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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - October 22, 1938, Arcadia, California Page two Arcadia daily Tribune saturday october 22, 1028 s Trange As it seems by John Hix a for further proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. L tajik to oct $ circuit la j Allene Corliss i holidays Alifornia at published daily except sunday and 101 it. First Avenue a Cadiz. It Arcadia publishing company a. H \ to i i noon president and publisher filtered a s i matter. March the Post office Californi of Marc cond -14. 19. It arc under the1879. The hate Tribune designer or the in i 1931. Arc California member i chamber of Commerce a spa per publishers ass oblation Arcadia West Side usso elation Bureau of advertising american newspaper publishers association or by j Uetro daily markets sub month. Presented j. Divine amp As t. Pittsburgh a. Tribune and full i can be obtained in option Price phone Atwater advertise in i in United states and Canada Socrates. Inc., new York City. Chicago an i Atlanta. Ca. Copies of the Arcadia formation about Arcadia and surrounding d from any of these offices. Single copy be 10c per week 40c per r-7-2131 for All departments. To Patin on application Vic a 25 year of of Parrot of the me Harry Hoad int magician pack Tetrie lock. Of h14 a fuse Aho e jct pop Hollywood duly Ai 5lrck Ftp to nut Rivers join to Forn the White Nile dunking is certified to the Dunker America is a better place to live in this week. Highbrow May have jeered was a natural unalterable and the cup of Coffee it when Affine i s up though the foolish l the Dunker asserted there Ity Between the doughnut dunkers who do the jeering today. No less a personage than mrs. Gertrude Binney Kay j a prominent educator of Boston casting caution to tiny winds has announced that dunking is entirely Correct at informal parties at least. The Culler she adds should be held Between tin thumb and third Finger. Regardless of what sort of clutch the Dunker applies a time honoured american custom is vindicated let Back Bay society totter How it will Power of advertising Cha peek Whitney finished cake end stuff Iii emm Lap of her Pink Cotton ii and untied the dark Mio he a yes uh1 writ a a mid the Sun Fri against Hor Here f a i Etc a get pod to in Summers we can a Ouirt up lignin and swimming hoi1 and x i x fir i Ell collate s f i oui the frock she i i in n hand i a1 out i r Nock j to no i rid soft mat is said ii 11 i nut Here ii v i f Tennis i a the i f ii old j to a lot of rid i Knees and tied i i dark Hue handkerchief Kout i i tin it but Yon can to Livo life that. At least you can to it yet u g any sol t id Intel in it thoth h tic tween Hei linger. Finally tossed it Over his shoulder onto table behind him and linked Lier Viii hand tilt it in my in St Lite in t it t of o v in i a Ling i to fat from see any pings Are with All that you to ii s Day to lie morn King that \ too a f oot prick Chimney. Wiv7 stolen f England >1 a to him eyes to sandals. Quot id n t like the i remember of in then it a advertising More than any other Force can stipulate tile thing which this country is to pull out this quotation is taken from in modern must have life if it 11. Nervy to Anek fluid football coach co Hep hts opponent for the fact 6ame wow Louisiana Tate he inv Enfer h Sill chose Tulang 4 Colora elect up a temp nip Eullet Gobi posts Faan Dep tickets Blip Ano Umpire the 6ame if Teh wa6 6iven a Green umbrella f or his a services 1893 to or. Anu 4 k a Usu a a key message brought before the nations leading advertising agencies adjourned today after a two Day convention in Del Monte scene of the conclave of the american association of advertising agencies. The increasing importance of advertising in the National Economy program was stressed throughout the convention. Til ants first coach h if t. L. A a nervy Bayne Tulane University a first football coach had carried the Ball during the first game with Louisiana state nobody would have been very surprised. Bayne it seems did nearly everything but invent the game in prep George p. Parker editor in chief of tile Scripps Howard ration for that Erst great football newspapers delivered the address which included the excerpt above. A d Vert is Inge a i in to r t Anc it time and time again been by general Public not on executives As Well and to through the years to Conn ill americans problems has lit to the attention of the but Industry 1 emphasized by advertising leaders the same matter will i j Washington in the news by Raymond Lapper Washington National As Well local attention is rated by the Mpa Ign Start which Dewey is aking in new York As to the re by can candidate for governor because he is following a pattern which the Republican National Campaign might Well be Cut. Dewey in addressing his fir t brr rally at Rochester demonstrated that a Republican speech can be hard hitting and biting without those preposterous insults to average intelligence with which so Many republicans have bored the country. First. He dedicated his Campaign to the break up of Quot Politi tul monopoly a for several years democrats ira1 e enjoyed a virtual political monopoly thanks to the ineptitude of he republicans. Governor Lehman is tired of his Job he has determined to quit but was Blac jacked into running again by the democratic Palm trans who feared that with any other candidate they w old lose. The Choice Dewey said is Between a willing and an unwilling candidate a a vigorous administration Aga nit one cluttered with the by products of tammany Brooklyn and Alban political Headquarters. As the Man who used his political i pull to turn Loose the murderer of a labor Leader. He mentioned the i Brooklyn machine with Justice for j ale where hundreds of police records have been torn from the books i one of the worst scandals new York i Ever has had. Piling instance upon instance i Dewey built the picture of a bored i 01 but honest governor standing unwittingly As a front for such scandalous political conditions. This will be the most effective Issue a a inst the new York democratic administration. It is also an is be to be raised by republicans in Many other states a if they can forget their obsession Over Roosevelt Long enough to take advantage of the ammunition lying at their feet. In new Jersey Iii Pennsyl Ania in Missouri Iowa Illinois Indiana Ohio and countless i Thor places the underpinning of the new Deal Are sordid political Mac Aine grown fat with loot pick a Cut of the efforts of the Roosevelt administration to improve conditions in the country. Classic of the South in 1893. Today the Tulane football squad uses an average of 200 footballs during a single season but in 1893 Bayne owned the Only football in Louisiana. Bayne had starred at Yale in the 1880�?T.s and brought Back to his native Louisiana a first hand knowledge of the game plus an inspired dream of making the Southern state foot Ball minded. As coach of Tulane he cast about for a Likely rival in Baton Rouge Louisiana state loomed As a Good Prospect. He coached the Bayou tigers and whipped into shape a suitable rival for Tulane. Next he had to find a playing Field build a set of goal posts and Mark off the Yard stripes. A yell was necessary he invented one. The team needed uniforms he designed them. The first fans would want to wave Tulane a school eol there were none so he picked Olive and Blue. On november 25, 1893, he pitted his two teams against each other a and Umpire the game. Before 2,000 Pioneer rooters tile Tulane Green wave swept Over the Bayou boys 34-0. It r his splendid services Bayne was rewarded with the gift of Al Green silk umbrella which he lost the next Day. My Aday what three notorious american gangs were composed en-1 to rely of cousins i Hugh Johnson says copyright. 1938, by United press Syndicate inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. All rights reserved in i Snow the fir t . It i full it d i i it met la one and Hen the a to in in Long and in qui Hose funny weird nne get in t lie count i v r and t Light at three o clock Mig h and i he thirds St a it ungodly Tucket Whitney looked at Iii Merit then she move i her Low heeled Leat ii in forgot ten t hat you Ltd it country much Scott now that Gnu never did did t veil in Mallei Quot i ions 11 mat til now Quot Quot Quot no. Of course not on a in town we re almost never try oui Laws and inks times like this when we it re that tin rigs a Coni a Linos right lignin. Quot Scott laughed and or Quot pm the luncheon Basket out of the Way and Slid close to her. Pitting an Arm about her shoulders unsaid Quot what do you mean by a almost right again i thought things were pretty she continued to regard her a tidal a rid her is i in is High try t mimed legs with their Blue Wool socks turned Down neatly at the Ankles. She said a they ale. Really Only i i suppose i would like things to he exactly As they used to lie and they can the a of course they can to Scott appropriated one of her hands and Bent each linger Hack separately and gently his eyes looked amused and tolerant Quot because we Arentt exactly As we used to he. Sweet we re two completely different people a a a re we. Scot t Quot Quot yes of course. We re four years older in the first place we re probably As adult As we re Ever going to be. Knur years ago we were a couple of very attractive children playing pleasantly at love. We did no to know what it was All about Whitney said Quot did t we i think we did. I think that nothing Iii Ever be quite so real to me Scott dropped her hand abruptly. Quot when you talk like that you annoy me ii ice the Devil Whit and to you they re All hound up they re All three terribly to Mien on each other and the Pas fab hic future Are of my More important than the present can eve be she turned her head and regarded Scott thoughtfully la was still scowling a Little his Chin thrust out. His Mouth looking a Little sullen but As she stared at him lie grinned it her disarmingly All his had ton pet disappearing like wet i i Ding noiselessly out of sight. he said Quot lets not Quai re i can think of so Ninny other thing we can do is much Battel she propped her elbows on her drawn up Knees and leaned h i Chin on the Palms of her hands and said irrelevant Lyt Quot you Are so g on looking Scott. Do you suppose it is possible for a person to love another person just because of the color of ins Hue and Tim Pleasa arrangement of his features Scott a Grin became amused diligent. A i would t know h that. But i undoubtedly Hon love you if you were old arid it so i suppose it is quite possible a it Mal. W in a i it what difference do i love you so Long As i do Whitney was fairly Sui did make a difference but at the moment it did no to seem Worth win to try to find out what it was. Since her illness she often found that it was difficult to think things through to a conclusion. That More and More she let herself Drift along wit ii the Days. Not feeling anything very much. Neither excessive Delight nor excessive displeasure. Just accept Ling tilings calmly and almost pathetically until sometimes she wondered with a i it in sense of perturbation if she had lost All capacity to i i Ltd be deeply stirred. If ii had it was a Little too bad. Because once she had been capable of responding intensely. Of Loving greatly. Once she had been filled with a great for living her hands had reached out eagerly and Lier heart had been beautifully attuned to happiness. But now she knew Only a queer not unpleasant numbness which nothing not even her swiftly approaching marriage could penetrate. She had even stopped caring very much that Tod did not answer her letters. She had even reconciled herself finally to tile fact that he would probably not appear for Hor wedding. And the Quot Days before she was to he married she walked into Hester Prentice a Library and found him calmly sitting on the Arm of a so much in love with me Brown velvet chair turning the Columbus Ohio the batting average for this column in political prophecy except for the 1938 National election is about too. In that cast it was t As Good As Jim far a Cly s. He said two state and it said four. But that was a cinch. In other and closer cases it usually guesses wrong. So notwithstanding three trips to Ohio i am not offering any tips. But one tiling is a certainty. Senator Bulkley is going to know that he has been to a contest with or. Robert Taft. He has the presidents rather ambiguous accolade of being like a cavalry officers guarding the Ohio pioneers. That meant no More than that he was brought heme the Bacon. The administration is using every influence of patronage and Pap to re elect or. Bulkley. It will be no easy Job. Robert Taft is a Good citizen and a Good speaker. He carries the kudos of his great name modestly but he carries it. William Howard Taft May net have been the most popular of presidents but after his quiet service at Yale his work for the Wilson administration in the world War and. Finally his distinguished All service As chief Justice there Are few names More revered. Robert Taft does not Trade on this at All but he has a splendid reputation As a fearless and upright Public character in his own right. The senator has a less appealing figure. Ile is an honest stubborn stodgy legislator with a banking background. With All his Good qualities divine Providence did not endow him with the gift or gun. He simply cannot make a Good speech. Ignoring this Handicap he made the supreme mistake of engaging with or. Taft in a running debate. Now the joint debate is an Echo of our Pioneer past. To the interest of any political Issue it adds the attraction of personal conflict. It is almost a lost Art but it used to be the principal Means of Public political education. This attempt to revive it was worthy in principle but. So far As Tho senator is concerned. Unfortunate in practice. The element of conflict is what makes million Dollar Gates for prize fights. Hut it make no Gates at All where one Boxer simply bounces the other Over the ring with monotonous Stop Bein As i was four years air and be a Little More in love wit ii me As i Ani at Hie moment it would he More agreeable and a Damn sight More flattering to me. A said Whitney Quot i suppose it would Quot see said Scott a Little brutally a whether you know it or not you Are being downright sentimental and a Little silly. Its All right to cling to your memories and to be faithful to them and heaven knows in a grateful to you for having continued to love me ail this time but now that we re Back together again with everything ironed out and forgotten can to you Stop looking Hack Over your shoulder at the past and concent rate a ii the More on the present after All. Darling its the present that a important a Whitney said again Quot yes i suppose and Rem unteed that Tod had once said that Scott had no use for the past or the future. That Only the present had any meaning for him. The Sun sin suddenly Down behind an ancient i Lac hedge and Whitney shivered slightly and Drew her Pink Cotton skirt close about her pages of an English review which Hester had subscribed to since a trip abroad forty years before. She came part Way into the room and stood quite still and stared at him. She had been playing Tennis and she was wearing a Pink Linen dress and a White pique hat with a visor and Flat heeled White Tennis shoes. She pulled off the hat and her hair Lay dark and sort of pressed Down close to Lier head and there a Toge Thoi behind her Hack pod stared it her ins hand r lied about the Arm of the chair was sitting tin. His Long legs etched out in front of hint. He i i Cen smiling but he stopped land simply sat there staring it lift. She expects you to kiss her Well Why Don t you you be kissed her before hundreds of Timea. It Sensy enough just Bend you Clumsy head and kiss her. Not on the Mouth on i Quot Cheek. Kiss her and get it Over w it h. Ile kissed her. She stood Awny from him and he saw to ins horror that she was crying. Slow tears sri jiggling Down her Cheeks. She mad no attempt to Stop them. Simply in a t them continue to squeeze out of her eyes and Roll Down her Cheeks. Ii said a Sec Here what Are you crying about i thought you were All Well by now. A Quot i urn. In a perfectly Well. Am Only crying because in a so relieve to so you. Look i thought Jet a weren to coming. And i guess i cored More than i realized. Anyway. I done to so Why i should t cry 11 i want to. A pod said Quot sure go us end. If it makes you feel any suddenly they both laughed a Sui As suddenly stopped. Whitney t4jv the handkerchief he offered her Arm rubbed her Cheeks and handed it Back to him. She said Quot where Are you staying out at the farm you can stay Here you know. Tod said Quot in a at the Statler. Yon see i m Only in town for the Day Oil stopped Arni moved his eyes from her face. Then he said a a in a sailing tonight on the Britannic. Got to spend a couple of Days in London Clearing up some business in Baris the Whitney said Quot in a Bein married Day after quotes a said Tod. Quot i read about it in the p Quot Well then you la have to take another Quot in a sorry Whit hut it can t be done. Everything is she stared at him her Cheeks White. Quot i done to care what is arranged. You can to go off like this. I wont let you. Do you understand pod i wont let a a in a afraid you la have to. I Haven to anything to say about it. Pile office settled everything Days Quot but if you told them a Whitney was speaking slowly accenting each word carefully Quot if you explained Why you wanted to take a later boat if you Fried Tod. A suddenly color blazed in Cheeks she was breathing hard her eyes were shining. For the first time in weeks she Felt alive. Alive and fighting desperately for something she wanted. For something she i had to have. It was a Good feeling la was a grand feeling really. Was Hefter than anything that hn7 happened to her in weeks Tori was smiling at her. It was a strange sort of sjn.�?~,j it made a him seem strange. Aln m on regularity tile great Taft Bulkley debate is a Good Deal like that. Neither contestant is any Ruby Robert but Robert Tatt is simply making an oratorical Monkey out of Robert Bulkley. This May make Little difference. Third new Deal hand outs May speak louder than or. Tafts eloquence and offset Little Pink line across her forehead where the hat had fitted too tightly she said Quot hello pod its Nice of you to he alive and Well hut i St Iii think you might have answered my letters. At Lea a one of their Quot Tori said Quot i did no to get any letters. In be been moving before he had finished a in a the Pink line on her for head had do appeared and she had run Het Fin Gers through her hair releasing it into its usual soft i and i she said Quot Well. It does no to Mattei so Long As you Are Here. I suppose Quot she walked the rest of the Way arid stopped in front of him and stood quite still twisting the White i pique visor of her hat Back and senator Bulkley s Lack of it. The senator is not nearly so much of a rubber stamp As the news would indicate. Ii opposed More White Home measures than cd id senator George of Georgia. Anybody who knows him Well is aware that he has a kind of obstinacy Ilia i Friendly. Ii said Quot perhaps but Why h on id i bother Darling a you can t expect to have everything your own Way and Yon Are getting the one thing you Hgt up always warped most Arentt you you Are getting Scot t. She topped Hick As k her. F on Dorp almost i to i Civ up. But that does no that you Are being pod. Pretty Btu a1 if you wanted to now. Coh i 1 fact ton. S a done to want to. You Are walking need you most Quot to be Comino cell i licit. 137. By Kiln i Oulu re. If he had him coldly Quot yes. Of charge the Putty rot you could but you quite deliberately out on Iii when i % i his future could not be forced if depended upon it. One interesting development the debate is that when it started or. Taft was Well Over to the right and or. Bulkley was near the Infra red of the political Rainbow. The Captain and the kids by Rudolph dirk6 i second Dev v political machines pressing his admin As an honorable i gentleman of the integrity and do service Dewey Pul to show we it was named Itic ians describing of thieves pick peddles. Anotia i must ionic get made Why it the. Republicans spend their time in the futile Effort to convince the count a hat Roosevelt is a dictator or a communist when they can show that the democratic Pally has. Through Many of its betrayed everything hands i a bos Welt de an i me a lung of e nation reap the savings from the daily Tribune classifieds s a and s of agr. Remain made its ext no. excesses of Dewey Hopes both have earn Anet unit in Power e people the profile first iture and unsolved. Stakes in Les have govern bus mess de their Douglas aircraft company announces wage Roost Santa Monica. Ort. 2. A a blanker voluntary increase of 21-cents an hour was granted today by tire Douglas aircraft company to employees of its plants. Approximately 5500 men and women Are involved. Industrial peace in the organization and increased efficiency and continuity of production made this raise pos Ible Donald w. Douglas. President said Iii his notice to the employees. The raise will Cost the c a pair $300,000 or More per year. Dixie Dugan mister Denny 1$ Vepy mad miss Dixie / a he told me of did t want to see anybody in Groth in a curious about me am f i not castors i wonder a pretty 1 a who ainu what me is Good r. Orand Pat her was idea \ j by j. H. Striebel and j. P. Mcevoy lot no. First ave., a at w a Ter 7-2131 Udia Swap / want ads
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