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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 25, 1938, Arcadia, California F How i aint / about. Hungry. That Steak \ i St v now old / let me \ Fella a it alone ? r-"7 per a it / \ while v please operator get me Long distance please. But t Tell Quot youse t Wantage Tann. I la get Mer on the phone for you _ son. Pm Darling Chi c Stoe in gulp /. Be know Yak of. Dearest Cut i it love. Vav gotta i have rest x4. Ann Ann Promise you can 7 see her \ tomorrow 1 listen ghost i know you got haunting to do Ibur please i Don t bother i me the Busy what m Ime pan for a silly spooks to show up a when Mitry Lnu Job to remember a who i am be vill Sulak up Ori bloodshot him a j str be i, Una m Den maybe i v m sets his i memory 1 is. Back a a ii boo per two Arcadia daily Tribune to re pal Bita a r by ii a i i Bune a a we Quot mmhhbtoi1. To for by spa pkg it Utt fit Inge As it seems by John Hix r part of address Tho author enclosing a stamped envelope i r reply. Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. Tutu a and holidays an . California at fun lured i ail except lot n. First Aveytu Arcadia a Iblis song company pres if v i to i. I n o 0 and publisher ca1if� triad a Irnia n is paper tread a West Pun ail of american newspaper til Muir lumber of a of Timerra publishers Assoc Ilion a Ide so it action advertising publishers association is the auth amp title Narl 17 Urr rec Ord of yet my eau it North caroling j Mac. I. , Burnsville n.c., spent if it frs colliding Vilh Gwint in quilt represent j. J. Devin i is Al roil. Pittsburgh. A. Dilly Tribune and full i mat markets can be cd lamed Rem subscript Ion Price single month. Phone Atwatcr-7-2131 advertising r 1 t states and not York to Canada \. Chicago lie Arcadia grounding it Arcadia and a Besa offices. Loc per week 40c per departments. A up i i Catton Vole no a. A the accurate presentation in a life Magazine in its Issue of october pm. Of the Story of medical experimentation by tile use of animals should prove beyond doubt to the people of California that danger to human and animal welfare lurks in California s proposed a state humane Pound act a which conies before the miters november 8. This is the statement of or. Ray Lyman Wilbur president of Stanford University and also president of the California society for tilt promotion of medical research which is opposing tin a humane Pound Quot measure proposition no. 2 on Tho ballot. Quot with its usual timeliness and continues president Wilbur a life Magazine presents both sides of this controversial question and shows that recent great strides in Medicine have been almost wholly dependent upon the use of animals in research. Surely no thinking person will countenance the crippling of medical research Iii California by approving this vicious anti vivisection measure which masks itself beneath the cloak of benign humanity but which in reality is a direct attack upon medical research and All of its met tire i wet relm Al am hour6ljv5s--Tlc cik\3ol or Psath--15 Marke of the Bluck widows Der most Pearly 6p�a&5 in the the impish. Jigs language % contains Over / �5,00 7 distinct. Gesture s the Logan Stone a a ton Rock near it lever Indiana to co Pelm lately a Alamcen it Cah 5� rocked by Rand Mcnaught Syndicate. Inc /0-25-3s would Boom or flit Safe Railroad travel and freight revenues consumption of electricity a Coal and would return millions to private employment with resulting decreases in Federal Ana local Relief costs. According to eve Washington society is breathless Over the prospective contents of the new column just started in the Washington times by lie Walker Robert Glamour girl of the new Deal and wife of the Secretary of the democratic National co Smittee. The column will be entitled a a even a Here a hoping eve does not discover the truth of Don Marquis saving a a column is a grave la inches Long and i inches another Jolt the a it of i s. M far St ill another Jolt from Bene a on his return from a i rent vacation in England the neb k in to an to dons in bad a cd make r he aft in Din to walked oui a Ikhi the cd re m at a dinner a. Burke disc a or hut no u a j. Iyar t to a Iid pay the i tie do Rapsey a was cd in so of till j Lions comm. I shakeup or a John j dem i telephoned bin Florin you Tell motion thata Fine Way to ii oat your parents a a Sriv Bill it lilt a a ii was terribly Busy and besides i Fig ured you Wotitz fill d Hunt it fit the the in Idem Epi Tomic in Young Dempsey s career in the government a a vice he got his first Job in 1934 a $3. Too i year pea. Lawyer without pull of influence and he inns risen steady to hts new $9 000 Post solely by hard work and ability. This 33-Yea a id tall Blue eyed Black haired irishman has always made his own Way. Born in Brooklyn he attended Law school in Washington and returned to new York As a fledgling attorney. When the pea was set up he applied for a Job. Aint was assigned to assist Sec commissioner Jerome Frank then handling pm a litigation on Power project. A Brief prepared by Dempsey in a key Case was accorded the unusual tribute of being upheld in Toto by the supreme ourt. His Cit. 1 iodine work in the Power a Par Wui arly in Puli Aldine Tho banter a Cooper project Iii South to . Where Tira government was lifted Agamy Hie late Newton 131-�?� r won Dempsey an offer from 1 i a a i Ryan be Nerny counsel if tin r Riveral Power commission to of amp to be his assist Anu i Jet War record the Only world War record of Yancy county. North Carolina. I strange As it seems is that studied i into a bed quilt by or w. B. Rob Jertson of Burnside. J for Lour years mrs. R Beri son Macle frequent excursions into Tho i Hills of Yancy county compiling a i Complete ii t of world War Veteran who served their country two dec it it Weles a. It these names she stitched into her j Odd quilt of a Beautiful Geometric j pattern and today her Handiwork i stands a the Only Complete and a then in re a. Re of it kind. Hugh Johnson says copyright 1938. By United press Syndicate inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. All rights reserved so n i an Cage strange a it pm there were 59 different families among to United Ferent it Hough i n an ago indians of the states and hundreds of Dif dialects. All tile indians of Washington Avn Assadur Kennedy s Trafalgar Day Speerli advised the democracies to it in bed with tie . At least to the extent of making agreements Ai Pence mid disarmament has Ady general editorial a i ii i could agree. I i i tic Quot s e other in a Herb gesture Spear a mean mean her s with Ever or with a common language. S Gus made y. Us one r by. I hands ideas were conveyed with rapid gestures Winch often implied whole sent Iii a the sign language was usually much quicker and More effective than spoken words. In the presence of enemies the method was silent Aud sure. Sire11 As ii Corn Shem were dilation gestures used in ugly re experts aver. I i be Duns were Bio t it c t Only a few Hundred sign language contained too distinct signs. Fpo. Demp it soon atle favourable attention of f Ink loll. When in i sin it cd m Bunch to tomorrow Moat was clo i ube Poland Grove Pat Toledo Blade. What riled Ion of famous Monu As a Telescope editor i Tor of the Ond amerind Cross of. Muskie Arle Harrison id landed impound Quot mus la in Canada. I re Civ j Prova can t Wiet agreements or real Amis Are All charted Only just begun to grab. His is a have not nation. He intends to put it in the column of the haves i i a big Way. Lbs method.-, Are wed know a. He does t invade at first by Force of arms. Ile invades by economic pern h ath ii and political infiltrate n and permit Boring tactics until he a o softened up his victims that they Are Pushover for a military threat. That has been attempted in this country without very much Success. It has been tried Iii his push through Middle Europe with great Success. It is let i in attempted in South \ Mer Ira. Brazil is a dictatorship. While in is not at pres a int Fluvial with Hitler she is anti demo ratio. Mexico is also a dictatorship anti while she is of the c c my Iii t rather the in the for rest variety she is also anti democratic r a and is now actually buying goods from Germany with Oil it Len from americans. Her is both political and economic invasion right in our own backyard. The economic Peneton i on by dictatorships in other South american countries and their political i flirtation is proceeding rapidly. All is hostile to us and or. He ii is Kitler As warned us that he Quot deeply despises democracies. Would any agreement top that nonsense. Anyway what agreements with Hitler would he Worth the pen and Ink and paper to express them he believes in prom sos to the extent that they Are in his own interest Ile believes in Force alone. His idea of armament reduction is what he proposed to France and leave me Chaoi shirt Britain a yes. Let s reduce and leave me overwhelmingly stronger in the air than either of you and me and mgt pal. Mussolini stronger than both of agree men to defensive inferior it to a Raven Wolf that kind of agreement is like a Lamb greeting with a Tiger that kind of snuggling up is like getting in bed with a rattle nuke. It is a Fine thing to maintain our traditional Friendship with fug to Day. October 2fi, Lei Hal if he eleven of diamonds w a n a vol a n sell pc Al n o i r k by b a Nard h. Kendrick \. Fun Apter i a Wjt j a shed in t he f homily i igbo / of a i a n ii noon. The yellow \ Walls of the Tioy Tel Pescador bore a touch of deceitful Beauty. Pie honest architect had dubbed the in cad in a a a ii a s h s p to n i so -1 ocoeo�?T1 kindly f herds Ted pm weeping through its falsely pretentious in ten r bristling with unexpected courts nooks and Small Semi conc j i stairways. Whatever its Appeal Uii. A it w As located close enough to the lipping Waves of Miami Beach in that guests gasped but weakly when presented with first class charges for second class accommodations i the stairways had their uses. Too since no elevator was considered necessary to serve a three Story building. On the night the Moonlight was playing its pleasing tricks on the How Walls or. Durlyn bus Singer and hts portly wife occupants of suite no 4. Stayed out late. Or. Bes Tiger was gambling at the half bib. Several Miles North of Miami Brach and More to the porn was winning. Earthquakes Ana hurricanes could not dislodge Durlyn bus Singer from a game of. Hemin de her when the cards were running i Way. Seated at the Roulette table in the adjoining Roo tit Edward Fowler. Tall Ami Broad shouldered in his Loose Cut English clothes was watching Tho Besst Geis through the communicating Dom i utterly expressionless As the sweep of the croupiers Rake claimed the last of his Hundred Dollar stack Fowler left his seat and strolled into the next room. Ile touched Bessinger on the shoulder. A a in a going to run Hon Home. You poem to be making o it better than i did. Good Luck Quot Bessinger turned shortly prepared to he annoyed at the interruption when he saw Fowler his scowl melted into a smile but his gaze returned instantly to the cards. Fowler was an acquaintance of i weeks standing Ami Fowler had brought a run of Luck to the Bessinger family. In addition the quiet slow moving Man with his slight Trace of English accent a a useful guide. He had introduced the of singers to More clubs in a week than they had found in two previous months of Miami. The Gregariou Ness of habitual gamblers had thrown them together on a few occasions before they spoke. Then Bessinger after an untoward run4 of Lii Laditi one of the of Mill clubs had tendered his chock for additional chips the proprietor was sceptical Ami Edward Fowler had courteously offered to. Endorse the Check. Eater he took his new acquaintances to allot bet place by it hot of indirect questioning the bes singers Learned that Fowler was a wealthy Canadian with interests in a Metal mine neat Sudbury Ontario. The garrulous mrs. Bes Sager made no attempt to conceal the information tha Durlynn a income roiled in steadily from wholesale Grain in the Middle West. She assured anyone who cared to listen that except for the vagaries of the new Deal or had been cursed with few worries for the past ten years As Fowler left t he gambling House by a Side door available to a few regular in trans. He was wondering just How much or Nurs. 3essinger�?Ts eagerly conveyed information was True. He paused a moment outside before leaving the shelter of the doorway Savouring tile Richness of Moonlit Ocean id in left. And the delicacy of pin Point lights marking Miami Beach to the South. A across the court his roadster was pal red shielded from View by trended Palms. When he left the doorway he traversed the Small courtyard with a noiseless Ness and Speed which would have surprised or. Bus Singer. He hacked out the roadster and headed South heedless of Trail regulations. The car was doing seventy when he reached Collins Avenue arum slowed Down. A few blocks farther along he stopped. The Street was deserted except for an occasional passing Motorist. Lie Clim Kad oui and opened the rumble seat in Back of the car. Under the seat is groping lingers found the head of n polished Nickel Bolt it moved to 000 Side. The Cushion of the nimble seat Rose to his touch disc losing a recess cleverly built into y. In the recess Lay a bundle of papers held together with a rubber band a Lent Lier key Case a Blackjack and a formidable Browning automatic in a Spring clip armpit Holster. He left the gun where it was but slipped the Black Jack into his coat pocket and the key Case to the exact place where he found it. A wardrobe trunk ajar in Tho Corner took fifteen minutes of his time. Shoe Trees were removed from three pairs of shoes in the Bottom Draper and carefully replaced. Two pairs of expensive White flannels were shaken out. And refolded. Twice he snapped out the rending lamp to stand and listen in Tho Semi darkness of the room. Once it a voices from a noisy party in an adjoining suite. The second time it was footstep and laughter in Tho Hall. He just turned on the Light for the third Limo when he his left hand pocket yielded a pair of thin Pink rubber gloves which he slipped on. Into the Side pocket of his trousers. Back in the car he drove to a place a few blocks from the hotel in coca Dor add parked. A cruising police car Pas cd lowly. Lie waited until it was out of sight before he switched Oil the roadster lights. Then he climbed out and on foot took an alleyway which led him to the rear cd the hotel. The floor v screen Hind j Kitchen was on the Gro in red Only Gay an univ Cloar. A single1 electric bulb shone dimly on Hung up pots Ara scrubbed tables. Outside of tile Kitchen door six empty garbage Eon Tai Terk a food two deep served As a temporary screen. He stepped behind them and consulted his wrist watch it was nearly one o clock. A found the letters roller tip in one of i Bess Ingord a voluminous silk night gowns. They were tucked Awny in Tho laundry bag of the trunk at the Bottom of some boiled clothes. There were seven of them dated within a period of four months and postmarked from various places in the Middle West. He took them to the Light and tidied them with interest. I our of them were on letterheads of crass amp Bremen a brokerage House in Kansas City. They Active pledged with thanks the Cour Tecsy of various Large orders placed by or Durlyn Bessinger. The other i three postmarked from Nevada j Utah and Arkansas respectively came fro i dealers in Hay Grain j and feed. They were Ordinary Busi t a Vest 1 in hours discussing hard times and Lack of profits apparently or. I be niger owned a share in each of i Tho three dealers stores. Fowler a Gray eyes wrinkled at j the Corners but he did not smile. To i i in been cleverly taken in wasted pm ious minutes Reading a bundle j of letters planted in a Nightgown As la Decoy be was about to replace j them when a curious fact attracted his attention All seven of the letters Ware addressed to Durlyn bes i Singer. Esq. And the usage of a Westrin t he i quo Eris far from common in Tho ates. Night watchman was Higi Hazard and the he he must risk. Without further hesitation tie went inside. Moving with tile Sun to of carefully gleaned information tie sought a door close by the Kitchen Range. It opened into a 1 Avam dining room. Beyond in a fire pm if stairwell were Iron service stairs leading to the floors above. Durlyn bes fingers quite a on the second floor. Fowler reached the doth without encountering anyone in the Hall Sjef Teu a key leather beyond and entered in i elated s left hand packet yielded a pair of i a spec be Jotters out fan Wise thin Pink 1 libber gloves Winch he land scrutinized the size s slipped on. Moonlight from outside the characters in the i guided Shiqi through the sit ung room to the bedroom. To closed the door Between the two rooms and switched on a Reading lamp Between the twin Beds the door from the bedroom to the Hall was locked. He opened it with another key from the Case to provide an additional exit if needed. Satisfied with Bis preparation a he commenced a leisurely skilful search of the bedroom meticulously returning every article he touched and form of typing. A by Hove who said under his breath. A they May All have come from Dif i Ferent places but in a willing to Wager they were All typed on Tho i same machine. In a afraid my Friend has been going to some lengths to in Cablish himself in the Grain Market. Hat a Man using a mating service to get different postmarks in letters he a written to himself a a to be continued Contr Juht it a or a Niiro pull Ilia a inc did mulled by Kin feature synodical or land to Rejo be a or. Kennedy does. A Good tiling to be prepared to pad Iii nun and above All not to allow in it r con Ned naval strength and die our run Canoe to rely not at ourselves to be in veiled into any Hope to rejoice in a Greate combined 1 he for our own or of defense in eng Agria mint made by England with merchant Marine. But it is also land remember he dictatorships. Test tue tilds by Rudolph Dirks 9 City officials of county note ruling Joe Paloska in Mommi Wen Ami others rein pm. I Ftp i with ruling i hic Cann-e.p"ttemip4 Par c a Nom Gnu e t apply Affa

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