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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 24, 1940, Arcadia, California Hundreds of arcadians assigned numbers in u. 8. Drat Nihil lottery if Washington Beim drawing Suteo in v1 is if Lete ust set hundreds of Arcadia Young men Between he Ages of 21 and 5, today had been Ai signed draft numbers from districts 190, 191 and 207 and awaited the initial lottery raw vol. X 42 l Arcadia building for month raring $150,000 contract awarded for Huntington project work to get girl scout Council to be established in Queen City tin by Arcadia will soon have its own. Headquarters. While Pasadena girl scout Council to Deal exclusive j Council was splendidly cooperatively with Arcadia problems and to i we feel that Arcadia s problems Are work directly with National girl our own and is such deserve in scout Headquarters. Divided attention. The last step in the preliminary j the girl scout movement was or work of organization la to be taken Gani Zed in Arcadia in 1927 by mrs �?o7 a a i monday afternoon at i o clock Grace Graham. Since that Tim major improvement of j when mrs. Everett j. Gray com the one troop has expanded into Huntington drive North from Unity chairman and her commit i seven and membership has in Holly Avenue on Westward to i tee assembles at girl scout House creased from a old Rancho Road was launch on California Street to prepare the members de this week following coun application. Committee named cil award of the contract for this will be Only a routine step the project to Harvey b. As approval of the project has a1 permit ust handful to 140 Adair of Al Monte. Adair Low bidder for the work to be financed by Arcadia allocation from state gasoline moneys was slated to Start the work this week following the adjourned meeting of City Council last tuesday. The project Calls for widening of the pavement along this stretch of Huntington drive from 40 feet to 65 feet and establishment of subs. City Engineer Glen Watson was authorized to order painting inside and trim outside the police and fire stations on Wheeler Street. At the same time Council approved use of City owned property West of the Community Cabin on Wheeler Street by boy scout troops of Arcadia. Working with mrs. Gray on the committee Are mrs. Mary Wheeler arcadians building permit total for the month of october today was nearing the $150,000 Mark As new Homes continued to set the Pace in construction Here. The Reading businessmen to meet tuesday at the Derby ing slated for Washington Nadia draftees and their n Board 207 23, Roy w. Briscoe 26. Walter Evans 27, Frederick we Hundt 28, Frederick l Klusmann 29, Albert Otto Hundt 30, Donald q. Douglas 37. Donald Lee Cowley .37. James a Well Dougla Harry Thompson Stucker 82. Then Thomas Mauch 95. Burke Sheridan 101. Raymond Lang Williams 111, John Harry Morgan or. 113, William Walton Green 119. Richard s. Wileman 120, Henry Hunt 123, Vernon t. 12 o clock noon october 29. The Complete list of Arle is follow a. Osborne 944, Franklin Victor Mccurdy 948. Michael Hrycenko 951. Elmer a. Coble 952, John l Burkholder 953 Wayne g. Moore q. 955, Clarence a. Kirchefer 957 a Melvin v. Kaltenbach 962, Clin-78, ton j. Cortland 967, Herbert c. Mann. 970, William j. Haskins 975, Leonard w. Hinds 978. Robert a Smith 980, Lewis Charles Allen 992, Frank b. Mcintosh 1006. Al Elvin Fonso e Briseno 1007, Alfonso h. Carl Cordova 1008, Marcus l. Yates Christian 125. Merle Kennet Loio. John w. Shrader 1012. Xiyo a Herr a 127, Gordon Neal j. Sakamoto 1014. Paul k 129. Fenton Allen George 130, Fred Mahre 1026, Frank h. Jessen 1030, c. Buz amp re 132, Emu Evert Cooper Gardner a. Eikenberry 1046, Jonas 136. Jim Peter Nielsen 153, franc. Willcox 1051 leis c. Martin or. 154. Joel Oray the businessmen a division of arson Jones 162, Otto Joachim Stroeh Nadia chamber of Commerce on 163, Chas. Victor Erickson or. 181, tuesday night. October 29, will hold Robert Morris Sweet 194, Ralph c. Its october dinner meeting at the Truan 231. Donald Alvin Maltbie Derby Ai 6 45 o clock. L. Viz Potter lire insurance Engineer of los angles will be the principal speaker of the evening. It was announced this week by Arthur Gould in charge of the pro 234, Charles e. Thompson 250. Ned Earl Hatch 269, Lyle t. Rafferty. 280. Fred e. Reynolds 284, Lindley win. White 331. Theodore Vandenberg 339, Geo Burford Rayle 343, John w. Elder 357. Bernard George j. My fall 1052, James d. Sparks 1064. Kenneth p. Most 1055, William b. Greenwood 1057, George a. Schrader 1063, Curtis l. Sanders 1071, Ralph e. Christofferson 1079, Elliott e. Burns 1081, Leroy c. Baumgardner 1082. Horace g. Nichols 1093, Donald e. Buck 1167, Raymond a. Padilla 1196. Donald m. Clark o. Boudeman or 1197, Ernest f win 1973, Geo Havi Wilcox 1806, Kenneth f. Gaiter 1811, John w. Gamby 1822, Russell e. Randall 1833, Raymond a. Russell 1840. Masano Henry no Himoto 1841, George l. Jessup 1859, Tindall e. Cashion 1865, Carl e. Larson 1869, Wendell s. Heckman 1876, Harold w. Montgomery 1177, Wilbur e. Howell 1880. Kiyoye but Sakamoto 1883, William d. Hayden 1884, Harry m. Retchardt 1887, Archie f. Harned 1891, Ralph f. Anderson 1896 Robert e. De noon 1897, Darrell d. Mcdaniel 1898, Haruyoshi Sakamoto iwo. Jesse Gene Fluker 1900. John t. Mulroney 1903, William c. Draper 1906, James r. Masoner 1920, Kenneth Burr Smith 1921. Kenneth m. Smith 1923, Jack e. Haight 1924, Emitt Berry 1930, Howard Dodenhoff 1932. James Seth Osborn. Or. 1933, Henry f. Jackson or 1944, Charles n. Haight 1946, Howard l. Smith 1947, John a. Moore 1948. Frank e. Tidwell 1949, Robert f Smith 1957, Robert 1967, William r. Bald Berard sunday Ruth Betty 10 j Beenke be Quot Tho group. Ii commissioner mrs Day afternoon j q committee met with miss nor Nelt a camping mrs. Emma hat Al treasurer mrs. Margaret Simpson policy mrs. Maxine Balling Northberg regional Field director at be Derby inn Tor a conference. Rapid growth in commenting on the step mrs. Gray said a Barca dial a growth has Bee rapid and we now feel that House chairman mrs. Lydia Auer House Garden chairman mrs. Ruth Mccallen registrar mrs. Gibbons financial chairman mrs. Myrtle we can better serve our a urls by Danne Jer training and mrs. La working directly with National Cille hurry Public relations. Not Pioneer a a i two Navy officer to bring Lions address Gram. Iven at City Hall yesterday for Hie october aggregate was $131,990. Permits issued recently at City i Nessman were advised. A full at Hall follow Tendance of a1 members of the Rii electrical products corporation vision is expected for Standard Oil company 102 e _ is 1213. To hers l. Elssi 359, j. Russell Taylor 363, ton 1214, Nowton c 364, Mau j William Moore Horstman 1238 Alva g. Stafford 1254, Fred a reservations must be filed Ste a a a a a a. _ chamber of Commerce secretory a la a a Herkner 366 Raymond e Urchin j. Bradley by monday bus Fisher 368. Edward v. To mane. Ilander ral services were held tues it a mrs. Bertha be Van for 28 a resident of Arcadia who cd away at her Home 1026 so. Eighth Avenue Follower years illness. Final rites were conducted from Glasser and Johns Chapel with Rev. N. Milo Fluke of Arcadia Commu-1 nity Church officiating. Mrs. Bevan up until the time of her illness was sunday school instructor at the Community Church in charge of the intermediate department. She is survived by her husband Arthur Bevan one son David in the United states Navy her Mother mrs. Laura Sharp of los Angeles a sister. Miss Nellie Sharp and two Brothers Ernest and Earl Sharp All of los Angeles. Lieutenant William s. Mckay of the United states naval Reserve will be the principal speaker at noon today when the Arcadia Lions assemble in regular weekly luncheon session at the Derby. Relation of. Tree British Fleet to american defense will be the theme of lieutenant Mckay a address. He also will answer questions pertaining to the Fleet of great Britain and the u. S. Navy. The speaker will be introduced by program chairman Robert e. Tou Huntington drive erect Neon sign $100 r. O. Beck. 804 Balboa drive erect dwelling and garage $5,000 Harry Reichardt Tor p. E. Weigle. 1031 Arcadia Avenue add to dwelling $800 mrs. T. P. Kelso 844 Murietta drive erect work room $100. V. T. Whiteley for mrs. Larson. 1047 w. Duarte Road reproof dwell i inc and garage $240 a. A. Hodgson. 327 Eldorado erect garage and storage room $175 c. J. Smith 1122 2018. Claude Travis Chapman 2dl$. Kiyoaki Sakamoto 2029, Earl Ray Iid doming 2030, Geo. Hurst Cha do Chat i Coil with slightly More than $3,500 re w Huntington erect Chicken House ported collected and pledged in the John Churchill 438, w. Huntington erect Nicin noose Chest bums 439, Oscar Niedermann Herbig 1409, come $150. Churchill construction co. For n. M. Metz 234 Forest Avenue erect dwelling and garage Churchill construction co. For John Ter Day issued the following state Maxwell 201 Haven erect dwelling and garage $6,000 Docia puce he coning 1983 John e Shafer a Cribb 1226, 1991 Bertram c. Macwhirter 2001. Albert h. Perkins or. 2003, huh Edison Kent 2012, John Monaghan 2016, Howie s. Grea 369, Andrew j. Cooler 371, Sei Clu 1256, Albert o. Jacobson 1275. Tree 2017, we. H. Zimmerman Jerry Okazaki 372. Charles e. Hol Paui b. Douglas 1287, Robert Day Lander 375, Kenneth e Fuller 379 1319, Raymond f. Hansen 1325. I Edgar a. Mounsey 380, Kenneth e. William Smith Dyer 1326. Nelson m i Wilkins 383, Wiliam o. Copper a Dee Crews 1331, William Wheeler Philpot 2040, j. Franklin Zil Uhlir Ismith 384. John e. Mclaughlin Parks 1336, Poler p. Davis 1342, Man i385, Lewis e. Mclain 395, William William d. Hamnett 1348. Maurice 2047, j Joseph Root 396, Robert Alfred j Bernard or. 1349, John Gibson i Moore 398, Forest Glen Hall 399. J 1352. David e. Breen 1353, Hugh gust hoist 2066, Nelson Everson Fay Leon Luzader 400, Kenneth i j Gallagher 1364, David Wax 1365. Lyons i Eugene Tompkins 404. Clarence j Winfield r. Stuebner 1384. Rich _. Howard Olson 407, Howard ran arc w. Othmer 1385. Harold a. Henry Smith. Or. 2093. Glen Ernest Adolph Peacock 415, Florindo Haig Stanbro 1397. George Arnett 1399, i Cline 2105, Paul Melville Arklin 420. Paul Edward Touchon Gene Hutchins 1402, Robert h. 12111. Herbert Hadley Fortney 211� 421, Randall Hall Eaton 424, we. Rollins 1403. Harold a. White 1 Howard e. Hedrick 2127, Arthur e. De. Vallon 434, Roderick l. Mil a 1404, William Thomas Cobb 1405 Olson 2130. Ralph g. Hussey 2131, Ler 435, Leroy r. Runquist 436, William j. Relies 1406. Clyde r. Charles f. Debo 2133, John p. Day Herschel s. J Cridlebaugh 1407. Clair Milton 2140. Edwin e. Gray 2146, Orlando l Ricketts w. Penner 2147, Harry h. Roberts 442, Russell j. Matthews 443, Rob j 1411, Allen e. Keller 1412. William2150. Jack e. Ammon 2156, James 2041, Donald Edgar Froggatte Roger Frank Stucker 2054, Richard Arthur gee 2056, Raymond 2073, Frank Burrill 2074, Harold Kenneth Carter 2089, David 1940 Arcadia Community drive towards the $5,068 goal Cam-1 t Borden 441. Arthur w. Wag i a pain manager Tom Kelso from 2157, Perry f. Glover Nan i Mer 446, Ray Collett 449, Kay a. 11416 i. Chest Headquarters in go had y is Gavage it or a 45 Rudolph f. Pur ports for Tho annual a Imi Cele pm Ripato 108 a sea st1 is m Lac read Cern slim let durable importance pus 457, Merrill f. Cridlebaugh 458, Earl m. Goodrich 464. Mervin to i c. Williams or 466, Arthur j 469, % Liam p. Or in Jaunity softest is the action1 of the i Strong 470. Clarence Kucera. I Lento Iii Liiv annual a lit e a Juu Ruby a i icon in Mist ice Day evening potluck Road enc to Ray i Public Utility companies in advis Chon. Or. Bruce f. Sims president Arcadia legionnaires in Amor the Arcadia Lions club will pre l half Side. Following the meeting today ar-1 with commander Walter Schou Nadia Lions will Battle Monrovia ten presiding plans for the affair Kiwan ians in a Golf Toura Mem a t. Collette. Dinner for members of t a 43g Naomi erect Belling and game Glenn Dyer i Ost i to. ,4/, Raee 44000 Raymond a Dom legion and Auxin l05 Peter k eng e. 1245 Ramona tribute on where they prefer Eveni Harnage iary were announced tuesday Road erect dwelling and garage night at a regular meeting of $15,000 o. Black 1040 Misur erect 475, Edgar Alvin Aikens 480. Vey Karpins 1413, Ray f. Hoffman e. Gravitt John Herbert 1446, Charles 2158, Herbert a. Holland 2169, l�0 s. Moore 1450, Roy James Jack m. Metzger. 2174, Duke t. Son 1452. Albert a. Arrington 1453 2178. William n. Lovelace 2186. John meld rum Moore. Or. 1456, Robert Mitchell East 2187, Edward j Fredrick p. Bartik 1458, Karl j. I Herbert marshall2188, Niedermann m4597 Rusty j. Kph Lei Mimaki 1468, William r. Aiken 1471, har i Weisz 2200. Glen leg e. Moss or. 1480, Robert d. I2218, Thomas w. Jar their employees who live in James Jay Maloney 482. Raymond Townsend or. 481. George a v. Bush 2223, William s. Arcadia to make their Chest con-1 Piuma Barnes 485, Lawrence Nye Kuhl 1508. Paul Spencer 15097 Ichiro William Kaminaka 2252, 489. Thomas Samuel Robert. E. Pierson 1510. Russell p. Henry a. Daub 2264, Donald Odell though they work in other cities. I Hickman 490. Roy Wayne Hughes Ward 1511, Robert g. Pace. Over the fairways of the Santa Anita course in Arcadia county Park. Winter league opens sunday boasting one of the strongest Semi pro lineups in the Southland the Arcadia merchants baseball club sunday on City Park Diamond will open its annual Winter league schedule opposing the Iron workers local of los Angeles. Game time has been set for 2 of clock. Either Johnny Linden or a frenchy Quot Gendreau will draw the pitching assignment from manager Jim Richardson for the opening league engagement. Last Winter the arcadians were Southern California runners up losing the title in a three game playoff with the Rosabell plumbers. Must obtain Absentee ballots before oct. 31 registered Arcadia voters who plan to be away from their Homes on election Day Are warned today to obtain Absentee ballots immediately. It was pointed out that the ballots May be secured now at the office of the registrar of voters 342 South Broadway. Los Angeles. They must toe obtained on or before october is. Were announced by committeemen in charge. The dinner and program will Start at 6 30 o clock. Arcadia legionnaires this week also were making arrangements to attend the first array Navy football game to be held in los Angeles memorial coliseum on armistice Day Between Grid teams representing the marines and National guard of this territory. The membership committee this week announced the paid up membership of the Glenn Dyer Post to be 86, Only 14 shy of the too quota which is expected to be reached november la. Chicken House $250 Ernest m. West for Mertle t. Dubbing 834 Coronado drive erect dwelling and garage $4,000. Churchill construction co. For r. A. Burks. 239 e. Colorado or dwelling and garage $4,000 Churchill for William h. Reece 234 Haven erect dwelling and garage $4,000 Churchill for k. H. Abbott 242 Haven erect dwelling and garage $4,. I the local Chest has been at a serious disadvantage heretofore be cause Many employees with Homes in Arcadia thought they were j son Catcher obliged to give a their place of i employment which was often Green. 491, John Soikkeli 492, Elmer 2512, Holsey w. Knowlton 1537, Thomas Sherman 496 Franklin Herbert g. Osborne 1548, Albert Waldo Hunsicker 498, John Wil r Jennings 1549, Leland l. Dills 499, Earl David her 1551, Phillip h. Wells 1555, Star plans dance saturday Willkie rally Reginald Denny motion picture actor will speak at a Willkie Volunteer rally in tile Sierra Madre school auditorium. Friday evening at 8 of clock. Councilman Thomas m. Schwartz of Sierra Madre will be the master of ceremonies. Rev. W. B. Heagerty a Tor of the Church of the ascension will give the invocation. Howard Patrick. Los Angeles attorney will bring the main message of the evening. A interested arcadians Are invited. District 190 28. James d. Sassoe 50, John a. Jack isomers or. 61, Theodore j Brod mans 500. Raymond Horace thurs n. Marcy 1556. Laszlo Braun 1559.1 head 52, James s. Stoker 67, Ben in by 501, Richard Lee Kelsey 502, Liptay Moinud h. Vernier 1560. J. La Jamin Chaffey 30 Robert b. Rom a a a. J other cities. Hundreds of instances a Lawrence Langworthy Henry 509, j Fayette Reeder 1565, Elbert w. I Berger too. Sam Berk 113, Pete have been reported by Arcadia William Ludwig Zirna 510, Paul Jones 1566. Franklin h. Mills 1580,1 p. Pagador 120, James r. Bell 121, Chest worked a a of Arcadia residents Revere Martin 511. Ervin Raymond. Burtt e. Taylor 1581, William b. Pete a. Gallero 124, Tony Salazar who stated that they would prefer Carem 521. Augustine Granados j Belden 1582. Robert Osborne 1588,1127, waiter walkouts 129, Norman to give locally but Felt obliged to 522, Donald Adelbert Strawn 524, j Arthur r. Maculsay 1587. John h i j. Tisdale 130, Domingo u. Ortiz Ere John Palo 526. William b. Ogniben 1589. Dominie Boggio 1596.1134, George f. Foster 136, Mason Wilkerson or. 528, Claude Arthur Frank w. Russell 1597, John p Wakimoto. Richards 529, Richard Haskin 559. Colling 1622, Hamlet d. Davis ill Harold l. Strohm 155, web Elmer Dennis elder or. 561. David 1026. Carl a. Andersonjr. 1630, Ster h. Kimball 162, Albert m. Ruiz toll Sweet 570. Andrew Frohlich Francis i. Collins 1631. James h 165. Carol g. Wynn 236, Kenneth 577, David James Kipp 579, Carl Fletcher 1632. Melvin h. Willey f7 Bashaw 251. Edgar w. Sawyer Platt Sheridan or. 594, Roy Ever 633, George Tremaine Wetherby 254, Joseph Obliskey 257, Herbert Ett Mcfall 606, we. Gilbert her 1635i Glen Napoleon Bone 1641, j b. Pratt 264, Carter y. Powell Bert 627, Halver Burton 632, Clem Harold e. Budworth 1642. Paul p 267, Joseph j. Serio 272, Robert n. Eat Manning Gates 635, Glenn Gibbs 1644, Ralph Kenneth pow-1 Martin 278, themas h. Hunter Maurice Dysart 636. Harry Ken Elson 1651, Virgil Olden Lane 1652.1283, Glen d. Biteman. Neth Holloway 637, Charles Robert Joe Kneier 1653, Robert e Nelson 286. Thomas of Farrell 294, m. R. Stichter 646, John Alfred Howland 1654, Ranelds William Hagg 1660, shearing 300. Valton e. Kuyken-1647. Harry Corey Holms 648. Otis Erie Hundt 1661. Raymond c Udall 303. Chester l. Re oat 318, i Louis Sayer 649, Harry Ramsay Ramsey 1672. Joseph William ring Thomas n. Fitzwater 320, Edward Parks. Or 650,.Harold Stanley fair Gold 1673. John David Arozena w. Kay 325. Koichi Okamoto 326, Banks 651, Lewis Baron Craven i675 Ivan Phil Laird 1678. Eldon1 Lawrence n. Beaven 330, Ubario to escape the heat or. And mrs. J653, William Hardy Troup 654. L Frazier. In. Nicolas 331. Paul Roy Meyers Alex h. Bishop 129 Duarte Road j Gordon bean Thompson 655, James 79, Frank j. Rolling. Or 1680. 332, Archibald e. Valentine 333, a pent the weekend at Capistrano Joseph Manton 658. William Stew Homer f. Rayle 1683. Leo Ritchie Harry minor. Give at their place of business. A it has Long been Felt that los Angeles and other business houses would not stand opposed to a free Choice by their employees As to where they would prefer to make their Chest subscriptions. The action of the Utility companies it is believed will Lead to other similar or. And mrs. Arcadia Are invited to attend the halloween barn dance j declarations by Large employers and card party being staged this a the various Community chests saturday at the masonic Temple i have no financial affiliations and with mrs. Dana Roush worthy a contributions made elsewhere Are tron and Ted Gilbank worthy a i of no assistance to Arcadia welfare troll in charge. J or youth music toy a professional orchestra 300 attend opening Fellowship meeting so popular has become the mens e. K. Kizer los Angeles foreign Fellowship Venison dinner and Trade expert gave a forceful and ladies night that the work in dynamic speech on South America. Tailed May Force a return next year he outlined the history and poof ,1 Lotical background of the various j countries and pointed out that the United states for the dancers prizes for the Best card players and refreshments make up the evenings program. Slacks Farmer costumes Gingham j dresses sunbonnet and overalls Are while daughter. Virginia motored Art Nelson. To be worn. The party will begin at i to Berkeley to attend the u. C. L. J 730, Robert 8 30. I a. Football game. 11684, Denville a. Dailey. 1698. Ogle 343, Masaji Makino 373, Francis 731. Todd 1699. Leroy a. Rayle 1701., s. Dane or. 380, John Andes Amsl arts and crafts classes being held at the Bath House in Arcadia coun a to Park tuesday through saturday Are proving popular with Arcadia grown ups it was announced this j week by w. J. Mcfarland of the Park staff of supervisors. With the Bath House completely j rejuvenated into a combination work and play room classes Are conducted on the Days named above arcadians biography is a hot off press writing this Story pot from la a. In. To 12 noon and in the afternoon from i p. In. To 3 30 Tun. For it concerns p m i the biography of arcadians by Marjorie Hesse ought to of have been a Lulu. De s note the Luck editor of the Arcadia Tribune and if not news having been born on the Side of the Fence Wasny to. ,. A a tile entire United states Salties wrong included in the curriculum Anci most colourful character w. Allowed to attend the party darn arts and crafts Mcfear id of the Pony j i announced ale the follow 1 a express museum. I the Book recounts the adventures courses Rug making Book binding the Book artfully written by de i of that amazing person Parker Bead work Leathco Ainsworth of the los Angeles times Lyon since his Advent in this Vale Copper work. Work basketry Wood burning plastic painting Christmas cards and Block printing. Large groups of adults Are taking advantage of the courses but talked there Are stir a number of registrations open in the project my inimical Marland said. F. Mahoney Lawrence a. Wrobel 739, Harry b. George w. Veach 1702. Archie r Thomas or 381, Joe d. Trimmell Burkholder 740, Thomas e. Moore j Derkson 1706, James n Walker 400, James h. Smith 410, late 741. Ira g. Herkner 745. William 97, Romaine i. Hixson 1708, Al-1 Coleman 411, John h. Powell 428. H. Schmidt 752, Burnie Mcd Bert e. Haynes 1713, Thomas r Peter Burroughs 428, Thomas h. Craig 761, Weston b. Nunn 762, Eagan 1714. Neal c. Frazier 1716 acres 530, Willet h. Brown 536, Lorin c. Lovejoy 763, Robert t. Robert a Hax 1720, Donald y Earl l. Marsh 680. Winston k. Braithwaite 767, James p. Byrne Mitchell 1721. Linton d. Means. Jr., Erickson 681, Bennie to. Barad 768. Joseph h. Day 769, Keith to 1731 Gerald e Nissen 1732. Lionel 688. Arthur c. Williams 716, Wmk Well Morse 773, John Jacob Musha w Veiner 1725. Paul w. Seller e. Kearns 723, Robards cheating7 Lik 774. Clarence Seabury Youngling John w. Graham 1779, Earl i 746. Forrest m. Wiley 747, Robert 778. Frank Hax 780, Ernest Theo w Adsit 1794. Chas. J. Ely 1796, j r. M get 752, Marshall mend Dor Wilmsen 781. Robert Irwin Jojin w. Greenough 1800. Harold 763. Wayne l. Wohlford 769. R. C. Partridge 789, l Uther Cornelius j n Ramynke 1805. Clarence h. Continued on Page two 801. Albert Chas. Neigebauer 803. Milton Eugene Finney 813, nor j Man Wyn Hixon 814, Ralph Theodore Nordstrom 815, Mark Scholtz 819. Benjamin f. Terry 820, John w. Grenne 821. Earl w. Lundstedt 822. John a. Brown 823. William a. Hainer 825, Daniel g. Of Keefe 826. Rev. Hugh o Connor rot Ari ans will Honor All City officials tomorrow in and cannily published by George of tears which he by his antics for Palmer Putnam ought to make a j some unrecorded 70 years or More a pot of Money a. For its the funniest i has considerably brightened. It betting to hit Book tables in a year gins with the episode of two gulls of sundays. Eggs and aunt Emma a red drawers in fact my usually sedate Mother and end with a jumping Frog race says its the funniest since a a Peck a j progressing through the most spec bad boy and a the Arkansas j to Acuilar mayoralty on record to the original status committee members say. This year a Large Crew of men j while and women Laboured from Early j Quot Friendship a with South America it morning until late at night pre threw up Tariff barriers paring serving and cleaning after j to to g room in the Bath House is equipped 1 put the record made by Chic sales the dinner. So the committee a preceding the a address for a pm pop a a ask . B00k m the Shade. _ _ Suffie Board and other indoor Lessen the work. K. Fraser 828. John h Cordova 834. Jesse Alexander Eller 841. Walter i. Dickinson 849. Adolphe r. E. Roome Iii 850, Rex a. Sagely 853. Raymond e. Walbaum 854. Hoyt s. Bowden 855, Lewis h. Sal i i Bury or. 863, Wiliam a Bogart j 864, Augustus p. Dudley 865, James for the youngsters the game j but i say its Apt to thinking of excluding the ladies to the evening the churches most famous nimrods or. N. Milo Fiske Els m More than 300 gathered at the Frank Glasser and John Vander Ruth announced Church monday for the a a Hunter a Bur told humorous incidents of the 1 g Stew made from six fat haunches j Jaunt on which they bagged the of Deer. Paul Spencer president of the Fellowship was master of ceremonies and George sprains was program chairman James d. Alexander or. Grace Cullen closed her of Venison. J. L. Munson the fourth 1 saturday and left for a weeks1 from shouts and howls emanating i vacation at i return sunday member of the party was unable i vacation at Long Beach. She William the museum confines until to be present original introduction j Brown 874. James h. Jones 878, and tomorrow morning when Joaquin a. Alcala 8.9, Allied pot Luck is placed on the Market Franco 887, White h. Vickery 891, give Book party i in Book stores tto Oug Cut America William h Raines 89 a spot Luck was previewed at a i san franciscans will be treated to i Schmidt 893, Herbert special party saturday night for i the most original Book introduction or. 905. Lawrence t. Nelson 908. Editors and publishers in history when an actor reads the Harry p. Erickson 911. Robert Ray and i first chapter sitting on an now Lor 925, Joseph o. Hammer almost forgotten article of China William h. Marrion 930, Chark Ware in the window of newbies fans s h. Bishop 933, Bouk. Store. J 938, Jesse r. Gallogly 043, William i treasurer newspaper masculine at the museum. City of Arcadia Day and charter-827, Walter i Nav we be observed by Arcadia rotarians tomorrow noon meeting in regular weekly luncheon session at woman s clubhouse. All City officials will be Honor guests of the Day with the following invited to attend and join mayor Albert h. Perkins. Fire chief Jim Nellis. Police chief Don Ott and officer John Borger rians in the aft air councilmen Ernest w. Lee Pel Albert Adcock. Fin ii Bol and mat tin h. Ormsby City clerk Harry i Nesbitt City Engineer Glen b. Wat homage son water superintendent Scottie Lee City attorney James c. Bom the Day also will note the Aahl Ersary of tire presentation of Tishi charter to the Arcadia club Tome in 1927 and All charter members have been invited to thin re Atherine. Past president and charter member John e. Vanderbur will int Rod acc the charter members present mayor Perkins will be in chaff of the program and will in Trafla All Rota the chief speaker of the Day. Ken a Neth Sampson member of the Angel City planning Corn 926, Allen aint night its reception must at a Hallow 1 at Iii i Everett Adargo City librarian Anne Leigh and City Emma Hainer. A St. La it Uit Brewis Eek the Rota Riant o a pair of Arcadia Iona Bast pall Lietea. Simmons of the

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