total 661. No. 9. I republicans 208 democrats 168 grand total. 395. No. To republicans 192 democrats. 176 grand total 395. No. La republicans. 160 democrats 127 grand total. 311. No. 12. Republicans 190 democrats 137 grand total 340. No. 13, republicans 148 democrats 124 grand total 290. Long Beach taking part in the prom am Weir Frank it Gentry mayor of Long Beach Roy l Adams re to to usurer of Compton mine Phillips controller it a Adena j w Charli Ville Cliv manager of Long Beach Joseph Lowery county auditor and Carl h chattel sex chive director it the municipal f finance offic it us it United states and Canada. Reb Cross gets but j. L. Marks i tile preliminary organization for the red crass Roll Call is nearly completed. Captains have been secured for most of tilt1 voting precincts in Arcadia. Separate arrangements Are being perfected for making the red Cross canvass in t he business districts. We want scores i of individual workers and helpers. These Are needed and for these we now ask. As the chairman has gone about in the organization work it is found that a deep interest is being taken in the red crass Rod Call hence the workers will find their Job comparatively easy. Will you Contact half a dozen or i More of your neighbors on behalf of the red crass will you take a ? if you a thanks to Arcadia to those who subscribed to the Community Chest in the Campaign just closing the Chest officials and the several agencies who depend upon the Chest for their support wish to extend publicly their thanks and appreciation. Arcadia has its welfare and character building organizations for youth Only because of the generosity of those who give of their Money and time. Particularly do we wish to thank those who put aside their own affairs to work in the Campaign. Without their unselfish efforts year after year the Community Chest and All that it stands for would not exist. It is a splendid work Well done and we know those who participated share tile satisfaction of serving a worthy cause. Sincerely it s. Eberly Campaign chairman. Willin be a Helper this is the Way i it. Ii you live Iii precinct no. Ella ship club Buer at it. Wilson or. And mrs James Bone enjoyed a motor trip to my Wilson on sunday to attend the astronomical lecture and see the famous Panorama of Southern California unrolled at their feet. Expect parents or. Anti mrs. Lee Lund Berg. And Small daughter Sonjia Are preparing for the arrival on november to. Of mrs. Lundbergh parents. Or. And mrs. C. L. Atkins of new Dayton. Alberta. Can., when they come to Arcadia to spend the Winter season. Miss Mary Jane cover miss Bernice att Ridge and Briscoe Root motored to Santa Barbara to see the football game Between san Francisco University and Santa Barbara College the Trio joined Jack Sorenson who plays on the Santa Barbara team following the game. It opera company halloween danc e the Junior and senior choruses of the san Gabriel Valley opera company will hold a joint halloween masquerade dance. Saturday october 28. At Meglin school of dancing 624 West main Street Alhambra. Dancing begins at 8 30 p. Rn., and a full evening s entertainment has been planned. Doors open at 7 30 p. In Wear any sort of a costume you like. But come prepared to have the time of your life members say. W h. Marmion vice president of i the san Gabriel lumber company. Yesterday announced that l. A Bint. An authority on building problems would direct the Mission homing Guild program from the offices of the lumber company Here. The Guild a National organization of Home designers is sponsored by the Johns Manville corporation in the interest of Home development. Burt formerly with the Simist lumber co., of Monrovia is an Arcadian and lives at 320 Laurel. H. Will be available for consultation on i housing problems. Hunters Stew termed Milo Fiske of the Arcadia c won a place on outstanding Cess Ful ladies night dinner menus Fellowship Iii in the year for the organization. With president John e Vander Bur presiding the Stew Mulligan was served to close to 300 men women and children the Venison brought to Arcadia from the wilds of Modoc county by Vanderbur or. Fiske j. L. Munson and Harold Johns. A play by play description of the adventures of the huntsmen was even by Vanderbur Iii opening the program presented by John p. Donnellan chairman. Additions t it Vanderburg a Story were Given by the other members of the Quot expedition a emphasizing his ability to track i Down the Deer Tab careful aim and fire on to find the animals till alive and full of life Vanderbur kept the capacity crowd in gales of laughter with him of the experiences of Tette on the trip. A you know this a Eason i Ever missed a cd Kerbur pointed out. Quot on t did no to even fire a sin tuned a perfect record bringing the principal he evening was a. E Rohm r of the Chapman Chinchilla farm in it be Wood. Rohner traced the Ninon a the Chinchilla Industry and its introduction and Progress in the United states. C. Earl Nan Amole a Hunters Mulligan by or. X. Community Church a today had menus As a result of the sue meeting last monday of tin social Hall opening the 11 39-40 of the vocal department of music at Monrovia Arcadia Duarte High school presented a program of songs featuring Lyric Tenor selections. Reservations for the function were continued on Page two Street or to blocs it t d the woman a club May assign your work. If you live in precinct no. 3 of no. 4. Let mrs. Jack Stine or or. C l. Dunham know that you arc willing to help. For precincts 5 and 6 notify mrs. Norris 127 East Camino real. Be no. 8, notify or. Wisniewski 766 West Huntington drive or mrs Morris 233 Norman Avenue. In no. To Rev. De Jong 653 Naomi will be glad to have your name to the red Cross chairman. No. 9, mrs. Lipin. 475 West Lon Idem no la North of Duarte Road. Rev. Wilbur Wilson. Continued on Page two tax Bills for 1939-40 mailed out this week Arcadia City tax Bills were placed in the mails yesterday by City treasurer Emma Hainer with the announcement that first half taxes become due and payable on november i and delinquent on december 5 an 8 per Coni delinquency Petunia is added on the first half taxes after december 5. Mrs. Hainer said. Second half taxes Are due and payable january 20, becoming delinquent april 20, of per cent penalty is i charge of 50 cents the City assessors be notified of change name invoicing title mrs. Hamer added. Us a Ter who added a item. Office should in address or of property. Strictly p r i a t e funeral services and interment fur mrs. A to i t a m. Baldwin daughter of e. J. A a Lucky Baldwin who passed away Early yesterday morning will be held in san Francisco and no services of any kind will 1, 1 held in the Southland i tinier amp Stevens of Pasadena who Are in charge of arrangements announced late yesterday. The body was to be sent North today. Or Baldwin died at her Beautiful estate. A Nokia on foothill Boulevard Aud Baldwin Avenue following an illness of several months. Death i came As the result of a valvular heart trouble complicated by an abdominal ailment. She is survived by her two children mrs. Dextra Jones and Baldwin m. Baldwin who were with her at the end and three grandchildren. Spent life Here mrs. Baldwin was 65 years of age and spent most of her eventful life in the immediate Vicinity of Arcadia. She was the Only daughter of Baldwin and his third wife Jane Virginia Dexter who died when Anita was five years old. Mrs. Baldwin was born in san Francisco but after the Baldwin hotel was destroyed by fire in 1898, or father made Santa Anita Rancho his Home. I Here was no palatial Home there then but in that environment Anita left Motherless so Young became a great pal to her father. Married at 15 at the age of 15, Anita married her second Cousin George w. Baldwin. Twin sons were born of this Union but died in infancy. She divorced Baldwin later marrying Hull Mcclaughry a san Francisco attorney of this marriage two children were born a son Baldwin and a daughter Dextra. When this martial venture tailed she resumed the name of Bald in and Lier children were reared under that name. I mrs. Baldwin and her half sister Clara Baldwin Stocker who died in 1929, shared their fathers estate estimated at $20,000,000 at the time of in death in 1907. His heirs gained control of .>2,000 acres in a half u. Zen Rancho the largest of which was Santa Anita. Managed property for years she managed the properties left by her father but in recent years she had been in retirement. Mrs. Baldwin was Well known As a composer writing some 50 song and the music for Richard Walton Tully s Quot Blossom animals were always a fond interest of mrs. Baldwins and she retained Many of the famous old horses of her noted stables As pensioners until their death. She was president of the Tate humane society and dogs of All a a izes guarded her Home. Noted for gifts Nutt 1 for her philanthropies her donations were exceedingly generous to hospitals and clinics. Many minor philanthropies Are noted of her and she is said to have Given a station attendant at Gila Bend anz., $5,000 for returning a $35,000 Diamond ring a Attila Anile account in Quai til unti a Ham prs at 166 in Arcadia Drav after resident Varina Cire Esta Bli a mint and eggs Quot Heudy East Huntington d was announced Yeste noon by c. L. Dunham ice manager Dunham for 19 year of Arcadia stated in his Ann aum ment that literature in to thirty thin Day was Ava Able at the Eft t i Tiiu urn i Quot workers Arr now in the fit Tampa Ming Tor a by vote the p la on november 7.&Quot do Ham Aud. interest an Welcome to visit our head que. Ters at an time during the Day. Atli super a Vith Pla ret. Or w new in made the Arcadia diet it warrant forgotten in a washroom a a Ter Day morning w ii e ii her i was made known flags were cd to Hull Mast on Arcadia no at offices As Well Asut the s of the famous Rancho Santa a Mbeni s of Lier family said she requested that no Flowers be for the funeral. Home eur Wiek i s d Mary Kathryn Houlihan student i sacred heart Academy in Flint-1 a a Leal tin week end Here with her parents or and mrs. John Houlihan. Ill n i i is. In i look excellent waterfowl Hunting i predicted for the 1939 California i Pic in sea on of Tot i 22 to Deer Filiti i a it. Report the Outing Bureau of the automobile club of Southern uhf Nuu

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