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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 25, 1938, Arcadia, California 1�?Tnttc four Arcadia daily Thi Rune our own Magazine m3 Lovely English Tennis Queen belies the theory that Beauty and sports Are incompatible do you a Happy marriage Kay stammers an All round outdoor girl but none the less feminine and charming Estes by j Aco Eline 111 it i ovely a. Stammer a a British Tennis Queen what Las been playing in our Nat until Tennis matches at for a t Hills Long Island distr ii t popular Idra that girl at a e wiry Boyish creatures too Bent u Ion carrying off All the ports h nors to pay much attention to heir looks. Miss stammers is Good to look at Youthful a n d t h o r o u i Lily feminine there is Little about hex b e a u 11 f ally p r o portioned figure to suggest the athlete unless it is t h e lightness and Grace with w Bien she moves. There is even less in h e r conversation to remind you that she is a sports Star because she refuses to let Tennis monopolize tier life. Only 21. This attractive Golden haired Young woman is also a successful dress designer and Magazine writer. Thoroughly unspoiled she is spontaneous and natural with the boundless enthusiasm thai so Many Young English worn i possess. She loves her various jobs she loves to shop for new clothes to Experiment with new hair styles to make new friends and to dance. Miss Kim does no to overdo one of the secrets of Lier Success a and probably of her Charm too a is her policy never to overdo anything she plays Tennis because she loves it. She practices daily ten month out of the year but Rue generally limits the practice period to one hour a Day. To eliminate any danger of Over developing one set of Muscles at the expense of another site goes Iii for other sports too. She rides Hunts swims Ana plays an excellent game of Golf. If you have seen Kay stammers in the sports newsreels you have probably noticed How pretty she is and How slim photographs Justice partly her loveliness lies in the animation of her face and in her unusual colouring. She has the fractional Clear complexion of the englishwoman h Pale. Creamy Gold in tone dark Blue eyes. Long Black eyelashes and rather dark eyebrows. Her Short nose slightly up tilted her rather thin Cheeks Ani pointed Chin give her face a Channing piquancy. Her hair. Light Crown in color has been highlighted with Gold by tile Sun. Lipstick a faint touch of Rouge and powder applied sparingly Are her Only touch is of make up. Ray stammers England Sace Tennis player is the picture of Charm off the courts As Well As on. Much of her loveliness lies in the animation of her face and in her colouring a Clear creamy skin dark Blue eyes anti Gold flecked. Light Brown hair. Time to vaccinate children is not just before school opens by Claud North Chrisman . N and Graceful but Iveth school opening Many parents have called my office a a because11 my cd i of to ask a can i have Johnny or Susy vaccinated if i bring them in a a some weeks ago i warned against putting off immunization against infection with the common diseases of childhood. Children vaccinated now will be in a a a the midst of the discomforts following vaccination when they Are in school. They will be takes care of self when asked about her Lovely skin Kay appeared surprised that anyone should be interested. A Why i do nothing unusual a she said. A a my routine is like that of any other girl i suppose. I Wash several times a Day to keep my skin perfectly clean use Cream occasionally and use very Little makeup at any time a in England tiie moist air and mildness of the Sun make suntan oils and Cream unnecessary out when playing Tennis in this country. Miss stammers uses a Rood Sun proof Cream for Protection. She acts a Light brilliantine or Hail dressing and tucks her curls under h hairnets so that they will not ship in the wind while sue is playing. So Quot also wears a Sun visor to protect Hei Eves from the Glare on ii e Tennis courts. With All the exercise she takes. Miss stammers finds dieting unnecessary. She eats everything she y ants Only tries to avoid too Many sweets and eats Only a Light meal before going into a Tennis match. While playing in a tournament under something of a physical and nervous Strain she makes it a Point to get lots of sleep. Miss stammers seems Quot just Uke any girls but we think she is tile kind of All round successful charming person that every hairier can girl Hopes to be. Beauty tips or Chrisman Chilly feverish headache and feel like doing anything but t h e i r lessons. T h e i r arms will be sore and every bump will bring a Grimace. And Why just because parents put off i immunization during vac a Tion allowing everything t o interfere till the last minute. We arc All pretty much that Way. I am always harping on having children vaccinated against smallpox and receiving diphtheria and whooping cough immunizing vaccines during the first year. Diseased tonsils and adenoids and decayed Teeth should be taken care of. Yet just two weeks before our own vacation time when the entire family planned a vacation together two of my grandchildren were taken Down with whooping cough the family vacation had to be curtailed and much pleasure abandoned. All because Granddad who knew by her and whose advice they expect to follow postponed having them immunized against the malady. Nevertheless. I do urge you to take care of the children especially against smallpox. Don t show your ignorance by scoffing at vaccination. As recently As four or five years ago More than 500 died of smallpox in a Short epidemic in Quebec and in an epidemic in Denver a few years ago. Almost half of those who contracted the disease died. Those who died had never been vaccinated. Or v a Tor Heiser writes his Book a a an american doctor s Odyssey a after working More than 40 years in the Philippines and in other Eastern lands and observing thousands of vaccinations among these wild people. Although some of them make a practice of rubbing dirt into the vaccination wounds and repeatedly picking off the scabs to make a Large scar which they consider a Mark of distinction or. Heiser never saw a Case of severe infection or the loss of an Arm. Leg or even a Finger As Tho result of vaccination. Moreover these people after observing the benefits of vaccination come begging for the Protection because in regions where All have been vaccinated smallpox does not fines a year Many women prefer exist. Among neighbouring tribes not to let the old wave grow out Coin so protected smallpox is rampant a lately before getting a new one they believe what they see vac twid this generally takes from six citation does prevent smallpox. Tit eight months. Diphtheria which Only a few years ago resulted in the death or permanent invalid ism of thousands. Can now be prevented if we Only take proper precautions. In july one Section of my own City was attacked by diphtheria and Mere children died in a week or ten Days from it than had died in several years in the same area. To be continued Melon sleeves question please suggest a coiffure for me i Ani medium height slender and have rather fi7it features the Only irregularity is a pug nose. Can i tear the new a hair Dos a Rose a carefully planned Quot up hair amusement should be Youthful and piquant w till your Nice figure and Nice features. Your Only worry Abc. Your nose is that your hair an should a repeat tile same up it in the Back. Even though you can afford the finest of permanent Waves and reconditioning treatments before and after it is not Wise to have your a r waved oftener than three copyright. 1938, by Fairchild. An afternoon coat of Black caracal expresses the supple Blouse Back Silhouette with gently flaring skirt. The sleeves have Melon shaped tops of Sable dyed Kolinsky which is repeated in the Small convertible Collar. The original americans knew How to prepare Good meals Corn which was Maize to the indians forint basis of Many w Holesome dishes by Judith Wilson Indian summer is Here and soon frosty mornings and restless winds will bring red and Brown leaves tumbling Down. Now is the time to go native and borrow a few cooking ideas from our Early americans the indians. Corny Golden Maize to the Indian forms the basis of Many of our dishes. We have the. Last of the roasting ears succotash Corn pudding Hominy and Hominy grits the grits to be served with syrup made from the Corn itself. There arc other fall vegetables hat were known to the indians too onions Squash Beans and Early pumpkins. Pack fullness r a1 takes up duties of late Cardinal dinner Crown roast of pork with stuffing Seminole pudding baked onions with nuts cabbage and Apple Slaw frosted spice cake cake respect your mate s viewpoint by Marian Mays Martin How glad Are you that you Are married not Long ago an Oxford University professor told a British association a you Arentt grown up until you Are married and glad that you Are.�?�. In a afraid i done to agree altogether. It seems to me that _ being Perry not glad one is mar isolate the child who picks on 51 playmates by Jane Herbert Jow a Iid a is about two years old Nett makes one growl up too. Surely there can be no More a a inv process than to awaken to the fact supper chilled pineapple juice Hominy grits saute with syrup country sausage cakes baked apples with Cream Coffee or Tea the following recipes Are strictly modern but the Indian origin remains Seminole pudding i i pounds Sweet potatoes or yams 1 Teaspoon Salt h Teaspoon Nutmeg 6 Tablespoons Cream 3 Tablespoons butter i beaten egg 8 sections canned Grapefruit sugar Wash firm smooth skinned Sweet potatoes or yams Cut off the ends and boil in salted water until tender. Peel the potatoes and Mash with the seasonings Cream and butter. Fold in the Well beaten egg and pour into a buttered casserole. Arrange the Grapefruit sections by Talbot Lake aboard of consult or which met after the death of Patrick Cardinal Hayes unanimously elected the most reverend Stephen j. Donahue auxiliary Bishop of new York As administrator of the archdiocese. This automatically makes Bishop Donahue spiritual head Over 1,000,000 roman catholics Over an area of 4,717 Square Miles. At 44. Very Young for such a position. Bishop Donahue assumes direction of the most ored foulard with Paisley tic print Sec in in mow aug a acct quote Backie he is a Well built striking looking Man with Iron Gray hair a Clear Eye and a pleasing voice. Like Cardinal Hayes he was born in new York City a slum District. He was one of six children. He attended the holy name parochial school in new York. It is said that the Christian Brothers who conducted the school inspired him with the ambition to become a priest. He attended Cathedral College while archbishop Hayes was president and was recognized by him As a Brilliant student. He was graduated in 1912 and received the take a vacation and should like to copyright. 1038. By Fairchild. A very full Blouse in wine col Tail is interesting with fullness released from a curved Yoke. The Blouse is shirred at the Waist. The sleeves also very full arc tight at the wrist. Modes and manners mrs. Now Aru question Quot i am planning to Cardinal Farley medal for general excellence. After studying for the Priesthood he was ordained in 1918. In 1920, archbishop Hayes appointed him his assistant Secretary and from them on his Rise in the pin wheel fashion on top of this Church was rapid. A year later he mixture. Dot with butter Sprinkle generously with sugar and bake in a moderate oven until thoroughly heated and the sugar is melted on top. This makes 6 Servings. Baked onions 24 Small onions 3 Tablespoons butter 31 cup sliced Brazil nuts i Tablespoon sugar 34 Teaspoon Salt Pepper Wash and Peel the onions. Melt the butter in a baking dish. Add the Brazil nuts sugar Salt and Pepper. Add the onions and stir until the onions Are coated with the seasonings. Cover tightly an Quot bake in a moderate oven about i hour or until the onions Are tender and the nuts Golden Brown. Hominy grits saute stir i cup flour into each cup of Hominy grits to be cooked. Pour slowly into boiling salted water in the top of a double boiler and stir until the mixture starts to thicken. Set Over boiling water and Cook until the grits is tender and the water absorbed about i hour. Pour into a Mold we hich has been rinsed with cold water. Chill until the mixture is firm. Cut in slices and saute in salad Oil or Bacon fat until Crisp and Golden Brown. Serve with a Pitcher of melted butter and another of dark Corn syrup. Crisp Bacon or old fashioned country sausage makes a delicious accompaniment. Breakfast bread i egg it cup sugar -2 cup All bran i cup Cornmeal 4 Pound Bacon diced i cup milk 1 cup flour ii Teaspoon Salt 2 Teaspoons baking powder beat the egg and sugar together add the bran Cornmeal and milk and let stand while you sift together the flour Salt and baking powder. Add to the first mixture and Combine Well. Pour the Batter into a Well greased shallow baking pan and Sprinkle the diced Bacon Over the top. Bake in a moderately hot oven about 20 minutes. If the Bacon does not Brown sufficiently place the bread under the broiler for a few minutes. This makes 8 Servings. Became Secretary and when the archbishop was made a Cardinal his Secretary became an honorary papal Chamberlain with the title of very Rev monsignor. He was Secretary to Cardinal haves for twelve years and travelled extensively with him. He made several trips to Rome. In 1932, Cardinal Hayes appointed him Paster of the holy name of Jesus Church and in 1934, Pope Pius appointed him auxiliary Bishop of the new York archdiocese which made him second in command to Cardinal Hayes. His new Elevation makes Bishop Donahue president of hundreds of corporations which own millions of dollars Worth of Church property. Be enlightened As to the difference Between a hotel run on the american plan and one run on the european . Vav. answer the american plan includes bed and Board. More familiarly. It is our boarding House plan. The european plan furnishes lodging without meals. In England however breakfast is generally included in this plan. A a question a what reasons should a girl give a boy for not wanting him to come to her House it in this Case it s that he d stay too late it without placing the boy in an embarrassing position answer in such a Case the truth would be the Best answer. The girl should say Quot my parents do not like boys to stay after nine thirty. If you Call on me you must be sure to leave by the boy will Admire her for it. It is no reflection an a girl if her parents Are strict and treat her like a much younger child. A plump Cherub of a boy with wide Blue eyes. At Home they Call him Raymond but among the neighbors he is known More pointedly As a t h e menace Quot be a a u s e o i a habit he has of striking biting a n d pinching. Mothers done to like their children to p i a y with him. Recently a the menace arrived unexpectedly a n cd s t a r Ted my a i i to g with it h or youngsters b e f o r e anything could he done to prevent it. All tile mothers had evil Tore boding. Soon realized when Raymond picking up a shovel from a nearby Sand Box hit a Little boy Oer the head with it. A wild scramble ensued with each Mother Rushing to withdraw her own precious baby from the scene of Battle. The victim Clung to his Kotlier bawling. Raymond was promptly taken aside by his own embarrassed. Humiliated Mother and spanked. I Hen she sat him Down howling in his go Eart and wheeled him Home. Discouraged she later confessed Quot i punish and Correct him but it does no Good. I guess he just Bas an ugly Streak in his when attempts to Correct a youngster prove futile parents should be willing to assume tha tile method May be at fault rather than the child. Children Are neither Good nor bad but Only what we make them Raymond May be so intensely affectionate that he resorts to violence because he does not know How to express so much friendliness at once. Try temporary isolation for the mild who canons get along with other children. He May be lifted bodily and should be separated by this method if necessary and at the least offence. Such punishment is related. The connection Between cause and effect is Clear. If practice consistently the child will learn. That one is unhappily mow cd a Frh Only cheering thought in such a painful c i Reum stance is that usually there is Sorne to ii i n g to be done about a n y situation no matter How desperate. The woman who thinks she is unhappily married has f or innately one or e v e n More alter a lives. She May unless she has religious scruples take Steps to get out of Lier marriage or she May resolve to get at the Root of trouble and exterminate is rating at it mus m Aki in the whatever new evening clothes Are very theatrical two can do it just As surely As it takes two to make a Happy marriage just us surely does it take two to make an unhappy one. A person May do wonders either building or destroying. But it takes two to Complete the Job most of us dismiss the subject of marriage by calling it a Gamble and taking tile attitude that whether it turns out Well or badly is something Over which no on but the fates has the slightest control. Which is of course nonsense. Given any sort of co operation any two intelligent persons can make a Success of or May but it takes intelligence which implies reasoning Power and the bid to see the other fellow s viewpoint a marriage Isnit Happy if the couple Are Unco Morrab e in Rhear social contacts alone or in company. They cannot be Happy unless they tolerate if not subscribe to the beliefs of cedi other. They cannot be Nappy when one plus one Way and t h a other resists Mot to mention definitely pulls it in of Lier. Its hopeless to expect happiness in an uncongenial company or an uncongenial atmosphere. Husbands and wives who May be at their Best when apart usually Are at a marked disadvantage when they Are together. It is quite Likely they Are not Happy although equally Likely that neither would admit the tact even to himself. Young people should or encouraged to express the Selv is to air their opinions because by so doing they Are learning to think for themselves and to find the error in til or mental process. By Eleanor Gunn new York a first impressions Are important and certainly the first impressions of the new fall clothes Are Good. One must not take the extremes too literally but remember that As each new season Rolls around fashion tries her Best to give us something sensational for conversational purposes if for nothing else. As one importer recently Back from Paris put it a evening clothes Are very just a new Way of saying glamorous or dramatic. All of these adjectives Are familiar enough to those who have been Reading or writing fashions for to these Many years. Quot what makes you say so a i asked. He was Quick with an answer. A the great open spaces of the de Collet age emphasized at times by the puffed sleeve at a dropped shoulder full skirted evening dresses always seem to make a romantic picture. No matter in what Way their fullness is distributed. This year it May be in several ways but my guess is that its the Back fullness which will finally win Over the More banal dirndl line. An interesting addition to eve serve with eggs prepared in your Ning styles is plaid As illustrated in favorite manner for a tempting the Model pictured at right. This breakfast. Fresh or canned Grapefruit or juice might come before and Cocoa topped with marshmallows might come after. Short cuts Palm leaves should be sponged off with water once a week. The Plant will look better and thrive better if this is done. A a a when shopping for sheets be sure they Are not weighted. Rub a Corner Over something dark la weighted the Sheet will give off a this also features the above mentioned Back fullness in the trailing skirt. There is a refreshing absence of argument or discussion on the subject of skirt lengths the situation remaining about a was but there is fevered discussion about the coiffure. Whether it will be High or Low is argued Back and Forth. The highs will have it say most and if so its going to mean All sorts of changes in necklines and. Above All. In hats. Both tend to soft and very feminine contours. One gathers that allure is the tiling and one sure Way to achieve it is by wearing the most flattering of the nil a diversified styles. The increasing development in hoods is regarded As another con sequence of the High coiffure since powdery Flake. In laundering substance will Wash out and reveal the Hood is regarded As a Good cold a wide coarse weave. Weather Protection. Remembering a a a How the College crowd has taken to cold Tea May be used for evening wraps with hoods in the cleaning varnished floors or past it should be Worth while con Woodwork sideling the future of All hoods. A striking plaid evening gown with narrow Waist High Bodola and full trailing skirt. A Long sleeved velvet jacket accompanies it. Voicing opinions husbands and wives who discuss not Only their own intimate affairs but current events and who Exchange views on every subject under tile Sun especially marriage Are helping to solve their own particular problem they Are giving voice to their opinions and at the same Limp getting an insight into the viewpoint of Llie be those opinion is important. Athe charge in often been mane1 rent women can never debate on a subject a that any attempt leads to an argument which invariably turns into a tirade and a most unpleasant Exchange it personalities. It Roans tenders to deny j hat there is justification i n Tho Chi Curtt. Women l ave a Moo unfelt Ifante tendency of get Down to cases and to turn the spotlight ct1 the weak spot in the Armor. Husband and wife do not need to agree or see Eye to Eye in All subjects but it is necessary that each should have respect for the viewpoint of the other. Scorn or expressions of distaste or disgust Are our of order in any Public or for that matter private discussion Between two intelligent persons. The fact Chut they fab husband and wife most certainly does not alter the situation. Thor is nothing in hic Arliage be Vilc that gives one or Bot i t artist Iii privilege of being Rud Ltd Discoid thous to the other. I agreements Are sure to arise but that Sall part of life. They so my d a accepted a such and a Ken in car s stride. No on wants to five even fat the Sake of Parr with one who laughs o cos idee0 to seem or ii Superior in his pronouncement. Women who do rot dare to Call their soul their o a n a e an Ploit extinct re Kiev Ona meets fewer and hears less of fhe Hen pecked men. Children Ara no longer told thit they should be seen my not heard. On Tim contrary they tire encouraged to speak thute pm Ece. Who to to say that he this Isnit in taif to Maks for a r Gutter Nutter tand Lotf Between Mea arc1 women Widen is is or should Neon happier marriages via Tiv Uli Nus 0 m venetian bind Are a a a .1b keep cd Ean if % Coart of Tiff applied to the when Fml blinds Are new. K. A a

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